25 Reasons You Should Visit Ukraine

I assembled this photo gallery of random Ukrainian girls I found online that are 7’s and up. They exist in plentiful supply in all major Ukrainian cities. Not all will be easy to lay, but they will be available day or night for you to put in your attempt. Note: I did not have sex with these girls!










(Removed By Request)



(Removed By Request)
















In case you’re interested in dating Ukrainian girls or visiting the country, don’t go without my book Bang Ukraine. Click here to learn more.

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  • partly ukrainian

    the last one looks just ridiculous.common are you THAT hungry,lol

    18,22,14 village queens.
    Lots of girls look like they are from country side in western ukraine-if the photos are real and taken by you-perhaps,students in Kyiv.

    Have you been sarging at “english language” meetings?

    have you been to clubs over there?it seems like you get hooked mainly through english classes-standard way for many westerners from anglo-saxon countries(usuallyAFCs and betas)

    For the rest I honestly believe they are all from the dating sites.Hope,I am mistaking

    Anyhow,the reasons to visit Norway are much more compelling,but tastes differ)

  • partly ukrainian

    btw,banging in 3 dates????
    ukrainian girls are VERY open about sex,and it is not uncommon to have ONS there,at least in my case.

    usually if a girl dopes not go to my place on the 2nd date it means several things-I am a business project,She is virgin,She is young and insecure.

    I prefer to drop any interaction over there after 2nd date if it has not lead to sex.

  • Tampa

    #20 is perfect

  • DAP

    It’s amazing how naturally beautiful these women look. They don’t have that “worked” on look that most American chicks have.
    Looking at these Ukraineian girls almost makes a player want to put a ring on it. Almost.

  • Dave

    All lovely apart from #18, I don’t find her attractive at all.

    Can we maybe see some girls you banged not just photos from the internet?

  • http://www.gavinmadden.blogspot.com gavin madden

    dayuuuummmmm! Yep, not quite sure why I left!

    If anyone get a chance to go to Lviv head to a club called ‘Metro’ during the week. My god!

  • http://www.bronanthebarbarian.com Bronan The Barbarian!

    Weekend at Bernies!

  • Cross

    At least communism gave us something good!

    Almost all these girls would be 11/12 where I live. No wonder the local stripclubs go there to get these girls.

  • Eugenius

    Thanks Rooshy for the reminder, I feel sad and happy at the same time after this….sad because the quality is somewhere else outside of the hole of ugliness called DC…where I live

    ……happy because it exists….and this adds additional motivation to take a trip to that part of the world at some point……..not sure how I am supposed to look at some of the faces I will have to see today….and not vomit… :-)

  • Brian

    #18 modelling at ugly park ? :)

  • Brian

    wow #11..and doesnt look snobbish or angry, just friendly. Amazing.

  • onemansopinion

    Translucent dogs. God bless asia.

  • Pedro Cristiano

    I was going to buy your book, now I’m buying it as soon as it comes out!

  • WhoCares

    Long hair, makes girls look like nymphs. Beautiful!;D

  • Aleks

    Jesus..I could slice some salami on those cheekbones!
    Love that face!

  • vavavum


    Need to get out of this low class living and work my fucking ass off. Start business, compete and all. ffffsssss

  • Gandalf

    The Ukraine is a MINEFIELD. The girls on those pictures, well… good luck to bang them. If you have extreme good looks, then you have a chance. Their social networks are very vast.
    They have boyfriends to bang, and they prostitute themselves for western dudes.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s start at the top.

    10’s don’t exist.

    A 9 is a girl that people are willing to pay decent money to photograph. She is either a model or could be if she wanted. Every man stares, every woman is jealous. I see none above, but #20 would come close.

    An 8 is a girl who is naturally very attractive, most often considered beautiful. She wouldn’t make it as a professional model, but you would be very proud to show up with her around a group of friends. If you find you’re ideal “8” (face, hair, body preferences) then you have your bets odds of a girl for LTR. She is the optimal value vs effort and maintenance.

    9, 11, 14, 1, 3, 24 (in that order) could be considered 8’s.

    A 7, in my book, is a girl that you are somewhat proud to show off to friends. She isn’t objectively beautiful but she has one or more redeeming qualities and no major flaws.

    7’s = 2,4,6,7,8,10,12,13,16,17,19,21,22(7.5)

    If you are hesitant to be seen with a girl, then she is below a 7.

