16 Things I Realized About Washington DC In 2014

I took the advice of my peers and lived in Washington DC to better observe the city and its people. For one month in April I lived in between the Shaw and Convention Center metro stations. And in the case you’re new—this is in addition to living in the DC area for about 30 years. Here’s what I noticed:

99% of women are unattractive

I remember being in the Metro Center station on a Saturday night surrounded by a couple hundred people without being able to identify a single girl who was a 7 or above. At night at a medium-sized bar there is usually one or two 7’s and maybe an 8, but they are invariably inaccessible. If I lived in DC now, there would be lower motivation for me to work on my physique for the purpose of being more attractive to the low quality women I regularly see out.

On the other hand, there are pockets of very beautiful women floating around, which I did not see before. While they raise the average up, I did not see them regularly enough to figure out how to access them. My instinct is to say the average is slightly increasing, but the most beautiful girls are embedded in large groups and are hard to meet.

The white girls are utter slobs

In the relentless pursuit of their career, white girls are completely neglecting their appearance. Even if they happen to have a normal weight, their generic Gap style and use of flip flops and sneakers is inappropriate. I’m not into fashion, but I’m pretty sure I could be a consultant for these women, because as of now they seem to be dressed by the blind. The same can be said for white guys as well. These people have money and some brains but absolutely no self-awareness about how they are presenting themselves to the world.

Girls care less

It used to be that DC girls would at least be polite for the sake of being polite, but this is going out of the window. My indirect openers during the day, where I would start by asking for help, saw a slightly increased failure rate. Even helping a random stranger is becoming too much for them, and I imagine that feigning a handicap wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

At night the situation can be downright brutal, and I’ve had to emotionally brace myself before approaching to prepare for a rude response. Unless you “wow” her within the first minute by being the best clown in the room with a stellar performance, you won’t be able to keep her attention. If I was a girl who had so many cock options, I’d probably react the same way, so I can’t say I’m angry at them. They are responding in a rational way to living in a demographic environment where they are in high demand.

Everyone is a smartphone zombie

We get on girls for being addicted to their iphones, but it’s starting to engulf everyone. People are finding it impossible to wait for a train or in a coffee shop without pulling out their phone. I regularly witness a row of ten or more zombies on their phones as the subway train arrives, and when I see people put away their phone, they usually bring it back out in less than a minute, as if it’s a compulsion they can’t fight. Even more surprising is that this addiction is starting to affect the Hispanic immigrants and even the older Americans. No one is immune.

The foreign women in DC are mediocre

Yes, there are a good number of foreign women in DC, specifically workers in the soup of imperialistic agencies like the World Bank and IMF, but beauty-wise they are not the best of what their countries offer. While they dress much better than the white girls, they hover around the 5 or 6 range and are way past their prime, with an average age pushing 30. Many have also lived in the area for years and have had their personalities correspondingly corrupted. I wouldn’t bother with them if I was in their country, but in DC they are seen as cream of the crop.

Decent looking men are not escaping the struggle

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen good-looking men (around the 7 and 8 range) with muscles and apparent game striking out with girls below 7. In foreign countries they would have minor issues getting with cute girls, but here they have to spam approach in the hopes of getting lucky. I tell guys to work on your game, body, and so on, but what’s the point if doing all that will only get you a decent girl once in a while seemingly by luck? How much use is there to the art of game in a city as awful as DC where you must do at least 30 approaches a week, essentially making getting laid a part time job, and when a girl feels more comfortable screening men via apps instead of meeting them in person?

The lack of price discovery is hurting men

I did about 15 approaches my first week in DC, both day and night. After those experiences, which did not result in sex, my gut told me to stop playing the game and chose to wait until departing the country. The reason is that, due to my travels, I know my objective value on the world market. I know what type of girl I should get and how much work is required (on average), but in DC it was quickly made apparent that I would have to put three times the effort on girls who were a third as valuable. But then my horniness asserted itself, and I willingly lowered my standards just to get laid, but it made me feel great shame.

