14 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosh

This post is inspired from a recent entry on G Manifesto’s blog.

1. I was a spoiled momma’s boy. For the seven years before my sister was born, my mom treated me like a petit prince, giving me whatever I wanted and indulging all my tantrums. Even late into adulthood, she would offer to do my dirty laundry or throw money at me when I didn’t ask. I would often leave her house with tupperware containers full of delicious Turkish food. As a child, I ended up developing a strong attachment to her that led to extreme shyness (I’d latch onto her leg whenever in the presence of strangers). For my first day of day care and kindergarten, I cried while everyone else played.

2. I challenged other boys to fights, and lost. I remember losing three fights that I started. One was after I purposefully destroyed another kid’s homework by walking on it. After school he slapped me in front of a large crowd. He was about to pummel me but adults appeared and he got scared. Another time I was talking trash on the basketball court and got beat by an African kid who left me whimpering in the corner while he continued playing ball. The last case I remember was when I challenged a guy while on my bike. He connected a punch to my face that made me fall off.

3. I was one of the only white kids in my neighborhood. Most of my friends were hispanic, black, or from other third world countries. I didn’t have any race identity or consciousness that I was either white or Middle Eastern because I was constantly surrounded by diversity. Not until I got to high school did I become more aware of the boundaries. Even into adulthood, most of my friends remain either minorities or the first-born generation of immigrant parents (e.g., Russian, Indian, Persian).

4. My first job was a janitor at a bagel shop. My daily duties included washing the dishes, mopping the floors, and cleaning the bathroom. After my first day of work, my mom cried because she thought her son was doing menial labor, but I loved it because at 16 I had a car and a lot of disposable cash. I later got a job at Boston Market where I made a bit more. I had early experiences in life where I was rewarded when I worked hard, so whenever I want something, I naturally default to that strategy.

5. I took French for four years. I didn’t take the class seriously in high school so when it got too hard I ass-kissed by helping my teacher set up a language computer lab at the time when the internet was becoming popular (1997). I remember installing some programs that allowed me to remotely prank my classmates. One would display a warning box telling them to step away from the computer because the “radiation protection mechanism” on the monitor had failed. Another program had the Energizer bunny going across all the lab computers in sequential order.

6. I was a late bloomer. I had a bone age about three years young than my actual age, so when I was 16 I looked closer to 12. It’s not until I was a freshman in college did I start to look like a man. I think I’m going through a second puberty as I write this because the amount of hair I have in my ears and on my back is increasing at an alarming rate. Most of the players I know also happen to be late bloomers. Not getting into the game until you’re almost an adult means you will be more logical and analytical about your approach to getting laid. You’re also more likely to learn game skills from print.

7. I hated reading. My verbal SAT score was 470 out of 800. I never got higher than a B in English or writing class. After graduating from college I started reading self-improvement books that acted as a gateway drug to normal books, primarily non-fiction. My reading habits recently exploded after buying a Kindle. I’ve read more books in the past year than in my first 22 years of life.

8. My mother’s side of the family has a few depressives and substance abusers. I’ve had addictions to video games, gambling, and game. There have also been some stretches where I’ve had to curtail my drinking. Right now I can’t say I’m truly addicted to anything as even my slavery to pussy has toned down greatly from years past, though I’m sure it’s still way above average.

9. I’m frugal. Lessons I’ve learned since eliminating my credit card debt after college has stuck with me into my 30s. If I come across a windfall of cash, I save 90% of it and spend 10% at my leisure. I think there’s a lot of truth in the Fight Club quote “The things you own end up owning you.” I do a cost-benefit analysis whenever buying material things, even a $20 t-shirt. I’m much more likely to spend money on experiences that’ll give me bangs or good stories.

10. I originally wanted to be a freelance writer. I envisioned myself being a writer for magazines and travel guidebooks, even after I published Bang. I took first steps to get on that path but then realized that my voice would be molded by other people and I’d have to change my writing depending on what the editor needed. By writing a blog and self-publishing my own books, I could release what I thought was best. I’m lucky that my voice (and lack of filter) is something that a lot of guys appreciate, but it has put me in a box.

