15 Factors That Determine If A City Is Great For Men

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the game SimCity and how changing one variable can have a huge effect on the makeup of your creation. Real life is no different, with thousands of variables and factors that constitute the temperament of any city.

My mission for the past couple of years has been to discover the most important variables that contribute to whether or not a city is poosy paradise. That is, what has to be present for the city to contain feminine, beautiful women who are relatively easy to get into bed while also contenting the spirit of the man who lives on its grounds? I’ve come up with fifteen factors…

1. Total Population. It’s no accident that “big city mentality” has come to have negative connotations. Girls will be less friendly, more “busy,” and more hypergamous in their attempt to land one of the many hyper-successful men that you have to compete with. Big cities also pose logistical problems, are more expensive, and are generally soul draining places that take man far away from his ancestral nature. I’ve determined that the optimum city size is between 500,000 to 1.5 million people, large enough to offer wide selection and variety, but small enough where women are friendly and male competition less intense.

2. Demographics. Many internet articles and almanacs claim high female-to-male ratios in the 18-65 cohort for many cities, but when you narrow it down to 18-30, you’ll find that most places are hopeless sausage fests. While not all sausage fests are equally bad, a city must provide a man with encouragement and inspiration to be socially active. Sausage fests give little of either. It’s also obvious that a woman will be less willing to date you if there is a seemingly unlimited supply of guys for her to sample.

3. City Vs Suburb Density. The city core should be denser than the outlying suburbs. Otherwise quality women will be too diffuse and dating will be logistically hard. Two examples of cities where suburbs are more dense than the city centers are Toronto and Washington DC, arguably the two worst cities in North America for men. Dense city centers also pave the way for more day game opportunities. You won’t have to walk around for an hour just to do two approaches.

4. Nightlife Blueprint. A city like Rio de Janeiro has many nightlife areas, but they are spread out over a large area. Same goes for Kharkiv, Ukraine. The effect of this is that you sample less venues and reluctantly settle into spots that may not suit your game best, eventually resulting in a lower ROI. If you need to take a taxi to get around, the nightlife is far from optimal. You want to have compact nightlife centers like in Cordoba, Poznan, Krakow, Reykjavik, and Tartu, where taxis are not needed.

5. Local Economy. The stronger the economy, the less able you will be able to “impress” a girl coming from America. Ideally you want a girl to think that by associating with you, her life may be improved in some way other than sex. Otherwise you will be in a city where the desirable women are holding out for high status men. On the other hand, you don’t want a city so poor that women can’t afford to dress nice, wear perfume, and go out to day or night venues. The city should only be “a little bit” poor.

6. Adoption Of Feminism. While cities that are highly feminist pave the way for one-night stands, they tend to destroy hope of finding pleasant and feminine women. You can identify feminist growth by staying on top of news stories where the latest “slut walk” is heralded as a momentous human rights victory. You must also understand that for cities without feminism, women have high expectations of men to provide and lead. If you are unable to do this, you may have trouble in non-feminist cities.

7. iPhone Penetration. In foreign countries, not all smartphones are created equal. Girls who own iPhones show more negative behavior than girls who own a utilitarian Android phone that costs less than half as much (only in America are iPhones cheap). The presence of iPhones are the canary in the coal mine for how much flaking, attitude, and general difficulty you’ll face with foreign women who are obsessed with seeking status. While smartphones will eventually blanket the world, you should pay close attention to the ratio of iPhones to Android models in your determination of whether a city will be good to you or not.

8. Level Of Male Aggressiveness And Game. While you don’t compete with any one man in a city, you do compete with the collective. If the standard of game is higher, you will get less than in a city where the standard is lower, regardless of how high your own level may be. When I was in Poznan, I witnessed an atrocious level of game where guys wouldn’t approach (when they did it was only on the dance floor). I concluded that Polish guys have no game, but when I went to Warsaw I was amazed to see guys approaching like animals, with both talking and dance game. They were fearless enough that they neutralized my “chill guy in the bar” game.

