10 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Traveling To Iceland

1. The weather sucks.

The average high temperature during the winter in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold, but bearable. Depending on where the thermometer falls, you either get daily doses of cold rain or fat snow, meaning it’s rare to see the pavement completely dry. You also have to deal with a brutal wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes topping fifty miles per hour. The weather and darkness were so bleak that it was actually neat in a somber way.

Summer is better. The average high temperature rises to the 50s, and around the solstice you get to experience nearly twenty-four hours of sun per day (bring a night mask). Summer also means tourists. College lets out and everyone takes their vacations in the interior or abroad. Even smack in the middle of winter, I was surprised to see so many foreign travelers, but thankfully they were the older type who came to make day trips to the countryside. There were very few guys like me who had come mainly to pillage the women.

2. Icelandic girls don’t throw themselves on foreign men.

If you’re thinking of visiting because you want to stand out, I have some bad news: Iceland is a tourist-plagued country, especially with visitors from Northern and Western European countries, though the closing of an American air force base several years ago has helped make Americans slightly novel once again. By the time you roll up on cute little Inga, she will have met dozens of guys just like you. While that fact in no way should discourage you from going, don’t for a second think you’re visiting some type of isolated tribe in the Amazon that will be amazed by your steel tools and exotic spices.

Unless you’re into chubby chasing, you’ll definitely have to move your ass to get laid with what you think of as a pretty Icelandic girl. To make it happen, I recommend a two-weekend stay, which if you start on a Thursday would be a minimum of ten days. You’ll be able to do some pipelining on an Icelandic dating site and then go all-out on two sets of Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which are the only suitable nights to game. If you want to get your Icelandic flag, two weekends will be required.

3. Iceland is a village founded by rapists.

Iceland was founded by the Vikings, supreme badasses who some-how figured out how to live in one of the least pleasant environments on Earth. On their way to the island, they stopped by Ireland and kidnapped some Celtic women as wives. It’s safe to assume that brutal rape was part of the program, which is why you see a surprising number of brown-haired Icelanders. While their skin is almost always milky white, less than half of the women are platinum blonde, which is probably the stereotype you had about them. Disappointingly, there were some Icelandic guys who even had my dark hair color and beard.

The tiny population of the country (less than half a million) means that no one is more than one connection away from anyone else. The running joke goes that when two strangers meet, they aren’t surprised to find out they’re distant cousins. Due to this extreme smallness, Iceland is like a little high school where gossip spreads like wildfire, causing privacy to be more valued than in other cultures. If just one person finds out that Inga slept with Janus, then literally the entire “village” will know in just a few days.

4. Icelandic girls are incredibly easy once drunk and isolated.

Thanks to a wonderful synergy between feminism and an Icelandic girl’s desire to self-medicate with alcohol, you’ll find that night bangs happen incredibly quickly, often within an hour. While getting an “in” with an Icelandic girl will be hard due to her introverted and skeptical nature, once you get that in you’re going to be rocking the bed in record time. Iceland is the only first-world county I know of where nearly instant sex is possible without having to pay for it.

5. Where you stay is half the battle.

The best way to get Iceland bangs is to find a girl and throw an “afterparty” at your place once the bars close, so you’ll need your own room stocked with a bottle of booze within walking distance of the nightlife zone. I can’t stress enough that your hotel or apartment room must be close. The more likely a stone thrown from the bar you’re gaming in will land on your hotel or apartment, the more girls you will fuck, all because you’re making it easy for drunk Icelandic girls to continue their night. If your place is so far that you need to take a taxi, you’ve already lost the game.

Open Google Maps and do a search on Reykjavik. Zoom in and locate the domestic airport on the left (Reykjavíkurflugvöllur). Above the domestic airport is a park and a lake, and then a square called Austurvöllur, which is in front of the Althingi parliament building. Above that square is nightlife ground zero. Don’t lodge more than ten blocks from this area! I lodged a respectable five blocks away, so all I had to do was say the name of the street I was on (Aegisgata) for the girl to say, “Oh, wow! That’s close!”

Since logistics are such a big part of banging in Iceland, you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible. If you’re not ready to pony up the cash to stay in a nearby hotel or apartment (no hostels!), don’t go to Iceland.

6. Everyone speaks English.

English is widely spoken, even by old people, so there’s no need to bone up on your Icelandic (the girls won’t even give you bonus points for saying a few words in their language). The natives possess sharp enough English that you can successfully hit them with typical American or English sarcasm without having to dumb it down. If learning the local language is important to you, then go to the following site for free lessons: icelandiconline.is.

