The 3 Principal Types Of Game

In the past I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post called 16 Different Types Of Game that should have probably been called “16 Angles Of Game.” From my travels I’ve actually only identified three types of game that most men use.

1. Western Game. Used almost exclusively in the Anglosphere, this type of game is based on the alpha male model that you’re familiar with. It depends on the man being overconfident (bordering on arrogance), cocky, aloof, and possessing the ability to banter for hours in primarily a non-sexual way. It’s also becoming more dependent on aesthetics. With so many choices in men, Western women now place appearance much higher on their laundry list of desired qualities than before. In ten years, the best game in America will probably be “approach with big muscles and cartoon overconfidence.” Your appearance will matter more and you will have to come close to being the “perfect” man that women are being brainwashed to believing they are entitled to.

Countries where western game should be used: USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Australia

2. Eastern Game. One step into an eastern country like Ukraine will tell you that aesthetics plays very little part in attracting women. You will see the fattest, baldest men with beautiful women, and the reason is because stability and comfort are valued more than attraction and excitement. Confidence also doesn’t play as strong a role. The best way to determine if an eastern woman will bang you or not is if she can answer in the affirmative to the following question: “Will my station improve by getting intimate with him?” This is not only through cash but also your professional and social connections, the quality of your apartment or car, and your interest in the same vacation spots as her (for future trips). Bonus points if you love sushi.

With these girls, sex is usually a logical act with many economical factors weighed, not a spur-of-the-moment decision based on attraction. The optimal game here is moving the interaction forward while casually displaying status or wealth, but not too much or you’ll be taken for a ride. Since eastern game is essentially the opposite of western game, most American men who go to the FSU end up banging girls who already love foreigners.

Countries where eastern game should be used: Former Soviet Union

3. World Game. This could also be called “neutral game,” where you tread the middle between western and eastern game. You’re confident but not too confident. You put effort into your appearance but not too much or else she’ll think you’re self-absorbed (or gay). You drop the good things you’ve done in life but not too early or she will think you’re bragging. Like I’ve described in the past, it’s simply being a confident beta. When you’re in a new environment and are not sure which type of game you should run, this is your best bet. Start with world game and then lean western or eastern after you’ve collected some data points that hint as to what would get you more mileage.

Countries where world game should be used: Scandinavia, Colombia, Central and Eastern Europe

The above three types of game are the primary colors of game. Going to a new country means you need to mix them in various amounts to come up with the optimum game for that location. For example, in Brazil I’d fill my paint bucket two-thirds with world game and one-third with western game. In Poland I would use 90% world game and 10% eastern game. In America I’d hit the gym harder to pack on muscles that girls respond more favorably too while I’d slack off in Ukraine and make friends instead, knowing that big gains in the gym won’t help me get laid as much as having a social in.

Within our lifetimes, the game mix for any country will change. World game was once king in the United States, but as you know it has morphed into something entirely different due to obscene changes happening with the culture. And it will no doubt change again. Once you learn the three variants of game, which are essentially langauges, you can easily hop back and forth to successfully sleep with girls whose cultures are completely alien to you. Instead of being locked into banging one type of woman in one place, you’ll know how to make it work almost anywhere. You become, in other words, an international player.

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  • Whoremonger Troll

    In some of these cultures, hookers are legal, but at my forum, there’s a secret rule that you can’t even talk about them. That said, I found another outlet, when I’m really hard up, there’s a bathhouse in my city. Its not gay if you’re on top. That’s one thing you learn from international travel to Latin countries.

  • Young Hunter

    Even in the US the most effective type of game can vary widely depending upon which part you’re from. I would say where I live eastern game may be the most effective, or perhaps closer to world game.

  • Traveler

    What about game in Asia? It seems the culture is vastly different there, and it’s not really covered in you 3 types above.

  • cookie9001

    While I do understand the necessity for Eastern game, I’ve never been able to figure out why Western game came into existence.

    Running Western game, for me, isn’t even fun. It’s like pretending to be a caricature of the stereotypical frat boy. Also the “banter” in Western game is straight up annoying and retarded, why girls even engage in it is beyond me. I’m 19, escaped rural poverty (i.e. living in a three room shack), own my own business, paid for my own college, pay for my own trips around the world, will be moving permanently abroad come December, and have a billion hobbies and interests; yet somehow me quoting the movie SuperBad during or conversation is much more stimulating than having a real discussion.

