18 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid

1. You don’t know how to tell a story in a way that gets a girl’s imagination going.

You don’t know how to share interesting experiences that not only make her wish she was there with you but also make her want to be with you in future stories as well.

2. You’re too needy.

You contact a girl much more than she contacts you. You freak out if she doesn’t call back right away. You worry when there is nothing to worry about.

3. You don’t know how to build attraction.

You don’t know what a girl’s buttons are. You don’t know how to talk to her in a way that makes her more interested in you as time goes on.

4. You haven’t optimized your look.

Have you taken the time with different hair and beard configurations, or do you still look the same as five years ago, wearing that same shirt with the stain on the sleeve? You don’t need model good-looks to have sex with pretty girls.

5. You don’t drink.

Alcohol is a magical drug that makes getting laid significantly easier, and I’m not talking about getting girls drunk. Just one drink increases the chance you will get laid about 20%. Three drinks in her system is all you need.

6. You don’t work out.

You’re a fright to look at naked. You don’t have to be a meathead, but if you feel good about your body then you’ll feel good about yourself, and this comes across in a positive attitude with girls you talk to.

7. You’re a pussy.

You don’t want to get rejected. You don’t understand that guys who get the most women also get rejected the most.

8. You don’t know how to make a girl laugh.

I like to think that a childhood of watching Simpsons and Seinfeld is all you need to be funny, but there are humor how-to books you can learn from as well.

9. You have an extreme deformity that hopefully can be fixed with either hard work (obesity) or surgery (gigantic nose).

Modern science has come a long way.

10. You don’t have confidence.

You don’t like the man you see in the mirror. You don’t believe that you were meant to sleep with lots of girls. You’ve given up and sloth around playing video games or poker, praying and hoping that maybe one day you’ll get lucky instead of doing the work necessary to be an interesting, confident man that girls like.

11. You limit your prospect pool by only going after girls at work or in your meager social circle.

You think the only way to get a girl is to have some sort of prior introduction. You’ve never tried walking up to her cold in a bar, coffee shop, or bookstore.

12. You believe you need to be friends with a girl first.

You think that a girl has to see you as a buddy before she can see you as a lover. Unfortunately there is no animal lust in friendship. By being friends first, you almost guarantee that that’s all you’ll ever be.

13. You do dinner dates.

They greatly decrease your chances of getting action. Not only does all that food impede the absorption of the wine (see number five), but you’re sitting far away from her, unable to touch. Do drink dates instead where you can sit right next to her as that alcohol takes hold.

14. You’re not persistent.

You give up way too easily. You don’t understand that you may need to get rejected a few dozen times before you come across a girl that likes you. Maybe more. Second to not even trying, giving up too early is the most common mistake guys make.

15. Your breath reeks.

It doesn’t matter how fun or good-looking you are, but if your breath smells then you’re not getting anything.

16. You have limited life experiences.

It’s hard to hold a conversation with a women if all you know about is sports. You can fake it a bit if you’re a voracious reader, but the best way to talk about interesting things is to do interesting things. Chances are that doesn’t involve a computer or television.

17. You’re cheap.

You need to pay to play. This means keeping up a presentable appearance and going to places where the women are. Even the cheapest drinks at happy hour bars are going to cost you money, and many of those dates will not result in sex. Unless you’re in Thailand paying $10 a bang you’re going to have to get used to the idea that it costs money to get laid. Just don’t confuse this with showing off your money to women. If you’re interesting and make a girl laugh, she won’t care you’re poor in order to have sex with you, though she may not see you as long-term potential.

18. You’re not cool.

Do other people not want to hang out with you? Do they dislike your company? Do people make fun of you behind your back? Do you have trouble maintaining friendships? Do you look or dress like an idiot? While the definition of being cool depends on where you live, it does involve a degree of fitting into society, as the girls you will be trying to bang live in said society as well. If you’re going to be uncool, then you will have to hang in places where uncool girls are and try to get with them (e.g. goth bar).

Some of these things I learned from my own experiences and others from guys who taught me everything they knew about game. During an intense six year period starting in 2001 I was going out four nights a week throwing everything I had at the girls I wanted to sleep with. I did things like ask them why they were so drunk and even approached with stick figure drawings on napkins to make them laugh.

My learning curve was long and hard and not until the second year did a reliable system start to become clear. For the next four years after that I perfected and refined it into something that made my life a lot easier when it came to getting laid. I finally wrote my system down in a book called Bang.

Bang is a 65,000 word textbook that teaches you the skills to consistently get laid. I include step-by-step instructions on how to build attraction and escalate intimacy with the girls you want to have sex with. My goal was to create a guide that was all you need to get laid. The books contain hundreds of tips to help you accomplish that goal.

Because I don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on something mysterious, I have uploaded several sample pages from my book. I also included my Condom Line, the line I say when I need to get the condom in a smooth way without ruining the moment.

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  • Roosh

    Oops comments were off. Should work now.

  • http://www.realassanova.com Assanova

    Great post. You should add “because you’re anal” to that list. Anal guys are so boring and never want to step outside of their limited worldview.

    Assanova’s last blog post: Women Want Sociopaths?.

  • Dave

    Hey Roosh, I am skinny and have a hard time gaining weight/muscle. I am young (20) and I really need to add some muscle. Ideas? Any good websites that you know of to help me develop a plan?

  • http://thedatingcroniclesoftylerd.blogspot.com/ Tyler

    Dave: Higher protein intake. Bodybuilders.com has routines and an online store. It’s the best fitness website there is.

    Tyler’s last blog post: Time Compromising.

  • speakeasy

    To Dave, I second Tyler’s recommendation of bodybuilders.com. I’m doing one of their workout routines and I’m seeing results. Just have to eat a protein rich diet and additional calories and workout hard.

    To Roosh, excellent post. I can see some stuff on that list that applies to me. I can clearly see what areas I need to focus on.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    Great list.

    I do disagree with: “13. You do dinner dates.”

    I do them a little different than most:

    Always sit at the bar, and always go appetizers or tapas.

    Keep the booze flowing.

    Sushi is also a great move with mad saki.

    A G has got to eat.

    Side benefit:

    Locking down restaurants and bringing in lots of fly girls gets you pro-bono cocktails, discounted checks, the best slabs of Toro and reservations in a pinch.

    Now that’s G.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: The G Manifesto in The New York Times.

  • Tampa

    Needyness is the enemy of man. It creeps in on your game. I catch myself falling victim to it all the time. You can be subconsiously needy.

    First comes comfort – then comes needy.

    Shit is like water on a fire when it comes to getting pussy.

  • Lucifer


    Ever read about the Sodini incident?

  • Chris

    Yeah, the neediness thing is tricky.

    You have to be a Zen master (and hyper aware of your behavior), or just be getting sex from a lot of different places(the real solution), not to succumb to it.

    Otherwise, the only girls that you probably wont seem needy to are the ones that you actually don’t like very much. And it isn’t very fun to be with them after a while, as your always wishing that you could be with a girl that you actually liked instead.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto


    “You have to be a Zen master (and hyper aware of your behavior), or just be getting sex from a lot of different places(the real solution), not to succumb to it.

    Otherwise, the only girls that you probably wont seem needy to are the ones that you actually donâ��t like very much. And it isnâ��t very fun to be with them after a while, as your always wishing that you could be with a girl that you actually liked instead.”

    Great comment.

    The other thing that helps is straight up not giving a f*ck and having having ice running through your veins.

    Like Eazy-E said “Easier said than done”.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch Arrested.

  • Carl Sagan

    I for one would like to read more about story telling and getting a girl’s imagination going.

    Anybody have any tips?

  • Chris

    The G Manifesto Said: “The other thing that helps is straight up not giving a f*ck and having having ice running through your veins.”

    Haha…This brought a smile to my face. Its exactly where I feel like I’ve gotten to in the past couple of years, but I’m still not total ice yet, except for the average girl. But getting better with each passing day. It is much easier said than done, as Eazy-E mentioned, and it can’t be rationalized into, but must be constantly practiced.

    I find that the trick is that you can’t jump into trying to be cold as ice with with the coolest/hottest girls at first, even if you could game them successfully, in a brief relationship, for a little bit. You need to practice, and gradually upgrade to hotter/cooler girls, each one testing and refining your further ability to be non-needy. You go through a progression of being all infatuated for a minute, you collect yourself, and then she eventually needs you more than you need her, and then your ice. Then your money with that level of female. Having generally good game and bedroom skills also helps with this process. Then, if you want, you then you move to the next level and start again. The result is better inner game for increasingly higher quality girls.

    BTW, I can be total ice if the girl is cool, or hot, but not the other. Its the mix that is my kryptonite. In the interest of keeping it real, I’ll admit to increasing height, in combination with the total package, also a current challenge for my ego; me being a guy of very average height.

    I dont worry about it, but still have to deal with comments like “I dont usually like short guys, but your different/etc…” Me: “You have no Idea”. lol…

  • Chris

    Carl: “I for one would like to read more about story telling and getting a girl’s imagination going.

    Anybody have any tips?”

    Tell her that your going to tell her a bedtime story, in private, and take it from there… You can even have her sit on your knee…

  • kkrev

    What’s a good DC sushi restaurant with side by side bar seating? I only know a couple high end Japanese places that are too expensive for a second date.