7. Iceland is not for the budget traveler.

Iceland is expensive as balls and definitely not for the budget-minded traveler. Understand that just about everything except whale meat and some species of fish are imported by ship or air, leading to some eye-opening prices in restaurants, grocery stores, and bars. Clothes and electronics are also expensive, and even a “handmade” sweater crafted by Icelandic children in sweatshops will set you back at least $150. Hell, even a decent knit cap or pair of gloves approaches $50.

Pack everything you need for your stay so you don’t have to waste money, including basic supplies like contact lens solution, which costs about $20 a bottle. Definitely bring an unlocked cell phone (get a SIM card after arrival in the main tourist office off Ingólfstorg square), though you probably won’t use it since one-night stands are the way to go.

8. Iceland is a wonder of nature.

If you have some money to blow and get excited by landscapes and touristy things, then Iceland will satisfy your craving. Besides Blue Lagoon, there are several day tours where you can view glaciers, geysers, mountains, and whales.

Two well-known tour agencies are Mountaineers of Iceland and Eskimos. They appear to have identical tours, with Eskimos being cheaper. Sample programs include night tours above the city to see the northern lights, riding ATVs to explore caves and glaciers, horseback riding through the country, snowmobiling on glaciers, and the popular Golden Circle tour to see all of Iceland’s environmental extremes. I didn’t do any tours because I got my fill of nature stuff in South America, but at the minimum a Golden Circle tour, which will run about $350, will make you feel as if you did your tourist duty of exploring the island.

9. Icelandic people are very serious drinkers.

The irony of Iceland’s sky-high liquor prices is that I’ve never been to a place where people get so consistently drunk. I guess if you lived on an island in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do you’d probably take to drinking as well. Beer is the most popular drink of choice since it’s cheapest, with Viking and Tuborg being the most common (Tuborg Classic was my favorite). The two national liquors that are taken in shot form are Brennivin, a strong schnapps, and Opal, a disgusting concoction that you’ll want to wash down with something smoother like Jagermeister.

If you’re not a drinker, there is no point in going to Iceland.

10. Iceland has an Approach Index score of 40.

My approach index states how many girls an average-looking guy with decent game has to approach before he’s likely to bang a cute girl (not including internet approaches). Since there are so many variables involved, the index is best used to compare easiness of one country with others. First let me share the numbers from previous countries:

Argentina: 90
Brazil: 50
Colombia: 60
United States: 45

From these numbers we can conclude that a man has to do twice as many approaches to get laid in Argentina than the United States.

To make the index more scientifically rigorous, I counted my actual approaches until I banged my first Icelandic girl. That number is 34, with eight of those being from daytime approaches, a method that I already mentioned is rather unfruitful. For an average-looking guy with average game and average standards who doesn’t mess with day approaches, I’m assigning an approach index value of 40 for Iceland.

This means you’ll get your flag at about 40 approaches, give or take a few. This also means it’s slightly easier than the United States, but only by a small amount. If your standards are a little lower than average, you’ll get the flag in fewer approaches. If you stay for two weekends and do 50 quality approaches, odds are you’ll fuck an Icelandic girl. While I can’t guarantee that, I would bet on it.

The above article was adapted from Bang Iceland, my 80-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Icelandic women during a visit to the country. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to pillage creamy white Icelandic women, with extra details not released on the blog. It's available in paperback, Kindle, and ebook. Read sample pages or learn more about the book.

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  • Anonymous

    A minimum 40 approaches to bang. This is why guys give up on or don’t even want to start the process of acquiring game. Most of the game blogs and guys on your forum make it sound like you should be banging most of the girls you approach. They conveniently leave out the fact that it takes a lot of work. Most new guys get discouraged because they think they’re failing because they aren’t banging every other girl they talk to.

  • samseau

    I loved iceland iduring my stay there. I went during the summertime. So quiet and peaceful. The hot baths make the perfect way to kill an afternoon.

    Too bad I wasn’t into game then. Roosh, was there anything resembling a dance club there?

  • Sirob

    Thanks Roosh, this definitely sounds very inviting.

    Any tips on private apartment sites or contacts that one can use there?

  • juan

    Re: social circle culture – is there advice for breaking that that could be used outside iceland?

    i’ll probably get it regardless as iceland’s on my list. roosh is going to destroy lonely planet.

  • Roosh

    For the next few Fridays I’m going to release the most interesting parts of the book on the blog, including nightlife recommendations and game tactics. If you are planning a trip there, I recommend you grab the book to have all the details.

  • RV739

    2012 Iceland Tourism board reports huge increase in visitors. Roosh should be getting a cut of those tourist dollars.

  • Yams

    Iceland has a little of something for everyone even for a tiny island near the arctic circle. God I loved the place when I was there.

  • outlaw josey wales

    Just bought the e-book. Already one bad (hater) review on amazon.

