15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men

For most of my adult life, I was pretty confident that Washington DC was the worst possible city for a man to live in, but I have found a place that is worse: Toronto, Canada. Here are the reasons why…

1. Girls are more excited about getting late night food than having sex

Do you remember how excited you were as a kid on Christmas when opening up the hot toy of the season? Well that’s how groups of Toronto girls act at last call when they realize it’s time to stuff their face with hot dogs, poutine, or diner fare. I thought women in DC were a little weird about getting pizza after the bars close, but the women of Toronto take it to another level—they have a plan to eat junk food before they even start drinking.

2. Girls cockblock more than anywhere else in the world

Good luck trying to have a ten minute non-interrupted conversation in a bar or club if her friends are nearby. If they don’t physically pull her away from you then what happens is that a rotating gaggle of women will come to “check up” on her, as if you’re on the verge of beating or raping her in full view of everyone. I’ve never seen such baby-like behavior in the Western world. I even experienced a case where the fat friend of a girl I was talking to said that I could “proceed” with the conversation. Fuck that.

3. Girls think they are cooler than they actually are

In DC you have a bunch of lame people who think they are important because of their government job. In Toronto you have a bunch of lame people who think they are cool because… I don’t know why. This is even worse because instead of trying to impress you with the work they’re doing, they try to impress you with slang, name-dropping, or commenting on how “busy” they are. I remember when a girl tried to insult me by calling me a “fucktard” and another white bread girl said to “get at” her. Just because you know the words to a Drake song and go to hip restaurants doesn’t make you cool.

4. Girls are obese

I’m afraid that America has to take some blame for this because it seems that the our lifestyle has corrupted Canadian girls. It’s a shame because a lot of them have cute faces (they’re more attractive overall than DC chicks), but once you catch sight of her fat arms and the muffin top she’s trying to hide by wearing black, you start thinking of the porn clip you’ll soon be masturbating to.


5. Girls don’t give eye contact

I know some girls are reading right now and thinking, “They don’t give you eye contact because you are ugly!” This very well may be the case, but in Montreal I got daily eye contact from women who were much better looking than the Toronto specimens I had to deal with. Not only that, but Montreal women would smile at me. Yes, you read that right: attractive women would look at me and smile. In Toronto I might as well have been invisible.

6. You have to be approved by the “mother hen”

Every social circle in Toronto has an overweight woman who acts as a leader of the pack. She is the one who tells girls where to go and who to talk to. Apparently this is how she gets power in life since she’s unable to exert the upper hand over men due to her unattractive and portly appearance. If the mother hen doesn’t approve of you then you will not get laid. She can snap her fingers and her minions jump to attention so that they are not excluded from the tribe. Therefore not only do you have to build attraction with the girl you like, but you also have to charm a fat and ugly girl to give you permission to just continue the interaction.

7. Too many Asian and Indian girls

I think legal immigration is a great thing because it allows people from third world countries to lift their station and have a go at a first world lifestyle, but if you like white girls, a place like Toronto just won’t do. At any bar at least 30% of the female clientele will be filled with minority races that don’t appeal to discriminating men like myself. While the Asian girls weren’t that bad since they adopted a white manner of appearance, the Indian girls were absolutely not attractive.

8. Ugly girls are desperate while attractive girls are inaccessible

It shouldn’t be much of a challenge if you want to bang a Toronto girl who is a 5 or below. She will approach you, smile at you, and be generally easy (though of course you’ll still need game to seal the deal). In the accidental conversations I had with these unattractive women, I wished I had lower standards so that I could have mostly carefree sex that happens a million times a day in most parts of the world. In Toronto, however, once you get into the 6 range, the difficulty of banging increases in shocking fashion. The 6’s and 7’s give you attitude or are encased in huge social groups. The 8’s and above, if you happen to see them, already have dudes.

9. The entrenched PUA culture is raising the egos of all women

I thought that Washington DC had a strong pickup culture, but I hadn’t been to Toronto. PUAs are like rats in Toronto, infecting many venues with their fake high energy, puffed-out chests, loud fashion accessories, and total sobriety. On Thursday night I went to Madison Avenue Pub where I got to see at least 50 of them approach every woman in the bar. As much as I want to hate on them for increasing the girls’ bitch shields, I now understand why they do it: they have to. The best game in Toronto is not being an interesting man but just approaching a million girls with your freezeouts and spin moves and negs until you find the horny girl who wants to fuck.

10. Last call is at 2am

It wouldn’t be so bad if venues didn’t get hopping until midnight, but two hours is simply not enough time to find a good venue, mingle, and meet an attractive woman who you want to take home. By the time you get warmed up, it’s time to go. In Toronto you won’t have enough time for a real seduction, so what you see at the end of the night is a bunch of phone numbers being exchanged before girls rush off to a diner to stuff their face.

11. If you make just one mistake with a Toronto girl, you will be rejected

Your conversation has to be 100% perfect and 100% politically correct. You can’t say anything that can be remotely construed as offensive, weird, or needy. Once I told a girl that I like “feminine women” and she immediately ditched me as if I farted. In Toronto the best game is to speak like you’re a White House spokesperson. And god help you if you utter a lame joke! In one case I was talking to a girl for 30 minutes and had kept the conversation tight enough that we were getting to the kissing stage. Then I made a mediocre joke and she said, “Wow that was corny. I should leave now.” This came from a woman who didn’t say one interesting or funny thing to me all night and thought I would be impressed with her “marketing” job. Toronto women would absolutely never get laid if they were men.

12. It’s very expensive

Food, drinks, taxis, and lodging are all more expensive than DC. Do you get any additional value for paying more? Nope, you only get crappier women and intolerable weather.

13. It’s a suburban city

Most of the people who party within the center on weekends actually live in boring cul-de-sacs. Friday and Saturday nights in Toronto is like how Washington DC is on New Year’s Eve: amateur hour. You get a bunch of office drones with no character or class crowding venues and acting like they’ve never seen alcohol or the opposite sex before. My best night out was Monday because there was a total lack of 905’ers.

14. It takes a lot of work to date up

I never saw an average-looking guy with a hot girl, but I saw many attractive guys with average girls. Toronto is a penis paradise where a woman can date a man much more attractive than she is pretty. If you’re not a good looking guy, you either have to own a nightclub or approach 100 girls a week.

15. It beats men down

I saw too many men who looked like corpses. They had no color, no energy, and seemingly no will to live. Spending too much time in Toronto will reduce your ambition, your horniness, and your happiness. Many guys I talked to said that when they traveled abroad, they couldn’t believe that hotter women made regular eye contact with them and responded with gentle smiles and warm vibes. Toronto is one of those cities that can make men hate life. Staying out of here becomes essential for your mental health.

Both Toronto and DC suck, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick DC first. The nightlife gets going earlier and lasts longer. More girls live in the city. There is much less cockblocking. It’s not a deal breaker if you say a bad joke. Girls actually want to get laid, and it’s simply easier to get one-night stands. While Toronto had prettier women overall, it’s not enough to make it a better city. You know you’re in a crappy place when it’s midnight and you are more concerned about spending less money than having a good time with a cool chick. For the nights I spent going out in Toronto, I wished I stayed in and read a couple good books instead.

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  • http://www.jgsbws.com Terry Smith

    Holy shit this is true. Thanks man.

  • dejour

    Toronto may well be the worst major city. But Waterloo is an hour away, so it has largely the same types of women. But being home to the University of Waterloo (famous for computer science, math and engineering), and lots of tech companies it also has a skewed gender ratio. Imagine what Toronto would be like if you added 20% more men!

  • Anonymous

    Every point on this list is eerily similar to St. Louis (my hometown).

  • infantry

    Are you hoping to meet the man of your dreams tonight?


    Comedy gold. We’ve all been there. :)

  • doclove

    No wonder Eric James Horvat-Markovic later known as “Mystery” Eric von Markovik, author of the book known as “The Mystery Method” and host of the VH1 television series known as “The Pickup Artist” made his start in Toronto where he was born and raised. Some of you may like him, some of you may dislike him, and all of you have your reasons. Whatever his strengths and weaknesses, the GAME, SEDUCTION, and PICK UP ARTISTS community owes him at least some gratitude. He learned what he learned and taught it based on his experiences from Toronto. This might be a rhetorical question(Answer in the affirmative “YES!!!”): If you can successfully GAME women, especially beautiful women, Toronto, then can you successfully GAME women elsewhere?

  • Whalephaert

    This blog entry is just scary to me due to how true it all is.

    A long time ago I lived in Toronto for a couple years, and in the Toronto suburbs for another two.. it was nearly the end of me.

    By the end of it all I cursed life itself and lost all sense of self respect. I became depressed and overweight, it wasn’t until I moved away that my spirits started picking up and I improved my health and lifestyle. A location change was all I needed.

    One thing not mentioned here about the people (yes, the men too) of Toronto. Generally they are also incredibly underhanded and there’s this get ahead by any means necessary mentality, wether that be socially or in a work environment.

  • ccdude

    interisting this data about Toronto.

    is PUA culture a reaction to a ultrafeminist environment? like as antibodies and microbes …

  • Sam Diego

    How did Toronto get to the the Worst City? See #9: “The entrenched PUA culture is raising the egos of all women”

    Toronto’s where Mystery started the “culture,” which begat Toronto having the most PUA lairs per capita in the world, which begat women being approached dozens of times per night with the same tired lines and game.

    Which begat #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14.

    What’s the philosophy of Roosh et al? More aggressive and more frequent pick-up attempts — to be an “approach machine.”

    In science and Nature, we refer to that as a “runaway feedback loop.” Invariably it leads to some sort of collapse and a complete paradigm reset.

    Anyone wonder what that will be? I’m hoping it won’t be that All Cities In The World = As Bad As Toronto.

  • Shawn

    “Every point on this list is eerily similar to St. Louis (my hometown).”

    Coming to a city near you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I live on the other side of Canada, albeit in a smaller city, and this is bang on. Only difference here, is that the options are A) sloppy broads getting drunk out of their minds at the clubs, or B) psycho hipster feminazis at the “music” joints. Good luck if you can hear a fucking word they’re saying, because the places are so goddamn loud. Even better luck at finding a warm, feminine woman at places like these.

    Another note: “You have to be approved by the ‘mother hen'” is exactly how I got dropped from an entire social circle after taking my does of red. Coincidentally, all the males in that tribe are perpetually single.

  • Lucky

    It is funny how the well known players and PUA’s (Roosh, Mystery, Heartiste, Owen Cook) came out of the DC and Toronto area.

  • trawna

    as a result of all the PUA’s here, Toronto was also the first city in the world where PUA tactics were discovered by women, palm reading for me around 2002-2005 was gold, but already by 2006 girls were calling me out on it, and other popular PUA gimmicks were outed and resulted in eye rolling from women.

    I find day game in the suburbs is best for me now, the downtown club game is awful, everyone is too cool for school, diva attitude reigns, and yes, inordinate amount of south asians, arabs blacks, and east asians, the indian/paki men in particular like to spend big bucks on the elusive white goddess prize– its a turd world shithole here.

  • Naomi Wolf

    That Asian comment was kinda weird, but then again you did grow up in America.

    But is it really that bad in Toronto? I just crawled out from under a rock, so I’m still earning basic social norms.

    Geez, I’m kinda dreading the whole dating scene there.

  • bodmon

    great analysis

    #’s 2, 5, 7, 8, 11-14 hit home the hardest

  • Waomi Nolf

    Guys, no, MEN! I have a proposal. Forget women, let’s start fucking each other. Now I know this is a pretty extreme stance to take on the ever increasing popularity of the dreaded feminism, but I think that we have something here.

    Men can be caring, compassionate, and very understanding.

    We also tend to keep our emotions under pretty good lock and key, save for the pride fueled rage-outs. But we’re men if we can work on blowing up monkeys in outer space, can work on this.

    Take a look at History: most of the greatest and compassionate leaders were men. I men where were the women!? Lazing about, I bet!

    Still though, I propose we we open s scientific organization that can act as an academic forum where we can discuss such intellectual topics as:

    How to impregnate men

    How to remove the “female” aspect from women.

    How spot and cure PMS and bitchy mood swings from in-utero females

    How give men functional mammary glads?

    Pussibly -that’s right, I said “pussibly”- looking into the human social conditioning of animals, and in turn, bestiality. This should also us to monopolize on all of that untapped ‘jungle’ pussy.

    How to remove the “men” aspect from women.

    And If it all sounds too much, we can even discuss the magical concept of “suicide” and how it solves all of your problems, and probably several other people’s problems as well.

  • Gandalf

    That first girl is hot.
    But there ARE successful players in Toronto (see your forum). What do they have that you don’t have?

    [Roosh: Low standards. I kid, I kid..]

  • dejour

    One more thing. About the East Asians. I think it’s odd not to be attracted to Asian women, but everyone is entitled to act on their own preferences.

    That said, the large number of Asians might help the odds for guys like Roosh. If you buy the whole Kanazawa idea that Asians have feminine traits so female Asians are extremely desirable and male Asians are not, then this means that in a city of whites and Asians, there will be a surplus of white females and Asian males. If you are interested in white women, like Roosh, then this should help.

  • Macklemoore

    Ok so why not an article on the best cities to live in. I think Guelph On wouldnt be to bad.

    [Roosh: http://www.rooshv.com/15-factors-that-determine-if-a-city-is-great-for-men ]

  • Alex

    theres no way Toronto can be the worst city for men. All worst cities for men reside in the ”good
    ol” U.S. of A. cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Omaha, St. Louis, Detroit, Birmingham, Des Moines, Newark, Billings, Milwaukee, Reno, Oakland, etc., etc. The United States of Misery. I live in New Orleans and I hear gunshots every other day.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of that except with being politically correct. I think you have to be rude in your flirting and joking because EVERYONE is politically correct. My best results came using straight, traditional game peppered with what most would consider offensive but witty banter. All that said I dont live there anymore because the general climate is terrible, both men and women have a chip on the shoulder and think theyre legitimately important after achieving nothing.

  • http://AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    Wow. This sounds terrible. I go Van sometimes but am always impressed with how chill the girls seem to be there.

    I would like to hear more about your time in Montreal.

  • Arvin’s

    Ugh more Indian comments. Lets see you say that about black people and watch the rooshv sphere explode. Indians are the only unprotected class of people that can be insulted in the roosh v sphere. Indians don’t ruin bars the way Turkish and Arab sausage does in many countries, so speak for yourself.

  • OlioOx

    Ha! I knew it. I wrote to you a year or two ago urging you to check out 1)Paris and 2)Toronto, and I knew exactly what you would encounter in Toronto: people who are unjustifiably convinced that they are very very special indeed. And I learned that about Toronto many years ago, after spending less than a week there — and also by watching a German-made documentary about that insufferably pretentious Toronto filmmaker Atom Egoyan. In that documentary they interview a couple of Toronto nobodies who show you all you will ever need to know about the sort of people Toronto is stuffed with — they are to be avoided at all costs.

    Paris on the other hand… even though I lived there for two years, I am not at all confident that I can predict what experience you might have there. I suspect you won’t enjoy it — but it’s much less predictable than Toronto. Go before you get out of this pick-up scene once and for all.

  • Bovril

    Completely accurate. I was unlucky enough to live there for 5 years downtown & holy shit! Bland, bland, bland. Politically correct, stiff and cold. They like to think they are the NYC of Canada but are wrong, wrong, wrong. Its like NYC if you stripped it of all its attractive women, energy, excitement and interesting aspects. Other than that its identical!

  • Alex

    Sounds like Seattle!

  • Sid

    Thanks for telling me that I haven’t missed anything by not going to clubs here in Toronto.

    These thankless bitches don’t even deserve making any effort. I’m gonna leave this shit as soon as I get a business underway.

    Guys, STOP approaching women in Toronto. Just don’t do it. Don’t go to clubs and then see how things will change.

  • James

    As a 26 year old male living in the downtown of Toronto, I disagree strongly. It sounds like you may be coming on a little strong, or you may have gone out in the wrong part of the city. If you’re going out near the university, or any of the touristy spots, you’re going to be met with some hostility. There is a plethora of creepers out there, don’t fall into that category.

    My experience’s in Toronto could not be more different to yours. There are beautiful, intelligent women everywhere – I couldn’t ask for a better city to live in.

  • madmax

    let’s face it, they are just another brand of Americanized bitches. Plus, I can’t stand all this stupid tattoed shit on their body, I’d rather fuck a book.

  • Anonymous

    we have lotta (plenty ugly fobs)indians and asians(even fob still cute) but not as much
    ya lotta the indian girls embrace the femisim BS ive meet 3 indian girls(1 persian girl aswell) that were hairer than me..they were fattys too(im alomost as heriy as u)
    not many quality desi girls….my indian friend is gettin an arrange marraige(think its forced) to a fat 5….hes the catch decent mug and very musclular ..chest abs lat arms….hes the prize not the fat hog WTF…he can easily get a 7

    they think they are cooler casue of that dam self essteem movement(big slf intitlement)

    hell even dating up i think is possible here..espically with the asian crowd
    but vancouver is wuite pricey and many do come from suburbs

  • Anonymous


    this is a blog dedicated to toronto



    Please Breakdown what areas you frequent?

    Roosh specifically did not go to touristy or mainstream parts of the City.

    People whom claim they kill in Toronto either is bangin’ fatties or is tossing a lot of cash around – everybody is working hard here.

  • andré

    My theory:

    The greatest pua’s in the world rise from these harsh environmemts and circumstances..
    I guess this environmemt created mystery. His game was shaped by toronto.. In fact, this was the only way to get top shelf women in toronto..
    DC created roosh. He had to learn game to survive in the bars and clubs of DC.

    Just like the french revolution created napoleon. Or the way that south side queens created 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    DC girls are big fat cunts

  • Roosh

    this talk make my penis soft

  • a person

    what do you guys mean by ”feminine woman”?

  • Tom Dane

    This is just like Denmark

  • Tom Dane

    @27 James
    Yea white knights prefer feminized cities

  • beta_plus

    Love the post. One thing, though. I go to Toronto pretty frequently and I’m not sure that I would agree with the girls being cuter than DC. I see women with some seriously messed up faces when I’m around Bay, Bloor, or Queen’s West. Like wicked witch of the west messed up. I’ve always thought that if I could magically make all women slender in both DC and TO, DC girls would be significantly better looking.

    It may simply be that men are significantly taller and better looking in Toronto, and therefore have to date down much more competition. As well, we might have different tastes.

  • beta_plus


    100% agree. The reason I bought into the game originally was that Mystery was from Toronto.


    Toronto is a whole other level. Girls who I wouldn’t look at twice in DC demand and get men 6’3″ with shoulders almost as wide. The only American city that might come close is Denver.

  • Satar B!

    Toronto is a dump. I’ve been living there for 25 years and it’s just gotten worst and worst. The last couple years I’ve been saving up to get out for good. The city is irredeemable. The women here are fat, obnoxious, and think they are hot shit when in reality they are mostly 5s and under(i’m being generous). It is however possible to pick-up women in Toronto you just need to be extremely savvy (especially if you want 7s and up). The most important thing here is to neutralize her bitch-shield and every possible cockblock you face and believe me, you will face many a whole lot of fucking cockblocks in Toronto. Get to the bars early as you don’t have a lot of time. Women don’t go out alone in T.O. at night. Or better yet, go fucking tactical and scope out a group with talent. Wait for someone to break off the group (could be a man, doesn’t matter) and chat them up. Make as quick a connection as you can with them and follow them back to their group. Now don’t try to become involved in the group’s conversation but instead focus on whoever you were first talking to. Slowly involve yourself in the conversation. Ideally you want them to think you are a friend of the person you came back with. Slowly win over the group members closest to you and infect the rest of the group slowly with those feelings of inclusion. Then game as usual.

    If you can neutralize the group your chances go up significantly.

    Also note that most T.O. girls have boyfriends (not that it matters) and they will bring it up.

    Weeknights are key to getting quality here but again you will be facing groups. The best game to run is day-game. You can find many pretty girls out and about in North York, Yonge & Eglinton, Downtown (Union Station to Bloor) as well as some lesser known areas like Eglinton & Bathurst. The best place though is probably UofT St. George campus from spring to fall. Tons of young girls around who are naturally isolating traveling from class to class or reading outside.

    Most girls here are not worth a LTR but it is possible to keep a harem of 4-5 girls who are 7 up in rotation with proper game.

    If you’re living here or visiting location is key and the city is not very centralized and you can easily loose bangs if you’re staying too far from the bar.

    Numbers here are worth the paper they are written on.

    It’s very much a hook-up culture, more akin to a college campus than a cultured city.

    It is cold about 5 months out of the year and that is when women usually shack up into their LTRs and get fat.

    Come when it’s hot (preferably spring as women seem to be in heat and will dump and cheat on their boyfriends with reckless abandon as if they were coming out of hibernation).

    If you’d like I’ve just started a blog (today actually) on Toronto. It will be a mix of game, politics, funny stories, tourist info and reviews.

    Long-time reader,

    Satar B! aka The Real Tunisian


  • Titan

    I cracked up when #16, AKA Gandalf said that the first woman is hot. Lol.

  • HollaAtIt

    hahaha someone came to Toronto for a weeknd and didn’t get laid :(
    where doesn’t it take work to date up?

  • http://www.whatsreallygoodmyduddley.org/bruhbruh PIZZAFINDER


    I don’t really care much for this article, but I really want to know where the pizza shown in #5 is from.


  • Riaz

    Wow you’re a sexist moron. You don’t deserve any type of woman.

  • PathLeastResis

    Sacramento has some of these problems too. Especially Asian and Indian women. It’s not expensive though, yet obesity is eradicating Sacramento girls.

  • Generate

    Bang on. I live and grew up in Tdot. All true.

  • Travis

    I can’t even express how horrible this article is. Racist, misogynistic… Don’t even get me started.

  • Anonymous

    They saw the racist, white bred, over-privileged American you are and ran.

    In other words all the women you met had taste.

  • Zoolander

    I never had any trouble in NY but that was back in the Looking For Mr Goodbar Days :) No problem picking up good looking girls.

  • citizen norbit

    hahahaha @47 calling Roosh “white bred”.

    After hearing it broken down like this I’m glad I never suffered the indignity of setting foot in Toronto…worst city for men in North America should put it high in the running for worst worldwide. It’s funny because when I was looking at a description of Toronto’s demographics awhile back I thought the diversity might make it a good spot, but then again runaway feminism can ruin just about anything.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a bunch of I attractive men bitching about the fact that Toronto women have taste, class and standards! Clearly you men complaining lack in personality, attractiveness and don’t meet the standards of anything more than a “1 or 2”. It’s too bad for you that the women of Toronto are not desperate and easy enough to give you a second look! Pathetic! Sounds like the ladies you “attempted” to “get” had their heads on straight! Lol

    P.S I smile at men at bars and I am always polite but when the “ugly duckling” of the bar who thinks he’s got game and begins to harass and follow us women around the “bitch” comes out because its obvious that you little boys can’t tell the difference between interested and just being polite … If a girl says no thank you I have a boyfriend move on she doesn’t want you don’t linger around to destroy the rest of her evening you obviously aren’t even a “5” in her eyes! 😉

  • thatguy

    If you are in Toronto focus on newly landed russian, eastern European and latina girls. Guys here all act out the club mentality everywhere they go, there are no genuine connections made here (of course it is teh toronto culture and ultra feminist americanized mindset girls have. My advice, drop the PUA mentality of fake confidence. Adopt happy go lucky, extremely laid back dropping politically incorrect jokes personality. This will not work with Toronto girls but will be perfect for un-torontonized girls

  • Anonymous

    Also there are plenty of attractive couples in Toronto clearly those men didn’t have a problem finding theirs! They were obviously desirable and you guys are not! If u have nothing to offer a woman whether it be intelligence, looks or a good personality then the 7+ don’t want you that doesn’t make them bitches or difficult it just means they have standards and self respect! They don’t have to settle when they are more than capable of getting a 10 best of luck to you all maybe try the trail or parks in Kansas possibly more your type 😉

  • Anonymous

    You really haven’t been to many other parts of the world if your biggest issue is the fact that there aren’t enough white trailer trash sluts in this city for you to get your dick wet.have fun with the ghetto baby mama drama you obviously left back in DC
    This is a message written by a white male living in the city of Toronto

  • Anonymous

    Toronto girls have taste so obviously you guys would have issues go somewhere where the girls are easy with low expectations maybe like your mothers and sisters

  • Anonymous

    Roosh I saw your picture that’s your problem my friend u are ugly, u are reaching too high buddy u need to go lower look for the ugly trashy girls similar to your mother or sisters I’m sure you’ll have MUCH more success! You have rated yourself way too high that’s why you’ve had no luck you need to settle your not gonna find a 10+ when you are nothing more than a -3

  • Underground Raver

    To the author; You are an asshole. You are racist. You don’t deserve the gum on the heel of a drunk 2.

    That being said, Toronto has a huge underground scene with raves that top 1000 attendees. I’ve almost gotten laid inside Big Bop, talked to and made out with several sexy pixy girls and got hugs from young girls walking around in bra because they liked my long hair….. “You want to go where people know, people are all the same” <Live by that.

  • Anonymous

    don’t forget how to spell generalization. suck it.

  • Anonymous

    You’re a piece of shit, you know that right?

  • Trippz-repTdot

    Mate, tighten up your game… Don’t bash Toronto because you couldn’t get laid there. The problems obviously you. Born and bred t-dot and I’ve never had any issues… Your game is weak, step it up

  • Anonymous

    As a Toronto woman, i have seen this happen over and over again. Although, I’m certainly not in love with this article, I think it does bring about a good point. There are far too many self involved people in the club culture of Totonto… but I’m quite certain that could be said of most majour cities of the western world. Perhaps you should branch out of the club scene(and yes… the maddy is still a club), and try your luck at pubs and the like. People who freequent those kinds of places are generally…. well… just better overall.

  • Dummy

    Uh, you went to the worst bar in the city, the fucking Madison, and didn’t get laid?

    I think that speaks for itself.

    I don’t think the problem is Toronto women. I imagine you to be an ugly creep that walks up with the obvious intention of only getting laid. No game, no charm and no looks to make up for the lack of either.

    No wonder you didn’t get fucked, ugmo.

  • Chemical O

    Ive lived in thailand and vietnam…your wrong, white girls should take on an asian manner of appearance. So many girls there have long hair, dress in feminine manner, cute nails, sweet vibe.

  • Duder

    I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life and never had any problems meeting chicks and getting laid.
    It must be your Rico Suave hair and bad taste in clothing. Toronto is a fashion forward city, after all.

  • Anonymous

    eww, you actually wrote this article based on going to the madison? no wonder. how skewed a perspective is this being written upon? there were so many other places you could have went to lay down your lame game and odds were you would have met some lovely individuals. alas, sounds like you’ve got some deep seated insecurities. i’ve traversed the singles scene in toronto rather successfully, and let me tell you that confidence, self assurance, intelligence and a positive attitude will at the very least get your dick sucked my friend. take your shit show to any city throughout north america and like begets like.

  • McFlash

    @Terry Smith
    March 18th, 2013 @ 9:34 am

    Holy shit this is true. Thanks man.

    I wonder how many suckers you’ll get taking you up on this. The skill is not in being able to pick bets but convincing mugs that you can.

    Given your max 200 “insiders” at 20 dollars a month its clear that you are not raking it in off your own betting otherwise why bother with such piddling sums of money?

    Get rich quick!! Just open your wallet and I’ll do the rest!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but what is this about Indian girls not being attractive? I’m Indian decent, born back in Bangladesh even! And I must say I’m very attractive.
    We make a plan to hit the junk food joints after clubbing because we know we don’t have to starve our selves, unlike most in the States. And for those girls who have the slightly bigger arms and a bit of a muffin top, how about actually try to lay them! I’ll let you know some of my male friends are dating the bigger girls of Toronto, and from what I freak they know what they are doing in bed!
    Just because you didn’t get it wet in Toronto doesn’t say anything bad about us women here! Its more the issue of you not knowing how to get some!

  • Bo Ergu

    The picture under #14: is the guy Kim Jong-Un? If this pic is an illustration of #14 then it makes no sense unless he IS Kim Jong-Un.

  • emotional T

    seriously, fuck white girls

    eastern european still might have something to offer ok

    but i prefer asian women now

    (coming from a tall blonde white male)

    btw roosh, where does feminism come from? i mean of course it is the reason for the fucked up state of western girls and society, where does this shit come from? is it because our society is perverted in itself (egoistical white race thinking)? or are women just inherently evil creatures from hell?

  • feminist woman

    @65 you are right mate, fuck em right off

  • Anonymous

    Y’all can’t get a date cause y’all are assholes!

  • Lightbulb

    LOL. What the fuck is this blog even about?

    Also this post was about 500 words too long. Too much whining about how people in another city don’t revolve around your inflated world standards.

  • Lightbulb

    Oh and Toronto is generally not having fascist scum in any capacity, so that might explain your less than stellar reception. Fuck Nazis …

  • Anonymous

    Toronto sucks when it comes to women. They are full of themselves! I’ve moved to Europe and I can’t even begin to describe how much better the girls are here. First off, they don’t shoot a guy down for trying.

  • miranda ballantyne

    I actually think whoever wrote this must be a pretty big unknowledgable abouyt where to go in thee cityn if you just went to guvernment then you have absolutely no gage on what the city has to offer, but deuchebags go where they see a flock. I’m from the country and moved to the city 5 years ago. Men in here have a lot of issues. I’m lucky enough to have found someone I absolutely love. Number one: men in toronto think in their twenties that they are too young to settle for any kind of seriousness, so they fling the shit out of girls. I remember multiple times thinking fuck it, ill just act like a man have the time resulting in emotionally attachement because I wasn’t willing to settle. If anything we are on the defensive meaning no one likes to get their heart broken. Secondly clubbing is the worst scene to find anyone, dude did you just got to the brunswick house, the madison pub although it has an awesome hotel for cheap, the pub is full of frat deuchebags, I went one night had a man pull me out of a crowd who I hadn’t even seen, say to me ” you can’t look at me like that and walk away” creeped me out beyond belief. Yet their heated patio was awesome, wasn’t worth going back. Third I used to make eye contact with people on the subway and its fun with a flirty stare until a mentally not all there person is hugging you from behind whispering things in your ear well you sit there terrified, hoping they won’t kill you(yes this happened to me and after I decided headphones and books all the way). I’m just wondering where your finding so many overweight woman? Go down to queen st west and then we will talk. If your looking to find some chill attractive babes make some relaxed friends who know the city go to vap lounges and house partys and relaxed bars because obviously you don’t know the city well enough to find what your looking for. I’d say try crown and tiger, bistro 422, sneaky dees(on certain nights, nirvana, the lab. Best place though is on campuses OCAD has some ridiculous art babes, u of t and ryerson have a lot to offer too. Maybe I just don’t agree with anything written I have more guy friends then girls, and trust me I don’t let any of my gfs dictate my love life, I’m down with opinions but there is no mother hen other than my actual mom

  • Toronto chick

    Dude, you are COMPLETELY on drugs. You sound like just another white Toronto cherryboy who never learned how to talk to girls. This is absolutely the WORST city to be a hot chick in. The white & black guys are just *terrified* of women – if it weren’t for brown guys, Toronto women couldn’t get laid at all. So you don’t like women’s reaction when you make lame-ass jokes? Maybe it’s because you’re too RACIST??? I mean seriously, “Asian girls weren’t that bad since they adopted a white manner of appearance, the Indian girls were absolutely not attractive.” Sheesh, chicks who reject you aren’t over-PC, they’re just INTELLIGENT.

    The reason you’re not getting laid is you’re a total TOOL. Grow up, head down to Jarvis Street and buy yourself a woman who will take that pesky cherry of yours. It’s so ripe it’s attracting fruit flies! Maybe once you’ve had sex with someone else in the room for a change you’ll have better success.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry…too many indian and asian girls for a ‘discriminating’ guy like yourself? Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE women weren’t here for YOUR approval. Maybe there are many men who DO find those women attractive? Maybe you should just stop being racist. Perhaps Toronto women just have some self respect than to want to talk to a douche bag like you. You are seriously complaining because the women won’t let you treat them like a piece of meat. You are complaining because the women aren’t out at a bar to pick up. Because we go to bars with our friends and our friends happen to look out for us. The basic point you need to get through your thick neandrathal skull is that women are not here for YOUR entertainment. Women do not exist to soothe your ego, or to suck your cock. Get over yourself.

  • Jimmy Jerkoff

    Dear Roosh,

    I’ve never heard of you before. Your article on Toronto was sent to me by a friend. We often exchange links of stuff that’s high jinx hilarious, stupid, juvenile, and plain mentally challenged.

    you clearly fit in well. Like the engineers I work with, you are another one of the angry dudes that might have graduated with a degree, but have learned nothing from life.

    I’m thinking your momma didnt show you enough love as a kid

    anyway, can meeting women be difficult? sure, if you are a rectal nozzle like you, I bet it is. No wonder you need to write “self help” tips. Is meeting women in Toronto hard? Not really.

    Perhaps instead of giving tips to other men about how to get laid (because i doubt you do any of that, at all, well maybe when you pay for it) you should spend some time recoding this shitty website that looks like it came from 2001.

    Good luck dude. You need luck more than you can even imagine.

  • RB

    Anonymous comments are bought to you by the lovely ladies of Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Author can’t get laid. Blames city for being born ugly and a douchefuck. The rest of us laugh. Good read. Toronto is amazing.

  • People need to grow up

    Its not racist to have sexual preferences. If anything stats show that FEMALES are more judgemental on Race then Men.

  • Anonymous

    Number 7 is so racist.

  • Anonymous

    Toronto is a PC wasteland. I moved here from Calgary and nobody can take a fuking joke here, the Men are too docile and the Women are completely over their heads.

    The rest of Canada is completely fine. Toronto is its own strange animal, even the outer parts of the GTA are fine. But this City is messed up. Luckily MTL and NYC are only a quick Porter flight away.

  • Anonymous

    so, your list of why it’s awful for men is talking shit on women that you think for some reason you’re entitled to fuck?

    i get the feeling that ANY city you move to will be the “worst city in north america” for the same reasons. this list is fucking stupid, you’re fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else google the author? UUUUUUGLY. Would not bang even if he had great lines.

  • Lame, lame city

    I think Marge Simpson summed it up best on her arrival “It’s so clean…and bland”.

    I’ve been around the world and never have I been to a more boring city. Completely lacking any personality. No surprise the women suck (figuratively of course).

  • Matt

    This is a stupid, sad article based on playing up age old memes. Everyone liking this should get a grip. Toronto is shitty and awesome for plenty of reasons none of which are on this list of excuses for your sexual failings.

  • Jason

    THIS IS ALMOST TRUE… because NO ONE from TORONTO goes out on the weekends, its about 90% gta’rs. If you actually live downtown its a complete different ball game. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the nights to go out but you have to know where the partys are because all the real cool ones are usually word of mouth. And there is alot of awesome partys.. Tho on weekends there is cool house/loft partys but like i said you have to be in the downtown scene and if you dont LIVE downtown its very hard to know where to go.

  • Toronto PUA

    You’re bad. Seriously. L2P. TORONTO?! Just bad. unsubscribing, clearly this kid is candy.

  • Anonymous

    some points are true, many are false, plus this guy is a close-minded borderline racist. But, it really boils down to the fact this guy hasn’t any Game or simply doesn’t understand the rules….

  • Mike

    100% bang on.

  • Bob

    Fuck you who ever wrote that

  • Ben

    Dear author:
    You are confused. Any city where women can think for themselves would seem this way. You have mistaken your intense sexual frustration, social ineptitude, and poorly masked misogyny for the faults of others. At least 11 of those 15 are about you being unable to get laid. Thank god nobody is having sex with you. I suggest talking to the girls of my fair city with genuine interest and respect. Of course, you may be incapable of that.

  • Anonymous

    “They saw the racist, white bred, over-privileged American you are and ran.

    In other words all the women you met had taste.”


  • LOL

    HAHAHAHA!!! WOW, seriously you’re going to blame the whole city for your lack of game???!!?! As that token fat kid, I have to say I’m pretty positive I get more quality play than you probably ever will or have had. And yes Toronto does blow, but not for the above reasons. Having spent 3 years in DC, to think that you think that DC is better … oh God who’s ass did you have your head stuck in?? And yeah you are a “discriminating guy” like racially discriminating … you and the limp-dicked commenters that agree with you should just get together and have yourselves a little vent session in person … and then since you have sooo much trouble with women go pleasure each other. Morons … one and all

  • Fail

    Sounds to me like the author of this article and most of the people commenting on it are just bitter losers who couldn’t get laid and are, for some reason, blaming the city they are/were in for their failures.

  • Toronto PUA

    Ugly keener comes to Toronto. Can’t get laid. Pouts on blog. Hilarity ensues.

  • Anonymous

    do you know the definition of “obese”?

  • Anonymous

    First of all i don’t know what clubs you were going to….In Toronto we have different venues from hip hop RnB clubs to HOUSE NATION clubs…If you were to go to a House Jam we probably close the place down and then hit the after hour clubs till Sunday afternoon…Yes Toronto have after hour places…you probably be tired or drunk by 3am and off to your little hole you came from…BOOOYAAAH!!!!

  • Booyakasha

    Dude..you’re FUCKED…you got no game that’s your issue…Women are the same every where…TO has got some of the hottest chicks..and yeah Indian girls rock, they probably didn’t like you’re weak ass game you brought..Go back to the US and multiply with your cousins, you inbred!!

  • Sandy

    Racist, chauvinist and fat-phobic…no wonder Toronto women don’t give you the time of day; they know you’re a loser. NEXT!

  • Neena

    I’m a female from Toronto and found this article to be the work of a sad lonely man. Roosh, it seems to me that you are traveling from city to city with high hopes for a woman to just merely look your way and clearly that is not happening for you. You are ignorant and the way you speak about women is extremely offensive and moderately annoying. You write that women in Toronto are all obese and proceed to post a photo of a women who is actually not. You make a point of being unhappy with the amount of Asian and Indian women that you’ve encountered during your stay in Toronto but your personal preference of multi cultured women should not be a factor in why men would hate toronto. You seem to be a sad lonely guy who has probably been rejected way too many times and the reason you have probably been rejected so many times is because of your personal references towards women and your lack of understanding on how to approach a women and how to have a decent conversation with her. Maybe the reason women are so uninterested these days are because of ignorant men like you.

  • Maria

    A lot of frustrated feminists attack you again Roosh. Are you gonna fight them down, or ,.,,?

  • Anonymous


  • Alama

    So you’re pretty much a loser who got rejected for a good reason, it’s not our fault shoving a poutine in our mouths seems more appealing then having you in our mouth, from this article I gather you’re feeling a little pathetic after a night of rejection and what’s worse is we are so pathetic and still turning you down. P.s you’re a little racist too, and pointing out details like the woman was fat, no wonder you can’t get laid you American retard.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you’re really bitter about your inability to pick up girls. Not surprising, considering how obviously rude and ignorant you are.

  • Anonymous

    Just.. LOL. Shitty website, so naturally, shitty content. I’m glad you favour white trashy girls, because any other race would be too intelligent for you to converse with.

  • Adrian

    Hey dog. You ever think… that maybe IT’S YOU? And that goes to all of you commenting and agreeing. I hear the women in San Antonio or Mobile are pretty easy.

  • Adrian

    @Maria lol says the dude commenting using a chick’s name. Good stuff, mayne.

  • Adrian

    Shit. I just checked your about you. You’re pretty dumb, but at least you come by it honestly. Mad respect for the hustle, b.

  • Indian_hotguy

    How dare you roosh, we indians are master race,we perform rituals before having sex

    Ofcourse,Most of hindus are virgins and most hindu indian girls smell bad and almost 98% of them are ugly but still we are great people

    We are pure because we are mostly virgins, we even sprinkle cow urine as perfume.

    You know cow urine is lot better than cologne ,try cow urine and all hindu girls will jump on you, we just like urine and urinary smell

    We hindus are like this only

  • T.O. Guy

    Funny article, but I have to disagree with your hate for Toronto. I noticed that you stated you went to the Madison Pub on a Thursday. This makes me question your choice of bars. Firstly, Thursday is student night and is thus filled with frat douchbags and sorority girls who think they are better than everyone. Of course the people will suck! Try a better bar, in a better neighborhood. College St, Ossington, Queen W, Kensington Market are just a few better areas to check out…Or if you are in the Annex, DONT GO TO THE MADISON, it is common knowledge.

  • Yohan


  • https://www.facebook.com/tyrne Tyrne clark

    I am appalled, disgusted and outraged, Just because this moron cant handle Canadian women he makes all these projections onto other Canadian males and you dopes sit here and let him, Well just because his inadequacies limit him in the games of men and women and he is stuck in a cycle and circle he can not get out of does not reflect on the rest of us. Then on top of that do to his shallowness and limitations he fails to see the beauty in other ethnic groups and racially attacks them in public, who gives a flying fuck about his hang ups and problems, The fact is the westernization of many asians is a problem and is not good at all then he is also criticizing Indians in his own ignorance and arrogance, which is just revealing his true self and where the problems actually lye !!

    I can not believe this many losers have not sat down in their jerk off time alone and watched shallow hal


    Ps I am even further disgusted i have to share my country with you and would gladly trade 1 000 000 asians or indians for each of yaz !!! (0_-)

  • Date_Hindu indian girl

    If you want to Date hindu indian smelly girl–Sprinkle cow urine and every hindu women will jump on you.

    Urinary smell is irresistible to most hindus

  • yolk

    what a load of crap
    you are one messed up dude, roosh

  • Anonymous

    Did you ever think that perhaps your sexist, racist attitude is the problem and *not* women? Women can see a rat from a mile away and they have obviously pegged you!

  • Uhhh


    The problem is not the cities you live in, friend. You look like a fucking child toucher. Middle part pony tail? The fuck?

    BUT. When I lived in Europe, I fucked dudes even uglier than you. Why? Because they had natural game that didn’t come out of some sad ‘self help’ book written by jaded ugmos that blame the women they unsuccessfully try to bag for never getting poon.

    Also – this PUA bullshit is not a secret from women. We know what you’re doing. These books are for sale at stores that WOMEN ALSO FREQUENT. When a troll that looks like a Persian rub and tug owner circa 1997 tries to ‘approach’ with some faggy magic trick/palm reading/coin disappearing garbage, we bail because you look and sound like a fucking try hard. We’re on to you, Roosh V. We see you there.

  • Anonymous

    You are an exceedingly disgusting person. I hope you stay out of Toronto.

  • LJ

    I find it so funny how men literally get angry that they cant find a really hot, cool perfect chick who wants to have a one night stand with him. Like how much of a brat are you? And what makes you think youre worth our time, you a sex god or something? If you are so concerned we be atleast an 8, you be one too bud. Men seem to think their looks are null and void but pout if they cant get a knockout. Lol silly article written by a baby.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, where do I even begin. The author and early commenters actually have NO IDEA why they can’t get a girl in Toronto (and other cities). While dating is Toronto IS very difficult because everyone, esp the ladies has their guards up… But why the fuck do they think we have our guards up? Oh right, because of asshats like these pieces of shit. I hope that this article receives a lot of attention and this guy becomes well known enough so that he will frequently get his ass beat in cold hearted Toronto by “fat women”, Asian girls, “PUA”s, and everyone’s boyfriends.
    The attention that he has received so far is clearly not extensive enough if he can still use his fingers to type.

  • Anonymous

    You clearly have a very small penis.

  • bodmon

    lol so many butthurt torontonians

  • Toronto Lover

    Maybe if your focus wasn’t simply on one night stands, pick-ups, and sticking it to anything that will let you put it in, you’d have more luck with Toronto ladies. 😉 Perhaps the problem is with you, and not the selection of women…
    From what I see, there are tons of hot girls (and guys) roaming this wonderful city. Not all of them waste their time in clubs every weekend though. This is the dumbest generalization of women in Toronto I’ve ever seen, and you clearly need to get a life. You should post a picture of your ever-so-perfect self, then maybe it’ll be more evident as to why you aren’t getting any here.
    ps: not every Toronto chick is fat and constantly eating fast food, bro.

  • Anonymous

    The title of this article should really be “Toronto girls are too smart to pick up shallow assholes”

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked that you were actually intelligent enough to put this “article” together in a coherent way, and “publish” it.
    You must have some sort of personality disorder, or be extremely ugly, to have such difficulty finding someone. Try a dating website or something. For the sake of Toronto people, I hope you don’t hook up with anyone here.

  • Chenille

    This is the biggest load of bullshit. There can be plenty to be said about many Toronto men, as well, but not all.

    You are obviously an ignorant, bigoted, racist prick who needs to step off his glorified high horse, and look the hell around. If picking up women or finding a good one is so difficult for you, then it is likely because you are no prize, yourself. I can’t say anything for looks, but personality-wise you are the equivalent to a dirty dish rag.

  • Marketing Goddess

    As someone in marketing, might I recommend a new branding strategy?
    In these cases, sometimes it’s best to reconsider your website name, or how you introduce yourself to others. This could bring you more business/luck with the ladies.
    Here’s a recommendation:

    Roosh the Douche.

    I’d say it fits you, and your hair/sense of style, perfectly.
    You’re welcome.

  • Anonymous

    as a woman, the reason women don’t want to sleep with you is because you write douchey articles like this one. also, the maddy is probably one of the best bars you could have gone to in toronto for reinforcing everything written in this blog.

  • Anonymous


  • Tom Dane

    Wheres all the trolling comming from ? Sounds like the same person really.

  • Christina

    You are a total asshole.

  • Tom Dane

    This sounds exactly like the trolling that came out of “dont bang denmark”. Coincidence ?

  • Greg

    I dont know… im from here and ive been to DC a few times. traveled all over the world quite extensively. lived on different continents. I’ll admit, Toronto girls DO have their guard up quite a bit and in general, people from Toronto are cold to strangers, but once youre accepted, you’re in.
    HOWEVER, it isnt the talk to 100 girls in order to pick up one. you can be witty and charming and get yourself a date in far less than 2 hours. whenever ive been to the states its been insanely easy to pick up girls. almost as easy as australia, but thats another story.
    see even in the animal kingdom, its the females who decide who to mate with. weather its the male birds feathers, or his dance or the quality of the nest etc.
    if the girls would just go home with anybody, then eventually the new humans being bred out of our society would be of lesser quality. you know, dumber, fatter, lazier, uglier.. etc. sounds like a place i know a little south from here.
    dude… you went to the madisson?! lol. do youre homework before you go out. its very music based so at least you could have gone to a concert or a club to seen someone who you actually like and then have ONE thing in common with a girl at these events.

    basically, it sounds like you dont know what youre doing in the states. came here cause you thought it would be easier (and generally it is easier form american dudes to pick up girls here). the fact of the matter is that you just arent very witty. youre not charming. and youre blaming a world class city on your lack of game.


    Toronto’s a big city and you went to all the wrong places. Toronto has multiple downtown neighbourhoods right in the middle of the city thus NOT a Suburban city. Don’t blame the city because you went to all the lame ass spots ppl from the burbs go.
    A lot of the stuff you said is true about the woman here, not all of it though. Maybe if you went places were the average age was above 19, but then again maybe your bullshit proceeds you and women can smell the stale stench of negativity and bitterness on you or maybe you are just ugly. Or maybe you should look at the male population of Canada in general. It’s like they were coddled too much as children, they all think they are gods gift to women, hence women in the city’s apprehension towards all men.
    Either way,some good/funny points were made, but, you don’t know shit about Toronto. Maybe get a better guide next time. Read better blogs. Visit better neighbourhoods.

  • joseph

    Wow, maybe it might be because you’re racist, disrespectful, uneducated, and a misogynistic! It also might be because educated women and other educated men prefer other educated beings like themselves – not ‘people’ like you who think that they can woo them like objects with money, your bro-hood, your lack of any personality, lack of education, your insecurities, and racist disgusting attitude. (And let’s be really honest – you’re face probably ain’t looking so fresh either).
    It’s guys like you who create a bad name everywhere for the male gender. You are the reason why women hate men. If you want to get laid or be with anyone you should maybe try, I don’t know, RESPECTING them first?! I know bro, it’s an innovative idea – probably much to innovative for your teeny tiny mind, so don’t worry about it and get out of our city!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you spent one weekend here from DC (and have clearly not visited many other places) got rejected and blamed everyone but yourself.

    Having game here in Toronto apparently requires on flash:
    “the best game in Toronto is not being an interesting man but just approaching a million girls with your freezeouts and spin moves and negs”

    Not only does that contradict your previous statements – especial0y about hot girls being inaccessible, it likely means you think you’re something
    special – and girls see through that ASAP. Especially in TO where the girls are rather smart and very used to pompous douchebags who think they’re god’s gift.

    I’ve lived in TO a long time, and haven’t seen many cul-de-sacs. Sounds like you partied in Vaughn. Or ‘Suaga. Which despite being a bigoted statement explains point 1,4,6,7.

    Stay in DC dude. You got shut down in one of the ultimate hook up cities – no one to blame but yourself for a lot of this.

    Though, a later last call would be dope. I agree with you on that.

    Oh – by the way, good game means you can deal with mother hen in your sleep. Great game means you take mother hen home with you.


    Dude, I almost fucking died reading this it was so goddamn funny. I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard!!

    Let me clear this up for you: you not getting laid has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that you’re a misogynistic asshole. Grow the fuck up and quit being such a douchenozzle, then you might find someone interested in having sex with you. =)

  • calliek

    You’re a misogynistic racist asshole and you’re surprised you didn’t get laid? I’d be shocked if you ever did! Maybe when you start to recognize women as people instead of prey you might have better luck.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you. This is the most hate filled thing I’ve read in a long time. I really hope that one day you have a daughter, she finds this article, and confronts you. Maybe, just maybe you’ll begin to feel a glimmer of the profound shame you should be feeling about this.

  • Diana

    I think what upset me most was the “TOO MUCH ASIAN AND INDIAN GIRLS”. As if it hasn’t been noted that Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Your generalization on women in Toronto is COMPLETELY WRONG. If you’re looking for a HARD 8, then please be one yourself.

  • Roosh

    But… am I racist though?

  • http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3117/2582519501_4f55a4c6c4_z.jpg Diana


  • http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3117/2582519501_4f55a4c6c4_z.jpg Diana
  • http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3117/2582519501_4f55a4c6c4_z.jpg Diana

    Not only are you racist, you’re a douche and completely ignorant. So what if women have their guard up? You’d want a woman that is easier for the taking? She probably has herpes. Stay in the States for the love of Torontoians.

  • Tom Dane

    They say that women are now higher educated than men. You wouldnt really believe that when you read their comments here.
    Their poor grammar(TIS THEIR NATIVE LANGGUAGE LOL), their overuse of weasel words (“clearly”,”obviously”), their poor argumentation skills. One could go on and on but whats the point ? They are too stupid to understand.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you are fucking ridiculous. I feel sorry for your ugly ass.