A high standard of game is also the case in Brazil, unlike its nearby neighbor Colombia. Ideally you want to be in a city where the guys don’t know how to approach or are scared to. Besides, if you see guys approaching like machines, chances are you’re in a city where game is required due to women being difficult or existing in a low ratio.

9. Depth Of Social Connections. Assuming you’re a guy who will arrive in a city without knowing anyone, you don’t want the city’s populace to be heavily dependent on social circle for their human interaction needs. If the people are so insular that it’s hard for an outsider to swoop in and access the local women, you’re in for a tough grind. The two cities where I found social circle to be extremely important were Gotenburg and Cordoba. You can pickup in those cities, but your results will be paltry compared to integrating yourself into a social circle instead.

Since social circle game is an indirect method to getting laid, I must conclude that social circle dependent cities are not ideal for the player. On the other hand, cities that have very weak social circle connections (Washington DC) means that women will be more open to playing the field and openly receiving constant attention from men, especially via internet dating sites. The cities I’ve done best in is when the average girl I meet has only one or two good friends that she’s not obsessed with seeing every weekend.

10. Western Culture Omnipresence. A slight fascination with Western culture (particularly American) will help you show value and get your foot in the door, but a heavy fixation will also coincide with a desire for material excess, a Carrie Bradshaw dating lifestyle, and attitude and speech that unfortunately mirrors that of a standard-issue American girl. I’ve witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of Eastern European girls living in America for more than a couple months and how it made them undatable. The ideal balance is when she’s curious about American culture but not actively idolizing it.

Closely related to Western culture obsession is a strong table service culture. If the major clubs actively seek and court men to pay for expensive bottles, you’re going to experience difficulty with picking up at night.

11. English Penetration. Full penetration of English, as in Scandinavia and the Anglosphere, will coincide with obesity, flip flop style, and masculine attitude. But too little English, like in Eastern Ukraine and Colombia, and you’re simply unable to communicate. The sweet spot is about a 60% penetration rate, which means that a little more than half the girls you talk to in the 18-30 cohort are conversational in English. You’ll be upset at some beautiful girls you can’t communicate with, but there will still be a large sample of English speakers who are feminine and pleasing.

12. Cost Of Living. The lower the better, assuming that low cost doesn’t decrease the quality of other variables. I’ve lived in many great cities for under $2,000 a month, and that includes living alone in a centrally located apartment. Ironically, the more expensive the city, the worse the women tend to be.

13. Hipster Culture Adoption Rates. Hipsterism is de-feminizing: it promotes smoking, grotesque body mutilation in the form of piercings and tattoos, ugly style, and sarcastic attitudes. However, a slight hipster culture is acceptable in that it yields easier women and a greater variety of night venues. It’s only when there are too many hipsters that women no longer need to look or act feminine.

14. Major Universities Per Capita. If you want a city with young women who are untainted by dating, you need cities that have at least one major university per 100,000 people. Otherwise you’ll have an older female population of women who already went through their slut stage and now expect you to wine and dine them in order to put out, compared to younger girls who will ride your penis for experience or experimentation. Huge cities may have many universities but the students are diluted due to the population size, meaning it’s quite difficult for cities over 1 million in population to hold to this rule.

15. Crime Level. A city with crime doesn’t affect you as much as it tenses up women and makes it more difficult to approach them in day situations. If a girls thinks strange men who approach may be a mugger, it will be much harder to have a conversation with her that results in a number being exchanged. Another problem of a high crime level is that girls refuse to walk alone at night, taking away yet another solid opportunity to approach. Lastly, lots of crime means you need to take taxis to get around, increasing the cost of living for that city.

I’m sure there are more factors that I’ve yet to observe or understand, but I believe these fifteen are the most important in evaluating cities for a pleasing lifestyle full of feminine women. A man will save time and ultimately thousands of dollars if he does research on the above factors before planning to spend a lot of time in any one location.

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  • Hugh

    There is a huge amount of valuable and true information in this one, short post!

    All men should read and then re-read each factor several times, as there is a nuanced balance to be achieved for true happiness.

    This post can go straight to your All Time Hall of Fame!

  • http://jaymans.wordpress.com JayMan

    About city size, also see this by Satoshi Kanazawa:

    Why Dating Is Difficult in New York (or London) | Psychology Today.

