15 Factors That Determine If A City Is Great For Men

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the game SimCity and how changing one variable can have a huge effect on the makeup of your creation. Real life is no different, with thousands of variables and factors that constitute the temperament of any city.

My mission for the past couple of years has been to discover the most important variables that contribute to whether or not a city is poosy paradise. That is, what has to be present for the city to contain feminine, beautiful women who are relatively easy to get into bed while also contenting the spirit of the man who lives on its grounds? I’ve come up with fifteen factors…

1. Total Population. It’s no accident that “big city mentality” has come to have negative connotations. Girls will be less friendly, more “busy,” and more hypergamous in their attempt to land one of the many hyper-successful men that you have to compete with. Big cities also pose logistical problems, are more expensive, and are generally soul draining places that take man far away from his ancestral nature. I’ve determined that the optimum city size is between 500,000 to 1.5 million people, large enough to offer wide selection and variety, but small enough where women are friendly and male competition less intense.

2. Demographics. Many internet articles and almanacs claim high female-to-male ratios in the 18-65 cohort for many cities, but when you narrow it down to 18-30, you’ll find that most places are hopeless sausage fests. While not all sausage fests are equally bad, a city must provide a man with encouragement and inspiration to be socially active. Sausage fests give little of either. It’s also obvious that a woman will be less willing to date you if there is a seemingly unlimited supply of guys for her to sample.

3. City Vs Suburb Density. The city core should be denser than the outlying suburbs. Otherwise quality women will be too diffuse and dating will be logistically hard. Two examples of cities where suburbs are more dense than the city centers are Toronto and Washington DC, arguably the two worst cities in North America for men. Dense city centers also pave the way for more day game opportunities. You won’t have to walk around for an hour just to do two approaches.

4. Nightlife Blueprint. A city like Rio de Janeiro has many nightlife areas, but they are spread out over a large area. Same goes for Kharkiv, Ukraine. The effect of this is that you sample less venues and reluctantly settle into spots that may not suit your game best, eventually resulting in a lower ROI. If you need to take a taxi to get around, the nightlife is far from optimal. You want to have compact nightlife centers like in Cordoba, Poznan, Krakow, Reykjavik, and Tartu, where taxis are not needed.

5. Local Economy. The stronger the economy, the less able you will be able to “impress” a girl coming from America. Ideally you want a girl to think that by associating with you, her life may be improved in some way other than sex. Otherwise you will be in a city where the desirable women are holding out for high status men. On the other hand, you don’t want a city so poor that women can’t afford to dress nice, wear perfume, and go out to day or night venues. The city should only be “a little bit” poor.

6. Adoption Of Feminism. While cities that are highly feminist pave the way for one-night stands, they tend to destroy hope of finding pleasant and feminine women. You can identify feminist growth by staying on top of news stories where the latest “slut walk” is heralded as a momentous human rights victory. You must also understand that for cities without feminism, women have high expectations of men to provide and lead. If you are unable to do this, you may have trouble in non-feminist cities.

7. iPhone Penetration. In foreign countries, not all smartphones are created equal. Girls who own iPhones show more negative behavior than girls who own a utilitarian Android phone that costs less than half as much (only in America are iPhones cheap). The presence of iPhones are the canary in the coal mine for how much flaking, attitude, and general difficulty you’ll face with foreign women who are obsessed with seeking status. While smartphones will eventually blanket the world, you should pay close attention to the ratio of iPhones to Android models in your determination of whether a city will be good to you or not.

8. Level Of Male Aggressiveness And Game. While you don’t compete with any one man in a city, you do compete with the collective. If the standard of game is higher, you will get less than in a city where the standard is lower, regardless of how high your own level may be. When I was in Poznan, I witnessed an atrocious level of game where guys wouldn’t approach (when they did it was only on the dance floor). I concluded that Polish guys have no game, but when I went to Warsaw I was amazed to see guys approaching like animals, with both talking and dance game. They were fearless enough that they neutralized my “chill guy in the bar” game.