  • Dave

    Wow, your a disrespectable, racist cocksucker. Go back to your own country you fucktard, yup that’s right fucktard- I said it. People like you shouldn’t even be aloud in our country. You make me sick shithead, I hope you get hit by a bus and then backer over again, then spit on. Fucktard

  • Mark

    Yeah dude, you can’t get laid so it’s the fault of the CITY.

    Thank you for sharing how pathetic (and racist) you are with the rest of us.

  • Tom Dane

    How is he a racist for not liking indian and asian women ? there it is again, the lack of focus, the lack of concentration, the lack of INTELLIGENCE from these dumb broad. Always misunderstanding everything you read.. This is why you should not be allowed to vote, this is why there is not even the slightest innovation coming from you, this is why EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SCIENTIST WAS A MAN.

  • Anonymous

    {TL;DR This guy is an asshole who couldn’t get laid in Toronto and blames it all on the women.} Wow, I tried not to let this get to me, but I don’t think I can until after I’ve had myself a rant. First off, beware before you click this link–99.9% chance it will piss you off…you don’t even have to be from Toronto, you just have to hold a proper respect for women. This guy basically complains about 15 things he thinks are the reason he couldn’t get laid while in Toronto. First off, I guess Toronto women are just much better at sniffing out the sexist pig this douche is, and that’s not my personal opinion, he makes it obvious (at one point addressing us as “specimens”). He writes as if he’s entitled to a woman’s attention, and that if he does a good job at keeping it, he’s entitled to a one night stand. My counter towards all his reasonings:

    1. DC or Toronto, you already disgust me by factoring in that women who care more about food after alcohol than sex are somehow that of the lower class. I’m not going to “slut shame”, neither is better than the other–a matter of a fact, it’s good that they want to sober up, if a CONSENSUAL one night stand is what they decide on, that’s on them, but ever think they just want to make the decision with a clearer mind frame? And even if they’re just hungry, who are you to bash on a female for craving food, are we SUPPOSED to want sex JUST BECAUSE we went to a club or bar? A woman is entitled, just like a man, to just want a damn night out–no other intentions or reasons.

    2. Because of sexist jerks as yourself, many women have no choice but to be warry and build our defences up very high–cause the moment we’re raped or harassed the first person blamed is us. Rape culture, welcome to reality.

    3. Who are you to judge another person’s “cool level”. In your article you come off as a guy who think he’s got so much game but came to Toronto and found out different and now he’s crying about it.

    4. Judging by the picture you used for this point–you don’t even know what obese is. Frankly, it seems (due to the picture) any woman who doesn’t fit into the “slim” body type is automatically obese. There’s woman you think are hot, and anybody a pound larger is obese to you. Your objectifying of women is just getting worse and worse.

    5. I don’t know the statistic or details of why you get more smiles in Montreal than you do in Toronto, but I’m just going to go with my bias opinion that we’re better at smelling out your type–the ones we don’t want. Assuming from this article that you spent most of your time in downtown Toronto, the real reason is probably because we get enough creeps like you that make it obvious sex is the only thing they have in mind. We’ve learned how to defend ourselves against it as best we can.

    6. Once again, this “mother hen” you speak off is probably unattractive to you because you’re racist and seem to only think your view of a beautiful woman is some sort of official view of how all women should look. Also, back to rape culture. EXCUSE us for grouping ourselves just so we can worry less about being drugged or raped or harassed etc. Just like sometimes men have their “wing man” to help them score, us ladies, unfortunately, have our (as you’ve titled) “mother hens” for the night to help keep us safe.

    7. What can I even say? You’re racist. Anybody not “white” is not of your taste, anything not of your taste is automatically ugly. You couldn’t even say it in a classy way. It’s understandable if Indian women or other races are not your taste, each person has a preference, but to insult them and say one is okay because they’ve made themselves “look more white” is just ridiculous.

    8. Once again, you’re labeling women and putting tags on us like we’re animals. Grouping us in levels depending on how attractive you find us. You disgust me. As in us going into groups and “hordes”, I’ve already explained.

    9. “Raising the egos of women”…you’re sexist is showing…again. Cause weather you like or dislike this PUA culture you seem to think is out of control–regardless your saying the women of Toronto aren’t good enough to have the
    egos” that we do–also saying that women are only self confident because men/a male is the one feeding their ego. News flash, a woman doesn’t need a man to boost her self confidence…a man is not always the factor as to why a woman think’s she’s of high worth. A woman doesn’t need some asshole like you to tell her she’s pretty to BE pretty. Seems to me you think everything good about a woman has to rely on a man, and that females need some sort of male confirmation before they’re allowed to be happy.

    10. I don’t know about DC, but 2AM last call isn’t exactly a rare occurrence, many states in the US have the same law. I don’t even know why you’re complaining. Come to the club or bar earlier if you’re so desperate for time.

    11. Your ego just skyrockets into oblivion. You assume you’re entertaining and making good conversation. Unless you’re the woman on the other end, or you can read minds, you don’t decide for us who we think is a good or bad company.

    12. Welcome to CANADA. Our tax is 0.13%, do some research before you travel. Not only that, bam, it would not be hard to find reviews online that tells you drinking and eating out in bars/clubs in Toronto is EXPENSIVE. Welcome to huge metropolis living. Oh, and to you less women willing to have sex with you is equal to crappier women.

    13. I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing if people of neighbouring area codes chose to go into a larger cities downtown district to party–that’s generally the same for other large cities since they have better accommodations/choices/venues etc. Regardless, once again, you’re pretty much saying that the only use for bars and clubs is purely to get laid. Well, I don’t know about DC, but many people go to bars and clubs to wind down, dance, or just enjoy themselves IN PEACE FROM ASSHOLES LIKE YOU, after a long week of school or work. I’m sure there are people with the same intentions as you–but there’s no rule that only people looking for a one night stand are supposed to go to bars and clubs. That’s such a naive way of thinking.

    14. Ugh, once again, you act like women are some damn sexual tool or arm candy. I don’t understand why it’s so acceptable in society for men to have “legitimate rights” to complain about friend zoning and the like but when a woman complains about creepers or even gets raped it’s HER in question and not the opposite sex. “Oh maybe you should’ve worn a longer skirt” etc. GTFO.

    15. Regardless of what you saw, I’m sure women are the same. And not because of “lack of sex” but because, once again, welcome to the big city! Large city comes many obstacles like harder to find a job, etc. You pretty much have a view that sex is the a 100% MUST HAVE to be happy, and that’s actually kind of sad. I actually really pity you for having that view. I’m sure sex can bring happiness to some people, and I won’t judge, but it’s not THEEEE deciding factor. The deciding factor is ones self. So if women decide not having sex with you is what makes them happy, get over it. Suck it up. Maybe you should’ve worn your not so asshole revealing personality out.

    All in all, many of the comments even agree with this guy and also complain about friend zoning, which just brings me back to my earlier point about it that I mentioned above. Seriously, as a wise man once said: “The women are the strong ones, truly.” I guess it’s true…considering the comments and about how these men keep complaining and blaming women for their happiness levels. Wake up men, just like men are not the key to a woman’s happiness, it’s vice versa. Grow the hell up and make your own happiness and don’t depend on a woman to do it for you.

  • Anonymous

    …maybe the reason all you shit heads aren’t getting laid is because you’re below Toronto girl standards? most of your points were that they weren’t interested in you for whatever reason… hmmm what is the common denominator here? oh ya. guys like you. from the bottom of my Torontonian heart: fuck yourself! because no one else will apparently :(

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahhaha.. you’re an idiot. This should be titled, “confessions of a douchebag from DC who has no game”.

    Picking up in Toronto is incredibly easy. Maybe you should try going to places with girls your own age and not University hangouts like the Madison.

  • Anonymous

    There are tons of hot chicks EVERYWHERE in Toronto. If by hot you mean bleach blonde with orange skin and white eye shadow and lipstick, take a trip to Woodbridge.

    Also, maybe stay out of clubs. You just admitted yourself you were not the best looking guy. People go to clubs to look for someone to fuck. If you are a 5 yourself, then you are going to hook up with a 5. Put two and two together man.

    I will give you though, people in Toronto are too PC and stuck up. I usually just combat that by not being either of those.

  • Jamie

    Well, we’re allowed to be pretty picky when we’ve got a city full of male 2’s to choose from.

  • citizen norbit

    Hmmm…it appears someone’s touched a nerve….

    Roosh, I think the photos of late-night junk food lured them in. Well played.

  • Alexa

    This is astoundingly ridiculous. This is sexist, racist (too many indian and asian girls?), elitist, and just sad.

    If you are looking to successfully sleep with every woman in Toronto, and your game sucks so hard that no one will suck you without payment, why not unload a truck of date rape into Lake Ontario?

    Perhaps you would be happier jumping into a Delorian and returning to a time where your outdated definition of femininity (sexual inequality) is still in effect. Or perhaps you could simply move to Amsterdam or Thailand and pay for sex like the rest of your self-important pig-headed lot.

    If your happiness as a human being is contingent upon the easiness (and concurrent stupidity) of women, I would recommend you see about getting yourself some Prozac and a sex doll. Here’s a helpful link: http://www.dhgate.com/40-discount-cheap-japan-life-like-sex-doll/p-ff808081386ef7d3013885f103782e2b.html

  • real man

    You guys (including the author) are all a bunch of Beta Male degenerate punks. if you can’t pick up a girl in the toronto, look in the mirror -don’t blame your own inadequacies on women who, if they have any self respect, expect at the very least to date a non-racist dude who thinks about more than just their cock. Its so funny because your points say way more about out how pathetic you and all your douche bag followers are then they say about Toronto women. I propose a revised list called “why Toronto is the best city in the world for real men to pick up women” and the only point on the list is this – “if all we have to compete with is d-bags like roosh, then our job is gonna be pretty easy”….good luck out there ‘don juan’, ha

  • surrey jack

    Wow lota mouthy mother hen torontoians …just promotes the citys sterotypes more.all critizin but no tips on hangin with toronto girls…ever area has it stero types like surrey is considered ghetto or vancoyver is hipster area.
    Im indian i dont find ths racist at all ..everyone has their personal attraction an discrimated by it whether its beun fat n ugly or asian guys havin a hard time datin out
    think the ppl gettin pissed are just butthurt that this hit home
    come to vancouver area n see the reaction

  • dubs

    Haha, it really sounds like youre just a vengeful hurtbag who cant get laid, dude. All of the points in this article make it seem like youre an ugly douchebag with no game. Also I know the girl in the first photo, im sure shes pleased to have her picture up there.

  • Anonymous

    One thing you missed in your article is the number of (I hate using the word, but it’s slang, so excuse me) “Fag hags” – who won’t give a guy the time of day because she’s too enthralled with her gay friend.

  • Amanda

    Instead of going out and trying to pick up girls, maybe you should stay in and READ A FUCKING BOOK. You sound so uneducated that I think my eyes bled while trying to get through what is, arguably, one of the most sexist blog posts on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    what a misogynistic whiny baby piece of shit article.

  • phallocracy

    the reflections of a systemic culture of violence and the desire for what we perceive as power.. but in fact seeking these ends is like chasing the proverbial carrot dangling in front of our faces, until we realize there was no carrot to begin with and our myopic journey has laid waste to the reality that has always been present around us. We need to learn to receive who we really are as people, we also need to be highly organized in response.. not just to the pathetic infantalistic ego displays like roosh’s but in accord with the larger context of violence and oppression that permits attitudes like this to exist.

  • http://kidstrangelove.wordpress.com kidstrangelove

    The best part of Roosh getting publicity from his haters is that it unwillingly introduces his style of thinking and lifestyle betterment to many white knights brainwashed by feminists.

    Hey – this is to you men that have never heard of this site before now – what has feminism done for you? Are you following the feminist approved lifestyle but yet find it difficult to ever have sex? Are you a good person, but are constantly vilified as a potential rapist, “cis scum”, racist, when in reality you’re just a good person trying to get by?

    We get it. That’s how we discovered this new way of thinking. You should read this blog for a few hours when you have time, then read the forum, you might just be surprised.

    Today is the start of a great new chapter in your life

  • Anonymous

    you are a misogynist asshole…yes…you…are…

  • Anonymous

    You KNOW you have NO game when you can’t pick up at the Maddy. That place is bittiefest and filled with girls with daddy issues and low self-esteem. This article is irrelevant and I hope to god you’re trolling because this is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think any woman would fuck this douche. Even with someone else’s vagina.

  • DUDE

    If you’re a racist, misogynistic asshole like the author of this horrible article, you probably will have a lot of trouble getting laid in Toronto. But at least you stuck to the worst parts of the city like the Madison avenue pub where scum like you belong. Seriously you’re probably a really unattractive and uncool guy who can’t get laid for those reasons. And maybe girls are stopping their friends from hooking up with you because they notice their over the top drunk friend about to hook up with some scuzzy looking creep (that’s you mate) and would be neglecting all their morals and ethics if they didn’t stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Please just stay celibate for the rest of your life, the thought of any poor soul having sex with the likes of you makes me want to vomit and cry until I die of dehydration.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it is your poor misogynistic attitude that is the problem because this doesn’t read as a man who is secure and stable in himself. This article, and subsequently, a majority of the comments sounds like they were written by self-loathing, insecure douchebags.

    If you’re having such a problem with the ladies, perhaps the problem is in fact, you.

  • Anonymous

    The comments say more about Toronto than the article ever could.

    [Roosh: Yup. This is why I’m not moderating.]

  • Igloo Jack

    It’s… It’s just the fucking worst.

  • Anonymous

    So, from what I can tell from this article, the author is a misogynist and a racist, who only cares about fucking randoms for one night stands, and when he can’t get laid he gets butthurt and whines about it on the internet because he think’s he has a voice. Women don’t go to clubs and bars for the sole purpose of finding a guy to fuck. Women do not exist for the sole reason of “pleasuring” men. Stop objectifying women as sex objects and get the fuck over yourself.
    Also, Toronto is a great city, shame on you.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you keep this article up forever. It is a beautiful testament to how completely unattractive you are as a human being. (Side note: if you can’t get through a conversation with a girl without her friends intervening – it’s not because they’re “mother hens”, it’s because you’re lame and gross.)

    Enjoy never having sex!

  • A Science Major

    “This is why you should not be allowed to vote, this is why there is not even the slightest innovation coming from you, this is why EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SCIENTIST WAS A MAN”

    Just a brief list:
    Marie Curie (you should all know what she did)
    Rosalind Franklin (uncovered the structure of DNA, would have received the Nobel Prize along with Watson and Crick had she not died before it was awarded)
    Lynn Margulis (figured out the origin of eukaryotic cells. No biggie)
    Linda B. Buck (Nobel Prize for figuring out how smell works)
    Certy Cori (Nobel Prize in the 40s for figuring out the lactic acid cycle. It’s named after her and her husband)
    Yvonne Barr (Cofounder of Epstein-Barr virus, if you know anything about virology you know this is a big deal)
    Jocelyn Bell (Discovered pulsars)
    Rita Levi-Montalcini (Nobel Prize for discovering nerve growth factor)

    I’m sick of people making that same old argument that women aren’t involved in science. I study immunology at UofT and at least half of my profs have been female. I compiled the above list in two minutes of research. If you still think women don’t do science then you’re intentionally keeping yourself ignorant.

  • You’re an Idiot!

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read – get a fucking life! You are a sexist and racist asshole. By writing this you’ve completely negated your point, as a Torontonian I will avoid visiting DC because of the possibility of finding assholes like you there!

  • DUDE


    LOLOLOL He actually looks like this!? That’s like the textbook definition of key words ‘ugly’, ‘creep’ and ‘douchebag’. Wow you definitely will NEVER get laid looking like that in Toronto, EVEN at the Madison. You fail so hard at being a human being dude go live with the bears in the wilderness where they will maul you and the world will be a far better place.

  • phallocracy

    roosh. you’re megalomania is hilarious. so the way you exercise your privilege and employ your intellect is just to go around the world and prey on women (using your bullshit nlp-like manipulation) so they’ll have sex with you?! Is this the pinacle of our human evolution?!?! hahaha
    This isnt saying much about toronto at all.. says a lot about how pathetic your life really is. good luck with that, hopefully this manipulative bullshit will be more and more transparent to women all over the world.. but it seems like your ‘getting laid’ think tank is workin ‘hard’. well your type is transparent to me and i’ll spend the rest of my life dealing with assholes like yourself.

  • kelly

    The reason toronto “sucks” and girls here hate you is obvious: you’re a giant douchebag. Congratulations, you big baby: no one likes you because you’re rude and insulting, hate on people for all kinds of surface reasons, and trash-talk every woman who doesn’t fit into your notion of hot. Oh, and you’re a racist(number 7). and shockingly enough, everyone can probably tell all of that after about 10 seconds talking to you. I can’t believe I’m even taking the time to respond to this, but frankly, “sir”, YOU are what’s wrong with toronto, and do feel free to exit whenever you are soonest able- not that you’re going to have any luck with the ladies anyplace else either. Thank you.

  • Without Equal

    Did I miss it? Has the shaming started yet? Let me get the ball rolling…

    If you’re a woman in here and you posted more than two lines, or you posted an insult, and you’re based in Toronto, you’re probably frumpy, overweight by anything between 15-50, dating an attractive guy who is attractive but painfully spineless who you have no sexual attraction to (‘Toronto is full of men who are 2’s’, bitch please…) and people actively avoid looking at you when you go to Montreal for Jazzfest.

  • some_asian_guy

    A short list compared to male scientists, and you know it. Who you trying to fool?

    Anonymous = Buttmad femmis
    “douche”, “privilege”, “creep” = fem buzzwords

    That’s how you know their opinions are worthless

    Roosh, there’s no reason to mention race here. Keep it to yourself. I’m Asian-Canadian (though not in Toronto), and I love our women.

    You don’t like Asian girls, fine. Saying it just divides the manosphere and brings out the whiny bitches crying about tolerance and feelings and some such bullshit.

  • Chris

    I think I know why you don’t get laid. You write articles like this, treat women like objects, and you are quite hideous (inside and out). I know for a fact, when a girl sees a guy like you approach them, it is totally obvious what kind of slime ball you are. That can be spotted a mile away. What are you, close to 40? You act like you’re 14. It’s very sad. I speak to women like humans with opinions that matter, I am ok looking, I make shitty money, and low and behold, my goal isn’t always to just get laid. Guess what, I can get laid almost any time, but I choose to pursue only those that I have an actual, strong interest for, and I have no means to ditch them once the deed is done.

    As for the girls loving to go out and eat after the bar. Good, so do I! I’d rather a girl I can get along with without “putting on game”, and I’d rather her be herself and not feel like she needs to fit into some norm and ends up treating herself like an object.

    You are a complete idiot and what’s wrong with the world. It’s people like you that give America a horrible and disgusting name. It’s time like this I wish the Canadian border guards were a little racist and they may not have let your dirty ass face into this great country of realistic people and ideals. Go back home, no one wants you here.

    Speaking of racism, since you love it so much. You appear to have strong middle eastern features. You label women based on their nationalities. Guess what, with men as shallow as you, women are doing the same thing. My one friend here with me states that almost 90% of the slimy creeps that approach her in a sex-minded manner, are generally middle eastern, and can tell by the way they look at her that they are after one thing and will continue with their damn shitty PUA lines on other women until they finally get their dick wet. If anything, it sounds like you are the most desperate man in the world. I have pity on you… but I hope your dick rots off more-so. Best of luck in your future of forced-celibacy bud.


  • Anonymous

    Dude, you’re such a closet case.

  • Anonymous

    Stop complaining and step your game up OR stay in Washington crying yourself to sleep. Game is game, no matter what city you’re in on this planet. This post isn’t about how lame Toronto is, its a thorough description of your inadequacies in terms of picking up women. Instead of spending your time writing a waste-of-time blog like this, spend it finding new venues for meeting people, working on your people skills in general, and perhaps developing some form of self-confidence that women might find attractive which will give you the ‘in’ you’re looking for. Although now that I think about it I must admit, we (guys that have success picking up in Toronto) do enjoy making fun of people like you, so keep this up actually. Its quite entertaining. Sad, but entertaining nonetheless.

  • http://[email protected] AB

    What a sleeze ball article. I’m embarrassed for you.

  • Anonymous

    Honey, your bitterness and insecurity are showing.

    You should just re-title this “I Couldn’t Get Laid in Toronto and I’m Mad :(!!”

  • Anonymous

    Dude totally lost his virginity late (early 20s?) and has something to prove.
    The emperor has no clothes.

  • Anonymous

    All these comments are so hilarious.

    Toronto and all Anglo-Saxon countries are shit holes.

  • S

    This is the most terrible thing I have every seen, ridiculously offensive. There are literally no words, this is just some poor soul making excuses for not being able to get laid when visiting a particular city. Also you went to the Maddy…the worst bar in the city. Asian and Indian women can be extraordinarily beautiful and exotic, this is just American ignorance at it’s finest. The people who live in the city range all over the place. Also, please do not tell me you expect to have stimulating intellectual conversations with drunk women at bars. Do yourself and the people of Toronto a favor and stay out of our beautiful multicultural city. You idiot.

  • Retrenched

    These comments are fucking hilarious. You get the best haters Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Whoever wrote this article is a piece of shit.

  • A Science Major


    A short list put together in only 2 minutes. The only reason I posted was to dispel the idiotic argument that “no important scientists were women”. Obvoiusly some are. Also, there are many female (and male) scientists who don’t work in the limelight and who will never be recognized with big awards despite the importance of their work. If I cared more I’d find the number of female scientists working at UofT right now.

    Also, Nobel Prizes tend to be given to older scientists. The women who received prizes more recently would have started working in their fields in the 60s/70s, a time when women were underrepresented in science. It’ll be interesting to see if that trend changes in the next 20 years since women are more equally represented.

    I remembered another female scientist who is currently totally revamping the way we think about medicine: Els van Nood and Anne Vrieze who recently pioneered a way to cure recurrent C. diff infections without dangerous antibiotic regimes. I’ll be stunned if they don’t receive the Nobel Prize assuming the rest of their research pans out. Here’s the paper: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1205037

  • http://www.redpillwoman.wordpress.com Red Pill Woman

    I have no idea why you’re getting so much hate. This isn’t even close to your most inflammatory article. I like how these “enlightened” women pretend to ~not care~ what men think at all, except when there’s an article advising men to not bother with them. Then they completely lose it.


    ” the muffin top she’s trying to hit by wearing black,”

    I think you meant “hide”.

  • Punk Rock Girl

    You might have hung out at some of the worst places, and you definitely aren’t meeting the right people.

    But good luck in the next city you visit. Hope its more pleasant.

  • http://twitter.com/mightycrotch MightyCrotch

    I came for the hilarious real talk in the blog. Stayed for the frothing-at-the-mouth feminist rage in the comments. Keep fighting the good fight Roosh. Side note: as other Torontonian dwellers have pointed out, you hit the wrong places. Come back to Toronto, ask for venue reccos first!

  • Anonymous

    i want to see what the person who wrote this looks like and then decide if he has he right to say half the shit he just said….because I have this feeling he is highly unattractive himself

  • hofosho

    I’d say Toronto is the worst place for men like you, douchey and fucking living in a different decade. There are women like this everywhere, becuase it’s 2013 bitch. Get with the modern woman or get the fuck out of my city. I’ve gotta say I’m pretty glad men like you are scared off Toronto so it makes room for the kind of real men we like to fuck. You’re seriously gonna try and call out girls for being too ethnic?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHahhahahahahahaHAHAHAHHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahAhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah I can’t imagine what kind of technology is needed to see your tiny fucking peen. Fucking amateur hour over here, jesus christ.

  • Unscrupulousmen

    This article gives me a great a idea for Return of Kings. Post pics of Canada’s 10 ugliest feminists. Then sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

  • Anonymous

    @192 LOL.

    That’s literally every female scientist that’s done something noteworthy.

    There are 100 men for each woman on your list.

    How does that make you feel now?

    You mad>

  • Shawn

    I guarantee the gross mass of shit that pig in pic # 10 is about to devour has caused drool on the keyboards of the haters Roosh.

  • Glengarry

    “In Toronto the best game is to speak like you’re a White House spokesperson.”


  • ACMESalesRep

    Let us know when you get over your woman-hating problem and start writing like an adult.

  • Anonymous

    you need to go to a therapist and sort your shit. you’re not going to get any decent girl with this kind of mentality.

  • Dave

    Wow. You must be one of those fuckin’ DAGO’s that I see walking around in clubs with your “bros” looking to pick up. Go back to Italy you fucking grease-ball.

  • A Science Major


    I feel pretty okay. My reality involves working with women on unique, interesting projects everyday. I learn from women (and men) constantly. Two of my female profs are on the cutting edge of Lupus and MS research and I get to hear about the amazing advancements they work on.

    The problem isn’t with me or what I experience, the problem is that people like you don’t realize that gender doesn’t impact your ability to do good science. I’m surrounded by the evidence of that fact everyday.

    I wouldn’t dare argue that men didn’t have a huge impact on the sciences, that would be dumb. Men had far and away more freedom in choosing their careers for many, many years. Geniuses like Farber, Watson and Crick, Planck etc contributed an incredible amount to their respective fields. Women now have a similar freedom and they’re doing a damn good job with it.

    It’s okay if you don’t agree. You’re just wrong.

  • Mitzvah

    toronto, D.C. and NYC are the three top Jew centers in north america, thats why they suck–the jew change agents have feminized them to make them habitable for their lowly parasite race.

  • Yikes

    Ugh, no wonder no one wants to fuck you. What an entitled creep.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww is someone a little cranky they didnt get laid on their trip to Toronto? Grow up, dont be a sore loser just cause you didnt get a one-night stand

  • LadyHomie1

    Only douchbags live in Toronto.
    Attractive girls that can hold a conversation don’t like douchebags.

  • Glengarry

    And a hearty welcome to our visitors from Toronto, always a city of tolerance and light. Please join in before we serve the poutine.


    PS. However, to who wrote this

    “you American retard”

    Canadians do not hate the differently abled.

    “You are a sexist and racist asshole.” “if you are a rectal nozzle like you” (?)

    We are concerned with these commenters’ homophobia. Please, please recall that Canada is an ass-friendly space.

    “Also, please do not tell me you expect to have stimulating intellectual conversations with … women … .”

    Tsk tsk, I see a lot of sensitivity training in your future.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This is all incredibly base, sexist and racist. I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom to see people rip this article a new one, and to my dismay, there was almost exclusively agreement. Maybe if you don’t treat people like objects, they won’t blow you off all of the time. At least go to the casual sex table thinking of it as an exchange from equals, not as an opportunity for you to take and exploit.

    Also, refer to this article: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-harsh-truths-that-will-make-you-better-person/

  • Sarah

    Sounds like someone got their dick turned down one too many times! Bitter much? No wonder women don’t want anything to do with you.

  • Anonymous

    Someone who has the vast intellect to write such a stupid article is shocked as to why he didn’t get laid? Maybe you need more brain cells to keep a women’s attention.

    It’s probably not the city’s fault you couldn’t “score” you douche.

  • First time visitor

    WOW. Literally 10 minutes ago, I was wondering where all the losers hang out online. Then someone shared a link to this page. WHAT A FUCKING COINCIDENCE.

    Hey losers.

  • Tmu

    I see myself as a solid 9 – former high fashion model, good head on her shoulders, takes care of herself, generous personality…but I’ve just found myself taken for granted here. I was in a great relationship with an incredible guy. Until he moved to Toronto. He took all that “stress” everyone is taking about regarding this city…projected it into me, and started treating me like crap. Up until he cheated on me, and refused to work it out as a partnership, despite my insistence that I was seeing it as a serious call for attention.
    The attractive ones don’t have their pick. Not if try have standards at least. :(

  • Tmu

    Try = they. Sorry…fumbly fingers!


    You, along with a bunch of the commentators, are an absolute I D I O T. I’m from Toronto proud and true, never have I had a problem interacting with the LOVELY ladies of this city. …You poor, pathetic, sad, insecure, weak attempts at examples of true MEN.


    I am eating popcorn and enjoy the desperate rage of all the ugly feminists in Canada

  • Adam

    Listen retards. You’re all retarded if you don’t agree with this. It’s true. Read his other posts. As a whole, Toronto people are awful, including the women. If you don’t agree with this post; you’re either a feminist, a faggot, limp-wristed, oblivious, retarded, day dreaming, delusional, a girl, or a minority. :) Thank you and go fuck yourselves.

  • flingue

    . . . a year ago, if I came upon this cheesy website, with the silly meme photos and some terrible snapshots where Roosh does look sketchy– I probably would have wanted to mock him too, if he’d just talked shit about my city.

    But if you go a little deeper, it’s clear that Roosh is anything but racist, uncultured, dumb, socially clueless, untraveled, desperate, whiny, entitled, dorky, ect. Maybe he’s ugly (though I find his eyelashes gorgeous), and who knows, his penis could be small, but his game is strong, and he’s seduced a crazy amount of beautiful women.

    These people aren’t necessarily trolling: they can’t see how somebody who thinks and looks like Roosh could also be somebody who DOES have game and DOES get with a ton of high quality girls.

    Maybe Roosh isn’t a role model. But to say he doesn’t get laid, or that women instantly recognize him as a douchebag, or he should read a book. . . people aren’t ready for “the red pill.”

  • Adam

    I got your back Roosh, until the end. I’ll come come in swinging with you, man. Girls and betas can’t do shit.

  • Anonymous

    @181 some_asian_guy

    what u butthurt about….asian guys compalin that too many guys are competing for your women. its hard enuff for azn guys to get white girls.
    its preference certain girls like certain guys n vice versa

  • TOguy

    Speaking as a native Toronto guy, I can only confirm that this little essay hits it out of the park, completely nails the reality of our fair city; if you think reading the responses from the angry Toronto feminazis is bad, try living here with them day in and out. While I doubt your post will actually change anything here, it’s a true breath of fresh air to have a foreign entity observe and call out this nonsense that we have been enduring for many years (and continues to get worse); I guess more frequent Montreal getaways are in order.

  • Anonymous

    You left, right? Because we do not fucking want you, nor any of the “nice men” that commented here.
    If you’re going to hate on every group but skinny white girls, then no wonder you can’t get laid. Skinny white girls have friends who aren’t skinny white girls– they understand the world we live in.
    It sounds like you’d probably be happier in the southwestern states. Good riddence.

  • Al

    Sounds like the writer can’t get laid because he has the personality of a dead moth. High school must have been tough with the ZERO game you clearly display in this article. You’re not getting laid anywhere bro. Also, you’re comment about too many Indian and Asian girls shows how racist you are which I’m sure shines through in a city as multi cultured as Toronto. Get a new identity and learn not to be a douche bag, might help in your quest for that elusive pussy you can’t seek to find in this city you clown.

  • Annie

    Wow. I am sorry your Toronto experience was so bad. Perhaps you went to the wrong places. There are people/women there who are warm and generous, beautiful, accessible and not too-cool-for-school. Don’t go to the clubs or ‘hip’ areas and you will find real people…But you’re probably not into that…Also, nevermind because Toronto is diverse with every race so if you’re looking for white girls go back to the States

  • Anonymous

    these bitchy woman on here complainin and usin shame language(pathetic loser) an describing themselves as strong idependent….are always the woman that complain “WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD MEN”(they in montreal) either the guy is too nice and real hes called creepy when youre more forward suddenly ur bitter an blah blah
    its these womans attitude is why guys are learnin to puas cuz the nice high school nerd always gets walked all over n its still very simialr when ur in colege or adult life

  • Toronto Gal

    For Toronto gals who disagree, I’ll be hosting a cocktail for women only in Toronto, Cock Block Free Zone / promise xo


    Facebook: LBD Little Black Dress Cocktail

    All women welcome

  • Anonymous

    Lol wut?? to the Waterloo comment. I was just there on Ezra street yesterday, probably 60% girls. I got tons of numbers and did in fact, get laid at the end of the night. You guys complain too much! That and you were CLEARLY in the wrong place this weekend because you missed out on all the girls.

    So some comments I’ll agree, 2 A.M, late night pizza, but the rest is garbage. Stop complaining and get your game on.

  • Slaughterhouse

    Toronto’s not for everybody but comparing it’s women/night life to DCs is laughable.

    In terms of women, I’d say Toronto and Montreal have the best looking women in Canada.

    But yeah, there’s no way Toronto’s the worst city in North America for men. If anything, it’s one of the better cities.

    I do agree that many women here won’t make eye contact and aren’t exactly ‘friendly’ but it’s all about situations and how you approach them. Big cities are for the most part like Toronto. New York City’s got to be at the top of the list of ‘Most Snobby, Fake ‘Important’ Women’.

    Anyways, props for getting people talking.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you just showed up to our city, acted like a douche-bag and expected girls to flock to you. Truly laughable.

  • Anonymous

    I know this might be hard to hear but based on the disgusting insight of this article and say… MAYBE SHE”S NOT INTO YOU. Deal with it.

  • Jeeves from TO

    Yes, Roosh, yes. Initially reading this article I seemed to be pretty convinced but thought that well clubs paint a different picture of a city all together so maybe it was a bit skewed. But after reading these comments I had to admit that yes maybe this city is a place full of liberal cartoons.

    To all self respecting men: plz leave this shithole as soon as possible. Say NO to dealing with these dykes, say NO to living like zombies, say NO to these thankless women.

  • Anonymous

    Stop shitting on the city you live in just because you suck at living in it. There’s no way, if you have the deep-seated mental health issues that have been detailed in this article, that you will be able to make it in any other place. Period. So don’t drag a whole city down because you suck. It’s not them, it’s you.

  • GTA girl

    Excuse me, but using the term “lame” is ableist.


    almost a Toronto girl


    I am eating popcorn and enjoy the desperate rage of all the ugly feminists in Canada

    Let’s post on all Canada facebook pages:

    Toronto was elected the worst city in whole North America… are you angry ? http://bit.ly/115qAqN

  • Ree

    This is all very true, for any city… if you happen to be an overconfident cock brain with no sense of culture.

    No wonder the guy writing this has so much trouble getting a date. What woman in their right mind would give this sad fuck the time of day?

  • Anonymous

    Read the whole response to Rooshvs piece of crap, unfunny and pathetic boooooring rant at http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/a-city-doesnt-suck-just-because-youre-stupid

  • Anonymous

    Telling everyone how no one would give the time of day to a racist douche like you is the best compliment you could have possibly given to the women of Toronto.

  • Yoyo

    LOL. The comments say more about what a sh*thole Toronto is than the article manages to do. All these fat angry feminists are making the internet tremble.

  • some_asian_guy

    Haha I love this shit.

    sexist, privileged, white, douche, entitled, creepy, small dicked, insecure, racist

    All the typical femmi shame tactics. Basically every femmi argument boils down to “You’re mean!!”

    Yeah, problem?

    Roosh should use his birth name sometime. In my experience nothing scares a feminist more than a non-white man getting in their face and not giving two shits about her feelings or “compassion” or “tolerance” or liberal “values”.


    Nothing. Fuck whatever you can get. I do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Whoever thinks this is true, and especially to the person who wrote this- if you can’t get laid in Toronto you just have absolutely no sex appeal, no personality, and definitely no game. Every place I go I’m out numbered by women 3-1. Every person I know from outta town says how lucky I am to have so many cute and outgoing girls here. Toronto is a leader when it comes to sexual liberation. The person who wrote this just doesn’t get it. In any way. Loser.

  • Adam

    Look how defensive they’re getting at their criticism. As if they were one a one way track to Mount Olympus. Roosh, didn’t you criticize other cities? Did people from those cities get as defensive? Welcome to Canada, Roosh. Tucker Max even criticized us for being too insecure.


    Okay first of all the guy who wrote this is just LAME. Dude you dont get laid expecially from toronto girls or DC girls cus your gross! No offence but Toronto is a very very culturally diverse place and if you arent educated about ethnicity and nationalities than you don’t belong here. PERIOD. Educate youself because woman all over the world INDIAN AFRICAN CANADIAN ASIAN ITALIAN PORTUGUESE SCOTISH IRISH JAMAICAN GUIANESE RUSSIAN AND EVERYONE ELSE are all beautiful in there own way and we all come from many different backgrounds with parents who have a lot of wisdom of which they make it a point to make clear to us everyday (not saying your parents don’t have wisdom but judging how your talking you A. either didn’t soak much of it up or B. they just didn’t take the time to share it with you, in which you need to start travelling and maybe read a few books to learn something)and no offence we don’t like to date people from the states, half of the time you guys don’t know where you come from, you just settle with being American. So Please stop trying and Stop wasting time because your dumb ass cant get laid. Approach and style and being your own person means a lot to most of us canadians, Im sorry you don’t have that to offer. P.S. Dumb ASS, food is the gateway to anyones soul you crusty fuck.

    Sincerely, Beautifully Proud Canadian Jamaican
    Get at me you Imbred racist #FUCKTARD

  • Fatters McMuffintop

    Oh man, fat girls. Amiright??! This post reeks of STDs, micropenises, and everything that’s right about male stereotypes.

  • Roosh

    Server can’t handle the traffic. Comments are temporarily disabled until things calm down.

  • Anonymous

    This article is absolutely disgusting. I really really really doubt you’re someone I would even look twice at. Most likely some fat ass sitting in his mom’s basement jerking off.

  • http://scribeandshooter.blogspot.com Matt

    Whoever wrote this 1- has no game; despite all this PUA shit women can see through you not acting like yourself and putting on a front, 2-seemingly only wants to hit on anorexic white girls – too many indians and asians? It is the most multicultural city in the world. Were you looking for Orange County?, 3-doesn’t like some of the best late night food in the world, 4-thinks Toronto is suburban because there are pockets of houses everywhere (which is awesome actually to live in) despite it having the same population as Chicago and the most number of new highrises in the world, 5-clearly only goes to the expensive places which is another reason he finds women ‘inaccessible’ and seems to find pick up artists everywhere. If you live in the city, were raised in the city, you would appreciate the quality of cheaper places to drink and have a good time. If you go to Bay, or the shitty club district then yeah, it will be expensive because those spots are for outsiders. (New York is not expensive? LA is not expensive? Chicago is not either?) .

  • you stu[id retard

    ROOSH FUCKING RETARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Senior Beta

    Damn Roosh, I only knew of Mystery as the reigning PUA of Toronto. From the comments turns out there are dozens of them taunting you on your lack of Game. While you are no doubt getting laid in Romania. Keep sticking it up their ass.

  • I love toronto

    you stupid filthy indian saying “too many indians and asians”. you hate your own race ?

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the dumbest articles I have ever read.

  • female here and left Toronto years ago

    LOL so truuuee!!! I’m happily engaged in Miami and I left toronto in 2009 – never looked back! I’m a 32 female and as far as I can remember, your description is pretty close. From a female perspective, I thought the Toronto night scene was always lame. To put it nicely though, I think generally, the people in Toronto are just more reserved and no fun. But let’s be fair – Toronto is a great city to raise your children. Toronto as a city is definitely not a place to hook up or find romance – but it’s a city to raise a family =)

  • Anonymous

    Ever thought the reason you don’t pick up is because you are overtly racist? which also means you are likely unattractive, ignorant and inbred. To the person who said Indian people are the only unprotected group. Not quite, Roosh has likely never commented on the unattractive nature of Asian girls in a club full of Asian men. Hillbilly would get a serious beat down.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, do you ever hate women.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most disgusting thing I have ever read. Just because you don’t get anyyy doesn’t mean you have to post complete bullshit. You’re an idiot.

  • Tal

    Funny thing is most of this is not true.I can’t believe I actually read all of this…

  • Red Pill

    I think what Roosh is really trying to say is:


  • Anonymous

    Of course you’d have a problem finding a great girl in Toronto. The way you speak is in itself a turn off.
    Toronto is home to beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, funny and DIVERSE groups of females.

    Toronto is known for being one of the most diverse places on Earth, why the hell would you complain about seeing “Indians or Asians”. You sound like a racist.

    Seems like you’re into the “Jersey Shore” type of crowd. Go back to America. And if you dislike the females of Toronto so much, leave. You’ll be doing all of us a favor.

    And if you were blessed with even a pea-sized brain, you wouldn’t make such idiotic and statistically impossible generalizations.
    Man you’re pathetic.
    This is wrong on so many different levels. You’re a clear racist, have a problem with a women’s body shape, and an over-all superficial misogynistic pig.
    Do us all a favor and leave Toronto.

  • http://lairoftheladykiller.blogspot.ca/ Don LadyKiller

    Girls in T.O. are so fat and ugly that most men will just drug them and drag them into the washroom or if they don’t pass out to fast back to their caves.

    Either way it takes a lot of time and energy to wrestle the clothes off T.O. whales(the asian ones remind me of Free Willy). Then you have to struggle to shift through the quarter-pounders labyrinthine rolls of fat in order to find a hole and dive in to create enough friction to shoot some mucus into their infertile wombs.

    Stay out of Toronto if you respect your penis.

  • http://www.introvertedplayboy.com Introverted Playboy

    Looks like Toronto is a quite polarizing city. People seem to either love it or hate it. Guess I will have to go there myself to see what it’s really like.

    The fact is, there are gorgeous, quality women everywhere. Confident, high value men with game will find them if they have an open mind and open energy.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most ignorant drivel I have ever read. You don’t deserve a Toronto woman – or any woman for that matter. Go back to where you came from and stay the fuck out of our city, you racist/sexist piece of shit.

  • I’m OK, you’re fucked

    This is some stupid shit. This is quite possibly the stupidest shit I have ever read in my life. I hope that most people reading shit like this and saying, “I agree”, eventually grow up and learn women aren’t pieces of meat hanging in a fucking window, waiting to be taken home by whomever. Not every woman in a club is there to get fucked at the end of the night. That is probably why they talk about what they’re going to eat when they leave the club. They’re there to have fun with their friends, grab a bite and go home.

    As a dude who thoroughly enjoyed life when he was single, guys should take my advice: don’t listen to these fucking douche bags who promise you advice on getting laid. Don’t treat women like sexual objects, they are people first, and if you are decent and don’t act like a rapey, gropey cretin, they might want to sleep with you. This fucker probably didn’t get laid in TO because he’s a fucking douche. Women don’t don’t like when you say stupid shit everywhere in the world, not just TO. He was probably called a fucktard because he is one.

    As for the racist shit, this motherfucker deserves a beat down. If you see this fucking loser in TO, drop kick his stupid ass to the ground! Bring his sorry ass to the lake shore and drop him in lake Ontario so he can swim back to the US.

  • YouSuck

    The author is obviously a racist piece of shit! You can’t get any women because we all know you’re a disgusting, racist pig. Don’t expect to get laid when you’re ugly inside and out.

    Also, Indian girls are way too good for you. Any girl is. Fucking racist.

  • Anonymous 3

    I am utterly shocked at this article, and the various comments stating this is true. As female, born and raised in Toronto, I find this all highly offensive.
    You are comparing toronto women to what YOU feel is the ideal woman. Let me tell you, she does not exist and you surely will never find an approximate because of your obscenely skewed views on women.
    Yes, Toronto women like to eat, just as it is stereotypical for men to eat wings and nachos along with their beer on a game night. We are comfortable in our own bodies and do not want to be anorexically thin just because that is what is perpetuated in the magazines. Nothing wrong with that here. But how can you say we like eating more than sex?? I certainly don’t, perhaps it’s you who are simply horrible in bed! Women don’t make eye contact with you? Now this just sounds like a man who is starving for attention. Too bad if women are not interested in you! It just shows that we are independent women and do not need a man by our sides in order to feel happy, we are self sufficient. We are no longer in the 1930s!
    Girls cockblock- yes, we do. Let’s see here… If a woman were to have a one night stand with you, she is a whore, or easy… yet if she does not, and her friends do not allow her to do so, it turns into one of the worst reasons to live in toronto?? This is clearly a double standard, which you obviously do not see. If a female is holding true to her morals and beliefs how can you hold it against her. Just as you are calling other women “grenades”, perhaps YOU are the grenade of the man world.
    How dare you say that it is wrong of us to be politically correct! I’m going to really need an explanation on this one… it just does not make any sense.
    Also, you point out that there are some races that are a majority in Toronto. Do you know that Toronto was built up by immigrants, who thus had their families here, and this is why we have such a large immigrant population. You have clearly demonstrated that you are an extreme racist in your quest for this non existant ideal woman.
    Good luck finding her! You will be single forever you racist, machist, poor excuse for a man.

  • Anonymous

    Who ever wrote this is clearly a simple minded reject who goes home alone every night. Clearly you need slap in the face because not only are you racist and sexiest your also lacking in intelligence. Please do us all a favour and not use the internet ever again in your life

  • RD

    Lol @ this article and your existence.

  • Timmi

    Your misogyny and believing the world OWES you a ‘hot chick’ is what will keep you from finding any happiness with any woman. As you can see, you have many people pretty hyped up in a negative way about your article. I really hope you take the time to reflect that just because you are a heterosexual white man does not entitle you to any more than anyone else in this world. You may have racial and weight preferences, yes, but you have no right to be commenting on anyone else’s body. The only way that could be fair is to put up a photo of yourself for scrutiny. Good luck with your clearly sad life.

  • Jimbo

    While I agree that this city is full of some of the most Anti-Social self-obsessed whackjobs. I don’t think even those two point plus the othersin your article are relegated to the borders of the City of Toronto. I stopped agreeing when I hit the asian remark. I agree with VICE’s rebuttal more than this electronic equivalent of an irritable bowel movement.

  • Tom Dane

    @253 not its not a place to raise your familly. As soon as you go there your wife will be surrounded by feminists and white knights who will convince her that she should leave you to “find herself” or some other stupid thing.
    She will be attacked by hordes of desperate “gaming” men which will inflate her selfesteam to the point that she will see herself as the queen and her husband as just one of the fool waiting in line and worshipping the ground she is walking on.
    Fact is, when you come to as city like that, your value as a MAN drops to the point that no woman can fathom why she would spent time with you.
    This goes for normal men, the rockstars can do what they want of course.

  • GetReal.

    ‘Waah, girls don’t want to fuck me’. Life’s hard when you’re a douche, huh?

  • Somewhere up North

    Wow… lots of angry Torontonians with broomsticks up their asses around here. No wonder they are so butthurt.

  • female here and left Toronto years ago

    LOL reading these comments are hilarious! Roosh – all these people commenting must be offended because what yous say is true!! I’m asian, lived in Toronto, and I can say – women there are definitely not as attractive as other cities I’ve been and where I’m currently living (Miami). It is not right that women let themselves get fat and if they do, they should have a very bubbly personality and a beautiful pair of heels to go with it (to compensate)!
    Also, it’s true that people don’t make eye contact there, it drives me insane everytime I go for a family visit, no one ever looks up to say hi in the elevator.

  • Mike 2


    See what canadian men have to endure on a daily basis. Canada used to be friendlier especially the west. We weren’t threatened by anyone as our towns and cities were generally safe. So when meeting outsiders it sort of like a new experience. Now when you ride the bus greater than 50% of the people are minorities. They aren’t exotic anymore. The other thing you need to know is that for the most part Canada has no distinctive culture or canadian culture is defined by the lack of culture. Just look at the rage in the comments, you’ve commited a mortal sin -you’ve offended someone and thats verbotten by the PC police

  • Joe D

    man’s just mad he didn’t get laid in T.O.. It’s a great place, diverse as hell and people are really nice and like any other city it has it’s problems and “bad apples”

  • Ur.An.Idoit

    Your completely wrong and ignorant. Don’t be deceived in thinking that because people agree with you that its okay to be racist and sexist. Your probably just some ugly guy thats been turned down one too many times, because you spend your life sitting behind your computer or crying about your life. If you can’t handle a big city you should try somewhere where girls are inhuman and don’t eat, girls don’t have friends and twitter followers count for something.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Toronto women didn’t like you…you sound so repulsive even in writing

  • Derrick

    As they say, the comments prove the point more than the article ever could.

  • TorontoGirl

    Thanks for writing this article, I hope everyone who found it enlightening takes it to heart and doesn’t bother coming here.

    The cost of all those drinks I waste on the faces of guys like you is really starting to add up.

  • Jezzer

    If you’re having trouble getting laid, I have faith that it’s not them, it’s you.

  • Hispstersstink

    You just got a taste of Canada! How does it feel? Not too good.

    Having left Canada a few years ago these comments make me laugh and remind me what it was like there.

    Canadians are too insecure. They can’t handle any sort of criticism and Toronto is even worse. That goes double for the women.

    Just reading these comments show the lack of reading comprehension. Get a grip Toronto. Someone doesn’t like your city, or your women…believe me he’s not alone. I know, it’s shocking isn’t it?

    Your whining and “tough guy” attitude just speaks volumes about how intolerable you people are.

  • Anonymous

    Pay a prostitute to get all of that pent up frustration out. :< I bet it's unhealthy. You'll be happier!

  • Derrick

    There has to be more cities with pent-up fuckwads like 90% of the commenters on this post.

    They need exposed.

  • seth

    why is everyone so mad?

    surely he has the right to state his opinion?

    if you hate then its because he hit a nerve. constructive criticism is lacking, people just are dishing out the hate.

  • Anonymous

    lol at all these butthurt comments.

  • MustachaBond

    #9 is really #1 – If you ask a female for directions, the time, if the donuts are fresh or whatever in Toronto, they stand & wait after replying for the rest of the PUA “opener”. LMAO They probably get 50X more attention on Facebook. All women looking to date “up” should move to Toronto, ASAP.

    #2 The same “PUAs” rave about how the most beautiful women from all over the world are Toronto. As compared to which major city? NY, Chicago,Paris, Brussels,San Jose(yes! SJ!), where?

    #3 Ontario is the dildo shop capital of world.
    Fill in the blanks kiddos.

    Question for the Toronto cool kids- Why not have house parties so you talk to only people you know? You can make Burritos afterwards in the kitchen without unwanted attention from “creeps”.

  • Goose

    I am a guy who has lived in Southern Ontario (Oakville for most of it and now downtown Toronto) for a long time, too long in fact. While some of what Roosh is saying is a little over the top and blunt there is a lot of truth to what he is saying about Toronto and the girls in this city. While I find Toronto does have a handful of beautiful girls the city’s overall culture and attitude of stuck up and “centre of the universe” mentality is what ends up making everyone just far less fun. Point three directly impacts points 8 and down minus 10 and the one about people living in the Suburbs. I actually found those people to be more fun. Toronto is a tough place to date in if you’re just a regular guy. You really really have to know people in this city to go anywhere. As one person said hanging out at bars where there is a good music scene is a great place to meet girls.

    I am from the GTA and I can honestly say of all my traveling, Toronto is one of the toughest cities to meet people in. If you do not know people here it can be difficult. Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver are all much more friendlier places. Vancouver with the west coast lifestyle, I had no problem meeting girls there. One guy said it best though, if you’re coming here from America and you expected it to be easy then you’re way wrong. If you’re an average guy in Toronto I wish you well finding a good looking girl to hook up with because most wont and rightfully so. I mean I am not hooking up with someone who I find extremely unattractive.