  • http://jaymans.wordpress.com JayMan
  • FMudd

    Great post. I printed it out.

  • derthal

    Re. 14
    Rzeszów has the best ratio in Europe. 353 students per 1000 citizens. :)

  • RoughRandy

    What are ppl’s opinions about NYC? True, lots of Alpha-males there, so the competition can be brutal, but bc of large gay population the ratio is pretty desirable. A lot of girls who just moved there and are more open bc friends and family dont see it what they are up to. Good city for a day game too. Not to mention the variety of the pussy. I’m in Europe now but debating moving back for a few months this spring or summer. Just curious what ppl think about the place.

  • Rakishness

    I agree with Hugh. This is a HOF post.

    Number 5 really hits home for me. But theres one thing you forgot. When the local economy is strong that’s gonna attract a lot of men with disposable income.
    This is huge factor in the DC area. We have sausage heavy careers here such as IT and military contractors.

  • Rakishness

    That’s why on the weekends from reston to clarendon to nw dc….you can expect a sausagefest. While places like charleston sc have big universities but not a strong economy. You dont have so many thirsty dudes skewing the ratio.

  • monksy

    Hipsterism can work in your favor. Wear a suit. Guys who are hipsters tend not to pay very much attention to the cleaniness of their appearence and that can turn off women. Oftentimes I find that hipster girls tend to be incredibly emotional, and use the hipster appearence as a shittest.

  • Wolfie

    This might be the perfect list of metrics to rate cities by. I hereby suggest adoption by Love Travelers in general. It would even let you gauge which items you prefer, like if hipsterism doesn’t bother you much or if you absolutely can’t stand iphones being common or whatever.

  • Polskifacet

    Edinburgh fulfil all requirements mention above: multicultural compact centre, 3 major universities, night life packed in old town area, plenty day pic up spots ( meadows park, high street). Highest , I think in all universe, number of coffee shops would play essential role during long winter season ( I don’t support pusse hibernation theory) Additionally lots of young asian,polish, indian student girls for those who like variety.
    Any Asian guid Mr. Roosh? Gosh Im gona stay here forever:)

  • Boy Gamer

    Roosh, where are you getting your data for #3 that population density is higher in DC suburbs vs the city?

    Here’s what I found based on census data:
    (click on DC, then change view to population density)

    As I read it, DC is just as dense, if not more dense, than most of the suburbs.

  • http://squidlaw TrollPatrol

    If somebody put a book about desirable U.S. cities––no doubt a very short book––I’d buy the shit out of that thing.

  • fmudd

    You’re my hero Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Miami and Montreal are the top two cities in North America.

  • Anonymous

    hmm vancouver actually has a couple points going for it then

  • Gemini

    Good post Roosh! I’ve always been saying that where you are makes a biggest difference.

    I live in Vancouver, so I quickly went through the 15 factors and compared them to my home town:

    1. Total Population: 2.3 million for Greater Vancouver. And… yes, it definitely is not known for it’s friendliness although I think it’s getting better with many new people moving here. There is not that much male competition but there is a certain portion of guys flashing their cash like they just made a $10 million drug deal (probably did).

    2. There is a higher female-to-male ratios amongst young people and definitely in the downtown core.

    3. Vancouver downtown core and westend are very dense (as people actually live downtown, it’s not just office buildings). And… the city is rated the most walkable city in North America, if not Canada I believe.

    4. Again, Vancouver nailed this. I’m not saying that Vancouver has great nightlife or great clubs (far from it) but one thing it has is clusters of clubs/bars/pubs that are located close to each other. Granville street… probably 20+ clubs/bars all along one street, Gastown with it’s bars+few clubs, Yaletown with it’s lounges/ resto-pubs, and Mainstreet where hipsters are chilling.

    5. Local Economy. I think this more applies to non-western countries

    6. Adoption Of Feminism. Not sure where Vancouver stand on this scale, but I think Vancouver is not a feminist hotbed. Many women who live here told me that they like strong willed manly men, and they complain how Vancouver “doesn’t have any real men and so on.”

