15 Posts You Should Read

Return Of Kings has been growing steadily, with a total of 134 posts among six contributors since I launched it in late October. Here are the top 15 posts you may have missed:

  1. Is The Feminist Movement Experiencing A Meltdown?
  2. 14 Things Every Guy Should Know About Swedish Girls
  3. Will The Norwegian People Disappear?
  4. One Man Has Found The Secret To Banging Argentine Girls
  5. Why Demographics Matter For The Younger Man
  6. Have You Swallowed The Red Pill? Take The Test
  7. What’s Happening With The Manosphere?
  8. The Synergy Of Game And Money
  9. I Dare You
  10. Why Adopting A Frugal Mindset Will Hurt You
  11. 5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Partner Dancing
  12. The Anti-Male Commercial
  13. Do McDonald’s Workers Deserve High Pay?
  14. Starbucks Is Singlehandedly Destroying Coffee
  15. Who Is Mark Minter?

I also moved my book reviews there. Here are the newest ones:

  1. How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling
  2. Iranian Rappers & Persian Porn
  3. The Father Of The Term “Sexual Marketplace”
  4. The Art Of Learning

The site is updated twice a day, even on weekends. I predict that in 2013 it will surpass this blog in terms of page views. After just two months it has already has a third of the traffic. Follow Return Of Kings on Twitter for post updates.

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  • RL

    ROK is becoming a terrific site, one of my favorites. Keep the guest writers coming as well, they’re great as well!

  • Anon

    Kate Harding from the feminist meltdown piece physically resembles the grinch

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  • Simon

    Had no idea about the ‘return of kings’ site. Will be checking it out in the future. Cheers.

  • jano

    The ROK site is okay, but I prefer reading on this site. I like 3 or 4 page game stories the most.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com thecaptainpower

    Good job Roosh! I guess people like the frequent posts….

  • Lucidity

    I have knowledge of game but I’m relatively new to the MRA movement and the theories surrounding misandry. However I have just spent the last four hours reading articles, including The Misandry Bubble which was fantastic. I’ve subscribed to ROK. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes

  • По реке

    I’ve been reading ROK since it started up and the content’s been great so far, I like how it has a different focus than this blog.

  • Thomas


  • anon1

    i still miss the long ass book review lists on here though. easier to bookmark and slowly get through

    [Roosh: Yeah but they were just too long. Guys weren’t reading the whole post.]

  • Anonymous

    why do you have 2 different sites going

  • Ben

    I like to flick over to ROK every now and then to check if there’s anything good. But I get excited when you post something fresh on here. ROK has the quantity, but the quality of posts are definitely here.

  • Varon.

    For Men: Slogan (Serge Gainsbourg and jane birkin).

    Watch it. This is for the red pillers…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t dilute the energy too much.

    The RVF forum is an extraordinary creation — the *heart and soul* of the manosphere, the crown jewel.

  • Dom

    I like this site and ROK. I think they’re both good reads.

  • IamscaredoflifesoIliveontheinternet

    Does ROK accept submissions Roosh? Or are you keeping it all in-house?

    [Roosh: I’ll be constructing a submission page soon, but you can email me your idea in the meantime.]

  • Kevin Robinson

    your link to Iranian Rappers is incorrect