  • Jeff

    I think that Toronto would be the last place where feminists and manginas would survive a designated biological weapon to kill them.
    Thanks for making it clear that one of the center of the great disease is in Toronto.
    Don’t take it too personal you stupid assholes Torontonians ROFL!!

  • MustachaBond

    #4 Ontario is the cuckoldry capital of North America.


    This article is so so true. I have no more to say!

  • Duncan

    you’re absolutely wrong. I bet you got rejected to many times ‘cus you’re ugly or something and now you’re just bitching about it.

  • Anonymous

    For lack of a better word, this post is mean.
    Aside from mean, it is also uninformed, racist, and sexist. But I gather you know that.
    I have lived in Toronto for 10 years, and North of Toronto for 16 prior to that. Yes, both men and women are hard to approach. But I do know that Toronto is a city full of educated and diverse people. So diverse in fact that all involved in the weekly ‘club dance’ are speaking different languages, both of body and speech.
    I have found myself in a frustrated situation, where that of the opposite sex didn’t find me ‘worthy’ of their time. I too felt the compulsion to spew my anger at them….express how they were wrong in every fabric of their being; political, sexual, aesthetic, economical, cultural. But ultimately, I was just sad and rejected and projecting my unhappiness.
    Everyone has their faults. Noone is perfect. Yes, we’ve heard this before….but we’ve heard it because it is TRUE! Don’t go to the clubs…..focus on finding someone who shares your values and experiences and you will rock it in the bedroom….not for one fleeting night, but for many. Just please….stop spreading the mean. It doesn’t do any good to any of us.

  • WorldTraveler

    Canadian citizen and world traveler here. The article is bang on, all the facts are true.

    I’m a Canadian citizen, but born in one of the European countries. I’m the world traveler, thus have seen a lot and experienced a lot, and have some facts to compare.

    USA and Canada are an absolute Hell on Earth in terms of dating or having a stable relationship! Ladies there are only and entirely after money, more money and even more money after that.
    If a male does not make at least 5000$ US after tax per month, does not own a nice condo or a big house and have 2 cars (one car is obviously destined to be given to the lady right after the first get together) he’s seen as an unworthy person, a sore loser.

    If a male dares to stand up and be counted, dares to have his own opinion, not influenced by a loads of baloney on CBC or CTV, dares to be not politically correct and respects himself, then he’s a definite NO-NO right from the start for the overwhelming majority of Canadian or American females.

    An American or Canadian lady would gladly go on a date with an ugly abusive freak, who’s loaded with money, you can see it happening all along in all the bars, night clubs, restaurants and lounges all over Canada or USA.

    I’ve lived in Canada for over 10+ years and traveled extensively all over the USA, I’m not in Canada any longer, and those days were like a never ending nightmare….

    I’m a professional swimmer, tall, tanned, sporty, educated, professional SCUBA diving, swimming and snorkeling instructor, adventure tour guide with several foreign languages, but I have never, as in N-E-V-E-R, had any dates with women in Canada or the USA. They don’t even look at you if you don’t drive a new BMW or Corvette and shower them with money every single day. Personal qualities, health, fitness level, respect, understanding, support and attention from a male do not and never will matter for an American or Canadian lady. It’s only about money. And nothing else matters.

    On the other hand,very often, I happened to see a rather attractive American or a Canadian female with some kind of a low life pot smoking male bum, all tattooed, with an unwashed braided hair, looking like he’s just got out of a trash bin…. I still fail to understand the reason why..

    I know a lot of males from around the world and let me tell you-they all share exactly the same opinion about American and Canadian ladies!

    Women in North America are: Totally selfish, self-centered, with a sense of entitlement, with a ME ME ME syndrome, Snow Queens, who only care about money and more money and consider themselves to be above the rest!

    There is a simple solution to the problem though.
    I went over to Russia and got married to an amazing Russian lady.

    Every self respecting North American male should completely avoid dating in America or Canada and just ignore North American ladies, and take several trips over to Europe, be it Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech republic, Sweden, Germany, Hungary or Bulgaria.
    Get yourself a European wife or a girlfriend!
    It’s a different world out there. The ratio of males to attractive females is 1 to 4, yes, it is indeed 1 to 4. Beautiful females are everywhere, on the street, in the cafes, subway, buses, street cars, everywhere! They know style, they have education, they can carry on a meaningful conversation without asking how much you make in a month and what car you drive during first 5 minutes of a chat, they are amazingly sexy and take good care of themselves! You hardly see ANY fatties on the streets of Europe!!!

    Just forget about the North American ladies and realize, that there is indeed a world of opportunities outside of North America, worth to be explored!!

  • the_alpha_male

    I’ve been living in Toronto for over 13 years. Lived in a suburb 40 minutes east for all my life before that.

    I worked in clubs as security in Toronto for about 5 years before moving here and another 2 years after moving.

    Even though i love TO and don’t have a problem picking up but TO has always had the rep of being cold – not just the women – but especially the women.

    Some older guys i knew in high-school said as much back in the late 80’s when they went to UofT.

    Maybe its because I’m super alpha, worked in clubs and unconsciously figured out TO game, but TO girls are easier than the 905’rs I had to deal with in high school. But then again, i was in high school.

    I wish i had known Roosh was in town last summer. I live in the Queen West area around Dovercourt and Queen. From what i gather, this is the area you frequented while here.

    Would have been interested to see you watch my game and see what you make of it (and i do use things from Mystery Method for sure – but its subtle and my body language is on another level). Also i’m not averse to getting hammered or doing drugs while out – don’t give a fuck. I do what i want. Apparently that’s a no no in the gaming community.

  • the_alpha_male

    Its easy to take a guys women from them. Hit on a guys women in front of them. A lot guys in this city get this nervous apprehensive look and don’t say a word.

  • BC INDIAN 8====================================================D

    Why is everyone calling him racist?
    im indian i dont find this offensive at all hes stating preferences.
    If he was ripping on their culture and describing features then perhaps yes.

    But everyone has their attraction. Even i agree the asians do try harder to assimilate for whatever reason and play up a “white style” even be very passive to please the whites(like changin name instead of goin by orginal name).

    Indians are less likly to be “white washed coconuts” and i find that very admirable and respectable(here in bc we got white kids doin bhangra lol)….:)

    even though im not that totally attracted to indian girls(more into latin…sterotypically both similar but more curves an less hair)
    but any girl that can keep her cultures tradtional value will always be big n great in my eyes.

  • WorldTraveler

    I also have a question to all those self proclaimed “internet alpha males”: y’all mention having “a game” as a mandatory feature to date in Toronto.

    Why the Hell do I need a “game” to find a date? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me just to get laid, for example? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me to find a more or less serious date?? Tell me! If you can.

    F..k the city where females need to see a game and hear tons of BS from a male in order to get attracted to him!!!
    I always thought that honesty, respect, integrity and brains were some factors, making a male attractive in female eyes.

    Too bad, that Toronto in particular and Canada in general are all upside down and inside out!!

  • Dave
  • Dave

    Toronto is the worst place I have ever been, and going there the worse mistake of my life — by far.

    I don’t agree with everything Roosh says (e.g. I think South Asian women are very attractive), and I think the analysis could be deeper, but with the main point that Toronto sucks if you’re a single guy is surely correct.

    Toronto women (most of them under 35 or so) act like they’re superior to men — I kid you not. And virtually all of them think they deserve a man out of their league — that’s why you don’t see many men dating up there.

    It almost seems like most of them get pleasure out of denying men attention.

    About the eye contact thing, women in Toronto walk around determined not to look at men. So when they say that it’s ‘ugly’ men who they don’t look at that is utter garbage. I mean, if women are not looking at men at all, how will they know when it’s a good looking guy who is walking by?

    One thing is certain though: IF YOU ARE A YOUNG SINGLE GUY THINKING OF MOVING TO TORONTO, DON’T DO IT! Doesn’t matter how much money you’re being paid. Money isn’t everything.

    If you are reading this, and you’re a Toronto woman, and all this comes as a shock to you, you haven’t been paying attention. Toronto’s reputation as being bad for guys has been building for years now. Certainly, it’s not just Roosh who thinks this. Thousands of men do.

  • Dave
  • Dave
  • :drama: =TORONTO SUX

    :a2m: all these woman complain are the same ones that you described roosh
    :catlady:these are the girls that complain that there are too many creepy pathetic losers and yet compalin that where are all the good guys.
    :bukkake: well ladys u chased him off to montreal
    :attentionwhore:u created this pua culture cuz that nerd that loved u so much that u called pathetic had to adapt an be that “bitter jerk” whom actually have success cuz sometimes be alil shy or showin interest or bein nice is just attacked an seen as weak.
    :hump:when guys approach girls we always a lil nervous and we do mess up sayin the wrong thing,studder, or lame attempt to be funny..youll call him weird and walk away…you wont give him a chance that hes tryin to get to know u
    :whip: of course u have your gaurd up on the wrong guy but when decent guys come with genuine interest he gets shot down cuz he rarely approaches while the “jerk” always approaches everyone
    when it comes to interaction its the guy typically tryin to put in more effort what to do girls try an talk ablout to get to know us….ull just figure us out an leave when ur bored

    what effort to do women put in to meet men…just look pretty and be pleasnt. thats it

    but pleasantness isnt a common trait…keep it up and ull be sittin an wonderin what woulda been if i gave that a guy a chance.
    approach and the first date is the scariest thing for a guy…gaureented hell be more comfortable later

    shy awkward girls can get guys….but shy awkward boys will be alone.

    we try our best to get to u…it wouldnt hurt to give us alil tolerance
    u just get to judge us on our efforts..pass or fail….100% o nothin

  • WorldTraveler

    Dave, spot on too! Good point!!

    I’m still waiting for an answer from y’all “behind the screen machos”:

    Why the Hell do I need a “game” to find a date? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me just to get laid, for example? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me to find a more or less serious date??

    Tell me! If you can.


    those attributes are part of game as well

    man these comments really do sound like the sterotypical torontoians….no wonder there are many blogs bashin it


    I couldn’t hold back had to write more! Lol Best article I’ve ever read in my life! So on point! I feel like it was written by me.

  • http://www.kazantip.com Big Julz

    This is the most truthful article I have EVER read about Toronto. Not a single thing could have been rehearsed in a better form. Men, we live in a cursed desolated wasteland that brings nothing but sorrow and death.
    We must abandon this seventh circle of hell and come back to the light.
    I have been englighted in a way I have not been for 15 years of living in here.
    I hope it will help you find salvation, as it did for me.

  • http://www.kazantip.com Big Julz

    AND for anybody thinking I am wrong, I am a European man that has traveled the world, and has seen what it has to offer. TORONTO has NOTHING, RUN away from HERE if you value your sanity, your health and your soul.

  • EuropeanMan

    I couldn’t agree more with what is written in this post! and the comments! I too have traveled the world and Toronto stands out as arguably the coldest and most stuck-up female population in the entire world that I have traveled so far.
    Their behavior is low class and disgusting, they will turn down good looking guys in a very rude manner, to boast to their friends that they turned down a good-looking guy for a nightly ego-boost, that even a psychologist couldn’t understand why.

  • WorldTraveler

    BUT males are also to blame for the current state of things!

    A normal family is a constant wotk in progress of BOTH male and a female. But in the modern society every female simply expects a male to hand her everything on a silver plate with no objections whatsoever from a man.And if you object, if you dare to have your own opinion,to stand up and be counted, if you are not politically correct and mainstream, then you automatically become a sore loser!
    Males get desperate and give up after going sexless for 3-4-5 years and simply decide to settle with whoever comes first and gives them the least amount of daily BS.

    I would never want to have sex with a girl who looks like she’s eternally pregnant with fat. I respect myself and I’m very demanding when it comes to myself, to the way I think, the way I look and the way I act.
    Thus I expect my counterpart to be at least somewhat demanding to herself as well, and not just going with a flow and expecting everyone else around to accept her the way she is.

    Ain’t gonna happen!

    It all starts with self-respect, for both males and females! It’s better to be eternally single than to settle down with a person just for a sake of settling down and having a f..k buddy.

  • Adrita

    I went to Maddys on Thursday night too – gross!
    But relax on the “Indian girls are not attractive”comment lol they are beautiful!

  • former toronto girl

    Well after reading this and scoffing after every couple of lines, it sounds like someone’s just bitter because they failed to get lucky in Toronto. I used to live there and go out quite often so I’m not completely sure what girl groups or hierarchies your referring to. Are you sure your not describing girls from your high school days?… Honestly you sound like a fucking dick, it’s no wonder you had so much trouble getting laid, I’d be running the other way if I met you while visiting.

  • Dave
  • WorldTraveler

    And I’m still waiting for ONE meaningful reply from all the behind the screen heroes:

    Why the Hell do I need a “game” to find a date? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me just to get laid, for example? WHY do I have to bullshit females around me to find a more or less serious date??

    Tell me! If you can.

  • Anonymous

    “Here is the secret to landing and keeping a [woman]:

    1. Spend most of your free time into improving your appearance.
    2. Lower your standards.”

    Actually, Toronto women have taste and self-respect.

    So you should spend more of your time developing some self-respect. Maybe you won’t resort this pitiful list.


    its girls like that turn guys into dicks
    u can be that dork in high school who got no love turn into something else when he gets out.
    doing the same thing over and over again would be the defintion of insanity….that nerd has to change his game.

    roosh was a virgin at 22 an now hes a gigglo to make up for lost time

    of course u gone out plenty all u have to do is screen out ur suitors….its hard bein the perusuer like am i comin to strong/aloof to forward….like we have to watch every lil thing we say or do in hopes to keep the interaction goin its like we try n entertain u to get your affection.

    woman just judge our efforts so its always easy for u…try it our way…how would you act speak dress behave etc with women….in fact women tear each other out as well
    its like pins n needles n egg shells….those guys u were with may have seemed like naturals but that built that scoial skill up, it took him practice.its harder to interact with woman than with men thats a fact..he musta been awkward too…woman just want the end result not the work in progress iguess

  • WorldTraveler

    Hey, #312, can you please tell me WHY do I have to spend MOST of my free time on improving my appearance? :-) Do you I have to look like a Churst st boy?:-)
    WHY do I have to lower my standards and stop respecting MY OWN views, standards and visions?

    And please, tell me, WHAT happens to the taste and self respect of Toronto females, when they place an ad on some well known pages of any free Toronto newspaper selling themselves or when they go out with some midget loaded with money?

    Can you please let me know??:-)

  • the_alpha_male

    Not too long ago i was at a pub, in the middle of winter. Had my jacket wrapped around my chair, drink in front on the bar. The seat was clearly mine.

    Come back from a pit stop and a pretty 20 year is sitting in my seat. Thank her for keeping my seat warm.

    Her response: “Oh thats ok. You can take your stuff and move it over there”

    Me: “Seriously……get the fuck out”

    Typical TO female bs. She was all smiles after that oddly enough. All the while her two male friends looked ‘nervous’. Wonder why that was.


    hes actually made a video on toronto and montreal
    ur kinda insultin montreal girls.
    its not unusal to have sites bashing toronto its a sterotype for a reason.
    dont hear about vanocuver calgary montreal blog n article bashing
    takin advice from a woman to approach women is like askin a fish on how to fish
    askin where to go on dates n gifts then yes.

    heres his video on toronoto

    an heres his on montreal


  • EuropeanMan

    BTW this article is absolutely flawless! Hit the nail on the head entirely! This is Toronto! The rest of the world doesn’t have this problem. I wish I wasn’t living in Toronto right now, it’s full of sad cold people.
    A vacation back to Europe or south america is a reality check, living in this hell hole. Where good-looking girls actually have good personalities and actually smile and acknowledge rather than talk shit.

  • dan

    Funny how the negative posts draw all the comments.

    Anyway I was in Toronto and Montreal years ago.

    Liked Montreal, didn’t like Toronto. Something about the vibe there was wrong.

    Although I must say I did see plenty of hot girls around and the ones I talked to were very friendly. But I wasn’t pushing for more than a conversation at the time.

  • WorldTraveler

    Funny thing is that all those “article bashers” have NO courage or intellect to give me ONE tiny reply on any of my questions:-)

    What happened, behind the screen warriors??:-) Why are y’all suddenly at a loss of words??:-)
    Weren’t expexcting someone asking YOU questions and putting a doubt on YOUR statements??:-)

  • WellSAID!

    Anybody who doesn’t agree with this article has clearly never traveled! That is a fact! Everything he wrote about Toronto is completely true!

    It’s not like this in Montreal, Europe or Down South, anywhere! For the most part girls in other cities from my experience actually have respect, smile, and talk after compliments, rather than reject compliments (the Toronto girl way)

  • WorldTraveler

    That’s what I keep saying-IGNOR Toronto girls! Completely! There is a whole world awaiting outside of Toronto and Canada!!! Do not limit your options with Canadian or Toronto “Ice Queens”!

  • CUNTWALK toronoto SUX


    take a page from this guy….lie n manipulate woamn….reasons why write here in the link

  • WorldTraveler

    Sorry, IGNORE Toronto and North American girls:-) Keyboard is acting up today.

  • WorldTraveler

    Here is my advice to all those, who still think that “it’s oh so easy to get a date in Toronto”:

    1. Create two fake dating profiles on the same dating site, one for an average looking male and another one for an average looking female.

    2. Just compare the number of messages a male profile will get to the number of messages of a female profile.

    3. Don’t forget to share the fact that it’s 20 desperate male messages to MAYBE 1 female one. :-)

  • Anonymous

    this reads to me more like



  • http://thesoloist1.wordpress.com/ Solo

    Roosh I see you still rustling Jimmies good job mate, I don’t even think Denmark was this pissed.

  • Anonymous

    First off, I would like to say, everyone who blames the bitchy and arrogant attitudes from girls on feminism is obviously grossly misinformed and borderline retarded. Clearly you have no clue what feminism is about, as your impression of feminism is based on how it destroys your chances of getting laid with your dream girl.

    I’m from vancouver, and I have heard similar though not as drastic statements made about the approachability of the women here… maybe it’s a canadian thing. But I would attribute the “bitchy” attitude more to the somewhat “small town” mindset (where everyone knows everyone growing up, so it’s quite socially insulated), hence the group mentality in the shunning and approval of strangers.

    And in my opinion, vancouver is a chill but also extremely passive city, something which is strongly reflected in the people living here. Likewise, I find the men here very passive as well, which is probably why the women here are “picky” and more let’s say, “aggressive” as a whole (though honestly as a girl myself, I don’t think they can even be considered aggressive). I can’t say much for other cities outside of vancouver, but I can assume there is a level of homogeny across canada, which also includes this sort of group mentality and passive male behaviour.

    By that theory, if you were really TEH SHIT (looks aside, because I’m sure you have a winning personality), you would already have a leg up on most men in the area. As I grew up elsewhere from vancouver, I find that I personally don’t click with the locals (the ones that I have met at least), and I find vancouver men to be very nondescript…. but each to their own.

    There’s really no need to go hitler Toronto’s female population just because they rejected your face. And while some of the things you stated in your article true to some degree, I’m sure the biggest factor in you not getting laid is the fresh smell of ass-vomit on your breath from speaking words of great wisdom.

  • WorldTraveler

    To #324: Well, if you are so witty and smart, then may be you’ll muster up enough courage to answer some of my above posted questions?:-)

  • Wilson

    Ha, Roosh wasn’t even that harsh and the Toronto cunts with so much time on their hands are here in force. Do they not have cats in Canada?



    he’s not at all typing this just because he got rejected! Toronto has had this stereotype for a long long time, it’s just now been finally published on the net.
    Every guy knows it, ask around Toronto. It’s typical for guys to talk about exactly what is posted on this article on a regular basis..

  • WorldTraveler

    Ok, looks like I have to repeat it one more time:
    Tell me, Toronto ladies and all those heroic behind the screen Toronto males, WHY ih Hell do I have to have my game on when trying to get laid or to get a meaningful date in Toronto or Canada in general for this matter?
    Tell me, what’s wrong with just honesty, integrity, respect, mitual understanding, having brains and being sporty and educated??
    WHY, WHY such a need for the “game” and similar BS? WHY in Hell can’t you stand normal people with an honest straight forward attitude?

    How about some courage to answer my questions?:-)

  • Anonymous

    Toronto women are vitamin-D deficient losers.

  • John Rambo

    To all the man-hating feminists and mangina men on here who support them-

    Do us all a favor and go drop dead. The world would be a FAR BETTER PLACE without scum like you in it.

    And you pathetic mangina men who support these hideous feminists- you are a DISGRACE to the human race. You are so pathetically WEAK! I can’t wait for the day when the strong are allowed to devour the meek. YOu pathetic cowards are going to get everything you deserve.

    American/western women are SCUM, and I encourage all men to BOYCOTT THEM and go find real women, feminine women, in Asia, East Europe, etc. Maybe if you pussywhipped pathetic beta male mangina faggots would go date a REAL WOMAN, an Asian woman, you’d grow a pair of balls and actually become a real man.

    To Roosh- Since you like big books, check out the Ramayana or Mahabharata, both are epic indian classics. There’s a ton of translations but the ones by “Krishna Dharma das” are good since they are very well written in easy to read English. THey are both about princes who get exiled and then have to fight their way back to power against a corrupt system. Probably will be one of the best books you’ve ever read.

  • The Truth sayer

    My TV has more color than Toronto women do.

  • Aless

    Please be more uninformed, politically incorrect, and overall a huge douchebag. Oh wait…you’ve already maximized your capacity to be all these things!
    I sincerely hope that all of these statements are just attempts at (really bad) jokes.

  • Dave

    One thing you have to be careful about when reading the occasional guy who posts about getting laid a lot in Toronto. There is a high change that it is due to social circle — if he’s telling the truth. It’s very hard to meet women you don’t know there, but having mutual friends or acquaintances will make all the difference in the world. The difference is dramatic, and even saying that doesn’t quite capture how much of a difference it makes.

  • WorldTraveler

    @John Rambo: I’ve noticed myself, that an overwhelming majority of those defending a feminazi views on things have NEVER ever traveled outside of North America.

    Thus they prefer to stay inside their politically correct shell and never dare to have own thoughts, visions and opinions!
    They have nothing to compare dating in North America to!!!

    I love to see facial expressions of North American males, when they get over to Eastern Europe, be it Poland, Russia or Ukraine, and actually find out that females can be stylish, can smile back at males, do love compliments and do not run away scared when they hear them!

    It’s a different UNIVERSE out there!!

  • OttawaRocks

    Lovvvvvvvvvve your post. I live in Ottawa and it has the most beautiful women on earth. Out of every 10 women on the street there is two 9s, five 8s and rest are 6s.

    When I go to Toronto for business I find most girls ugly. I count the minutes to go back to Ottawa.

  • Legend


    Was a little depressed for the last few years because every woman I would see I could not really get to know her the way I used to when I was younger. Thought I was fucked up and destined to be alone.

    I went to Kiev, Ukraine for a few weeks to visit family and friends and boy what a difference. Beautiful women everywhere. You smile at them, they smile right back at you. When you talk to them you find out more in 1 hour then you would in 5 hours in Toronto. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto has some beautiful women, just not as many as Kiev did. You go outside and you see them everywhere. Makes you think you’re in a colder Santa Monica or at fashion week New York or something.

    I would reccomend every lonely male in Toronto to book a trip to Eastern Europe and teach English or something for a few months. You won’t regret it and you will no longer require a therapist.

  • Legend


    Doesn’t Ottawa have like a 6:1 female:male ratio?

  • WorldTraveler

    @OttawaRocks: Have you EVER traveled outside of North America??:-)

    A “9” in Ottawa will be a mere “4” in Eastern Europe:)

  • Senior Beta

    Yo, Canucks! Roosh ain’t a Dago. Nor an Indian. He is Turkish. Or Iranian. Or from somewhere near there. And he has been laid on six continents. Read his books. But he strikes out some. Like all of us. Only in Toronto the pitchers weren’t worth getting up for. Live with it.

  • Armenian

    There’s a reason why Toronto is the online dating capital of the world and why more there of more Roosh readers from TO than anywhere else.

  • WorldTraveler

    @Legend: Spot on, man! Spot on!

    It takes courage to acknowledge that there is NO dating in Toronto and Canada! There is only gold digging!! It’s only about money, money and more money! Nothing else matters!
    Men are viewed as money making machines. Females in Canada don’t care about the looks, education, brains, level of fitness, honesty, integrity and mutual understanding as long as a male has busloads of money, a nice and fancy car and a nice condo or a house in an upscale neighborhood.
    Canadian females are willing to tolerate any kind of abuse, be it physical or verbal, in order to keep that “dream male”, “Mr. Right” with loads of money.

  • Armenian

    @333 I live in Ottawa. Where do you find these women?
    I think you’ve mistaken Gatineau for Ottawa

  • Boz

    I don’t know what’s worse, the foul-mouthed IQ-deficient women who mindlessly sling mud at Roosh like agitated apes worked into an apoplectic froth by the ugly truth, and in the process unknowingly confirming Roosh’s observations…or…the pathetic manginas who throw a hissy fit at having their beloved city criticized for being what it is: a fetid, overcast, sun-deprived swamp of corporate drones, self-entitled women who dogmatically harbor the delusion that they’re perfect 10s deserving nothing less than male models with an income of at least $100 000 a year, and posturing hipster hyenas who run around in ironic t-shirt packs and get boners over the latest ramen joint.


    I believe that this article is very subjective. Obviously, the author is not getting much love in my city. Drinks on me tonight buddy…

  • U R an Obvious Loser!!!

    Seriously, you couldn’t be more…

    wrong, tasteless, repellant, ignorant and more of an asshole…

    It’s you who in need of an effin’ reality check…

    Don’t hate because women can sense the clear fact:

    Good job, even with empty inches, you still manage to waste space…

  • beta_plus

    @325 Wilson

    ROTFLMAO! Nice.

    @327 World Traveler

    My guess? You’re probably too short. I’m not trying to be mean – just honest (I’m a guy who is a hair over 5’11”). Men under 6’4″ who don’t look like they play for the Italian soccer team need not apply in Toronto-Occupied-Ontario and much of Canada. Even if you’re over that you may be too skinny. I met an Albertan Fire Fighter who fit the roll to a T (6’5″ – muscular as hell -super nice guy too) whose barely 7 fiance dumped him a few months before the wedding.

    Toronto-Occupied-Ontario’s (T-O-O) problem is very simple. The men are tall, good looking, charming, well educated, smart, good dressers, and level headed while the girls are fat, ugly, spoiled with a welfare state that will cater to their every whim while getting to shop at almost American prices. Pick up culture there is not a cause of the problems. It’s a symptom (Mystery, Cajun, AND Tyler Durden – too much to be coincidence for me)

    If you’re a “face” man, T-O-O is seriously lacking no matter where her ancestors came from (I disagree with Roosh that the girl’s are cuter than DC – Canada’s biggest proponent of open immigration? STRIP CLUBS! Because there is not enough local talent! Not joking). Though for some reason that makes guys who look like models with the bodies of track stars.

    One of the weird differences that I noticed between T-O-O and DC is that it feels like ALL of the bar and wait staff in T-O-O are hired guns (not a club guy so I won’t claim to know about that). Only in a few bars in DC do I know they deliberately hire only hot girls – usually the staff is a mix of all types. In T-O-O, it seems like it’s everywhere. I went to an East Side Mario’s way out in the burbs and EVERY SINGLE waitress and bartender was a hottie, with not a single even cute patron. Every time that I’m on Queen’s West and I see a hot girl in a bar I have to check myself and ask “Is she a waitress or bartender?”. It feels like most of the time she is.

    Oh, and LOL at the haters. I hope every one of Roosh’s words stings your souls. It’s the very least you spoiled hypergamous sluts and moronic white knights deserve.

  • WorldTraveler

    @346 Beta Plus

    Too short? :-) I’m a former professional swimmer, 6’3 tall, with swimmer’s body. No, I’m not a bodybuilder and do not have bulky muscles.
    I’m swimmer lean, with a “6 pack”. I still swim with Toronto Masters Swim Clubs in North York when I happen to visit the city.

    I never care about pick up stuff or other tricks of desperate Toronto males.
    I’m just trying to understand why do I need some kind of a game to get a date or to get laid in Toronto? Why such a hate for honesty, integrity, respect, intellect, education and mutual understanding from all the Canadian females??
    Why do they like to be showered with BS instead of dealing with an honest and straight forward approach??
    I could never get an answer to that question during my 10+ years in Toronto…

  • Mike 2


    Alpha = threat of violence to protect territory

    Bitch with her nervous beta orbitors

  • Toronto Sucks, Deal With It

    lol at the butthurt denizens of Toronto.

    Oh no, a man I don’t even know made fun of my city, my life is now ruined! What will I ever do?

    If a chick is reading this and is fuming, then you’re one of the fat, ugly, miserable, and/or delusional women he’s describing in this list.
    And you want to know why you’re getting mad? Because the truth hurts, and the pain makes you angry.

    Truth: 1. Fat, ugly, miserable, and/or delusional Toronto feminist: 0.

  • Jenna

    You people are awful.

  • beta_plus

    @WorldTraveler 344

    Again, I’m not trying to be mean – but that’s not enough for Toronto-Occupied-Ontario.

    You have to look at a T-O-O woman not as an adult human being but as a spoiled 5 year old who will never get spanked by her parents for her outrageous behavior and will in face be richly rewarded no matter how badly she acts.

    Imagine if the Playboy Mansion and the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader squad was your perpetual personal harem – refreshed every 6 months with nubile 18-22 year olds. How would you behave if a 6 got in your way and tried to flirt with you when you were just about to go bang a girl who looked like a 21 year old Kathy Ireland?

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of over entitled… have you considered the fact, that you are the one over entitled… that Toronto women act this way… not out of disillusionment, but because they can (educated, ambitious and beautiful, can attract quality guys and therefore easily reject garbage pieces of meat)… that this actually shows they are empowered and have more attractive options available, than in settling for your void…

    Have you considered… men in general have an over inflated sense of entitlement, although more pronounced in other places of the world, thinking it’s alright to even talk about women this way, like they were mere objects. And to commend each other for banging girls in every continent. Your mother and sisters would be super proud… I don’t know… maybe in your family you like to bang each other.

    Have you considered… that someone having standards is not a bad thing… it means when a Toronto girl chooses you, you are special, because she has the capability to choose freely… and that all those girls from the other countries… who smile at you… will smile, be nice to, and do… every single guy… yup, real special, real nice, and real nice way to catch a disease.

  • Anonymous

    http://youtu.be/2hMEdDrI39s – fukk all the haters- this kid made a vid explaining why Roosh’s article here needs a second read from all the virgin idiots that don’t get it!

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Here’s a recap for those who don’t want to wade through the comments:

    1). Roosh writes article saying Toronto women are bitches.

    2). Toronto women explode onto his blog saying he’s “wrong,” yet behaving just as he said they do.

  • WorldTraveler

    @351 Beta Plus


    I never judge a female by a number on a scale from 1 to 10. It’s always a combination of looks and brains. It’s impossible to go just by the looks or by the brains.

    I do know that what I have is not enough in Canada, since I’m not a millionaire, do not own a Ferrari or a lakeview condo. On top of that I’m not politically correct and have my own views and visions, not affected by a daily dose of BS from CBC or CTV, which immediately puts me into a “loser” category for all the Canadian females.

    And that’s why I went over to Eastern Europe and got married to an amazing Russian lady, who’s my everything and who understands that building a family is a lifelong work in progress, when a new “brick” needs to be laid into the walls and foundation every single day, rain or shine, Sunday or Monday, and who also knows that one has to GIVE before one can expect to GET something!
    Same applies to me! And this is how a real family works: GIVING COMES BEFORE GETTING!
    But this giving has te be mutual, and not “Canadian”, when a female has that “ME ME ME first” attitude, and only then, after she gets everything on a silver platter, “MAY BE you”.

    There is NO “me” or “you” in dating or family. It’s only US!

    But this “US” seems to be very elusive in modern Canadian society.

  • just jess

    Well shit my pants.

  • Assassin-Nation

    Oh, the jimmies that are been rustled… Some of these comments are gold.

    I’m not a real ‘Toronto’ woman, but even I admit to some of these, and notice quite a few of the habits Roosh listed.

    So, from a female perspective, the guy is pretty spot on with some of his remarks. Not all (for example, the obesity epidemic hasn’t hit all of us!), but an alarmingly large number of them hold some degree of truth.

    So, Toronto ladies: Lighten up, damn it!

    And Roosh: I don’t know where you were looking, but you seem to have missed some good hot spots. And the generalization was just a tad excessive.

  • Assassin-Nation

    *Oh, the jimmies that HAVE been rustled…

  • Tee

    Dude, women in Toronto have taste, even the minorities. No way they’re gunna go out with a guy that looks homeless, they see to much of those on the streets. Just being blunt, hope you can handle it.

  • Tee

    Also your not even white, stop hating on Indian girls. You’re an Arab, you guys look a like. Lets be fucking honest.

  • Neal

    Lot of human garbage in the post and thread, wow

  • Anonymous

    Wow Roosh, you’ve dissed many other cities before, including even Toronto, but never the satisfaction of this much butthurt except maybe the 9 ugliest feminists article.

  • infantry

    As usual you run into the most flak when you’re right on target.

    Anyone from Toronto who came in here flinging ad hominems and shaming language show the rationalisation of cognitive dissonance caused when someone criticises anything you relate to as part of yourself or your invested energy, no matter how accurately.

    Tldr; if roosh is wrong then you aren’t an unattractive girl or an idiot for investing time trying to bang Toronto women compared to greener pastures elsewhere.

  • Anon

    I triple dog dare ya to write a 15 reasons Denmark is the worst Northern European country for women. See if it could break the ugliest feminists/toronto worst city articles for commentary from the feminazi bots/manginas.

  • Tee

    All these issues present a challenge to you for a simple reason…you lack skills. Never had these issues when I was on the dating scene. Brush up rookie

  • Tee

    Oh shoot, just looked at your bio pic…that explains a lot. Sorry bro but that grunge looked died in 93 and that face, that’s something that was never in. Good luck

  • Anonymous

    you’re a stupid fucking douchebag who can’t get laid. keep complaining about it, it seems like it looks good on you.

  • T-dot lady


    You are not totally fugly, but you are certainly not a conventionally attractive man. Perhaps that is part of the problem? Also, to be honest, any girl that I know with half a brain can see through this PUA stuff straight away. I’ve called a couple guys out on it and asked them which pick-up books they’ve read, and they go red in the face. I just laugh, and try to be genuine and warm and joke about it (like most of the guys above say they want from a woman, warmth), but they instantly turn into jerks, and no longer feel like chatting. Are they worried I’m going to break their cover?

    There are so many carefree, fun-loving girls in this city, but you’ve failed to see that in them because you are too busy trying to decide if they are a hot 6 or a deceptive 7. Your loss…she’s a 10!

    I really don’t mind this article too much though, because it would encourage men like you to stay away, so please continue trash talking the city.

    p.s. As a peace offering, i’ll give you this: try Ossington

  • T Dot Strikeouts

    hahahaha, 2 much truths! all these girls on defensive immediately haha.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you’re just frustrated that you keep getting turned away by girls you find attractive. As a pick-up artist, shouldn’t you pick up your game? If your game doesn’t work on whom you want it to work on, maybe it just sucks and you should reconsider your whole approach.

    Also you can have your preference for a certain type of women but at least have some class. It’s possible to state what you like without putting everything else in that category down.

    Just because a woman turns you down, it doesn’t mean she’s a bitch. You’re the common denominator in all your little anecdotes, so it’s quite possible that you’re the dick.

  • Anonymous


    Are you referring to post #323 (instead of your own post, which is #324).

    I looked at some of your questions briefly, and they are all quite superficial and rather biased questions… none of which really had anything to do with my post.

    I did mention that I was from vancouver (as I am residing here now), but for the better part of my life I grew up elsewhere. I have very mixed feelings towards vancouver/canada (let’s just say I hate many aspects of this place, but I know there are much worse places in the world to be in), and I have been living here for close to 5 years. I do not really identify with the people here, and I see myself as an outsider more than anything.

    I did say that vancouver men are very passive, and that is the reason why I find them unattractive. That was from a dating/potential mate perspective, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the thing is, I have a general dislike of most of people and cookie-cutter culture here, which also plays into my dislike of vancouver men. I do not dislike vancouver men because they are not “up to my standard” in terms of looks/money/status.

    I don’t believe that men have to shoulder the responsibility in having to better themselves for the women. People should better themselves for the purpose of being a better person, or for a greater good, not for the appeasement of the opposite gender. I find vancouver men to be very nondescript because they are quite boring and sheltered in their experiences and social circles on top of being very passive. (Even my gay friend has said that vancouver men are boner killers, while the men in montreal are much more attractive.) I also find this true of most people I have met in vancouver, regardless of gender. I would say the most interesting and memorable characters I have met while here are people that didn’t grow up or live exclusively in vancouver, and there has been only one or two true vancouverites that I genuinely liked.

    So I hope I’ve somehow answered your questions. Like I said in my last post, there are some degrees of truth to this article about toronto (or I guess canada in general) which I can definitely relate to… but as a whole this article is just extremely offensive and bigoted.

  • Anonymous

    This entire post is fucking disgusting.

  • IPFreeley

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this article is GOLD Roosh. I’ve read it before, but HILARIOUS that all of a sudden this has exploded and become viral. Looks like some fat ass ugly feminist stumbled upon this and made a mission to make it viral HAHAHAHA.

    You Toronto bitches make me SICK. Screw you, screw feminism, screw the powers behind the scenes that have ALLOWED this to happen in North America over the past several decades, screw the Scottish, British Presbyterian Calvinistic cunts that make up much of Toronto’s elite and are mostly to blame for the clusterfuck that is Toronto’s society, screw the Toronto and Ontario politicians for allowing every greasy immigrant into the country and city over the last several decades with open arms, and screw all the super desperate guys, most of which are those greasy immigrants, for already making a bad situation worse.

    I unfortunately lived in Toronto for a long time, way too long, but I’m finally getting the FUCK out of here so I can better my life. If I meet any of you delusional Toronto girls in my new city of residence, I will tear you down SO hard you’ll be running and crying all the way back to Toronto. Think I’m a jerk? Want to call me names? Good, I don’t care. This has to be done. You Toronto bitches NEED to be put in your place and you need to learn some humility.

    Before all you internet heroes and virtual tough guys attack me, I dated enough girls in Toronto and had a few flings here and there. Was I a player? No. I was just me, and I managed a few hot girlfriends over the years. That doesn’t change the fact that Toronto is a SHITHOLE and that I came really close to losing my mind living here.

  • IPFreeley

    One more thing,

    all you heroes that claim you “hit it big” on a regular basis in Toronto, it can only mean one of a few things:

    1.) You’re throwing around a lot of cash at the bitches
    2.) You are lowering your standards and hitting anything female on two legs
    3.) You’re lying

    Unless you live downtown and are part of some big college and university social groups/workplace groups, then it is almost impossible to hit it on a regular basis without resorting to 1.) or 2.) above.

  • Phoenix

    There are many Toronto profiles on POF – the girls look really good. Which of course led me to believe how stuck up they must be.

    But as always guys – if you want a high quality girl, improve yourself first and results should follow.

  • the passenger

    Its funny to watch all these roosh bashers.
    He is a wise guy- knows that posts like these (highly controversial) will draw traffic, which means more $$ income. So, every time you criticize and yell at roosh, he makes more cash 😉 And how much you make by posting comments?

    Roosh (and most other american guys) have the ability to bang girls all over the world, so we’re pity for toronto girls… you don’t receive quality bangs so you’re aggressive, cold, unfeminine. Well, yet another western city turned into shit. Good luck with your government jobs and being unmarried into your 40s and 50s :)))

  • rather embarrasing girls

    wtf…. where does all this shit come from? toronto ppl have nothing better to do than blogging & posting?

  • FrenchlivingintTO

    I am a woman and start living in this city 3 years ago… I am not offended at all and I can confirm EVERY SINGLE FACT that this guy wrote without. Someone should write another article on why toronto is the worst city for women or the worst period. I am so happy some people out there realise that “Staying out of here becomes essential for your mental health”, 90% of them are psychos and the 10% remaining are just lifeless.

  • you prick

    You should do ALL of Canada a favor and LEAVE. We don’t want you. Go to Afghanistan and check those women out.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! No wonder why americans like it in Montreal, despite the language barrier. Girls, ambiance and life are simply much more fun here :) Come back to Montreal in summer time and see for yourself. You might not get a flag ( post-feminism reigns suprememe here ) but your eyes will be full!

  • Anonymous

    The only reason men like Montreal better is this: women are easy. Not more attractive, not more abundant, just plain easy.

    I love Toronto, but I don’t do any bar hopping. This review was racist, sexist and just plain venting. I guess this guy gave up and decided to spend his saturday night writing useless crap. Way to go and waste your time instead of working on your charm.

  • Sara

    You are a whackjob. There are plenty of beautiful women in toronto

  • T-DOT

    Dude, you suck if u can’t get laid in Toronto…..you should give up game.
    Also, you get girls a lot easier when you aren’t hitting on guys.

  • beta_plus

    @T-dot lady
    “I’ve called a couple guys out on it and asked them which pick-up books they’ve read, and they go red in the face.”

    What you did was extremely nasty. Look up “approach anxiety”. Imagine if I told a girl who started talking to me that she was too ugly.

    It must be nice not to have to overcome hardwired instincts and not to have to work for sex.

  • Toronto

    Sounds like a bunch of losers in here. Maybe spend less time finger fucking your keyboard and find more productive ways to work on YOURSELF so you can better talk to the ladies.

    Thank VICE that I even found this shitty post

    Go fuck yourself pencil dick

  • Funkhouse

    So, this douche went to a new city, didn’t get laid, and it’s the city’s fault?… I see.

  • licken chegs

    what roosh thinks:


    “I piss in all yo faces!”

  • just sayin’

    You’re ruining the world for men and women, try being honest with yourself for a second or two, maybe it will stick.

  • 416

    Dude, You’re a ‘hard’4 at best thinking you’re an 8, with a racist misogynist attitude. THAT’S why the city is soo shitty for you. Grow up and stop being a ‘f*cktard’!

  • http://www.the3bromigos.com dumasworld

    Toronto sucks. I would not even have to visit to tell you people that. All I would have to do is point at all the comments on this blog and various others about this article made by people from Toronto.

    Most of them are hateful, spiteful, bitter women who accuse the blogger of being racist and sexist whilst using similar hateful language in their own comments.

    Toronto is not a multicultural city, it’s full of bitter racist and sexist women. You want a real city, try visiting London/Paris/Tokyo/New York, those are big world cities, not your little nonce filled little New York wannabe town

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Not one thing you’ve said about women is correct. As for the fast food things and taxi prices, yes, that is true, but that is universally a part of Toronto, not women. God knows where you’ve been in Toronto and the methods you’ve tried with women. Maybe you’re a total dumbass and THAT’S why it’s not working, not because women in Toronto are the way you so simplistically describe them.

  • Liza

    Wow this article is so pathetic it’s comical. This has to be the most sexist, racist, misogynistic, and if we wanna take it there, sizeist article if I ever did see one.
    First and foremost, who the fuck are you? Some WASP fucker from DC who thinks that you’re God gifts to woman and as such women should receive you that way? Nah. The world doesn’t owe you shit, and neither do Toronto girls.
    As a woman from Toronto, I felt this post was written out of sheer denial of vagina and you’re just mad. This has to be the most illogical and unintelligent list. I’ve come across many American tourists here and they have nothing but love for Torontonians and Toronto girls. I’m sorry if you had a shitty time here, but seriously there is no need for you to be a cunt and compile a list of facts that seriously lack validity and credibility.

    In all, you’re probably just a man who’s ego is bigger than his dick, you’re probably not even easy on the eyes.

    P.S. What in the name of fuck is a ‘feminine’ woman anyway? Do us a favor and keep you and your ignorance out of Toronto and on behalf of the unfeminine and minority women here, we’d greatly appreciate it if you never come back.

  • Anonymous

    I think number 7 is plain racist as it points out division between manners and also “I think legal immigration is a great thing because it allows people from third world countries to lift their station and have a go at a first world lifestyle”

    Many of the immigrants that travel to first world countries have no other choice because of political reasons and their home country not being safe (Otherwise I think they would be plain crazy to come to this place). As a woman I am attracted to white men with accents, that is the matter of choice and preference so I’m not judging you for liking white females nor am I stating that people have to change preferences because it’s racist. However, the wording of number 7 could be much better and respectful to other people’s cultures.

  • AJ

    Hahahaha you are a sad sad little man. I’m sorry no one would suck your greg in Toronto, maybe it’s because Toronto is too good for you? Maybe you should have just wanked it in the Sheridan and avoided trying all together. Do you want women to just lay over and open their legs? Fucking is a game loser, jump in or get pushed aside. Considering you sound lame, I’m not surprised the legs stayed closed. I bet you look, talk and act just like every other fucking prick of an American who thinks the world should bow at their feet. When the women looked down on your sorry ass, you whined, google searched memes and wrote this retardedly self-serving blog. Did it make you feel better? Awww I’m glad. But I’m sorry your penis is still small and your personality makes girls want to puke on you. Better luck next time.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Pretty funny. Except that you’re a racist. It sounds as if you were rejected by a hot Indian girl. For someone who just wants to pick up and get laid you should work on the following two items: making more money and/or looking amazing…One of those two things are god-given, so if you’re fugly you might want to concentrate on doing more than posting to your free blog site.

  • Roosv you mofucker

    ROOSV, you are a big LOSER !!!!!!!!

    PUA, MY ASS !

  • WOW.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Toronto can be a drag…ESPECIALLY in the colder months.

    BUT dude, it’s not THAT bad and there are plenty of beautiful women.

    I’m betting you’re just really fucking ugly and this post makes it apparent that you have a really slimy personality.

    You should seriously be castrated.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh is definitely a boy who doesn’t know how to deal with women and, as a result, has become a bitter prick who spends all of his time formulating articles on how every other outside factor is the problem. Wow, how many times have you gotten rejected in your life to make you come up with these skewed views of the world?

    For the men reading this and taking Roosh’s advice to heart, god help us all. There will be more Roosh’s out there and I can guarantee the result will be an increase in negative attitudes from women and rejection across the board.

    I’ve also seen a lot of Roosh’s ‘followers’ on facebook and now understand why these people think his words are like the word of god. If any of those men approached a woman, I can guarantee they wouldn’t get anywhere!! I’ll use the Rooch approach and overgeneralize that these men are unattractive, unintelligent, condescending, pretentious, bitter assholes. A big turn off for the ladies and an easier answer to all of your women problems.

  • Lifeless boring city

    Conversations that never take place:

    Hey guys, let’s have a blast on our vacation! Where do you want to go – Miami, NYC, Vegas, Montreal?

    No way man, let’s go to Toronto!


  • Dan

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. I regret wasting 3 minutes of my life to skim through this utter pile of complete bullshit.
    Maybe you’re the problem dude.
    Go kill yourself.

  • DG

    A note to all…just because a girl isn’t “easy” doesn’t make her a crazy feminist.

  • KJ

    Okay…let me just process what I just read…so you come to Toronto for a small amount of time…get turned down by a few women, and all of a sudden, all Toronto women are crazy, bra burning, hairy legged feminists? If having self respect and rejecting an ignorant prick like you is being a feminist, then I guess every woman who looks through you (because, lets face it, you’re kiiinndddaaa sh*tty) is a feminist? Well I better get my bra and set it on fire…hold on one sec…

  • http://kennyspuahtoughts.wordpress.com/ Socialkenny PUA

    As much as I’d love to disagree with Roosh on this one, he’s actually on to something.

    A black guy would have a better chance in Toronto if he games black girls. If Roosh was into banging black girls, he would not have been so turned off.

  • Anonymous

    racist, sexist asshole. guys like you are the reason the women of toronto might be considered “cold”.

  • Anonymous

    I spent most of my life in Toronto. I’m a nice guy. I dress like a redneck, I’m not racist, and I’m not “the ugly duckling” Toronto women treat me like acid. Fuck that city. They all pretend to be politically correct, veganism is rampant. That city is incredibly racist – To whites. If you’re a white man in Toronto you best start dressing like a moron with your pants around yer ankles and a goofy flat rimmed hat because that’s the only way these women will let you in. I moved to kingston, the girls here are much nicer. There’s a mix of everyone. And with the Queens students, there’s a huge influx of women – Whom take care of their appearance. Toronto is a crazy rat race, and who ever likes it there, please stay in that slimy shit hole. You’re part of what makes it a shit hole so please… Keep everyone in your little group there so we don’t have to deal with them.

    By the way, Toronto girls? Choke on yer after party pizza and die.

  • Armenian

    @394 “416”

    Is “f*cktard” part of everyday Toronto vocab?
    Let’s just hope it doesn’t propagate into the rest of the Canada?

    I guess Roosh is 100% accurate. Pleae refer to his point #3

  • http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://demotivate.me/mediafiles/500/demotivational-poster-roosh-v-_32201344958pm.jpg&imgrefurl=http://demotivate.me/media/demotivational-posters-roosh-v&usg= Chauv

    Your personal failings come across as arrogance.
    Maybe it’s you, Roosh. Maybe it’s you…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like you’re a bit of a douche. I’m proud you’re not getting much from Toronto girls. You sound like you’re pretty superficial and I myself, as a “Toronto girl” have tons to offer in a relationship (smarts – university educated, good looks, etc.) and I do not “put out” that easily. Hmmm, maybe you should hire a hooker. That’s what they’re there for, genius!

  • Mark

    Wow, did you actually say this–> “Too many Asian and Indian girls”??? You’re obviously AMERICAN

  • Astounded

    339 WorldTraveler
    March 20th, 2013 @ 11:42 pm

    @Legend: Spot on, man! Spot on!

    It takes courage to acknowledge that there is NO dating in Toronto and Canada! There is only gold digging!! It’s only about money, money and more money! Nothing else matters!
    Men are viewed as money making machines. Females in Canada don’t care about the looks, education, brains, level of fitness, honesty, integrity and mutual understanding as long as a male has busloads of money, a nice and fancy car and a nice condo or a house in an upscale neighborhood.
    Canadian females are willing to tolerate any kind of abuse, be it physical or verbal, in order to keep that “dream male”, “Mr. Right” with loads of money

    You might be over-estimating your good qualities. Women have standards and one of those standards is just how good of a provider a man will be hence the emphasis on his occupation and status. It is a pretty important quality and is evoutionary wired in women’s brains although some immature women tend to place a disprortionate amount of emphasis on a man’s looks. Ideally however, the most wanted men have a blend of both looks and finances (also tied to education).

    If you really are fit, good-looking and educated then you would need a baseball bat to beat off the women.

    However, if you say you are fit, good-looking and educated and are not attracting women then at east two out of the three qualities are not true and I would recommend getting a fair assessment from at least 5 non-family ppl as to your actual market value.

    You cannot discount provider ability/status/occupation if you want the high qaulity girls. That is the case anywhere on earth. To quote a classic movie line “Being rich for a man is like being pretty for a woman”.