  • dickbutt

    considering the country’s small population, has it occurred to anyone that those who are inspired by roosh’s iceland advice and go to iceland will likely end up banging some of the same girls he did? lol

  • Anon

    “I can’t stress enough that your hotel or apartment room must be close.”


    Isn’t that always the case? Have you ever found a place where proximity has minimal effect on lays?

    Any tips on taxi game or driving her home game?

    [Roosh: It’s even more important with super drunk girls who have the tendency to change their minds quickly]

  • Cliff Arroyo

    For extra fun, refer to Rihanna as “Ruchana” as in saying “Ah… śpiewa Ruchana” when one of her songs starts. It would mean “Oh … Ruchana is singing” or “Oh… she’s singing after being fucked”.

    It might be an old joke by now, but it can lead to a conversation about how a foreigner knows words like that.

  • Mr.GM

    Great sharing Roosh!

  • http://www.naughtynomad.com Naughty Nomad

    Great post and solid info.

  • JST

    lol, i had no idea so many guys were interested in Iceland. The fact that it’s on the article circle would discourage most to even bother going there.

  • pm

    Just wondering, How tall/how much do you weigh Roosh? Have you found that height is more important/less important in certain countries?

  • stats

    rich post. Love the statistics. For southern europe (allow me to generalize) the approach index is around 60, this is just an estimation, not verified, and i suspect good day game might even lower this number (as opposed to iceland)

  • Amour Fou

    Very interesting… I have an intereset in Icelandish music (more like Icelandish bands, there are great alternative artists over there). Does anyone have a say about it?

    Also… this posts made me realise how game is fundamented on approach. 40 approaches = 1 lay… Roosh could be teaching game at universities!

  • Brian

    Please define what is an approach? If I walk up to a girl and say “Hi, I’m Brian, I’m new to your country, what’s your name?” is that an approach. I can do this to 40 girls easily in 2 hours. So I can get laid every two hours? So what constitutes an approach?

  • VK

    I will be going to Europe in 2 weeks and need to pick my exact list of countries. I still need to pick my exact list of countries, and would prefer ones where english is spoken. What are other European countries with a good approach index? How do Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden rate, calibrated to the roosh scale (i.e. give me numbers assuming that the approach index of Iceland is 40).


  • Perfect Stranger

    Is there a Germany version of this, I would be most interested…

    Also I have to say I completely agree with the majority of the assesments made on this site about western women. Yet I still feel a less hate driven attitude to dating and fucking would bring exponentially more success, to such a point that I believe 1 in 10 approaches leading to sex should be considered a reasonable target for even beginners…

    Who has the time to regularly make around 50 approaches to get laid; I would have thought only the least experienced or the youngest of men (read teenagers) would have the zeal for such an obsessive style…

  • guy22

    I was disappointed in the past when you said that American girls are the sluttiest on earth. They are very slutty yes. But Scandinavia and a few more places, like Australia etc. Are more slutty. And your Bang Index or whatever you called it proved this scientifically.

  • guy22

    How do Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and Sweden rate, calibrated to the roosh scale (i.e. give me numbers assuming that the approach index of Iceland is 40).
    Sweden and Netherlands= 25
    Norway= 27
    Germany= 29
    Spain/France= 60
    I would say this.

  • LonelyRacoon

    Sorry Roosh this is off-topic. Suppose a guy is about to turn 30, and lives in a state where the age of consent is 16, and this guy has never taken a girl’s virginity before. :( What do you think about going to 16+ clubs? Any special game for these girls?

    (No hating on the above most. A 13 year age difference is not creepy and 16 year olds have gone through puberty so no pedo bear. Don’t by the femicunt mangina line.)

  • LonelyRacoon

    @ guy22,

    The approach index is VERY variable, as Roosh said. Is the girl drunk? Is she ugly/fat (same thing really) or beautiful or average? Is it nighttime or day? Is she at a bar or working? etc.

  • jdreise

    Here’s a tip:

    Instead of dropping all that kronur on a tour, just take a city bus to the edge of town and stick out your thumb. Unless you look absolutely crazy or deformed you’ll have a ride within the first 15 minutes and get the opportunity to have some great conversations with real Icelanders. Once outside of Reykjavik it’ll only take you 2 or 3 cars to get another ride. I did the entire Golden Circle in about the same time that it takes a tour bus and spent nothing yet gained so much.

  • @VK


    this is just an estimation of approach indexes, I haven´t visited all countries so don´t take this as reliable numbers. Many will not agree, but here I go:

    France 60
    Netherlands and Germany 80
    Spain 50-60
    Norway and Sweden ? (must be between Denmark and Iceland, but probably easier than the Netherlands and Germany so maybe the standard 60?)

  • @VK

    as you can see I don´t agree at all with guy22. Probably Roosh can help us out here with some more solid research.

