16 Different Types Of Game

Asshole Game: This is where you fire off relentless volleys of jabs, teases, and light insults that act as foreplay and make her ask, “Who is this guy?” It’s important to get the one-night-stand when using asshole game because by the next day her vagina will have dried up.

Baller Game: Roll up to the club looking sharp with your crew. Throw paper in everyone’s face and wait for the girl who likes money to make her presence known.

Caveman Game (a.k.a. Brazilian Game): You grab a girl in the club, pull her close to you, and have a very basic conversation for one minute (if that) before you try to kiss her. Ignore her inevitable resistance by holding her body and head in place. Even if she keeps her lips completely closed while you kiss, try to open them with your tongue.

Cocaine Game: You’re at the club talking to a girl and drop a casual line about having coke back at your penthouse, which is really a shitty row house but she won’t care as long as she sees that pile of coke. I’ve never run this game but it’s a no-brainer if you use drugs. Just don’t lie and say you have coke when you don’t because otherwise she’ll throw a tantrum.

Celebrity Game: This is when the girl thinks you’re important for some reason. From my experience I can say that girls seem to dig the fact that you’re known, even if in one city, even if it’s for something like banging girls. I’m pretty sure that guys don’t start bands only for the music.

Cool Guy Game: You casually drop all the interesting things you do (or have done) while making the girl laugh every now and then. The key to this game is fun conversation that makes the girl feel lucky she met you. Essential for daytime approaches.

Hail Mary Game: Go to the club, take a deep breath, and approach 10-20 girls. Ignore the ones who try to make you feel like a loser. Used for when you go to a place where you have zero social proof or a look not desired by the natives.

Internet Game: Gather your best photos and then craft a cocky first message with the occasional undercapitalization so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Blast 300 girls on Myspace, Plenty Of Fish, or Mingle, try to get a date from the three that respond, then freak out at the “updated” look of the one who comes through. Try to bang her anyway.

Last Man Standing Game: You’re the only guy who didn’t dip, pass out, or puke. Her friends all went home leaving you two alone at 4am in the morning. You’re both drunk and horny so the only logical thing to do is fuck (or eat greasy food).

Owner’s Son Game: You go to a club where you happen know the entire staff. They let you get away with things that normal patrons cannot, like dancing on the bar with your shirt off while drinking straight from a bottle of Jack. Girl’s notice this and approach you because they figure you’re the owner’s son. The only guy I know who has run this game successfully is Virgle Kent.

Friend Of The Owner’s Son Game: You get the residual, lesser-quality pussy from being the friend of the guy that all the girls think is the owner’s son.

Pizza Game: Stand in front of a late night gyro or jumbo slice pizza spot and approach girls walking by. Insult them when they don’t respond positively to your comments about the sexual nature of their bodies.

“Rape” Game: Used for when a girl is acting either difficult or prudish. Drag her to your place and tell her you’re going to have her way with her and there’s nothing she can do about it. Throw her on the bed and remove her clothing intensely.With some girls you need to simulate rape conditions to get the bang, but be careful because rape game correlates highly to unprotected sex. The last thing a girl cares about when getting fantasy raped is using a condom. (Legal disclaimer: consent is required to have sex with a woman.)

Solo Dolo Game: You go alone to a decent bar or lounge looking sharp, drink fine spirits from a prime spot, and wait for a girl who doesn’t mind anonymous sex to give you a subtle look that invites conversation. Casually drop the convenient location of your condo or hotel suite early in the conversation.

Sleazy Weasel Game: You’re always pining to get back into her place or yours, because once isolated in a bedroom you know that sex has a very good chance of occurring. In fact most of your game revolves around making this happen. For example, a couple times I purposefully missed the last subway train home to ask the girl to crash on her couch, knowing she wouldn’t refuse. And then I bang. It pays to be sleazy.

Starving Artist Game: You casually drop that you are an artist of some sort trying to produce something remarkable while barely making ends meet. It helps if you have a weathered look with dark circles under your eyes so she can see how you’re suffering for your art. Since she meets more lawyers, doctors, and cubicle slaves than artists, she will be curious about you all the way to her bedroom. You can’t take her back to yours since you live in your dad’s basement, a fact that legitimizes your artist status to her even further. (Note: Starving Artist game doesn’t play as well in non-Western cultures where being a lawyer or doctor is far less common).

