25 Lessons From 25 Flags

1. Take advantage of the fact that every American city has some type of foreign presence. One Polish man went to Chicago 160 years ago and now there are over 200,000 of them. One Iranian man went to Los Angeles and now there are 800,000 of them. Find out what ethnicity your city has a lot of then go to places that have those people. If the girl has an accent, your flag is waiting for you.

USA: She was a virgin with a pear-shaped body, the type of girl that I wouldn’t even notice today, let alone have sex with.

2. The easiest way to get a flag in America is to to go to salsa clubs. You don’t even need to know how to salsa, though it wouldn’t hurt. From this you’ll start meeting foreign students, interns, and international development workers that offer a gateway to Latin flags.

Czech: She was petite, but I didn’t appreciate her dimensions at the time because I was brainwashed to believe that women should have meat (i.e., fat) on their bones. It would take some time until I would hunt for petite women almost exclusively.

3. If you’re flagging in your own country, stick to your own country’s game. If she liked her own beta men, chances are she wouldn’t have left her country in the first place. She must adapt to your game and your sex speed, not the other way around.

Philippines: Her pussy was incredibly tight. I don’t think I lasted more than a minute. I pretended I didn’t come so she wouldn’t think I was a poor lover.

4. If she’s talking to you, a foreigner, it means she’s adventurous. She likes different cultures and travel. Therefore tell her stories about culture and travel. Definitely don’t drone about how you are a stable man who cares about family and office work.

Puerto Rico: She was feminine, sweet, and the first girl to ever cook for me. I went to South America partly because of my positive experience with her.

5. Erase a big game mistake by blaming your culture. If you make an error that pushes her away, tell her this is how things are done in your country and that she should be more open-minded. You can use this get-out-of-jail-free card only once.

Argentina: A bang that came after a month of heavy labor with Australian guys in a dingy Cordoba hostel. She was blonde and an English teacher. It was my first time having sex in a love motel.

6. Save the rough sex for later. While foreign girls may love vigorous sex, they prefer a lot less abuse than American girls, who don’t mind that you begin choking upon first penetration. Even hair pulling may be too much right away.

Brazil: The most beautiful girl I’ve fucked. If anyone sealed the deal in my exit from America, it was her. Sadly, she has since become a Facebook addict.

7. Select wingmen based on looks, not on skill. When you’re in America, you want a wingman who can disarm cockblockers and take one for the team, but when you’re abroad, what you want is attention. You want women to have eyes on you and to clearly notice you are an exotic man. Having a good-looking wingman accomplishes this.

Colombia: A one-night stand where she cried afterwards. I would later see her around and it was clear I was not the only gringo she had slept with.

8. Keep your openers simple. Two openers that don’t fail abroad: (1) “You look like you speak English,” and (2) “You don’t look like you are from here.” Ramble for a minute until she asks you where you’re from.

United Arab Emirates: My biggest cheat flag—a super blonde Italian girl born in the desert to diplomatic parents. She was very beautiful but I got needy and then she dumped me.

9. Tell stories that make her seem like a prude compared to your own girls. To duplicate the fast sex speed of American girls, I told foreign women how “sex is super quick” and “everyone is a slut” back home, as if sex is just about anonymous. This makes her relieved that she is not the easiest girl you have been with.

Spain: A doctor attending a month-long course in DC. She had a sexy accent and long, curly hair. She found out about my blog a day before I went to Iceland and cried on the phone.

10. The kiss has less meaning. For some cultures, the kiss is not as important as a prelude to sex as in America. What’s more important is getting her back to your place, whether you kissed before or not. That said, I like to do at least a short kiss before inviting her back just to make sure I’m not completely surprised once she comes over.

Iceland: A slut approached me when I was walking home from the club, a mere 100 feet from my apartment door. It was the easiest bang of my life.

11. If she asks if you want to have a cigarette, say yes. This applies even if you don’t smoke. For girls who smoke (and there’s a lot of them in European countries), smoking is a great rapport builder that will increase your notch count. When a girl offers you a cigarette, enter flavor country with enthusiasm. I’ve lost out on at least three possible bangs from saying no.

Denmark: I was in a coffee shop, slightly depressed that I committed two months to such a lame country. A blonde flight attendant approached me as I was leaving. We later went to my house to drop off my bag, but we never made it back out.

12. Stick to your core competency. If you are good at day game, stick to day game. If you’re good at night game, go to the clubs. You will be tempted to throw away everything you know about women when in a new place, but your existing knowledge is the foundation for foreign success. Simply make micro-adjustments after every few approaches. Therefore the more approaches you do, the quicker you’ll understand the local women.

Poland: She rejected me before she fucked me. I thought I was out of the running but I saw her in the unisex bathroom and she smiled. I smiled later in he bed, and for six months in Poland thereafter.

13. Talk about what she knows. I can’t guarantee that the foreign women you’ll meet will be smart and chatty, but I can tell you they’ll be knowledgeable about their own culture. Ask her questions about her food, drink, history, women, men, religion, and so on.

Latvia: She approached me while I was suited up and asked why I had a terrorist beard. Later, I fucked her like a terrorist.

14. The better you can get laid in America, the higher value you have abroad. Women of the world like confident men who approach them and know how to seal the deal. If you can do it in America, then chances are you can do it in other countries with occasional adjustments. Guys who fail to work on their game in tough environments are in for a disappointment when they step foot in another country thinking it will be obviously easier.

Estonia: She was unhappy with her relationship and was looking for adventure. I gave her adventure on my bed, and on my couch, and on the kitchen counter. Her face was very pleasant to look at.