  • Lozlzolzzollzz

    “The above article was adapted from my newest release, Bang Iceland, an 80-page book that teaches you how to sleep with Icelandic women during a visit to the country.”

    Dear Lord, how many of those you are planing to write?

  • ken in sc

    When I was in the Air Force, I had a volunteer statement in for assignment to Iceland for several years–because of what I had heard about the women there. My name never came up because most of the men assigned there never left.

  • doesNotMatter

    That lay to approach ratio sounds about right. It used to take me about 50 approaches to lay a woman when I used to live in the states. But those 50 appraoches came in 3-4 weeks as I am tired as hell from my day job. Those approaches came exclusively in the weekends. That one girl I banged would usually be ovulating and very little game was needed to bang her. All I needed to do was not kiss her ass. If you live in a small town, I understand how you need game. The approach machine strategy will blow up in your face. But if it’s a big city like NYC, just be an approach machine and you WILL run into one girl ( 1 in 50 ) who is ovulating and will be DTF in record time. hehehehehe. here in Singapore, that strategy has been found…….wanting.

  • doesNotMatter

    @23 lonely Racoon…..go to masf and read Ismav’s archives. He is a very dear friend of mine. That guy exclusively games college girls……I use the word “games” loosely. He is basically an approach machine and he just does approaches till he hits one who’s ovulating. He’s 32. I’m not sure he’s laid any girl over the age of 19 in the last 2 years (last two eyar lay count is 20). Ofcourse now he has become “that guy” on the campus and so he’s been forced to diversify out of the campus with not so good results. But hey! it took him 2 years to become that guy. He must have approached 3000 girls in that time. My suggestion for you is to live in a campus town and approach the hell away. Once you become “that guy” in a couple years, change your job and move to another college town. hehehehehehehe

  • guy22

    Netherlands and Germany have NO RELIGION. Total sluts. Spain have some religion and less feminism.
    I thought it should be harder there.
    I can’t imagine not getting laid with Netherlands and Germany girls. Super drunk. Take drugs. Super sluts. I don’t want them. But it should be super easy. Same with Sweden and Norway of course.

  • LonelyRacoon


    Can you provide a link? I can’t find the info. Thanks.

  • Linda

    No sex with sober Icelandic girls. Didn´t they even stay overnight for a hangover-bang. Understandably maybe :)

  • Anonymous

    What a jerk you are man. It will be great for you when you become old and looking back on your life works… What a serious writer you are. Ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    Icelandic girls know that they’re beautifull.. but this statement is rather weird to read because some of them (many actually) barelly look at foreigners or guys downtown in general… they’ve all heard those pick up lines and laugh about it and think the guy that approaches them with a pick up line is an idiot! But don’t forget that some Icelandic people (mostly girls) like this “flag” game. So don’t get so full of yourself for scoring because you were most likely just getting yourself in somebody’s flag book 😉

  • Anonymous

    Roosh Vörek,
    You don’t have the look and surly not the personality….. and it is obviously impossible for you to charm a girl…. So your method is to fill a girl up with alcohol and God knows what else, isolate her and rape!!
    GOD help you and every girl on your way.
    You’re not welcome to Iceland again.

  • Morpho

    Roosh – how long before the Icelandic media tracks down one of your bangs for some juicy quotes? :-)

  • Morpho

    PS Eagerly awaiting your release of “Bang England: How To Sleep With Women In New England” 😉

  • Ragga

    Great date rape tips U LOOSER. I guess only way you could get laid in Iceland was with some serious beer googles.

  • Sara

    I feel sorry for you man…

  • Sara

    And yea, I agree with Anonymous, you are not welcome to Iceland again but i dare you to do it so I can give you big “kjaftshögg” !

  • Elín

    hahaha you are talking like you are the most handsome man in the world :’D hahahahah sorry mate but here in Iceland we are used to handsome men not some hairy animals like you 😉

  • Anonymous

    you r fucking sick man, you have no idea …..

  • Tommy from Chicago

    I randomly stumbled upon this website/ad/blog whatever it is and found it hillarious. It’s not full of a bunch of pretentious arrogant BS like the Tucker Max books. You approach dating like a scientist using logic and focusing on the goal and seems like you have some pretty sound advice based on actual research. Although I’ve done quite a bit research into pstchology and have had some good success myself, I’m very interested in hearing your advice. I just put your book “Day Bang” on my Amazon wishlist.

  • Tommy from Chicago

    I finally got around to reading “Day Bang”. As someone who has game already, I’m pleased to see that most of the approaches I commonly use are spelled out in this book. In fact, the book has made me more aware of what I’m saying and doing than relying simply on my own experience for validation. These techniques can be applied to other areas as well like job interviews, small talk at business meetings, human intelligence gathering (HUMINT).