Game is multi-dimensional so it’s rare you only use one type of game to bang a girl. For example my game is strongest (as of this year, 2010) when I start with Asshole Game and then end with Sleazy Weasel Game and a sprinkling of Rape Game. If I’m in a hipster bar I run Starving Artist Game and Cool Guy Game. In a foreign country though I’m forced to predominantly run Hail Mary Game and Last Man Standing Game, though I would like to move to Solo Dolo Game in a few years. In Washington D.C. sometimes I can get away with only running Celebrity Game or, if I’m out with Virgle Kent, Friend Of The Owner’s Son Game. As you can see there are many ways to skin a cat.

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  • V K

    I’m amazed that Sleazy game works!

  • http://notenoughtequila.blogspot.com Brando

    Many of these seem very similar to “Restraining Order Game”.

    Brando’s last blog post: Thanksgiving Holiday Tips.

  • Zictor

    Caveman Game does sound like a lot of the guys back in Brazil do!!!

  • The Rookie

    I’ve been trying a version of Caveman in the clubs, not saying anything and just going for the kiss if she grinds on me.

  • http://www.blissnosis.com Jesse Charger

    Sounds like you have a second book here listing all these types of game. Shows that anything can work as long as you take a little action

    Jesse Charger’s last blog post: Hypnotizing Girls, Why Girls Like Britney Spears Stay With Jerks.

  • http://www.luannafernandes.wordpress.com Mrs. Chocolate

    The Caveman game, unfortunally for some brazilians, works. I hate it, I rather the cool game (as a girl.)

    Mrs. Chocolate’s last blog post: O que vou ser quando crescer.

  • http://vksempireofdirt.com Virgle Kent

    First off whoever the fuck is using the initials “VK” needs to fall the fuck back and change that shit, I’ve let it slide too long now.

    Second I’ve never laughed so hard in my life, you have now forced me to write a follow up post (due sometime next week or whenever I freaking feel like it) on how to Owner’s son game really works and get in depth with it.

    There are so many inside jokes from this I don’t know where to start, Jesus Roosh…. fake name and a safe house?!?!

  • http://www.dickgoodnuts.blogspot.com dick goodnuts

    sorry VK I’ve changed back to my normal moniker…kidding

    But on the real. There’s one more that’s widely used and it’s called Switch-a-Roo Game or tag-team game.

    It involves allowing your homie to hid in the closet while you’re tagging a chick. When you’ve grown tired of hitting it, turn the girl around to give her some backshots. Once you’ve begun to turn her around signal for your buddy to jump in and get in a few strokes.

    dick goodnuts’s last blog post: The definition of cool.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    This is pretty damn funny.

    I think I have used everyone of these at least once (minus Rape Game) and many nights used a combination of these.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Always Drink Fresh Blood.

  • http://[email protected] Tarzan

    Isn’t ‘sleazy game’ just the move you pull when she’s ready to go home with you?

    There are flaws with some of them, probably all of them, so a “pure strategy” is not optimal. Eg, with asshole game she may not even say hello when next you meet. Cool Game guys have a problem with closing.

    Seems like the sequence of a seduction is:
    spike of asshole game at first, moderated by cool guy game, a continued mix of the two throughout. Sleaze game when she’s ready to leave the bar with you, then a slight bit of rape game when she puts up resistance.

  • http://alliemarien.wordpress.com/ alliemarien

    isn’t last man standing just another way of saying that guy is a pansy?

    alliemarien’s last blog post: Whip It Good!.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “isn’t last man standing just another way of saying that guy is a pansy?”


    Many times the one with the most endurance wins.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Always Drink Fresh Blood.

  • sweet1

    lone wolf game is my favorite, makes me feel so free.

  • http://www.easycomings.com bez

    I would like to add my form of game, also know as “God Game,” which is impossible to describe.

    bez’s last blog post: Milan Kundera – Slowness.

  • Anonymous

    @ Virgle Kent/Roosh- could one of you guys elaborate on Pizza game?

    Also Caveman=Brazilian game. So true haha

  • Gunslingergregi

    God game were the woman worships you. Whats the hard part of explaining.

  • http://rationalmale.com str8up

    You don’t even have to run game to run Pizza game. All you have to do is have a slice of pizza in your hand and pretend it’s the only thing in the world that you care about at that moment. Chicks will walk up and try to take a bite.

    It’s like a rat trap for bitches.

  • Steve Johnson

    I know a guy in NY who’s a super player. He runs cocaine game all the time on models. His words:

    “How do you fuck a model? Easy, say you have coke back at your place. Even though you don’t, it doesn’t matter. They’re out to do coke and fuck. If you don’t have any coke they’ll still fuck.”