  • http://www.districtramblings.wordpress.com Laura

    You’re spot on except for the dinner dates one. Dinner dates can be hot, and a man willing to put in that extra effort to take you on a real date, especially if he can pull it off without becoming awkward and running out of things to say, is an automatic panty-dropper.

    Laura’s last blog post: Note on the Phillips and Letterman Scandals.

  • kkrev


    You need to do high weight full body lifts. Squat and dead-lift a weight that you can only manage two sets of ten. Working the big muscles like that spikes your growth hormone and testosterone levels way up and everything grows. You should go hard enough that twice a week feels like plenty. You need days of recovery time between lifting. The huge guys who are in the gym almost every day have exceptional genetics.

    Do not do high rep routines. You should be in and out of the gym in half an hour, having hammered out some squats or dead-lifts + bench press or shoulder press + pullups or rows + ab work.

    Protein consumption is the other thing. Eat six eggs a day. I eat ’em all at once scrambled in lots of butter for breakfast. People generally don’t get enough protein, lifting or not. Cut out garbage like bread and pasta and cereal and eat eggs and pork chops and such.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “What’s a good DC sushi restaurant with side by side bar seating? I only know a couple high end Japanese places that are too expensive for a second date.”

    Sushi-Ko used to be tops in DC back in the day.

    Heisted tons of fly girl there.

    Not sure what the top dog is now.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch Arrested.

  • Basil Ransom

    My #1 is weak. I substitute with asshole game. Too much actually.

    Dave, check out stronglifts.com . Overall calorie consumption is more important than protein consumption. Aim for at least a pound of meat a day, plus eggs, cheese, etc. The more you grow, the more you’ll need to continue growing. I got to 170 at 6’1″ on ~3000-3500 calories per day, from 145, but it’s no longer enough to continue growing.

    “Dinner dates can be hot, and a man willing to put in that extra effort to take you on a real date, especially if he can pull it off without becoming awkward and running out of things to say, is an automatic panty-dropper.”

    Translation: “I like the idea of a guy inviting me to dinner.” The logistics are terrible, and logistics is a dealbreaker. The smoother your transition to a bedroom, the less resistance she’ll put up. A dinner date could be salvaged by going for drinks at a bar afterwards, but then you could have gone to a bar in the first place.

  • kkrev

    > Eat every 3 hours starting at breakfast.
    > Carbs for energy.

    Both these points are quite wrong. This is why half of guys into bodybuilding look a bit puffy and tend to have too much fat. Their insulin levels are too high.

    You want to eat two large meals a day and maybe one light one. DO NOT snack or eat lots of small meals. When you’re eating constantly you are continuously exposed to insulin and your body is always in fat storage mode. You burn NO body fat when you have serum insulin. When you eat proper meals and do not snack your insulin goes to zero for much of the day and you go into fat burning and tissue repair mode. You heal faster. Growth hormone levels rise. Your body gets very good at burning fat and you easily stay thin.

    > Carbs for energy.

    You have zero dietary need for sugar or carbohydrate, which spike insulin. Fat is a superior energy source. Any grain or sugar derived carbohydrate is just empty calories. Whatever carb you eat should simply be incidental intake from vegetables and fruit, which are eaten for anti-oxidants and other nutrients.

  • Roosh

    Carl: The best way is to expose yourself to good stories. what does the author do that engages you? How does he build and then relieve the tension?

    I’d start by reading one fiction book a month.

  • Jo

    Two comments:

    1. How do you differentiate between being too needy and not being persistent enough? I always thought the contradiction in game is you have to appear reserved and aloof, but doesn’t that mean you are not approaching?

    2. I know that having good stories is important because ALL women love to be entertained, like we’re their court jesters or something. It just shows me that women are inherently uninteresting and need people to entertain them. Lots of women complain, “I’m bored!” You never hear a man say that. This being said, how do you improve storytelling abilities?

  • z

    Good list and info

  • Lucifer

    The problem with a “pull yourself by your bootstraps, life is unfair” speech is that it creates the rationale for going postal.

    Let me explain. Let’s say a guy is unhappy with his life, and you tell him something that is not true based on his experiences.

    He has two options..

    1. Accept he is failure and keep on living.

    2. Accept he won’t succeed and kill himself.

    Now the problem with option 2. is that some might decide to take others with them. In a more primitive age, the damage that one guy could do was quite limited.

    Not any longer… but that is not my problem.

  • Roosh


    1. On the surface, being needy and persistent may have similar behaviors, but one pushes the girl away while the other seals the deal. Guys are needy when attraction is weak or isn’t there, making them look desperate and pathetic. But if attraction is there, that extra call or push to her place is what gets you laid. At the end of a first date the needy guy says, “So I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to see you again,” before he even tries to kiss. The persistent guy invites her back to his place to look at pictures. If she says no the first time he urges her again by saying “these are amazing pictures though.” Get it?

    2. See my above comment. Note that you don’t need to be a story teller. One or two good stories per date with assorted short anecdotes is more than enough in most cases.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “1. I always thought the contradiction in game is you have to appear reserved and aloof, but doesn’t that mean you are not approaching?”


    Approach, gain interest, then be aloof.

    Gas and clutch.

    But if you really have Game, you get girls to approach you.

    I will write on the Art of this soon.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch Arrested.

  • http://alliemarien.wordpress.com/ alliemarien

    eww bad breath…i remember this guy from college everything i think of that problem. gross

    alliemarien’s last blog post: How to Roast a Vegetable.

  • esha

    “8. You don’t know how to make a girl laugh.

    I like to think that a childhood of watching Simpsons and Seinfeld is all you need to be funny, but there are humor how-to books you can learn from as well.”

    Which humor how-to books, Roosh?

  • Anonymous

    re working out: theres no one size fits all, but i echo others in that should eat a lot and lots of protein. keep increasing weights any chance you get. but you dont have to sacrafice health by eating 6 eggs and what not. i eat only lean cuts of meat and have gained considerable muscle mass, six pack, etc. but if you aren’t health conscious to begin with, i suppose that is an easy way to get a lot of protein.

  • speakeasy

    Humor is a form of street smarts, I’m not sure it can be learned, any more than you can learn to be a good football player from reading a book on how to play football. You just have to learn intuitively and from practice.

  • kkrev

    > sacrafice health by eating 6 eggs

    There is zero clinical evidence to suggest high egg consumption is unhealthy and plenty to suggest it’s healthy.

  • Anonymous

    frankly i go by common sense. one egg is 60-120% of maximum reccommended daily intake of cholestrol per the FDA, depending on size. 6 would mean 360 to 720%. the american heart association also reccommends eating no more than one egg per day, and preferably replacing eggs with egg whites.

    i dont have the time or inclination to search for clinical research. i use common sense. i eat an egg every now and then. you of course are free to eat 6 per day if you are comfortable with it. most americans are comfortable with their diets. no problem.

  • kkrev

    > most americans are comfortable with their diets.

    Most americans are fat. I look like brad pitt in fight club and exercise less than two hours a week.

    I think by “common sense” you mean “whatever bullshit some authority figure spits at me.” Dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol are not related, and anyway, serum cholesterol is not related to heart disease. The misinformation continues because statins are a multi-billion dollar business and General Mills wants to sell you Cheerios.

  • Carl Sagan

    kkrev is right on the money.

    I think I should have died a long time ago from all of the whole eggs I eat every single day.

    Yet I’m lean and muscular.

    I suppose that tends to happen when you control calories and lift weights.

    Also, it’s humorous to me that Cheerios markets their cereal as “cholesterol free” (so do many other cereals). Of course it’s cholesterol free, it’s fucking PLANT based.

  • Carl Sagan

    Btw, for all of those looking for GOOD training advice:


    All of the articles you will ever need to read.

    I don’t favor bodybuilding.com because there are too many meat heads and young idiots on that site. Also, the quality of information is not the greatest.

  • Anonymous

    like i said, if you’re comfortable eating 6 eggs a day, more power to ya. at least you’re enjoying your meals and sticking it to “the man” at the same time. great combination.

  • Carl Sagan


    Approach, gain interest, then be aloof.

    Gas and clutch.

    But if you really have Game, you get girls to approach you.

    I will write on the Art of this soon.

    – MPM

    That’s the key right there to aloof game. You gotta build that initial interest.

    Right on the money.

  • Carl Sagan

    like i said, if you’re comfortable eating 6 eggs a day, more power to ya. at least you’re enjoying your meals and sticking it to “the man” at the same time. great combination.

    Nah, it’s not about sticking it to the man.

    It’s about not sacrificing things you don’t need to.

    That’s why people always fail on diets. They think they have to eat all “clean” food and be on top every little thing 100% of the time. It’s just ludicrous.

    Everybody wants to blame the obesity problem on a certain food substance or food group. If I had a dime every time someone mentioned that refined carbs or high fructose corn syrup or trans fat CAUSES obesity I would be a man with A LOT of fucking dimes.

    But the fact of the matter is people are fat because they EAT TOO MANY CALORIES. If something like HFCS was responsible for people being fat you’d think we’d have enough sense to ship a couple barrels of it to Africa so we’d be done with that pesky little issue of people starving to death.

