2 Things To Focus On For The New Year

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Also, I created a subreddit called Red Kings. Check it out. All the downvotes you see is the attack that it already sustained from another subreddit that is moderated by a transsexual (lol).

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  • Deebos

    Good advice, may we have a great new year, pick up our “great white buffalo” and continue to piss off feminists.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Don’t be scarin’ me, Roosh. I’d like to be a closer befor the golden age of The Carousel is over. My fear is that one day marriage will be determined by the female without the male’s consent. (Unless they are homo, of course.) Got to get men who would rival the NWO to play divorce roulette ya know. Happy New Year, Roosh! I just hope you don’t know something I don’t know about what’s coming legally. Anyway, I don’t think women on the carousel would ever allow the joy to end. Has anyone else gotten the look from an older woman that must have been on the carousel and can’t anymore, that look of a woman scorned? We ought to play to the situational strengths. This is a social engineering war for now. Can you image what would happen if alpha cock dried up for fear of legal repercussions? Is there a tipping point at which liberated women would turn on the establishment that liberates them?

  • Ezio

    Happy New Year Roosh and all readers ! Great advice, let’s not let those lunatics change our society and trouble our paths .
    We work on the shadows we serve the light

  • seth datta

    Making all women know that they have an expiration date and that they need to learn to please men in a society that we both share, is key. I just read Krauser’s blog. He is great at game. But even his close ratio is 2.7% as discussed on his blog, from doing 1000 daytime approaches or something. That’s awful – if that is the top level of game, how are the rest of us supposed to do this consistently without giving up our day jobs/growing taller/etc…

    It had been re-iterated that the future of game will be spam approaching and fame. One commentator had suggested this era had already arrived. It is the era of ultimate female choice and whilst game and muscles may improve things, unless you are the social alpha of men, it will be a grind to meet women. It was not like this as much as ten years in the past. And women will go and leave men on a whim, or continue their decline, for the Anglo women in the UK don’t seem to bother any more. No. The only way to really man up (if you cannot leave the Anglosphere) is not just through self-improvement or improving game, but we have to demand the women reach the standard we set for them, otherwise, things will get worse. This includes:
    (1) shaming women for being slutty as they get older (other women will see it and get entitled at a younger age)

    (2) shaming women who divorce-rape/false-rape accuse men
    (3) shaming women who break up families
    (4) demanding younger women tone up and exercise more instead of eating and having such poor fashion sense, that she can expect multiple offers of cock wherever she goes
    (5) demanding younger women become more feminine (no point with the women over 25; they are too indoctrinated and most have hit the ‘wall’ anyways
    (6) not marrying unless its ecclesiastical/informal (they’ll take away your kids and your cash, both women and government)

  • Peter

    Happy New Year Roosh. I can’t thank you enough for being a role model in an age where young men like myself don’t have them. It’s been almost one full year since I found the manosphere. You and a few other select bloggers have put me on a path of self improvement and my life has already drastically changed for the better. Be safe, and fight the good fight.

  • preppin

    Keep up the good fight Roosh!

  • Ron

    —–Question for Roosh and other guys who have excelled at game——

    Do you reach a point where that validation you were seeking by having women becomes less important after success and you realize a woman can’t give you what you cannot give yourself (respect, validation)????

  • Noah

    Exp date-aint that the truth

  • Geoff

    Can you put up your 2013 stats like Krauser did? Not for the geek factor but for showing your skill to back up your status as a top gamer. Thanks.

  • Frank Rizzo

    If you’re not a quite physically
    attractive and / or wealthy guy, playing the “game” is bound to be a
    frustrating – read, almost always negative – experience.

    The solution to the above situation — which applies to millions and
    millions of men – is, holding masturbation aside for the moment, to
    have sex with prostitutes.

    If we’re discussing relations between the sexes, prostitutes are – almost regardless of the question – the answer.

  • Joe

    Someone please help us find a place to expatriate to. Man I don’t need to moral conflagration of lying to a bunch of different girls just to get my unit warm for 20 minutes.
    The whole proem is a collapse of the family. Men need a place where women are warm, feminine, sweet, loyal, and easy going not these feminist, mass consumer, toxic, immoral, egotistical women the Illuminati social engineers of the anglosphere have mass produced.

    ????????? The only question that matters-
    Where are the moral feminine loyal Caucasian women at? What Country? Ill find a city.

  • seth datta

    Budapest? It looked good when I last went. Tons of hot women with busted guys. And all the women make an effort; with most being feminine. problem is getting a job there that pays well. Perhaps English as a second language teaching job??

  • Simen

    Roosh, what to do when a girl won’t sleep with you because “I’ll get attached to you if have sex with you?”

  • afemaleat

    For the past week I have shared this video with my entire family. My dad was telling me just to focus upon myself and not worry about anyone else and I showed him this video. There was a guy in Texas who posted that he wanted a Thin White woman to marry and have kids with and anyone over this weight or this race just wasn’t his cup of tea. He lost his job for saying he only wanted to date White women! Duck Dynasty guy said that he didn’t understand anal sex with a man, why would you want an anus when god created a vagina? For saying that he didn’t just approve but LOVE anal sex with a guy…he got pounced on by GLAAD. I’m a girl and I only like white men and I have been pounced on by people for only being attracted to white men. I keep remembering this tv show commercial when I was a kid in the 90s…”Imagine a world in which you could have sex with anyone you wanted….Imagine a world where everyone who wanted to could have sex with you!” I get this because a non-white guy who was stalking me found out I’m only interested in white men and he posted about my ‘racism’ publicly on facebook. So yeah I’m pushing back!

  • Paulie Boy

    Salute. We need more European-American women like you. ;You will have no problem finding a strong, quality European-american man. The cultural relativism you spoke of is being exposed and will eventually collapse as more European/European-american people speak the truth and REFUSE to apologize.