20 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Live In America Anymore

5 Reasons From Estonia:

5 Reasons From Lithuania:

5 Reasons From Poland:

5 Reasons From Ukraine:

Do you notice something in common with the photos? The girls are cute, but they’re not all hot. In selecting them I aimed for the 7 range, which would more fit the profile of girl-next-door than model.

I purposefully picked girls that exist in high numbers in their respective countries. The girls above are definitely above average, but you won’t have to walk around for long to find this level of talent. Any day I go into a club I will have a couple chances at the girls like the ones above, even if it’s a sausage fest. There seems to be no shortage of bangable girls, as if there is magic womb that continuously spits them out.

You’re probably thinking, “Well NYC or Miami has these types of girls everywhere, too.” Great, but are banging them? Are they giving you the time of day without attitude? Are they fun to interact with? Do they know how to please you? Are you happy with them? If the answer to those questions is yes, then congratulations, you’re the man.

But I know how the situation is for the average man in most American cities. Girls like the ones above are intensely pursued by many men and a growing list of qualities are needed to land them with consistency. At the minimum you need game, which takes a couple years of practice to get at a high level. You’ll then be able to easily bang girls, some cute and some average, but good luck trying to experience meaning with them. In Eastern Europe it takes longer to bang, but it’s easier to have meaningful—and dare I say fulfilling—relationships. Most importantly, the girls above are attainable, meaning they’re not out of reach even if your game isn’t yet at an advanced level. In some American cities you need to bring the Britannica of game just to get with 6s, assuming you can find them.

Even in a tough place like Kharkov, Ukraine, where a special game is needed on girls who are more simple-minded and transactional, I wouldn’t have to think for a second in picking them over American women. If you rather have femininity, beauty, and homemaking skills over sarcasm, ball-busting, snark, and flip-flops like I would, then the choice is clear: Eastern Europe.


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