  • Anonymous

    no doubt the simple equation of too many calories= fat= unhealthy rings true for much of america, but i know plenty of cases close to my family where individuals died of heart problems and what not and they were not even close to fat.

    genetics probably has a lot to do with it. i’ve heard that genetics is the most important factor when it comes to life expectancy and other health concerns, but just because one is not fat does not mean one is healthy, in my view, based upon experience and common sense.

    if you’re putting lines of coke into your body daily, you’re probably not fat, but you’re probably not healthy either. extreme example, but we all draw the line somewhere. i don’t feel comfortable with an egg a day let alone six, but i do enjoy the occasional egg now and then. if it turns out six eggs a day does no harm or is even healthy, then i may even be missing out. but i do enjoy my diet as is even from a taste standpoint.

  • kkrev

    > people are fat because they EAT TOO MANY CALORIES

    Well debunked by Gary Taubes. Carbohydrate intake causes obesity, in any useful sense of the word “cause”. You can be getting fatter while in caloric deficit and thinner in surplus depending on the composition of food and your resulting hormone profile.

  • Keep a Movin’ Dan

    Nice post, but IMHO, goth bars are worth it for the seemingly endless supply of slutty bisexual girls. I honestly don’t know what my girlfriend and I would do without them.

  • Carl Sagan

    Well debunked by Gary Taubes. Carbohydrate intake causes obesity, in any useful sense of the word “cause”. You can be getting fatter while in caloric deficit and thinner in surplus depending on the composition of food and your resulting hormone profile.

    Gary Taubes hasn’t debunked anything.

    If he can produce a SINGLE study where calories (and protein) are rigorously controlled that shows eating more carbohydrates causes weight gain he should be given a Nobel prize.

    Alas, he hasn’t. No one has. The best he can offer are poorly controlled studies where people self-report their calorie intake.

    If carbohydrates really did subvert the simple laws of physics and cause obesity, white rice should be able to end world hunger. After all, as you mentioned one can be getting fatter (i.e. gaining weight) while in calorie DEFICIT.

  • Don Juan

    Mr Roosh, I’ve been reading your blog and I found it interesting and hilarious at the same time. I think that all your pick-up advice only works for a certain type of women: young, shallow and stupid.
    Most smart educated women I know could tell your so-called “game” right away and instantly will label you as a douchebag, hence non-touchable, no doubt.
    I agree 100% with everything you said about Argentine women, because that’s where I was born and wasted the first 24 years of my life trying to figure out a way to get laid, in vain. Fortunately since I moved to the US my luck had changed completely, thanks to the more liberated nature of women over here.
    All your advice about hitting on random women on a constant basis as the ONLY way to get laid I think is bullshit. That’s just your way and it works for you. I get laid with two different women every week on average and I have a large group of friends with benefit and casual fucks in constant rotation. I can’t remember when was the last time I tried to approach a woman at a bar or club. Maybe years. I never do that and I still get laid more than any other male that I know. How? Very simple, instead of being a player, I’m the playee, I make them come up to me, they take the initiative and that makes the matters a lot simpler to me because if the woman approaches you you don’t have to deal with rejection possibility and you have a guaranteed fuck right away, specially if she’s over 30.
    I found than being passive, playing the prey instead of the hunter is a lot easier, less stress-inducing and way more rewarding. Granted, not all the women who approach me are hot, but they are so many that I get to screen them and select the ones who I want to do.
    As you already know, that doesn’t happen in Argentina. Over there women don’t even give you the most minimum sign that they are interested in you, even if they are dying to kiss you. But here in the US, it works to perfection. I can walk to a bar all by myself, stand there and wait, eventually one will fall in the trap.
    I have to clarify that I’m not a particularly good looking man, I’d say I have average looks, I keep myself in just decent shape and I happen to have an above average size penis. I used to do porn and even strip. Women among my social circle know this fact and the rumors of that kind run very fast.
    Regardless, I still consider myself a proud beta male. Whenever I see macho alpha-males compulsively attacking girls like you describe in public places such as bars or clubs I feel sorry for them, they make me feel embarrassed for their ridiculous desperate behavior, I tend to think that they are desperately in denial of their gay side and try to fill that up with huge amounts of random quality-less pussy. I prefer to sit back, be cool, wait for them (all the ones who reject douchebags) to come to me and they always do. Your “game” doesn’t work for everybody.

  • speakeasy

    Don Juan,

    I find it a bit hard to believe that you can be an “average” looking man and have as many women approaching you as you claim. Women rarely even approach good looking guys, yet alone average ones. If you have come up with some methodology for pulling this off, then perhaps you ought to be selling books and get rich.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot one:

    Every time you get close enough to know a woman wants to sleep with you, you remember the cost of the last time you got laid. Because she was hot, it turned serious and then an indeterminate time later took half your belongings.

    ..just sayin :)

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  • Gunslingergregi

    ”””13. You do dinner dates.

    They greatly decrease your chances of getting action. Not only does all that food impede the absorption of the wine (see number five), but you’re sitting far away from her, unable to touch. Do drink dates instead where you can sit right next to her as that alcohol takes hold

    Naaa dinner dates can be a sensual lead up to a night of sex. Don’t sit apart. Get a booth preferably for comfort of closeness. Eat out of her plate. Let her feed you. Let her lick the shit that fell off your fork onto your lap. Share a drink. Grab her around the neck and squeeze. Play with her hair. Kick back and let her serve you. Order for her. Let the waitstaff be in awe of your man skills that you get an american chick to treat you like a god at the table he he he

  • Gunslingergregi

    ””””10 The G Manifesto
    22 hours, 50 minutes ago

    “You have to be a Zen master (and hyper aware of your behavior), or just be getting sex from a lot of different places(the real solution), not to succumb to it.

    Otherwise, the only girls that you probably wont seem needy to are the ones that you actually donâ��t like very much. And it isnâ��t very fun to be with them after a while, as your always wishing that you could be with a girl that you actually liked instead.”

    Great comment.

    The other thing that helps is straight up not giving a f*ck and having having ice running through your veins.

    Like Eazy-E said “Easier said than done”.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch Arrested.

    It comes down to being able to leave if your principles are compromised. But yea easier said than done.

    You can bare your soul to a woman but when she plays some game yea got to be able to move on.

    I tend to flip it like a switch. Even when it seems like I am into a woman so much and have some time invested I can still just stop talking to her and move on if she is not giving me the requisite deferrence.

    Now if she comes back in submissive posture willing to adapt to you then yea she just passed another test on the rung to your inner circle as being a woman you can reason with.

  • Chris


    Dinner dates do absolutely nothing to up a guys chances, any more so than he would have doing anything else with her. Thats a fact. I’ve been charming as hell on dinner dates with women that normally would be pretty easy for me, and they have gone swimmingly, but I get laid much less when a formal date is involved. Dinner dates send the wrong message, and set the girl up to think of things in the long term. Therefore, she has the tendency to go into “lady” mode so as not to appear slutty. Big waste of money and time for me. Drinks are a much, much better date. If women want the long term thing, and the dinner dates that go along with that, they should try inviting guys to dinner first. Then, the guy would feel fine about paying for dinner in the future, because the woman is likely not dating him just to get a dinner out of it (very common). The guy will then calculate that there is much less of a chance that he is “buying” her with dinner, and that he is being used. He can then feel comfortable taking her on formal dates. The whole “panty dropping” thing that girls fantasize about, and that goes along with the “perfect dinner date”, is just a fantasy for girls, mostly idealized in their imaginations, but rarely practiced. And then lack of action is justified by finding faults with the guy, instead of analyzing the fact that the entire setup did very little to create real attraction, and probably even worked against it. They then keep fantasizing that when that “perfect” prince charming comes, to sweep them off of their feet with a romantic dinner, they will give it up after. It happens when attraction is already intense, but not when often when the date is designed to build attraction from scratch. But remember, I’m talking about first encounter/get to know you dates, and this doesn’t necessarily apply to people who have known each other or have been dating a while.

    Don Juan:

    I get what your saying. And I believe that your “game” is what you say that it is. But you left a lot out. I know. Women just don’t approach Betas who are waiting to trap them. Thats because betas most often go without in this country and that is every single betas lame strategy. And they don’t get laid, especially a lot, and usually only by the occasional lucky occurrence. A lot of what you said is good, like being the “prey”, but to do that in a way that is effective is a lot different than what you let on, and a lot different then the way betas practice it. Its actually a very alpha behavior when done right. Its not about being truly passive, but letting a girl no that you would dominate her sexually, but that you dont give a shit if that ever happens or not. You dont chase it, but you dont try and pretend that you are there for any other reason either, like to be her “friend”. Remember, not all Alphas are loud frat guys. Alphas can be anyone, and the best alpha game is when they are the prey, and make girls chase them. They will if they see you as a sexual threat and option, but one who also is cool enough not to be needy and one who is not actively chasing them.

    No need to dis Roosh. I think a lot of what you do was self taught, which is great, but if you read deeper into a lot of what is said in the forums, in the comment sections, and in the articles you will find that a lot of it isn’t what you think from your superficial assessment. A lot of it has to do with the Alpha type “prey” game mentioned, although everyones game here is different. Roosh isnt Neil Strauss.

  • Chris

    I like Pavels’ (of Kettel Bell fame) science of exercise, which is basically High intesity low volume lifting. “Super Slow” is another similar method. Low bulk, high strength, and a lot of fat burning is the result. Also, read “Natural Hormone (al?) Enhancement” by Rob Faigin. It will give you all you need to know about hormonal cycles and how eating affects them. Also, the workout portion is similar to pavel, with hormonal explanations as a bonus.