    This also ties in to the reactions you and others get from Ukranian and other Eastern European women when you travel there. By the socio-economic standards of their societies, you as an educated North American HAVE the ability to provide for them, compared to their men who are alcoholics and unempoyed and die off fast, so these women are still conforming to their evolutionary wiring seeking provider males. Of course there is a risk in bringing them over to Noth America where you will now be compared to other North American men and likely be seen as lacking.

    So your options are to take a good look at yourself and be honest in improving the aspects of yourself that need improving. Or be realistic and lower your standards to get a woman more equal in sexual market value to yourself. Or go to an impoverished country where your passport will benefit you greatly among the women (just make sure to live there and not bring back the woman here).

    Be pro-active and explore your options. I wish you the best of luck.

  • http://CanIsayLoser Pathetic

    What a STUPID article. It’s as if you think Toronto is filled with amazing hot guys. And who the hell goes to the Madison for a good time. Geeze. Clearly that’s the only crappy place you can get into! Please do Toronto a huge favor and leave. Granted I couldn’t imagine what city would actually like to have you. It’s clear that your lameness is why you can’t find a great girl and have a good time in this city. But its a blessing as I would never want the world to be populated with your offspring.

  • WorldTraveler

    I’m still waiting for an answer:

    Tell me, Toronto ladies and all those heroic behind the screen Toronto males, WHY ih Hell do I have to have my game on when trying to get laid or to get a meaningful date in Toronto or Canada in general for this matter?
    Tell me, what’s wrong with just honesty, integrity, respect, mitual understanding, having brains and being sporty and educated??
    What’s wrong with a NORMAL and human approach to people these days? Why do you ladies NEED to be bullshitted up to the limit instead of just looking for an honest, respectful and caring person?
    WHY, WHY such a need for the “game” and similar BS? WHY in Hell can’t you stand normal people with an honest straight forward attitude?

    How about some courage to answer my questions?:-)

  • Married

    Woah. I grew up in the States and lived in Florida, California and New York and I love Toronto. I met a smart, kind, athletic and handsome husband here. I must admit as I have NEVER been tempted because Toronto is filled with quite dull men. Just plain old boring men. So I am REALLY lucky to find a diamond in the rough. On another note I think Camh could do wonders for you, or just some anti-depressants.

  • D

    Aww you are probably that guy no one will date :( This is crap and I’ve heard men from the US say many times that TO women are wayy better looking than women from the US so maybe the person who wrote this should lower their standards and go to the US because by how bitter you sound I’m assuming you are no looker yourself.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 415 Astounded:

    Good one, thanks! I’ll try to clarify my position and where I stand.

    1. I do know that women view men as providers. I have nothing against money, but money shouldn’t become God for people, which it in fact does for North American females.

    2. As I said-I’m a professional swimmer, a university graduate, hopefully not too shabby looking (never judge my looks myself, others should do it), but my MAIN problem is that I’m not politically correct and call black for black and white for white, and not vice versa, as in the agenda pushed by CBC or CTV.
    In Canada a male HAS TO be politically correct and hypocritical, if he wants to have even a remote chance to land a girl. OWN thoughts, views and visions are NOT permitted! One has to be in line with politically correct sheeple, preferably being a vegan, taking some yoga classes, dressing like a 17-years old boy with pants down to his knees and participating in some kind of liberal debate club.

    3. When I travel to Eastern Europe, I put my Canadian passport away and nobody can tell that I’m not a local chap:-)
    And ladies still show their interest and flirt!! Only some of them care about the passport thing, most simply do not:-)

    4. I’ll never lower my standadrs, and wouldn’t recommend anyone doing so. Lowering standards means settling for less and losing self esteem.

    5. Why so much concentration on the passport thing??:-))) How about normal human qualities, be it honesty, integrity, respect, mutual understanding?;-))

  • LOL

    15 reasons why you’re an idiot:
    1) you’re a misogynist
    2) you’re racist
    3) you’re racist and you’re not white
    4) you’re a narcissist
    5) who records themselves trying to pick up girls at a club?
    6) your penis is not god’s gift to women
    7) you’re a fat-shamer
    8) you’re a slut shamer who wants women to sleep with him
    9) you’re a hypocrite
    10) if Toronto’s so terrible, why are you staying? do us all a favour and leave
    11) you have a university degree, yet you have no real world education
    12) you blame other people for your own failures/issues
    13) you’re shallow
    14) you’ve clearly never had a real conversation with a woman before
    15) food probably tastes better than your dick anyway

  • Desverse

    Toronto just full of egotistic girls and guys who shit their pants when they are near women. Thats a HORRIBLE combination.

  • Anonymous

    women don’t like you because you’re a misogynist shit. i hope you never have sex again.

  • neru


    Your questions are pretty confrontational, and I’m afraid your tone won’t get great responses. But I think I see where you’re coming from.

    To the people who hate this article:

    Do you believe that success with women is strongly correlated to honesty, respect, depth of personality, and similar qualities?

    Personally, I’ve seen women reward MY affected PUA behavior. They consistently reward Roosh, too.


  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    This has got to be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen. Y’all can’t get laid so you bitch about how horrible the women are. Everyone who thinks any of the above is true (except the expensive part..but get a better job if u wanna do nice things) is delusional. Move out of your mothers basement, put down the video games and sack up.

  • neru

    Also, Roosh has traveled widely in Europe and South America, going so far as to learn Spanish and Polish.

    Why do you think that he decided to pick on Toronto instead of another city?

  • Suzie

    Maybe you are just gross, ugly, and uncharismatic and nobody likes you

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 424 Neru

    I tone my questions the way I want it.:-) And I know that I’m confrontational. But this is the only way to find the truth!

    And I still fail to see ONE meaningful reply as to WHY ladies want to see a “game” instead of an honest, straight forward and respectful approach from a male counterpart!

    I see it this way: if a female prefers some pick up artist “game” and BS , then she shouldn’t complain when all this BS comes up during the later stages of a dating/relationship.
    This above mentioned female fully DESERVES all the BS, cause it was the “game” she’s been after from day one.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    WorldTraveler ….. Game is just a term people use to describe a charismatic approach to talking to women. It has nothing to with being disrespectful or dishonest. For a girl to want to talk to you your going to intrigued her and you don’t need to do it with lies…. women like confident men not pussies. Why are u assuming all women want a story book ending… this isn’t Love Actually. Grow up.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself


  • Eatshit

    I don’t understand why Toronto women are being criticized by not screwing guys they meet at bars. They don’t have the right to go out with their friends without expectations of hopping into bed with someone.

    All of you guys who aren’t getting any are just lucky that these women could only see through you as much as they did. They probably knew to take a step back before they couldn’t help but spit in your face.

    I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and all of the women I met were lovely. However, most (and not all) of the men I met were the most egotistical, arrogant, self-involved men I have ever met. Get your heads out of your asses. I live in the east coast and if you’re a man from Ontario visiting the east coast you better keep it to yourself because you won’t get laid here either. This is just making you all look like even bigger ass holes.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    Eatshit has the right idea.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 429 ArGo

    I’ve been around the world a lot, and I can and dare to compare.

    Canada and Toronto in particular are a different and an ice cold universe, compared to the rest of the world in terms of social life, dating and creating a family.

  • Eatshit


    You sound like you blend in perfectly with the Toronto male’s arrogance. That could be your problem right there.

  • WorldTraveler

    @434 Eatshit

    Could you please be so kind and give me some examples of my so called “male arrogance”?:-))

  • neru

    Being confrontational has its place, but if you’re trying to get to the bottom of your questions, you’re going to need to do a lot of introspection, observation, reading, and discussing.

    There are all sorts of competing cultural, psychological and biological theories to explain why women prefer “charismatic approaches,” as ARGOfuckyourself puts it.

    In my experience, one easy way to be charismatic and charming to women is to be an asshole. Pick-up-artist techniques are also better than nothing (or being ‘straightforward’). But if you can run your “game” while being honest and respectful, and true to yourself, so much the better!

    Good luck!

  • Toronto rocks my socks

    everyone on this blog complaining that they cannot pick up women in Toronto are pathetic, its not these ladies fault that you are not sexually attractive, nor is it the city of Toronto’s fault. you people need to take a good hard look in the mirror cause you are your own problem.. maybe instead of complaining about your sex life on the internet you can spend this time trying to better yourself. all I see here is a bunch of losers complaining and directing there pent up sexual frustration on a underserving city and the women that live here. p.s Argo fuck yourself has the right idea

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    I don’t see much a difference pal. I’ve been a place or to as well although I wouldn’t consider myself the “World Traveler” that you do. Canada and Toronto is a nice place with nice people and there are many people that do very well here. Unfortunately most of the men on here want to blame women for there problems instead of taking a look in the mirror.

  • Eatshit


    Well the first thing I notice about you is that your name on here is “WorldTraveler” as if to make your own opinions more educated than any one else’s.

    It also takes a lot of balls to generalize a population of 35 million. I live in Halifax, from PEI. I’m curious about your experiences across the maritimes. I would hardly consider them to be part of an “ice cold universe”. My parents are from two different European countries although when people see me they typically think I’m white even though I have no white blood in me. Where are you from?

  • blaximus

    Wow. WTF happened here?

    Roosh, I enjoy the site and 90% of the articles/opinions here-in, but man, this one with the comments about races of women other than white…well damn. Not cool.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I am not butt-hurt over the stupidity and racist comments contained in this article, but I’d hoped that a ” thinker ” such as yourself would eventually drop some of the narrow-mindedness you display from time to time.

    You stepped in it with this one. LOL.

    But I enjoy the site and will continue to read as always. The racist stuff is just a hazard of reading others opinion peices.

  • Toronto rocks my socks

    everyone on this blog complaining that they cannot pick up women in Toronto are pathetic, its not these ladies fault that you are not sexually attractive, nor is it the city of Toronto’s fault. you people need to take a good hard look in the mirror cause you are your own problem.. maybe instead of complaining about your sex life on the internet you can spend this time trying to better yourself. all I see here is a bunch of losers complaining and directing there pent up sexual frustration on a underserving city and the women that live here. p.s Argo fuck yourself has the right idea

  • Eatshit

    Dear, Missingthebigpicture

    It’s this guy having a temper tantrum because he feels like he is entitled to every white colored tight vagina, skinny waist and big pair of tits that people are upset about.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 438 Eatshit

    Well, I’m the World Traveler. I’ve been traveling since I was 15. Nothing bad in it.

    My work includes travel.

    I’ve been all over Canada, from Alberta to East Coast. Yes, people are warmer and friendlier on the East Coast, but still light years away from a normal attitude, so easily encountered in Eastern Europe.
    Have YOU ever been to Eastern Europe?

    Where am I from? Put it this way-I was born in Eastern Europe:-)

  • white poussy

    roosv is a sore loser. He needs white poussy because he is indian and looks to boost his ego and low self-esteem.

    Dirty, filthy indian. Born indian, die an indian.

    you still remain black

  • Not a Douche

    It’s so sad to see the mentality of some Men-errrrrr, I mean boys out there. The fact that hooking up or talking to girls actually consumes people weekends is fucking crazy! It’s ok to want to meet a girl or whatever, but just go out and do you. Get together with your bros and go out and have a good time. If you meet a girl, great!; but if not, whatever. I use to hang out with some guys that were very much the douche bags that this article exposes. They use to read books about how to pick up girls and get them to sleep with you and shit. They would have suggestions like “Make fun of a girl with her group of friends in order to gain their trust, and then take her aside and use to time to apologize and build a connection with her”. Like WTF! I ultimately stopped hanging out with these guys because they became so obsessed with getting girls to sleep with them (it didn’t happen often….obviously) that I just couldn’t take it anymore and I bounced.

    The real reason this dude can’t get laid has nothing to do with any of the points he made, but instead with one fact – women (torontonian or not) can smell this type of douche from a mile away. For the most part, they can gauge your intentions from the second you open your mouth. If your going out there to get your dick wet, its going to come up dry 9 times out of 10. Instead, why don’t you put the hair gel down, step away from Richmond street and try and have a good time at some local bar that’s isnt a fratboy watering hole either. Girls will see you as normal, fun, attractive guy; instead of some greasy, fake ass BRO!, trying to find somewhere moist to put his dick…

    That was easy right?…(maybe I should write a book about picking up girls…lol)

  • Eatshit

    Lmao I spent my second birthday on a plane from Switzerland to Portugal and I haven’t stopped since. I have been in five countries in the past year however I know enough not to rub my opportunity in everyone’s faces and I know I am not better than anyone else for it. I also know that I worked hard the past few years and I earned it all. You can travel anywhere and still have a closed mind and a big head.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 442

    OK, I repeat question: Have YOU ever been to Eastern Europe? :-)
    Why is it sooooo hard for all the Toronto and feminism fans to answer a simple question?:-)

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    I can tell that you are a racist white piece of trash, with no game

  • Eatshit

    Because people don’t want to humour you perhaps? When I answer am I supposed to start asking you if you have been everywhere that I have? What does me going to the Ukraine prove to you? What your obsession with Eastern Europe? Why not ask me if I have been to Spain or Mozambique or Argentina?

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 450

    :-)))) soooo predictable:-) NO facts and arguments:-)
    And you know somewhere deep inside your heart and soul, that I’m RIGHT with my judgements of dating and relationships in Canada, but you simply do not have enough courage to acknowledge that.

    Mentioning your visits to Spain or Argentina is a bit irrelevant, since you don’t have courage to give me an honest answer to my simple question:-)
    WHY is it so hard for North Americans to be honest and straight forward? :-))

    I’m not obsessed with Eastern Europe. I’m simply trying to tell that there are still places on mother Earth where honesty, integrity, mutual understanding, support and dignity are still valued more than North American golddigging, “me me me first” attitude and the sense of female self entitlement!

  • Anonymous

    Man, am I glad I’m not you!

  • anonymous

    ok RooshV,so you get to publish this dreck and try to shock and be controversial to get reactions and readers. Fair enough. No real harm in that. But is it really necessary to use photos of people to be the butt of your jokes in your efforts to add colour? These are real people with real friends, real co-workers and real lives. They don’t deserve to be exploited by you in your attempts at nasty humour. Do you approach them with your camera, smiling sweetly, asking if they’ll pose for you so you have a reminder of your visit to Toronto, all the time knowing you’re going to post the photos for all to see and use them as props for your cruel humour? You’re one creepy guy! Your mother must be delighted with how you’ve turned out.

  • roosh isnt racist, just looking out for his own interests

    if you like white girls, you have to defend where white girls come from. cant kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  • Anonymous

    Your a fucking idiot, Toronto is a great city, and multiculturalism isnt considered a con for most people. But since you hated it so much, please, dont come back.

  • Eatshit

    I did answer you’re question. You’re just an idiot. You know nothing about me or how much my boyfriend makes. What facts are you providing? You’ve just turned this into a competition of who has been to more countries.

  • Eatshit

    If you still haven’t gotten it, I have been to Ukraine.

  • http://nigelsbiggameblog.wordpress.com/ Nigel Big Game Davis

    I think I might hit up Toronto soon. With all this talk about thick girls and beta pussies, man, sounds like I’d mop up there. Angry fat bitches is just my thing.


  • Anonymous

    I have to comment now, after seeing some of the replies from butthurt women.

    I’m from the Toronto area and I’ve noticed much of what Roosh listed.

    My concern is why are some women actually defending it? The current dating scene makes it just as bad for women looking for genuine interactions with men. Women who complain about being bombarded by pick-up artists should realize that most of these guys wouldn’t have even heard about the “PUA community” if it weren’t for the sad state of dating in Toronto and other cities.

    A guy looking for a real, genuine conversation with a girl he find’s attractive doesn’t stand a chance if she has her shields up.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, I’m pretty sure your problem is that you’re an asshole. Protip: women don’t like assholes.

  • Adam

    You’re the Man, Roosh. Toronto and Canada love you. Testify!

  • Adam

    Why are so many girls vehemently opposed to getting in shape and losing weight? I don’t understand this.

  • Adam

    Why do so many Western Women act like men? They think they’re infallable, hence their anger at their criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and most feminists arnt looking for money, or anything else materialistic. Feminist want respect. Guess what, i make my own money, im successful and well off, im looking to have fun and get laid. But if you want to play a game, i will always win 😀

  • Adam

    Roosh; what about the cities that you adore? What about those cities? I know you have quite a few cities that you love and never want to leave; what’s the difference between them and Toronto?

  • Anonymous

    Not only is this sexist, racist, prejudice, etc. It also completely ignores many aspects of Toronto culture. You are ignorant, and it is really sad. If you are verbally expressing these views it really isn’t a wonder why people wouldn’t want to talk to you.

    Also, have you considered that douche bags like you are the reason that so many girls are stand-offish? Getting cat-called as if all you are is an object for sex isn’t appealing, even to women just looking to have sex…

  • Adam

    Sometimes I wish every man would turn gay; just to see the despair and the self hatred in women’s eyes for the years they mindfucked men. Appropriate plague? I think so, because men would be happy.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    World Traveler is simply ridiculous

    “And you know somewhere deep inside your heart and soul, that I’m RIGHT with my judgements of dating and relationships in Canada, but you simply do not have enough courage to acknowledge that.”

    like really man? I don’t see any one supporting you or your vast knowledge of women and relationships. No one cares that you travel.. get over yourself… it’s very easy to tell why you feel the way you do and its because people find you unlikeable.. so in turn you have created an alternate universe where your the Internets version of “Hitch” so you don’t have to deal with the debilitating truth that your a douche… even on the internet… no one likes you.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    Adam you are also a douche

  • Adam

    ArGo Fuck Yourself; yes I am a douche! And very proud of it. Just like you’re proud of being feminist. Fighting fire with water since you went and fucked yourself because you clearly want to.

  • Frank Zane

    Love you, Roosh. 😉

  • Eatshit

    @ArGo Fuck Yourself

    These people are small minded imbeciles and I think it’s about time we stop wasting our time on them. I feel bad for any people who come in contact with them.

    I just pray they don’t have children and teach them what their parents taught them. Although, I doubt I have much to worry about since it’s clear women won’t go near them.

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself

    lol I’m not Feminist.. i just can’t believe some of the comments made here. Your all making up bullshit cause you can’t get laid making the rest of us look bad.

    “fucked yourself because you clearly want to.” wtf does that even mean? are you talk about jerking off? sure everyone does women to(but in a different way in case you’ve never seen a vagina- wikipedia might help describe it for you) but i also fuck women… women from Toronto… for some reason you think women are stupd cause they won’t hook up with you.. it’s pathetic.. and you people are generally the reason the more sensible and respectable group of us have fun here.


    Time for releasing a DON’T BANG TORONTO!

  • ArGo Fuck Yourself


    Your on the money.

  • Demian

    It’s funny how the articles you write cause so much anger amongst the feminist population, it makes me laugh. I would say that is called hitting the nail on the head, and calling a Spade a Spade.The truth isn’t a pill that goes down easily. They call you misogynist, and a narcissist…I don’t know maybe or not. But the truth is family is being destroyed, and the minds of men and women are being poisoned by all this garbage that is constantly bombarding their brains from Paris Hilton antics to Jersey Shore drama, or the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY genre. I Laugh, and tip my hat to you sir!

  • Inane Rambler

    What’s with feminists trolling Manosphere blogs with the username LOL?

    Is this 2004 again?

  • Sal

    This is coming from a single male, born and raised in Toronto that is decent looking , in shape, 31 years old, has traveled to over 35 countries. Has had his own business for 8 years.

    This article hits the nail on the head about Toronto, this is 1000% true.

  • Eatshit

    Oh my gosh Sal! Given the above information you’re perfect and don’t get laid at bars?!?! Well this must be true! Women are just awful for not fucking you! How could I have been so blind?!!

  • https://twitter.com/lostcollegewknd LostEveryWeekend

    Do they even have any colleges there worth talking about? And no, University of Toronto doesn’t count.

  • Wolfie

    This is the funniest goddam comment thread ever.

  • WorldTraveler

    OK, just to show everyone the level of arguments of those, who claim that Toronto is “oh so easy to get a date in”:

    455 Anonymous
    March 21st, 2013 @ 4:36 pm :”Your a fucking idiot, Toronto is a great city, and multiculturalism isnt considered a con for most people. But since you hated it so much, please, dont come back.”

    456 Eatshit
    March 21st, 2013 @ 4:38 pm:
    I did answer you’re question. You’re just an idiot.

    460 Anonymous
    March 21st, 2013 @ 4:47 pm
    Dude, I’m pretty sure your problem is that you’re an asshole. Protip: women don’t like assholes.

    And so on and on and on.

    NO facts, no arguments, NOTHING. Just blaming those who dare to stand up and have a different opinion, based on facts and observations.

    @ Eatshit: You should’ve told us right away that you were a female, and not a male:-) It explains a lot now:-)

    You’ve been to Ukraine?:-) Where?:-) And how was it to be an ugly ducking with no make up and in those Canadian eternal flip flops?? :-)

  • Eatshit

    Where the fuck are your facts and arguments?? You still haven’t answered that. And why the fuck do you think I’m ugly? Because I’m European?!?!

    I should have told you I’m female so you can call me ugly?! Where the fuck is your logic and it’s none of your fucking business where I have been in Ukraine.

    Take your anger out on someone else because you can’t get laid.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 468 ArGo Fuck Yourself

    OK, give me ONE reason why I am ridiculous? Cause I dare to have my OWN not politically correct opinion?

    No one is supporting me? OK, open up a poll here, and see how many votes I’ll get with MY views.

    Of course no one cares that I travel. It’s so comfy and convenient to stay inside a Canadian politically correct shell and pretend that Canada is number 1 country and the center of the Universe.

    I don’t want to be liked by everyone and prefer the opposite. I don’t want to be that gullible eternally positive Canadian male with a smile on his face even when he feels like shit inside. I prefer real emotions and real feelings.

    You seem to be willing to label everyone a douche so easily on internet. So Canadian:-) Whoever disagrees with you is labeled a douche right away without any arguments. Same goes for Canadian females-they label male a “loser” as soon as he dares to have his own opinion, has enough brains to be able to argument his points of view and is not running around as a puppet willing to please the Master in every act.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 483 Eatshit

    MY anger?:-)))) Is it ME who’s using “fuck” after every second word?:-))

    My facts are as simple as they get: interactions between a male and a female in Eastern Europe.
    If you claim you’ve been there, then you should know what I’m talking about.

    Of course it’s not my business where you’ve been to Ukraine, cause I doubt that you’ve ever been there:-)
    You see-I know Ukraine, and now you are scared to death to tell me a city, cause I might ask you a question you’ll not have an answer to, and reveal your lies.

    I’m married, so I can get “laid” whenever we both feel like it, me and my wife. :-) So, you missed again:-)

    Too many angry “misses”, don’t you find?:-)

  • Anonymous

    I love the stream of hysterical comments of Toronto feminists here. Drama drama drama…

  • Adam

    I remember seeing the women in Paris. Then when I cam back to Toronto, I looked at the women and how slovenly they are; fat and angry. I felt robbed. Like I was wasting my life in the West.

  • Adam

    ArGo Fuck Yourself; you rebuttal was inane and shallow.

    Good day.

  • EW

    “attractive” girls look at you and smile because they think you’re retarded.

  • Adam

    I remember seeing the women in Paris. Then when I cam back to Toronto, I looked at the women and how slovenly they are; fat and angry. I felt robbed. Like I was wasting my life in the West.

    I felt like I had to spread the word to my Brothers in Canada. I had to tell them that there was this magical land were all the women were fit and thin. And they dress feminine and fashionably.

    FOUR DAYS in Paris and I saw one fat women. ONE!

  • Adam

    ArGo Fuck Yourself; quit skirting the issue.

    PS. I talked all through Argo in the theatre; wheeling a babe because the movie was boring. 😉

  • Lee Haney

    Roosh is a prophet. Heed his warnings, Mortals.

  • Tucker

    I love how defensive these people are towards their criticism. Poor insecure Canadians. Much love from Simi Valley, CA.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, I notice you hate Indian people, especially the girls. I remember reading the story about the your “oneitis” in college that crushed you led you to game. Any chance she was Indian?

  • Nuke Toronto

    I’m going to write a letter To Obama, asking him to nuke Toronto. Hopefully he’ll agree and push the big red button. It’s not like anyone is going to miss a few million screeching feminists and manginas with shitty style, tattoos, and skrillex haircuts. They never contributed anything to society anyways. No one will miss them.

    Why do you think Toronto is referred to as the asshole of Canada? It’s a complete wasteland. A cesspool. It’s the reason why no one wants to play for the Toronto Raptors. Vince Carter wanted to get the fuck out. So did Tracy McGrady. You think Rudy Gay is going to stick around? lol no. No one wants to play for Toronto. The team sucks, as does their city.

  • AC

    The type of women I see most in Toronto, are women with “potential”. They’re the type that would be very cute and desirable if they’d only lose 40 pounds. They are the type I see the most. And it’s disheartening knowing that there is the potential for so many babes. Oh, and the attitude; lose the fucking attitude, ladies. You’re not that important.

  • Adam

    Sorry, it was actually Adam who wrote this:

    The type of women I see most in Toronto, are women with “potential”. They’re the type that would be very cute and desirable if they’d only lose 40 pounds. They are the type I see the most. And it’s disheartening knowing that there is the potential for so many babes. Oh, and the attitude; lose the fucking attitude, ladies. You’re not that important.

    AC; yes, Adam did write that.

  • WorldTraveler

    I have a challenge to all who think it’s easy to get a date in Toronto:

    Create 2 fake dating profiles, one with an average looking male and 1 with an average looking female.
    Send out, say, 20 messages from each profile and see how many replies you’ll get on each profile.

    And don’t forget to tell us about the number of independent incoming messages each profile will get, when a female will be overwhelmed with messages and a male will hardly ever get one.

  • Trojan

    I have a big penis none if these from 1-15 effect me nor am I worried. Toronto is the best. All u little and average men don’t lose hope

  • Euan

    “Why have any partners at all?” Marco asks in one short story about a woman who locks herself in a darkened room for weeks, to explore the inner recesses of her sexual nature. “Orgasm is the quintessentially private experience,” she decides. “The notion that we must share it with others is the final corruption of what’s left of civilization.” – Marco Vassi (1937-89)

  • Adam

    Euan; You’re retarded. Stop talking.

  • Euan

    Adam. Nah, you’re just too dumb to comprehend any unusual thought.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a load of racist misogynist crap. Guess what, idiot? Women don’t exist for your convenience. We are PEOPLE, with our own lives, our own hopes, dreams, hobbies, priorities. We are not here on this planet simply for you to look at, evaluate, date, have sex with, whatever. When we eat food, it is because we are hungry, or want to enjoy good food. When we go out to bars or clubs with our friends, it is because we want to have a good time with our friends, NOT to make ourselves available for your sexual pleasure. When we dance, it is because we want to dance, not because we wish to impress you. When we avoid eye contact, it is usually because you’ve been leering at us as if we are objects who only exist for you to use. When we repeat popular phrases, it is because it amuses us to do so, not because we are “trying to be cool” or any such nonsense. When we “cockblock” it is likely because we are protecting our friends by misogynist jerks who want to use and discard them.

  • Anonymous

    Grow up you Max Tucker wanna be!

  • Anonymous

    Tucker Max

  • KM

    Amount of generalization in this article, and in the comments, is probably what is making people bullhurt. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t trust other people’s “foolproof” advice or opinion.

  • blaximus


    how much longer can all of this go on?

  • blaximus

    Hey, Roosh, you might wanna close this off to comments. I don’t think there’s anything more to be said here.

    Toronto is…. a city. Some like it, some don’t.

    Sometimes you score, sometimes you don’t.

    Not everbody finds all women attractive.

  • Anonymous

    The reason why you are having no luck, is because you fucking suck!

    Just reading all of your lame attempts to pick up women prove it lol.


  • Anonymous

    15 reasons why you’re an idiot:
    1) you’re a misogynist
    2) you’re racist
    3) you’re racist and you’re not white
    4) you’re a narcissist
    5) who records themselves trying to pick up girls at a club?
    6) your penis is not god’s gift to women
    7) you’re a fat-shamer
    8) you’re a slut shamer who wants women to sleep with him
    9) you’re a hypocrite
    10) if Toronto’s so terrible, why are you staying? do us all a favour and leave
    11) you have a university degree, yet you have no real world education
    12) you blame other people for your own failures/issues
    13) you’re shallow
    14) you’ve clearly never had a real conversation with a woman before
    15) food probably tastes better than your dick anyway

  • Anonymous

    You’re definitely a looser from Pluto dude! I even saw men not so attractive get over of course they had personality. The fact there are so many different races here adds to a choice of more beautiful flowers to pick from. Beautiful Indian, Asian, Arab, Iranian, Hispanic, Italian, Portuguese, and of course the original Irish, Scots, French, Ukrainian Canadians not to mention all the other eastern European women there are. If you wanted a bar with white women there are plenty you could go to. Why don’t you post your picture and show off your pompous self! Your experience is what you’re responsible for and does not explain anything about Toronto, Canada. You saaaad Loooooser

  • Adam

    Euan; You’re a dork. Quit skirting the issue. That’s all you limp wristed White Knights have; irrelevant personal attacks.

    It must suck finally knowing the entire swath of the Internet hates you and has for quite some time. No wonder they’re so defensive.

  • Adam

    Euan; you’re definitely “unusual”.

  • Adam

    I love how all these fags love skirting the issue. It sounds like the all wear skirts, too.

  • Thedude3737

    Greetings, malodorous cretins, I mean Torontoans. I’m a regular poster on Roosh’s blog, so feel free to direct your petty grievances at me as well.

    I just wanted to add, when I first heard on the forums how shitty Toronto was, I played devil’s advocate, thinking, “There’s no way anywhere on Earth could be nearly as bad as some of these guys say.”

    I even felt that way about Roosh’s post. Regular readers will know he’s guilty of the occasional sweeping generalization or small dose of hyperbole.

    But these comments seal the deal. You morons keep stating how you don’t want our kind here anyway, blah blah blah.

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  • Burn it with fire


    OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?!?!??! Oh it’s your face … and no I’m not joking that actually is your face …. no fucking wonder you need notes (aka your “books”) and still can’t fucking get any. Just fap bro, you’ll feel better. here’s a website you might enjoy


    Have a nice night Fap-Happy 😀

  • beta_plus

    @ 360 WorldTraveler

    I absolutely agree with your attitude on building a family and “giving before getting”. It is about creating “US”. A very healthy way of looking at life that T-O-O women absolutely mock. I love your description of it.

    However (and this is addressed to not just you but a lot of other posters) is the focus on money. You’d be stunned how much money does not matter once you reach most developed nation status with a welfare state, of which T-O-O is a perfect example (in fact, I’d say nightmare example because all of the others don’t allow shopping at near American prices excepting booze and smokes). It becomes entirely about social status (possibly facilitated with game) and, especially in T-O-O, height and to a lesser extent looks.

    At that point where T-O-O is now, the only things that you need that cost money to get pussy are
    1) Privacy
    2) located where the hot girls are
    3) mobility (can, but does not always need to be, a car)
    4) a good wardrobe

    Now, all except for #4 cost a fortune in T-O-O. But the penthouse on Queen’s Quay has an insanely low Pussy Rate of Return by world standards (delta pussy over delta dollars spent) – even adjusted for cost of living. You need “money” in T-O-O because 1, 2, and 3 are massively overpriced. Any money you spend beyond getting 1, 2, & 3 you might as well put in a paper shredder if the goal of spending it is to get pussy in T-O-O. At that point, it’s all about height, northern italian looks, and game/social status.

    Again, 6’3″ just doesn’t cut it in T-O-O unless you look like a northern italian model who knows every club owner in town. If you can spend more time in EE, I would do so. Phasing T-O-O out of your life (assuming you are not Ontarian) would be a wise life move.

  • Moron

    Also @Thedude3737 it’s Torontonians ….. we could burn you with fire too I guess and no we certainly don’t want you … just like your mom doesn’t either 😛 Cyberbullying ftw XD

    <does not condone cyberbullying on normal people … just on this page and this page alone

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna make a post about why guys in DC suck. How bout that?

  • Russian girl

    I’m a Russian girl who has been living in Toronto for 10 years, and I would like to thank you for this article. I’m sorry if I’m writing too much, but I’m happy to see that someone else has exactly the same opinion, which is extremely talked about in this country. It is so true, but it’s not just the girls, it’s the lifestyle in general. There is no place for fun, partying and meeting people in this city (I’m not sure how it is in other Canadian cities, because I only have been to Montreal, which is completely different). Toronto is a great city for those who want to live quiet lifestyle and doesn’t really care about going out and having great relationship with people. Just work, sleep and complain if the neighbours are having too much fun.
    I do have friends here but all of them are either Eastern European or Latin (I’m really into Latin American culture). I don’t and don’t want to hang out with any Canadians. I only met 2 guys who were somewhat interesting, and both of them were traveling. Its true that the majority of the girls are fat and don’t take care of themselves. They dress have no fashion sense, they don’t style their hair and they don’t wear makeup (sorry they do, but only if they are going to someone’s wedding). All these girls are always talking about how it doesn’t matter how you look, and it doesn’t matter how you dress, everyone is beautiful and should be respected and blah blah blah… but once they see someone who actually dresses nicely they start talking how she looks like a slut, and how she is insecure and desperately trying to find a man. Its like they are proud that they are ugly. You won’t believe how many angry and judgmental looks I get, especially in summer, when you can actually wear skirts and dresses. Also they are not even trying to lose weight, they do eat fast food and pizza’s after clubs, and they criticize you if you don’t. If you are just ordering salad you get a huge lecture on anorexia, and how you are trying too hard, and that “curvy” women are beautiful (they forget that curvy is boobs and ass, not a beer belly and cellulite).
    Also Toronto women hate men. They always talk badly about them, and there is a huge propaganda about being single, free and proud. Its like if you have a boyfriend, he will lock you in the room, take away your phone and will never let you out. For most of my life in Canada I was (and still am) in a relationship, but I was single for about a year once, and mistakenly started hanging out with this kind of group (I guess I was just bored, and they were going out a lot), and every time I talked about that I want to have a boyfriend or I met some guy which I kind of like, they will always try to brainwash me about independence and women power. Women here view men as predators. If they guy is looking at them or tries to make a conversation – he is a dirty pervert, and sometimes when I tell that some guy on the subway was trying to get my phone number, many of them are asking me why I didn’t call the police, because its sexual harassment. Even though it is absolutely normal that a guy is attracted to a girl. If you don’t like him you don’t have to talk to him, but it is not a harassment unless he is grabbing you, keeps following you or is trying to rape you.
    Also, the culture in Toronto is generally very antisocial. When I went to York University in Toronto I was very shocked, how people come to class, and after just leave without talking to anyone. And in general people just prefer to stay home rather than to go out. I’m shocked that people of my generation (I’m only 26) act like if they were 60-70 years old – always tired, don’t like noise and prefer to watch TV than to go out. Its also very quiet on the subway (unless there will be an occasional group of kids or teenagers coming back from school). Even people who are together prefer to be playing with their smartphones and pads rather than talking to each other. And again if you are talking or, god forbid, laughing, you’ll see how everyone will give you angry looks, like if you were laughing at the funeral.
    I’ve been to a couple of Canadian parties, and it was the most boring experience ever. There is lots of junk food, absolutely no dancing, people only talk to people who they know and you also get criticized when you drink too much or trying to actually be loud and have fun. Most of the times you just sit in your own group that you came with and talk badly about other people. When you to a Russian or Latin party you get introduced to everyone, and people actually want to meet you, asking who you are, where are you from etc., and then it is up to you if they want to hang out with you or not. I went to lots of Mexican parties where I only knew 1 or 2 people, and after 5-10 mins you feel like everyone is your best friend.
    The government is trying to make illegal everything that is loud and fun. Last summer during the soccer Eurocup, Italian won some game, and we went to celebrate with some Italian friends. Its was crazy, lots of screaming, lots of music, but around 11 o’clock police has showed up and forced every single bar in the area to close, because it is illegal to make loud noises after 11, and kicked everybody out. And I actually almost for arrested for arguing with one of the FEMALE officers. Most of the events and festivals are closing down around 8-9pm. Last call is at 2. Pretty much everything is made for families with kids or old people. If you are young and looking for fun – Toronto is not the place.
    All angry comments to this article that everyone is so brainwashed and politically correct that you can’t have your own opinion. Its especially frustrating, because Canadians claim that it is a free country, and its so great that you can be unique and open with your opinions and beliefs, but the truth is, you can’t say anything. Guys if you really want to be with a Canadian girl or fit in a Canadian society remember the thoughts you have to have. You can’t criticize any minorities, any small comment, joke, generalization or criticism will be taken as if you are extremely against them or want to kill them. You can’t dislike fat girls, you have to fight for the rights of animals or children (even if they are not discriminated), you have to have some kind of religion (I’m an atheist, and I got criticized for that a lot), you have to care about environment, you have to be against abortion, you can’t love fur, and you better be a vegetarian.
    And lastly, I’d like to say that, yes, dating scene really sucks for men. I don’t have any statistics, but it seems like male population is much higher than female. I have lots of single guy friends or friends of my boyfriend who are really great guys, there is nothing wrong with them, but they just can’t find a girl. Very often guys ask me to introduce them to my girlfriends (of course because I’m Russian they think they all superhot and lonely), but honestly, I don’t know any decent girl who will be single and looking. All of them are either happily married or in a long term relationship. If they are single, there is usually something wrong with them

  • Rizlle sizz Lizzle

    Ya Toronto’s bad if you’re a doucher. Great if you’re not. I’ve had more sex in this town than is probably healthy for one man. Fuck DC. You can’t get laid in DC? Aw.. poor baby. U came to Canada thinking we were stupid simpletons and everyone would just sleep with u based on whatever arrogant American cred you think u have? Unfortunately for you we have brains up here, and some of the most beautiful, intelligent and healthy women in the world. Sorry bro. Maybe try Philly?

  • Without Equal


    1) Misogyny used to be a legitimate thing until feminists co-opted its meaning to mean ‘anytime a woman anywhere feels even slightly uncomfortable.’

    2) But all the chicks on our thread that makes fun of OKCupid profiles (look it up sometime, it’s a groaner) who say ‘I don’t date blacks, Eskimos, south-Asians, Scandinavians and Latinos’ are…empowered? Selective.

    3) ‘You’re racist and you’re not white’…I’m sorry, is it not okay to be not white?

    4) So are the Toronto trolls coming in here to defend their shitty city (I was born there and have traveled quite extensively…trust me, I know shit when I see it).

    5) Someone who wants to dissect the footage and make improvements?

    6) It says that where?

    7) Being fat isn’t a sex, a sexual orientation or a disability, it’s a choice. Fat people are choosing to jeopardize their long-term health because they love food and hate exercise. Fat people deserve all the scorn, laughter and derision that gets heaped upon them.

    8) Being a slut isn’t a sex, a sexual orientation or a disability. Sluts lower the value of sex and their presence means more commitment-averse men. Sluts deserve all the scorn, laughter and derision that gets heaped upon them, but at least they’re still fun for a night.

    9) Don’t really see anything hypocritical in the article…

    10) He stayed for a week, get your facts straight.

    11) Define ‘real-world education’. To me it’s traveling, seeing the world and enjoying many different cultures, which Roosh does.

    12) Roosh isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, to espouse on how horrible Toronto’s women are. If he was the only one to do so, you might have a valid point here and be 1 for 12.

    13) Men are shallow because we get to be, MALE PRIVILEGE WHAT!!!

    14) I’ve done the ‘real conversation’ thing with a woman before; celebrities, fashion, her feelings, how she feels, her problems, why so and so is out to get her, how much she hates her job, celebrities, fashion…yeah, no thank you.

    15) He’s not saying that women shouldn’t eat after the club (though they should avoid it, that’s why so many of you get fat), he’s saying that Toronto women are obsessively DRIVEN to pizza joints and food trucks, like zombies, after the clubs close at 2 (which is lame)

    I am humbled by your insight. Tons of winners in this thread, but something about your brand of idiocy stood out to me.

  • Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

    Remember when Palin said something about putting lipstick on a pig? I think we find her. Look at the picture under reason #5, the girl going, “uhh durrrr” into the camera. There’s your piggie with lipstick. Oink Oink indeed!

    Toronto = Pig Trough. For further proof, look at the oinker attempting to swallow that pizza slice whole in pic 10. It’s like damn girl, slow down, that pizza ain’t going nowhere, what’s the rush? If only you were that enthusiastic about exercise as you are with stuffing that hole in your face.

  • Jeff

    Well Russian girl put it all.
    I don’t think it’s a troll or a guy in disguise.
    She brings us her point of view as a Russian woman and made clear that everything in Toronto is made to make women hate men.
    To be independant,to be aggressive,entitled,non feminine and they are the first who brings the gender war.
    Typical victimation and shaming tactics.
    They say all men are creeps,they say all men are predators so it frustrate men more and make them being creeps and mentally unstable.
    What do you want you fucking females zombies?
    You want castrated robots?
    You want slaves who never said no and give a you a blank check?
    Get away obnoxious parody of females,we spit on you piece of shit you are,politically correct dumbass who hates real living society where folks are not robots without ovaries and testicles.
    YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO SOUL..you are a parody of human beings and YOU ARE TOTALLY incapable of understanding that.
    Men who have an ounce of self respect don’t have another choice to move asap from there,work hard for it,and totally disappear from the dating scene in a shithole like Toronto.
    Those who thinks Roosh is taking medication,those who thinks he is wanking in his basement like a nerd,those who say you won’t get laid Roosh,get a fucking clue of what he is doing in his life.
    He is banging around,dating around the world,earning money from it,having fun and making things clear that women don’t stop in Toronto or in a Western shit hole where females there are so entitled having all the media,the system for them and who try to use their anti male propaganda perpetual victimization.

  • Switchblade

    Let’s see your picture. This sounds like the hateful trolling of a bitter boy/man. Sorry but your language is racist garbage. And yes, I am a Toronto gyal who would not bother with the likes of you. I smile at people and give good vibes unless you give me a reason not to. Sorry, hun.

  • WorldTraveler

    The language and choice of words of Toronto and feminism fans speaks for itself:
    fuck, shit, go away, go back to where you came from, you troll, you are racist and so on.

    Not ONE valid argument supporting their views.

    I love watching American or Canadian females in Eastern Europe, when they visit a bar or a night club, and suddenly get no attention at all from the males in there, AT ALL. Whatever tricks they try, nothing helps, nobody is interested in a “shemale” eternally dressed in an old and worn out T-shirt, jeans or baggy sweat pants with “sexy” written on the ass, and flip flops or running shoes.

    Whereas in Canada there would be a line up of desperate males patiently waiting to get a chance to approach Ice Queen’s fat body and willing to lick miles of asphalt in front of her just to get closer to the “dream”.

    Males, remember, YOU, yes, YOU are also at fault for this happening! YOU lowered your standards, YOU decided to settle down for the first available option, YOU shut up and never objected when political correctness and feminism came your way!!

    Don’t blame others, blame YOURSELF for the current state of things!!!

  • Godzilla

    Not only can I totally vouch for this being an accurate description of Toronto, something in this article that really strikes me is the fact that in point #4, “Girls are Obese”, in the image Roosh has provided, not only are those girls rather usual-looking by what I’ve seen as Toronto standards, but the sexiest Homo Sapien pictured in the entire article the man on the left side of Photo #4 (the gentleman wearing the headphones). How sad of a state Toronto is in…

  • Anonymous

    The last city for men ” to-run-to ”


  • TOguy

    Its sad but true… the only girls who aren’t posting are the ones with self respect.
    Traveled the world and Canadian women are nothing to write home about…

    Just my experience of course there are always exceptions :)

  • Mike Pohorly

    “Harsh Negative Comments from Readers prove the writer’s claim and argument more than the article itself”

    A girl I know in Montreal sent me this article for a laugh and there’s some glaringly obvious places where the writer comes across as misogynist, racist and yes, yes, we all get it, the whole thing is meant to provoke and bring attention to the blog – or do we all get it?

    We are all (or should be) “above” this article and we can easily disagree with many of these things, but the weird turn to all of this that the article doesn’t really end up making a great claim that Toronto is the worst city for men, but yet unfortunately and sad for Toronto is that all these harsh negative comments really seem so say – is that it is a bland, reactive, city – and with no sense of humour either.

    All these comments from people taking this so seriously and turning around and insulting the writer as harshly and as personally as possible – doesn’t equal much of a fun vibe coming from the city. And yes he “started” it – but common Toronto I thought we were cooler than that? No? Really?

    As I read through the article, I realized Toronto like most of us realized as we read, that in reality Toronto people are more with-it, smarter, chic, more sophisticated, and just plain better than this article makes it out to be, of course it is! – but then reading all these negative comments… maybe underneath it all, maybe it’s not.

    An outsider, Roosh, with limited and particular goals coming into Toronto having a bad experience in a few places he went to and blogging about it is one thing – but to have this much negative reaction makes me think that aside from some blatantly offensive things he wrote, that in his two days in crappy places in Toronto he was able to find a painful truth underneath it all – and has struck a nerve – maybe he did nail it after all.

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    Reading this blog , totally left me offended.From your blog , it seems that you are only looking to get laid and nothing else, as u do sound pretty shallow ( ex: women are obese in Toronto). In that case , you are absolutely right about Toronto being the worst place for men like you . Toronto girls are trying to look for a partner not a sex- obsessed person , that will fool around with them. This not only applies to ” Asian and Indian ” women but women from different cultures as well, including ” white ” women ( in your language ) The amount of shallowness and discrimination that you have shown with this blog, indicates the reason you probably don’t get a partner or a date.

  • M&M

    The person posting this is clearly an anti-social bitter man who doesn’t understand how to socialize with women.
    I have never read so many generalizations that are so far off the mark for this city and the women in it.
    To be honest, you have either never been to Toronto, or you have never even kissed a girl and social interation with women in GENERAL escapes you.- and this is the reason why you write this article with your tail tucked neatly between your hind legs.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha this is the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever read. “Too many Asian and Indian girls” what a racist, sexist, lowlife CUNT. I’m not surprised you didn’t get laid when you were there.

  • Jennifer

    Well, no wonder you’re having a hard time getting a date. Just one word of advice: don’t “date up”…If a girl is out of your league, she won’t step down a notch for you. Which leaves you in a difficult spot as NO WOMAN is lower than you and none should stoop down to give you the time of day. I didn’t read all of this, I only read the titles and stopped at #4.

  • Adam

    I’m reposting this:

    I remember seeing the women in Paris. Then when I cam back to Toronto, I looked at the women and how slovenly they are; fat and angry. I felt robbed. Like I was wasting my life in the West.

    I felt like I had to spread the word to my Brothers in Canada. I had to tell them that there was this magical land were all the women were fit and thin. And they dress feminine and fashionably.

    FOUR DAYS in Paris and I saw one fat women. ONE!

  • Adam

    And what’s with all this tattoo and piercings bullshit? You get two piercings, ladies; one in each ear. That’s it! Not that fucking nose one that makes you look like a bull. Grow up, seriously. Tattoos on and a myriad of piercings on women = instant boner disabler.

  • http://[email protected] Sehnsucht

    >530 comments on this post? The land manatees are hungry!!

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    @Adam, if u have such a problem , maybe u should go back to Paris

  • Anonymous

    You can easily tell who the Americans on this are. All of those stuck up men who are agreeing with this, lol. Stay in America, stop polluting the world with you appearance is everything shit. I have no problem with Americans usually but it’s typical for someone from America to think they’re superior to everyone else because the country they live in is wealthy and powerful. These men can’t handle the fact that the possibly more attractive Canadian girl won’t touch them with a thirty foot pole. So they have to react in this bitter, rude way to try and save their bruised ego.

  • Adam

    Shallow and Sex-Obsessed; best fucking idea, ever!

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    @Adam you have ur own opinion of beauty. Many men find it attractive and if you have a problem with it find a girl that doesn’t have any tattoos or piercing. You also say that women get 2 piercing done, have seen the men with piercing ( so not attractive). I mean you can’t generalize that all women have 2 piercing or a nose ring. How would you feel if I said all men cared about was sex and cars. I don’t mean to offend you or anybody, but I just want to get my point across.

  • Adam

    Shallow and Sex-Obsessed; every guy from Toronto should move to Europe. Then what would you do? Expand your dildo collection to compensate? Appropriate plague? I think so. :)

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    Adam , you can’t pass the judgement that every guy should move to Europe, cause not every guy is like you , Selfish And SHALLOW !!!!!!!

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    And if every guy in Toronto wants to move to Europe , then please go ahead cause Toronto guys are not the only guys in the world.

  • To Adam

    You ignorant prick. If you don’t like piercings or tattoos; you know what do. DON’T DATE ONE. Don’t come ranting and raving on the internet, of all places, and expect some respect.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. The comments are even worse than the article itself.

    The article is problematic because RooshV’s position. He is white, male, privileged. So you can’t expect him to be socially conscious to the differences and diversity around him, in a place like Toronto no less.

    He openly admitted he does discriminate, so he’s judging off a biased and he’s also reinforcing racial hierarchies…”Asian girls with White mannerisms”….the fuck.

    He like the rest of these fucks in the comments, is a fat shamer. To ‘WithoutEqual’ being fat is a choice but it is ALSO a choice upon society to humiliate them, it is not a natural occurrence, fuckboy. And no they do not deserve to be treated as such because they do not adhere to YOUR standards of beauty.

    I won’t call him a misogynist, cause he clearly does like women for sex. Still, he is a sexist, reinforcing gender roles and devaluing alternative forms of femininity and womanhood. So what if a woman chooses not to wear heels. How does it affect you in anyway shape or form?

    He spent a week in Toronto, to me, it does not matter how long you spend. A week appears to be ample time for him to compile this shit ass list. He seen all he needed to see.

    Why is he so concerned about girl’s eating habits? My dude, I live in Toronto and when I leave a club and my friends try to find something to eat, the restaurants aren’t solely comprised of female patrons. Get it together.

    Tuck in your privilege, it’s showing. Legal immigration in Toronto, or in Canada no less is problematic. I’d go off and explain but I know you all don’t care but yeah, tuck in that privilege still.

    I won’t get at you for your aesthetic preference, but still, it’s one thing that you don’t like Toronto but seriously don’t go attacking people via this blog. It just says more of you than them.

  • To Adam

    I’m not Canadian, but after reading this post, if an American man tried hitting on me I’d probably just walk away. I mean, I don’t find American men very attractive already, (I don’t know why, it’s just a personal preference. And tbh I hate the accent.) and this has just completely settled my views on American men. Egotistical bastards, they have no depth. Only worried about looks and status, apparently. American women on the other hand, most of you are lovely.