11. Most of my life is boring. I spend several hours a day in front of my laptop. On most days I have to force myself outside. What you read comes from less than 15% or less of my actual existence. I look to work to ground me and gives me “permission” to have fun. I don’t feel right about going out if I didn’t put in an honest day’s work.

12. On the seventh month after releasing Bang, I sold seven copies and made only $56. I was certain that self-publishing was not the way to make money so I started work as a bartender when I came back from my first trip to South America. I kept promoting Bang while writing on the side until the book went viral in its own right. Three and a half years later, when Day Bang came out, I sold over 2,000 copies of my books in one month. I bought myself a suit, put the rest of the money into my savings account, and took four days off before diving back into writing.

13. I don’t trust many people. Right now there are only three guys in the world that I completely trust and can count on for support. I’m always open to meeting new people, but the level of rapport I have with these three will probably not be matched for the rest of my life. As I age it’s getting harder to make friends because I’m becoming more particular and neurotic, as I believe the case for most people.

14. I don’t care for living a long life. I’ve seen how elderly people live and it’s not pleasant. I exercise somewhat regularly and eat right, but mostly to have a strong body for the present moment to attract women, not for old life.

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  • Charles

    A grown man “inspired” by G Manifesto? Sad. Sad that you even read it. Does this mean your writing is largely fiction? At least GM can claim to be satirizing a wannabe pubescent douche.

  • Wiscanada

    I definitely got Bang within the first 7 months, died laughing and used it to go from 6s to 8s when moving to the States. Happy to support your writing, keep it up.

  • Robin

    I bought Bang to support you, instead of downloading it somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

  • Zorro

    I’m 51 and you are a f-ing role model to me, dude. You had more sense than I ever did. I am a terminal case of Mr Nice Guy syndrome (per Dr Robert Glover), and your blog is releasing me from the prison of my own denial.

    Own it!

  • k


    You don’t care to live a life now only because you cant envision yourself as elderly – i assure you once there you will want to live – the will of the old to live is matched only by that of the very very young.

  • Smitty

    Charles, you’re a punk. G Manifesto has a ton of good advice, but it’s mostly geared towards guys who already have a solid grounding. If some nerd tries to apply his advice before he’s established a foundation, he’ll probably fall flat. Say what you want, but nobody’s ever been able to expose him as a fraud.

  • SJ

    Awesome Roosh! I started gaming and traveling 10 years ago when I was in my late 20’s/30’s. After spending a year abroad in Mexico as an exchange student, my eyes were forever opened about how terrible American women are and wonderful foreign women. I plan to retire in 10 years at 50 and enjoy hot foreign women and work freelance part time and sail the world. Game is natural for me now but pussy is not my entire life. Men need to have and form their own self identity and hobbies. As your sex drive drops after 40 you can be a free man and not chained or controlled by your libido. That my good man is true freedom. I see these fit American men with these hogzilla nasty fat American women and think like WTF are these dudes thinking?

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “Three and a half years later, when Day Bang came out, I sold over 2,000 copies of my books in one month. I bought myself a suit, put the rest of the money into my savings account, and took four days off before diving back into writing.”

    Now that’s smooth.

    Good work Roosh.

    – MPM

  • president carter

    I purchased the Mega Combo earlier today. Maybe you break $56 this month?

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto


    “A grown man “inspired” by G Manifesto? Sad. Sad that you even read it. Does this mean your writing is largely fiction? At least GM can claim to be satirizing a wannabe pubescent douche.”

    What can you claim?

    Besides getting beat up by your little sister, and dressing up like a girl on weekends to make rent in whatever weak hood you come from?

    – MPM

  • Theodora

    This was a good post. And I don’t know about the rest of G’s blog, but the specific post about him was a pretty good one too. And Charles’ comment sounds pretty sad itself, and rude, especially considering it was the first one.

    So anyway, lol@getting beat up by your little sister and dressing up like a girl on weekends to make rent in whatever weak hood you come from!

  • JackBlack

    Love the honesty Roosh — you and I are not so different.

  • http://Www.absoluteability.com Tony

    As a blogger you inspire me. Travel, women, freedom. Youre a self made man. I think your stuff is hilarious and most people take all this way too seriously.