  • Gio

    Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that the guys talking about “eating eggs and bodybuilding.com” don’t get laid that much….no offense….im sure im wrong with a few of you… getting girls is easy…look clean, smile, don’t give a fuck, tell jokes, don’t give a fuck, ask for #, don’t give a shit, call for date at bar, get tipsy with her, invite her back to your place, tell her no flirting allowed in your house, one more drink, go for kiss, bra strap, belt, kiss her neck and hips, take pics (they love the flash), repeat

  • Chris

    “getting girls is easy…look clean, smile, don’t give a fuck, tell jokes, don’t give a fuck, ask for #, don’t give a shit, call for date at bar, get tipsy with her, invite her back to your place, tell her no flirting allowed in your house, one more drink, go for kiss, bra strap, belt, kiss her neck and hips, take pics (they love the flash), repeat”

    LOL..hahaha…about the best summary I’ve ever read. Seriously.

    Except some guys can get a bit chubby, or tend to be too skinny, with natural daily life, and I think the bodybuilding/ egg eating thing is a way to counteract that.

  • http://www.districtramblings.wordpress.com Laura


    No lady I know would go on a dinner date just to get a free dinner out of it. Most of us would rather stick a dirty needle in our eyeball than be stuck across the table from an unattractive, uninteresting d-bag. The kinds of girls you’re talking about are the shallow, money-grubbing types, and why do you need to go on a date with them anyway? I stand by what I said. A good dinner date with a man you’re into can be very hot, especially if he doesn’t give off the impression that he’s only doing it to get in your pants (as a drinks date almost always implies).

    I suppose if you’re really just trying to get laid, you might as well just get a sure-shot random girl liquored up at the bar. But if you want a chance with quality girl you’re gonna have to put in a little more effort.

    Laura’s last blog post: Natalie Portman’s Vegan Propaganda.

  • Steve Johnson


    “A good dinner date with a man you’re into can be very hot…”

    Blah blah blah.

    How often do you fuck after a dinner date? Never?

    How often do you fuck after hanging at a bar with a guy? Almost always?

    Enough said.

    P.S. The weasel words in that sentence are fun (“with a man you’re into”). I bet if you’re into him enough dinner isn’t what’s getting him into your panties.

  • Roosh

    “No lady I know would go on a dinner date just to get a free dinner out of it”

    May I correct your sentence…

    “No lady I know would ADMIT going on a dinner date just to get a free dinner out of it”

  • Chris

    Yeah, I know plenty of girls that have done, or do that. I’m not talking about them going out with the uninteresting, unattractive D-Bag. The guy could be pleasant, and even interesting, enough and usually is. Therefore, it is little effort for the girl to spend time with him. She could even think of him as a friend, or potential friend, while he is pining for more. She will often allow him to take her to dinner. Being pleasant and interesting really has little to do with creating attraction, taken by themselves. I know guys who can talk their asses off, and are as funny as Seinfeld (or whoever), but who have trouble pulling. That doesnt mean that they should be fodder for every girl that wants to use them for a free dinner/ free drinks.

    And yeah, I agree that girls who would do that are shallow. But welcome to America. Its often very hard for guys to tell whether a girl is “money-grubbing” until several dates, or even months, in.
    Some girls dont think that accepting a “platonic” dinner date is a big deal. Guys offer all the time, and so why shouldnt they accept? In their eyes, its not like their accepting jewelry. But its still messed up. Sure, some girls are so unskilled as to be obvious. But the intelligent ones are good at hiding their motivations. This makes it tough for us, and cynical after being burned by girls who use us. It really only takes 1-2 experiences to change a guys behavior, if he’s smart. Sure, you might be a sincere, smart, upstanding woman, but your sisters have long since ruined the general reputation of women in the modern dating pool long ago, for any man who is not a novice.

    And you think a dinner date implies LESS that he’s trying to get into your pants? HAHA..thats a good one. Dinner costs MORE than drinks. Here’s the deal. Its an exchange of value, just like every other social interaction in life. And its a bad one for the man, because his paying for the meal puts him in a very vulnerable position. That is, she can then decide whether to reject or to accept his very expensive gesture of courtship. Now gestures of courtship are necessary, and fine, bu not to the tune of the $80 to $120 that it costs for the average dinner and drinks for two at a decent place. Its waaayyyy too much money to be spent in an effort to create attraction. Its not necessary, many women take advantage, and it sends the wrong message if there hasnt already been some significant level of attraction created in the woman. In fact, it sends a significant message that the guy is willing to pay for her companionship, which works against real attraction. If you think that a man has ever taken a strange woman on a dinner date, without the ultimate motivation of getting into her pants, then you are absolutely kidding yourself. Again, the fantasy worlds of women are a riot. Either he is lying to you, or you are lying to yourself, or both if you think otherwise.

    No man, that is not your relative or doing legitimate business with you, has dropped $10-120 on you for dinner without the ultimate expectation/hope that he will get into your pants.
    The value trade is the money for access to your pants. If you were honest, and didnt require such a value exchange for sex, then you wouldnt let him take you to dinner, especially a nice one. You would actually try to minimize such value exchanges, until after sex when they are legitimately done to get to know you better, and you would sleep with the man for who he is rather than what he has spent or done for you. I know dinner feels nice and romantic, but thats the unemotional truth.

  • http://www.districtramblings.wordpress.com Laura

    Steve, I don’t ever fuck guys after hanging out with them once at a bar.

    Chris- I am honest, and I don’t require a value exchange for sex. The two options that were on the table were drinks or dinner. I’d rather have a guy take me fishing, or to play laser tag, or hiking, or something less awkward than dinner. My point is, I want him to take me on a real date, I want him to show genuine interest. I’d fuck a guy that took me fishing after one date in a heartbeat.

    The problem with you guys is that you never think outside the box. Pun intended.

    Laura’s last blog post: Would you give up meat for Natalie Portman?.

  • Chris

    Well thats different. But we were talking about dinner. I agree with you about the other dates being acceptable and preferable. I have no problem with “a real date”, and I enjoy them. You are right in that, with a quality girl, a real date is necessary and fun. I just disagree with the dinner option as being a good idea unless you are fairly deep into it with the guy. And I liked your pun.

  • Stud Dynamite

    3. You don’t know how to build attraction.

    You don’t know what a girl’s buttons are. You don’t know how to talk to her in a way that makes her more interested in you as time goes on.

    OK, anybody got any tips on those buttons? That’s my major sticking point. “Paul Janka game” (5 minutes to # close, then date) been most productive for me and I think I’m not getting all results I could. I do occassionally hit right on target, get them giggling and showing interest, etc, etc, so I know what I need to be getting. Which makes it even more disappointing when this reaction peters out in the next 5 min.

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  • Don Juan

    I like to suck pee pee, too.

  • gig

    “Well debunked by Gary Taubes.”

    Though I agree with Taubes, he does offer some kool-aid for his readers because he almost forgives obese people from being obese

    Obesity is also a moral failure, a sign of lack of character. Obesity is a moral defect. Even though carbs help people get obese, the whole life style leading to carbs is the result of weakness and lack of will. Obesity, like pregnancy, doesn´t “happen” to people. People cause it to themselves and obese people must be held morally acounttable for it.

  • Gil

    Fun read. I’m sure those who are adept secretly like those who aren’t to get cold feet and stay that way as it increases the female-to-male ratio. :lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=658456511&ref=profile JLaw45

    Wow, I have just about all the problems I thought I had.

    I don’t have the workout problem. The oddest thing about this is that I’m a running back at a division one school(1-AA, Ivy). On top of that I work out a lot-people tell me I look ok without the shirt. I thought that would be enough to help me get more girls. I even started drinking(never touched alcohol until I got here in september).

    Of course, it isn’t enough…since I’m insanely needy and I cannot seem to stop myself from being that way. Chris was right when he said the best way not to be needy is to have other girls in your pocket already-that breeds confidence.

    But that’s a problem when you’re an 18 year old virgin, and the peer pressure(teammates have had sex, non-teammates all getting laid) gets to you. Then you find yourself being needy unintentionally because at this point, you’re just anxious not to be THAT guy anymore. it creeps up on you.

    Then its a slippery slope…the rejections build up. suddenly you fear more and you loose confidence. You become a pussy-you’re not persistent enough because you’re so sensitive to even possible rejection. You’re too cautious and end up in the friend zone because approaching a girl cold is too tough, and you start limiting the pool of girls you choose from. You think to much on the chances you do get(try too hard) and thus nobody laughs(or they laugh at you).

    Then you obviously cant tell a good story…your life experiences are limited by age and you dont have the confidence to wing it…

    Wow, I guess I’m kind of screwed. Way too many of these apply to me. I have to say I envy some of you guys, though. This seems impossible to me and yet guys on this site do it every weekend. It’s crazy.

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  • JRShinkansen

    “Alphas are loud frat guys”

    American frat guys are gay homosexuals. It’s a fact.

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  • myy

    wow number 10 is so true for me

  • http://pastexpiry.blogspot.com Freddy Deebo

    wow, get a girl drunk so you can get laid. How original!

    Freddy Deebo’s last blog post: [CARTOON] Bionic Gummy Bears.

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  • http://rianjayadi.wordpress.com Rian

    I don’t really agree about get girl drunk to get laid, since I dont want to sleep with drunk girl

    Rian’s last blog post: Alasaan mengapa anda harus ambil jurusan IT.

  • Derf

    It all seems like a lot of work, I think I will stick with porn.