    I bought this mainly to see the work that someone did scientifically to study what actual approaches work from a psychological standpoint. I’m quite impressed.

  • Anonymous


  • Bigdaddy

    Lonely Racoon, I have beautiful daughters who are teenagers and losers like you are the reason that i bought a gun.

  • Bigdaddy

    Lonely Racoon, I would remind you that sex with an underage girl is felony rape.

  • Thorlaug

    Thanks, I’ll sure take your advice to heart next time I bang and Icelandic chick.
    (might I add that it sounds like you got banged by Icelandic chicks, not the other way around, the fucker became the fuckee imho)

  • Thorlaug


  • joe

    You play with fire to enter a foreign country and mess with their women. Better to enjoy the break of of work and make it home safe

  • Aðalheiður

    I love you.
    or as they would say in my native tongue (Icelantic)

    Ég elska þig

  • Sara Ósk

    You are repulsive. I googled your sorry ass and I wouldn’t even touch you with a 10 foot pole with a condom on it.

  • Anna

    Since you are giving rape tips you should probably consider not returning to Iceland it might just get messy for you also I when I met you here you just acted like a creep do this world a favor and stay where ever you live,

  • Íslendingur

    Takk :)

  • sara

    To get a girl extremly drunk and isolate her so you can bang her (as described above in #4) is a felony known as rape.

  • An Icelander

    It’s funny to read these silly and immature comments by immature Icelandic girls. Icelandic women get all defensive and outraged when the issue of promiscuity of Icelandic women comes up, especially if it’s coming from a foreigner.
    We Icelanders always give extra special attention to what foreigners think of us and front page news about “Icelander does good” from some small time hick town newspaper is commonly found in news sites in Iceland. It’s part of our insecurity and inferiority complex that plagues us and always has.
    But the fact of the matter is, these accounts of the Icelandic slut have been around for decades, and I think it’s time that they either accept it and face reality, OR stop fucking everything and anything that moves on weekends!
    Or course not ALL women behave like this (I use the term woman, because the strong independent Icelandic woman takes offence to being called a girl), but I have had enough foreign friends visit me to know first hand that the story above and many many others like it, are in fact, TRUE.
    Guys, that don’t have any luck with girls in their own countries, are guaranteed a fuck when they party here. Seen it dozens of times.
    I actually don’t agree with Rooshv that being a foreigner doesn’t give you an advantage and have in fact played this game myself by acting as one if my usual Icelandic charm doesn’t deliver.
    Icelandic girls are EASY. Whether you are Icelandic or a foreigner. But being a foreigner, especially with darker skin, is a guaranteed score! And you can take that to the bank!
    And in closing. I know I’ll get comments from little Icelandic girls saying I’m just a looser and bladeebla. But I’m not the one on “trial” here. It’s not MY reputation that is worldly renown as being a skank.
    So stop pointing fingers at me or other people talking about this situation. If you want to change your reputation, STOP DROPPING YOUR PANTIES AND FUCKING AROUND AFTER KNOWING A GUY FOR 30 MINUTES!!

  • árni

    finnst það algjör snilld hvað það er mikið til í þessu hjá honum, sem 23 ára gæji, þið eruð auðveldar elskurnar mínar, ekki vera að tjúna ykkur svona upp, face it og brosið bara :)

  • DogTristan

    Not it isnt. Rape is rape. Getting privacy alone with a girl to have concentual sex is not rape.

  • DogTristan

    Im an Icelandic man and I do the opposite of what this guy does. I bang tourist chicks from america and europe. They are easy as fuck, they all want to tell their friends they had sex with a viking when they get home.

  • anon

    Lol you had to approach 34 girls to get one to bang you? That is a success rate of less than 3%.

    I don’t think anyone who isn’t desperate would take your advice, making it easier to get with girls by isolating them and getting them drunk isn’t in any way a new “trick”, nor is it really anything you can get proud of since the individual you just pressured into banging you was likely not with full sense.

  • Oli


  • Svavar

    i have to admit that i thought this was funny but i also think this is quite sad as well!
    to bang a drunk girl who might be unaware of what she is even doing other than just laying on her back like a plastic doll is not sex at all but rather some twisted form of despair,youre weak and still a just a puppy!

    Im sure you dont even know the ecstasy of having a woman a girlfriend or a wife with a clear mind ravaging you like a passionate beast who explodes on you like a neutron star in somewhere in space.

    ill buy your book when you find love and write about the mistery of keeping a woman happy and fulfilled you fucking idiot.

    Stelpur þið eruð yndislegar allar

  • Icelander

    Rubbish – we don’t employ children in our sweat shops, only old women. Apart from that you are of course spot on – though I don’t quite know how you derive the stats for “average-looking guys” being as ugly as you are.