    7. iPhone Penetration. Again this factor applies more to non-western countries, as anyone with a job can own any phone they want. A 19yo girl I know lost her fancy iPhone then got a brand new Samsung for $600 the next day. No biggie.

    8. Level Of Male Aggressiveness And Game. I think it’s pretty low in Vancouver, judging from what people (girls) have been telling me but I still have to make my own observations.

    9. Depth Of Social Connections. Yeah that’s the biggest negative in Vancouver, where people routinely say that it’s difficult for an outsider/newcomer to make friends and get into social circles, as they seem pretty closed. I think a lot of the social interactions (going out, house parties, etc) are very heavily dependent on social circles and it you are not in it, then you are most likely not invited. People would rarely just invite you to something if they don’t know you. Biggest drawback to Vancouver I think.

    10. Western Culture Omnipresence: Not Applicable.

    11. English Penetration: Not applicable.

    12. Cost Of Living: Expensive like hell, especially the house prices, although rent is not cheap as well (but much better than owning).

    13. Hipster Culture Adoption Rates: Yeah hipsters are increasing in this city for sure, especially amongst 20-35yo urban whites. It’s not mainstream yet but definitely on the uptick. I am seeing more hipster-only parties in clubs during the week, whereas that didn’t exist a few years ago. But hipster chicks that are young and thin are pretty hot – but I have not picked one up yet.

    14. Major Universities: 2 main unis: SFU and UBC. Problem is that they are far, far away from the city center and people mostly commute to them so there is no real campus culture.

    15. Crime Level: very low. No matter what you might read about gangster style targeted shootings around the city, it is generally very safe to walk around at night, even in the shitty parts of town.

  • Gemini

    Also Vancouver is know as a hockey crazy city, which is probably the only common denominator among the population. You can easily break the ice with a stranger just by talking about the Canucks hockey team.

  • Cad and Bounder

    A few points here.I’m talking mainly about Europe

    Students- careful here. Ideally you want local students. You do not want lots of foreign students from wealthier countries in the city. They will naturally form their own social circles and you will not be value to them as you would be with local girls. Nor will they be curious to meet you. Better to stick with local girls.

    Is it a tourist city?- This is critical. Sure you can always bang a tourist but remember in these types of cities the tourists will take over the traditional meeting places of a city. I want to go downtown and meet local girls. I do not want to go down and sit amongst a group of Italian guys chattering away and pestering women or English guys on a drunken stag night or have to listen to a bunch of mom ‘n’ pop tourists deciding where to go next.

    The other thing about tourists is that they ruin it for the gamer. The local girls get used to being hit on and then develop a bitch shield in order to deal with it.

    Try hitting on a Catalan girl on the Ramblas and you will see what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    Where were you in Colombia that you seem to think that every man in a country of almost 50 million people has no game. I’m latino and know a lot of latino people, particularly Colombians and Brazilians and can say that from my experience your assumptioms of the level of game is backwards. Most of the guys I’ve met from Brazil have no idea how to talk to women. I’ve heard from Brazilian girls that men from Rio have game but other than that even they admit most Brazilian men don’t. Colombian women, more so than Brazilians, have the tendency to be impressed by an American’s money and aren’t afraid to stroke an American dude’s ego to get what they want. Don’t let that confuse you and go to your head.

    [Roosh: Brazilian men have better game than Colombian men. Get over it.]

  • YaReally

    Oh, also, I agree with a bunch of these points. I have a buddy who’s convinced a higher population number means a better place to get laid but he doesn’t go out much and he doesn’t realize there are a shitload more factors involved than that.

    A small tourist city with one little pub offers up way more easy pussy (in terms of variety, opportunity, mentality, etc) than a huge metropolis where the nightlife is only really a couple thousand people who go to the same bar week after week and everyone lives a 30 min cab-ride outside the nightlife core.

  • Easy Rob

    Obviously the article is referring to non western countries.
    I was under the impression alot of money people live in Vancouver,such as the HK set and certain celebrities.
    Montreal is a great city to visit in the summer, but most people cannot handle the winters there.
    No surprise Toronto fits the perfect description of the city NOT to go too.
    My city in Europe fits this to a bill, the trouble is people may not have iphones but they are sure killing themselves to get one.