  • tom

    eating 6 eggs a day and or lots of meat will make you fat and triple your bad cholesterol which clogs arteries and leads to heart attacks. you can eat 6 egg WHITES a day. Meat eaters get way more protein then they use unless they are competitive bodybuilders working out 6 days a week.
    Eat a balanced diet. If you lift heavy weights you’ll bulk up. Chicks don’t like huge steroid head guys that shave their bodies, they like fit guys.

  • tom

    Men don’t “get” girls drunk, girls get themselves drunk. Unless a girl is a fool she’s not going to accept or imbibe unlimited alcohol. Having sex with a wasted chick is stupid cause she can claim to have been raped.

  • tom

    chris, dinner and just drinks at a bar can cost the same depending on where you go. Where I’d go in los angeles county is a “nice dive bar” or pub where the drinks average $7-9 each unless the bitch orders a grey goose martini or something pricey like that. (go places that have no expensive liquor).
    The average girl orders 3 drinks which = $24-30 including $1 tips each.
    Dinner where I would go is gonna be a $14 or LESS entrée, a $5 appetizer or dessert and a $7 beverage MAX. = $30 including tip.
    Now if she orders wine or lots of expensive cocktails all bets are off, so never take first date to a place with an expensive wine list or expensive cocktails.
    Do not take a first date to dinner at a nice place with $30 + entrées.
    If you take a chick to fancy expensive place before you’ve gotten laid then either a you’re loaded or b you have no self esteem or backbone and you’re too pussywhipped to say NO.
    The only exception would be if she is far hotter or far younger then you. Even then, realize that where you take her has very little impact on if you will get sex. If shes into you you can take her to fast food take out and she’ll still blow you in your car.

  • tom

    Don Juan:
    These are the women that approach you with you no effort on your part:
    1 FAT
    2 UGLY
    3 MUCH older then you.
    As long as you’re cool with fucking them then more power to you.

  • samoosh

    dick bitches u have no life if u cant get laid mother fucking jews =)

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  • Anonymous

    The above justifies why Misogyny exists. Women are looking for somebody more powerful than God. That’s what. Women should marry and have sex with God, IF THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frankie

    Yeah, well, I never had any game. Didn’t even dip my stick until after college. Eventually got to do a few women with emotional baggage, since confident normal women want nothing to do with me. Now I’m in my 40’s and don’t really give a rat’s ass about them anymore. Upside is that I have plenty of money, even though I don’t make a lot. I don’t have to spend on entertainment/marriage/kids/divorce/alimony. Being a loser was the best thing that ever happened to me….

  • Justin

    Sex makes life even more complicated than it is. This list is pretty good though if you REALLY want to get laid. Most of it is sad, but very true.

  • Anonymous

    hi, im fat and i get pussy, in fact im borderline obese… im not rich, but yeh i keep clean, and im very confident. and it helps if ur smart and know how to put a sexy (romantic and funny, not sleazy!!) twist on things u say.
    fat is NOT an obstacle, but it helps to train so u can keep going in bed, and for ur own health which is why ive recently started to train

  • e

    When will you guys learn to stop responding to females when they tell what they find attractive and what it take to get into their pants ??

    They don’t have a clue what gets them excited and its very likely that all of the guys they’ve fucked, that none of the guys have done any of the things they suggest.

  • mel

    Don Juan has a point.

    I’ve developed – in the last year or so, passive Alpha game, although I am by nature a beta.

    It occurs when you have internalized the ideology and tenets of game. You realize then that game is not about any one rule or line, but rather about an ethos, a vibe, a posture. By merely throwing out that energy – however passively, women start to approach.

    It has happened to me many many time. I’m amazed actually. It’s like females can sense Alphaness from a distance without you having to say anthing.

    And, these women are’nt fatties, oldies, nor uglies.

    It like Luke finally learning to tap “The Force”, or Neo finally being able to see and manipulate “The Matrix” without much effort.

  • plain me

    fuck them bitches the truth is that youcan try as hard as you want but realistcally we are not pulling them they are pulling us. If a girl likes you she will engage herself to speak to you etc if she dont then forget about it.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have tips for girls to get laid?

  • josh

    Pay to play? Fuck that. Buy an attractive hooker. This advise is bullshit.

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  • Anonymous

    #86 you’d pay more than a few hundred to fuck a hooker instead of paying a few bucks on drinks to fuck the same quality? You’re joking, right?

  • JayD

    after reading a couple of your post i can tell your “game” is nice. You’re a PUA! i could tell by the “slang” and your philosophy toward picking up women.. The MM method no mistaking it at all.

  • David

    Ok you are on to something. I have good game and I became interested when a friend of mine asked me how I do it.. I didn’t know. I told him to go with the flow, overcome fear of rejection. Sometimes we feel like we are in a weird moment. Take a minute and put yourself on the other side. The feel weird when they have nothing to say when you approach. I agree with all the things in the list which are things i do other than workout. When i was priming the game i was in stellar shape but was never a meathead. The problem with most men is they put pussy on the pedestal. Then they say they have a hard time not doing it. It is simple.. Think back to the last time you thought you were getting laid and she ended the night differently than you wanted. you went home, beat off, and were satisfied. of course you want the real thing. You have to know the outcome will always be better if you try. Roosh u were politically correct by telling that guy that you dont doubt his game. I DO! I spent 4 years going to bars and being “that” guy and not approaching women. I was too nervous. My buddy taught me not to glamourize pussy. He would make eye contact and then give them the eye. ask to dance and upon rejection tell them she wasnt that hot he was just interested in dancing. he was ice. and many of times have we gotten a rooom for the night since we had to drive over an hour to decent clubs. there i was the guy who didnt approach listening to him having sex with a hottie in the other bed. I also knew a guy who was goofy as fuck, he was not attractive, and sounded like a stoner. He was great at fucking women in the bathrooms of clubs. Why? not that I have been reading I can tell you why. He didnt give a shit if she shot him down. He was gonna ask and at least afford himself the opportunity to get laid. hot or not is beside the point. I built my game by talking to the mediocre women. I built confidence by railing the ugly ones. I went to a bar wth one of my military buddies in orlando. He introduced me as the mack. told his friends if they wanted someone to just tell me. This alone built my confidence. They told me to talk to this blonde. I eyeballed her took a sip of beer(was 3 in its perfect for game. not sloppy but relaxed.) walked right up and touched the back of her tricep and said something lame I suppose. She blew me off. I moved my hand to her middle back and guided her past me. I stopped the second in the friend train. and bam! It worked. I didnt give a flying fuck if her first friend didnt like it. my ex girlfriend was there(i brought her :( she overheard me talking to these two girls. I grabbed the friends of my friend and then tailed to listen in. I spoke to the one I was interested in and got her talking. I quickly saw her friend on the side watching as onlooker and withdrawn. I leaned in front of the target and introduced myself. not only do they want you to be talking to them since you were brave enough to approach, but they want their friends to like you as well so she doesnt feel so much like a slut when she tells her friend you fucked her the next morning. and if the friend appreciates your conversational skill she will tell her to go for it. its a win win situation. and if she shoots you down, just say… Im sorry to interrupt your night. Have a good one and walk away. She wont look back so you dont need to feel as if you are taking the walk of shame. when your friends ask what did she say… respoond with “fuck her” lol… u dont need ice to run thru your veins to get laid. u must balaance it. I learned by talking to everyone. When there is a man in front of you in the store. say something and try to getmore than 4 sentences oout of him. see the old lady volunteer at the airport… talk to her. try to make her laugh. And then friendly tell her to have a nice day and walk away. see a friends little kid. speak make him smile and want to engage you. if you got him going you r doing it. this technique works. It is simply about knowing how to carry yourself, and social skills. try new things everytime. see the response you get. be wild, be conservative, be funny, be sincere. if you are playing conservative and she isnt responding. flip someting crazy out there. see if she bites. the lady earlier is right the game technique taught here may not always work. but neither does the one you are saying by dinner date. I do a lot of dinner dates and hardly everget laid with them. dont be afraid to tell her you think shes hot. try “dont get all big headed about it, but you are kinda sexy” flow with her response. you have to experiment. eventually you will be able to classify women and know how to approach their “type” and to the same female earlier in comments saying she never sleeps with a guy on first date. You are either unattractive or lying. moost of the one night stands i have had came out of nowhere. like you think you are losing the battle and all of a sudden you hit a smooth line. be able to debate. be interesting. watch the news look at what people post on facebook. listen to worldly issues. read jokes… if you say something funny or give a compliment and she blushes or loves what you said. turn your head and put ppointer finger on cheek…. and tap it. ahh come on pay up. it breaks the ice. its make you feel confident and appear the same. you got kissed the next one is easier. the next one is the end of the night making out that gets her wanting to drag you to her moms house to fuck cuz its the closest place to go. if you know she is feeling you then dont be afraid to ask if she wants to go somewhere else before the bar closes. she may suggest a movie at her place, or lets go sit in corner and talk. blah blah blah. dont ever meet someone have a conversation and not ask for their name. when they took the time to talk to you and you dont respond they think they lost… so when you had a nice little conversation ask for her name. when she responds. say “insert name here, i enjoyed talking to you. Give me your phone number so i can call you later. dont ask… no one likes to put up resistance. think about last time someone you barely knew said something you didnt agree with. Did you debate or did you squint eyes and say yeaaaaa i see where you are coming from. So dont ask. write your number down and Ill call you sometime. lets go somewhere else… what are you doing at 10? nothing why? meet me over at Hooper’s for some drinks. if she doesnt show or gives an excuse leave her. fuck it what were you getting from it anyway besides led on? dont learn to walk away from an obvious waste of time or you feel like you might have a chance. make the move if no response walk away…. failing to do so and you will need a new bottle of lotion! Good luck!