  • Fleshy virus

    Go fuck yourself you miserable lonely twat, Icelandic girls have no interest in desperate tourists like you who come here to get laid, I am guessing that if you got laid once it must have been with a fat or ugly girl.


    native Icelander.

  • Útlendingur

    So are only Icelandic girls loose ??? And the guys that they sleep with? What are they? It’s such a double standard view of things, no one likes being called a slut but I dislike the way that guys go on their high horse and judge women for activities that they themselves enjoy and encourage as well. It appears like you are a willing participant however you are judging them. Look inwards dude and grow up and show your fellow country women that you claim to bed a little more respect.

  • IceRune

    Believe me, I am a scientist and this is not “like science”.
    Putting numbers to things does not make it science.

  • IceRune

    This conversation is so incredibly sexist.
    I am a female, my success rate of getting laid with a man when I go out, just by asking “hey want to come to my place” is around 100%.
    Slut shaming is immature, and these are double standards. The author could himself be descriped as a “slut” (for all the people who keep referring to loose women etc.) and gets his income on trying to have sex with people (and writing about it), the reality of that the information are just junk science and are doing nothing for the humanity.

  • Epla Kalli

    Yep sounds about right great article 😛 Don’t mind these people below bunch of fatties i bet.. Keep up your research fun to read

  • An Icelander

    Ummm…. where am I judging Icelandic girls for being slutty? Where am I saying that it is wrong? Where am I saying that guys are not just as slutty (Hell, I’ll say it… Icelandic guys are huge sluts!)??
    You are correct, there is a double standard going on with regards to sex and the sexes… but that is not what this article is about nor what my response is about.
    I’m simply saying, that the article is true, that Icelandic girls are easy and they should stop being so dramatic when it’s mentioned.

  • Noho

    A few things I’d like to comment on: 1) As someone with many foreign friends who visit the country, the “guaranteed” part of foreign guys getting laid is simply not true. Maybe your friends just like desperate women? 2) Please try to use the word “some” when you are referring to Icelandic women. We are not all some sex-crazed party-goer who will sleep with any foreigner after knowing him for a hot minute. 3) Come on! The behavior of having casual sex with someone you meet at the bar is true everywhere! I’ve lived in several different countries, both in Europe and the Americas and I know. 4) Regarding that reputation… it’s funny but I’ve never once had anyone foreign expect sex from me because I’m Icelandic and nobody ever mentioned this. I think this crazy story about this horrible reputation of Icelandic women as skanks is wildly exaggerated. 5) My foreign friends would never behave in this manner. Maybe you need new friends with more integrity? 6) Just in closing, the fact that you have played the role of a foreigner in order to get laid is honestly ever more sad than a girl trying to have fun with someone she finds exotic.

  • iris

    Sannleikurinn er sár fyrir sumar stelpur en strákar taka því oftast betur.. það er einstaklega auðvelt að fá íslenskt fólk í rúmið þrátt fyrir að þekkjast ekki! en grey maðurinn, fór grjótharður aftur heim til sín haha

  • Elva

    What the hell is wrong with you? You are so disgusting that you need to get girls so drunk so they fuck you. I can smell your sadness over here! And you are ugly as fuck so i belive its hard for you to get laid haha!

  • Gísli Stefán

    In Iceland, women respect men who are, well, man enough to simply engage them in conversation and actually attracting them. Your calculations and planing are really rather pathetic.

  • Halldór

    you don´t know shit about Iceland, the nature part was true but practically nothing else. you would not dare to say this shit in Iceland, you would get a big “kjaftshögg”.

    you make me sick to my bone

  • Hojax

    Here in Iceland if you have sex with someone who CAN’T say no (because they’re too drunk) its counted as no.

  • Fríða Líf Vignisdóttir

    To set Epla Kalli straight, here below, I decided to post my picture on this thread. No, I’m not a fatty and I bet my sweet ass that these girls who are commenting here aren’t ether.
    Now, to the point..
    I bet that ONE girl you got to come home with you was so drunk she
    couldn’t see straight and left early because she saw your face sober and had to go
    take multiple showers.
    I don’t really understand how you can say that Icelandic girls are slutty, because those 34 before your first are what Icelandic women are really like.. yeah, that’s right you got “lucky” once but don’t depend on getting lucky ever again in Iceland.

    If you so much as show your ugly ass in Iceland again you will get so savagely beaten up by a proud group of viking women – and believe me.. it isn’t going to be a pretty sight – but you probably know how something bad looks by looking in the mirror every day.

    And that you should call yourself a writer.. is just sad.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Sound like an ugly place..with ugly angry people..I’ll pass. Can get a trip to somewhere in Asia or Southamerica for the same price.

