How To Stop The Fall Of Women

An acronym that you’ll often come across is AWALT, which stands for “all women are like that.” It is used in response to someone trying to point out that a particular woman is different than all the rest and more deserving to be placed on a pedestal of some sort when it comes to relationships. While […]

Men Should Start Recording Sex With A Hidden Camera

False rape accusations have reached such a fever pitch, as recently signified by a mattress-carrying attention whore and liar being rewarded for her phony story with an invite to the State Of The Union address, that it’s time men take extra-legal measures to protect themselves from Western women. Not only is a woman’s word being taken […]

Why You Should Live In Downtown Silver Spring (Maryland)

Here’s a video I did when I was back in the States over the summer… I was being serious about my attraction to Ethiopian girls. I don’t normally like black women, but Ethiopian women are quite beautiful. I could see myself making love to them and experiencing heightened pleasure from it. Visit my Youtube channel […]

Neomasculine Dialogue: “A New Beginning”

The following dialogue took place between myself (RV) and Quintus Curtius (QC) on May 28, 2015. RV: For an idea that is less than three months old, neomasculinity is getting a lot of exposure, and some of it has been quite heated, with even conspiratorial accusations levied against it. I did not expect such emotions. […]

The Age That Men Peak

A common belief in the manosphere—and one I’ve stated myself—is that a man’s value can peak up to his early 40’s, allowing him to get a far higher quality or quantity of women than in his early 20’s. This is due to the argument that women prefer a more mature man with resources and refined charisma […]

Poland Is Embarking On The Path Of Sterility Over Life

One of the reasons that Poland is on the decline is because young Polish women are buying into Western pro-sterility ideas, choosing to spend the bulk of their good years searching for stable office work and reality show excitement instead of trying to secure a good man to start a family with. This fact is confirmed […]

Junk Food Sex

When I was in college, I would eat McDonald’s food at least three times a week. It never caused me indigestion or acute health problems. If I eat a McDonald’s meal today, fifteen years later, I feel digestive discomfort not only one hour after eating but also the following day. Maybe I’m more sensitive now, […]

Women Must Have Their Behavior And Decisions Controlled By Men

After a long period in society of women having unlimited personal freedom to pursue life as they wish, they have shown to consistently fail in making the right decisions that prevent their own harm and the harm of others. Systems must now be put in place where a woman’s behavior is monitored and her decisions subject to approval […]

Why I Don’t Use The Phrase “Conspiracy Theory”

If you’ve ever used the phrase “conspiracy theory” to brush off an idea, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States takes a shot of its favorite liquor, because it was them who deliberately popularized the term to mean “paranoid” and “crazy.” All Americans born after the 1960’s have been installed with a mental stop […]

How Patriarchy Will Return

Recently I published a document listing the main points of neomasculinity. From that we can now make predictions of how those ideas will interact with the environment to create noticeable gender and societal changes in the Western world. Here are the five stages that offer a possible path to the return of patriarchy. Stage 1: Rise […]

City Life Is A Simulation

Happy People is a four-hour documentary that chronicles a year of living in the Russian Siberian village of Bakhtia (population 300), a settlement with no permanent electricity, telephone, or land access. Its inhabitants principally live off the land from the dint of their near-constant labor. I was deeply affected watching what is essentially a window into the […]

The Nightlife Of Poznan (Poland)

In the beginning of summer, I shot a video of the nightlife in Poznan. Have a look… Poznan is a second-tier city that competes with Wroclaw for foreign visitors who want to avoid the tourist hordes of Krakow and Warsaw. I first visited in 2011, and upon a subsequent visit four years later, have sadly watched it […]

The Male Thirst Epidemic Is Primarily Caused By Porn

It’s hard to deny that male thirst is at the highest level ever seen. Men are becoming so desperate for sex that they are begging for scraps from the most inferior and unattractive girls in the land. This isn’t only happening in the West but in foreign countries as well, where it’s now a trend […]