    A 6 basically has no redeeming qualities but also no major flaws.

    6’s= 5, 18, 23

    A 5 has some type of flaw that you would have a hard time looking straight in the face while fucking.

    #15 is a prime example. The face is so manly (large brow, thick nose, thai boy eyes, that even with a banging as body, I would never want to be caught with him/her.

    #25 scares me and likely has AIDS. 2/10 WNB

  • Eugene

    I am Ukrainian, I date and bang pussies that that all the time. This is the one and the biggest plus of this retarted country

  • 20 years later

    boner test passed

  • Donkey Dick

    No too bad..

    in terms of easiness how ukranian women compare to brazilians for average guy?

  • MatterzF@cts

    Anyone know where to find the 1-10 scale in this post? It has a good desrciption and pics for every level of female.



  • OldHornDog

    You had me at 9. Number 25 scares me (in a good way).

  • Juice

    @ all of you citing one particular girl over another or drolling over one. Dammit have you not been paying attention. If you drool over her then you have already lost. For all you saying snotty things about #18 remember sexual performance counts as much as looks. #18 will fuck you silly and cook you a meal after if you treat her right. There are plenty gorgeous girls that can’t work it on the horizontal plane. Forget this at your peril, All you talking trash please hand your wallets to to whoever you were drooling over. Boner test rules all.

  • Gorilla Dildo

    @#18 STFU all of those girls are way hotter than any trim you’re pulling.

  • Thomas

    22 is great

  • savage spartacus

    Damn roosh
    the whole world is waiting

  • AFemaleCat

    When I was in high school, I got so much shit for having long hair (20/7). I got it from one or two white females, but I mainly got it really badly from Asian men. I was fucking harassed over my hair by Asian males. Weird eh?

    Anyways…now I was looking at my high school soccer team, and there’s only like 5 blondes on the team cuz of the demographic shift…but each blonde has ass long hair.

    I think long blonde hair in my neighborhood is now a Giant Fucking Middle Finger to Asians.

    Needless to say my hair is happily mid-back length once again.

    Thanks Roosh!

    [Roosh: Mid-length… not long enough.]

  • Rudebwoy

    Nice one Juice and well put.

    Number #9 would make me turn full beta.

  • The Turk

    she said mid back length man come onnnnnnnnnnnn,

    you are all right female cat, where are you from ?..

    23 and 11 are magical

  • gilberto c

    yep, been there and seen that, and there are a lot more of them

    I also think you can not state that you need three dates to bang, because you needed three dates

  • DrG

    I wish someone would post street pics of how girls look in Ukraine instead of trolling dating sites where some pics are obviously photo-shopped. I hear one of the best city’s in Ukraine for people-watching is Odessa. Can anyone post some pics of young women on the street from there on the forum or maybe waiting outside the popular clubs?

  • http://www.PartyTravelsexlove.com Brianmark

    I spent a lot of time in the Ukraine. These pictures are just eye candy. These are not the typical girls you will see in Ukraine. All would make the top 10%. Many would make the top 1%. I considered my girlfriend an 8. I once went to the subway and counted how many girls in their 20s had to walk by before I found another one of her quality. The count was 100. I wrote a whole blogpost on this topic.


    You will hardly meet or bang girls that look like this easily. You will need 3 things: good looks, great Game, and money to spend! Have fun!

  • K-Man

    Great fresh-looking girls. I’ve banged a few like these, although most of my Ukrainian notches have been in the 6-7 range, and these are 7+, some are 8 or 9 easily.
    @Anonymous #18: WTF do you mean #15 being a 5? You for real? Get lost.

  • http://www.aroundtheworldin80girls.com Neil Skywalker

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is the rating system.
    That said, i think nearly all girl shown are at least 8’s or sometimes 9’s and I don’t believe they would be easy to lay at all.
    Girls like this don’t need foreign guys at all. They have enough local rich guys they can deal with. I don’t think they give it up so easy for a foreigner just passing through even though he might be a baller. He’s still a baller that’s leaving at one point.
    I’m pretty sure I would get laid in the Ukraine but this type of girl sure won’t be easy.

  • Macca

    @33 yo are right.

    I will tell you one thing.Althoguh Ukraine has a lot of 6-7s,it has virtually no 8s and 9s.

    For a year in Ukraine I have met maybe 1 or 2 girls who would stop my breath.In Holland it happens every 2-3 months and in Scandinavia I get it constantly.