  • Anonymous

    “Closely related to Western culture obsession is a strong table service culture. If the major clubs actively seek and court men to pay for expensive bottles, you’re going to experience difficulty with picking up at night.”

    Why? Not doubting it. Is it because it causes the bar to be table focused making it more difficult to approach? Or is it that it makes the place a more money driven place?

  • Anonymous

    The Cali men are famous for being Casanovas. They actually have jokes about it Colombia. And the jokes are funny to Colombians because of the reputation of men from Cali, sort of like Aggie jokes are in Texas or Ollie jokes are in Minnesota. They assume the Calenos are stud lovers that can sweet talk the pants off a girl and I have seen it.

    A Caleno approaches a woman at a bar. A couple of minutes into the approach, he puts his watch to his ear, then pulls it away and asks it “what?” and then puts it back to his ear like he is listening to it. Then he starts back with the conversation like nothing happened.

    The woman asks “What was all that about with the watch?”

    The Caleno says “This watch talks to me and tells me the future.”

    And she asks “What did it say?”

    He replied “It said I would be having sex with you in the bathroom at 6pm.”

    She looks at her watch and laughs “But it’s already 6:55 pm, so it must be wrong.”

    He says “I just got in from Lima. It is set for an hour behind.”
    Two guys, one from Bogota and one from Cali go to a prostitute all the other said was excellent. The guy from Bogota goes inside while the Caleno waits outside. He comes out shaking his head.

    He said “They were wrong. My wife is better than that woman.”

    The Caleno says “I’m going in anyway.”

    He comes and says “You were right. Your wife is better than that woman.”

  • Ronin

    I guess Central Europe fits these criteria best. I mean cities like Krakow, Poznan, Ostrava, Zagreb, Bratislava, Cluj, Temisoara…

    [Roosh: Yes I’ve noticed this, enough to try to differentiate between CE and EE.. http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-16439.html ]

  • http://theprofessorspeaks.wordpress.com Harry Bawls

    your 2013 posts have been remarkable thus far Roosh. integrative and comprehensive.

    some excel fiend out there ought to make an index rating various cities according to some of the factors prescribed. a lot of is census data. the only problem publishing this is, once the mass finds the poosy paradise, tourism and westernization bleeds over (see medellin circa 90’s compared to what it has become today). but then again, that takes a good decade or so.

    [Roosh: I’ve done experiments with this and the problem is weighting of each factor. It’s too subjective, even within the same person. For example how you place weight on each factor will be different on Tuesday than on Saturday, because your mood and desires can change day to day. This post is best for pre-trip research. Once you’re in a city and are comparing to others, you should go by feel or gut.]

  • http://www.ruxman.com Ruxman

    #13 is spot on, an upswing of hipsters can be shitty. But with moderation there’s more nightlife choices to cater for the culturally inclined people, late night cafe’s, bars catered for mingling rather than clubbing.

  • GrandoBongoDino

    Your best post.

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    trust me. GO.TO.NEW.ORLEANS.

    i’ll be there sat until the 9-10th. i can show you places by tulane uni where you can close 2-3 a night. i was 16 pulling tulane chicks. i’d already graduated from catholic school girls.

    plan a vacation there and email me, i’ll tell you EVERY good hunting spot. day game/night game- NO DIFFERENCE.

    and i promise you’ll have a fucking blast.

    every one of my readers that emailed me about to NO said they loved it and the girls are great.

  • Turd World Traveler

    ROOSH–can you please list some good cities where you lived for under $2000, or preferably for around $1500? You’ve mentioned this before but I’d be curious to hear which you liked most. Do you know any that have warm weather right now? Looking to get away for 9 months-1 yr in a place with that cost of living, many thanks…

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, Colombian guys got no game.

  • lafcina

    Good post. One observation however: nightlife in Rio is concentrated around Lapa, so although there are many smaller nightlife areas, Lapa takes the prize – on weekends, I’d say that there is at least 10,000 people walking up and down that area

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant post

  • Anonymous

    A masterpiece

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely flawless, everything written here is without fault and should be accepted as the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Spectacular! Everything that mindless blogging should be!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even believe what I just read! Blew my mind! Incredible!