  • Alexander Páll Friðriksson

    Dude, you have some serious problems. We are vikings, don´t make us teach you a lesson…

  • typicalcollegebrah

    Sorry, but everything Roosh says about Icelandic girls is true. While I was in copenhagen the best thing a girl could possibly say to me was “Yi comma from Iceland!” Then I knew I was getting laid.

  • “Irish raping viking” -_-

    You can’t really label the whole female population of Iceland… Get a new Hobby, this is just embarrassing for you, i mean a book on “how to bang Icelandic women” I am truly sorry that your life has reached such a low state.

  • An Icelander

    Oh geez…
    1) “Maybe your friends just like desperate women!” So by your own accounts, you are calling Icelandic women desperate?? Whatever lady… your words.
    2) So the part where I say “Or course not ALL women behave like this” isn’t enough to clarify that I’m not implying all women are like this???

    3) True… and just because inflation is also a known phenomenon in other countries doesn’t make it any less of a problem here!!!!
    4) I’m not implying that this is a universally known reputation! But a) Icelanders are very much aware of it, b) because it involves foreigners we are even more sensitive to it, and c) it’s a reputation that Icelandic females implant in the minds of the many foreigners that visit our country after the fact!!
    5) What manner and integrity are you referring to? That they come to visit and go for a night out?? I’ve never said or implied that they come here solely for this purpose. Nice attempt at attacking my friends, whom you nothing about in order to put yourself and your friends on a pedestal.
    6) Ok, so it’s fine and dandy that a girl can be so superficial that the same person, with the same look and personality suddenly becomes exotic and more exciting just because he speaks a different language? But it’s not ok that by reasons you have no idea about what lead to me speaking english for one evening and because of it got completely different attitudes and attention from members of your own sex!? You must be a really righteous person to be able to judge me a sad person based on this information. Good for you.

    I don’t get all this brouhaha from Icelandic girls here. Some say that there is a double standard and that men also sleep around (true). Others say that women are getting just as much out of this as the men and that they are using men just as much as men are using them (probably true also). And you are attacking me personally, trying to belittle me and my friends in an effort to glorify yourself and your fellow females some how.

    But the claim at hand, still remains, that it is very easy for a foreigner to come to Iceland and have sex with an Icelandic girl with very little effort compared to what he is used to in his home land.

    I think the only people that are making this a negative issue are the very same women/people that are on here justifying these actions!

  • Dingaling

    Yes, so let’s agree that being a slut isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But that being said, Icelandic girls are very easy sluts on an international scale.

  • coolbeans

    Er commenta herinn dv komið hérna

  • Andy

    ok, other than being disgusting towards women you’re also looking down on our heritage, Vikings respected their women, and by no means did they kidnap them, doing that was basically just walking straight into a sword. Instead they bought them, to be workers int heir homes, not for sex. and don’t get be started on the very much so american myth of vikings raping and pillaging, because frankly, it’s just a load of baloney. also, Icelanders are a bit easier than other nations when it comes to sex because it’s not looked down upon, if a girl has sex she scores, if a guy has sex he also scores, it’s just how it is. and lastly, despite being “easy” Icelanders won’t have sex with a lot of tourists because we know just how many of them are disgusting like you.(just gonna say that there are also many nice tourists and I honestly hold nothing against them)

  • sdf

    Why would you say something like this about our beautiful Iceland?? All of this is a lie. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re not welcome to Iceland again. Thank you and bye.

  • anna

    Do you wanna know what i think? You are an ass. Talking about fucking girls from Iceland because they are slutty whores… Well, what the fuck does that make you then? A filthy manwhore? Though there are many girls in our country who act like whores they all have feelings, and we are not all whores you perv :). Get that through your head, you filthy animal.

  • Bjarkey

    Here are 10 things YOU should know about yourself:

    1. You suck.

    The average on your IQ is way lower than what is normal.

    And darling, if you can’t handle the weather in Iceland, then it’s simple: DON’T COME TO ICELAND. Only true Vikings can handle the weather here and obviously you are not. And also we don’t want you here.

    2. You clearly throw yourself on every woman you possibly can.

    If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland then DON’T. No one here wants your ugly ass.

    Unless you treat the girls here like a respectable man, which you don’t..

    3. You are a rapist who tries to find out how easy drunk women are.

    Iceland was founded by Vikings yes, supreme badasses. Something you are obviously not.
    I can’t overlook the fact that you are a rapist yourself in a way.. Having sex with women that are to drunk to function and all…

    The tiny thing between your legs is your weiner my friend.