    If you go to the right places in e.g. France-you meet MORE hot women than in Ukraine.Its just a french would not give a shit about an american guy.
    Ukrainian might get interested,Green card is a prospect for them

  • KO

    11 and 20:perfect.
    Honorable Mention:13,15,23,9,6,4

  • Reggie Kray

    Those girls do not represent the average beauty of Ukranian girls. To tell you the truth, you won´t see that many of that looks on the streets of Kiev. There´s lots lots lots of ugly girls. Just witness clubs like Saxon, Arena night club Forsage etc. Not many beautiful girls. Only a couple.

    Ukranian girls on average are ridiculous overrated with very few facially attractiveness. I´m sorry, but that´s the truth. Just go to Kiev and look for yourself.

  • partly ukrainian

    Saxon and Forsage are complete crap for young girls.Forsage is also full of black guys and cockblockers.
    There are better clubs over there but girls there got sky rocketing ASD and are used to be hit on by foreigners.
    It costs nothing for an average Italian Spanish or German to fly there with budget airlines.

    But you are right-IMO Ukrainian women are quite ugly in general if you compare to,say,Northern Europe.Especially in the Western Ukraine girls are terrible.You need to dig through tons of 6s over there to find a pearl.

  • partly ukrainian

    I also absolutely agree that Ukrainian women beauty is way overrated.The reasons why Ukrainian girls are overrated are:

    -“russian wifes” sites marketing,which tend to sell to american betas the BS about how good of a wife do they make,etc.
    -Ukrainian women in Ukraine have monopoly of opinion.Its considered an absolute truth that Ukrainian women are the hottest in the world.If you will express other opinion you will be immediately branded “weird” and so on by them or the white-knights (which Ukraine is saturated with).

    Anyhow,true Ukrainian HBs NEVER date foreigners.Because they get way better treatment by Ukrainian dudes with cash.
    Just look around the streets of Kiev-you will never find so many SUVs,Porsches and Bentley ANYWHERE in Europe.
    Ofcourse its all the dirty government maffia money and so on,but chicks really don’t care.

  • Reggie Kray

    On a average scale, I found Romanian girls in Bucharest to be way more prettier than Ukranian girls in Kiev. Especially on a average scale. Romanian girls may not be tall, like the Slavic nations. But they are very very cute to pretty.

  • Rael

    Google image search can tell you where these pictures come from …

  • Rael
  • DrG

    #1 does not look like a typical Ukrainian chick especially after looking at the vk.com site. Even though her name is Ukrainian/Russian if I had to venture I’d say she has Caucasus background in her (SE Russian, Georgia/Armenia).

  • Jordan

    @ 44 it says shes from Kazan, thats the capital of the tatar republic, they are a “turkic” minority group in russia, could explain her features. but given that she has only 10 friends on vk i guess that profile is a fake

  • elDuro

    Judge from noses, most of these girls are not from ukraine

  • J.M.

    At everyone sneering at 18: In what world are you leaving in. 18 may not be curvy but her face is by far a beautiful one, specially considering what I have seen in the U.S. and in Paris, the kind of women that passes for average she is easily a 7 or an 8.

  • Antinatalism+Nihilism

    some girls got butterface.

  • Hah

    As a girl reading this site, I have to wonder if I’d even be rated a 5.

    You men are so judgmental behind your computers.

    Good thing I don’t base my life’s value on whether or not I’m bangable.

  • Cross

    #49 show pics and let thyself be rated.

  • 9676forfun

    I’ll start with:

    7, 9, and 21.

  • lol

    You know what, Firstly please dont compare france to the ukraine, the only reason i got laid there was as a soldier when i was a kid and being a ranger we were the guests of the Legion and we rolled with those guys and got a ton of pussy, had we done it alone you can forget it, french woman are Dbags!!! eastern europe, i think you had better have your game on tight, i have been there, standup, be a man, they love confidence, but do hate boastful men.. So keep your bank account of the conversation unless your picking up a prostitute.. these woman in the ukraine are educated so dont be a player or you will be banging your hand and be it alone. good luck all, hey you can always try Asia, i love it there but it gets aold after a while and bulgaria is cool as well. If this inshape 48 year old guy can still get it any of you warm bodied guys in your 20’s should be able to get laid..

  • jimmerson

    Are these all women that you’ve met/banged?

  • Yea Ok.

    “As a girl reading this site, I have to wonder if I’d even be rated a 5.