  • http://www.PartyTravelSexLove.com Brian Mark

    Roosh, this is a very good check list of important Factors. Unfortunately most American cities don’t pass the #3. City Vs Suburb Density test. The only factor, I’d add is that cities that are #16 Tourist Destinations can be very good for getting laid. The girls come to these locations to party. I just returned from Thailand. I used the iPhone test when dealing with girls. An iPhone 4 cost $700 and iPhone 5 is over $1000. If a girl has one of these she is a gold digger or sponsored girl. These girls are always more problem than the girls using the $20 flip phone.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh at his finest! Astounded by the level of thought and research that went into this post! Extraordinary!

  • PPI

    Well London is minus in every point,but its the easiest place to get laid.And its full of extremely gorgeous women.

    To get laid with a new girl for me here means pretty much put my clothes on,find an even,go there.Its around 30-40% guaranteed that I will get laid that night if I don’t know anybody there (like a night club) and much higher if I do.

    I cant imagine myself going to some fucked up place just for a sake of getting laid.I hardly even have time for this here.

  • Mitchell

    As far as number 7 goes, are phones that outrageously inflated in countries outside the U.S.?

    [Roosh: iPhones approach $1,000 in Ukraine.]

  • corey

    at #40: “Well London is minus in every point,but its the easiest place to get laid.And its full of extremely gorgeous women.”

    Sounds like a fat british chick wrote the above reply. London is hideous, the chicks are whales.

  • Please Respond

    Please respond about good cities for $1500-1700/month, especially with good (hot) weather. Thanks!

  • kalem

    suberbs denser than torontos city centre lol. have you been to my city, and if so for how long? cause it doesnt take a theoretical physicist to see that that is quite the contrary…

  • Sam Diego

    Might I add the following: freedom from military bases makes a city great for men.

    We have a few Navy and Marine bases in my region. The thousands of single, horny young guys that incessantly and desperately approach every breathing female and overvalue every excess pound of flab give women a certain entitled attitude here.

    I’ve adjusted game accordingly and know how to outmaneuver those in our local festival of imported podunk sausage. You’ll need to plan the same in my town.

  • Paradise World

    Ive been waiting for this post my whole life. graduating in May and thinking about where I want to work and live has been on my mind alot. Obviously the type of women I want are a factor.

  • Paradise World

    So far, all options point to Japan. All because of Roosh’s recommended book Black Passenger Yellow Cabs. Plan to start training for ESL soon.

  • Alex

    Idk, New Orleans is probably one of the weirdest cities to game in as far as cold approach. It’s more of a social circle type game you have to use. Clubs are too loud, the quarter is awful, extremely high crime rate.

  • Joe

    It amazes me the clarity with which you address the game.

    What’s a city in the US (and preferably on the West Coast) that has alot of college chicks with a good nightlife?

    I know Seattle and Portland have a clicking, eccentric vibe to them with pale androgyneous hipster women brainwashed by the Feminazis all over them.

    But there has to be a place with plenty of hot, open minded college girls. That has good weather and is affordable to live in.

  • Rogerio

    Agree totally with Roosh. Brazilian men project a lot of confidence. I think it’s the inverse of what one might expect. Brazil has an incredible ratio of hot, attractive women to men with a decent income. Brazil is very prosperous for 20% of the population. If you think about it, this emboldens the men in the 20% who generally live in the big cities. The hot Brazilian women move to the big cities from elsewhere in hopes of improving their mating options. Colombia is not even as close to prosperous as Brazil’s large cities in the South.

  • Rogerio

    Colombiano, you bailed yourself out with that second joke. The first one doesn’t say much for the Colombian sense of humor.

    However if you are the Colombian guy below who notes that Colombian women have a tendency to stroke an American’s ego, that is the whole point. If an American or Western European guy can get Colombian chicks into bed with less effort, that is the point of the this entire website. You have stumbled on to a American-centric website my friend. Welcome to most of the internet.