Unfortunately for many DC men, they have not gone through the price discovery process. They think this is a state of normalcy and they can’t get better than what they’ve been getting. Too bad they haven’t visited other countries, because they are stuck in a market that doesn’t favor them, while I will continue to live in places where I have greater value and the cost of living in significantly cheaper.

Believe me that it was very sobering to get poor reactions from women who were uglier than what I was getting just a couple weeks prior in Poland. In DC I have to conclude that I am just a typical schlub, a low-value man who has to compete with tons of other men who have impressive business cards and expertise knowledge of local craft beers. In some foreign cities, I’m actually a decent catch, but here’s I’m just one of many, another circumsized cock. Just when I think my value is the highest it has ever been, DC girls remind me that I’m no better than a garbage man, and I must grind it out for sex.

Everyone is an actor

I forgot that people in America ask how you are without actually wanting to know the answer. It may actually seem friendly and nice on the surface, but I consider it rude because the questioner has no intent to carry through what could be a neutral or negative response. It’s tiring and fake to have dozens of these bullshit greetings and small talk exchanges every day. In addition, people say thank you for everything. I regularly witness people say thanks in restaurants for being seated, receiving a menu, or even receiving the check. Saying thanks has been reduced to conversational filler with no meaning behind it.

The suburbs insulate you from the worst problems

A lot of people said in the past that I would have had a better time in DC had I lived in the city instead of the suburbs. The last time I visited for a month, I experienced a sort of reverse culture shock depression and thought it was because I stayed with my dad in the middle of nowhere without a car. This time I stayed within 10 minutes walking distance to Chinatown and 15 minutes walking distance to U & 14th Streets. But I entered the same kind of depression faster. After only seven days, I was aching to leave, even though I was very close to many cafes, restaurants, and bars. My dad’s suburb actually insulated me from all negative things I disliked about DC, but there is no avoiding these features when you’re in the thick of it. If you consider that DC is a poison, it would only make sense that you’d get sicker if you were exposed to larger doses of the harmful agent. I can only conclude that living in the suburbs for so many years delayed my exit from the area.

White is not right

White girls are becoming a bad bet. In DC it’s clear they are most affected by smartphone addiction and feminist ideology. They are masculine, rude, and eagerly receptive to corporate manufactured trends. More severely, they are the ones who are most likely to accuse you of assault or harassment, or rape you in a divorce. They truly are the most entitled and privileged class of female in the world, and while I don’t want to say I fear them, I feel quite hesitate to have sexual relations with them, especially if they find my internet writings. They are the ones who—more than any other type of woman—can turn my life upside down by lying to the police. It’s not a stretch to say that if you interact with them, you’re essentially like a black man in the Jim Crow south, one accusation away from big problems or, at the minimum, having your reputation ruined.

New technologies are cockblocking men

Every technology or app invented this point forth will benefit women more than men. All social networking and smartphone technologies, while offering some benefit to men in specific circumstances, offer a far greater benefit to women in satisfying their attention and validation needs. Facebook and the smartphone in particular are seemingly geared for the female species.

A new app which I got word is hurting men is Uber. In the past, if a woman was in your place for the night, she would likely stay and bang your brains out, even if your game wasn’t “perfect.” But now, if she gets just one “creepy” feeling or you make one bad joke that she doesn’t want to brush off, she can pull her phone, make two clicks, and have a car waiting for her outside within a few minutes. Even though catching a cab is easy, this new app is extremely popular with women and—from what I hear—is used often to delay sexual intercourse or to give women an out when they encounter imperfect game. The saddest part of mobile or internet technology is that men are openly embracing it even though it harms them when it comes to having sex with women.

Tasty cheap food is everywhere

The amount of delicious food choices here is astounding, both in the supermarkets and in restaurants. There is a neverending temptation to eat food that was engineered in laboratory settings to be incredibly tasty, compared to the healthy but bland offerings I often find in Eastern Europe. What’s even more incredible is how cheap food is if you account for the average salary in America. Yes, food in the third-world is cheaper in absolute terms, but not in relation to the lower income that foreign people earn.