  • AUS

    16 is my problem which of course in turn results in 18 also being a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, really? Seinfield?

  • wuttefarg

    All apply to me more or less ill stick to what @Deif said(comment71)….girls are too complicated i like my life simple if all the girls are like in those rules im stuck to porn 4ever lol…

  • anna

    19. You don’t respect women.
    20. You take advice from Roosh.

  • jojo

    great ideas, but not all are acurate. some of it is bullshit. you can tell that a woman is writing the article because she is putting more demand on the man than is neccessary. like with “being cheap”. Not all women are gold diggers, but most are. thats why you can’t just fall for anyone.

  • Johnny


    You’re a tool. Do the world a favor and stop spewing the contents of your vile and remedial reptile brain onto the world you slap dick.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Not really much you can do if your “extreme deformity” is “a laughably small penis.”

    Seriously, this is the reason I have never attempted to sleep with a girl other than one whom I was in a very committed/serious relationship with for over a year (and even then, I didn’t try very hard and, obviously, as a result, didn’t succeed); I’m almost 20. Fuck me, I’m gonna be a virgin forever.

  • Michael

    19. You’re a male bitch that writes faggot lists like this.

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  • http://[email protected] Yup

    I believe I am the walking epitome of this list ( my breathe is ok though )

  • Anonymous

    Fuck every reason on this post I would know why you don’t get laid it takes one to know one

  • Anonymous

    Or you simply don’t have the guts to pay a hooker. ’nuff said.

  • http://[email protected] nothing a man do can bring a woman to bed if she does nott want to go

    Most women will never talk to a guy that do not eat pussy

  • Pernell

    I agree

  • Pernell

    @Frankie thats the same way i feel bro lol.

  • Troll of truth

    are you guys for real? ice cold,dont be human, what the cock guys, you like dick in your anal or what, be your self, ells you end up alone with mr five. Dicks

  • Troll of truth

    chicks with diks, bitch please

  • D.

    Not a bad article at all. Just a matter of fact list which gives you some straight advice. I know a lot of good guys that essentially have it together but are off on a few of these points and could benefit. Remember, you don’t have to change who you are, just make subtle refinements that will help in the long run.

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  • Kevin

    Fuck women this whole list is bullshit. Women want a guy who’s rich, very good looking and has a 9 inch dick who drives a BMW.

  • Me….

    Well, I can’t imagine why I don’t get laid, am handsome, average weight though I don’t have abs, I have enough money, I am cool, I go out with a many people for dancing. I fear rejection cause I think I will lose my self esteem, I also don’t no how to bring up that part that I want to get laid when I to to gals.

  • matt

    When we are young we can do anything on the social scene. We humans use each other for lust when we are in our 20s then we turn our focus to using each other for money past 30. Its all about greed. We dont love people, we love what they can do for us.

  • Anonymous

    My solution is to be myself, talk to them, impress them with my cuteness and humor, and once they want me, blow them off because most women are selfish and mean and don’t care about us guys anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Most women don’t like sex anyway.

  • Anonymous

    So a long time ago, I came up with the simple solution to the “woman problem”: reject them because they have no problem doing it to us guys.

  • Anonymous

    Great now after reading this article I am well on my way to becoming a misogynist. Oh dear.

    And kudos to my more cynical comrades in the posts above.

  • Alex

    All these tips are actually really, really good. There is one that I cannot believed was overlooked: TALKING TOO MUCH! It took me until I was around 30 to realize I was blabbering way, way, WAY too much when meeting women. Boys-learn to just shut the fuck up already. I mean it is okay to talk and be conversant but if you have a propensity to be long-winded then cool it or you will not be getting laid even if you’ve mastered all 18 tips above.

  • pat

    reason 19: you live in an environment that is vastly predominantly male and most of the women are ugly (aka the military)

    All that Hollywood crap about women going gaga for military men is just that…crap. At least i don’t have a problem with 16-18 though.

  • Alex

    It doesnt matter what i do. I have subconscious block that prevents me from getting laid.

    I used to be able to talk to girls, then from one day to the next, they all fell out of interest.

    I am a piece of crap.

  • Anonymous

    just ask the bitch if she wants to fuck

  • Narcisist

    This is kinda tragic, all those haters in the last few comments typed on google like me getting laid. This was on the first page and wasn’t a dating site so we came here to learn our flaws.

    Some where enlightened and accepted they’re reality and are either trying to change it or just say too themselves I’m too old for this shit.

    I am in the group that has known all this shit for the past 4 years and has been able to not improve my game for shit. Because I either stay within my comfort zone or go so fucking beyond it that my actions are seen as outrageous.

    Thanks for not giving a fuck.

  • b

    Dinner dates work, especially if you cook for her. Good food makes ppl comfortable and is pleasurable. Make her comfortable and please her and she will be yours. The distance at the dinner table should be used to your advantage. Some wine, good food and conversation will create desire. She will want to be close but that distance stops her, building the intensity till after dinner when you move over to the sofa… Getting her sauced in a bar with hands all over like a creeper means you have no game… I’m a professional chef, and trust me, food will get you laid.

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is waitin is beter

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  • King

    Most of your points are valid Roosh.
    Many girls are smart as hell. During their youth, they like “action”, unpredictability and “craziness”.

    But, when it comes to choosing for the long term, many of them choose the nice guy because he will
    rollover or play dead when they want him to. Moreover, at that stage in life, they need the stability and predictability that a nice guy might bring.

    Having realized that recently, I did play a few
    impromptu “bad boy tricks” on a girl. I did not get laid or anything. But hell, the girl treated me with a little more interest.

  • Jayme

    No a bad list allot of it made me laugh though especially the comments all these bros talking shit about the lisr saying they fuck 2 bitches a week and my abs look like pauly d or some bull yet they probLy landed on this page by googling “how to pull mad bitches” or some shit

  • Jayme

    Narcist didn’t see ur comment but fuck yeah exactly what I was thinking lol don’t get me wrong I get laid but I’m always open for advice on getting laid more so what did I do? Well I tried hitting up a friend with benefits for a good ol oil change when she was not up for it I realized I need more girls like her in my life so like aby other 23,yr old man would do in the yr 2012 I google searched it on my cell phone at the bar neways im going to put this list to work !

  • Roderick

    You forgot the most important (often cliche) option. BE YOURSELF.

  • Jerky boy

    Who ever wrote this blog is probably a tool who can’t get laid himself. Perhaps you speak from experience bunny? Do yourself a favor and castrate yourself with a belt sander. This world needs plenty of eunuchs.

  • bramlet

    rufees is much easier than being cool, works everytime

  • Anonymous

    Hey if you’re having a that hard of a time getting laid, just fucking rape em

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t been laid in 7 and a half months. Is that a long time? Am I still technically what you would call sexually active?

  • Tropicano

    when you fail all the time getting laid,just go out on the street and scream:” I want a woman” ,sure some hotty in despair will respond to you,a girl who wanted to fuck but couldn’t find one for the moment.

  • robbbooo

    my only problem is that i want mrs right, i could easily seduce a girls and get “laid” but what im worried about is that the girl will be mrs wrong and she will want to have a relationship and i will never be fully committed to mrs wrong, i am very judgmental towards women, they don’t know im judgemental which is good i guess

  • Dave “2”

    Roosh – You must know what you are doing, but does it really take 18 instructions and do’s and don’t’s for guys lacking in your skill level to play this game?That part seems really sad.

  • pussy

    Maybe I should kill myself then. Thanks

  • Sinisterworld

    I had over 20 sex partners when I was under 30.
    It was mainly because I was a foreigner living in another country and because I was not for the good.

    When I returned home, the action tapered off.
    However, since becoming a beliving man eight years ago. That is when every effort I began to make to date and bed women became thwarted.

    It’s now so bad that I can’t make telephone or email arrangements on the phone for sex. Because the deal is never sealed. I will have to go to a brothel but even though the quality of women there is not great. Mostly because I am a “religious type”, and a threat to the “order of things”.

    I am good looking, intelligent and don’t throw my life away with booze, drugs and cigarettes, so that is why I suffer along with thousands of others. No matter how hard men try, the power to deceive the heart does not rest with mankind, but with a higher (actually a lower) authority who gloats at human frustration, knowing full well what he is doing to men and women. We are pawns and played like puppets, because the inner man is controlled.

    The problem is perpetuated by humans who don’t believe they are any relation to the animal kingdom, and don’t believe they are spiritual at heart. Animals in the wild have more sexual freedoms and enjoyments now than humans do.

    It has been proved time and again that man is evolved from primates. We have forgotten that we are predominately sexual creatures. Why do you think there is such a massive global interest in porn. Watching porn is a way of participating in what we once used to freely enjoy before we became slaves to “the system”. It is a way of trying to remember what we were before it was taken from us.

    The truth is men can’t change the system, because it is not changable by us. Many have tried and failed. If you can’t get what you want, then there is a way out that gives the one who controls your life the middle finger. The sooner you check out, the sooner you can return to enjoy the innocence pleasures of youth.