    Can also be filed under “be extremely good looking” game.

  • spandrell

    The funny thing is that this is all there is; every time someone bangs a girl he has used one of these. Even if its unconscious.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    hiarious post. what about whole foods game? this is where i’ll stand by the free cheese samples and show girls how to skewer five cheese cubes with one toothpick. they are so appreciative that love happens right there.

    roissy’s last blog post: The Easiest Way To Revive A Flagging Relationship.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto


    “could one of you guys elaborate on Pizza game?”

    The Pizza Move:


    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: 12 Tips on “Dating” Russian Models.

  • Jake DaSnake

    Friggin hilarious!!! I’ve used them all at one point in time except the starving artist. I think combos work the best like: asshole/caveman, baller/celebrity/cocaine, or cool guy/solo dolo/sleazy. Just be careful when mixing caveman/sleazy/rape game!!

  • Gunslingergregi

    You can be my teamate and get rich in the game of life game. It is to easy.

  • Jez

    fucking hilarious!!
    haven’t laughed so hard in a few days.

  • Gunslingergregi

    Oh Rhoosh had to stop the donation but I have to get ready to start my new life of not doing anything and that includes no bills.

  • http://www.easycomings.com bez

    God Game is beyond being worshiped. God Game is complete ownership. It’s the ability to send a girl to either heaven or hell depending on where you, as God, think she ought to go. God Game is having your little angels by your side waiting to please you as only angels can. God Game is that and so much more. To describe it in complete detail would not be possible on our measly earth with our measly capabilities. It’s God Game, bitches. Don’t mess.

    bez’s last blog post: Milan Kundera – Slowness.

  • Gunslingergregi


  • Roosh

    Thanks gunslingergregi for the money. :)

    There are many variants of pizza game. Bottom line is you game in the vicinity of where pizza is sold as the bars are closing. The success rate is usually quite low.

  • PlayawithPassport

    How about the “Revolutionary Black Man” game? Even white dudes can pull off this game. As a matter of fact, “The Che Guevera Game” is a more fitting name for it. You talk all the time that you are tired of all the iinstitutionalized oppression. Therefore, you dont’ work because you don’t want to enrich “Da Man.” and need the time to plan for “The Revolution.” Then you mentioned some ramdom things about Africa that your heard from a Nas song and you are done. Ironically this game doesn’t work very well with black chicks or women who belong to the group you are trying to fight your “cause” for but its almost fool proof with college educated white women. Another variation of this game is the NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) i.e. Peace Corps, Green Peace, etc. The thing about this game is that you have to be able to escalate from discussing the “issues of the day” to the “issues inside your pants”

  • Aenigma

    I remember one of the first times I ran “caveman” game on a club.

    I was pretty drunk at the time but after about 30 seconds of chatting with a cute Irish chick, who was on vacation, I said some off hand remark then made the move and started a crazy make out session which escalated to a finger bang in a secluded corner. Tried to take her back to my place but her friend found her and she remarked “I can’t I’m engaged- and that’s my fiance’s sister!”

    That about the time that it struck me of the level of dublicity and amorality that women are capable of and the time I started breaking free of the brain washing, regarding the nature of women, of my youth.

    Of the above though, I would say that asshole game is probably the most fun to run… I need to be pretty tipsy/drunk to actually feel my inner cave man and run that sort of game.

  • http://www.easycomings.com bez

    Aenigma: that reminds me of a time I was in a bar chatting up a bachelorette party. When I found out who was getting married, who was actually the prettiest one there, I was like “why are you getting married? you’re too young” and she started touching me up and asking me why in front of her fiance’s sister. The look on the fiance’s sister was GOLD!

    bez’s last blog post: Milan Kundera – Slowness.

  • Tim

    Pizza Game AKA Adams Morgan Game

  • Chris

    haha…its good to know that you can bluff cocaine game. I don’t do it. But whenever I get asked about it by a hot girl, I’m always too afraid of the cokehead wrath to lie. So, away the coke whores go. In retrospect, I think some of them probably couldn’t believe that I didn’t lie about it, as they would have gone anywhere for it. And maybe it was 50% coke that they wanted, and 50% sex, who knows.

    And its true about the “Revolutionary Black man Game” thing. As a white guy who’s dating a black girl, I can flat out say that the last thing 99% of those girls want is someone trying to buck the system.