    You men are so judgmental behind your computers.

    Good thing I don’t base my life’s value on whether or not I’m bangable.”

    Don’t worry hah. I’ve been around the block, worked in ‘gentlemans clubs’ and dated a model. Every boy who is making comments in here will soon hit 30, and HIS looks will fade too, just as mine did. I was once considered ‘hot’ in my early 20’s, then nature took it’s course. It does it to EVERYONE. I’ve been around the block and seen the young hot men grow up, and lose it, and they’d NEVER be able to get any of these girls without serious cash, or something…and remember that model I went out with? You should see her now. : ( The moral of the story is…

    We all melt into irrelevance eventually.

    p.s. Women now go ‘ewwww’ at my looks, and what’s worse, is they do it openly. At least men have the decency to keep it to themselves. Women can be fucking cunts to be quite frank. Don’t worry about your ‘5’ ness, just keep fit, work on a kickass personality ( men hate wimpy chicks too )
    and these cavalier commentators will fall from their pedestals into your arms.

  • DEN

    And not one tatoo in sight!!! This place must be heaven!!


    Number 9 really got my attention!!! That’s a week-end job – catered-in of course!!!


    @49 Hah….Well are ya baby – bangable that is??

  • Jeff

    are u sure this is in ukraine? wouldnt the steering whell be on the right hand side if the car? dont see it thru the window.

  • Chi Hsu

    jimmerson @ #53 – no, these are not women Roosh has met and banged. If you click on his link ’25 MORE Reasons’ and read through the comments, you will find readers who point out and post links to the internet sites Roosh has collected these photos from, and an admission from Roosh himself stating:

    January 9, 2013 at 9:55 am

    I got all the pics from Ukrainian VK.com profiles. Question of fake pictures also happened in another picture post I made: http://www.rooshv.com/20-reasons-why-i-dont-want-to-live-in-america-anymore

    There will be an error rate when grabbing pictures from the internet.

    Pretty poor effort in my opinion, given that if you had me pull photos off the internet I could easily find hotter pics. I guess Roosh wants to keep them ‘average’ in order to make his readers think that these are women he has met and banged.

  • TheStriker


  • hmm

    The problem is that Ukraine is a dangerous country. Some girls is just a trap that working on getting all of your money and present gifts to you like AIDS. You never know is she virgin or had unsafe sex with 10 tourists before.
    You will be fucked indeed

  • Иуда

    Почти все девушки на фото до 24 лет

  • Иуда

    …и то что он пишет: Руш советует не слишком щедро тратить деньги на украинок, потому что они к этому не очень привыкли – у местных мужчин нет достаточно денег для того, чтобы отвести девушку в ресторан. Поэтому целесообразными будут прогулки по городу с походом в обычную забегаловку во время первого свидания. Ага смешно стало)))) Украина и Россия, это страны где одно из самых дорогих жил площадей, и иномарок катается больше чем в Дубях, и палец девушкам в рот не ложи)))) А на него могли повестись только девушки до 18 лет. Короче пиздун он редкий!!!

  • Lana

    “Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”

  • ribber

    No wander…

    Russian language…

    Russian world…

  • Ukrainian

    RooshV is a liar. Some of the above photos are just taken from social networks.
    She is from Siberian city Nizhnevartovsk in Russian Federation.
    Or maybe RooshV lived three months in Siberia ?
    Have you seen any drunk bears with balalaikas?

  • From Ukraine, Kharkov

    All girls are charming.

    But RooshV is a liar and his book is nonsense.

  • From Ukraine, Kharkov
  • FB

    фото 6 – це співачка, яка живе у Києві!

  • FB

    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Q_Fy1dEm18M/T9PlWpoOY4I/AAAAAAAAABQ/8nBFiKZ5u8k/s1600/oldroosh.jpg на фото видно з ким спав цей базікало – гумова жінка із секс-шопу)))

  • Ukrainian Girl


    Just stole photos of girls from social websites and mostly girls from RUSSIA, not even from Ukraine.

    Simple use Google Image search and everybody will see the truth.

    As I think he decided to make his sexual life better using photos from Internet…))))

  • CBAT

    Где, блин, фотки с ковром? Незачет.