    4. YOU are incredibly easy and a total SLUT.

    Thanks to alcohol, girls can bare the sight of you. At least the really drunk ones..
    You see this makes me mad. What is the difference between a rape and having sex with women that are to drunk to function, can you tell me that?? I truly believe it when you say that “you’ll be rocking the bed in record time”.. Which means you would last at least about 2 till 5 minutes maybe? Just saying.
    Why don’t you just stick with your whores that you pay for buddy?

    5. Where you stay is a shit hole.

    The best way is for you to never visit this country again.

    Open your fucking eyes and just realize how fucking sad you are!! Are you seriously guiding guys to find places in Iceland to stay in JUST to make it easier for them to get girls into bed?? I bet it’s real hard for you to do that man! May I say you are doing a great job in life! Good for you man, good for you!

    6. You speak bullshit.

    Nothing more to say here, you are just stupid.

    7. Iceland is NOT for YOU.

    If you can’t afford coming to Iceland and being there, then DON’T!

    Please pack everything you need and just go on a deserted island. You are best kept there.

    8. Iceland is a wonder of nature (one thing you got right).

    But why are you talking about the nature when the only reason for you coming here is banging Icelandic girls??? You didn’t even travel Iceland or experience the nature here so WHY the fuck are you talking about the nature??

    9. You are a serious idiot.

    “I guess if you lived on an island in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do you’d probably take to drinking as well.” Why go to Iceland if you think there is nothing to do there?? Oh right I forgot.. You came TO BANG GIRLS.

    If you are this much of an idiot, there is no point in coming to Iceland.

    10. You have an IQ score below 70.

    Self explanatory.

    Your book is a joke, have a great life and never come back to Iceland! Lots of love.

  • Tinna Ingólfsdóttir

    Wow I think you might be the slimiest person on the planet. I wish you’d have hit on me so I could have turned you down laughing.

  • Hjördís

    This is by far the most disgusting portrayal of Iceland I have ever read. Seriously? You think all meat except whale meat and fish is imported? We have sheep, cow, pig and chicken farms just like every one else. It is true that Icelandic restaurants are not cheap but most of the people who travel here come from a country where the currency is much stronger than the Icelandic Króna so it’s not half as expensive for them as it is for locals. It’s everything that’s aimed at tourists that is especially expensive. And what the fuck? Founded by rapists? Where the fuck did you get that information? From your ass? Why is it a bad thing that there are people with brown hair here like everywhere else? Do you think that there are only blonde people in Norway or Sweden? Boy you’re ignorant. I’m blonde and I dye my hair brown for fucks sake! My hair color has nothing to do with anyone raping anyone! And don’t get me started on the sexist crap about Icelandic women being easy! Especially when their “drunk and isolated”, if you have to get girl drunk and isolated to get laid then there is something wrong with YOU and your tactic! I hope your sexist, racist ass gets turned away next time you try to come to this country because scum like you don’t belong on our beautiful soil! Ough!

  • Paul

    I’ve partied on and off for 20 years! Rooshv explains the drinking culture and the way for a male to get laid! Everyone that gets on the piss and goes out, this is basically what happens in every city/town in the world every night. I have allot of respect for Rooshv cause he says bluntly how it is! Are we all so ashamed of the drinking culture and how most ppl having one night when someone speaks about it, he is shamed and abused for it?!?!?

  • Bart

    You sicken me, Sir.

  • shoaib

    Well I haven’t visited Iceland but I do believe that we must respect every girl or guy even if she or he is drunked so plz respect humanity.

  • RealDeal

    Imagine that….a woman getting pissed at a man figuring her stinky twat out. Dont be so fucking predictable you lame cunt.

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  • jan zizka

    You have got a wonderful imagination man….

  • jan zizka

    I would give Austria the best approach index of 3,Italy 10 or 11,France would be 9 and Spain and Portugal tied at 12.Iran would have been 2 if it was not for the despotic muslim religion.But a muslim elite in any islamic country can have an approach index of 0.1 or less.This is the reality.

  • Reality

    Approach index of Austria may be the best with 3,France and Italy closely follow it with 10, and Spain and Portugal is tied in the 3rd place with approach index of 12.Iran sbould have topped the list with an approach index of 2 ,if it was not for the despotic islamic religion.Truth is a muslim elite in any islamic country has an approach index of 1 or less.

  • KDkd

    I went to Iceland to visit my sister, went out on three nights drinking, I was with my sisters crackhead looking lanky boyfriend (45), myself 22, first bar I went into an incredibly hot icelandic blonde (20) bumped into me purposely and had her tongue down my throat after no more than a minute of me throwing sarcasm at her, she gave me her number and said she wanted to see me again, but I didn’t have time, as the other two nights I went out I had the same ease, sleeping with a petite brunette (32) and a stunning and bubbly blonde (41), safe to say I will be returning!!

  • Anonymous

    This is actually not very solid info at all.
    Most of these facts are not even true but some are.