  • Anonymous

    Irresistible pleasure is indeed the bait, but at end of it; depression, fear of STD and AIDS, broken hearts, broken families, destroying a certain natural order and intention of sex that exists even in animals, tolerance and wanting more or wanting perversion, addiction and unable to get off this bondage of pleasure, personality changes, weak will power, etc., that will make you a hungry devouring wolf lurking and thinking hard( similar to drug addict) how to get your next fix.

    Happy is the man is able to choose lasting peace over momentary illicit thrill and pleasure, which is a bait for fools. Happy is me when I can sleep in peace and without guilt, without any pills or alcohol and when I get up, I still have my peace and feel full within, without any unnatural hunger to run or scheme how to catch my next prey.

  • Anonymous

    To those of you this article made sense to…wow. Might as well have stringed together incoherent words for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guilty of every one of these. No wonder I’m a 30 year old virgin.

  • Rob

    low on cash, dont go to bars, dont socialize much

  • 38 yo revirgin

    Hey all the only women that want me i dont want the ones i want want nothing to do with me oh yeah wait did i say women want me i was mistaken no women want me i can talk to any one but they all look through me like im not even there i have fucked up teeth but have seen guys that have crack mouths compared to me

    I seriously dont know what i do wrong there are guys that i personally know that are ; fatter, uglier, poorer, or, less intelligent than me yet the “hott looking at least” girls go for these guys but look right through me

    I had a business and was making good money wad going to the bars often just wasting my miney for forty the girls to go home with everyone else but me im not bad looking if i dont smile big so to speak im not fat im average build body wise but have gotten mixed reviews on my “junk” some have rold me that im poking their intestines some have tols me that im smaller than theyrr used to most never commented on it personally i dont care how big or small i am but if it matters to the girls then what am i

    The last time i got laid was 01/01/09 i have lost all confidence in my ability to get laid i dont live any where near a brothel nor do i want a hooker dont we men spend enough money on the women we do or dont have just to try to get them if we dont havethem

  • 142 hater

    WOW 142….. (38 yo revirgin) Learn to communicate. Can you say “punctuation?” Can you say “complete sentence?” Can you say “proper grammar?”….. It does not have to be perfect, just reasonably proper. The reason you haven’t been laid since 2009 is because you are stupid.

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  • Victoria

    You should add because your classy because doing around is trashy and god wants us to wait till marriage!! YOU SHOULD ONLY GER LAID BY YOUR WIFE!!

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  • make it nasty

    real talk..

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  • fact of life

    fact of life is that women will always have way more options than you will ever have

  • Skip

    Go to backpage.com , find a $80 special escort and go to town on her for a half an hour. problem solved. No BS, no wining or dining, straight to the pussy. and the best part is, they leave when done !!!! You can have as many as you wish every week. Most girls are all whores anyway.

  • Skip

    Oh, and most are WAY better in bed than a “normal” girl anyway. Lots of practice I suppose, lol. And dont reply to this saying anything about STD’s, wear a rubber. Most girls in clubs /bars are sluts anyway, and have banged the football team. At least a escort knows what she is and what she and you want.

  • doug

    Best one I ever saw was a Joker friend of mine from N. Carolina. In a club he kept watching this cute and deaf girl. He went and sat across from her and held up his hands . He put one hand up like the ok sign took his index finger from the other hand and shot it in and out of the ok sign. they got up that fast and he scored, I think all others were chicken. I thought he was crazy. But he got some I did not. Later saw that he was just brave.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTcyuhCSB6k hot rodd todd

    18 reasons should actually be 24 with what I counted and could’ve added to the list.

  • Anonymous

    its funny how much women require from men, money, looks and social status. what do i require from a woman? i really dont require anything as long as they can be trusted, they are nice and dont have children, and ofc havnt been on a homemade porn film or worked as a prostitute or a stripper.

  • Bloody Idiot

    hahaha nice points, well i mostly agree evrey point has some truth in it just dont overdo it..
    always keep a cool head, beliave in yourself
    dont fear rejection ( because you only got 1 life, one day you are going to die or be to old and then youre gona regret it )

    try to do some push ups evrey now and then to keep or get a bit healthy-er, go out with friends have fun an enjoy your life

    peace and stay strong brothers

  • Bloody Idiot

    nevermind grammer, i know

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  • Anonymous

    Wanna get laid but suckered at it??? ESCORTS! 200bucks and she in and out of your life beautiful thing just make sure u rap it up. Like he said it’s gonna cost u moneyeven if u do go out and try to pick up! For the love of god if u can’t get women like me pay for the damn cunts ;D


    What a load of old horseshit…. You sir are a complete fuckwit…

    Getting girls drunk? Yeah well done Romeo, does that come under your last rule about being ‘cool’?

    The reason most tossers on here aren’t getting laid is because they listen to idiots like you with your bullshit psychology

  • James

    Well fuck you too!

  • Steve

    Thirzty azz niggaz

  • Anonymous

    5 years later.

  • Cptn. Longjohn

    Yes getting girls drunk works. If you do it right you just bang her in the parking lot of the club, toss her out, and drive off.

    Then you dont have to kick her out of your house!

  • Lick it bitch

    Hey Victoria, I bet I could be balls deep in you in under 15 minutes. You seem to protest too much.

  • I laugh at you

    You know what is awesome? When I bust my nut on a bitches face. I like it, you would like it too. But you are too busy hating to get laid.


  • Deez Nutz

    You are dumb and have no game.

    I am a professional pussy slayer. It beats “chef” any day of the week. All I do is bang bitches and sell coke. It is the mother fuckin life!

    I will tell you why dinner dates dont work: 1. you run the problem of everything feeling “staged” 2. you are running game like the average frustrated chump and she feels it. 3. you have a big ass table in front of you that stops kino. 4. Resturants are not made for making out (she will feel awkward.)

  • Ricardo

    Damn right! That is why im going 4 inches deep in that asshole! Bitch can love me all she wants for my money. SHE AINT GETTING NOTHING! but a sore butthole.

  • Knockin that azz

    Dont “go out for dancing.”

    1. Buy the book “bang” 2. Read book 3. Go to club and get laid

    It really is that fucking easy. I am ugly and pretty overweight, I get laid all the time.

  • Knockin that azz

    I am broke as fuck, ugly, and overweight and get laid all the time. Those things you are saying are what YOU have put in your head. Thats why you arent getting laid.

  • assfucker

    fuck you self hating niggers, I should lynch you like the kkk lynched youre black ass nigger grandaddys.

  • Aaron Keith

    Who da hell voted this comment down? It’s one of the truest things ever said.

  • Aaron Keith

    We don’t all have the same god, or any god at all. You lose.

  • Jake

    And that my man is why i hate 75% of all woman. Sad that it’s biological.

  • clay

    buddy of mine in Washington did exactly that after happy hour with a married girl…fucked in the parking lot.

  • Dan

    Yah, why do you think people in Muslim countries never get laid – No drinking, that’s why. Another fact – The higher drinking countries also have better looking women on average – Now figure out why that has happened and you get a beer.

  • fff

    human race should die , no exeptions , God if exists was wrong, he sholud listen to lucifer , no human beaing people are stupid , arrogant , and ego metetr is abowe 100% , why any God would want that kind of creature, cats are better, humans are stupid, only think about pleasure and sex , how any God would like this , I hope i will see the end , then i can die happy.

  • Lucien Rodriguez

    But you don’t have a small cock


  • Daniel Tripolar Montgomery

    Not even close dude. I don’t think you ever get laid which is why you stare at your own list.

  • nunya

    Or maybe it’s because in Muslim countries they cut the clits off women, poor battery acid on their faces if they talk to men, and have them covered from head to toe in rags. Fucking moron.

  • Jay2358

    stop being a loser! learn how to get laid with all women you like here http://tinyurl.com/BeAXXXBadassWithWomen almost illegal way to get laid ! check it out now!

  • JoshCube

    All of these points are WRONG and BIASED.

    #1 Girls may not want to hear about your life story, some of them don’t care.

    #3 You don’t need to build attraction by pushing buttons. Attraction is seducing women by leading them to you.

    #4 This does not work. Putting clothes on a guy that a woman does not care about has 0% success.

    #5 You have no scientific evidence to back this up. If the girl doesn’t drink, this also fails.

    #6 People are attracted by personality more than looks. I’ve seen obese and skinny guys attract bomb shells. Again, you fail.

    #7 You also fail to realize that if a man is looking for a specific woman and gets rejected, the results are more devastating. A man just doesn’t go after anything.

    #8 Some women like men that are quiet.

    #11 You have less chance hooking a woman in a random environment compared to work or school. This is because they are creeped out, and think you are stalking them. I have never ever met anyone in my entire life by meeting a woman by randomly picking areas.

    #12 Being friends with a girl doesn’t bar you from being laid. Major fail on this one.

    #13 This actually works in Italy.

    #16 Everyone is different, and people are into different things. You act as if talking about computers is pussy repellant. You are a damn moron.

    #17 There are players that have never paid a cent, and still got laid.

    #18 There are people at college that get laid, and all the guys think they’re idiots and un-cool. This is called jealousy, dipshit.

    Fuck you, your book, and all these other douchebags on the internet with these dating guides. It’s nothing but biased bullshit, and you can hook a woman without even TRYING! I am being dead serious. If life and pro-creation was based on following specific rules, this world’s population would be doomed.

    You are not getting laid because:

    1. You are gay and don’t realize this.

    2. You are too picky with looks, and want someone that looks like a super model.

    3. You’re looking for the “diamond in the rough”.

    Have a nice day.