  • Anonymous

    That last thing I put was not supposed to say to Adam >.>

  • L

    You’re right on a few things, women don’t make eye contact for sure. I will say however that as an attractive woman who moved to the city 5 years ago, you CAN’T make eye contact! I have been approached, harassed, gropped,the list goes on…all because I made eye contact and smiled. Men (and some women to) in this city can be creepy, annoying, and overly abrasive. Unfortunately, in protecting yourselves from them you build a shield that keeps out everyone. Shitty, but it happens. I really don’t agree with many of your comments, but you’re free to your own opinion. I think you’re delusional and not very well travelled however if you think that Toronto is the worst city for men! I would be interested in seeing how many places you have actually been… so far we have DC and Montreal. Is that it?

  • Adam

    L; Roosh has been all over the world. To dozens of cities, countries, and a at least three different continents.

  • Adam

    L; Roosh loves Poland and speaks highly of the women there.

  • Adam

    Re-posting this:

    The type of women I see most in Toronto, are women with “potential”. They’re the type that would be very cute and desirable if they’d only lose 40 pounds. They are the type I see the most. And it’s disheartening knowing that there is the potential for so many babes. Oh, and the attitude; lose the fucking attitude, ladies. You’re not that important.

  • Adam

    L; “I will say however that as an attractive woman who moved to the city 5 years ago, you CAN’T make eye contact! I have been approached, harassed, gropped,the list goes on…all because I made eye contact and smiled. Men (and some women to) in this city can be creepy, annoying, and overly abrasive.”

    This I sympathize with. I’m always nice to the good looking girls. :)

  • Adam

    Plus, just imagine if women took Roosh and I’s advice? There would be plenty of hot babes to go around, there wouldn’t be excess demand for them, and all the hot babes would be less bitchy. But no, 60% have to eat nachos and pizza, get fat, get piercings, and tattoos.

    If you’re a naturally (by genetics) a 7; with some work, you can be a 9. If you’re lazy and slovenly and get fat, you will be a 5. Roosh and I encourage the former. You can move up two points or down two points, according to Patti Stanger; and it’s true.

  • Adam

    Oh, and Mother Hens can die. Seriously. I hate you more than feminists.

    I remember one time this smokin’ hot babe approached ME in a bar. In a split second her friend got in my and eyed me down.

    I remember another time this fat, repulsive, slovenly, clearly lazy wildebeast condescendingly spoke to me like I was a piece of shit; in front of her friend. I re-hung my Oscar Pistorious poster after that night.

  • hard core racist (man)

    RACESS! RACESS! Roosh be Racess!

    Dont you get it yet Roosh, anti-racism and feminism go hand in hand.

  • Yup

    We are so afraid to offend people (openly), that we miss the point sometimes. This guy has most of it right, albeit his choice of words gets people defensive. Women in Toronto (at least within the bar scenes) seem to be either so insecure that they need to come off as better than every guy and girl in the bar, or have an inflated image of themselves that is somewhat unrealistic.
    I am a 905’er, now married with 2 kids and a full-time job, and it drives me crazy when someone’s response to “how are you”, is “BUSY!”. Everyone is busy, and his point that people seem to need to express this to feel important is so true. It seems that people in Toronto are constantly trying to keep up with the Jones’ in a boring and extreme fashion. Everyone works 10-12 hrs a day and then go to the bars and talk about work. They have nothing else to talk about. Maybe this is why they have difficulty looking strangers in the eyes – they are all too conscious of the fact that they have little to offer in way of conversation, and more importantly, that they really are not interested in “hearing” about someone else’s life – they are simply thinking of where this is going. We are socially inept.
    Friends “approving” potential dates – immature. Friends checking in – this should happen once. After that, a woman should be confident and considerate enough to thank the person for the conversation and the interest, and excuse themselves. This does not mean allowing a man to buy you a drink when you know you’re not interested. That’s classless.

    There is nothing wrong with being a larger woman (health considerations aside), but dress for your body type. Most men respect that. I have been out with girlfriends celebrating a milestone, and am shocked at how many women over the age of 40, are dressing like they were in their 20’s, regardless of body type.

    The point about late night eating – I used to love it, when we used to go out. But that doesn’t dismiss his point – he’s right. And if you are going out every weekend, eating like that, it’s not healthy, or attractive. What’s wrong with saying that?

    I can’t tell you how many times friends, colleagues or acquaintances commented on men who approached them as being “losers” for the way they dressed or looked, almost insulted that the caliber of man approaching them was less than super model attractive. I think that sums up the stereo type (not all) of Toronto women that he is referring to. I hate to say, I see it. There is nothing wrong with not being interested in a man who approaches you in a bar. However, there is arrogance in shunning them for trying and treating them like they need to jump through hoops to buy you a drink. After all, it may be them who consider you a “loser” once they actually get to know you. Be flattered either way, thank him for his interest and respectfully decline. I have never had a guy in a bar treat me disrespectfully if I treated them with respect.

  • Anonymous

    I could name 100 reasons why Toronto is amazing! Ever think it’s you, not the women? Step your game up bro. Toronto is not obese and that’s funny coming from an American. Get your facts straight you ignorant fuck.

  • Without Equal

    The comments seem to come in waves; the pro-Toronto people will march in and remind anyone with even a loose familiarity of Canadian cultural dynamics just why everyone in Canada who isn’t from Toronto despises the city and it’s people (when I travel through Canada, trust me, people rag on me tons about where I’m from, but since I’m not a stuck-up hipster, many times I end up hearing ‘You’re pretty cool for a guy from Toronto…’), and then the people who defend the piece (it might not be 100% right, but it’s at least 80% right).

    Let’s see if we can get to 1000 comments of people saying the exact same thing.

  • JC

    Respect Roosh’s criticism. The guy has travelled all over the world and seen a lot.

  • http://[email protected] Sehnsucht

    @ anonymous 10:09 am. How is Roosh “white” being of Persian and Iranian descent ?

  • fuck you

    i hope when youre hungry at 2 am you eat shit asshole

  • Wilf

    @520 Russian girl

    You nailed it perfectly. Your observations are spot-on.

    I moved to Toronto from another part of Canada over 20 years ago, I’ve travelled and lived briefly in Europe as well, and I’ve never been able to figure Toronto out.

    The Toronto vibe is ‘depressed and socially retarded’. Great musuems and restaurants though.

  • dee 33

    i red this article and can’t find anything wrong. i work 7 years as bouncer in toronto and i hv opportunity to watch all this poor and anti-human life every single day/night. this is the ugliest town on the planet, with stupidest women i ever seen in my life. fat bitchez, spoiled, ugly, but also millions of desperate guys in skinny pants whos tries to impress them with mega stupid jokes and loud voices!! great combo. sex is possible only if bitchez r drunk enough. and possible harrasment in after!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you can’t find someone willing to have sex with you, so you blame it on the women in the area? How sad. Maybe if you weren’t such a misogynist prick you would find someone willing. Guess you’ll just have to have a wank by yourself. Forever alone :(

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot. Ever stop to think that you have shitty luck because you’re an asshole?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA You are so butthurt

  • Ano

    You are a pathetic person who can’t get laid and blaming it on girls. Boo fucking hoo! And for you to complain about Asians and Indians…how racist is that! No wonder you can’t get laid, you are an ignorant racist fuck!

  • John

    As someone who lived in Toronto for about a year and a half, I’ll offer my perspective.

    This article is maybe 15% true, 85% false and, frankly, sad.

    The true portion is that yes it is expensive. Yes, last call comes too early. And, while maybe girls don’t give eye contact on the street – people in general don’t do that in Toronto. It’s a product of the city which can be unfriendly due to the hustle and bustle of things.

    Now to the False:

    I’ve seen numerous men who are by no stretch of the imagination good looking, dating hot girls.

    But the main issue is the writer seems to discuss the ‘woman’ in question as some sort of glorified object or puzzle which should be easy to solve so he can get sexually satisfied.

    You don’t need to have a ‘100% perfect’ conversation, from my experience you have to have honest conversations with women. Simple as that.

    Attractive girls are not inaccessible – girls cockblock everywhere if you come across as sketchy – asian and indian women are beautiful – there are obese women and men everywhere in North America – if you talk to women like a guy who’s just looking to get laid, you’ll get rejected. Don’t be a douche, and maybe you’ll have a chance…

    Facts from my time in Toronto – after dating a Toronto girl for a year there… I had 7 dates, a couple more relationships, within the span of 4 months.

    I didn’t frequent clubs. I went to nice, popular bars with great music scenes, met friendly educated women, struck up great conversations, and went on dates.

    Like any other place in the world, certain girls will feel entitled or be bitchy or rude or whatever it is.

    Same with certain men.

    If you’re going to wild nightclubs expecting to meet lovely gems, you’re quite simply in the wrong place.

    And if you hate on a city because you can’t get laid, YOU are the problem, not the city.

  • Shallow and Sex-Obsessed

    Adam , you keep sounding exactly like Roosh, Shallow and Sex obsessed. I keep telling you if you have a problem with the ladies in toronto , then DON’T HIT ON THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

  • / Hipstersstink

    This is still going? Seriously Toronto, get a grip. You’ve just validated everything said, which a lot of people already knew was true anyways.

    I lived in Canada my entire life until moving to Europe a few years ago. Something the British are great at – self-deprication while being proud. Try it. People might respect you better. Embarrassing you people are.

  • Elizabeth

    Roosh is a racist douche bag who obviously got ignored by many Toronto women, because they can smell a loser a mile away. Toronto women don’t just open their legs for any loser. Toronto women consist of the most beautiful women from all over the world. Roosh is so culturally monotone that anything outside of that is too much for his boring palate to handle.

  • a_j

    @520 Russian Girl

    I just noted a slight contradiction in terms. You said…

    “you have to have some kind of religion [to get along with girls] (I’m an atheist, and I got criticized for that a lot)”

    Most of the left-wing feminists you described would typically be very atheist and critical of the patriarchy of organized religion. They also wouldn’t be religious and pro-abortion at the same time.

    Unless this is clarified, I’m no longer sure about the entirety of your post.

  • Ry

    This sounds like Calgary, Alberta!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the problem is you? I’m not aware of too many cities where women are interested in a guy who comes across as such a douchebag.

  • SG

    Did a white or black guy write this? You came to Toronto expecting to meet easy WHITE girls and were actually surprised that they were more interested in FOOD then they were with sleeping with some RANDOM man, who clearly seemed to only have one thing on his mind. Perhaps if you weren’t “Borderline racist” or “Self-hating” (depending on which race you belong to) perhaps you could have tried to use ACTUAL statistics that apply to the FULL population of Toronto and not just the “white” population. If you just wanted to meet easy white girls, there are FAR more places across Canada to do so. However, I am VERY proud to learn that you were pretty much turned down. One less contaminated victim in Ontario. DC can keep your STD/HIV craving self on that side of the border!!!

  • Anonymous in T.O.

    Yup, I’m from here too, and you pretty much nailed it (other than the racist stuff, but you could argue that the city’s diversity makes it likely you’ll come across someone who doesn’t date outside their group).

    But Toronto women have always had a reputation for being ice-cold. Even my dad told me that. It’s just the price you pay for living here, apparently.

  • Drake
  • SonofMog

    Amazing! Everywhere this guy goes, the women don’t want to sleep with him. It must be the cities, amirite?

  • Adam

    This whole gender equality thing is working. I can’t tell if some of these posts were written by men or women.


  • Adam

    SonofMog; false.

  • Poor fellow

    Get over yourself, just cuz you didnt get any in toronto doesnt mean you need to bash it, do something better with your time, and if they dont like then maybe its you if you have to travel to another country just to get layed.

  • Anonymous

    This article has clearly been written by a very confused individual with the intellect of particularly stupid dirt.

  • Anonymous

    complaining on the internet is lame, but I agree, Toronto night life is shit compared with other large NA cities

  • Adam

    Even Ernest Hemmingway said Toronto was boring; after he returned back from the War. So then he moved to Paris and wrote his first book. :)

  • / Hipstersstink

    A guy posts a diatribe of everything else repeated ad-nauseam on here without using any logic or examples.

    And he calls himself Drake haha. Uses Ludicrous as a shining example of someone who gave “props” to Toronto.

    Just as I suspected. Canadians are about as poorly travelled as a lot of Americans. Their trips to Vegas and Mexcio aside (worldly, I know). They stay inside their little comfort zones and know not what goes on outside of that.

    Just. Stop. I’m already embarrassed enough by Canadians a large percentage of the time.

  • “Hot Chick”

    This entire moronic, racist, chauvinistic rant was essentially about you not being able to get laid.

    Getting “cock-blocked”? Allow me to let you in on a little secret — WE HAVE SIGNALS — when you’re interrupted by another friend offering their girlfriend an escape, she’s been signalled, because you aren’t actually the gift from heaven you seem to think you are.

    Second, Montreal? Really? You got a smile from a chick in Montreal and that’s your confirmation that you’ve got it going on? Montreal is to Canada what Vegas is to the States. It’s a PARTY CITY. Girls go there to drink, drink, party, and drink. You getting a smile out of girl in Montreal is the equivalent of getting a smile out of a bunch of chicks in Vegas escaping something called REALITY for a minute. LOL @ the way that smile was perceived as “I’m hot as shit.”

    Third — a “mother hen”? Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve got 0 grasp on reality, let alone the dynamic between females in a group of friends. It never works that way. There’s no MOTHER HEN and we don’t need permission to walk away from a self-obsessed loser.

    Fourth, you don’t seem to realize how perceptive women are. Do you think your search for a lay wasn’t picked up on the second you felt it was appropriate to go in for a kiss 30 minutes after meeting her? The minute that little bell in your head rang you to a realization that it’s close to “kissing” time, the bell in her head rang notifying her that you’re a desperate creep. Your lame joke was nothing but a contribution to that realization, not the reasoning behind the decision, guaranteed.

    And finally, street food in Toronto is an end to a night of partying that allows us girls to sober up, gather round, and exchange stories about the enormous number of desperados who thought they had a shot in hell. You’re upset by that, it’s your intuition telling you you’re about to get laughed at by a group of girls at a Pizza Pizza. Yay, you.

    Knock, knock, self-important assholes of the city — whining like a toddler on the internet because you’re consistently rejected by women with half a brain won’t give you shot the next time. Wake up and smell your own shit. It’s time to change your diaper.

  • “Hot Chick”

    RE: Hipstersstink

    How mature and worldly you must be throw words of judgement around, “Hipstersstink”.

    Seriously. Men. Goodness.

  • Adam

    I agree with Hipstersstink.

  • Anonymous

    how dare women try to keep their friends from being raped and refuse to have sex with racists who refuse to be “politically correct”

    troll harder, you baby

  • Anonymous

    Lol this is hilarious!! Just a minor spelling error boys* is the correct spelling terminology. I can tell exactly what type if a boy you are and perhaps none of the females were blunt enough for you but the truth of the matter is the females you want are more than likely out of your league. Perhaps sticking to someone on your level would give you better results. In addition you if you’re looking to get laid why do you care visually of a females looks? Unless you are looking for anything beyond a one night stand it shouldn’t matter. As far as meeting a good looking female with substance.. it would be more realistic if you had substance as well.. which clearly you very largely lack in. Look at yourself first, your questions as to why you have such a hard time finding someone good looking to bang may be facing you in the mirror not necessarily visually (although it could be) but mentally too. Goodluck! xx

  • hahah

    fuking GDI Loser

  • Anonymous

    Thank you RooshV for telling it like it is. These obese feminists shitheads rule and control TO.

  • Adam

    Why is being frumpy and overweight a defendable position? Since when?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure you are just a whiny little prick, who doesn’t deserve an intelligent, attractive woman but would rather blame your inability to get girls on the City of Toronto. The diversity in this city is beautiful and if you can’t appreciate it, then we are better off without you visiting. And newsflash, any city can be fun if you are a fun person.

  • http://www.SashaPua.com Sasha

    I’m a “Pua” from Toronto – althought I hate 90% of BS that comes along with the word – and I must say this article is 100% true. I fucking hate Toronto for ALL of these reasons. I’d rather have my balls chopped off that EVER live in Toronto again. In all honesty though, by moving back to Toronto I wouldn’t need to. It’s automatic. Fuck Toronto. If you’re there – get the fuck out. honestly. Just get out – Montreal is a billion times better. Fuck – Winnipeg is better. Get out, you’ll thank us.


  • Anonymous

    Has it occurred to you that the problem might not be the girls, but you instead?

  • Don’t worry about it

    So sorry you haven’t gotten laid.
    Just saw a picture of you and then figured it out.
    Not only are you incredibly racist and ignorant but with
    A face like yours I wouldn’t smile at you either.
    Keep that porn collection and some good lube
    Cause something tells me nothing’s gunna change for you
    No matter what city you’re in.

  • Anonymous

    Your beard makes you look like a fucking creep.

  • Rob

    This makes me ashamed to be an American. Some idiot racist nerd who crys for an obscenely long time about how hes never had sex with an attractive woman and then for some reason thinks people will wanna read it… Theres a lot of people out there who read this not because they thought it was interesting or enlightening in any way, but because you are a joke and ppl wanna find out for themselves how pathetic someone can be.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 495
    @ 597

    Preach on brothers, PREACH!!!!

    “Shitty style, tattoos, and Skrillex haircuts” Hahahahaha you NAILED it right there!

    Better nuke it from orbit, just to be sure right, as the classic line goes.

    Toronto is indeed a cesspool, and Toronto NEVER deserved to become the economic center of Canada in the first place. That title should have stayed with Montreal.

    It’s just so sad seeing all these bitter feminists and manginas exploding with bitter hate on the comments section.

    I’ll just repeat myself, to any real and normal MEN still left in Toronto, do yourself a favour and GET THE FUCK OUT OF TORONTO.

  • Dave

    To the ladies responding: Do you realize that you’re mostly confirming what Roosh is saying? The main point of this blog post is that Toronto is a tough city to get laid in, and guys would do better — indeed, it might even be essential to their mental health — to stay away. What most of you are saying is that he is right.

    To start, take post #503:

    “Women don’t exist for your convenience. We are PEOPLE, with our own lives, our own hopes, dreams, hobbies, priorities. We are not here on this planet simply for you to look at, evaluate, date, have sex with, whatever. When we eat food, it is because we are hungry, or want to enjoy good food. When we go out to bars or clubs with our friends, it is because we want to have a good time with our friends, NOT to make ourselves available for your sexual pleasure. When we dance, it is because we want to dance, not because we wish to impress you. When we avoid eye contact, it is usually because you’ve been leering at us as if we are objects who only exist for you to use. When we repeat popular phrases, it is because it amuses us to do so, not because we are “trying to be cool” or any such nonsense. When we “cockblock” it is likely because we are protecting our friends by misogynist jerks who want to use and discard them.”

    This may sound like a good response — until you realize that what she is saying is that, yes, indeed, it is harder to get laid in Toronto.

    So when women in Toronto go out, it’s because they want to have fun with their friends, not to “make ourselves available for your sexual pleasure.” Translation: Toronto women don’t go out looking to meet men, and it’s harder to get laid in Toronto than other places.

    When they avoid eye contact, it is because they don’t want to be objectified. Translation: you will not get eye contact in Toronto.

    When they cockblock, it is because they are “protecting” their friends. Tranbslation: yes, Toronto women do cockblock.

    Or take post #531: ” Toronto girls are trying to look for a partner not a sex- obsessed person , that will fool around with them.” Translation: Toronto women don’t (or don’t often) have casual sex.

    Or take post #121: “While dating is Toronto IS very difficult because everyone, esp the ladies has their guards up… But why the fuck do they think we have our guards up? Oh right, because of asshats like these pieces of shit.” Translation: Yes, Toronto women do have their guards up, and so it is harder to meet them.

    Or take post #431: “I don’t understand why Toronto women are being criticized by not screwing guys they meet at bars. They don’t have the right to go out with their friends without expectations of hopping into bed with someone.” Translation: Yes, we don’t screw guys we meet at bars. We have a right not to.

    Or $265: “Girls cockblock- yes, we do. Let’s see here… If a woman were to have a one night stand with you, she is a whore, or easy… yet if she does not, and her friends do not allow her to do so, it turns into one of the worst reasons to live in toronto?? This is clearly a double standard.” Translation: Yes, we Toronto women do cockblock.

    Ok, enough already. You get the point: For whatever reasons, it is harder to meet, and sleep with, women in Toronto. Ergo, it’s not a great city for men.

    A couple other points.

    This article is not entirely based on Roosh’s experience. Partly, he’s just expressing the views of countless men he has heard complaining about the city over the years. (Some of these comments can be seen on his forum; look it up.) So it’s not just based on what happened to him during his 4-day trip to Toronto. (That trip simply confirmed what others were saying; for years Roosh was skeptical of the Toronto bashers, saying that things couldn’t be that bad. Again, the evidence is all right there on the forum in the old threads.)

    Second, in recent years two Toronto weeklies have ran stories bemoaning the lack of a pick-up-culture in Toronto. These are respected publications. That alone should tell you that — whether you agree with all or the points made above or not (and I admittedly don’t) — there is a real serious problem in Toronto. Here are the articles:


  • Speakeasy

    Just got around to reading this post. This list could’ve been Los Angeles as well, point by point, except for four, we don’t have as many fatties as most cities.

  • Drew in TO

    Written by a non hacker who was better off going back home to his small town and not offing himself or becoming another homeless person here. Sorry you didn’t have the rd carpet laid out and Starbucks handed to you with free Raptors Tickets

  • the passenger

    There we go, someone said it: Toronto girls have no soul. Where human soul is located? In the pineal gland, folks. If you eat too much sugar,alcohol, wheat and too LITTLE sea salt and sunshine -your pineal is calcified and your spirit dies off…
    If you party till 3 or 5 am too often, production of melatonin goes down to zero and you become sick in every way. This is basic biology and chemistry.

    Roosh comes from entirely different culture and climate: Iran and Turkey. I guess he is amused by other end of spectrum and wants to explore it- ice cold societies of Canada,Iceland, Denmark, Sweden.

    Thats what happens when a girl lives in a very cold climate: she must warm herself. The easiest way? Alcohol and eating all the time. This leads to obesity and fucked up brain. Toronto posseses all qualities of YIN energy: coldness, fem-dominance, obsession about social equality, entitlement, lack of responsibility.

    Read this super wise article about YIN disease in modern world: http://www.drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/YIN%20DISEASE.htm
    It says it all, broken down to every detail!

  • the passenger

    This pefectly desribes toronto women….

    Many people think in a strange way today, especially young women who have had bad experiences with men. Somehow, their minds are changed so that what seems good or okay to them is really not wholesome at all. Meanwhile, really good things and really good men seem boring, scary or somehow not to their liking. This article discusses this interesting phenomenon that I will call being upside down.

    Upside down is an aura impression, I am told, that signifies that the mind has been altered by some trauma, nutritional imbalance, virus or something else. It causes a person to see most everything backwards, especially in the area of relationships between men and women. The phenomenon affects young women the most, I would say, and causes them to be attracted to, and want to attract that which is not good for them.
    In this regard it is a reversal of normal or wholesome living. Instead of wanting to cover up their lovely bodies, they want to expose themselves to danger by dressing down or whore-like. Instead of wanting to go to bed early, they want to stay up late. Instead of wanting to eat only wholesome and very nutritious cooked vegetables, they want to eat whatever they want. And so on.
    Meanwhile, men who are solid and kind and good seem boring or somehow scary, while stupid, sexy men seem attractive, even if these men treat the young women poorly – and even if they know that some women are raped by them.

  • Without Equal

    @’Hot Chick’ (screen name; ‘hot chick’, position; vehemently defending Toronto, you can’t fool me)

    A smile from a girl in Toronto is worth more than a smile from a girl in Montreal because ‘Montreal is a party city full of sluts and Toronto is like a super-important hub of global commerce and finance…we’re practically New York! seriously, tell me how much like New York Toronto is, please! actually NO, Toronto might even be BETTER than New York!’?

    Kind of proving the point that Toronto women are stuck up and self-important.

    @Adam (#595)

    Apparently it’s okay for #546; ‘I can be fat all I want, but no one can say anything bad to me about it because it’s wrong! They shouldn’t be shamed for not adhering to YOUR standards of beauty!’ (my standards of beauty fall roughly in line with every single magazine, TV show and movie that the women of the west devour like so much late-night pizza).

    To 546: If you’re trying to get people out there to accept fat people by re-criminalizing shaming language, all you’re really doing is creating a vicious cycle where instead of leading them to make lifestyle changes and better their health, they’re mollycoddled into thinking it’s okay to be fat (if there’s anyone delusional enough to believe that it’s healthy to be overweight it’s probably a girl who lives in Toronto, so I’ll just give you a small rundown of diseases caused or exacerbated by Obesity; Diabetes (Type II), Heart disease, Breast, Colorectal, Kidney and Pancreatic Cancers and Asthma).

    I guess it is okay to be fat, if you want to drop dead from a heart attack at 50 instead of living to 75. 99% of fat people (excusing those who have legitimate medical conditions) deserve to be shamed just as much as anyone else who makes shitty and harmful life decisions deserves to be shamed.

  • anon

    I am a nurse, and clinical studies have at this point PROVEN that people who are overweight live longer than people who are underweight.

    This article is size-ist, sexist, and racist – I am not surprised that every woman in TO would rather eat pizza than talk to this moron! Go back to DC where none of us have to listen to your whining about how much of an asshole you are.

  • DaddysGirl

    @”Hot Chick”

    You’re calling the girls in Montreal sluts?

    You’re worst than the men commenting here, you’re a traitor to your own sex.

    If you had half a brain you’d realize the issue here isn’t about whether or not Toronto sucks or who’s population is sluttier, the issue is the sexist and racist tone of this article.

    Montreal is to Canada what Vegas is to the states? That’s a fist… Did you get confused between Montreal and Isle Notre Dame and think that the city was just an empty Island with a giant casino in the middle of it? Or did you just not bother to venture anywhere else besides St Laurent and Crescent?

    Real men don’t treat women like objects and real women don’t slut-shame other women.

  • Torontonian

    Yes, it’s true that Toronto is a cold place. It’s probably a legacy of the city’s protestant past, when the Anglican clergy and the Orange order were major influences in municipal affairs. But the same could probably be said for the rest of English Canada, the only difference being that Toronto is much bigger and therefore a more visible reflection of the national culture.

    Also, bringing 3rd world foreigners to Toronto and the rest of English Canada (under the guise of multiculturalism) does nothing to diminish this country’s reputation as a sanctimonious icebox. It makes it worse, because the foreigners bring their own 3rd world conservatism with them (which is far worse than any orange order puritanism) and keep to themselves. This further balkanizes the country, generates an environment of suspicion and mistrust and encourages a sense of isolation and anomie.

    So, in a nutshell: Toronto’s conservative protestant past + current multiculturalist policies = one cold and lonely place

  • http://themaleinsider.com The Male Insider

    So basically 90% of people who read this say it’s completely true. About 5% are women are calling Roosh a misogynistic asshole, and 5% of guys say they find the complete opposite. Roosh – perhaps you should install a voting poll at the bottom of posts like this. :)

  • http://decenthumanbeings.org twattenheim

    i bet everyone who has posted here masturbates to my little anime cartoons

  • =/= utensil

    Alright guys, it took a lot of practice and study but I actually managed to learn a pretty great strategy for getting some in Toronto! I hope you all find this helpful ^_^

    1. Wear an expensive-looking watch. Sleeves rolled up, obvi.

    2. Go to a busy bus stop.

    3. This might take some practice. Pretend you’re experiencing mundane human emotions, and you don’t have ulterior motives. This will ease the guard of any lurking “mother hen” types.

    4. Ask any girl you’re interested in for the time. When she tells you to check your watch, apologize. “Of course of course. Sorry, I’m just nervous. I don’t usually talk to women as pretty as you.” She’ll respond rudely, but I GUARANTEE you’ll hear a light inflection in her voice. The truth is, corny as that was it’s the nicest compliment she’s heard all night.

    5. You’ll want to fall back into your comfortable flirting habits. Resist that urge. Pretend you have an important phone call. Ad-lib what you will, but make it clear you’re calling the shots to whoever it is you’re pretending to talk to (I recommend a mayor). This will demonstrate your value as a mate.

    6. As soon as you end the fake call, suddenly pretend like she’s meaningless. Look straight through her. Begin a strut past her and down the sidewalk. Make sure to showcase your alpha body language.

    7. Carefully remove your watch and turn to look back at her.

    8. Walk in front of a bus you fucking shitpuddle.

  • Adam

    614 =/= utensil; some good tips there. Thanks.

  • Torontofuckingsux

    Truer words have never been spoken. Toronto women are exactly like this, actually they are worst. I’m a guy in my 20’s pursuing my education, I have a good paying reputable job, my own business and I’m a high level competitive athlete. I’m in better shape most guys I know and in Toronto the best I can land is a 3 or 4 out of 10. I went to California and Europe, where a “hot girl” in Toronto would just drown because there are so many gorgeous girls there. By the way, those girls approached me, ALL OF THEM.

    Here in Toronto, the trend is old women, young men. That’s right, men in their teens and twenties and literally STALKED by old women in the their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and dare I say 60’s. I have been hit on my more old women who were my mom’s age or older since my teens than ANY of my female friends by men. Love the double standards here. If I date a girl 2 years younger than me I’m a “pervert” but if some of these women in their 40’s go for guys in the 20’s or late teens, no big deal.

    No wonder why so many kids here have birth defects. The volume of women I know having kids in their 30’s and 40’s is nuts because they “want to have fun and fuck around when they’re soo young”.

    Fuck this city.

  • grumpycat

    Dude. No surprise none of the women in Toronto would let you put your dick in them. If they’re outright calling you a “fucktard”, perhaps you should consider not being one.

  • Cory

    As a man from Toronto, I can honestly say this was disgusting. Maybe the reason you have such a hard time picking up is that you’re a typical Toronto club going guy who thinks he’s a 10 when he’s a 2? That’s definitely a problem with Toronto guys. Or maybe, the women can see you’re even uglier inside than out? I’m only into Caucasians myself but I don’t say it’s because other races are ugly. They’re just not for me….

    If you stopped seeing women as numbers, maybe they’d stop seeing you as the douche bag the “ugly friend” needs to cockblock. Some people only want to have sex with quality which you clearly are not and that probably explains your experience better.

  • gmo

    At the nurse- nurses don’t do clinical studies- scientists and physicians do so your opinion doesn’t matter any more than another person.

    And your statement that overweight people live longer than non overweight is non sense. Overweight people have much higher rates of diabetes and heart disease and do not have the same life expectancy.

  • Blaximus

    ….aaannndddd, it’s still going on. Let. It. Go. Already.

  • Maxpercision

    DAAMNN!! Ive been saying this stuff to my friends for over the last god knows how many years and someone actually had to balls to post the words right out of my mouth. I lived In LA before, home of the Porn Stars, Models, and tanned beauties and the 9’s and 10’s there have a better personality and are more approachable then the 6’s and 7’s here. Who ever is saying that the women here act that way have standards are fucking butt hurt cause having standards doesnt mean acting like you’re cold or pretending that you’re the queen of England. I can see why everyone is more chill there and why everyone seems so pale, stressed and miserable here. But I guess Toronto is the only case where women are the root of all evil. Thank god im moving back soon, cause there the women are worth talking to and the city doesn’t accept 90% of the 3rd world country immigrants (except the mexicans which are cooler than T. GIRL!!)

  • http://rooshv.com Roosh the hairy troll

    Toronto got trolled by hairy roosh aahahah. But seriously the dude is plain racist..

  • Maxpercision

    O yea and women else where actually approach you and offer to buy you drinks, which will never happen here unless shes a tourist :)

  • Adam

    Roosh; question. When you’re in Europe, do women buy you drinks?

  • IshitonToronto

    If I could, I would take a big shit on all of Toronto, because that’s what that shithole of a city deserves.

    Oh and all you cum buckets calling him a racist … SO WHAT if he’s a racist? All you politically correct zombies and automatons get it straight … there is nothing WRONG with being racist, it’s natural! And on that note, EVERY fucking minority is racist!

    Chinese, Indians, Blacks, etc. are ALL racist, because they mostly prefer their OWN kind!

    Do you see zebras hanging out in the animal kingdom with tigers and parrots? Of course not! Zebras hang out with zebras. It’s only natural.

  • Yaaayyy-uuhhh!

    I see Canadian fatties, manjaws and assorted feminazis are out in force, flailing their exasperated, stubby, little fingers hard at those keys.

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it ladies?

    Roosh is a prophet and a pimp.

    Much Respect.

  • Dave

    A couple more things.

    Roosh’s analysis is kind of superficial, but the thing is that a deeper analysis makes the city look even worse. That’s why I would recommend reading post #520 by Russian Girl. It gives a glance at the deeper attitudes that make life there so difficult for single men there. Money quote:

    “Also Toronto women hate men. They always talk badly about them, and there is a huge propaganda about being single, free and proud. Its like if you have a boyfriend, he will lock you in the room, take away your phone and will never let you out. For most of my life in Canada I was (and still am) in a relationship, but I was single for about a year once, and mistakenly started hanging out with this kind of group (I guess I was just bored, and they were going out a lot), and every time I talked about that I want to have a boyfriend or I met some guy which I kind of like, they will always try to brainwash me about independence and women power. Women here view men as predators. If they guy is looking at them or tries to make a conversation – he is a dirty pervert, and sometimes when I tell that some guy on the subway was trying to get my phone number, many of them are asking me why I didn’t call the police, because its sexual harassment.”

    I have never heard women say anything like that in person. BUT something like this has to be true, because women certainly act in a way that tells me they have these kinds of attitudes. In Toronto, if women don’t know you or send you inviting signals, they will make you feel bad for expressing any interest in them; you’re a creep for starting a conversation with them, or in many cases even looking at them. (That’s why a lot of men now also avoid eye contact with women.) They want to determine the terms of interaction between the sexes, and men who don’t act like they’re supposed to are instantly categorized as creepy or predatory.

    Why are women there like that? That’s a complex issue calling for even deeper analysis. Someone should write a book called “What’s Wrong With Toronto?” trying to explain why it is so hard for men to get laid there, and the deeper forces pushing this, and whether these forces are also operative, or likely to become so, in other cities. It would sell, in Toronto if nowhere else.

    Finally, I can’t help point out once again that A LOT OF MEN (not just Roosh) also think Toronto women are cold and that that city is hard to meet and bang women. See the links I posted above:


  • Without Equal


    She actually said ‘Overweight people live longer than underweight people.’

    So someone who isn’t fat must therefore be underweight…that’s a new one.

  • dee 33

    @ the passenger – well said. not enough vitamyn D

  • Anonymous

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever wasted 45 seconds reading.

  • Anonymous

    Wow- i am from the greater toronto area, grew ip there 23 years and can say almost everything he said is true. I was so shocked when i went to south america and women were kind, not stuck up, took care of themselves and you could go up to them and have a friendly conversation without them thinking its ‘weird’ to talk to someone new.

    Toronto is an amazing city for lots of things, but dating isnt one of them if your a single male. Its a great place if your already shacked up or married, but forget about any good dating scene there. Honestly if your a single male living in toronto i have one piece of advice to you- get the hell out and enjoy life- return on e youve settled down with a great woman, almost certainly from somewhere else!

    This reaction is so typical of canadians and frankly embarassing- i love canada but the country is seriously dilusional at times and it truly is the land of hiper-political correctness and oversensitivity – so it is no surprise at all that this article got so many comments. Oh, and for the record, its not racist to say you dont like a city because too many of a certain race- we all have our preferences so lighten up. Everyone in Canada knows tons of Torontonians are out of touch and this just proves it.

  • Depressed Torontonian

    Am I the only one who notices the elephant in the room?

    In all seriousness, the problem with Toronto is not the women. That’s only a (relatively minor) symptom of a much greater problem. The problem with Toronto is the significant ethno-racial diversification of the city which has taken place since Trudeau, bringing with it a gradual dissolution of the strong social bonds and sense of belonging that once held the old WASP community together. These multiculturalist policies have resulted in the fragmentation of the city along ethnic boundaries, fostering a sense of widespread alienation and isolation. In such a climate, people are naturally suspicious and distrustful of each other; they avoid outsiders (members not of their biologically defined group) like the plague and are extremely cold. Higher ethnic diversity only increases the atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust in communities and with Toronto being one of the most multicultural cities on earth, it’s also one of the coldest and least hospitable.

    If it was bad during the days when Toronto was the Belfast of the North, it’s only gotten worse since they added all those 3rd world foreigners and immigrants.

    [Roosh: Government had little choice… Toronto women fail to reproduce. Economic growth to feed the tax base trumps all.]

  • Anonymous

    This article is disgusting. Women are people not sex objects.

  • http://wallstreetplayboys.com Wall Street Playboys

    My god this thread is absolutely hilarious. It has everything wrong with a city clearly laid out and in addition, the fact that it got stormed with so much hate validates the issues you’re bringing up.

    Jeez. Shouldn’t get any better since smart guys will likely be doing a mass exodus soon.

  • Hispstersstink

    @589 “Hot Chick”

    So you have no logical argument except to bash me for my chosen alias…forgot how little sense of humour Canadian women have. You women take yourselves too seriously.

    The only girl I’ve heard make pretentious statements about the kind of wedding ring and house she expects a man to pay for during the last 3 years in Europe came from Toronto. In fact she’s the only girl I’ve heard say anything about a wedding ring or other material bs. However, I used to hear this subject non-stop from women when I lived in Canada.

    Then you say this:
    “And finally, street food in Toronto is an end to a night of partying that allows us girls to sober up, gather round, and exchange stories about the enormous number of desperados who thought they had a shot in hell.”

    Are you really this dumb? You just proved everything said in this blog post with that one statement. Unbelievable how arrogant you are. Not to mention out of touch.

  • hv

    Toronto women are truly the worst. And the comments by the women of Toronto here prove just what incredibly awful, arrogant cunts Toronto women are. There is a stifling, politically-correct feminist culture that prevents these cunts and bitches from any kind of self-examination of their entitled selves and of any critiques.. hence their utter shock and rage at hearing your very astute and pointed critiques about them.

    You’re lucky you don’t live here and have to deal with these arrogant, feminist bitches and cunts on a daily basis. This article is spot on.

  • Underground Man

    To Toronto Men, Adopt a Mask.

    Take it off in your private life

    and when the tipping point comes.

  • IshitonToronto

    If Toronto was a girl… I’d shit in her mouth, watching her enjoy it and rub it in her face like the dirty, crazy pig she is.

    @ 632 … you’re only partly right, because even those times there was A LOT of BULLSHIT from those loser Protestant Scottish and Irish cunts who were in power then in the city, and are still in power now. The immigration and multi-cultural bullshit from Trudeau only made a bad situation worse.

    LOSERS founded Toronto … and not just any losers, but up tight, narrow-minded, and super boring and bland Protestant losers. This is a fact.

    Also all you people saying Toronto is a “great place” to raise a family and have kids … BULLSHIT! How narrow-minded are you people? Do you HONESTLY want to raise a family in a such a bullshit Protestant, feminist cunt culture? Do you want your females to grow up to be delusional feminist monstrosities, or do you want your sons growing up to be mentally ill feminine pussies? Do you want to have a family in a city with NO REAL CULTURE, full of some of the worst filth from some of the world’s worst countries? If you actually do, well I feel sorry for you and screw you for making the human race even worse.

    Things are only going to get WORSE in Toronto.

    So any smart guys out there, GET THE FUCK OUT OF TORONTO, and DON’T COME BACK! If you’re smart and sane and want your kids to grow up as healthy, sane human beings, and if you yourself want to live a better life and keep your sanity… DO NOT RAISE A FAMILY IN TORONTO!

  • Ed

    I shit on conservative Toronto and all it stands for. New York run by the Swiss. Full of smug, arrogant women obsessed with self-entitlement. I left Canada in the early 1990s for NYC, then Europe. My buddies all swear T.O. a great place to live. Yet each of them is rotting on the vine, hen-pecked, dog-faced, stumbling like like an automaton. Toronto: this turd’s for you,

  • MeWantHoneyComb

    I was born and raised in the DC area, but I’d still choose Toronto over DC if for one reason:

    The women in Toronto are “down with the swirl” and, unlike DC cunts, aren’t going to choose a 260 lb fat white yuppie suit trust fund fuck over a fit 170 lb black dude who earns more money. And Toronto, at the very least, doesn’t attract rude Northeasterners , judgmental Southerners, and homogeneous Midwesterners, and puts them into one city.

  • wav

    Only fat, ugly starch bombs would say that. This article was spot on. Too bad more articles like this aren’t written. No wonder Toronto is nicknamed “Hogtown.”

  • MustachaMond

    The women in Toronto are “down with the swirl”

    @640 Have you ever been to Toronto? Does the swirl also include Toronto women from the Asian continent and mid-east? You dislike rude, judgemental and homogenous minded people; have you read the comments?

    The rabbit hole is deep. Stay strong my friend.

  • Anonymous

    An even better take down of Toronto…


  • Dude

    I’m glad someone had the balls to come to TO and call it out for what it is. I don’t agree with everything he wrote but I found myself agreeing with most of his points. I’ve lived in Toronto most my life and never knew how stale the women were until I moved out west.

    I found women in Toronto were focused on exterior things and had attitudes the size of the CN Tower. They constantly went for the jerks then complained about how all men were pigs over and over again. I was just tired of the bar scene and picked a grad school out west just to try something different, which has turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made so far. I could not see myself in a lame commuter school like York and had enough of the socially inept people at UfT from undergrad. Toronto is a a big city with lots of bars/clubs but something is just off about the way people socially interact.

    Let people complain all they want but I’m glad he called it how it is. IT’S THE TRUTH AND SOMETIMES THE TRUTH JUST HURTS!

  • silvia

    Well…what you have just described is a normal…happy life for most sane people

    What you were living before..I don’t know…but how about my perfect, politically correct reply…get the fuck out of this city..this country and this world, disgusting, pathetic, racist pig…because of people like you it is impossible to enjoy life

  • Anonymous

    The North blows. Southern California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida have this shit on lockdizown.

  • Silvia is a chump

    @ 645 Silvia

    Pretty sad that one person can make you so miserable about life. You sound like a wimp.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 647, she also sounds delusional hahaha. “Normal happy life … for most sane people” is pure, and utter delusion.

  • silvia

    Lol….more pathetic guys who can’t get laid?….wow…

    The thing is…you can say whatever the heck you want..y life will not change because of that… Yours won’t change either:)

    To be honest…above posts made me laugh…I could not believe what I was reading… The truth is you get what you deserve and it has nothing to do with women

  • Anonymous

    This is great ive been going to highschool here and uni here it is terrible, sure toronto has some great looking women but everything in this article is great. thank you very much roosh someone needed to say this THANK YOU, THANK YOU the people making these negitory comments are fat chicks, and femmiinsts.
    Keep doing what your doing please!
    Love- A Toronto Resident of my entire life

  • DaddysGirl

    @650 Anonymous

    you went to high school and uni?

    could have fooled me…

  • Bi-girl Toronto

    http://youtu.be/2hMEdDrI39s – watch this hahah it’s a hilarious response to Roosh the D-bag king.

  • Anonymous

    We can smell desperation and when we do, we run like hell. Perhaps we smelled the desperation you ensued during your pick up strategies. or maybe we realized you are a judgmental prick? Either way its wrong to generalize the whole city based on you little experience. calling all Indian girls ugly? seriously!? thank god you didn’t get laid!

  • Ari

    This middle eastern dung head is dissing on cultures and people of countries his ugly fug would have no chance with.His persian parents immigrated and raised this pathetic fool. Indian guys would fuck you up roosh. Take it from me. Dont mistake our kindness for passiveness. go fuck a camel.

  • Ron


    You only say that because its so easy to fool a stupid bitch

  • Ron


    Its true. Men that dont give a shit about women usually get a lot of life.

  • Bella

    You should probably rename this article “15 Reasons Why I Don’t Get Laid in Toronto”. Start that list by mentioning that you’re a fugly, unkempt, misogynistic shithead with an opinion that only failures and idiots would support, continue the list by detailing that Toronto girls have not one good reason to drop their standards to pay any attention to complete monkeys like yourself, and finish it by apologising for making the world a slightly stupider and definitely more intolerable place now that you’ve coined the terms “date up” and “PUA”.

    I guess at least you’ve earned yourself a loyal following of low hanging fruit, from the intelligence and racist perspective that is. Maybe in your world that’s worth something.

    Hope the city that you end up loving treats you so well that it gives you gonnorrherpasyphyllitis.

  • Greek kamaki

    Judging from the angry comments I suppose Toronto needs some Balkan power invasion.Serbian, Bulgarian and Russian guys getting their cocks out and teaching a lesson to these arrogant women to feminize them.

  • Anonymous

    Lol you’re just bitter that you can’t pick up.

  • http://www.scarboroughwhat.com Cee

    I agree with the author.

    Most of the women in this city are stash as shit.

    It is possible to get laid, you just have to have the correct attitude.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 658, it’s not enough, as those guys wouldn’t be in the power group that runs and influences the society in the city.

    What the city could really benefit from is a dictator, but we can only wish for that.

    More likely is either a huge natural disaster or world war, but who knows when that could occur.

  • Sierra

    I am one of those “toronto bitches” that you speak so spitefully of. judging by your article which essentially describes, categorizes, and deflects blame from your inability to find a hot girl willing to let you stick it in her, you should look to your selves( yeah im talking to all you men with blue balls who have been commenting) as the problem opposed to the city or the women. every time i go out i get approached by a plethora of douchbags, or socially awkward nerdy men with no game, who are 9 times out of 10 ugly. the problem with toronto is the men, not the women. we are generally beautiful intelligent caring women who have been objectified by not only the men we know but strangers constantly. but im not going to get into that. its so rare to see an attractive man out that when we do its a spectacle. when i am out and i see a genuinely attractive man i will hit on them. which only happens like twice a year. but then again i am picky. you have to remember that women dont go out to get laid. we can get laid any time we want so when we go out we just wanna have fun with our friends yet we are constantly being bombarded by annoying men who have no game, and you wonder why we are cold to their advances. i have been going to clubs and bars since i was 16 with a fake id. i am 20 now and i am already so sick of it. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE HARASSED. its not fun, its not flattering, its rude. so just fuck off or talk to a woman on a human level, as if she is your friend and equal not just a pussy with lips and maybe you will get somewhere. i can 100% say that this city is an amazing place for men who are attractive and/or have great personalities, because since they are so rare to see out and about they have a plethora of beautiful women who are interested in them. Also something you should think about is maybe not every one wants one night stands… i personally never have them. i dont want to have sex with a guy unless i actually like him which is impossible unless you know each other… not everyone is a desperate slut, tho is seams you are. all of my male friends have a lot of luck with women. honestly this article to me screams “i am a pathetic guy who has no respect for women and cant get my dick wet.” shame on all of you sad little men.
    p.s. i dont know what your talking about when it comes to the mother hen. i dont know any fat over bearing mother figures…
    p.p.s. and we arent cockblocking when we come n grab our friends and take them away from annoying skeeze balls, we are saving our girls cuz they give us a “help me” look.

  • Sierra

    @657 bella
    amen girl

  • MustachaMond

    Toronto by the numbers

    2L(=1 Gal) Milk – $8.00
    Steak – $8.00/lb and up
    1 Box Reg Size Breakfast Cereal – $6.00
    Small Bag Washed Salad – $4.00
    Brand Name Shaving Razor – $26.00
    Brand name Frozen Pizza – $6.00
    1 Tray Frosted Cinnamon Rolls – $3.00

    6 Pack Domestic Beer – $12.00
    750ml Crown Royal – $40
    750 ml- Brand Name Sweetened 12% Wine – $10

    Car Insurance 25 Y.O. No accidents (5+ Y.O. Car) – $300/mo

  • people_must_die

    ok, r could you test calgary?

  • Anonymous

    Those that agree with this article seem to love to insult and bash the female population yet you rely on women to get laid. Showing so much disrespect for women will get you nowhere. You men can go fuck each other.

  • Russian boy


    Да не говори, я тут вообще умерааааюююю

  • Anonymous

    Although I don’t agree with Roosh’s general philosophy of banging and leaving, I do agree with him that a lot of girls in Toronto are very unlady-like. Again, everything is relative. I’d say Torontonian women are less lady-like than Eastern European women, but perhaps on the same level as German women, where a lot of German women have shorter hair and dress sort of masculine.

    I have a lot of friends in Toronto who are dating and are happy, but I can’t seem to find anyone because I’m just used to the way Eastern European girls are; long hair, skinny, conservative. Then again, that’s just me talking.

  • Rofl

    It’s amazing how retarded feminists can be. They think cursing like a sailor, exhibiting aggressive body language, getting tatted up, scarfing down food like they were bulking up, getting drunk, and spouting feminist talking points are attractive qualities. Do you actually think a decent guy would be interested in a chick like that? Feminists, put yourself in our shoes (shouldn’t be too hard, most of you wish you could be like men), and imagine what it would be like to be with a women like that. It’d be hell.

    If I wanted to hang out with someone who cusses a lot and likes to get drunk, I’d hang out with one of my old college buddies. When I’m with a women, I’m expecting a different sort of experience; a softer, gentler, more feminine experience. But unfortunately women born and/or raised in the West, like Toronto, think acting like a man (or an exaggerated caricature of a man) is the path towards enlightenment. It’s no wonder men with any sense treat most women in the West like human cum rags. Until you prove otherwise, it’s all you’re good for. You think I’m going to let my future children be raised by some carousel-riding slut looking to cash out? You think I’m going to risk my mental health by getting into a long relationship with an antagonizing cunt? Hell no. Get my dick wet and get out. Pump and dump all day, every day.

    Feminists, if you find yourself angry, frustrated, and alone at the age of 40, with no children, no family, no husband, living in an empty home, and working a soul-sucking, go nowhere job, then you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Not my fault you wanted to waste your prime years desperately playing the fantasy of the strong, empowered, independent womyn.

  • people_must_die

    asians pussys is cool.

  • camazotz

    It’s like watching a train wreck in action….the fail is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Roosh, there’s a road to happiness and contentment with the opposite sex, but you’re so far off the beaten path I doubt you’ll ever find your way back.

  • Switzva

    You are a worthless piece of shit and I think it speaks volumes of the intelligence and self-esteem of T dot women that they wouldn’t sink so low to give a “fucktard” like you the time of day! You are pathetic and will obviously die alone.

  • IshitonToronto

    @ 672,

    more like, many of you self-entitled stuck up feminist bitches will die alone. Grow up, be more humble, and be friendlier to guys in general. Act like a woman, and not like a man.

  • Anonymous

    I am an Indian guy myself. I have met Roosh to and had a drink with him. He is absloutly right on the mark about Indian women – they are the most arrogant, over protected, and mostly ugly women you will find. After they turn 30 years of age — they plumet into fat, thick skinned beasts, who only care about getting somosas for free. But still they look in the mirror and somehow manage to think they are special creatures that God specially chose — Roosh is not at all racist. He has the guts to tell the truth – about TO women and especially TO Indian women. By hats off to him — and for sure I will buy him a high priced drink next time I see in bar.