  • Odds

    late bloomer here

  • http://www.getgirlsnotgame.com/ JT

    Just got finished reading ‘A Dead bat In Paraguay’. Inspiring stuff!

  • Rivelino

    “I had early experiences in life where I was rewarded when I worked hard, so whenever I want something, I naturally default to that strategy.”


  • Rivelino

    “3. I was one of the only white kids in my neighborhood.”

    dude you are not white!

  • Timoteo

    Wow…I can relate to so much of this. I started taking Spanish in elementary school, but failed to see the value of being bilingual, so when I wasn’t forced to take a language, I didn’t. I too learned early about what it was too work and earn money, and loved the independence it gave me. I gave my mom money towards the groceries, etc. and loved being able to do that, instead of having to ASK her for money for things. I too was not a reader for much of my life, though I’ve always enjoyed writing. Even now, I have to really be in the mood to pick up a book, and only read non-fiction with rare exceptions. I went to college originally thinking I wanted to be a journalist, but then thought no matter what you end up doing in life, you can always write. I’m also not a trustful person, and have very few people I would ever confide in. Traveling suits me so much because as much as I enjoy the time I spend with people I like, I think I appreciate solitude more. Even as a kid, I was always able to occupy myself when alone, and never felt the need to always have company around me.

  • Rivelino

    this whole post is very well written

  • riker

    so cute

  • Fuckher

    You are a saint and a savior for our generation of men

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Dude, we knew you were frugal

    You’re generally quite open about that

    And since when are you white? I haven’t read every post on here but I’ve seen you self identify as Arab, Persian and Turkish… Never white

  • Name (optional):

    Roosh, are you planning to make some books reviews? I really miss those.

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the sharing and candor. It gives us all a better idea as to the man you are.

  • Krautz

    Do you think a new edition of bang is on the horizon? I like the textbook like structure.

    Many people call middle easterners white. Some Iranians I’ve met look super white.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/theakinet theakinet

    A part of me thinks Roosh is trolling with the references to his “whiteness.”

  • 20th Level

    There’s no doubt in my mind that G and myself have crossed paths in RL along the way while coming up. Our current lifestyles may be different because I rarely leave the country but there are way too many anecdotes about him coming up that ring true to my own.

    On a different note the moment of clarity for myself was when I first saw “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon” starring River Phoenix. In the movie he gets kicked around and knocked down six ways to Sunday, but he was always cool because no matter what he was always pulling bitches. For better or worse at a young age that’s what my life was going to be like…as long as I’m still pulling I’m good.

  • jon bon van dame

    What Roosh means by being white is that when surrounded by mexicans and blacks at his school he was white in comparison. Both a cultural thing and physical thing as he isnt quite dark enough to be black though he is just as dark. Hard to understand until you see an arab/indian dude at an all black school. Culturally there is a dramatic difference in all 3 races.

  • 20th Level

    The U.S. govt. has historically classifed middle easterners as white. I know some middle eastern bros that were told to check the white box on official documents.

  • Anonymous

    very hairy

  • Nick

    Welcome to the hairy old sluts club.

  • Lara

    Three loyal friends is all anyone needs in this world. If you are in good health, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to keep living, even in old age.

  • Buitre

    Hey Roosh, check this out, You are a controversial celebrity here in Colombia … Hmm, Interesting …


  • Tim

    Congrats on successfully highjacking the feminist poll. You rock, dude.

    [Roosh: Credit goes to a lot of other readers/bloggers who tweeted about it too.]

  • DerCzech

    So you have (or had) French skills? I’m curious if you’ve ever tried to run game in France or French territories, or if you know anybody that has.

  • Anonymous

    a tear fell on my laptop when reading this 😉

  • random follower


    I checked out that article on El Espectador and the comments were interesting.. no bashing Roosh, but more comments on the Colombian culture and the women. Totally unlike the outrage in Iceland, lol.

