11 Boring Pictures From Eastern Romania

1. Most Eastern European cities have pedestrian walkways that are underground. They are surprisingly safe, containing stalls where basic foodstuffs and home supplies can be bought.

2. This woman is bathing with fountain water. Located in the main square.

3. Example of the Soviet-style architecture. Locals hate it but I found buildings like this to be interesting.

4. Another example. Notice the concrete layering, as if it was a cake. Stalin was a big fan of this (take a look at the monstrosity he erected in Warsaw.)

5. This scene looks like something out of a dystopian movie. The circle could be a launch pad for alien spacecraft.

6. Pile of dirt located in front of a cinema, within sight of the main square.

7. Sidewalk is undergoing construction. Is it safe to cross?

8. This is the cube, located in the center of several popular bars and clubs. Apparently not that popular, because this was the scene on a weekend night. The nightlife here was sorely lacking.

9. The best part of the city was this park. Locals flocked here on the weekend. I approached many Romanian women around this area.

10. Ground level of the park, with view of the palace, forever under refurbishment.

11. People ask me how I make my money. Well now you know.

Would you like to know the name of the city so you immediately can plan your trip?

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  • Blackie

    Hey – So is this a chopped fruit stand or an ice cream ice box?

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com thecaptainpower

    The pre soviet stuff looks beautiful, the soviet era stuff looks terrible….

  • http://quintuscurtius.com Quintus Curtius

    This is the kind of post I really like. Thanks for the photos, man.

  • Romeo

    Nice Photos, Roosh Those communist bulidings always remind me of the buildings in the sequels to the planet of the apes movie.
    Day Bang is awesome btw

  • pobreinvestidor

    did you meet any of the romanian gypsies? the country gets an awful reputation because of them

  • eu

    this is my city :)

  • Romeo

    @pobreinvestidor: “did you meet any of the romanian gypsies? the country gets an awful reputation because of them”.

    Plenty of them in Dublin, Ireland – robbing, begging and scamming!

  • DJ

    Awesome post Roosh! Your travel blog posts are my favorite since I already have natural game and your insights into travel are quite useful. I’ve traveled Asia and most of Central America and some in SA. We should write a travel book!

  • Smalltownboy

    All gypsies migrated to west europe to beg, steal and scam. That’s why romania is now probably the top safest country in Europe : it has no gypsies anymore ! And you can show Roosh the beauty of romanian girls ;-)

  • http://thevelvetrocket.com/ Justin

    It’s funny how similar all of the Eastern European cities are. You could just as well be in Moldova or Belarus or Transnistria as in Romania…

  • JK

    Which city in Europe has the finest women?

    I would be be tire to say Barcelona, Prague, Budapest (Aletta Ocean mmmmmh), Oslo, Berlin, or Saint Petersburg ( knew a stacked blonde from their gave me biggest boner).

  • JK

    Which city anywhere in the World has the most buxom white redheads?

  • Sombro

    Anyone ever been to Kaliningrad?

    “The Ugliest Building on Russian Soil”


  • Joe Dick

    ah ah, hey can I have some candy?

  • seth

    Please intersperse your social commentary with posts like this Roosh. I found this to be fascinating and it broadened my mind; to see the pictures along with some commentary.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Roosh, you’ve gotten all kinds of burly and buff these days….

    Some Gypsy women can be pretty darned stunning. And some Gypsy men can be pretty darned quick with a switchblade or razor……

  • http://www.marvelousmanboobs.com/ David H. F*cktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, rooshiepoops,

    I think you need to have sex with mra’s so you can tell us about mangina….

  • Meterus

    That’s a fortune-telling stand, right? Did the Rrom get mad at you about it? :)

  • Courageous J

    Roosh seems to have no home anymore. The world is his home now

  • Anonymous

    Iasi- dystopian movie :) there are many constructivist buildings in Romania.

  • Anonymous

    What a shit-hole

  • http://zarzuelazen.com/wordpress/ zarzuelazen

    Looks like a shit-hole man

  • Anonymous

    @11 JK
    Probably Dublin to find redheads, yeah?

    Just Google dublin redheads and you’ll find stories about big gatherings of redheads in Dublin, Ireland (and Dublin, Ohio).


    Is that a frikkin’ coyote in picture #8?
    How the hell can it survive in a concrete city without woodlands nearby?

  • A

    Iasi city is the winner! I am Romanian!