  • ty

    I liked college and the dorm. All i needed to do was get one alone and play with her hair for awhile. Even thought they had “boyfriends” back home, dorm sex was easy. What an eye opener it was about women and their loyalty.

  • Tokyo Teddy

    I am late to the game but good article. Number 9 hits home for me. Basically ALL of Asia is like that. China, Japan, Korea…

  • Joe

    I think English language penetration is a big factor in how women act overseas, places heavily influenced by American culture, the women will be a lot more like American women, very feminist, independent, expect a lot from men. That is why Britain is a horrible country to meet women, same for Australia, the same for Canada. You can meet nice women in these places but in general most of the women that a guy will like will be of the immigrant ethnic minority background in these countries.
    Having a small percentage of the population speaking English may seem daunting, but its better to try to learn the local language, I travel to Spain quite a bit, and my success with Spanish women has been very good. Most of the reason why is that I speak Spanish and appear “Mediterranean”, so girls often approach me there. Even then I have had women approach me in Spain without either of us saying a word. I think one of the most interesting experiences was when I was in Mallorca, I walked into the store and this female employee approached me, gazed into my eyes, and smiled. I just gazed right back.Then I spoke with her, it was clear that the way she approached and looked at me that she liked me.
    I have been to other countries in Europe, as a rule the smaller the city, the more likely your chances are of hooking up with women. If you go to Paris, your chances of hooking up will be small unless you are rich and good looking, go to a smaller French city, your chances will be much better.
    I think the only big city in Europe which seems to defy this rule is Berlin, the women in Berlin are a bit different.

  • international man of mystery

    Two words: ‘Beijing, China!’

  • Harry Mann

    One important factor as far as I am concerned is that the city shouldn’t have a lot of ex-pats. So many of the people who ex-pat are drunkards and drug fiends. And they carry a lot of baggage with them. Try to talk to them about anything other than beer or drugs, or cheap lays, or about their screwed up lives, and you will hit an impasse. Also, a lot of those folks think they are hot shots to simply be out of the country and abroad. Their heads swell, as if they had been busted in the skull with a baseball bat. It’s like they revert to their child like state of mind when their mothers made them feel like a prince on earth because they finally figured out how to wipe their ass hole all by themselves. Really, I’ve run into people who go to bed at night listening to “Tella’ Tubbies” recordings, also people who speak non-sense and infantile jibberish when they have nothing else to say. Their minds are gone and few people in the ex-pat community seem to notice, they are all on the same page.

  • Bill

    Man Diego huh? I know that place. Encinitas has like 10 guys for every girl. I hated it in Man Diego.

  • Professor

    {citations needed}

  • Single Mans Paradise

    Good list. 4 and 11 are the big ones. My rating system is a bit more simple. Women, Cost of Living and Quality of Life. Of course there is a shit load of variables in each category but those are the basics.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chimpgod ChimpGod

    Great list.. Most of these are spot on.. As far as choosing a location, where English isn’t very prevalent, you can also benefit significantly from this.. Obviously, you will need to study/bust your ass beforehand, and learn enough to communicate in a somewhat effective manner. By choosing area like this, you avoid the troves of British guys, and foreigners trying to swoop down on your pussy rights.. On top of that, you get to practice, and increase a valuable skill!

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Roosh V: Is this a bases for a, pardon the pun; a city scoring system: each category has a rank and cities are ranked by these 15 factors?

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Unless you have money avoid it if your under 40. At 43 life dating there is a bit easier but the Size of the place is the first Obstacle you face. 50000 more single women then men sounds good but this is over 40 and the NYC Metro Area has 20 million people. Women there went money, if you read their dating profiles a lot of women place must make 100 k + as a dating requirement. Cost: NYC is expensive staying in Newark NJ is cheaper but the trains or crossing the bridges by car are very expensive. Women are rarely alone even in clubs which make approaching them more difficult . Women are always in a hurry here making the day game difficult.