  • trick daddy

    the comment about backpage is accurate, rofl. and it applies to all women , most escourts will fuck for 60 to 300 dollars, most college girls will fuck for 300-500 dollars, and some bitches might want a grand, and dont even get me started on anyone else cause you can get top notch pussy for 200 or free. if ur good

  • trick daddy

    i laugh at all these nub bitches rofl its not hard to get pussy at all i get hella pussy all the fucking time i banged some married girl on the concrete not long ago and got a 16 year old sending me naked pictures and im fucking a 23 year old ya, get owned bitches ,learn to play noob 😀

  • trick daddy

    you could prolly get pussy for the cost of this book 😀 lol

  • shine dark

    19. move out of the usa or find someone who just come to the us likely adult education

  • took a course

    It’s literally rape if you have sex with someone while they are under the influence of alcohol

  • Petarosus18

    Roosh cant get laid either so…. Thanks for adviceXD. Month of cold approach in USA and no sex. Congratulations- you have a lot of insight for us.

  • http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/24429/trae-tha-truth-i-am-king.html ABN Promotion


  • Karl Grosvenor

    Some men can’t even get their feet in the door because they are so ugly.I myself am such a man who at 47 is still a virgin.Now I know ugly men do get women but only if they have lots of money.

  • Jennifer Peterson

    A couple of weeks ago I was in a dark period in my life, the man I love had gone off with someone else, that was when I was told about this Dr Lababa. Well he told me he could see that we would get back together that gave me hope, and he was right, because this week we have moved in with each other and we are so happy. A big thank you Dr Lababa. If you are in need of an angel please get in touch with my Dr Lababa via email: [email protected]

  • BabaRamBaba

    I’ve read your comments and ugly doesn’t even begin to describe who you are. You can whine and blame women all you want but you will never get laid because you are a bitter, misogynist, worthless jerk.

  • Mitchel

    wow, this is ground breaking. never knew I was so bad

  • Mitchel

    Btw Rossh. Since you’re friends with Matt Forney, you two should have a contest to see who gets the laid the least 😉

  • Karl Grosvenor

    Well I never blamed women I just said women are fussy but then again if I had money Miss nasty feminist who is afraid to show her face women wouldn’t care what I looked liked would they you nasty pathetic misandrist?

  • aas90da098sd

    Fuck off. You want to be fucked, woman, YOU FUCKING PAY. You ask men out. You do something. I’m sick of these fcking gender roles. Men need to do this, men need to do that. Fuck you. I’ll have sex with a woman when a woman shows some fucking interest. I’m not approaching anyone.

  • MoMo

    Hi,I really like your airticle.I am from China,Could I have your facebook ?Mine is Shaoting Sun

  • ND52

    Watch Fox News much?

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  • https://www.lewrockwell.com ND52

    Great article but you missed a big one: your friends are all losers. You’ll never get the girl you want if your friends are all clueless losers who look like covermodels for nerds illustrated or the comicbook fan club magazine.

  • hmehedi

    Hello! I like to give a Thank for your article about “18 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Laid”. I’d like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning Ukrainian through Skype on online classes. I did around ten conversations over Skype with a native speaker from http ://preply.com/en/ukrainian-by-skype. And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality, practicing their course curriculum now I can speak Ukrainian easily like a native they also provide personal tutors, but I Want to try another option.

  • NateNichols


  • NateNichols

    You handle the Dr Oz show well. That was an ambush.

  • Josef

    Dude, I don’t know how this page got on my initial search, but it’s cool..
    I was trying to find out why the fed’s (keep us stupid) won’t let people into caves
    in Antarctica , and what type of worthless documentation U need…….

  • Val Perry Rendel

    I think #7 is profoundly wise.

  • https://www.lewrockwell.com ND52

    Someone’s just a little bitter and jealous!

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  • John Titor

    Getting laid is the most difficult thing to do.You must take care of your looks, your clothes, personality, make her laught, etc, it’s a pain in the ass. I’ve already give up because it’s too hard. I came with the conclusion that ill spend my energy and time in others productive things.

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  • pussyeater

    You’re a dam disgrace to man

  • ucwatididther

    You’re a disgrace to man & soft as fuck. Maybe 2 of these apply to being a real man…. MAYBE.

  • David Hard

    Dave, Roosh is a skinny bitch, you should probably seek a forum with people who actually get results:


    Everyone has a different routine but there are a lot of standard routines that if followed consistently will give great results.

    Also, you’re 20, and you have a fast metabolism. You’ll probably need to eat way more than you think in order to get gains, and make sure it’s relatively healthy!

  • Justin Shepherd

    I’m like half of those lol

  • Jay Keniston

    This is a great article thing, but one thing you’re leaving out is 19. Because you don’t have any game. You can be the coolest guy on the planet, with a nice smelling breath, that’s funny, and flashes his money around all the time, but if you don’t know how to talk to a girl, then you’re not getting laid.

    It’s good to read articles like this because if you do know how “to talk a girl” then it increases your chances of getting laid. When I was in college I had over 10 girlfriends and it made my guy friends mad because they couldn’t understand why I got so lucky (it’s because I had GAME and they didn’t). I tried to stress the importance of this to them, but they didn’t understand, and they would never read articles like this to see what they might be doing wrong. Anyway, great article and keep up the good work. :)

  • Jay Keniston

    What you say is totally true. An ex gf of mine used to tell me that what drives her off more than anything is “neediness”, so yeah, good point.

  • Jay Keniston

    You want to tell her stories that make not just here imagination go wild, but something that wild stimulate her “sexual imagination”. Why? Cause girls fantasize a lot (a lot more than guys). So be creative, but also try to say things that hit her “lust” button. Alcohol is your best friend, my friend.

  • Jay Keniston

    #1 is your weakness because imagination is one thing, but making her think about sex (with you) is another thing.

  • Jay Keniston

    I don’t read any humor books myself, but I learned how to be funny by watching other guys that make girls laugh and discovered that if you step outside your “comfort zone” by being goofy or weird girls will notice.

  • Jay Keniston

    LOL those “goth bars” are pretty cool, but there are none here and some of your hottest chicks are goth girls.

  • The Truth

    Nah man dinner dates are for suckers. If you have to pay for dinner and alcohol to get laid you are doing it all wrong. The best of us can ask a girl out for coffee and will be banging her after a $5 cup of coffee during the daytime without any alcohol. If you can’t do that yet you have a lot to learn young one. Someday, with lots of practice, you might attain my level. Shit, I’ve banged girls I met in supermakets before who had their kids in the cart. Try that one if you think you’re good.

    There’s nothing “G” about shelling out a bunch of cash for drinks and alcohol to get laid. The dead giveaway between a wannabe player and someone with real game is needing alcohol to seal the deal. Anyone can get laid after a girl has had a few drinks. Again, try my shit up above if you think you have game. Daytime, 1 PM coffee and pull some ass or daytime supermarket and pull some ass. If you can’t do that you aren’t shit.

  • The Truth

    Nope you don’t have to be hyper aware or so busy with constant ass you forget to call to not come across needy. A person either IS needy or IS NOT needy. What you are talking about is faking it. I’m not a needy person so I don’t have to try at all not to be needy. It sounds like you have to try REALLY hard not to be needy. Well, good luck with that. You need to change yourself first then dealing with women becomes easy.

    All you have to do is be really exciting during the times when you are with women and they will be thinking about you when you aren’t around. If you play the game right you can get women to call you first without you even having to do anything. I NEVER call women back until a few times in. And you know how many women call me back after dates 1, 2, 3? All of them. Why? Because I’m exciting to be with. I have a lot of life experience and great stories, I’m funny, decent looking (not model material or anything but above average I’d say) and I have the art of flipping women down to a science. Flipping a woman, which is what I call it, is the active practice of walking the fine line between acting like you don’t give a shit about them and acting like you are interested. Most halfway decent looking women are used to men falling all over them. If you know how to play the game you’ll have women uncomfortable around you because they aren’t getting the normal reaction from you they get from most guys. After you are there then you need to know when to take advantage of this. Most women subconciously like a challenge and if you act a little like you aren’t interested most of the time women will respond to this by trying to MAKE THEMSELVES appear more attractive to you, flipping. Then you need to play it cool and after a little while of this you can pounce and if you are good you could take her out to the car and fuck her right in the parking lot – I’ve done this.

  • The Truth

    You don’t look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club dude. You forgot how he looks if you think you look like that. Read about how much exercise Brad had to do to get into that kind of shape for that role. You do not look like that naturally without doing anything so quit lying like an asshole.

    And yes, most Americans are fat.

  • The Truth

    LOL jesus christ man. You are just full of bullshit aren’t you? A calorie is a calorie. It doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you eat the proper amount of it. You can only eat pasta all the time and you won’t get fast as long as you eat the proper amount. You seem like a guy who has information that is like 20 years old. Do you live in some backwards country that is out of date when it comes to science or what man? LOL carbs make you fat. Jesus. If I have to read that one more time from some idiot who doesn’t have the slightest idea about how our bodies operate I will probably punch myself in the face.

    If you think I’m lying try it for your damn self. Eat 200 calories less than you do normally in a day but only eat pasta. So if you normally eat 2000 calories a day eat 1800 calories a day of only pasta. Do that for 1 month. You’ll lose anywhere from 1-10 lbs depending. Guaranteed.