  • Canadian Latina

    your comment about indians and asians was unnecessary…and you are a bit of a hypocrite by expecting ugly guys to get good looking girls yet you complained about seeing too many good looking guys with ugly chicks.. everyone has different taste you know…A negative attitude is only going to give you negative results.

    aside from that, i agree with the fact that Toronto is full of superficial, greedy, rude people who think they are so cool (not just the women, men too). You can’t even look at people or they want to fight you. i agree with russian girl’s comment about people being so unfriendly here. I’m a latina and i gotta say that it was sooo different back home. i had more friends there even though i’ve lived here for A LOT longer…there was always something to do back home, and people knew how to party…most people here are dull and antisocial…i find that it’s not just the bigger girls that try and “cock block”, i think people who are just miserable with themselves don’t want to see anyone around them happy.they don’t want their friends to find a bf/gf because then they will be alone.
    I’m not sure what your method for approaching women is, but i’d tell a guy off if he was disrespecting me…some guys are so sexist they don’t even realize they are acting that way and then wonder why women seem turned off by them… i see no need to be rude if the guy is being polite and had the guts to try, i mean it’s a compliment.. I think what’s missing in this city is a sense of humor! people take everything so serious, all they care about is money & looks. people work so much that they don’t even have time to enjoy the money they make. that is not life…i’m glad to see i’m not the only one that feels this way about this city.
    Winter is depressing enough already…why does everyone have to make it feel worse?

  • Anonymous

    One thing is that it is great that people are finally talking about TO and why it is such a shitty city. Fact is TO women and femiists are a main cause why TO is so shitty. Perhaps these issues can be more honestly talked about so real solutions may be found. TO women really need to be knocked off their pedestal somehow if thing are going to improve. It is ironic that Roosh as an outsider who only spent a week in TO was able to see the real problems and got the discussion going.

  • Vijay

    Toronto is God’s City and Roosh you are a moronic clown

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people here need to research/read what feminism really means. It does not mean “acting like a man”. It is equal right.

  • Michael Myers

    You blokes should be glad you don’t live in the San Francisco – Area where it’s even worse than Toronto. At least, Toronto of the early ’90s.

    God the bitches in N. Cal are a bunch of 5s who think they’re 10s and even the fat bitches, that’s most of the women of datable age, have shitty attitudes. The truly gross ones will aggressively try to fuck you which is just revolting.

    Never will you see a greater concentration of fat women with hacked off haird, sloppy, drab frumpy attire and wearing flip flops or Chuck Taylors.

    Looks like Toronto is another city that the Russians or Chinese should nuke along with D.C., and San Fransissy.

  • gary

    You just sound like a racist dick who is playing sour Grapes, grow the fuck up and tighten your game.. dont bitch about it. I play HALO and all my games on the LEGENDARY setting. THAT is how any game needs to be played, even the game of booty. if a girl is easy to get, she is easy to lose, so stop the complaining… workout out some more or put on some weight(whichever is more suitable) get better fashion sense and try again :-)

  • http://blog.matthewmiller.net Matthew

    Roosh has shown us an inarticulate man-child ranting and raving, blaming women for the fact that none of them are attracted to his constant efforts to demean and disrespect them.

    I have a suspicion the only way Roosh gets any action is either through a cash exchange, or by targeting women with low self esteem. I suspect his rant is really about Toronto having better mental health services, and thus fewer vulnerable women. Predators always get pissy when there’s a dearth of prey.

  • Vancouver asian lover

    TO does suck in general. BC is the best. But since you dont like asian girls (WTF) you will be out of luck. Asian girls are much more attractive and slimmer than most white girls. Not really attracted to white girls anymore but in Van that is no problem as the asians are beautiful

  • Mans One True Voice

    I have to say that as a male who has grown up in a variety of different cultures over the years, North American women in general seem to have this idea that they are worth more then they can actually bank.

    To some extens, this post is disrespectful to the female race but at the same time it speaks the truth. All of you women retaliating are just proving yet again how stuck up and bitchy women in Canada are. Most of my frienda in Europe have read this and had a good laugh with me, and the next day have moved on.

    Women in this city (Toronto) do suck, and if you are a female you should be taking this post as a learning experience to better yourselves. You are not made of gold and if you havent made it as a model yet chances are you are never going to. I am so sock of the conceded cunts who walk around like they are being followed by paparazI. Grow up, stop being so fake, and maybe the women of Toronto will get more positive reviews next time around.

  • WorldTraveler

    Hell, people, it’s that simple:
    Create 2 fake profiles on any Canadian dating site, one for an average male and one for an average female, and just observe how a female profile will be getting 100s messages a day, while male profile will hardly get ONE lady interested in him.

    Canada is “ruled” by male desperation, total lack of hope for any normal male and complete control over the situation by females.

    Any normal and self respecting male individual should simply pack his bags and spend 4-5 years outside of Canada, be it Asia, Latin America or Europe, especially Eastern Europe.

    I bet that after some time spent overseas they’d never be willing to come back to the hellhole called Canada and Toronto, and would be looking back at their time in Toronto as a never ending nightmare.

  • Cavalcare Latigre

    I have stumbled across this page accidentally, not knowing what to expect, and — I have to say this is the best piece of journalism I’ve read in the past, like, 3 years. Definitely better than anything I’ve ever read in Toronto Star. Great blog, too.

    This post has all the marks of great journalism: very funny, very eloquent, and very thought-provoking (as evident from oceans of butthurt comments). It reminds me of H.L.Mencken and the Vice magazine before they turned into crap. I don’t agree with some of the observations, but so what? I don’t expect somebody else’s experience to completely match mine. Everybody’s views are formed by their experience, but few people can put their views into writing in such an eloquent way.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably one of the rudest articles I have ever read. The fact that you think you know enough about Toronto girls to make this generalization is pathetic. Judging by your name, you are nothing special yourself, so I don’t know who you think you are making fun of us. You’re probably bitter because we are WAY too good for you and you constantly get turned down in Toronto. Guys like YOU is why we don’t give guys a chance at clubs and pull our friends away. You’re assholes who are only into looks. Grow up

  • Anonymous

    Spot fucking On!

  • IPFreeley

    @ 678, fuck off with your “equal rights”. It is NOT NATURAL to be forcing ourselves to “equal rights”. Nature NEVER INTENDED for men and women to be equal!

    Men and women each have their own SPECIFIC roles in nature, and they are NOT equal roles.

  • Lynn

    You are a despicable human being Roosh. So you go around the world to try and get laid and you have the guts to publicize this on the internet and blame the girls for not wanting to sleeping with you? That is DISGUSTING.

    I saw your bullshit Youtube rebuttal video and you’re claiming that people don’t understand where you’re coming from because they are not as well traveled as you? Are you serious? So when you complain that there are too many Asian and Indian women in Toronto, which is downright RACIST,it doesn’t take a person with PhD or a high school diploma to realize how ignorant you are.

  • http://www.kappa.com Kappa

    Toronto got so bad, they made a reality show “Keys to the VIP” that pins 2 male contestants trying to hit on girls. You had 4 referee’s coming from each end of the male-bloc and 2 guys who have the task to hit on a Toronto girl. Regardless how attractive, buffed or cute the guy was…..he would be rejected.

    Toronto girls complain, but in the end of the day they are just miserable and take it out on the innocent guys night in, night out……

  • IPFreeley

    @ 690, let them wallow in their own misery, get the fuck out of Toronto if you haven’t already done so.

  • Brassaii

    The fourth photo that you selected to use (three ladies), was used without permission from Brassai’s weekly Wednesday night. Please remove from your website.

  • MK

    Seriously shocked that you consider yourself cultured and knowledgeable in the ways of global hook ups. You say you’re offended when people accuse you of going to “third world countries to bang poor girls”, yet it seems you have targeted areas that although they are not third world countries may convey that intention to others. Western Europe may be what you are looking for. France, Spain and Italy all known for their romantic and sexual nature. I understand and agree different cities and countries have generalized stereotypes. However, these stereotypes about Toronto are completely unresearched and actually just wrong. I don’t know how much time you spent in Toronto, but it seems from your past experiences you do not do your research. Maybe you should stick to microbiology because anthropology is clearly not your forte. If you’re intrested in having drunk one night stands with “feminine girls” you should look into the UK. There is a big party scene there and the views on sex can be quite liberal (this only applies to certain regions, and not to every person). However, this being said, you seem like a pretty shitty person and this blog is a serious joke, so with that being said I don’t know how well you will do anywhere in the world. Also, not sure why you are making such an effort to have sex when you clearly hate women. Respect and intelligence are two things women all over the world find attractive. Wishing you luck and may you never return to Toronto again.

  • Torontonian

    Everything you said is true….:thumbup

  • white flag in toronto

    Bang on! You know, my friends and I often try to distill why the dating scene sucks so much in Toronto. We’ve recognized a few of these points, but this is a great comprehensive list! And it’s all so true; in general.

    We’ve all travelled around Canada, the U.S., Europe, etc. and Toronto seriously is a tough scene with no legitimate reason. In many of these other cities girls are not only attractive, but very approachable, nice and engaging like a breath of fresh air.

    Not only is the list true to life, but because of the inherent culture and attitudes of the girls in Toronto the guys who end up with them give up way too many voting rights lol. I mean far more skewed than a fair 50 50 decision making partnership.

    On top of that they are mostly unappreciative; all you have to do is hit up some of the online dating sites and Toronto is full of cheating women, poor students seeking arrangements and hookers with defeated guys willing to pay. It’s a real life scenario of ‘you give an inch they take a mile’.

    Good question; why am I still here!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. based on this incredibly shitty article I don’t necessarily think it’s the girls in Toronto that are the cause of your inability to get laid, but rather your absolutely pathetic nature that’s getting in the way of your dick getting wet. Its safe to say that you will probably find women repulsed by you in cities other than Toronto because at the end of the day, you are the one causing all your pathetic problems.

  • a bird in flight

    most people who have made an attempt to take on Roosh have only sought to attack him or his credibility (no game, frustrated, doesn’t get laid, etc). I’m yet to read a comment that takes Roosh’s observations apart one after the other. The comments box allows for enough characters to debate Roosh so stop attacking him and deal with the issues.

  • amidst the ogresses

    Lol great article as evidenced by the amount of conversation swirling around it apart from the lame, substance lacking attacks.

    Having lived in many places around the world including Toronto; I would agree that the general attitude of women is cold, unapproachable and stand-offish. And I’m talking about the ‘dating scene’ not the ‘pua, get laid scene’ which is kind of childish then again it’s sort of a rite of passage for guys that we all go through. Getting laid in Toronto is a challenge compared to other cities, but not impossible if that’s your end goal. But I think more relevantly to the bigger picture your article rings true to finding real women and real relationships in the city. If you truly want to just get out and meet a potential longer term, quality partner then the environment is seriously harsh and seemingly barren for some of the reasons stated.

    As the one Russian girl commented along with many others the environment within Toronto fosters barriers and the cold climate doesn’t help. It’s not that there aren’t any awesome girls in Toronto, but the question is where are they and how to find them amidst the 2am pizza downing, mother hen protected, etc crowd?

  • Alexandre

    I would agree with this article EXCEPT that Indian women are not attractive. I find plenty of attractive ones in Toronto.

    I would agree with your point 7, there are too many Asian and Indian women.

    What’s the problem? Ethnicity, if you are a white dude, no problem, every ethnicity digs you. If you are not, then you strike out with Indians and Asians (mostly – again you can’t generalize everything). So imagine you go to a club that is 50% Asians and Indians. The other 50% perhaps 20% are even worth your time, those are just bad odds.

    And if you don’t believe me, there is a guy who ran a race experiment on POF. He basically put different models from different ethnicities on POF and tabulated the responses the models got based on race. There was a clear race preferences in Toronto and you can’t game facts.

  • Ira

    Well I won’t comment much on what Roosh said, whatever floats his boat. Plus after looking at his other blog entries I see that he is just a typical women hater who blames women for all the problems in the world. So I hope this blog will be re-posted on a monthly basis so that he helps us to clean Toronto out of douches.

    But I am a bit amazed by WorldTraveler’s comments. After all the complaints about women in Toronto/North America on being unfriendly, never smiling and being materialistic you promote places like……Russia and Ukraine? Russia is one of the places often discussed in press as the country where nobody smiles and looks unfriendly (often explained by “culture”) and where women care about money more than anything else. As a former russian/ukranian who hates those ugly, worthless and corrupt countries I am very surprised by this since I can confirm that all I have witnessed from the ones who i unfortunately share ethnicity with is unfriendliness and strong greed (both there and in Toronto, actually when I read Roosh’s article I first wondered if he was chasing girls in a russian area, haha). The only thing I can see that “self respecting men” may like about women from that area is their submissiveness and ability to treat the man as their superior and not their equal. (So pack your bags guys , lol) But everything else just doesn’t seem right. Are you sure she isn’t just sucking your dick because you are a foreigner and she still hopes you will get her out, so she can dump you after like most do?

  • Ira

    Oh and “RussianGirl” it is people from our garbage country who are most likely to call others sluts because they don’t have long term relationships. Somthing tells me that you don’t even know how to party if after 10 years you don’t know any places where the fun goes on after 2 (and i don’t mean comfort zone). you must be living somewhere on steeles, near vomit like you no wonder you can’t find any fun. i am also sorry you have to be pc here and not encouraged to be a racist and hateful garbage like it is in russia. and omg caring for others well being, this must be too hard since all you think about is painting your face and style yourself. And it is russians who start acting like they are 60 around the age of 25 when they get married and pop out their first kid. they are also most likely to be religious. most canadians i know are atheists.

    anyways. i advise you to go back to pa-russia. i doubt you will be happy here

  • Adam is back

    Fuck Canada. Fuck Toronto. The most stifling place in the world.

  • Adam is back

    @ 689 Lynn; wow, I can’t believe what an incoherent and irrelevant post you managed to spew out. You really have no insight into this issue, at all. Please, crawl back into the hole you came from. :)

    Fuck you,

  • Perseus

    I agree 100% with this article, in fact the way i see it Roosh is not being racist, he’s just expressing his preference for a certain physical characteristic in the opposite sex.

    Personally i am not attracted to Indian girls, does that mean i am racist? i don’t think so, as i had a friend or two who were indian and FEMALES back in university days.

    However, as a guy in my mid 20s who’s been living in Toronto since birth up to last summer, i felt the need to LEAVE. Me leaving was due to many factors, among the top was the dating scene in Toronto.

    Yes, education is important, as well as having a job, however that’s not all there’s to life, and frankly there were times were i had JUST THAT, studying and working, even though i went out a lot to bars, rarely to clubs but at the end of the day/night, nothing came out it. A guy has to think about making a family at one point or another and Toronto women are definitely NOT suitable for this task.

    Was it my lack of game? well that’s what i USED TO THINK back when i was living in Toronto.
    No i am not going to call Toronto offensive names, because it is MY CITY, where i grew up and experienced a lot, unfortunately it did not offer a DECENT “mating” environment if you will.

    It was only till i moved to Europe, specifically Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine that i came to the realization that i didn’t need much of game aside from dressing nice, being well groomed, and having confidence when approaching a girl, talking to her, and pretty much being myself (totally anti-PC), but most importantly being in charge of any situation that came my way.

    Heck i was a fitness freak when i was in Toronto, but that didn’t matter as much in Europe because even an out of shape guy can land a beautiful woman there. NO not because he’s loaded, but by mere fact that he showed interest in her, had the courage to chat her up and maybe buy her a drink or two. Although truth to be told, our dollar does go far in Eastern Europe.

    I am not perfect and neither is my game and have made MANY mistakes talking to women, but in Europe a girl KNOWS/FEELS that you messed up a bit in your game because you really like her and maybe a bit nervous talking to her at first.
    Do Toronto women offer you a chance to redeem yourself? Either she walks away or calls mother hen to bitch slap you (metaphorically speaking, or am i?).

    Point is, Toronto is hell, especially for young guys in their 20s. Not to be arrogant or full of myself, but i’m 6’3, bodybuilder, pharmacist and on my way to get a masters in it. I get constant eye contact on the streets in Europe (kinda makes you feel like a god i have to admit), but do i go outta my way and shoot down a girl (not a pro of course) who approaches me? nope, if anything and im not interested, i would still buy her a drink for her making my day and approaching me (happens more often than you think to ANY GUY!! after which i would just thank Toronto and their gems for making me leave and see an entirely different world).

    Do Toronto girls do that to guys? fuck it, forget buying drinks part (although that’s a must for gender equality women are pushing for, if you ask me), but at least give the guy a chance, you might like him and you might get married and have kids before you hit 35, instead of hitting 35 and adopting a bunch of cats haha.

    Fact is, where i am right now, a girl’s friends would introduce YOU to her, not kidding, happened to me easily at a club once. No cockblocking by fatties or pathetic “mother hen” who hasn’t been laid in 12 months.

    Toronto women are EXTREMELY focused on a guy’s looks and THEN his money, i guess part of the reason as to why i got into bodybuilding bluntly speaking. Also because a lot of Toronto women have high paying jobs in human resources or some similar pointless job which they over value to others, walking around downtown in pants suits haha (they don’t even sell those in Europe i think).

    I would rather work in Europe and learn a new language (going great so far :D), be away from family and friends than ever go back to un-feminine, man hating Toronto women.

    At least in the end i will have a decent shot at making a family of my own. And hey i can always visit Toronto for a WEEK only haha, would surely make me appreciate my decision for leaving.

    I appreciate Roosh writing this article confirming what i had in mind about Toronto, especially since he is an outsider.

    Also women commenting on here only prove his point. If i were to comment on this article a year ago, i would’ve given specific example of the shit Toronto girls pull with guys and shut them all up, but i guess being surrounded by extremely beautiful/fit, feminine, well dressed women all day, who on occasion would approach you, just made me forget what it was like to be a suffering, lonely, single, Toronto guy.

    My sympathies to all of my brothers stuck in this freak show.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived in Toronto all my life (30 years) except for 2 years when I went to college in Kingston. Ever since then I’ve hated living in Toronto. Everyone in Kingston is so easy going, and the girls are friendly. In Toronto everyone is so uptight, and trying to be better than everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    This is why Toronto is worst city in North America for men:


  • Adam is back

    We have serious issues here.

  • Anonymous

    All ‘data’ collected above – characteristic of a male who, no matter how many sexist interpretations he could make of women, not get one girl to sleep with him. All symptoms lead to the conclusion that you are simply an awkward, desperate reject whom ‘obese women’ would not even be interested in sleeping with.

    You classify yourself as an adult male? That is rather a strange statement to make, considering the intelligence of what was written is barely characteristic of such a title. You seriously wonder why you cannot get a Toronto woman into bed with you? Take a reality check and look at the fragmented nonsense you just whined about. What woman would want to sleep with you when this sort of bullshit is coming from your own mind? You, as well as the many other individuals who have commented previously, deserve to be, (pardon my FRENCH), drop-kicked in the face. In the long run, you are only participating in your own, pathetic rejection by making disgusting observations such as these.

    All of this only proves that you have had too much time on your hands to think about how many different times and ways you have failed to employ your ‘oh so suave’ mode of discourse in a manner that will get you anywhere in life with women, let alone in life as a whole. Really, when you think about it, this is not that much of a surprise for you.

    And @Hipsterstink: Hipsters may indeed stink, but not as much are your shit does. You might want to fix that, it reflects very poorly on yourself and how seriously you are taken.

  • Cristina

    Well, I can honestly say that I would never want anything to do with the misogynistic, disrespectful, and just plain cruel man who wrote this. Maybe Toronto’s women aren’t the problem but your attitude is. Also, are you either attratice or rich? Probably neither because it seems like you’re really aiming for girls that are far out of your league to begin with. Referring to women as obese, ugly, etc.? What kind of parenting did you suffer through?

  • WorldTraveler

    I think that Ira (messages # 700 and 701) deserves her own reply, since she represents a typical Toronto woman: arrogant, in denial and with a sense of entitlement.

    1. Ok, Ira, so you are amazed with my comments, eh?:-)

    Before I elaborate, can you please tell me if you’ve ever been outside of Canada, including Eastern Europe, since the moment of your arrival to Canada, most likely as a kid with your parents? Your answer will explain a lot in your visions of life.

    2. I’ve lived, worked and studied around the world, I’m older than you are, and I base my words on facts and observations.
    And I still insist, that North American females are ignorant, totally unfriendly, in denial and with a huge sense of entitlement, willing to whore themselves out to anyone loaded with money, nice condo or house and a couple of nice cars.

    3. It’s not out of the blue that I was asking you about your travel history, since you say the following: “Russia is one of the places often discussed in press as the country where nobody smiles and looks unfriendly (often explained by “culture”) and where women care about money more than anything else.”

    The difference between us is that I’ve actually been and lived a long time in Eastern Europe, whereas you base you words on what’s written in a politically correct and brainwashing Canadian media.
    Women care about money? Do you even know the number of females whoring themselves out in Canada and in Toronto? Just grab any free newspaper like “Now Toronto” and browse through tons of escort and massage ads there. And there are several newspapers like that, as well as internet and special webpages dedicated entirely to escorts and service providers. Do you know how many young Toronto girls, university students, currently are in a Sugar Daddy relationship with older males with money? Trust me-A LOT.
    Canada and North America is ALL about money, nothing else matters but money, and the more money the better. Personality, education, brains, respect, integrity, mutual understanding, physical shape do not and will never matter in Canada and in Toronto, unless, of course, the male with these qualities happens to have a lot of money. Then every lady will be willing to sell herself to him.

    4. You write again: “As a former russian/ukranian who hates those ugly, worthless and corrupt countries I am very surprised by this since I can confirm that all I have witnessed from the ones who i unfortunately share ethnicity with is unfriendliness and strong greed (both there and in Toronto, actually when I read Roosh’s article I first wondered if he was chasing girls in a russian area, haha). ”

    With these words you are just confirming what a piece of garbage with no respect to anything you actually are. You are the worst example of an immigrant, who’s willing to talk shit about his/her motherland hoping to sound like a Canadian. But this is NOT a Canadian quality. Canadians do not and will never say bad things about Canada as a country!!
    What ethnicity would you like to have? How can one not be proud of his/her ethnicity? There is a saying that only scum, thieves and criminals immigrate to Canada from Russia. Looks like the saying is right…

    5. And again, you wrote: “The only thing I can see that “self respecting men” may like about women from that area is their submissiveness and ability to treat the man as their superior and not their equal. (So pack your bags guys , lol) But everything else just doesn’t seem right. Are you sure she isn’t just sucking your dick because you are a foreigner and she still hopes you will get her out, so she can dump you after like most do?”

    Wow, what a selection of words from a so called “lady”… No wonder, you feel home in Canada, among feminists and man haters.
    Trust me, it’s not about being submissive or treating man like a superior. The thing is that Canadian ladies are not a family material.
    A typical Canadian lady has an attitude “ME ME ME first, and then MAY BE you”, in everything. No male wants a submissive partner, but we want an equal and evolving partnership/marriage with efforts from BOTH parts, built on respect, mutual understanding, integrity, support and sexual harmony! Family consists of two EQUAL parts, a male and a female, with equal responsibilities!

    6. And you go on, Ira: “Oh and “RussianGirl” it is people from our garbage country who are most likely to call others sluts because they don’t have long term relationships. Somthing tells me that you don’t even know how to party if after 10 years you don’t know any places where the fun goes on after 2 (and i don’t mean comfort zone). you must be living somewhere on steeles, near vomit like you no wonder you can’t find any fun.

    Your choice of words really shows what kind of a person you are and how well you represent Canadian female population. You don’t have arguments and facts, you just call people names.

    7. You wrote: “i am also sorry you have to be pc here and not encouraged to be a racist and hateful garbage like it is in russia.”

    You think Canadians are not racists? Think twice:-) You are in for a rude awakening.

    8. You continue: ” and omg caring for others well being, this must be too hard since all you think about is painting your face and style yourself.”

    Any normal and self respecting male individual will always take a lady who knows style and how to apply make up over that “North American something of unknown sex” in sweat pants, flip flops/running shoes and no make up.

    9. Then you claim: “And it is russians who start acting like they are 60 around the age of 25 when they get married and pop out their first kid. they are also most likely to be religious. most canadians i know are atheists.”

    Have you ever seen modern Canadian youth, who has no idea what “sport” means, who regularly gets high and drunk, who doesn’t care about anything but partying, or have you seen Canadian girls giving birth at the age of 15?? No? Then look around and take your rosy colored glasses off.

    10. And you finish it off with: “anyways. i advise you to go back to pa-russia. i doubt you will be happy here”

    Not nice of you to call your country of birth that name. I wish that every North American male got a chance to travel and to visit Europe in general and Eastern Europe in particular, just for the sake of comparison. Bet, that those males would never be willing to come back to the dating hell hole called Canada and Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the people commenting here are the kind of people I would actually eat popcorn while watching them get a dose of zyklon B.

    Do you subhumans actually know what racist means, you despicable little faggots? How could you honestly chastise a man for not being attracted to a certain race of women? This is basically nothing but cold hard proof that this article is accurate. (also lol at the people crying “wacist” would be perfectly fine with a black woman not being willing to date white guys)

    And one more time, LOL at Roosh being a white guy. He’s what white people affectionately call a sand nigger, the most looked down upon minority in America.

  • Adam is back

    Why do Toronto women hate men and sex?

  • Anonymous

    This is article is a dumbassed waste of time

  • Adam is back

    Your face is a waste of time.

  • Elizabeth

    I totally agree. Political correctness in conversation is such a joke; especially because you know most of these girls probably spew offensive garbage on a regular basis.
    As a born-and-raised Torontonian, I’ve gone out with my girls and seen both sides of the coin. Sometimes we have a great time with friends, other times the “clique” is patrolling who you talk to. And that is frustrating, because I don’t think anyone needs the squad patrolling their conversations with a nice guy.
    Thanks for being honest, but I don’t like sex so all I can give a guy is a bite of my burger.

  • johann steinhoff

    you would really hate Houston…

  • Yo mama

    LOL What a fucking joke this article is.

  • Anonymous

    Wow you’re quite the racist pig. That’s probably why your pastey flat ass didn’t get any.

  • Oh Yea

    2 718 Anonymous. Don’t like the truth, bitch???

  • Anonymous

    Go and fuck yourself, buddy

  • Anonymous

    Sound advice, considering that is probably the only action you will be getting with the “terrible” women of Toronto after releasing this joke of a blog.

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    my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Appreciate it

  • Anonymous

    In other words, what you’re saying is that, in Toronto, the women you want are unattainable to you. You have several options: you can a) “lower your standards”, b) change your own appearance and behavior, c) move, or d) continue to live in Toronto and whine about how the rest of the world is responsible for your own lack of success.

  • Dee

    If you want to cut out all the “small stuff” just pick up a phone book and call an Escort to your basement apartment.


  • http://devil-.tumblr.com Bambi

    This blog post is sexist and disgusting. I’m glad you had a horrid experience, because you are a horrible human being. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe these “hot” women are (rightfully!) staying away from you because you’re a douche. Anyone who refers to women as a “5” or a “6” or an “8” is a fucking douche. Period.

  • Elle

    I’m so sick of these fucking racist and sexist insults that is occupying this article. If you want careless free sex well hire a fucking hooker why don’t you? You had a horrible experience because you see women as objects i hope you die alone goodbye

  • Anonymous

    If I ever see you in person I’ll cut your diseased cock off and stuff it down your throat, fucking scumfuck.

  • Anonymous

    You are a piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this article is alarmingly sexist, hateful, and racist. WOW.

  • Educated.

    Maybe women don’t talk to you/like you because you’re the type of person to write an entire list about how your racist, sexist and fat-phobic ideas have caused you to have a hard time dating. This is disgusting. Get over yourself.

  • Educated.

    Also, your facial hair is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Could have played some part in your lack of popularity.

  • dave

    It’s all true except for Asian girls because Asian girls are the best looking and there isn’t enough of them.

  • Amy

    “Do you subhumans actually know what racist means, you despicable little faggots? How could you honestly chastise a man for not being attracted to a certain race of women?”

    There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to certain races over others. But when someone says there are too many [insert race here] in their city, then that IS being racist.

    Though considering Roosh is non-white, I find his comments surprising. You’d think a man who knows discrimination would know not to discriminate against people himself.

  • Justin Beebz

    I can fight almost all the points just because its never happened to me but Roosh V or w.e your name is, you got to understand that for Toronto guys we don’t make a mistake when talking to girls because we know how to treat a lady and not say anything too offensive and when you go to a club don’t go to one that’s known for Asians and indian ppl but still gotta say if you do, CANADA stills got some sexy Asian and Indian ladies.

    Basically what i’m saying is if you ever come to cananda again or toronto maybe you should think about taking any men that you see because they will be able to guide you a teach you how to have a fun time!! Or maybe let us go out with you and show you how to pick up ladies and have a good time!!

  • Anonymous

    I can fight almost all the points just because its never happened to me but Roosh V or w.e your name is, you got to understand that for Toronto guys we don’t make a mistake when talking to girls because we know how to treat a lady and not say anything too offensive and when you go to a club don’t go to one that’s known for Asians and indian ppl but still gotta say if you do, CANADA stills got some sexy Asian and Indian ladies.

    Basically what i’m saying is if you ever come to cananda again or toronto maybe you should think about taking any men that you see because they will be able to guide you a teach you how to have a fun time!! Or maybe let us go out with you and show you how to pick up ladies and have a good time!!

  • Kelly

    I wonder from what high point your mum must’ve dropped you in your childhood that lead to serious brain damage and a wrong image of women.

  • http://www.rooshv.com/15-reasons-why-toronto-is-the-worst-city-in-north-america-for-men James

    I don’t just hate the white Feminist women in Toronto ,I despise them !!!!!! I got my self a nice Korean girl who cocks and is good with money. She is a Canadian citizen , I’m not an Idiot . Good girl . She was virgin too . No like the white Canadian women here . Needy , delusional with lots of GAY friends, make you fill like an duchebag ….you know exactly what I’m talking about right guys ??

  • Jim

    Yep I’m from Toronto. This man speaks the gospel truth.

    the bitches be cold here.

  • Allie

    Wow, maybe if you treated women like actual human beings, instead of treating them like sexual objects you’d actually meet some girls who are willing to give you the time of day. You’re obviously a pretentious, misogynistic, racist asshole, and I guess all the Toronto ladies can smell it on you from a mile away. Sucks to suck, loser.

  • dnm

    Whoever wrote this lives a sad, sad existence.

  • surrey jack

    To ake toronto worse a 19yr old boy got raped by 4 obese women

  • Anonymous

    If you think Toronto is bad, try London UK.

  • MIgrant

    I am a Canadian who used to live in Toronto. Now i live in eastern Europe. Every day, and certianly every time I o out, I am surrounded by blonde, blue-eyed, slim, high-heeled, long-haired, mini-skirted women. Sexy, feminine, sexually confident, both in and out of the bedroom. They still lack in conversation skills, but hell, I am willing to live with that!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Yes… the problem must be all of the women in Toronto (and various other cities mentioned), not the one guy who blogs about his continued failures to get laid (and who may/may not be attractive). Who wouldn’t want to fuck a whiny, sexist bigot?

    Here’s an earth-shattering tip for those guys nodding your heads along with this post: women don’t always go to bars with their girlfriends because they are looking for a guy. Some of us just like to dance, drink, and have a good time with our friends.

    There is nothing worse than having a bunch of goons pawing at your skirts and yelling garbled one-liners while you’re trying to have fun with your friends (especially if those guys look like gargoyles, which most of them do).

  • Anonymous

    we should never let American scum like you over the border

  • Shawn

    Lived in Toronto my entire life (am now 40) and you’re correct about most points. I’m a fairly good looking guy too, athletic build etc but picking up in Toronto isn’t good. You can get laid with plenty of under average girls, but try actually getting a girlfriend with one that’s remotely attractive, quite difficult! I had my eyes opened in my late 20’s travelling all over, visiting clubs where attractive women actually approached me! 40 years in Toronto, that’s never hapened, I’ll approach an average girl and have been yelled at for being a PUA.

    Point 1: Oh way too funny, quite true.
    Point 2: Has happened to me often, true.
    Point 3: Don’t agree with this, but hey it’s your opinion.
    Point 4: True, hard to find a thin woman 2/3rds of them are obese.
    Point 5: True, hard to make eye contact, it comes from our British heritage though.
    Point 6: Never experienced a mother hen
    Point 7: Blame immigration Canada, 75% of all new immigrants settle in the Toronto GTA and they allow more immigrants from Asia and South Asia than any other regions in the world as per current policy (not being racist this is true at present)
    Point 8: True, the old saying goes “Go ugly early, to guarantee you go home with someone why risk it? Play the percentages.”
    Point 9: Well yes true one of the “world famous” PUA apparently lives here, so when that culture builds up women get wise to the game and change their game too. Action causes reaction.
    Point 10: True, you should have been here when last call was 1:30am…it was awful :(
    Point 11: See my point 9 response, that’s likely why.
    Point 12: It’s expensive because the city has been growing too quickly in population so costs have gone up dramatically point 7 partially to blame.
    Point 13: Point 7 and point 12, too many people not enough places to live have you seen the cost of real estate here? No small wonder many choose to live in the affordable burbs.
    Point 14 & 15: Maybe true, I get fed up too. Many women are fat and bitchy here, picking up a gal who looks great and is nice well the competition is high.

  • Anonymous

    just act like you’re a rich, pretentious, feminist twat and you’re set.

  • ihos501

    i live here, it’s a horrible city

  • Internet Tough Guy

    The man has been to other cities while most of the folks defending Toronto probably hasn’t stepped outside of Toronto.

    Some parts are true especially the pack mentality for the females.

  • Anonymous


    Off Roosh’s FB page profile. No wonder he’s not getting any…He talks about women being 5’s when he isn’t even a 3. GG op for this misogynistic article slandering women for having standards.

  • Wilton

    I was born and raised in Etobicoke, one of the amalgamated cities that is part of the GTA. Roosh’s article does speaks some truths but I don’t agree with the racist rants.

    Women themselves have told me how bad it is for a guy in Toronto. It does confirm some of what Roosh has said. For example, a girl I know from Montreal once told me that while out on the town at a bar, a girl totally crapped all over her and give her attitude just for saying hello and trying to make friendly conversation. The chick she was being nice to said “I’m not a dyke or into dykes so please, fuck off.” My girlfriend snapped back immediately and said she wasn’t into chicks either and walked away. My eyes dropped when she told me the whole story. Totally believable because I’ve met the Toronto chicks with the worst attitudes towards men and women.

    I don’t believe the whole “need to have game” to meet women and get laid crap. What I do believe is that you need to have height, good looks, independent wealth and social status. The more you have of each of these, the easier it is for you to interact with the Toronto ladies. Superficial is what it is.

  • vicki

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    Reply ?you can as we contact her email [email protected]

  • Adam

    So it’s unanimous. Toronto women suck. No one likes you. Commit suicide. If you don’t believe me, watch the video of the girl shitting in her hand outside a Toronto club and then throwing the feces on the sidewalk. :) Enjoy.

  • B

    It’s much, much harder for women – if they have to deal with men like you.

    With an attitude like yours, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one (whether male or female) even gives you the time of day.

    There are good men out there…you’re just clearly trying hard to avoid being one. Get your head checked and your attitude straightened out – or else you’ll end up at a point where not even your own mother will answer a phone call from you.

  • Rose

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  • hawkins



    Hawkins John

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that you’re in a club looking for chicks, that’s your first mistake.

    I had the PUA down to a science when I was 19.. I flirted up consistent 8’s 9’s and 10’s and I didn’t want anything to do with them..

    At 21 I decided to drop the whole PUA mentality because I felt it wasn’t me.. and I met my girlfriend of 7 years (and counting) right at that moment when I stopped “seeking out” women. Sure, if you’re a feminizer and that’s your thing, go to the clubs and find shallow women.

    There are plenty of smart girls out there who are nice, have a good sense of humor, are good looking, and would be interested in your interests.

    You can find them at Indigo, Starbucks, school, work, and the like.

    Why guys think that clubs are a good place to find women is beyond me, a one night stand is a different story.

  • Anonymous

    Much of what is said about the city and people of Toronto is true. And yes, people are generally much friendlier as a whole almost anywhere else. There is not much substance to the City. It is a good place to live if all that matters to you is making money and working. BUT, that being said, there are many wonderful and beautiful people in the City. They may not randomly smile at you in the street, but there are a lot of quality people in the City and it can be very easy to meet beautiful quality women in Toronto. And once in a while (granted a long while) if you smile randomly at a woman in Toronto, she may smile back. And being the 4th largest city now in North America, beating out Chicago, there are plenty of women of all races, shapes and sizes no matter what your preference. It is foolish to propose that there are too many of any one race. I personally do not like Toronto for many reasons that have been cited, YET I spent many years living there with good friends, girlfriends and friends with benefits. Sometimes the easiest way to get laid is to be real, to be yourself, and have a little confidence. It doesn’t matter where you are. And if you don’t have confidence, still, be real and be yourself – it works and the confidence will follow. But why the anger??? For someone to blame the women of Toronto for his failure to get laid is like blaming immigrants for unemployment, jews for 9/11 or homosexuals for AIDS. It just doesn’t make sense. And if you need proof, just look at all the guys that DO get laid in Toronto.

  • TO123

    I stayed in Toronto for two years. I thought something was wrong with me. I could not get a smile back from anyone, I had no friends at all. I lost all my self confidence.

    I used to be a people guy and a women friend in other cities. Now I left, taking a lot of time to rebuild myself. All my stay in Toronto has been a regret.

    Toronto is not a city for self growth.

  • http://besttopreviewsonline.com Tracy

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  • SOS

    I accidentally ran into this article while googling something else. It resonated with me because I live in Toronto and feel like this shithole is slowly killing me for the reasons articulated by Roosh.

    By my own observations having lived/visited a variety places across North America, Toronto is the worst and there’s something wrong with the place if as far as people go NYC somehow manages to exude more warmth and friendliness.

    I need to get out of here, I know it sounds horribly desperate but living here makes me feel like I’m rotting away :sad

  • Els

    Roosh….Maybe you should reconsider your grooming habits such as taking daily showers and shave that ugly bear u have…you look & act like a total creep.

  • Anonymous

    Wherever the word ‘creep or ‘creepy’ is used, ‘PUA’ pick-up-artistry flourishes, I know to avoid that place. I advise men to always look OUTSIDE of Northern America and Northern Europe. I did, and have ever looked back.

  • Danish

    This sound just like Copenhagen..stupid Western women think they are the best, they don’t realize that we’re only putting up with them because we’re stuck with them.

  • Danish

    I love this article an the storm of angry butthurt comments coming from angry, worthless feminists who just saw their bluff called. Keep it coming.

  • Cherry

    You’re nasty. Maybe if you’d spend less time writing dumb ass articles and get out there and be more positive you would have a better time. Girls stuffing their faces up? What do you prefer an anorexic who pukes on your shoes when you guys go out? Look I am a model, i am an entertainer too i heard i was a very good looking girl and your article is plain ignorance. Go fuck yourself. Well.

  • Devin D

    Hahhahahahah go get a job looser, you need money here, it’s a BUSINESS HUSTLE GRIND CITY $$$$$$$ be a man if you wud look good got money n yo pocket you wouldnt sound like a bitch rite now

  • Anonymous

    This article may be harsh but it’s accurate and I applaud the author for recognizing that there is a social problem in Toronto. The culture in Toronto is terrible. The women here seem to not understand that they CAN be strong and feminine at the SAME time.

    Ladies, you don’t have to have a tough attitude to be considered strong.

  • Gregorio

    Im european and this is what i think. I’ve been here for a year now.. im a good looking fit 27 year old.
    So… Women in toronto are complete losers with big attitute problems. Its obvious. Most of them fall into the 6-7/10 category but yet, the attitude remains. Why? You talk to them at bars or wherever and they get defensive as if youre going to pull your dick out then and there. No one does that! Lets just be normal prople and chat! I never had this problem in europe! I used to date 8-10’s there and here all i can get is a 7 at best! what a downgrade!.. No smiles on the street either. Its very rare.. Even eye contact is rare.
    Something doesnt give.. toronto men must suck equally to the women!! But not really… I’ve met a lot of cool good looking guys here and they all have complaints! but i mean there has to be a reason why the women are such aggressive snobs. It must be their choice of men.. They must have been traumatized, lied to and abused by earlier relationships… But still they’re too stupid to see that not all men are the same. Because admitting to that would be admitting to her having made bad decisions and accepting that there are awesome guys out there. And of course, They cant do that because they have no regrets you know?? Like all “strong” feminists.
    Its a vicious cycle really. Weak and insecure women will chose a douchebag to date.. No strong self respecting woman would ever date a d-bag, or even behave like these unclassy torontonian slobby females. So The dbag will abuse her, cheat on her and treat her like shit and over time she’ll become what most toronto women are. Broken down females on the inside with a see through shell of feminist aggression. Its a major turn off.. And it just shows how weak you truly are. You’re not fooling anyone. Its cause and effect.
    Toronto women.. You suck. Not only do you create mysoginists, you also screw yourselves over. why? because no decent self respecting man would ever consider girls like you for something other than a late sloppy bowl of poutine and a drunken regretful fuck.
    Take care.

  • http://outspokenagain.com Gaurav

    Let me get this straight.
    So, a dickhead, who has absoluetely no respect for women, goes out and tries to win them over with an expectation that they’ll immediately want to sleep with him? Oh boy; that only means women in Toronto are not only attractive, but pretty smart at the same time (to weed out such creeps). Couldn’t be happier about living in this city.

  • Sarah

    This article is so true it hurts. I love how my fellow ‘sisters’ come on here to say this guy is sad or sick etc when they knew very well in their little walnut shaped brains that he is so fucking right it hurts.

    ESPECIALLY #1,2,3

    #3 oh boy can I tell you stories. I have so many girlfriends who think that unless they marry Brad Pitt no man is good enough for them. These are girls who work at coffee shops and hair salons for crying out loud.

    When I first came from New Zealand I was shocked at how evil girls acted towards guys whose ‘crime’ against them was to have enough courage to say ‘hi’ in a friendly tone but who were not rich/famous/[insert trait here] etc

  • http://outspokenagain.com/ Gaurav

    I forgot to add in my post last day: that I couldn’t be happier to live in Toronto because I suck my own dick for pleasure. The secret is not just ‘be yourself’ but be your ‘weird self’. I mean what’s weirder than being able to suck your own dick and enjoy it! So you see I don’t have to be a dickhead like Roosh and disrespect women because I can suck my own dickhead.

  • Glen

    I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life and I can say from experience that this article is 100% accurate.

    Pussy is almost always a business transaction and I’m pretty sure all men know this but in Toronto its about as expensive as you can get without making a bitch your long-term girlfriend or fiance which is what usually happens.

    Some of my wealthiest, best-looking friends have gotten engaged within a year of getting a bit of sex because of how hard-up they are. Furthermore, they’re getting engaged to extraordinarily homely, 6/10 at best, basic-as-hell, cant-even-fuck-good ass bitches. Trust me. I mean verrrry verrrrrrrrryy regular fuckin’ hoes.

    And thats just the white bitches.

    Black, Indian or Asian (if thats your thing) aren’t going to fuck you randomly. They’re going to go out with you three times and then you’re going to get a text message asking whether or not you are serious. If you say yes, congrats, you’ve got yourself an ethnic girlfriend with all the same bullshit in her head as a ignorant ass Canadian white bitch but you’re going to have to deal with a worse attitude, less kinky sex and a phone bill you can’t afford because the bitch won’t stop bothering you about NOTHING when she’s bored and looking for attention.

    I’ve got to move out of this fucking bulltshit city.

  • WorldTraveler

    It’s almost summer. And you people keep complaining:) How about y’all allocate some time and take a trip overseas, be it Eastern Europe, Asia or Australia! And I mean a long trip, for a couple months, to get to know local culture, people, traditions and women. Dare to compare, dare to differ and dare to get yourself a girlfriend or wife who’s not connected with the North American culture in general.
    Our world is built on supply and demand, and if you get yourself a European, Asian or Aussi girl, then may be, just may be, it’d trigger some kind of a thought in Canadian or American females, that they are not wanted or sought after any longer, that their market value is going down and there is no demand for their lousy “services”?

    Think about it-the world does exist outside of North America, even if CBC and CTV try to convince y’all otherwise, and that world is populated with beautiful, sexy and stylish females, who do not live, eat and breathe “money”, profit in dating/marriage, nice condos and luxury cars and other relationship “bonuses”.

    Dare to stand up and be counted, dare to differ, dare to have your own thoughts, visions and opinions and to defend them with arguments and facts.

  • Cary

    Holy crap that was hilarious!!! You’ve got DC pegged exactly, and I can only imagine that your take on Toronto is just as accurate. I live in a military town (Virginia Beach), which seems to be VERY similar to Toronto. So many 4s and 5s being hit on by every horny sailors – think they are goddesses. 5+s are nonexistent.. or very hard to find, and are probably exhausted from all of the prehistorically stupid bantering that military men provide..

  • WorldTraveler

    It’s not about 4s, 5s or even 10s. It’s about males who gave up their criteria, values and standards and decided to settle for the first available option ignoring own needs and demands.
    Males allowed women to take control, and once in control, females began completely ignoring all male’s needs, wishes and requests.

    Both parties are to blame for this happening.
    Lowering standards would never help you to accomplish anything and will only lead to self destruction and desperation.

  • Ben

    Title should read: 15 Reasons why Roosh got rejected in Toronto

  • SilVal-Saultxy

    So glad to hear “The Big Smoke” is still Toronto The Good & Chilly.
    Keep those standards high, TO.
    Canuckette in “Silly Valley,” California

  • SilVal-Saultxy

    Try to remember that this is how Roosh The Hirsute makes his living … kind of sad, n’est-ce pas? As if women in Toronto wouldn’t know his identity … Roosh’s arrival is probably as welcome as a serious communicable disease. Roosh needs to be exiled to Iran.

  • SV-Saultxy

    Me Roosh, you Jane:
    Take a good look at him — clearly, the last blast and vestige of
    Neanderthal Man among us.

  • Anonymous

    don’t go to clubs!

  • Tuonela

    This article is sad but mostly true.

    I do not agree with everything Roosh has to say and he can also be very offensive. My story is similar to most man who “positively” commented on this article.

    I have moved to Toronto four years ago from Eastern Europe dreaming about a successful job and a different lifestyle. I did get a good paying job and met a girl two weeks after I have landed in Toronto. It was a dream for the first two months but it slowly started to fade away. I constantly had to deal with her obnoxious attitude, overconfidence, rudeness, and insensitivity. I became depressed and I lost most of my confidence trying to please her with everything I can. Money became an issue as I was making three time as much as her, so I tried to help her out with bills, paid for all her flights when raveling, brought her to the nicest restaurants in the city, and loved her fully. I honestly did do a lot to please her, and it worked quite well but only if I was giving 100% perfection – acting, behaving and looking the way she liked it – no mistakes were accepted on my end.

    Couple of months ago I brought her to my home country and there I realized the problem wasn’t with me. She was in an environment with girls and guys from my old country – and do not accuse me of my honesty – but she was the least attractive, least smart, and least social person out of everyone I knew. Only after this experience I have realized that I was manipulated, brainwashed, an emotionally abused for so many years. All my exes were incomparably nicer, friendlier, better looking and I mean very-very attractive compered to my Torontonian girlfriend.

    Definitely I am saving up and moving back to Europe, so many nice and beautiful girls who appreciated me and I never paid attention to them because I considered them too nice which was equal to weakness for me at that time . I have learned my lesson though, my stay in Toronto was a torment, and I have paid for all my sins for not appreciating what I had before.

    But this is only my personal story – I might have been unlucky – but I keep smiling, my days are coming to an end in this city :)

  • Anonymous

    lmfao wow this is the most pathetic thing i have ever read… your complaining you got no ass … you have all these standards and requirements of woman but all these woman didnt pick you… so i guess toronto woman have better and higher requirements then the ghetto you reside in dc… loll… i would call that more of a compliment then a problem… i guess you should just stay in your 5 or below level grade in dc where the girls are easy and cheap and you get some because obviously you are not good enough for the woman in toronto… lol

  • Anonymous

    If this idiot is going to places like the Madison obviously there is something wrong. As a born and raised torontonian, there are great places and people in this city and this guy doesn’t go to them OBVIOUSLY! Maybe he is hanging out in the wrong places, any place that 905ers go is not where people from Toronto hang out so this article needs to change the name of the city from Toronto to Mississauga or Richmond hill

  • Anonymous

    An also fuck you

  • coco

    Well same thing goes for men in Toronto and similar cities where men want these unrealistic looking type women where you only find on tv in movies and music videos so it makes it hard for regular females to land a good guy

  • RebelYell

    I’ve lived here for almost 12 years now. And it’s not just for men. Women too.

    I feel like you need to appear a certain way, look presentable at all times to not be perceived as some kind of hideous creature because if you don’t actually put an effort to how you look, it might offend others. Even just going to the groceries, I noticed that when I actually take the time to make myself appear more pleasing, they don’t give me weird looks but I just throw a simple sweater on and disregard everything else, I get a lot of looks like I some kind of mental person…lol

    I’ve gone to places out of Toronto and trust me, I’ve never felt anything non-hostile from people. Though I noticed that my attitude was a bit like a typical Torontonian where I just feel like I know more than anyone in the room and felt suspicious at all times when socializing with others. But that eventually disappeared and I was able to actually socialize better…..but then I had to come back to Toronto -_-

    Though there are a lot of friendly spots in TO where you meet the most down-to-earth people but from my experience most of the people here are just too damn hostile to each other despite the city being diverse and I don’t know why. Sometimes I see certain races in some kind of war with other races.

    I also agree on the women part because most women here have really high standards. In conclusion, TO is not for everyone. Me included.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 784 Tuonela

    You are the main reason why males have all kinds of problems with dating in Toronto. You lowered your criteria and standards, you gave up all your own demands and requirements just to please that girl. I guess you never had any kind of self respect, since you’ve always been afraid of approaching good looking women, be it in Canada or in your home country.
    Family/relationship is a lifelong and every day work in progress of TWO people, a male and a female, and both them of them should make a joint effort to evolve as ONE.
    Canadian women have no concept of how a relationship works. They want everything to be handed them on a silver platter: a lot of money, expensive gifts, nice condo and a nice car. They do not want to put any effort to look better, to think better and to act better.
    And males like YOU are the reason for all troubles! YOU gave up, you lowered your criteria, you complied with everything she wanted!
    You kept spoiling her all 4 years, why would she even be willing to get better??
    And then you wonder why she doesn’t look even remotely attractive when compared to women in your home country? You wonder why she doesn’t have enough intellect??
    Because Canada is full of desperate sex hungry males, who’d accept and do anything just to get that elusive access to a female body!!!
    Time to man up!

    @ 789 RebelYell

    You are a bit off in your judgments. Toronto and Canada in general is a paradise for females.
    They can look as ugly as hell, be fat, have no style, no make up and no brains, and still there’ll be a line up of desperate males willing to do anything to please them. Any, and I mean ANY female in Canada will always have hordes of desperate male followers!