    But if you still want to go Focus on the Upper East Side http://zipatlas.com/us/ny/new-york.htm#gender-distribution


  • Jose

    This list is horseshit, the number one thing that will determine if a city is bad for men is if its English speaking, which is most US cities, Canada, and UK, Australia/NZ, countries that have the most feminist friendly societies on Earth. I only believe Scandinavian countries are as bad as Anglo countries when it comes to feminism, the worst of the bunch have to be the Finnish, who are not exactly Scandinavian but a hybrid, next would be the Swedes, the Danes are also bad.
    I worked at a theme park in Florida as a teen and there were a bunch of women from Norway, arrogant as fuck, could not talk to you, I am a minority, so I think they were being racist, but another guy who was non white hooked up with the prettiest Norwegian and he was not a black guy. There was a group from France, and they were way more friendly, the women weren’t threatened by me being brown, for some reason or the other, French women like tan guys.

  • JC

    One of my most experienced world travelers PREFERS women who cannot speak English and pretends he does not know the native language. That way, women cannot nag him because they think he can’t understand them! Everyone should read “The Hedonist” and other books by Brett Tate. While some info is out of date now, it is still the most complete resource I have found on this topic.

  • JC

    English, French and West German girls are known to have interracial African American fantasies. These ethnicities are actively recruited by the porn industry.

  • http://www.formstudiosuadiye.com/ Orhan Ayirkan
  • Daniel Bath

    Roosh, in 4 were you referring to Córdoba, Spain or Córdoba, Argentina?


  • DorothyDRivera

    Next few days start your new life…rooshv… < Find Here

  • Sam

    Number 9 made Boston a lot more challenging. And 3 and 14 are what attracted me to it. I now think that Chicago or Miami would be the best cities for getting laid in the US. Chicago has the best combination of friendliness and sheer amount of girls. Miami is the best in terms of girls’ hotness (and the fact that those girls mostly aren’t american). Anyway, I’m not living in US anymore anyway. That was just an experimentation phase. By the way, I just researched iPhone usage. Two of the best bigger cities in that regard were Chicago and Miami. Chicago girls were way nicer than Boston girls, although more of them are fat. One added difficulty to dating in the US, already on top of the whale percentage, is simply finding a decent city for day gaming.

    That’s why I went to Boston. 6 girls in 4 months there daygaming. Each took only 1 or 2 dates to bang. Although I definitely misjudged it before as the best dating city in the US (i picked it for the student ratio and population density). I’m from Cali and population density sucks on the west coast and guys are majorly fucked on the male/female ratio on the west coast except LA. I ignored the fact that i heard that Boston is extremely cliquey. If I wanted to spend more time in the US later I would pick Chicago. Although of course there’s no point in that. By the way, why do French girls not get the recognition they deserve? They’re pretty awesome.

  • Sam

    Dude, NYC is just not worth the money. If you must date in US, do it in Chicago. Way cheaper and way better people. Although it has a lot of fatties, it also has a lot of tourists and it’s not hard to afford your own appt there.

  • Sam

    Roosh it’s always baffled me why you say you like to live in Ukraine and not Russia. Russia’s where I first started getting laid like crazy. In Ukraine they have such awful stereotypes about westerners. In Russia it’s the exact opposite (Brazil sounds a lot like Russia in treatment of foreigners to me although I haven’t been there). As a guy that learned Russian and spent time in Ukraine, wow, I’m sorry, but Ukrainians are just assholes. Men and women. It’s true. I went there I think 2010. They just totally lack culture and education, which Russians have. And while i was there I would see guy after guy from the west there because of Ukraine’s constant “marriage scam”, which doesn’t exist in Russia. Ukrainian women may be a hair hotter on average, but to me there’s not difference. Actually in Nikolaev women were thin but not very pretty. In Odessa they were really hot. Still not enough of a difference either way. And in Russia you DON’T have women refusing to go home with you after you just met (I had plenty of one night stands) for fear of you ditching them, because there is no rampant sex tourism in Russia like there is in Ukraine. Plus in Ukraine they already see a lot of foreigners and in Russia many hot girls have never met a Westerner (probably due to the visa requirement to go to Russia). And it’s a big place.

  • Leannabbott

    ………….rocking the rooshv > < Make It Easy