On Monday the 200th copy of Bang was sold. The positive response has given me the encouragement to write a sequel in 10 years called “Advanced Bang.” I rarely buy books without browsing through them at the bookstore so it means a lot when someone buys my book sight mostly unseen. That’s trust! Here are two more reviews…

From Roissy:

So when I read Bang I already understood not only the concepts of pickup from meet to bedroom, but many of the specific openers, qualification tactics, and conversational routines, and have spent many nights out applying those lessons and improving my skills. But after reading it, I was surprised to find that Roosh has brought a welcome dimension to the study of game — elegant simplicity and clear-headedness, as well as some new tactics I was previously unaware of. This slim but powerfully condensed book lays out the foundations of game — from female psychology to the winning male attitude to the sequence of pickup from approach to sex — in a concise, detailed, and readily-accessible manner that can get any guy on the ground and running right away without spending weeks of time and thousands of dollars on a vast library of pickup material. The occasional flashes of droll humor also make it an entertaining read.

From CurledUp.com:

This book is exactly what it says it is: A dating guide for someone who only wants to shag chicks without commitment. (Thus the title, don’t let its simplicity confuse you like it did for me with the musical Rent.) Those of you who are looking to live this lifestyle and would like another viewpoint on how to do so, or else need a bit of help being the best player you can be, this book is for you.

Thanks to everyone who has bought it so far.

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