  • no name

    guy just trying to make money, i am sure he did not get laid much in ukraine either. I came from easter europe to united states a while ago to ive, and even though i did not make crapload of money – I did get laid with us women, including pretty ones. Having said that, US women do turn me off often because they are like guys, but the re is a reason for that – the food in united states is full of hormons and chemicals that alter people’s physiology and turn women into man-like creatures and men into, pardon me, the opposite – drag-queens. Many of the food ingredients are not allowed in europe and are allowed in USA. Also, may seem easy to get attention of women by coming from USA and telling few stories about how rich you are back in US – but it is not. women are not all that stupid in Ukraine, they do know that foreign men lie as much as anyone else.

  • Lika

    looks like you failed to bang your American wemen, so you started trying somewhere else. Popularization of sex-tourism does makes you a pathetic loser.

  • Vicky

    Hello everybody! I am a woman from Ukraine. So sorry my mistakes.
    I can see here usual girls you can meet on every step here. And it is reality. Come here to check 😉 That guy who told us that he met mostly ugly girls in Kiev is liar.
    But… who tells you that it is so easy to get laid them. What do you have to be interested to them? I can’t understand why do you think that being foreigner is enough. Most Ukrainian girls want warm and serious relationship. And they are really good caring wives. It is worth trying to marry them. It is not an easy task. We don’t trust words we trust actions. And you can marry Ukrainian girl just if you put many efforts on it.
    But… If you are sex-tourist you could be successful in it. Just remember that our girls don’t like arrogant men and it runs in our country that men pay everything everywhere. Don’t forget to tip in restaurant, by the way. In other case girl will decide that you are too greedy. And our women get used to be presented at least flowers by men. We don’t count every cent here as most of you do when you are here. If you want to count every cent just buy a whore. But good whore here have the same price as yours or even could be more expensive.
    And remember that every woman here has to be respected. If you don’t do that don’t expect that you will be respected here.
    And I know for sure if you are here you will love our country and our people. You will want to go here again.

  • Marusya

    bad choices..you should post some different age groups and different social class as well…i liked the post one guy worte that you target group should be 25-35 not only teenages….you are a middle man yourslef and most of the readers too , so maybe writing about girls 27-35 will be interesting as well?!

  • Anonymous

    Уважаемые!!! Кто добавил сюда моё фото(№22)?? Вы с ума сошли??? И, кстати, я из России!!!

  • sam

    Can I get to know # 1 name…if possible…but they all look great..

  • Anna

    You did no research at all?
    Number 20 is Valeria Sokolova, she is a well known model. She is from Russia, living in Miami. She has nothing to do with Ukraine. So I’m guessing the rest doesn’t either.

  • sam

    Well I did and found a fake account how can I search in a better way!!

  • Ahmade

    That’s so true Slavic women are soo gorgeous! I found lots of charming Russian Belarussian and Ukrainian ladies on Globo Girls. And even met one already.

  • K

    You guys are sick fucks ! American girls are just as pretty as these girls. I am from
    Montreal Canada and we also have the most beautiful women in the world !

  • Metronil

    you are a fucking fool…there are very few educated women in the ukraine….second, if youcouldnt get laid in france being an American you are a LOSER…lastly, there are NO RANGER REGIMENTS in europe, so you are a LIAR and a FOOL.

  • John

    Haha! You jealous fool. Ukrainian girls are the best. They are from an other category. No girls on earth comes near the possibility of comparing themselves to them. And specially not girls from Montreal, american. A less valuable individual has nothing to tell us about women. You’ re just a jealous, unhappy, weak girl. Accept your place in the hierarchy. Deal with it.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/fringewizard Fringe Wizard

    Pfft, they are all fake as fuck, look at all the fucking cosmetics. Why don’t you just get a succubus instead if you want sex only?

    Coming here from this link btw: https://8ch.net/4chon/res/94708.html#q94809

  • skillet

    Yeah, but Montreal girls are mentally ill with feminism. Didn’t you follow the Roosh tour

  • skillet

    My brother married a Russian mobster family girl 20 yeas ago. She robbed his business, ran up debt of his credit card, screwed around with black dues for 2 years before they got divorced. It was another three years before he could pay off his debts and get on his feet again.

    My brother was so broke he had to live with my parents. It was my dad who threw the bitch out before the divorce. My brother already had a proto-mangina back in the 90’s. We all said good riddance including my brother when she got kicked out.

    Thank god for my redneck dad. He had patience with the bitch, but does not believe in putting up with shit. He gave her 100 dollars and told her to hit the road and never come back.

    Not many men of that generation had grown their manginas yet.