11 Signs She’s A Keeper

1. You’d still hang out with her when she’s on her period and there is no chance of sex.

2. You don’t get the inexplicable urge to leave after you ejaculate inside her.

3. You don’t bother to notice if other girls are checking you out when you’re with her.

4. Because you actually enjoy chatting with her you have to make a conscious effort to not contact her too much so you don’t put out a beta male vibe.

5. You think about her when jerking off instead of the blonde bimbo on the screen taking two up the butt.

6. You don’t wonder if you could do better.

7. You want her to meet your friends, sure of their approval in your mate selection.

keeper.jpg8. You feel more like a man when you’re with her because of her bursting femininity.

9. You think about how lucky you are to catch her at the right moment, right time.

10. She’s concerned, almost obsessed, with your needs and pleasure, especially in the bedroom.

11. You love displaying her on your arm, like a caveman would be when dragging home a mountain lion that almost killed him in intense battle.

This is more of a cumulative list… only a couple may pop up with any specific girl.

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