20 Posts You Should Read

Return Of Kings continues to grow steadily. It will likely surpass the unique visitor traffic on this blog within a month or two. Here are 20 posts that I urge you to read this weekend:

  1. Why Modern Feminism Is White Woman’s Privilege
  2. The Easiest City In The World To Get Laid
  3. Modern Woman In Wanting To Be For Herself, Has Destroyed Herself
  4. Expensive Woman Seeks Retarded Millionaire
  5. The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood
  6. Why Fat Women Should Be Sent To Prison
  7. Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male
  8. Modern Marriage Is Rent Seeking Hell
  9. 5 Reasons Being A Lawyer Sucks
  10. The Strong Do What They Can, And The Weak Suffer What They Must
  11. Why Modern Dating Is Like Illegal Alaskan Halibut Fishing
  12. 5 Commandments For Making A Club Your Poosy Paradise
  13. The Parable of Aepyornis Island
  14. Man’s Most Valuable Possession
  15. You-Go-Girlism Is More Toxic Than Feminism
  16. The 10 Slut Commandments
  17. The Easiest Way To Overcome A Depression
  18. The Myth Of The Male Biological Clock
  19. Two Years Before The Mast
  20. Lessons From The Life Of Casanova

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In other news, the audiobook edition of Day Bang will be released next Friday and sold at a discounted price for the weekend.

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