15 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some recent long-form articles I got a lot of value from:

1. The many flaws within the theory of evolution [Link]

2. Nassim Taleb explains how so-called intellectuals are actually “idiots” with no skin in the game [Link]

3. Silicon Valley elites, such as the co-founder of Lyft, hope to usher in a future where you only rent, not own [Link]

4. The son of George Soros is poised to take the globalist torch from his father [Link]

5. Google is creating technology and artificial intelligence to more effectively shut down dissident thought [Link]

6. Alexander Dugin shares his geopolitical opinion on the Ukraine crisis [Link]

7. A Dugin colleague pens a justification for patriarchy: “…where exactly can it be seen in the animal kingdom that the female sex is equal to the male in terms of physical strength and sheer hardness?” [Link]

8. A stoic commentary on men who pursue material possessions [Link]

9. How Donald Trump’s victory dealt a heavy blow to the New York Times’ agenda [Link]

10. A German writer explains how Europe is doomed because of demographics [Link]

11. Interview with Donald Trump in 2004 that sheds light on how he manages his women [Link]

12. If you work in the establishment, you can get everything wrong and still keep your job [Link]

13. A stoic commentary on how positive fortune can instantly be reversed [Link]

14. Hollywood is collapsing, not due to politics, but because of the internet [Link]

15. The possibility of a Second Civil War in America [Link]

And three videos…

1. The conspiratorial view of history, where capitalism and communism work in Hegelian fashion, is likely the correct one [Link]

2. Interview between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones that reveals the latter’s thoughts on globalist control [Link]

3. Documentary that explains the history of finance and the dangers of central banks [Link]

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