100% Bangable

I have to clarify some things about me that have been going around in this paparazzi post. Especially this photo..


First the 100% Huggable Care Bear shirt. I don’t believe that simply advertising myself as huggable (as opposed to, say, well-endowed or extremely wealthy) gets me an unlimited supply of poon. I will continue wearing it even though there is yellow stainage in the arm pit area.

Second, the floral pink umbrella. In Rio during Carnival I accidentally stole a girl’s potted plant costume hat. Here’s the hat…


The next day it was raining so I needed an umbrella. What’s cool about most cities in South America is that if it starts raining all these umbrella salesmen come out of the woodwork to sell you umbrellas (duh) and trash bag ponchos. I bought one in Rio that matched both the hat and the festivities as well, and not because of anything potentially related to a deep deep latent homosexuality.

It’s unfortunate that the Care Bear shirt matches ravishingly with my pink umbrella, but it’s more unfortunate that this town is so starchy that people stared and made low volume disparaging comments. Yeah but they’re too scared to say it to MY FACE… except for this one guy but he was pretty big so I pretended not to hear.


Postscript: Funny, when I grabbed the photo from pervert meathead’s blog, the filename was gayhairy.jpg.

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  • http://jackgoesforth.blogspot.com Jack Goes Forth

    Disparaging comments? Bah.

    Most men secretly wish they had the balls to rock that type of shirt.

    Of course the old school graphic/ironic comment t-shirt trend kind of went out the window about 2 years ago… but hey whos counting?

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Excuses Excuses.

  • http://vksempireofdirt.com virgle kent

    My camera is so advanced it gives pictures their own name based on surroundings and the actual target on some straight up AI shit. It’s weird that what the file name was for your pic, my is usually Hungblack. Hmmmm, I’ll look into it….. fucking Sony

  • http://vksempireofdirt.com virgle kent

    That’s =*that’s*

    my is= *Mine are*

    On a conference call and trying to read Gawker at the same time, I suck at multitasking

  • DF

    Had you not been rockin that pansy ass looking umbrella VK wouldn’t have named that pick gayhairy. just sayin.

  • Gaydar

    The very fact that you made the effort to match your umbrella to your hat betrays deep, latent homosexuality on its own, regardless of the design on the umbrella itself — though in this case, the only way you could have gone gayer would have been to purchase one festooned with cocks.

  • GMoney

    Damn, Roosh, just looking at that pic made my ass pucker, kinda like when I saw Sigfried and Roy in person. There are actually “two” kinds of gay guys. QB’s, and Nose Tackle. That is definately the nose tackle position. Hut Hut! Knowing Roosh, he was pretending to be gay, so that some girl would try and “convert” him. It’s a miracle! I’m cured! Let’s do it again just to make sure that it sticks.

  • http://thec-and-c.blogspot.com/ Jewcano

    Virgle, you may think that’s flattering, but Hung Black is actually Sony’s VP of Consumer Imaging, and likes hiding easter eggs in camera code.

    Sweet Mother of Moses, I am -never- Googling “Hung black” in the hopes of finding a Chinese businessman’s picture ever again.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: Just Say No.


    Get a job, Roosh! You smelly, dirty hippie!

  • Joe

    That care bear shirt is hilarious. Iaughed when I saw it and I can see your a high iq guy having fun with all the uptight douchebag jerks in DC. If they were creative they wouldn’t be in the most fucking hated and uses city in America/ on Earth!!!!

    If I was a rapper I’d rap- fuck DC! Where the Zionist bankers pimp out white Ivy League lawyers to be their bitch and fool their middle class knuckle dragging bee hive codependent slaves/ conned-stituency sheeple who think the mother fucker who kisses babats on their local news actually gives a shit a out them when all be cares about is how big a bitch he can be for his corporate pimp controleers. Shit all of it. And those DC guys- I’d beat the ass of those guys who wear khakis and navy and white 24/7 like their on the move when they are all just Uncle To a for a failed system of bill shit-argh!