    There is a law of supply and demand in business. There is a lot of male demand for dating in Canada, but the supply is very inadequate and insufficient.
    Thus males decide to significantly lower their standards/criteria after years of unsuccessful attempts and to settle for whatever comes their way, further increasing the value of supply.

    How about males having own standards and not lowering them, having own thoughts and opinions and not being afraid to tell them, having self respect and daring to stand up and be counted, to be the leader, not the follower???

    As long as Canadian females are aware of an endless stream of male attention, there’ll be NO change on the Canadian dating scene.

    Only high personal standards, self respect, integrity, honesty and ability to be the leader can possibly change the dating scene in Canada towards equality between a male and a female.

  • Loratio

    Really, Toronto needs to be destroyed — including all its women. And then rebuilt from scratch. Nothing short of that will not be sufficient to fix the problem with TO women. All TO men in the meantime have to just so interacting with TO women. This will be a long marathon of a struggle before balance is restored between the genders. An devastating earth quake may be the best thing that could happen.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 791 Loratio

    No, we don’t need an earthquake or any other kind of a natural or an artificial disaster.
    Never wish anything like that on people, Karma is a *itch.

    It’s all about Canadian males having self respect, integrity, being honest and daring to stand up and be counted.
    You folks ain’t gonna accomplish anything by being submissive pussified creatures and by complying with every female demand!
    You’ll only get deeper and deeper down the hole called “desperation”.

    Start with self respect and ability to have own thoughts, visions and opinions about everything around you, dare to stand up and be counted and to lead by example! Don’t settle for the first available option, let women understand that males also have standards and selection criteria.

    It’s that simple!

  • johnny trick

    as a 30 year old man from Toronto i can say there is truth to this blog-post.

    i have trouble meeting women, but i don’t have trouble getting laid because the escorts are very cheap in Toronto, $60/half-hour. that is very cheap since in Amsterdam they charge 50 euros a half-hour. the escorts in Toronto are cheaper than Amsterdam, and its legal in Amsterdam! i really like french-Canadian girls, and many come from Montreal to work as escorts in Toronto. on different occasions, escorts from Montreal told me that they like working in Toronto because many young men pay for escorts, in Montreal its mostly old guys.

    Toronto has the cheapest hookers in the first world, if you want cheaper than go to third world country.

    Toronto has the largest gay community in world

    perhaps these last two facts might have some correlation with the attitude of Toronto’s women

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 793 Johnny Trick

    Toronto is the world capital of escort business.
    Toronto and Canada in general are the center of escorting. Just browse all the escort ads online and in all kinds of free magazines and newspapers and see yourself. There is a huge demand for escorts in Canada since the numbers of sex hungry and desperate females are overwhelming, dating scene is weird and female expectations are unrealistic.

    We are not initially talking escorts on here, it simply takes a certain amount of money to buy sex with an escort. Dealing with escorts is not similar to having a relationship or building a family.

    Sex for money is and always will be just that-sex for money.

    If you ever want to see the real picture of dating in Canada then simply create a male profile on any dating website and count the number of messages you’ll get.

    There’ll be tons of girls on the website, but all of them will be so “high” about themselves and will have such unreasonable demands that only a “tall dark and handsome millionaire with a nice house on the lake and 2-3 fancy cars” can possibly meet a laundry list of their requirements.

    An overwhelming majority of females in Toronto and in Canada are whoring themselves to prospective clients. Escorts are only a tip of an icebrg because a majority of females do it “under the table” without advertising.

    This is what I call “a double standard” in life. They play a role of a prude in public, but have a double life in reality.

    Canadian and North American females in general are not a marriage or dating material. Avoid them by all means, travel the world, discover new places and people.
    The world does not end with North America!

  • Barry

    You’re a faggot and don’t know shit.

  • johnny trick

    @794 world traveler

    i am saying Toronto has so many escorts because the women of Toronto alienate a large portion of the male population, and these alienated men have few options so they pay for escorts. only $60/half-hour in Toronto. can anyone tell me if they live in a city that has cheaper hookers than Toronto.

  • johnny trick

    @ 667 vijay

    Toronto is filled with atheist non-believing infidels

    definitely not gods city, how bout gay parade on Canada day, what great city.

  • johnny trick

    there are pakis fucking everywhere in toronto. brampton a sub-urb is almost exclusively paki.

    just a tip for anyone buying a condo in toronto, dont be first to buy because the building could end up filled with pakis, and property value goes down because only pakis will buy after and they are cheap

  • Van City

    TOO MANY ASIAN AND INDIAN GIRLS ??!!?? Ok.. this guy is obviously developmentally challenged.. You go ahead and keep your white chicks, fucktard – while thewy’re puking on your dick and throwing your belongings out the window cause you responded to a text message, you can think about my wedding I didn’t invite you to.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ Johnny Trick

    Well, my friend, I’ve never been with a hooker in my entire life and proud of it. I don’t see any fun in paying for sex and being like a machine, like a robot, with no feelings and emotions.

    I did understand what you were trying to tell me, no worries. Toronto and Canada in general is an Escort Capital of the World.

    As I wrote earlier-males are partially to blame too. They gave up their standards, criteria, self respect and settled for the lowest of the low, for whoever came their way first and didn’t object much.

    It’s “mission impossible” for a normal white male to find a decent date or to have a stable relationship in Canada unless he’s a millionaire with a nice condo/house and a couple of fancy cars.

  • http://[email protected] Singapore is better than any other city in terms of cleanliness and safety!

    Singapore is the best city in the world in terms of cleanliness on the streets and also safety !

  • Singapore is better than any other city in terms of cleanliness and safety!

    Singapore is the best city in the world if you are looking for cleanliness and safety! Millions come to Singapore annually .

  • Sebastian Cook

    Congratulations, Roosh — you just overtook Rob Ford and Stephen Harper on my list of Most Repulsive Men Alive. And to anyone who actually agrees with what this guy is saying, you couldn’t get laid if you were the only man on the moon and you were surrounded by pornstars.


  • https://www.facebook.com/notes/sebastian-cook/the-definitive-skewering-of-15-reasons-why-toronto-is-the-worst-city-in-north-am/10151714249179853?comment_id=29330183&notif_t=like Sebastian Cook

    Congratulations, Roosh — you just overtook Rob Ford and Stephen Harper on my list of Most Repulsive Men Alive. And to anyone who actually agrees with what this guy is saying, you couldn’t get laid if you were the only man on the moon and you were surrounded by pornstars.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 804 Sebastian Cook

    Have you ever been outside of Canada/North America?
    Toronto is indeed a Hellhole in terms of dating, relationships and building a strong family.
    Toronto and Canada are all about money, money and even more money. And nothing else matters.
    Canadian females will tolerate any kind of abuse and humiliation from a person who’s loaded with money, condos and nice cars!

  • Steven

    Roosh is such a dumb fuck.

    Blablabla Asian girls, blablabla Black girls, blablabla Indian girls.

    At the end of the day, the majority of ANY race isn´t that attractive.

    Where do you see all those smoking white girls, because I sure don´t see them. Most white girls like boring, plain, and forgetable. The same goes for Asian, Black and Indian girls.

    Still not gettin´ the obsession with white girls.

  • Trista

    Clearly whoever wrote this is just a sad desperate guy who has been single for ALL his life. Also since you are American or lived there for the most part, makes sense as to your racism and ignorance. You clearly missed the good parts of Toronto as you were probably the least attractive of the bunch, so yeah if you are a douche bag as your writing reveals to its readers, of course you didnt have fun in the city and couldnt appreciate what a great multicultural place like Toronto has to offer, please do our city a favour and just leave…people like you bring a bad name to our city.

  • Toronto Girl

    This was obviously written by a non-Torontonian, and a completely ignorant asshole who knows nothing about the city, the culture and lacks respect for women. This whole blog is misogynistic, racist and discriminatory to women. Any guy who actually reads this for legitimate dating advice is joke! I’m happy to hear you were rejected by Toronto women, clearly we have heads on straight!

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! Bro if you were good a game you could pick up any girls you want you’re just a loser who complains about it. If You were Just giving your opinion then not my call.

  • KIZZ

    Fuck, this is BS. Go fuck yourself then. I have no regret for anyone.

  • johnny trick

    @ 803 Sebastian Cook

    the way the media attacks rob ford is an example of the way the city is. first off, all these left-wing liberace’s makes fun of how fat he is, but none of them listen to what he is saying.

    because of ford the city now has surplus instead of deficit (objective), and he is not raising taxes just as he said he will during his campaign (objective). also it is more difficult for the city counselors to embezzle to tax dollars that’s why they all hate him

    he wants to allow a casino which is a private sector funding for the subways the city needs.

    the lesbian premier of Ontario wants to tax the shit out of everything to build the subways. she didn’t even get elected, Dalton resigned because of the canceled gas power plant, someone embezzled $400 million! they paid the builders to cancel the contract.

    you probably didn’t give a fuck about that because you were distracted by the media and rob ford smoking crack scandal. so what, have you ever met a person who’s constantly high or drunk but they do their job better than others.

    but media likes the lesbo premier, but not the ugly fat pig mayor, hes fat and ugly a walking target. instead the media/city couslers wants a good-looking charismatic liar for a mayor to do nothing in his cozy job while everyone robs the taxes blind.

    harper and flattery are reason toronto/canada have the best economy in the world today, more construction than anywhere else in world.

    seriously fix up fucktard, think for yourself, instead of just agreeing with status quo. all roosh is really saying Toronto women are not very friendly, if you don’t believe it go to London(Ontario), Hamilton, or Niagara you will notice something, inviting eye-contact constantly from random women just walking on the street.

  • Toogood4u

    Maybe you can’t get a girl in Toronto because you have a shitty personality, no manners, and think WAY too highly of yourself! You would be lucky to find ANY girl, caucasian, african-american, indian, asian,who would be willing to put up with a sorry ass loser like yourself. Keep writing dumb shit like this, and no girl will come near you!

  • WorldTraveler

    @809 Johnny Trick

    You are getting too deep, pal:-)) “To think” is abnormal for most of the critics on here:-)
    And you ask them to analyze what’s going on in Ontario provincial politics:-) That’s waaaay to deep.
    They are unable to understand it, unable to think outside the box. Their life revolves around working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, coming home to an empty apartment, and getting drunk or high on weekends while clubbing, and still coming home alone to an empty apartment:-) Evil circle:-)
    But they pretend to be successful and having no problems with dating in Toronto.
    And you want hypocrites to think about 585 million dollars wasted by Liberals on gas power plants in Ontario?? Ain’t gonna happen, my friend:-)

    By the way, I’ve been all over Ontario, including London, Hamilton and Niagara Falls, but I haven’t ever noticed any females making an eye contact in any of these cities. Eye contact is something strictly forbidden for Canadian females and they have no idea what it is, as well as flirting and being open to people.

  • TNO

    Everything you said is correct about women in toronto being less friendly and open and more snobby (and often unjustifiably so)>

    My only issue is that the one major PLUS that toronto has over many cities is the variety of women. The author obviously only likes white women. That for sure makes toronto very difficult for him. If you like variety – Which includes Asians and “brown girls” of varying shades and cultures, but also many types of european’s and Black cultures, then it’s very hard to beat Toronto. But yes, not the friendliest town for sure.

  • Anonymous

    He is right, dirty ass immigrant women are disgusting.

  • WorldTraveler

    The problem is that even immigrant women become “cold” in a matter of months in Toronto and in Canada in general. They quickly catch the local dating culture and start playing “hard to gets” and Ice Queens with sky high demands (without giving anything back, of course) and a sense of self entitlement blown out of any reasonable proportions.
    It takes on average about 6 months to turn a normal girl into a cold hearted Toronto bitch with attitude.
    No wonder that many of female newcomers to Toronto start “whoring” themselves to whoever is loaded with money and other expensive stuff leaving all the normal males with little to no chance for a stable relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Omg, googled this douche. The problem with your experience in Toronto is that YOU ARE UGLY. The population in Toronto is saturated with men therefore no girl is going to put up with your lame pick up lines and/or jokes, especially if you’re not attractive!!! Toronto is a great party city and it’s too bad you had a bad time. Next time maybe instead of ripping apart less attractive women you should realize thats probably where your standards should be. That way you will probably have a better time. :)

  • Anonymous

    I live in Toronto. I have travelled the world. Australia, South America, South Africa etc


    BTW Retards. Just because he doesn’t find Asians attractive does not make him racist.

  • Anonymous

    PS Love all the Manginas and Feminazis getting all pissy.

    Means you’re spot on Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    817 Anonymous.

    Toronto is 3-1 women to men.

    Nice try.

  • Al

    i’ve lived in toronto for 15 years.

    100% legit.

  • Anonymous

    clearly this guy is just mad he can’t get a girl. And he is obsessed with it. LOL so sad. Get out more. Which places in Toronto are you hitting up. Have you been around to other cities in USA? Toronto is a better pick any time. There are girls here willing to have fun and yes they can take a joke.
    In every city, there is going to be a loser like this author that cant get girls and whine about it on a blog. Every point you made about Toronto being the worst city related to YOU not getting a GIRL.

  • http://what Csaba

    The only problem in Toronto is the legal crime.Canadian Immigration is the biggest enemy of Canada in Toronto.I could have not easy but happy life with beautiful black girls if immigration does not take off my property,separate me of the girls I love and with that action they executed my family in the future.The reason they told me I AM WHITE EUROPEAN.We are the worse people in Canada.We white Europeans built and still building that beautiful city.

  • WorldTraveler

    Come on, people! Don’t blame immigration or other authorities for your own faults.

    Canada itself has nothing to do with your inability to find a girl or a date. People make a city livable or not. People in Toronto are generally cold and always seem disinterested in what’s going on around them, be it a city, a province and an entire country. They have their own small world and never dare to broaden it, to look at different angles and at least try to open up a bit.

  • Anonymous

    In response to 5) We cannot make eye contact with you men because for some reason you think as soon as you get eye contact or a smile you think it’s an open invitation to our vagina. Then you suddenly become a creep, and hit on us. So to avoid having to fight off the creepy men of Toronto, Look at the crowd.

  • 824 Anonymous

    ground* not sure why I wrote crowd.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 825 Anonymous

    Please, tell me, how can a simple eye contact on the street, in the store, on the bus or subway immediately lead to sex or an indecent proposal????

    What’s wrong with you, Toronto ladies? Why are y’all so afraid to be feminine, flirty, to show interest in males? Why do y’all have to be like heartless robots, like Ice Queens with no emotions and no interests in life?

    And why does your behavior suddenly change as soon as you encounter a male who’s loaded with money? Why do you suddenly become flirty and initiate eye contact with him on the spot, why are y’all suddenly ready to “sell” your vagina to that person? Why such a hypocrisy and double standards?

    An overwhelming majority of Toronto females are hookers deep inside. They are ready to whore themselves out to the first available person with lots of money, nice house or condo and nice cars.

    Escorts and massage parlors in Canada are only a tip of an iceberg. In reality an overwhelming majority of Canadian females are somehow involved in hidden prostitution, escorting business or illegal sex trade. Or simply have some kind of a “friends with benefits” relationship.

    Canadian females are no dating or marriage material and should be avoided by all means by any normal male. Travel the world, explore new cultures and people and do not limit yourself with only North American females. There are a lot of real, stylish and sexy women outside of North America definitely worth to be found.

  • Anonymous

    my god what a bunch of bull

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit, you’re hideous. You want a 6 or higher? Bud, you can only get a 2 or lower.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 829 Anonymous

    I don’t know if you are referring to me in your message, but as you can tell, I never judge people by assigning any kind of “quality” numbers.
    It’s not about the scale of beauty and appeal, it’s entirely about what’s inside person’s head, heart and soul.

    You can have a lady rated a “10” with an absolutely empty mind and lack of emotions, and have a “6” with interests in life, emotions, passion and desire to evolve together.

    I’d definitely pick a “6” in this case, and I’d make her at least an “8” with our joint efforts, cause she has potential whereas a “10” has no potential and her appeal will only decrease with years gone by.

  • Alfred Thein

    Yes, a lot of women out there are materialistic vacuous whores.. but when you have guys who would prefer Whites over Indians.. boobs over brains.. etc etc.. when the development of personality.. and god forbid some sort of soul takes less precedence than tits and nice teeth, this is what you get.

    Also, the tone of the article seems like it was written by a 30 year old sexually frustrated socially retarded loser. If you just want sex, get a fucking escort, or go somewhere like a club where there are people looking for the same thing (meat market) but the complaints you have about women here are mostly based on personality, but your desires/standards only seemingly allow you to pick up shallow whores. That whole lie down with dogs wake up with fleas thing…

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 831 Alfred Thein

    The problem is not that a lot of women are materialistic whores. The problem is that an overwhelming majority of CANADIAN females are only and entirely after money, condos/houses, nice cars and expensive gifts. We are talking Canada and Toronto here, not women in general all over the world.

    We all have our own preferences and it’s completely normal. If you read my previous message carefully you’ll notice that I actually did state my preference of brains and personality over looks and boobs and stuff.

    I’ve never met nor seen the author of the blog, so I can’t really judge him based on his real looks, his visions of life and people around. I do trust only my personal experiences.

    And my personal Canadian experiences are telling me that an overwhelming majority of Canadian and North American females in general only value money and financial welfare.
    And it’s a “mission impossible” for any normal male with values, criteria and standards in life to have a meaningful relationship or marriage in Canada if he does not make at least 5000$ Cdn a month after tax, owns a nice condo or a house and has 2 cars in his garage. A person who does not own/possess the above mentioned at the moment is automatically considered a loser and not worthy any kind of attention from women in Canada.

    That’s the harsh Canadian dating reality.

  • cammy

    You clearly have a vendetta against women. Seriously almost every issue you have relates to women not being interested in you. Dude… you sound exactly like a rapist. Wah, wah wah…I don’t get girls who like me so I’m gonna take it. Get a grip you sexist, racist, bigot. Women do not exist FOR you. Women exist as people and it’s no wonder no one wants to be with you. You’re not getting cock-blocked. those girls are saving their friend from the inevitable rape/murder you have planned out because you think you’re entitled to these women.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 833 Cammy

    Holy crap! I have no idea who you are referring to, but what a choice of words:-)

    Do you want to say that each and every male who dares to stand up and be counted, to have his own opinions and visions, and who’s not afraid to tell the truth is a rapist or a murderer???

    Holy mackinaw…

    What’s wrong with y’all, Canadian females? Why do you see every male as a potential rapist, murderer or someone who’ll try to invade your privacy and make your life miserable??

    Nobody is denying the fact the females and males have to get the SAME respect as people! But it’s all about equality!
    You ladies want everything to be given you with absolutely NO efforts from your part! Giving comes before receiving. But you don’t want to give, you only want to receive all the bonuses without making even the minimal effort!

    And if I were you, I wouldn’t even dare to bring up the topic of entitlement on here. Canadian and North American females are the ones who’ve mastered the sense of self entitlement and behave like they all are Miss Universe and Ice Queens in one package.

    And as I’ve said before-North American females are definitely not dating or marriage material, they have way too many cockroaches in their heads and a completely out of this world visions of life, values and relationships.

  • Anonymous

    A Canadian man would be very stupid to marry a Canadian girl.

    Go to any other country and see how women treat their man.


  • Abdul

    I agree with most of the post here but I always find myself by myself and I am always at the wrong at the wrong time. Therefor, I just gave up looking for the last few years and now I am in my 30’s. I do not know if it is because of the majority population, or not growing up in one place or it’s just me. I am a 1st generation Canadian grew up in USA, 2001-2009 was hell so I left, people were prejudice towards my religion and my name sticks out like a sour thumb but now with an African American president, the country has gone through a mourning phase, people wearing bell bottoms etc.. I feel I am missing out on equal treatment and mixing with in a melting pot not “diverse, multicultural society” Toronto or Ontario definitely sucks when it comes to meeting singles unless you belong to a church or are a Catholic, even fobs don’t have a problem, also immigrant communities don’t have a problem. I feel like a foreigner with in my homeland due to the vast amounts of immigrant population, what sucks is that knowing these girls are not born here yet they still carry such an attitude towards others but they are mostly colored and white girls have always carried a chip on their shoulder, they are shallow, prejudice and like to inbreed in Canada or occasionally mix with blacks. The problem is that this is a pop culture, “oh my god becky look at her but” type females and immigrants take on their personalities so ye this is the worst city for single men, this place will turn you gay and America (certain cities and states) is where you should spend your years, here we are all missing out and wasting away precious years of our lives. This is a christian majority, most white people are 1st or 2nd generation europeans or russians in Toronto, GTA, Durham region etc.. they mix with in their own, this place is ideal for family men who got kids otherwise it’s strictly work/education then leave. Most 1st generation peeps I know are currently residing in the states and refuse to return because Ontario = B.S. pay, immigrants, “becky’s”, pop music, homosexuality and snobbish people. Get your diploma/degree/passport and leave this BS place.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 835 Anonymous

    Right on, man! The world does not end within Canadian borders, there are so many places on Earth where it’s still possible to date, to have a normal relationship based on even terms and real equality and to find a good wife.
    It’s not even about the way women treat their men, it’s about the real equality in relationship, about desire to evolve together as ONE, as a family, to have mutual goals and visions!

    Whereas in North America every female expects a male to give her everything on a silver platter, from money to condos and from cars to expensive gifts, foreign travel and jewelry. They do not want and do not expect any equality, it does exist only in their feminist blabber. They consider themselves to be far superior than males and expect males to become their slaves for life obeying every order or instruction a female Master wants to give to a male puppet.

    The solution is very simple: stop being a slave, travel the world, get educated, learn foreign languages, get to know foreign women, get married outside of North America and completely ignore North American females, let them feel the way males feel these days when desperately trying to find a way to build a relationship with a Canadian lady.

  • Abdul

    PS – F the world trade center that was attacked inside a financial district, that killed 3000 rich snobbish a-holes that thought they could fly but met the pavement. They must have been made out of diamonds or some precious metals because the response within and outside of America ruined so many people’s lives, created differences and many people lost their livelihood and those years are now gone all due to a BS building in a financial district and especially d-sucking canada felt as if they were attacked. The next time a building is rammed in by whomever, I hope d-sucking Canada can learn to mind it’s own business rather then being 10 years late on everything.

  • white girl brown girl

    Oh yes these girls are BS here, by far compared to north east America, these girls especially in ontario are Europeans and russians (not 8th generation) more toward the British side rather then the French so go to england and see the similarities of females. Im not down with short stubby high nosed females who don’t look pretty. Let’s be honest, if she is attractive then she can be conceded but if they mostly look like bimbos then dam be real & whats with those black spandex? didn’t chicks stop wearing that like 10 years ago in the states? this is like a hair spray movie trailer. I used to get approached by good looking females in America who were desperate for companionship, here no one has ever approached me- forget these females (inc. indigenous kinds) of Ontario.

  • homelund security

    just a find a black hole –> plenty here

  • Baldrick27

    Yet soooo soooo many men in Toronto are getting laid on a regular basis. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be you. Nope. Blame the bitchez!!!! It’s sooo attractive.

  • brownshaft

    It’s kind of weird, I always had some chick coming up to me to chat in Boston which already is known for snobbish females out to get their degrees but I have been here for a year and not a single date with anyone dam!

    Is it possible that Ontario is a mixing bowl not a melting pot? is it because most people here seem to be 1st or 2nd generation Canadians not to mention immigrants and fresh of the boat = racially fenced in? is it because this is a Catholic majority and people seem to be more tuned in with Christianity then in some parts of America?

    I don’t think there are many single guys here, I see many guys with females so I think it’s just me, I don’t belong here even though I was born here, it’s just not my peoples or my place to be, once I have completed my education, I am ghost!!!!

  • Ho-KA

    Yo it’s a Conservative government/majority of ONTARIO = stuck up, high nosed, attitude, conceitedness, snobbish etc…man leave and go to something like Quebec – it is liberal = more down to earth, open to have sex with anyone despite race or religion – dude stay in liberal provinces/cities and in America stay in democratic states/cities not “Conservative or Republican” and you will definitely get laid and enjoy life!

  • rebelmeow

    @790 WorldTraveler

    I think most guys’ standards actually level up to women’s.

    @843 Ho-KA

    you are so right. i call bullshit on people who think Toronto is liberal. It’s NOT. Mostly it isn’t and most of the time people are just stuck up on rules and regulations. I hink all the liberals live on the lower west end of gta.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 844 Rebelmeow

    I beg to disagree with your statement about guys leveling to women’s standards.
    Any self respecting individual has his own set of standards, visions and criteria used to evaluate everyone and everything around him. Yes, standards and criteria do differ but at the same time we all have to try and aim higher, and not lower. Many males in Canada do have normal criteria to start with, but they tend to lower and lower them after years of desperate and fruitless attempts to find any kind of a meaningful relationship or solid marriage. Any remotely good looking girl in Canada has sky high demands and a laundry list of requirements to any potential mate, including a monthly salary of at least 5000$ after tax, ownership of a nice house or condo with a lake view, expensive gifts and travel expenses plus a couple of fancy cars.
    These girls face an endless supply of desperate males and always prefer to wait for “the next one” instead of settling down. But they never settle.
    After years and years of fruitless attempts males finally give up, start thinking that something is wrong with THEM and decide to substantially lower their demands and criteria and to settle with whoever comes their way first.

    If every male could be able to hold own grounds, to stand up and be counted, to have own opinions and to NOT lower standards and criteria, it’d have been a lot easier to find a balance on the Canadian dating scene.

    And a bit about Toronto being liberal. NO, it’s NOT. Toronto is a New York wanna be and a liberal wanna be. Freedom is a state of mind and comes from inside, it’s not something what can be taught. People of Toronto are big time pretenders with a bunch of rules and regulations, you are spot on about it!

    Once again-freedom is a state of mind and comes from inside!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! What a load of sexist bs, not to mention whiney as hell…No wonder you can’t get a woman.
    By the way, if you were an attractive, intelligent and charming man, there’s no way a single girl wouldn’t give you a chance. You must be just as uncouth, stupid, racist and sexist as your blog post.
    Keep on blaming everyone else for your lack of game, it goes good with all your other “wonderful” traits.

  • rebelmeow

    I think my statement was a little bit narrow there.
    What I don’t like about dating here is that most people here initially talk about salary, social status, people you’re associated with, how much you made and spent last week on clothes. I absolutely hate this. I refuse to socialize with Toronto people lol as crazy as that sounds I do not want to be like them. Maybe people think because it’s a city and everything is fast paced and what not but it’s absolutely not the case in other cities bigger cities. And you’re right freedom is a state of mind and it comes from the inside but it hurts when when people here dub you as crazy because of it.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 846 Rebelmeow

    Now we are talking:-)
    I’m gonna tell you even more: ALL Canadian females think ONLY about your salary, your social status, your house or condo and your cars.
    Canadian females do not need a personality with brains, self respect, integrity and education who’s not afraid to stand up and be counted, to have own opinions and enough arguments to defend them.
    Canadian females need a never objecting brainwashed puppet with a lot of money, nice house or condo and a couple of fancy cars to start with. A lot more demands will obviously come with time.
    If a male dares to be a personality and to stand up and be counted, then he’s a big time LOSER by the standards of Canadian females, cause they can’t control him.

    An overwhelming majority of people in Canada, both males and females, are very afraid to think outside the box, to have OWN thoughts and opinions. They live by whatever standards mainstream media brainwashes them with thus they dub everyone independent and not so politically correct as “crazy loser”. Internal freedom is unheard of in Canada, sheeple are used to live in their own imaginary and politically correct universe with rosy glasses on.

    Human mind needs constant and every day “workout” even more than a human body, whereas in Canada most minds have stagnated long time ago and turned into a mess of political correctness, recent fashion shopping, Hollywood gossip and feminism.
    Try talking to any Canadian female or even a male about anything beyond the above mentioned topics.
    I bet that they wouldn’t be able to hold any kind of a meaningful conversation.

    Canada is a lost cause.

  • http://[email protected] So true

    Awesome , some reasons are so rude but I think it’s not rude enough lol, that’s how exactly the boring toronto is ,because some other needy, behind men insert the ” spending crazy money & showing extra attention ” to the game , and that sucks and it’ll gives girls false thinking that ” Oh all of the men should sassy us, cause if they don’t we will easily find the one which will do ” I worked in strip club I know how men act like a loser and spend money like crazy just to get attention , when toronto men spend this much money and attention for any 5+ women , they will turn a lovely game to a business, that’s why no woman wants to reply to a guy who wanna play a game , they are waiting and looking to serve their clients … Those who pay and serve the woman like ” unbelievable “, just for attention ,no way to fix toronto just immigrate from the city which night out is nothing but entering to a marketplace but campuses , schools and workplaces is actually a place to pick up and get to know each other .thats why you easily find a super beautiful, amazing perfect and lovely woman in suburb toronto via online dating , why because duds in their city don’t even spend a penny to please them , and they are mostly on crack , drug or social aids, and that’s nothing but awesome, wish TORONTO men were cool as you guys and wouldn’t turn the dating to marketplace for women profit .

  • rebelmeow

    For me I think 1 in 10 people you can actually have a real friendship or relationship with. The rest feels superficial because of whatever 848 WorldTraveler said.

    I immigrated to this city hoping that I’ll be able to have a new life and meet new people but gosh man….everything seems superficial. I go to other places and it’s such a relief. I mean I love Toronto because I grew up here but most people here are just….i don’t know, life seems like it’s not meaningful here.

  • Stephan

    While this article may seem a bit harsh and narrow-minded, I’m afraid it’s also completely accurate. Toronto has, by far, some of most attitude ridden women I’ve ever come across.

    I help run my families businesses and have residences in both Montreal and Toronto. My time is pretty much divided between the cities; as such, I can speak definitively about the differences between the two.

    One of the first things I noticed about Toronto was the zero eye-contact rule. Apparently, if you make any kind of glance at a Toronto woman, your deemed a pervert or socially inept

    Second, I noticed a huge dichotomy between the physical attractiveness between couples. In Montreal, good-looking men are generally seen with good-looking women. In Toronto, I’d typically notice very good-looking men with, at best, average looking women. Of course, judging a person solely on looks their is extremely shallow and this really wouldn’t make a difference to me if Toronto didn’t possesses such terrible attitudes.

    Where Montreal women are warm, colorful, passionate, deep, and inviting. Toronto women are cold, bland, apathetic, shallow, and dismissive.

    What’s more, I don’t understand where this comes from. I don’t think it’s an Anglo thing, as Toronto is extremely multicultural (although I admit it could be picked-up or learned from other cultures). It doesn’t stem from looks, as homely looking women have the same disdain as their beautiful counterparts. I can’ put my finger on it; it’s as if the women from Sex in the City raised the entire female population. The difference is New York women give far less attitude, and are ten times friendlier than Toronto women.

    Anyway, it’s a mystery. Thankfully, I have the means to do all my socializing in Montreal. I don’t even speak to Toronto women, unless it’s business related. It’s such a shame, as I really like everything else Toronto has to offer.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 849 So True

    Good points, man. Males are like puppets in Toronto, ready to serve any female Master and to obey every order they are given.
    There is no dating in Toronto. Toronto is all about hordes of desperate and hopeless males and self-centered females who play different games in order to milk as much money and profit from males as only possible without giving anything back. That’s all Toronto and Canada are about.

    Every Canadian female sees males as potential clients, the same ways strippers look at all the strip club visitors.

    Suburbs are exactly the same, though more segregated and separated with all the urban sprawl and distances between communities.

    @850 Rebelmeow Have you ever considered traveling and working overseas, may be learning a new language, a new culture, meeting new people and getting yourself a foreign wife? Trust me-life does exist outside of North America:-)

    @ 851 Stephan

    The article is spot on, indeed! And it is completely accurate, especially if you throw in all the add ons in form of comments.

    Remember-women in Toronto never flirt and avoid any kind of eye contact by all means!! I just can’t figure out the reason for it.

    Don’t be so surprised to see an attractive male with an average looking female in Toronto. Toronto is a city of desperate and hopeless males who’d settle for anyone and anything. Males in Toronto have no standards or criteria and they gave up long time ago.

    Have you ever heard about the “Sex and the City” female only theme parties held in Toronto?:-)) That’s your primary reason why all the Toronto females try to behave just like that movie heroes!

    I’ve always been ignoring Toronto females unless it’s about work or anything professional. The world does not end with North America.

  • rebelmeow

    851 Stephan

    Yeah you’re right it’s always about how you’re going to be seen, they seem to always worry about their image. No integrity at all.

    Now that you mentioned eye contact, I’ve actually noticed this too. I would say there were times I tried to not make eye contact with some people. Maybe it’s a confidence thing. I don’t know.

    852 WorldTraveler

    I wouldn’t say Canada in general. I’ve lived in a small town outside of Toronto before and they’re completely the opposite from Toronto. I’ve also met a lot of people from Mississauga and Brampton. A few have snobby attitudes. Btw i’m a female lol. I’ve traveled to just a few cities and I figured it’d be better for me to date a guy/girl in other cities like new york.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 853 Rebelmeow

    You are right, most people in Toronto lack confidence and self-respect.

    Males do not have it because of 100s of futile attempts to get a date and 100s of rejections without any apparent reason. As a result they lose all confidence and start thinking that something is definitely wrong with THEM when in reality it’s the system which is bringing them all down.

    Females on the other hand are always on the lookout for someone richer, more handsome and with more wealth. The search is a never ending vicious cycle since they never want to settle for someone which leads to more and more inner insecurity with time.

    You should’ve told from the day one that you are a female:-) It’s still a very different perspective and set of cards to play with for females in Toronto, Canada and in North America in general.

    I tend to disagree that people (males and females) are different in the burbs like Mississauga or Brampton. They are all the same, trust me. Folks in the burbs are just downtown Toronto wannabes the same way Toronto itself is a New York wannabe in all aspects.

  • rebelmeow

    Sorry about that haha. Yeah I only get along with just a few females in Toronto. Other than that most see me as a wierdo or something mental.

  • cricketa

    What’s up – I was searching on google, “where to find the hottest chicks right now in Toronto” and look what popped up as the first result- dude I think it’s jus cause these are mostly Europeans and they are straight up racist and most seem to be fobs and then you gotta deal with these colored people who act like Europeans so it sucks especially when they try to convert you to christianity but ye have fun in the sun regardless don’t dwell on these people here, fly in your GF from somewhere else in the world!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 855 Rebelmeow

    I hardly get along with anyone in Toronto since most of the people here have become a horde of brainwashed sheeple without courage, self respect, own thoughts and opinions.

    @865 Cricketa

    The are no real HOT women in Toronto. There is an overwhelming majority of Hollywood star wannabes with an attitude, egoism,arrogance and lack of brains.
    Female “hotness” starts with BRAINS and brains only. Freedom comes from inside and can’t be taught.
    The only solution for males who want to settle in Toronto and Canada and are willing to get married is to travel overseas and get a foreign wife willing to evolve together as a family when BOTH are putting an effort into the process.

  • Anonymous

    Women are not specimens, you racist, sexist douche-bag. Toronto women are likely not interested because they can sense your potential to post such a ridiculous and offensive article like this.

  • boggy

    I must agree with Cricketa, I do notice a fake nonchalant attitude with many Canadian females in toronto but yes they do take on American or European personalities which is strait up fake and getting a bit old when comparing to the present day of america.

    check out the search results on google in Canada VS USA :


  • Anonymouse

    I agree, “many” females here are very hard to crack, I am sure there are good minded females here but I feel this place is only meant for gay men and that’s not fair to the rest of us so I think instead of sitting here and btch’n and making woman look bad we should should just man up, pack up and leave place!

  • Anonymouse1

    look sister- “many” females here are very hard to crack, I am sure there are good minded females up north but I feel this place is only meant for gay men and that’s not fair to the rest of us so I think instead of sitting here and btch’n and making woman look bad we should just man up, pack up and leave place and you can mingle with these immigrants!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 858 Anonymous

    Your choice of words and expressions speaks volumes about your total lack of arguments. When Canadian females have no arguments they always turn to obscenities to bail them out:-)

    @861 Anonymous

    One doesn’t have to “crack” a female in order to get date. Are we playing some kind of a game here in Canada when one absolutely needs to crack some kind of a “code” leading to a date?? Why is it SOOOOOO damn complicated in Canada? Who are y’all, Canadian females? Are you zombies, aliens, androids, robots with a micro chip in your heads???

    Isn’t relationship supposed to be a natural thing based on a mutual desire to be together and to evolve together as ONE, without the need to crack any codes, figure out passwords and find the correct log ins????

    But I think I know what cracks the code:) A lot of money, nice lake view condo and couple of fancy cars will crack any Canadian female code in a matter of a minute.
    That’s ALL Canadian females care about-money, condos, cars and other perks. Nothing else matters.

  • rebelmeow

    I would say as a female, and from observation, some girls here in toronto look for mates for the purpose of obtaining some kind of a social status (popularity etc.). You can probably tell if someone is just for the status if they have nothing to put to the table other than tell their friends or others that their boyfriend works at this, owns this and that, or is associated with this and that, and happens to only be touchy and feely with you when you’re in public or with their ‘friends’. But if a girl actually has something to contribute you will realize it but there are other guys that perceive this differently. I don’t know.

    @ 856 cricketa

    the term fob really kills me. There are times where I’ve heard people call others fobs because of their accent or the way they dress, their upbringing etc. It’s like they perceive them as stupid because of it. I mean some immigrants who come to Canada actually had a really good education in their countries. I know it’s a whole another issue but yeah….just venting lol

  • Empowerment101

    @rebel Ye that’s true bro, I noticed this chick wanted to be seen in public with me yet alone she dont want to spend time, so I figured it out, she was trying to use me so i left her at the bus stop -these females are lame in toronto -why they so stuck up?- they ugly, and I dont know why they play so many games with real men-they should grow up!!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 863 Rebelmeow

    Well, to tell you the truth EVERY Toronto female is after status, fame, popularity and some kind of a stardom thus an eternal search for a mate who possesses all those qualities and can introduce her into the lifestyle.
    Toronto and Canadian females in general do not want to give anything, they only want to receive all kinds of attention, perks, fancy gifts, expensive travel, condos, cars and stuff. They have no idea that GIVING comes before RECEIVING. I’ve never seen a Canadian girl willing to put an effort into a relationship and into actually building one from the bottom and up. Canadian females want it all and want it NOW, without any effort from their part, and that’s the major problem of relationships and dating in Canada.

    A bit about the term “FOB”.

    Canadian females are FOB big time for me even those who’ve lived their entire life in Canada. They have no class, no style, no make up, dress like ugly ducklings and their brains stopped any kind of development at the age of 15.

    @864 Empowerment101

    You can read all the answers to your questions in my message above.
    Remember-Canadian and Toronto girls will never grow up as long as they have an endless supply of desperate and sex hungry males.
    It’s all in your hands, Canadian males, to stop this evil cycle!

  • Empowerment101

    @WorldTraveler- I can’t force Ontario’s females to change, I am saving up to take a small vacation somewhere I can get some (RnR) but I do believe young males of Toronto should apply the old M.O.B.- G’s Up HD-concepts to better themselves by achieving and becoming financially strong. -ultimately that is what I hope for all males in T.O- is to become educated -up to date with the rest of the world and not dwell on or be subjected to these kinds of females in our dystopian society.

  • STUSHbitches

    I`ve lived in Toronto for 30+ years and have traveled quite a bit. All of this is true.

    I really miss the friendliness from females of other countries. I wouldn’t kill Toronto girls to smile or respond to a polite greeting.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 866 Empowerment101

    Very good points, my friend!

    Nobody has to force anyone to change, it’s only counterproductive when a person tries to force another one to change. By the way, Canadian females always try to force a change on males around them literally demanding them to adjust their views, thoughts, opinions, visions of life etc to coincide with the female ones, but on the other hand Canadian females become very irate and plain psycho when a male dares to have a personality, to stand up and be counted, to have own thoughts and opinions. Canadian females can’t tolerate other opinions but their own and will always try to force own views and visions on people around them.

    And you’ve also indicated the right path for Canadian males: get educated, get some life skills, learn a foreign language or two, travel the world and discover new countries, cultures and people. And get yourself a foreign wife, the one who’ll be on even terms with you, who’d want to evolve together as a family, supporting each other and motivating each other and willing to contribute as much as a male does!
    Canadian females don’t possess any of the above mentioned qualities and aren’t dating or marriage material and should be avoided by all means!!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 867 STUSHbitches

    Remember-Toronto and Canadian girls will ONLY smile back to you and respond to your greeting when they know that you are a millionaire with a nice house or lake view condo, a couple of fancy cars and other perks they can get by whoring themselves to you. All other males do not stand a chance in Canada and are automatically labeled “losers” who are not worthy any kind of attention.

  • theycallthemstush

    I encourage all jaded bros from Toronto to travel and meet friendly women from other countries.


    Don’t let yourself become a doormat to these cold and heartless girls of Toronto. There are HOTTER girls out there that will appreciate you.


  • WorldTraveler

    @ 870 theycallthemstush

    That’s exactly what I keep telling all the Canadian males: get educated, become a professional, travel the world, learn a foreign language or two, get to know other cultures, traditions, people, get yourself a foreign wife and either settle overseas or come back to Canada already married.

    Canadian girls are not and will never be dating or marriage material. They are 100% materialistic creatures only interested in money, status in the society, condos/houses, fancy cars, expensive gifts and all kinds of other perks they can squeeze from a male.

    Browse “Adult” sections (backpages) of any Canadian newspapers or internet resource and you’ll find a huge number of attractive girls whoring themselves to those with money.
    I always get an impression that ALL attractive Canadian girls/women are involved in some kind of a prostitution in one way or another, be it massage parlors, direct advertising, under the table hookers, Sugar Daddy relationships, all kinds of “friends with benefits” etc etc etc. This list is endless. It’s impossible to find an attractive female in Canada who’s NOT in some kind of a shady business whoring herself.

  • theyRbimbonius

    That’s why I put my condo under pop duke’s name – incase i slip up with someone who I marry and get divorce etc…but ye i got my own and I don’t let any girl move in unless I get rent form them!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 872 TheyRbimbonius

    Good call, man. Canadian females do not have a word “share” in their vocabulary. They only know how to demand more and more without sharing anything or giving anything back. Giving comes before receiving, but it’s completely unknown for all Canadian females. They want it all and they want it now.

    As I’ve said numerous times before-Canadian females are not dating or marriage material and never will be! They make excellent hookers but terrible girlfriends or wives and should be avoided by all means and in all circumstances.

  • RawDog

    My dear brothers of Toronto, I have been following Roosh’s blog since I discovered this post and he has opened my eyes. I always thought that maybe there was something wrong with me resulting in my being single for several years in between girlfriends. Now I know better. I know that its just this place and the atrocious attitudes of the women in this city, and we are not alone in feeling this way. Toronto has a long standing reputation for being a very insular, cliquey city where people are polite, and yet paradoxically not friendly. There are tons of articles, blog posts, and forum threads about this. Why do you think everyone meets through online dating here?

    To bag a Toronto chick you need one of three things

    -lots of money
    -movie star good looks
    -stupendous good luck

    I’m a writer, so I don’t have lots of money. I’m short, so I don’t have movie star good looks. So I have to rely on, like Roosh said, being an approach machine doing 100 approaches a week until I finally get lucky. What a bust. I’m getting the fuck out of this shit hole and moving to Montreal very soon.

  • Mr. Magic

    What always amazed me about Toronto and I have lived here for 15+ years is how the girls here feel so entitled, the bitch shields in this city is on over drive. I am amazed on how girls who are at best a solid five want to give you attitude like they are 9+ its unrea, I want a woman but not from this city forget about it….

  • rebelmeow


    Glad you realized it was the city and not you. It’s because people here in TO have a different way of viewing things. I thought there was something wrong with me as well but as soon as I left and visited other places, it was just Toronto. I know many people in Toronto don’t really fit in with others who try to have the same lifestyles as every one else which is something I feel bad about and these people are completely outcasted because of it. Everyone is different and some people are just not meant to live in Toronto. Sometimes I wonder if people here ever loved anyone genuinely or if it’s just based on social stats or what not.

  • WorldTraveler

    @874 RawDog

    You are both right and a bit wrong at the same time, pal.

    You are right-NOTHING is wrong with YOU. A lot of males in Toronto and Canada in general feel the same, but not all of them have enough inner courage to openly acknowledge that and try to find a solution. An overwhelming majority of Canadian males just go with the desperate flow of empty hopes.

    Toronto people are polite on the exterior, but very cold, ignorant and plain offensive inside. Being friendly is not a sought after quality in Toronto.

    Online dating is a joke in Canada and in Toronto. You have a ratio of 20 desperate males to 1 average looking female with sky high demands and requirements. You can browse any Canadian online dating site and trust me-a majority of females have been there for years and years without any results because of their demands and attitudes.

    You are right in your description of helping factors to get a meaningful date in Toronto.
    Money is and always will be number ONE criteria in Canada and Toronto.
    Canadian females will take a busload of money over anything else.
    They don’t care so much about looks but will gladly settle for someone ugly and abusive with a lot of money, nice condo or a house, a couple of fancy cars and general wealth.
    Canadian women will take a lot of abuse and humiliation from those rich males later on and will tolerate any kind of male’s behavior just to have access to the almighty MONEY!

    Toronto and GTA women are not dating or marriage material but they make excellent hookers.

    I do agree with your conclusion though: get the Hell out of Toronto. Even Montreal should be better, but try traveling overseas, to Europe, South America or Asia and experience new countries, new people, culture and new positively different women.

    @ 876 Rebelmeow

    People in Toronto are big time pretenders. They want to be “someone” instead of being a personality with integrity, honesty and own values.
    Anyone who dares to stand up and be counted, to lead by example, to have integrity and honesty and to have own views, thoughts and opinions is automatically labeled “loser” by the mainstream sheeple in the GTA and in Canada.

    There is NO love in Toronto. NONE. ZERO, ZILCH. It does not exist here.
    All Canadian females are only and entirely after money, social status, luxuries and other perks they can get by whoring themselves to males with busloads of money and other “benefits”.

  • EscapeWhileyoucan

    Wow, I just came upon this site by random fluke. This man, roosh, is really smart because he really nailed it. Young Men>>>as a slightly more mature guy who, unfortunately, ruined — yes I say RUINED — his precious youth trying to date and be romantic with the slime crawling around that collection of buildings that erroneously likes to think of itself a city, I say to you: GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT CITY!!!!

    Nietzche said that if you look into the abyss long enough then the abyss will start to look into you. In other words, if you persist too long in a toxic environment, thinking that somehow you will have the intestinal fortitude to resist its toxic effects, you will be sorely mistaken. In my case, I began to resort to using prostitutes and massage parlours just to get the human, female contact I craved and needed for my physical and mental health — women will never understand that men really need women to feel physically healthy and alive.

    I then started to become openly hostile and extremely angry at women for absolutely no reason — well, actually it’s because they were constantly rejecting me and mocking me in the bargain, so that one day I just said “fuck this”, left the city and it is only then that my life truly began. I discovered that I was in fact desirable, funny, intelligent, and I then rediscovered my true love of and for women once I landed in LA.

    That filth walking on two legs in that so-called city ain’t worth half of what I went through, so I urge anyone who is experiencing too much difficulty in connecting with women (something which really ought to be rather effortless) to make plans to leave. Take it from an older guy who felt your pain, many years ago.

  • rebelmeow

    878 EscapeWhileyoucan

    Wish it was that easy to leave toronto. I just can’t see myself spending the rest of my life here. But how were you able to get to LA?

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 878 EscapeWhileyoucan

    Right on, man!
    Good to know that a lot of people share my views.

    I keep telling and telling and telling that every self respecting male should leave Toronto and GTA and try his luck somewhere else. It’s beneficial and very interesting. Don’t be afraid to discover the world.

    Toronto and Canadian mainstream media always seem to brainwash males into thinking that it’s their own fault that they can’t find a date or a relationship in Toronto and Canada, that something is wrong with male’s looks, job, car, housing, thoughts and views (pick whatever reason or two you might want to).

    Abyss comes in a form of non stop brainwashing and forcing a behavioral pattern on males in Canada. Males are made to believe that if they follow some kind of a pattern, a matrix then they are almost guaranteed their own piece of luck which never happens in real life.

    Toronto and Canada are the center of the world for massage parlors and hookers. An overwhelming majority of Canadian females are in this business in one way or another. Backpages, internet and newspaper ads and stuff are only a tip of an iceberg.

    You definitely made the right decision, SoCal is sooooo different from Toronto and Canada in all aspects.
    Enjoy your life and stunning Santa Monica sunsets!

    @879 Rebelmeow

    And why is it so hard to leave Toronto?? One can get a plane ticket in a matter of 5 minutes.
    Getting to LA is no different than getting to Rio, Paris, Moscow or Tokyo.
    If you want to leave-just leave and don’t look back! You ain’t gonna go anywhere as long as you keep looking for reasons “not to” instead of “how to” :-) Think about it:-)

  • KK

    Honestly a lot of this is very true, many Toronto girls are bitches. Especially to each other. I consider myself an attractive woman ( i wouldn’t say the sexiest thing out there but u get my point) and im just naturally open and friendly and like to speak to strangers….its amazing how many Toronto women are just bitches to you for no reason, as if they automatically assume your trying to compete with them. I mean cmon ladies is it so hard to be friendly?

    (Note: Women in NYC, LA and Miami are SOOOOO inviting and friendly ! Even though you would think those cities would be stuck up, Toronto out does them all!)

    On another note, this article completely disregards how the men of Toronto act. Clearly the guy who wrote this has a different experience but to me any guy who is even faintly attractive is 10 X worse then the description of the women here.

    Fact is people in Toronto are generally stush and full of themselves. Everyone is competing to be the sexiest person or be WITH the sexiest.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 881 KK

    well, where do I start? :-)

    Toronto women and people in Toronto in general can’t stand those who dare to be a personality, to stand up and be counted, those who have integrity, are honest and not afraid to tell what they think without being politically correct. Matrix rules Toronto big time, everybody has to be the same, look the same, think the same and act the same.
    It’s not about competing, it’s about being different and thus strange and unacceptable to the mainstream society.

    You say that any Toronto male who’s even remotely attractive is 10 times worse than any woman described here. I beg to disagree.
    I know a lot of Toronto males who are athletes, well educated, smart, with a good job and willing to give and to contribute into a relationship but who just can’t find any female partner in Toronto since these males dare to be different, to have a personality and to lead by example.

    Toronto women can’t stand anyone who just may happen to be a personality and be different!! They need a puppet who’ll follow every order and comply with every request without doubting anything.

    I wouldn’t say that people in Toronto are competing for the title of the sexiest one.
    It’s more like they are in search for the status and popularity and all the perks it may give them.