  • weta

    “I’ve seen how elderly people live and it’s not pleasant”
    try looking at the ones that keep their health through diet and good exercise … and remember your mind will be coninually changing as you age, so whats important now wont be so much then … in fact I can see the signs you are on the edge of it Roosh as im sure you can feel it … embrace it and change with it as it slowly develops over the coming decades, or later hang out in the corner of bars with your sherry boring people with your “I remember” stories …

  • MiamiBoy

    SJ writes:
    “…As your sex drive drops after 40 you can be a free man and not chained or controlled by your libido. That my good man is true freedom…”

    Maybe for some guys after 40 it drops. What is happening to me is that I have more control over my mind, it seems to be functioning a lot clearer now than ever before, and consequently my relationships/interactions with women have vastly improved. But my libido is still very strong, it just no longer rules my life. But then, I’ve laid so many women that when I took the OK Cupid sex test, it told me to never ever get married.

    Add to all of that the higher incomes for many guys after 40 + developing more sophisticated and sustainable personal goals (that don’t include women), and if you can stay in tip top shape, you’ll have many many women interested in you just for banging as well as more serious endeavors. Your approaches can therefore be like “hey you want this, you might, and you might not get it, let’s see…”

  • deb

    Spoilt Mummy’s boy and late bloomer here. Although less hairy

  • SJ


    I agree. For me, I am in better shape than when I was 20. Having self control without being pussy whipped or easily controlled by bitches is power. Having serious hobbies is helpful and important to enjoy life. Yes, I still like sex and banging hotties and like you I have conquered hundreds of women so been there done that. I still travel and enjoy these things even more so now that I have the time and resources than ever before. Rooshv is awesome model because he is living the dream and true to what he wants plus he fights against the rotten corrupt toxin called feminism.

  • http://www.partytravelsexlove.com Brianmark

    @SJ and MiamiBoy. Life hardly ends at 40. I’ve gotten some of my best ever after I was 40 and I’m not talking old girls, I’m talking low 20s. If you take care of yourself and have grown smart with age, you’ll have alot to look forward to.

  • Anonymous

    Many simularities. Never f’ing surrender.

  • http://www.partytravelsexlove.com Brianmark

    You’re site inspires me and I’m impressed that you actually said goodbye to Corporate America. Congratulations!
    9) I’m not surprised that you are frugal. It is good to see someone that is really supporting themselves and not living off their parents money and prending to have this great invisible internet consulting business!
    11) Most of your life is boring and work. You now have answered my question of the validity of the 4 hour work week! LOL
    13) I don’t blame you for not trusting many people. Most people are bullshit and most are jealous of your success. I see this everyday!
    14) I agree you should wait live when your old or retirdment. Too many people waste their whole lives waiting then there health is not there when they get old.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Meeg

    #4,000. I’m a gigantic doucshbag.

  • Meeg

    Omg just google imaged you. I thought we fuckin killed Bin Laden. Get the fuck out. We don’t want you.

  • ‘Fear Factor’ Donkey Semen Stunt Airs On Danish Television
  • Angel

    U are just a fucking idiot, loser.
    How can u have an interesting conversation with a girl… about “sense of life”
    If ur brain is just a fucking pile of shit?????

    If u come back to Colombia we are waiting for you to make u a colombian tie, I mean cut ur throath and take ur tongue outside by ur neck, fucking trash.

    Why dont u make a book about ur mother? A WHORE WHO HAD JUST SHIT AS A SON.




  • Brasileiro

    Hi guys. I´m brazilians and I like this website. I agree with some point and disagree with others. But it is normal and I don´t get angry or anything. On the contrary, in general this website is very good!

    As you guys may know, in Brazil we have many good stuffs, many nice places to visit, many nice people to party, a nice weather. This is the good part of Brazil.

    But there is no perfect country and Brazil has many problems, the darkside. Many serious problems such as corruption, crimes, poverty and now we are facing a new one: some polititians in Brazil are trying to cut off our freedom of speach. It is very bad. Some day ago the owner of this website (Rooshv) got a message from the Brazilian Governmet to stop writing in this website. This is how the Brazilian Government deal with people. They want us just to shut up and that it.

    So, regarding of this problem, this brazilian dude made this video about the situation here in Brazil. His english is not perfect and he has brazilian accent, but the most important thing here is the message he is giving and the courange he has to do it.