15. Dates have more meaning abroad. Foreign girls are more likely to pay attention to you and consider you for sex if they show up for dates, unlike in America where you’re more a mechanism for validation or fodder for her dating blog. This is why one-night stands are less of a necessity, but always be mindful about how you’re going to transition her from the date venue to your room. If you are unable to afford a private room, work on your money game first.

Lithuania: I met her close to last call and banged her in under an hour. I regretted raw dogging her, but her body was nice.

16. Less travel is more. Until you have time and money to do major expeditions over the course of months, it’s best to limit your travel speed to no more than one city per week, and even that is fast. If your game is average, you should commit 10-14 days in one city. You will surely encounter difficulty in whichever city you pick and be tempted to go somewhere else that you feel may be easier, but the correct move is to stay and make it work with the full force of your character and effort.

Ukraine: I met her on International Woman’s Day and smashed on the first date. We talked only in Russian.

17. You will have to talk more. Foreign girls don’t give you the chat quantity that American girls give (if she does then something is probably wrong with her). You will also be dealing with girls who are more accepting of silences than you are. Understand that your culture has trained you to abhor silence, and if you keep this belief with a foreign woman, you will come across as a goof. Let the pause sink in for a few seconds to give her an opportunity to break it. If not, ask her an open-ended question.

Iran: A freebie flag. She was a horny girl who approached me with a mild insult. I didn’t care that she was on her period.

18. American-style bars in foreign countries have the ugliest women. As much as I hate clubs that are rocking the David Guetta playlist, these are the places where beautiful women go. I highly recommend these earplugs, which I credit for keeping me in night game longer than I had planned. If you don’t see yourself as a club guy, put in 2-4 hour day game sessions where you hit the malls, supermarkets, universities, bookstores, and public squares.

Finland: Sweet girl who took quite a while to bang by Scandinavian standards (over two hours). We kept in touch for months until I realized I was never going back to Finland.

19. Aim a little low. I know you want to get with the girls who wow you right off the plane, but you must crawl before you can walk. Banging foreign girls is like any other skill where success builds upon success to form mastery. There is no shame in a 5 or 6 flag. Use that flag as research to get better the next time. On the bright side, what a foreign woman may lack in looks will be more than made up for in femininity and sweetness. A foreign 6 is like an American 8.

Sweden: The best blowjob of my life. My ensuring bedroom performance was not satisfactory so she kicked me out.

20. Foreign girls care much less about money than you think. There is a long line of guys who went abroad with the intention to impress women with cash but came away completely empty-handed. Bragging to a foreign woman turns them off just as much as American women. It’s fine to insinuate that you are a man of means, but don’t expect money to get the pussy wet. The four main techniques for your flag should instead be: (1) approaching, (2) good ramble, (3) willingness to escalate, and (4) logistics. The best use of your money is locking up the best logistics you possibly can.

Norway: She was on the pill and let me blast inside. I filled her up four times. I’m glad I gave her a fake name.

21. Foreign girls don’t need to be as drunk as American girls to have sex. You don’t need to be as concerned about plying them with drink. I’ve banged many Euro girls who weren’t impaired in the slightest, and it continues to surprise me how a simple coffee date can lead to passionate sex. In fact, I try not to get them too drunk because they become less interesting and more sloppy.

England: A virgin one-night stand, my first. She was ultra feminine but sarcastic at the same time. The contrast kept me interested, until it no longer did.

22. It’s more acceptable to buy a foreign girl a drink, but don’t go nuts. Only do it when you want to a enjoy a drink with her, not because you think the drink will create attraction. If you get too loose with your wallet, you give her a green light to use you just like an American girl would. You have only yourself to blame when you put out the signal that you’re wiling to give without receiving.

Germany: She was a tall, sturdy girl who refused to come to my place. I tried to fuck her in the woods but she refused. She finally did come over and I was surprised at the tightness of her pussy.

23. Put your logistics on steroids. In the first week within a city, approach full-time and identify the spots where girls are most receptive to you, whether it’s a day or night venue. Then go on Airbnb or Booking.com and book an apartment that is mere feet away from that spot. I did this in Zagreb to achieve two new notches in one night, the first time I’ve done so.

Croatia: A nursing student who loved men with beards. She had jet black hair and slutty skin. I had to call her for a repeat because of her loud yells that suggested my penis was having a strong impact.

24. A basic apartment is better than a flashy hotel. The former says “possible businessman” while the latter says “weekend tourist.” You want to suggest permanence to foreign women who are more relationship minded than Americans. Plus apartments are cheaper, you can cook your own meals, and comfortably watch a movie with your girl on the couch.

Italy: I approached her on the street asking for a good bar. I’ve heard nightmares about how hard Italian girls are, but it was only 3 hours from meet-to-bang.

25. Be vague about how long you are staying. The dark side of flagging is that being 100% honest about your travel plans will cost you bangs. I’m not urging you to lie, but let her imagination fill in the gaps with what she wants to believe. Say things like, “I’m staying here” or “I’m looking for a long-term apartment” or “I have to travel to another city in a few days before coming back.” Honesty is fine for sluts, but the sweeter girls won’t really consider a man who will leave in a couple days.

Romania: I banged her on the first date. The approach was broadcasted on Romanian television.

These 25 tips will serve as my personal guide for the next 25 flags that I suspect will take me many more years to achieve. While you can get flags in your own country, especially if you live in a cosmopolitan city, you’ll get more satisfaction from flagging on foreign soil, not unlike how brave conquerors of the past left home with no idea of when—or if—they’d return.

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