Because of the deliciousness and cheapness of food, an American must show daily self-constraint to resist eating more than their body needs. It’s actually a miracle that skinny people exist at all in America. They must have incredible virtue to resist the extra heapings of food that they come across every day. Even I gained 2.5 pounds during my stay because I indulged in luxury burgers and peanut butter.

Progressive and feminist propaganda is working

You know all the bullshit you encounter on Jezebel and XOjane? It’s filtering into the mainstream. One girl tried to preach to me about the 77% wage gap (which has thoroughly been debunked) and I overheard another wage gap discussion by an overweight white woman. I overheard minority women talking about “micro aggressions,” and the word “privilege,” to denote some type of race or economic advantage, is part of daily lexicon. As much as we hate sites that spread this information, we have to accept that today’s American woman is a vacuous receptacle for them because it allows her to not take personal responsibility for her life. The exception is if she ever achieves success, whereby she is intelligent and empowered, but if she experiences a failure, then it was due to someone else’s privilege or a mythical illuminati construct to hold down women for all eternity.

Black men are getting soft

If there’s one race in America that you could count on to be hypermasculine, it was black men. This is coming to an end. The younger black men are becoming more feminized or just outright turning to homosexuality. This softening is reflected in rap music. I used to listen to it to get a chauvinistic surge before going out at night, but nowadays a lot of the top acts like Future, Kanye West, Drake, and even Lil Wayne are spitting betafied anthems that are one small step above Bruno Mars. It makes sense from a commercial standpoint—this is what black men now want.

I believe that smartphones are playing a big part in this softening. Black youth who used to be loud and aggressive are now docile with their devices hooked up to a pair of Beats by Dre headphones, bobbing their heads alone, not disturbing anyone else’s space. I used to be ultra-vigilant when walking in DC late at night, but I believe young black men have become less capable of violent crime. Unless you’re in the ghetto and see obvious thug body language with menacing eye contact or baggy jeans that could conceal weapons, safety shouldn’t be a huge concern. I also see how the white knockout game was overstated in its prevalence. With the huge amount of black-white mixing in gentrified areas, a couple dozen incidents in two or three years should be considered a disturbing nuisance instead of an outright race war.

Men are super thirsty

I can’t blame men for being thirsty in the anti-male DC environment, but it definitely doesn’t make any night out enjoyable when you have to compete with men who are willing to pedestalize women to great heights just for a chance at a conversation, lining up to provide open bar service without wanting anything in return besides a 1% shot at sex.

It got to the point where for principle’s sake I declined to approach a girl to not further boost her ego, even though it would result in no sex for me. It’s just perverse and unnatural to see average women with so many options. The only way to pick up at night in DC is to have strong thirst. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tolerate what you see.

Women insult you when they want to fuck you

If a girl calls you a douchebag, but remains planted, you are probably going to smash. With the two girls I had intimacy with, I was called a grab-bag of the usual suspects: creep, shady, jerk, dick, sexist, offensive, and annoying. For a girl to call me these names, and then soon let me shove my tongue down her mouth, is quite unnatural, but then again they serve as definitive proof that you are entertaining her and giving her the drama that she wants in her hookup partner.

It’s clear to me that the compliment is officially dead. Modern interactions are devolving into something like a freestyle rap battle that ends with rough sex. In fact, the best way to judge how well you’re doing is when a girl insults you and then smiles. Keep up the banter and invite her to your place while disingenuously telling her that you don’t want to have sex with her because her hair color is wrong or due to some other trivial flaw.


I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t know how you can stay in these types of environments. I’m not judging or shaming you for that, but either your will is stronger than mine or your personality is Americanized to the point where you possess some shared traits with American women. I used to have some of these traits as well, but I did a detox abroad and am now unable to tolerate them for more than a month at a time. Depending on how you look at it, I’m either ruined or saved.

The only sadness I have is towards my family, who still retain hope that I will one day move back to DC and be closer to them, but if anything, I’m more certain than ever that it’s just not the place for me. I’m more than happy to visit them from time to time, but I see DC as a dead city, and based on the many conversations I had while there, it’s dead to a lot of other men too.

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