    Please watch this video and sent to your friends:



  • Old lady on a bus

    So what if this post was inspired by a satirizing wannabe douche. Roosh puts his money where his mouth is and has proof of that, unlike GM trick.

  • Charles

    50 Old lady on a bus
    3 hours, 40 minutes ago

    “So what if this post was inspired by a satirizing wannabe douche. Roosh puts his money where his mouth is and has proof of that, unlike GM trick.”

    True. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. I just thought he’d be out living the life instead of reading the writings of a maladjusted child. It’s a bad thing to advertise since people read Roosh to hear true stories.

  • http://www.none.com MeAgain

    14. I don’t care for living a long life

    Roosh, tell the truth please. The real reason for that is because you’re HIV positive from all that raw dogging/unprotected sex you have with night club whores.

  • http://alpha-traits.com Alpha Traits

    incredibly honest list

    really enjoy your posts about writing and self-publishing, anything on the horizon on these topics?

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Number 15: you’re fucking awesome.

    Hmm actually you probably already know that.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting post, but I have to respectfully and strongly disagree with the idea you have that being Turkish, or the product of Turkish parents, is equivalent to being white as we know it in the United States. I’m well aware that Middle Easterners and folks from the Cacausus may check off the box labeled “white” on government forms, but that’s hardly the same as considering these people white. Turkish culture is undoubtedly ethnic and non-western. You share far more in common with the minority groups you grew up around than you do with historically white groups of that make up the lion’s share of the population in the United States. New flash Roosh: You are not white as they are.

  • Anonymous

    Turkey is also an Islamic country. Hard to see how a Turk would be considered white in the United States. Turks are ethnic minorities.

  • Matt

    You say that you dont want to live long. But I dont think there is any age at which you think you want to die now…(unless you are in pain or suffering)
    Check out this guy for inspiration


  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe you only sold 7 copies of bang in the first 7 months. Including myself I know at least 4 other people who bought it right away. That would mean my pussy chasing buddies and I made up 50% of your initial sales which I find far fetched.

    [Roosh: I sold 7 copies IN the seventh month, not by the seventh. I sold over 100 in the first month.]

  • :)

    For someone so honest about his short comings, I’m really surprised by the lack of empathy and kindness you seem to have for others. You tend to demand perfection from others but come from a place of mediocrity.

    Must be a tough spot to be in.

  • :)

    Roosh, why do you bring up statistics on mental illness/depression/addiction as a point against American women, but your own family including yourself has dealt with it? I would assume you’d have a better understanding since you have seen it and lived it first hand. It’s unusual to see someone who has an addiction and mental illness have such little compassion.

  • tart

    how many copies of bang have you sold ?

  • Timoteo

    Most of you missed the point of fact #3. If you read again, Roosh never claimed to be white, or considers himself white. I’m sure the man knows his own heritage. He stated that compared with the people he grew up around, he LOOKED more white. I get that most whites in the US don’t grow up kids from different racial groups, so racial identity isn’t really an issue, but you guys didn’t seem to understand what he actually wrote…

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  • madmax

    very interesting, Roosh, I always like your candor and honesty.
    ‘ I don’t feel right about going out if I didn’t put in an honest day’s work.’

    that was interesting, it actually made me think. I am very similar to you in many ways.

    And well done for selling 2000 copies of your books in 1 month, wow that must feel like an excellent accomplishment, very confidence-boosting.

    I have never had that level of success. But I am sure you worked hard for it, as I believe in ‘luck’ but not without courage or work.

    Interesting about point 1 and the fights, eh eh. Thanks for sharing man

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  • Jeff Esteban

    roosh, you’re not white!!!! (persians/turks are FAR FAR FAR from the western christian definition of white)

  • Spaniard88

    Good thing western Christians don’t get to define who’s white, lol. Also, even for a racist, you are dumb.

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  • Jason G

    Roosh comes of as a typical hard working guy who found his niche in an otherwise competitive marketplace. I saw a video today of them taking this article and trying to diagnose him as some kind of psychopath or sociopath. Typical media propaganda clickbait.

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  • mayl

    you’re not white Roosh