  • Gunslingergregi

    ””””28 Roosh
    9 hours, 21 minutes ago
    Thanks gunslingergregi for the money. :)

    No problem bro.

    Glad I was first.

    Thank for the entertainment and growth.

  • chinogringo

    When abroad, I use “Language Game” where I ask girls how to say bad words/idioms in their native tongue.

    Even if you speak the language, ask them something specific or weird with an accent that makes them think.

    It works well because it shows that you are making an attempt to learn their language, you make them laugh by asking them how to translate stupid things, and it’s an easy opener.

  • hahahha

    The Unemployed Loser Game – all of the above

  • hahahha

    Pizza Man wins hands down in the Most Desperate category, with Internet Game cutting a close seocond. Has anybody actually tried Pizza with any success?, haha

    RAPE GAME?????? How about 10 to 20 in the state pen game? I’m sure you’ll get laid a lot there too, game or no game.

  • HailMary

    I just want to comment about how spot on hail mary game is.

    I have a look that is not really desirable in many (all?) clubs/bars that I go to. Black guy, very country. Meaning things can get awkward in the all black, “hood” clubs as well as the mainstream clubs or hipster, alternative-rock type scenes.

    So I pre-game. And drink some more when I get to the venue. Or just take some legal drugs that nix my approach anxiety. Then I proceed to approach 10 – 20 girls.

    I almost always do well using this method. No routines, just rambling.

  • http://ashleyandme.blogspot.com Riff Dog

    “I’m pretty sure that guys don’t start bands only for the music.”

    That’s a fact.

    Riff Dog’s last blog post: Meet Ms Larissa.

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  • GD

    Haha you are such a sleazy ass fake piece of shit. How about truth game? Or is that another name for Hail Mary?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah GD, the truth game – that doesn’t work too well with women because they’re all liars. Read his other posts!!!

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  • Alex

    Uhhh roosh, I hate to break it to you but you’re pretty much just a diagnosable sociopath. “rape game” is actually just rape you fucking sicko. “fake name and a safe house” ?! Why exactly would that be necessary if it’s “fantasy?” don’t forget to have bars on all the windows to prevent escape and hold a gun to her head when she tries to resist just to legitimize the fantasy. You’re literally just advocating rape on the false pretense that her protests must be fake and your despicable. I sincerely hope some 7 foot tall huge convict plays the rape game with you. Sincerely.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… You are SO pathetic. Attraction is attraction. Its inexplicable… Some men have what attracts women naturally and others don’t. I guess those who don’t need to concoct all these bullshit strategies and games to get a girl and then spend all their time writing about them behind a computer instead of… well, actually fucking women. The worst part is there’s actually guys out there more pathetic than you who actually listen to your advice.
    And I agree with a few of the comments above. Your “rape game” sounds an awful lot like just plain old rape. You’re an idiot.

  • http://thejestersblog.blogspot.com The Jester

    “Rape Game”????


  • Hwe

    Rape game?

  • GP

    I think the use of the word GAMe is the funniest part – haha – oops, wait , is this a hip hop video?

  • Anon

    I cannot believe you are giving advice to men. Please STOP, society has enough problems.

  • Konstantin

    Hey Roosh,
    If u like REALLY hot girls, try Bulgaria.
    Just be carefull who u gamin ’cause u can get your shit kicked in by a jealous boyfriend

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  • Zyno Abbu

    Hilarious, but seriously, are you serious about Caveman or ”Brazilian game”? Kinda strange.

  • Kris

    your a funny guy, one of the few authors to actually make me “laugh out loud” while reading an article…rape game, that’s funny shit

  • Constance

    I direct those who think “Rape Game” is a viable approach, may I direct you to Louis CK’s take:


    “Like, what are you, outta your fucking mind?”

  • pallavi

    what is this maddest games

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  • Jedi

    Bro, “Rape Game”? Not really funny man.

  • jason dill

    for korean girls, rape game is strongly recommended

  • Walla

    All game is rape, or so I heard from pig cunts.

  • Alberto Del Muerto

    This is a damn good post.

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  • Anonom

    Your fucking pathetic and obviously a sociopath. RAPE GAME?? Your so insecure and your real life is so boring that in order to get laid you have to lie about who you are. Jesus Christ, this is truly the most pathetic thing I have ever read in my life. You are a disgrace to the human race.

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  • anon1

    is vk’s website supposed to be in japanese?

  • Itz Amelia

    to u not to me