A high standard of game is also the case in Brazil, unlike its nearby neighbor Colombia. Ideally you want to be in a city where the guys don’t know how to approach or are scared to. Besides, if you see guys approaching like machines, chances are you’re in a city where game is required due to women being difficult or existing in a low ratio.

9. Depth Of Social Connections. Assuming you’re a guy who will arrive in a city without knowing anyone, you don’t want the city’s populace to be heavily dependent on social circle for their human interaction needs. If the people are so insular that it’s hard for an outsider to swoop in and access the local women, you’re in for a tough grind. The two cities where I found social circle to be extremely important were Gotenburg and Cordoba. You can pickup in those cities, but your results will be paltry compared to integrating yourself into a social circle instead.

Since social circle game is an indirect method to getting laid, I must conclude that social circle dependent cities are not ideal for the player. On the other hand, cities that have very weak social circle connections (Washington DC) means that women will be more open to playing the field and openly receiving constant attention from men, especially via internet dating sites. The cities I’ve done best in is when the average girl I meet has only one or two good friends that she’s not obsessed with seeing every weekend.

10. Western Culture Omnipresence. A slight fascination with Western culture (particularly American) will help you show value and get your foot in the door, but a heavy fixation will also coincide with a desire for material excess, a Carrie Bradshaw dating lifestyle, and attitude and speech that unfortunately mirrors that of a standard-issue American girl. I’ve witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of Eastern European girls living in America for more than a couple months and how it made them undatable. The ideal balance is when she’s curious about American culture but not actively idolizing it.

Closely related to Western culture obsession is a strong table service culture. If the major clubs actively seek and court men to pay for expensive bottles, you’re going to experience difficulty with picking up at night.

11. English Penetration. Full penetration of English, as in Scandinavia and the Anglosphere, will coincide with obesity, flip flop style, and masculine attitude. But too little English, like in Eastern Ukraine and Colombia, and you’re simply unable to communicate. The sweet spot is about a 60% penetration rate, which means that a little more than half the girls you talk to in the 18-30 cohort are conversational in English. You’ll be upset at some beautiful girls you can’t communicate with, but there will still be a large sample of English speakers who are feminine and pleasing.

12. Cost Of Living. The lower the better, assuming that low cost doesn’t decrease the quality of other variables. I’ve lived in many great cities for under $2,000 a month, and that includes living alone in a centrally located apartment. Ironically, the more expensive the city, the worse the women tend to be.

13. Hipster Culture Adoption Rates. Hipsterism is de-feminizing: it promotes smoking, grotesque body mutilation in the form of piercings and tattoos, ugly style, and sarcastic attitudes. However, a slight hipster culture is acceptable in that it yields easier women and a greater variety of night venues. It’s only when there are too many hipsters that women no longer need to look or act feminine.

14. Major Universities Per Capita. If you want a city with young women who are untainted by dating, you need cities that have at least one major university per 100,000 people. Otherwise you’ll have an older female population of women who already went through their slut stage and now expect you to wine and dine them in order to put out, compared to younger girls who will ride your penis for experience or experimentation. Huge cities may have many universities but the students are diluted due to the population size, meaning it’s quite difficult for cities over 1 million in population to hold to this rule.

15. Crime Level. A city with crime doesn’t affect you as much as it tenses up women and makes it more difficult to approach them in day situations. If a girls thinks strange men who approach may be a mugger, it will be much harder to have a conversation with her that results in a number being exchanged. Another problem of a high crime level is that girls refuse to walk alone at night, taking away yet another solid opportunity to approach. Lastly, lots of crime means you need to take taxis to get around, increasing the cost of living for that city.

I’m sure there are more factors that I’ve yet to observe or understand, but I believe these fifteen are the most important in evaluating cities for a pleasing lifestyle full of feminine women. A man will save time and ultimately thousands of dollars if he does research on the above factors before planning to spend a lot of time in any one location.

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