12 Things Wrong With America

Here are some things that I immediately noticed upon returning to Washington DC after being away in Europe for twenty months:

1. There are a lot of girls in the 5 range. These are girls who would be 7’s if they lost weight and purchased a beauty kit. Oftentimes I’d see a girl in a coffee shop or in a bar and say to myself, “Yeah, I’d bang her, but I wouldn’t approach her.” In some situations these girls actually do approach men, setting the stage for an easy one-night stand that you hope is not witnessed by anyone.

2. Everyone is a slave to their phones. The need for Americans to be constantly distracted with smartphones is a result of their perverse need to keep pace with whatever technological device Silicon Valley shits out. I noticed that only blue-collar Mexicans on the bus are able to sit still without playing with their phone or MP3 player.

3. There is no unifying culture, but everyone talks the same. The next ten people you see can be from completely different backgrounds and styles, with no obvious pattern to their character, but the second they start talking it’s obvious they consume the same mass media. Americans value individuality but only when it comes to appearance. A preppy Georgetown lawyer and H Street hipster can actually have identical speech. “Really?”

4. Strangers are too friendly. If I talk to a person it’s because I want to have sex with them or exchange information, but Americans view conversation as a means of entertaining themselves. Since most people (not just Americans) are not interesting or funny, you have to endure the populace and their poor attempts at being social. It’s so obvious to me why I naturally evolved indirect game—it wonderfully hacks into the American communication style.

5. The signal-to-noise ratio in conversations is abysmal. Americans know how to speak, but they don’t know how to have a conversation. Their typical chatter is so inane that most of my conversations are trying to figure out how to end the conversation. Sometimes you just want to say, “You gotta shut up!” European people can be shy on the surface, but they generally talk about interesting things and know how to calibrate their audience. Americans are so clueless that they continue talking even when you stop making eye contact and focus on something else.

6. There’s no concept of boundaries. During my first trip to a Starbucks, I overheard an employee recapping her weekend. Within a couple minutes I knew what guy she liked, how drunk she got, the guy that her friend likes, and who she has ongoing beefs with. I’ve heard people talking about medical issues on the phone while riding the Metro. You get the feeling that people want you to notice them. This is even more extreme with urban youth who are loud and physically encroach on your space so that you have no choice but to recognize their existence.

7. People worry about the most insignificant things. With all their survival issues solved, even among America’s poor, there is a sad amount of energy put on mundane problems. For example, I overheard a woman telling someone, “Did I tell you I broke my nail?” She went on for five minutes to explain how it happened and how much it hurt.

8. Female interactions are dominated by fake compliments. Women greet each other not with a hello, but a compliment based on appearance, even though that compliment is in no way warranted. I lost count how many times I heard, “You look great!” I’d turn my head to see a woman who absolutely did not look great. I suspect that insincere complimenting is another drop in the bucket to account for why American women have large self-esteems that are above their actual worth.

9. The level of game among men is going down. I may have to recant my earlier sentiment that American guys have the best game, because with nights out in DC and Baltimore, I saw game that would make some Eurofags look like players, and that’s if I saw guys even approaching. It also appears that guys are getting game material not from reputable sources but popular television programs. The game or PUA movement—whatever you want to call it—has peaked. This is good news if you’re in the game, because you will develop specialty skills that the younger generation simply won’t bother to learn.

10. People stuff their face after a night of drinking. It’s disturbing to see so many people eating greasy food after consuming several hundred calories from alcohol loaded with juice. Most of them are overweight yet they eat pizza or artisanal burgers right before they go to bed. It’s like they want to be fat.

11. Society is being constructed to protect women at the expense of men. In America, women are treated like porcelain dolls that must be treated gently. Great work has been made to ensure they are more educated than men, and women under 35 now make more than them. This protection has entered the nightlife sphere. Now you enter a popular bar that has five burly bouncers equipped with ear pieces to field any bogus complaints from women. It has become a risk to even verbally bitch out a girl. In America I feel like just walking around is a trap, and that some woman, somewhere, will use the state’s power to inconvenience me or ruin my life in some way. The amount of power they have over men is absolute.

12. Boys in public schools are being brainwashed with feminist ideology. My little brothers are being trained to act like women—to care, share, be polite, and blindly follow authority. The vice principal at my 9-year-old brother’s school called my dad because he laughed when his friend was teasing another kid. They also made him sign a contract saying he would no longer hang out with that friend during recess. It’s just a matter of time until they suggest ADD drugs for him so that his female teacher isn’t inconvenienced with normal boy behavior.

On a brighter note, here are two good things about America…

1. Drinks are expensive, but they’re extremely strong. I thought I was becoming a man in Europe because I could take down eight or so vodka drinks and still keep it together, but after just three vodkas in America, I need to slow down. My alcohol tolerance hasn’t gone up as much as I thought.

2. Game is made for feminists. It’s so deadly effective on them that I understand why I proclaimed America to be the best place to get laid. More than any other woman in the world, feminists want excitement from men, something that modern game teaches them. Unfortunately, after too much time abroad, trying to get laid with American women feels like dumpster diving.

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