  • Escapewhileyoucan

    @ 879 Rebelmeow

    I won’t pretend it was easy to move. The main reason it was difficult, actually, was my ego. I then couldn’t get over my ‘failure’ at not making it there…it was as if I had let someone down or something. But one night, I took a drive around the bleak and impersonal streets of that place and I realized that I don’t think succeeding at being able to stay in that dump wasn’t really a prize after all.

    I found a job, that simple. At the time, the economy was quite good, so finding a job wasn’t the problem it tends to be today. I honestly think it would be more difficult today, although I don’t know what your skill set is. Staying in Toronto will simply make you one of the empty drones that shuffle off to their boring jobs, then home again, that I am sure you see on a daily basis. Do you really want to end up like that? If you don’t move, that’s your future. Good luck to you.

    WorldTraveler; I appreciate your contributions on this forum.

  • Anonymous

    881 KK

    882 WorldTraveler

    man you guys are really making me feel absolutely normal and less alone on this lol.

    I mean I had to get away from friends that are exactly how KK described. It’s so on point. It took awhile for me to realize how society and the way of like here was like. I tried being friendly despite of it all but I just gave up. It’s hopeless here.
    Was Toronto in the earlier years like this before though?

    882 WorldTraveler

    Well yeah getting there is quite easy but staying there is another thing unless I have a lot of connections. I’m no US citizen and don’t know anyone there. And considering that i’m a postgrad with accumlated student loans, I don’t think I have enough to get a place there either.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 883 EscapeWhileyoucan

    Thanks, pal! I hope that I do have some life experiences to share and I’m not afraid to do so.

    There is not a failure if one can’t make it happen at one place. You ain’t letting anyone down if you decide to move and try it somewhere else, on the contrary, you are taking a step FORWARD and not backward when you are mobile.

    You are right, people in Toronto and GTA are drones and androids with no heart, no emotions and no feelings.
    They have their 9 to 5 office “rat” jobs, spend 2-3 hours daily commuting to and from work and spend weekends in the Entertainment District getting drunk, “high” and overly desperate because of lack of any kind of a social life and inability to have a date or at least normal unbiased interactions. The cycle restarts every Monday and promptly goes on till Friday.

    @ 884 Anonymous

    That’s exactly one of the goals of my writing on here-to let people know that they shouldn’t blame only themselves for their dating and relationship failures and woes in Canada. It doesn’t hurt to constantly improve yourself and to work on your looks, shape, style and most importantly-YOUR BRAINS, but it’s simply impossible to overcome all the hurdles, barriers and obstacles on the Canadian dating scene. Is it worth it to try and overcome them? I’d say NO, it ain’t worth it to bang your head onto the “wall” of female disrespect, ignorance and unwillingness to make an effort to contribute to the joint “venture” called dating and relationship.

    Toronto and GTA have always been like this, it’s not unique or special.

    I do understand that it’s not that easy to travel and live the life YOU WANT.

    Society and matrix handcuffed you with a huge student loan and now you have no option but to try and work hard to pay the loan off.
    What’s your major? What are your skills?
    I keep telling people to get educated, to learn a language or two, may be even learn a trade or two and travel overseas, but this should be combined with the lack of debts and stuff. Debts limit your mobility big time.
    It’s still in your hands though-if you really want CHANGES in your life you’ll find a way to pay off your loans and start traveling. But if you don’t want it-then you’ll have plenty of excuses why it never happened….

    Do not let Toronto and Canadian mainstream lifestyle ruin your life and your goals! And try to find a solution, not an excuse!!

  • endgame5515

    Wow. This entire website comes off as a tedious exercise in misogyny…a clear indication that the author has been badly burned by women one too many times and has decided to take it out on the entire female gender.

    Dude…did it ever occur to you that the reason you had such hard luck with women in Toronto, or anywhere for that matter, is that you come off as a bitter loser who’s just not worth their time?

    And as for the guys in the comments section who actually agree with him…just a bunch of inexperienced men here for misguided advice. Blokes who wouldn’t be able to speak to a woman if their lives depended on it.

    The blind leading the blind. Good luck with that!

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 886 endgame5515

    Funny how all Canadian feminists and their male supporters look, think and sound alike:-)
    Even the choice of words is always the same: “misogyny”, “bitter loser”, “unable to treat a woman” etc:-)

    WHY is telling the truth or daring to stand up and be counted is a misogyny for Canadian females? WHY being a leader, having own thoughts, views and opinions combined with integrity and honesty are “loser” qualities? WHY is Canadian society so upside down and inside out??

    I personally do not see Roosh having any problems with females anywhere in the world but in Canada, you should read his blog postings more carefully, he actually gives a lot of detailed descriptions of his overseas travels.

    What tells you that males who happen to agree with Roosh are only “a bunch of inexperienced men here for misguided advice”?:-)
    Bet I have a lot more world, travel and life experience than YOU and may be even more than Roosh himself.
    We are more than able to speak to a woman, but it takes TWO to hold a conversation but it’s impossible to maintain one with a Canadian lady who has that “ME ME ME first” attitude and is in an eternal search of a male pussified puppet who’d never object anything and would comply with every ridiculous female request or demand.

    It also takes TWO to build a sustainable and evolving relationship, with a MUTUAL contribution from male AND a female and MUTUAL effort to build a stronger family.
    Canadian females fully expect males to give 110% of an effort and money, but aren’t willing to give anything back. Giving comes before receiving but at the same time “giving” is a quality completely unknown to Canadian females.
    A typical Canadian female wants and fully EXPECTS everything to be handed her on a silver platter: a lot of money, nice condo or house, nice car, jewelry and other perks/gifts together with a status in the society. A male is supposed to be a female “servant” 24/7 and term “equality” is only used when it’s beneficial to a FEMALE.
    When a male mentions “equality” he’s immediately labeled a “bitter loser” (see message# 886) and not worthy any attention.
    Am I the only one who finds this state of things extremely hypocritical? :-)

    As I’ve said before, Canadian males should stop being pussies and puppets! Get educated, get a skill or a trade, learn a language or two and travel the world! Do not limit yourself with North America and Canadian females. There are a lot of places on planet Earth where ladies still value honesty, integrity, open mind, respect and are willing to contribute to the evolution of a relationship/family together with a male.

    Canadian and North American females at the same time should be avoided by all means!

  • FindMe

    I agree with the author of the article although he writes from of point of view of a player.

    It is so sad to read the comments of brain washed people who can longer differentiate between their anatomy and biology and infused ideas. “Racist” and similar remarks show that so many of you are zombies who can no longer think for themselves. You preoccupy yourself with whatever toys you are being thrown, and you’ve lost touch with reality, feeding off the garbage tube of newsfeed. By the time you wise up, you’ll be grey-haired parents. In other countries, in this age, people welcome their grandchildren.

    Being an immigrant white girl, I was brought up with good values, I am properly educated and well-traveled. I have a great job, and in this herd of sheep I am looking for just one smart, kind and intelligent man. And these fine man get hooked by overly pompous, nothing to show for, sl**ts, who do not know what it takes to be a woman, nor how to take care of their man. And they are allowed to behave like this b/c men in Canada are squashed by the “feminism”. I can go on and on, but it’s wasteful of the time.

    I just hope I meet the right people in my path, wherever it will be.

    zaaparc at g.mail. c.o.m.

  • globaltraveller

    Although some of his points are dead wrong, the bulk of what he says is true.

    I’ve travelled around the world for work/play and everytime I get off the plane in Toronto a sense of despair settles over me. Toronto really is one of the worst cities to pick up women in primarily because of lack of eye contact, latent hostility towards men, and a pervasive double standard in dating.

    And Yes feminism does play a role and this is why women in Toronto will bend over backwards not to be labelled as one if you’re the type of guy that they want to date. They know that to called the “f-word” is a kiss of death in the dating world.

    Best irony – there actually is a shortage of men in the 25-40 range by 200,000 and women still have this attitude. That’s huge. Shortage can only be caused by the fact that guys are staying in Toronto for a couple of years, and then when they can, they leave. Do the same.

  • rebelmeow

    This is kind of funny and off-topic but if you listen to most of what Drake says in his music. There are tiny hints that he feels the same way about Toronto.

    Anyways, you can disagree with some of Worldtraveler ‘s opinions but most of it is true and it’s hard to deny it. Toronto may be a place for women empowerment but most of the time it’s fake empowerment. Most girls that I’ve known pretty much talk about gossip, materialistic things, drama, etc. Even some guys think like this. I see knowledge as an empowerment and not immaturity or whatever they see in the mainstream media. Everything is centred around image, even if there more to life than that. So as a result I think men start to generalize this. I would say that you will rarely find a girl that is interesting enough and actually different from others who seem to all have the same mentality.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 888 FindMe

    Yes, Roosh is a player and that’s the path I don’t really encourage anyone to follow. I’m opposed to all kinds of Pick Up artists or whatever they like to call themselves.

    People in Toronto will label anyone who dares to stand up and be counted, to have own thoughts and opinions, to lead by example and not to be politically correct as a racist and a loser.

    The mainstream Canadian sheeple are very insecure in their own skin, brainwashed to the max and never dare to think outside the box and patterns of CBC and CTV.

    Try holding a meaningful conversation with a Canadian female about anything beyond Hollywood gossip, shopping and her recent night club visits/barhopping and she’ll call you a loser in a matter of minutes especially if you happen to mention anything politically incorrect or raise a topic she’s unfamiliar with.

    What kids are you talking about? I know many Canadian females in their 30-s and 40-s who don’t want and don’t have any kids at all.

    Men in Canada are not squashed by feminism:-) Canadian males are “squashed” by the system of the society, its values and visions which create hopelessness and desperation. Canadian society caters to the needs of “gold diggers” giving them the “right” to expect all the luxuries from a male without giving anything back.
    I always get an impression that EVERY even remotely attractive Canadian girl is involved in a prostitution/escort business/massage parlors one way or another and thus she treats every male as a CLIENT even in a relationship or possible marriage!!

    @889 GlobalTraveler

    I share your feelings upon arrival to Toronto, pal. Pearson is so nice, modern and clean as a building/transit hub but you feel the lack of spirit, emotions and human feelings as soon as you have a first look at people there. They are like robots, like androids.

    There is only ONE standard in Toronto/Canada dating: MONEY!

    A normal, sporty, educated, respectful, caring and open minded male stands NO chance in Toronto as long as he doesn’t make at least 5000$ a month after tax, owns a nice condo or a house and a couple of fancy cars to start with.
    But an ugly abusive and ignorant prick with money will be the center of attention of all the females around him. They’ll pursue him, his money and wealth!

    Canadian females do not care about family or relationship, they care only about the financial stability, wealth and status in the society.

    Shortage of men in the 25-40 age range?? Are you sure about it? How about shortage of even remotely attractive WOMEN who are not directly or indirectly involved in escort business in all age ranges?
    And even if you happen to find one there is a line up of desperate males willing to become her puppets and servants and to obey every order she gives them.

    In reality there is a huge shortage of attractive and smart females in Canada in any age range, those without liberally brainwashed politically correct ideas who are willing to settle down with a normal guy and who are well aware that it takes TWO to build a strong family and that the evolution of a relationship is only possible with joint efforts from both male AND female.

    Too bad, Canadian females do not possess these qualities and the knowledge about how a relationship works and evolves resulting in a huge number of males leaving the country for greener pastures and better relationships.

    THIS is the path to follow for all self respecting male individuals in Canada: get educated, learn a trade or two, learn a foreign language, travel overseas and learn new cultures, people and countries, get yourself a foreign wife and decide together if you’d want to come back to Canada or settle abroad. I’d say settling abroad is a better option.

  • Jim

    I am a Canadian, lived much of my life in Europe, worked in Amsterdam, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Thailand etc. My overriding memory of Canadian men, especially from Toronto, is lining up outside of whore houses in Amsterdam, of talking loudly on their cell phones in the UAE to friends back home about the women, seeing them crawl around Bangkok. Canadian men are hungry for sex, and don’t mind shaming themselves to get it. I am definitely under the impression that they must marry the first girl that will sleep with them,then spend the rest of their pathetic lives trying to cheat. There are no mover or shakers in that boring, buck chasing country.

  • Jim

    Asian women do tend to think, or at least act, like they are hot. They are not. Most anglos would rather sleep with a dog. I didn’t like the way Toronto changed in the 70s and 80s with the arrival in large numbers of Jamaicans. They are aggressive, violent and frankly, if a girl gets mixed up with them, they are not desired by other men. Indians are also a pretty shoddy lot. In many parts of the world, even the prostitutes wont do business with an Indian. Dirty race.

  • Mr. Magic

    we need more of this type of vibe in Toronto check it out ”Flow”


  • WorldTraveler

    @ 892 and 893 Jim

    Damn, man, you made a right observation:-) Canadian desperate males while traveling overseas tend to flock to all kinds of sleazy spots like Red Light districts or some semi legal sex clubs.

    I’ve said it before-there are always two sides of the problems with dating and relationships in Canada. Women in Canada are very selfish, stuck up and ignorant, no denial here.

    But Canadian males also need to man up, to learn how to have self respect thus be able to respect others, to get educated, learn a trade or two, learn a foreign language and finally stop being that desperate to settle with whoever comes first.

    Your impression that Canadian males are willing to marry the first girl who has sex with them is 200% right!
    They get sooooo desperate after years and years of futile attempts and empty searches that they grab any “opportunity” coming their way without thinking about the consequences of such a decision.

    It’s not so much about the race (you did mention Asians, Indians and Jamaicans in your message). It’s about the systems of values and visions of the Canadian society in general.

    Mainstream Canadian society does not need people who dare to stand up and be counted, to lead by example, to have an independent views, thoughts and opinions and enough arguments to defend them.
    Canadian society needs robots, puppets, androids who’d gladly and blindly follow all the indications and instructions from CBC and CTV.

    Same goes for the values of Canadian females-they need a male puppet, a robot, a servant who’d comply with every female demand without even questioning it and will follow every order he’s given.

    It’s an evil cycle, but it’s easy to break it.
    Just dare to stand up and be counted and be a personality, lead by example and have own views.
    Yes, an overwhelming majority of Canadian females will call you a loser, but do you really need a company of those self entitled brainwashed creatures of huge waist size and indefinite sex since most of them look and dress like something in between a male and a female?

    It’s better to be alone than to date a Canadian female.

  • rebel

    895 WorldTraveler

    I agree with you on females treating males like puppets. I feel like they want guys that they can take advantage. I’m not saying that it should be the other way around, I think that respect goes both ways. treating each other equally. I also feel like girls most of the time don’t let guys/girls be and they have to understand that like girls, guys are allowed to be themselves as well. This is where trust and respect develop.
    Although I’ve met a lot guys who take advantage of this as well and are very manipulative so you never really know…..but regardless it’s all about love, respect and trust.

    893 Jim

    Not really just Asians but women in Toronto in general I feel like they have to rely on superficial things like having a lot of luxury handbags, a clique, a nice facebook profile with a lot of pictures to feel empowered. I mean it’s completely fine to work on one’s appearance and it’s nice to look decent and presentable but it’s sad that they make it a number one priority. I’ve been this way as well and have been trying to shake it off with the help of a few that don’t think this way. Suprisingly, some guys actually think like this too. It’s probably why I have a hard time befriending people here in Toronto.

    I would say the saddest thing about living in Toronto is that when you voice your own opinions, guy or girl, you’re automatically seen as crazy, angry, and a threat. Most people see it as a conflict it’s what I don’t understand. It’s a diverse city and I think regardless of everyone’s opinions we should respect others for even having their own and voicing them out because that’s what makes a multicultural society. In the long-term, it’s what makes a non-discriminating society.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 896 Rebel

    Thanks for your support, pal. I do appreciate it.
    The problem with dating in Canada is that nobody even wants to understand the concept that it takes TWO to have a family, it takes a joint effort to evolve and develop as a family, as a unity and BOTH male and female should contribute to the relationship and family evolution.

    You are right- it’s all about love, respect, trust and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, these qualities are very rare commodities in Canada.

    You are right, again, telling that Toronto female have to rely on having tons of luxury handbags, purses, Facebook profiles with tons of updates and photos from every possible place including washrooms and other exterior glamour things.

    Canadian females are all after status in the society and desperately need to belong to some kind of a glamour “gang” just like advertised in all those brainwashing Hollywood gossip magazines.

    People in Toronto can’t stand an honest and independent opinion thus such a reaction as labeling anyone who dares to have one “crazy, angry, threat” and of course “LOSER”.
    Of course it’s a conflict, they are all used to ONE opinion, some politically correct brainwashed stuff from CBC or CTV.
    People in Toronto are sheeple, robots, puppets and androids, they aren’t humans any longer.

    The society and its values are very very wrong in Canada… Honesty, respect, support, integrity, mutual understanding and attention to person are not popular any longer…

  • globaltraveller

    People were asking about the shortage of men – here is the last census information from city of toronto that still had it broken down that way


    Table 1, page 4.

    the genders are equal until age 25, then it plummets. And this is all men straight and gay (and since Toronto has a large gay pop, you can imagine that the number of straight available men is actually smaller)

    If you go back to 2001 census, you can see that there isn’t a drop in the birth rate between the genders, which suggest that there is a net migration out of the city.

    @896 – women have a formula to measure the desirability of a guy….looks + status (peacocking, car, house, etc) + intelligence + money. If you’re not doing anything to boost your rating in those categories – then you’re not going to get far.

    When I go on dates in Toronto, early in the date I’m ALWAYS asked about what do I do, do I own a house, and yes – point blank – how much do you earn. And it doesnt matter whether from shy librarians to female doctors – its almost like they read a script. In france or europe in general, those questions are usually more subtle and an hour into the convo.

    In essence, after playing the numbers game, overcoming contact resistance and passing the various shit tests, one still has to be qualified as being worthy. Way too much work to date in Toronto

  • dundas and young

    “A City Doesn’t Suck Just Because You’re Stupid” that’s something that shows up top of the list in Google search results – I think that Toronto’s population can shifts every ten years, many people who live in Toronto were not born in Toronto and this site is being targeted for being outspoken, these comments shows males being honest, ten years ago no one would do such things but it seems men are becoming more bold and outspoken and want to bring about change for the betterment of other men – it is clear that there are allot of opportunity for woman and these females do tend to have a snobbish, shallowness to them here in Toronto -now this is not only European Canadians but also colored people that lived in countries/islands under British rule, thus I feel the arrogance, or attitude that these females posses in Toronto comes from the old English society and this is why most people seem to not smile here in Toronto. The heterosexual male community here are clearly victimized by these females despite race color or religion because there confidence, self-esteem, the will to achieve is crushed by many females who may just be bi-sexual or lesbians playing males for donkeys, it is why Canadian males seem to be fed up and perceive many females as hookers or prostitutes, there value has gone down drastically and money represents female companionship in 2013.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 898 Globaltraveler

    The so called “shortage of males” has nothing to do with Canadian realities.

    Anywhere you go in Canada you’ll find hordes of desperate males chasing ugly and ignorant females and outnumbering them by ratio of at least 5 males to 1 ugly female.
    I don’t give a crap to whatever stats are available, but I do believe what I see anywhere in Canada. Statistics is only a form of a lie.

    Every year Toronto gets at least 80000 new immigrants, most of them males. So I really doubt that numbers you gave us are even remotely close to reality.

    I’d say that the number 1 criteria for ALL Canadian females is MONEY! All the rest is very secondary. Canadian females will whore themselves to anyone with money and financial wealth and will never care about respect, attitude, support or understanding within a family.

    I’ve never really dated during all my years in Toronto since I simply can’t stand those snobby attitudes and total lack of emotions, flirting, life interests, and desire to contribute in Canadian females. It’s better to be alone than to date a Canadian lady.

    Canadian women make excellent hookers, but terrible life partners.

    @899 Dundas and Young

    As I’ve said before-Canadian sheeple can’t stand truth and those who dare to openly tell it.
    Everybody has to think and act like a robot, like a puppet led by some kind of a Master.

    Even newcomers to Canada tend to turn into robots in a matter of 3-4 months after arrival to the country and start caring only about money and status/wealth.

    Money is a new Canadian God and everything revolves around it.
    Obviously it comes as no surprise that Canadian females only value money and sell themselves for money.

    Read above-Canadian women make excellent hookers but terrible life partners.

  • RealMan

    Holy crap dude are you stun? Women in Toronto are bad because they won’t drag home some outdated lech that’s just crawled into the bar from the 1970’s?
    Toronto abounds with women – great ones – but they don’t spend weekends at lamefuck clubs waiting to suction as much free swag from the richest of the guys as they can. Nor do they go home with strange men for a little free GHB and surprise sex.
    If you’re not rich enough for the useless women, then you need to develop real class. (I read your blog. You don’t have any.) Because the women here that are worth anything are well worth a little effort. I’ve NEVER had problems in this city.

  • Mr. Magic

    I have lived in Toronto for more then 15 years, yes absolutely very fucked up city, woman are cold (most of them) money hungry bitches that will ask you what do you do before they ask you your name, people (men and woman) are not friendly here they pretend they are but they are not, they want to be left to themselves and talking to them feels like harassment to them in this city. I also think one it is the Toronto culture, people live to work here and if your from Toronto all this seems normal to you, if your from somewhere else like me (Montreal) you notice the vast difference in the culture of the city . I also think that many of the things RooshV pointed out are we man of Toronto fault. Self respect comes first, we bought into this culture of weakness for man that results in woman not respecting us. we put up with nasty bitches who are barely 4’s just to get some pussy. Girls who look like shit and have in even worse attitude to go with it, we did not put these woman in there place when they were rude, cold, not loving etc… We also have fuelled the fire us man, by not wanting to settle down because we were too worried about us losing half our shit in a settlement with the woman here, so this all became a sick cycle woman want our money in Toronto and have bitch shields up, and we just want the pussy so we pump and dumped, because we don’t want to lose all we have worked for. Lets not forget the unfair court system that is almost always unfair towards man in divorce proceedings etc, it is so bent backwards I could go on for days, its also funny how none of the female who call Mr Roosh this and that do not mention these facts when they call him multiple names. Dating in Toronto is really ”special” the shit you have to put up with is unreal, I almost know no guy here that wants to settle, they honestly just ant hang with a woman hit it and not get too attached, can’t say I really blame them I think when I eventually really want settle down it will not be with a woman from Toronto almost guaranteed they lack soul and pep I have just learn to know what kind of city am dealing with, even my sister got re-married and chose a guy outside of Toronto. I am sure Toronto has one of the highest divorce rate in North America per capita. Bottom line it is in extremely cold city, but us men also have to take responsibility in all of this, my advice do not put up with it get your self respect back if the woman of Toronto dont respect your stance then its simple simply dont deal with them all together, I think its pretty obvious there is a problem in this city and saying this is a great place and that he just went to the wrong club blah, blah,blah just wont cut it, first thing lets admit we have a problem here then if thats what people want to do they can start by changing it, me I have given up on this city and wont look to settle down with a woman from here just have fun.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 901 RealMan

    Pal, you don’t sound like a real man, but more like another pussified Toronto male who’s desperate in his futile attempts to find anyone willing to go on a date with him. Trust me-flattery and some nice words about Toronto women ain’t gonna take you too far:-)

    If you pay attention you’d notice that nobody’s mentioning Toronto club or bar scene any longer as a place to get a date, people here are talking about the core values of the Canadian society.
    Forget clubs and bars, they’ve never been a place to look for a serious relationship partner.

    You are talking about an effort? Really??:-))
    Well, males are ready and willing to make an effort. Unfortunately females are NOT!!! Canadian females take everything for granted!!

    “Effort? What effort?? Aren’t males supposed to hand me everything on a silver platter?”-this is the thought pattern of any Canadian woman.

    Canadian women have no idea that it takes TWO to build and develop a relationship, it takes a joint effort to evolve together as a family!!!

    You claim that you’ve never had any problems in Toronto?? Sorry, man, but I do NOT believe you!!

    Those who defend Toronto and Canadian females always seem to sound the same, with exactly the same mantra about Canadian women being “Oh so great” and also about “Never having any problems with getting dates in Toronto”.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 902 Mr. Magic

    To make it short: every self respecting Canadian male should get educated, sporty, learn a foreign language and a couple of trades and travel the world.

    Discover new countries, cultures, people and women, get married overseas and then decide together if you’d like to return to Canada or just settle abroad.

  • Mr. Magic

    @904 Bravo WorldTraveller this pathetic grovelling that we have been doing must come to in end, skip Toronto girls all together, please do guys.

  • rebel

    @ Mr. Magic

    “people (men and woman) are not friendly here they pretend they are but they are not.È

    so true. Most people here act polite but are genuinely cold, stuck-up, snobby and passive aggressive (which is not healthy btw)
    Ive been to Montreal and stayed there for a few days thinking it would be the same but I could tell that the vibe was different in a positive way on the first day. I think people who have stayed in Toronto for too long will never understand.

  • globaltraveller

    @900 World Traveler

    I dont think you understood what I posted. True the census is a snapshot every 5 years, but it collects everyone – citizen or not. Meaning that even 80,000 come into Toronto each year, none of them are staying as the total pop of males is decreasing between each census.

    Anyways – the real take away is that despite there being less men, women are resistant to being approached in the street. Which is puzzling because you would think it would be the opposite.

  • Mr. Magic

    @907 Exactly woman in this city of Toronto should be really thinking about the fact that eligible men in this city of Toronto is very small but no, they have developed a culture of watching sex in the city with there girlfriends throwing bon bon down there throat and developing fifteen activities to make them forget they are alone!!!!!!! Always saying instead ”am just so busy” lo Sure you are honey busy and lonely watch that reproductive system melt away like it is nothing and you become the cat lady!!!

  • Donmills/Eglington

    It’s funny guys in Toronto complaining about woman and woman in Montreal complaining about men

    check out this site I found on Google search results –>


    They should just come here and ride the rocket!

  • globaltraveller

    @909 – I think that woman has bigger issues.

    Considering that she first says ….

    “it is shattering to notice that so many gay men are better put together and more handsome than many of the straight ones”

    Then immediately after says….

    “Montreal men have achieved an unjustifiable and undesirable metro level. Don’t get me wrong; women do like a guy that is well put together, clean, hygienic, and stylish.”

    So which is it – are most men shabby or metro????

    She then ends the article with a zinger like

    “Consequently, this is transforming men into even lazier beings.”

    Sounds like she doesn’t know what she wants, and has a horrible view on men. Are you sure the author wasn’t from toronto

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 906 Rebel

    Toronto is indeed a very cold city in all aspects. Every newcomer to Toronto turns into a soulless and emotionless robot in a matter of 3-4 months and stays that way for the rest of his/her life. Toronto is all about living to work and not the other way around.

    @ 907 globaltraveler

    I do not really care about all kinds of stats especially from Stats Canada since they always put in the politically correct numbers they need to further brainwash Canadian sheeple.
    But I do care about the hordes of desperate Toronto males I can see anywhere in the city who’d be lining up to ANY female with desperate and futile attempts to get a date.

    @908 Mr. Magic

    Well, “Sex and the city” is the God and the cult in Toronto. There are theme parties being held every year all over Canada where brainwashed Canadian females act, talk, think and dress like main heroes of this brainwashing movie.

    @909 and 910

    I wouldn’t pay so much attention to some feministic blabber from anywhere in Canada, be it Montreal, Calgary, Regina or Toronto.
    There only ONE selection criteria for all Canadian females and it’s called MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY! Nothing else matters.
    The above mentioned article states that ” Like many single women, I do not go out with the intention to pick up, but a little bit of eye candy, a little bit of hope, would be nice once in a while”.

    What a load of BS! On one hand you complain about the lack of nice, attractive and single males and right away on the other hand you have NO intentions to pick them up, to flirt with them if you encounter one!!!
    What the Hell do you want then?? To observe your “eye candy” from the distance??
    What kind of hope to you need??? Don’t stand pat, CREATE a hope!!

    To sum it all up-don’t listen to any kind of a feministic blabber. Canadian females only care about money, status and financial wealth and don’t give a crap about anything else. They should be avoided by all possible means and at any possible time.

  • Lesbonese

    What’s hood bros b 4 poka-nose,
    so deal is this,
    Toronto unlike Chicago, Boston, New york does not have major local presence whit in it’s city so either they are in the suburbs or in America and what we do have are people from other countries as well as other provinces that makeup the present day Toronto population
    so obviously they will be different then what should be the norm for male female interaction in the north east but it’s not – this is in a way mid-west-

    Also, there are feminist moments, woman rights, asylums and much more that cater to immigrants hosted by white woman whom are not necessarily people born in Toronto or heterosexuals – people act like pricks, cock-blockers, “mother hens” etc, they truly suck and they make Toronto suck!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s another discussion forum saying the same thing lol, most of the posters have lived in both USA & Canada


  • WorldTraveler

    @ 912 Anonymous

    You people can write as much as you only want, but nothing will ever change on the dating scene in Canada until the moment you start backing up your words with real deeds. Deeds speak, words are empty.

    Man up, respect yourself, get educated, learn a couple of trades and a foreign language and start traveling the world! Trust me-life does exist even outside of North American borders! :-)

  • Mr. Magic

    Funny it took me a while to figure out when I moved her in my teen what it took RooshV only about a week to figure out, that this city of Toronto is fucked and not made for humans!!! That is my theory on why so many people Torontonians and other people are losing there marbles at his conclusions????? Laughable really Toronto the city of drones and robots, and I have been to big cities its not just the ”big” city syndrome, its here something is wrong with this place and if you are from here you will never understand you would think this place is quit normal, like growing up among human filth in the slums smelling garbage all day and never visiting or going somewhere else how would you know the difference????

  • Mr. Magic

    In the meantime check out this track at least some good vibes musically coming out of Toronto:


  • Anonymous

    “Funny it took me a while to figure out when I moved her in my teen what it took RooshV only about a week to figure out, that this city of Toronto is fucked and not made for humans!!!”

    I think because maybe because society here as seen more as taxpayers rather than actual human beings.

    It took me awhile as well to realize that there’s something wrong with Toronto until I traveled to other cities. I guess for people who haven’t been outside of toronto, there’s is actually life outside of it. They’ll be surprised.

    and as for the TTC…..-_-

  • globaltraveller

    Perhaps a little bit of perspective helps….

    I make 90-100k – which is pretty respectable income – but when I go out on dates and the second question is how much do I make, that quickly becomes not enough. Thats right – a six figure income isnt enough despite being an average looking guy with a house and a car. The greater irony, when you take into account after tax income, the gap in income between me and some of these women narrows significantly.

    Yet, when I travel to new york or seattle – women seem to think thats a lot, and those are pretty expensive cities. Toronto just isnt rational

  • globaltraveller

    Forgot to pass on a little tip for dating in toronto besides the perspective thing.

    I find that when I meet up for coffee dates and such, in addition to the salary question early on, im asked where i work. Just offer them your linkedin profile, and when they go to the washroom, they can google it – especially if your date is a young professional woman (ie. doctor, lawyer, etc).

  • Mr. Magic

    @919 God damm thats a job interview my brother, when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom you should exit at the back door, not saying money is not important in this world but she clearly sees you as a cheque (like most woman in this city) my advice skip her stupid questions about how much you make and what you do and go for a woman that actually cares about you, I have a buddy owns three condos he has that Toronto attitude he is never happy, and its really weird when ever he meets a beautiful girl that she is always broke, when he meets a girl who is not so good looking she ends up being almost mannish like this lawyer he dumped a coupe months ago because she was breathing hard and making man sounds when he use to get busy with her in the bedroom, I have told him manny times try to go for a girl without thinking of the material stuff he never listens end up with beast chicks that have money and he always eventually quits them so again I will say it, it is not only the woman in Toronto who are clearly fucked the man are as well. This city its all about that money baby.

  • globaltraveller


    Yeah – but its par for the course really. Thats why I’m most happy when out of the city cause the attitude isnt there.

    But to be fair, I dont think they see me as a bank account per say, its more of a case of hypergamy and qualification. In many cases, the women I’ve gone on dates with made more money than me (physicians, engineers, etc – though I do avoid lawyers like the plague). And no – these dates never work because the woman have insecurities issues (ie. what will my friends think). The thing is – the truly sad thing is – when you get the brief glimmer of what lies behind the b*tch shield, you can see that the women are lonely.

    Then again as mentioned earlier, you get the same thing with librarians and teachers. Its just perverse when such a cross section of society have the same poor value drivers.

    My advice to guys in Toronto is – basically get some experience, make some money and then leave. Its not getting better – only worse. Hundreds of thousands of males cant be wrong.

  • WorldTraveler

    To sum it all up, again: Toronto is a city of robots and soulless drones with money being the only interest and goal in life.

    Any date in Toronto and even in Canada feels like a job interview when male’s “assets” are being evaluated and compared to other “job” seekers.

    Canadian girls are not interested in a normal relationship since they only need a relationship leading to financial wealth, status in the society and other perks they can get by dating a certain male.

    There is only one solution, as stated above: get educated, learn a trade or two, get sporty, learn a foreign language and start traveling the world.
    And also get married overseas, find a normal woman who’d understand that it takes TWO to build a strong and healthy family with a joint effort from both male and a female. Canadian women will NEVER understand this.

  • rebel

    I would say I’m most happy and more of myself when I’m outside of Toronto. I just don’t think they see you as a human being here. Very irrational indeed.

    From a woman’s perspective, I’ve been on this date with a guy once and I found it very odd that all he could talk about was how much money he was spending, what he does, and what he plans to do in the long-term. Mind you I didn’t even ask him anything about money or status. It made me feel really uncomfortable. I felt like I was suppose to ask him the ‘obvious’ questions.

    Also, people here tend to just go on their cellphones a lot, most of the time even when your trying to make an actual conversation. It’s like they use it as a shield or something. And the only thing that they can talk about are again, the obvious.

  • TorontoLifer

    Toronto, the city full of 6s who think they’re 8s.

  • T.O

    I absolutely agree with you. Your observation is accurate about Toronto . Born and raised in the city and witness it everyday. Glad you have the courage to speak your mind.

    Re posting;

    ” i remember seeing the women in Paris. Then when I cam back to Toronto, I looked at the women and how slovenly they are; fat and angry. I felt robbed. Like I was wasting my life in the West.

    I felt like I had to spread the word to my Brothers in Canada. I had to tell them that there was this magical land were all the women were fit and thin. And they dress feminine and fashionably.

    FOUR DAYS in Paris and I saw one fat women. ONE!”

    I was in Stockholm for a week last month: I saw none.

  • no$2travel

    There might be a solution to this problem such as having a Canadian immigration reform- changing policies to attract more single females who are granted citizenship- let’s put some pressure on those who wish to create a controlled population of T.O.

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    Daily shoes Summary is definitely beginning to really feel a little old

  • WorldTraveler

    @923 Rebel

    Life in general is so different outside of North American borders, different in all aspects.
    People care and dare to have emotions, feelings, personal interests, dare to flirt and get in touch. North Americans including Canadians are cold bloodied creatures only interested in money and financial wealth.

    @924 TorontoLifer

    Numbers are not a problems in Toronto and Canada.
    It’s all about the system of values and standards for Canadians. A lot of 1s (sorry for using your terms) in Toronto will easily act and behave like at least a Miss Universe and Ice Queen in one package with according selection criteria and values.

    @925 T.O.

    I really wish that every Canadian male could have enough courage to stand up and be counted, to have own thoughts and opinions, to be the leader and not the follower, to lead by example and be able to defend own thoughts with arguments and facts. Right now Canadian males are more like puppets and pussified robots ready to comply with every female demand/order and never questionning anything coming from the female Master.

    @ no$2Travel

    Do you believe yourself that it’s even remotely possible to change anything within Canadian immigration?
    Look at current stats and main source countries for immigration to Canada and think for yourself if any change is possible. I guess NOT.

    The only solution for Canadian males is to completely ignore all Canadian females, get educated,sporty, learn a trade or two and a foreign language and start traveling the world. Get married abroad and even settle there. You can always come back to Canada but it’s definitely worth trying to explore the world.

  • Win

    I live in the Caribbeans and was in Toronto couple weeks ago. Many chances to pick up girls, especially at the private parties when bars are closed. As I have a gf anyway no interest in that.

    What really sucks about Toronto are things like:
    – You cant smoke in bars and they close early
    – You cant drink & drive
    – You cant buy beers at the gas stations or supermarkets
    – You have to show your ID all the time
    – You cant bribe the cops
    – You get fined for drinking in public

    Canada is not a free country compared to Eastern Europe, Asia or the Caribbeans at all! It s like living in the restricted states of america except that everything is more pricy.

  • Anonymous

    Ah… I know you think you are being funny… But you are actually a disgrace. Simple minded and disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Win’s perspective is either way below or way above.

    I only agree with the pricey part. Pricey and poor quality.

  • WorldTraveler

    Canada as a country is the best and the most beautiful in the world.
    I love Canadian laws regarding ban on public drinking, smoking in public places and bars/restaurants, regarding drunk driving and honesty/integrity of the Canadian police forces.

    But we are not talking here about Canada as a country. We are discussing the system of core values and selection criteria of Canadian females and Canadian society as a whole.
    It’s people who “shape” a country, and not a country which “shapes” people.
    Unfortunately the system of values of the Canadian society encourages soulless robots, emotionless androids and heartless drones instead of promoting honesty,integrity, respect, understanding, education, professionalism, sports and a healthy way of life.
    Money prevails over anything else and females are gladly whoring themselves to the highest male bidder with money and status in the society, but nobody cares about the initial relationship based on respect, mutual understanding, a joint effort to evolve together as a family and a joint contibution from BOTH male and a female.
    Canadian females make excellent hookers, but terrible wives and should be avoided by all means.
    Canada is the best and the most beautiful country in the world, but it’s people who make it look different in terms of dating, relationship and social life.

  • rebel

    This is kind of off topic but I hope everyone in toronto is safe 😀 from all the flooding.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ Rebel

    :-) Holy cow:-) You call this a flood?:-)
    Toronto is simply unprepared for any kind of major rains or snowfalls.
    The sewage system is not ready to handle such a volume of water in a very short time frame.
    What happened to every day maintenance of the subway sewage system? Road maintenance? How come Toronto and Canada still look like a Wild West of the 1930-s with all those wooden electricity poles everywhere you go?

    World class city?? How about a world class pretender?
    People make cities livable. And if people can’t get along how do you expect them to maintain and develop the city?

  • WorldTraveler

    A short add on: Toronto has an infrastructure of the 50-s used in the new millenium. You can’t expect it to hold forever.

    No money are being invested into the maintenance, repair and new construction of different infrastructural projects resulting in the decline of the whole network all over the city.
    It’s only starting to show now. Wait another 5 years and it’ll get much worse if no actions are taken NOW.

  • rebel

    I wasn’t being sarcastic though. But yeah I have respect for people here that implement law and help out with communities even it’s a minor thing. It’s just that society tries to outwit these people, which I hate.
    Yeah I know most people don’t get along because I think of passive aggressiveness. In the long-term, it’s really not healthy for a society because it just creates internal hatred towards each other. People should be able to voice opinions or feel that they have a right to express themselves and at the same time be respectful of others’. Sometimes it just feels like it’s always ‘one-way’.

  • WorldTraveler

    @936 Rebel

    I perfectly understand where you’re coming from.

    Canada as a country with own system of values does not encourage and strongly rejects anyone who dares to stand up and be counted, to voice a personal opinion with enough arguments to defend it, to be a personality and lead by example.
    Canadians have turned into sheeple long time ago and are only driven by consumerism, TV brainwashing from CBC and all other kinds of media including internet, newspapers and magazines.
    There is only one opinion in Canada-the mainstream one, the politically correct one. It may be 100 times wrong but it’s still presented and advertised as “right” and everyone is supposed to blindly believe it and never doubt anything.

    It’s a “one way” thing indeed. Canadian mainstream does not accept any criticism or an alternative opinion. Try discussing anything politically incorrect with any Canadian female and you’ll be immediately labeled a “loser”.

  • Mr. Magic

    The infrastructure in this city is a joke, we are tripled taxed etc into the ground it rains and the grid goes down? Update this crappy grid from the 1950’s stop having slush funds with multi-billions dollars of our tax money just sitting there acquiring interest first world city??? Yeah thats a joke Toronto the shit talking capital…

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 938 Mr. Magic

    Toronto’s infrastructure hasn’t been improved/updated or significantly expanded since 1950-s. This includes sewage system, water supply and hydro, major highways and road maintenance and general building maintenance.
    Any rain or snowfall are only an excuse to demand more and more funds for repairs but nobody cares about actually updating the system and the whole network of things. Everything is interconnected and it’s simply impossible to try and repair one part of the whole network and completely neglect another.
    Toronto pretends to be a world class city but pales in comparison to real world cities like Tokyo, Moscow, Sydney, Munich, London or Amsterdam.

    Toronto sheeple are made to believe that they live in the best city in the world and those who’ve never traveled outside of Ontario tend to trust these words.

    Same applies to the dating scene in Canada. I’ve noticed that those who’ve never been outside of Canada/North America always seem to claim that North American women are great, whereas those who’ve traveled the world KNOW FOR SURE that North American females makes excellent hookers but terrible wives and life partners and should be avoided by all possible means!

  • Mr. Magic

    @939 WorldTraveler Amen to both points….

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 940 Mr. Magic

    I’ve been around a bit, my friend:-) I base all my words on thorough observations, details and facts and never make any empty claims.

    Toronto is a New York wanna be judging by the size and the structure of the city, its core and skyline as well as people (Torontonians) and their inner life and feelings.
    People in Toronto are pretenders. They constantly need to prove something like they are more attractive, smart, wise, sporty, sophisticated, educated etc etc etc. They absolutely have to participate in the “rat race” and those who dare not to are automatically labeled losers by the mainstream society.

    Same applies to Canadian girls. They need a male to follow some kind of a pattern: behavioral, educational, a patern of thoughts, actions and emotions.
    A male simply can not break the walls of this pattern. He’s labeled a loser as soon as he tries to do so and is never given a second chance.
    Canadian females makes excellent hookers, but terrible wives. And Canadian society encourages females to whore themselves one way or another. It’s called liberation, equality and feminism. Males have no say in this and are supposed to follow the footprints of this “movement”.

    Canadian society will never change to the better, it’s too late. Sheeple are programed to follow the rules and orders of their Master. And nobody can change the psychology and visions of life of the Canadian sheeple.

    Canadian males, remember-don’t wait for someone to rush in and drastically change your life, to find you a girl and create a relationship.
    Start making changes yourself, dare to change your life, your thoughts and finally get some self respect.

    And always remember-Canadian females make excellent hookers but terrible wives and should be avoided by all possible means.

  • Win

    @ Worldtraveler
    Yeah you r right about the discussions topic.
    I m dating a Toronto girl since 5 months and she s a 10 at least. She s very smart and incredibly pretty. And she really takes care of me. Like if we agreed to meet at 3pm and I dont show up until 10 she starts searching for me. That would not happen with a Caribbean girl. They d just fuck some1 else.
    I also was out myself couple of times in Toronto on my last stay and had many options, especially if I invited girls to private parties after clubs closed.
    Maybe you r right, I got a shitload of money high self confidence and high social status and that s why. So better work on yourself and it ll work out with da girls. But that s the same everywhere in the world man!

    Btw: The country still sucks ass

  • rebel

    “People in Toronto are pretenders. They constantly need to prove something like they are more attractive, smart, wise, sporty, sophisticated, educated etc etc etc. They absolutely have to participate in the “rat race” and those who dare not to are automatically labeled losers by the mainstream society.”

    It’s hard to make friends in Toronto if you don’t have the same mentality. I would say girls need to wisen up as well and see the big picture. Visiting other cities and sucking in different cultures would be a good start.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 942 Win

    You’ve just confirmed that I’m 100% right in my observations and conclusions.
    Canadian females are only and entirely after money and other status perks they can get by dating a male loaded with money.

    Canadian girls make excellent hookers but terrible life partners.

    Trust me- I do not lack self confidence and know where I stand in my life but I’m not that rich,famous and loaded with money which is a prerequisite for any Canadian female to even remotely consider dating a male.

    What do you mean with “to work on myself”? :-) Sounds like a typical line coming from a Canadian female as an excuse to NOT date a guy.

    I do have quite a bit of an intellect, wisdom of life, I’m a semi professional athlete(thus no beer belly but a “six pack”, appropriate height and looks) and know how to treat a lady. No, I’m not a millionaire and most likely never will be one but I’m willing to spend my last penny on my girl.
    Unfortunately Canadian girls do not value honesty, respect, integrity and mutual understanding/support any longer.

    Trust me-it AIN’T the same around the world. Take your time and travel the world, not only North America. It’s completely different in Europe. There are places in the world where ladies would approach you on their own, where ladies know how to flirt and show interest, where ladies know that it takes TWO to build a family!

    Canadian ladies seem to be completely unaware of this.

    I do disagree with you that Canada “sucks ass”. Canada as a country is the best place in the world, the best and the most beautiful.
    It’s the sheeple of Canada, an overwhelming majority of Canadian population who make dating and building a solid relationship impossible.

    @ 943 Rebel

    Toronto will never wisen up. Why should it? There are more than enough desperate males willing to do anything and to obey every order from their female Masters in order to get an access to the female body.
    Toronto’s and Canada’s mentality revolves around one thing-MONEY. If you have money-you are GOD, but if you don’t-you are automatically a loser and will never be given a chance to date a Canadian girl no matter how smart, sporty, fun, wise, handsome or respectful you are.

    Toronto and Canada will never accept you if you dare to be different. But it’s still better to burn out than to fade away!

    Dare to be different, people!!

  • rebel

    I don’t really understand why money is the main thing that immediately comes to mind. I’ve noticed that it’s always the basis of every decision they make.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 945 Rebel

    What part of the “money” thing don’t you understand?:-)
    Money is the new God for Canadians. They’ll sacrifice anything and anyone to get more money and finacial wealth. Canadian females are willing to whore themselves to anyone with money, condos and nice cars, but will always disregard the qualities like honesty, integrity, respect, support and mutual understanding.

    Canada is entirely about money, people are valued by the amount on their bank accounts and not by their deeds.

    And nothing will ever change in Canada if sheeple do not want a change. Canadians are afraid to differ and to be different, to think different and to act different. Everybody has to be the same and to think the same by using the same thought pattern created by some kind of a politically correct CBC broadcast.

  • Mr. Magic

    @946 WorldTraveler

    My buddy told me a story when he lived in Toronto he was a manager at Bell a communication company (in case some people don’t know the company) anyhow so he shows up to pick her up, the girl gets in the car and she tells him you need to change your car (he had a jeep) bitch had the gaul to tell him yes get a 3 series BMW or 5 series, that is Toronto for you your value is always more financial then human.

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 947 Mr. Magic

    Good story, pal.

    I guess all Canadians know what Bell is:-)

    You know, Canadian females never care about personality, honesty, integrity, attitude and respect. The only thing they do care about is the status in the society and financial profit they can get by dating a certain male.

    Canadian females will date any abusive ugly fat freak who’s loaded with money but at the same time Canadian women will completely ignore and humiliate any normal self respecting male who dares to stand up and be counted, to lead by example and to say what he really thinks.

    The whole Canadian society is “built” upside down and inside out. Normal human values and qualities are rejected and money is the new God for Canadians, especially Canadian females.

    The again, Canadian women make excellent hookers but terrible wives or life partners.

    Every self respecting Canadian male should repeat the above mentioned sentence every time he even thinks about dating a Canadian female and should chase this thought away immediately!

  • Sophie

    I’m a female from Toronto, and I suggest if you want an actual relationship, you don’t look for one in a bar? I am happily married and I adore my wonderful, kind, non-rich husband who drives (our one and only) very inexpensive car. We’ve known each other for 14 years and I’m devoted to him and would do anything for him (and he would do the same for me!). I enthusiastically sleep with him every night and always will, because I love him and feel an attraction to him that has never wavered. This attraction is based primarily on the fact that he is such a good, honest, loving, and sincere person who always treats me well. I don’t know what I would rate on a “hotness” scale, but I am Caucasian, have a normal to low BMI and look after my appearance, and am a ‘feminine’ person. You would have been unlikely to meet me in a bar though when I was in my early twenties, as I didn’t go to them often. Maybe try developing interests other than drinking and you’ll meet women who are more to your liking?

  • WorldTraveler

    @ 949 Sophie

    Have you even read the whole discussion on here?:-)

    I highly doubt it since you somehow managed to connect a relationship with a search for a woman in a bar. Nobody is talking about the bar scene here.
    The conversation is entirely about the values and criteria of the Canadian society as a whole and not about the places to meet a woman.

    You have known your husband for 14 years? Good for you. You must’ve known him since your school years. I bet you’ve never dated anyone but him and he’s never dated anyone but you.
    You both live in some kind of an enclosed imaginary world believing that this is the only way to be.
    I’ve never been a fan of relationships starting at high school. They completely eliminate the opportunity to explore the world and get to know people around you. But it’s a very common occurrence in Canada and the only opportinuty to get a date for MANY Canadian males. That’s why Canadian males desperately hang on to their high school dates and aren’t willing to explore what’s outside of the high school shell.

    I don’t know how old you are, but you still sound like a high school girl in your arguments…
    Nobody’s denying your rights to have a loving and caring husband, nobody’s doubting your relationship within a family.

    But why are you so focused on bars and drinking? Who’s even mentioning going to bars and having drinks as the only interest?

    Why are defenders of Canadian feminism always so narrow minded and can’t even read what other people say??
    Sophie, you MIGHT BE an exception (since nobody knows who you really are) which only confirms the rule: Canadian females make excellent hookers but terrible wives and life partners.

    Your story sounds more like a fairy tale about Canadian females and I’m having a hard time to believe you.

  • Sophie

    My comment was on the original article (as comments often are!). I did read about half of the 948 comments before I posted, but it was starting to take quite a while. The aim of my post was to illustrate that there are women who do value things other than money and status.

    I find it interesting that you simultaneously call me narrow-minded while also making numerous insulting and false assumptions about me based on your own strong beliefs! Your assertions about me are not even tentative, they’re completely certain (e.g. “You both live in some kind of enclosed imaginary world…”) This would tend to make me draw unflattering conclusions about your character, but I do understand that when someone repeatedly experiences negative things (as it seems you have with the women you’ve dated), it can cause the sort of jadedness that you seem to exhibit.

    I have known my husband since our school years, but at the end of my first year of university, after having dated him for three years, he and his family moved overseas, which resulted in us breaking up for five years due to the long distance. During that time I had three longish relationships with other guys who each had many good qualities, but I didn’t feel quite the same way about them as I did about my now-husband (some were even wealthier and more educated than my husband is, but their personalities weren’t quite as appealing). So I applied for and got a scholarship to do my PhD in the country in which my husband and his family lived, I moved there by myself, we reunited a short while later, and we got married. After I finished my PhD, he moved back to Canada with me and we are now expecting our first child. I am 30 years old. So I am not a naive, inexperienced schoolgirl.

    I also never mentioned feminism, never called myself a feminist, nor did any aspect of my comment really have anything to do with feminism. So I’m not sure why you would suggest I was a defender of Canadian feminism.

    I’m also not sure why my existence confirms the ru