    That’s my rant, thanks for reading.

  • Eddie Morra

    As someone who has lived in Ukraine for over 13 years, I can agree and disagree, but it’s a relative. I think, in general, for a newbee here, then yes it’s a fair general assessment.

    However, if you know the language somewhat, the mentality etc. then other factors come into play. Things like attraction, some exotic factors still may come into play since if the woman doesn’t speak English and you can speak Russian, it’s a new dynamic. Clothes (especially shoes), style and confidence (not cockiness) also factor in like anywhere else.

    I’d go one step further and say that if the woman speaks exceptionally good English, I’d be a little wary since there is usualy a very good reason for it. A possible agenda perhaps. It’s also possible she has a good job or comes from a wealthy family, but if not, then there’s usually an agenda.

  • Javed

    What is driving the ability of US women to have so many choices in men? Is it the sluttiness or the obesity epidemic, and if both, what weight to you assign to each?

    [Roosh: Technology and demographics.]

  • George

    I’m trying to think of exceptions to your examples from my experience… and I can’t. You’ve hit the nail on the head perfectly. I’ve had to adjust my game slightly for each of those different contexts, though did it innately depending on what the girls responded best to.

    Great paradigm Roosh.

  • AudioRebellion

    Lmao Tuth.

    I live in canada and as much as i would like to deny it western game works deceptively well. Our society isnt as far gone as america but its well on it’s way.

    The canadian women here emulate the americans with a pride that is both horrify and disturbing. Proud to be trailer trash…

  • Venn

    East Asian game: You just need to exist, be nice and have a comfortable income relative to the environment. The standards are so low that if you’re a super Beta, old, bald, short, doesn’t really matter, you will get laid plenty in places like the Philippines just by being – oh my! – the dreaded, much-maligned Nice Guy. Men in their 60s with a beautiful woman in her late 20s/early 30s is not an uncommon sight at all, and we’re not necessarily talking about gold diggers or bar girls.

    It’s not good if you want variety, at least with non-professionals, because girls tend to be possessive (because of competition) and there’s no slut or hookup culture (female promiscuity is considered shameful), but this is the price you have to pay – beta game (still a form of game imho), beta rules.

  • asdf

    Surprisingly lacking is oriental game (Japan, Korea, China, SE Asia).

  • Raul Felix

    @cookie9001 I think you oversimplify the concept of “Western Game”. Its not about being a drunk frat boy; rather having confidence in yourself. Maybe a bit more the usual. Most men in America don’t have genuine confidence in themselves. By being friendly and being able to tease a girl, not that retarded neg, stuff, but rather just be playful, then you’ll get further. Takes a big man to be able to make fun of himself. Western women like guys who don’t take themselves too seriously. For example; a girl may ask me “You must get all sorts of girls don’t you?”… I’ll just respond with a sly smile, “No, I’m a virgin.” Of course she’ll know I’m joking.
    Also, you have to drop the high and mighty attitude that you are too good to engage in it. You’re 19, the girls in your age group are fucking retarded, and most likely you’re retarded too. I’m 26, and I’m still pretty damn retarded, but not as bad as I was when I was 19. If you want to engage in better conversations with women, go after woman who are older, 25+ Most women are pretty stupid until they reach 25.

  • Jon

    In other words, Western women are spoiled princesses and desire hot, sexy men.

    Eastern women are struggling and desire a good, stable man.

    Perennial feminism’s two opposite stages.

  • outlaw josey wales

    World game works in Asia.

  • john

    I don’t get this whole banter for hours in a non sexual way thing. My girls know very early on that I am very sexually interested in them. That’s almost like the glue that keeps the interaction moving forward because we both know the end game. Once the girl is comfortable around me I get really sexual. Girls eat it up. Also I know roosh repeatedly says things like if a girl takes time to text you back, then take even longer. Thats stupid! If the girl just texted you, that is the best time to text back! If you didn’t know how to text sexually then i would understand the waiting thing but I am an extremely good ‘sexter’ so I use it build mad attraction. Btw I live in north Carolina and I have put a lot of work onto having great looks. So my game is based a lot on looks but hey I used to look ugly but I have improved myself just like anyone can. I am pretty cocky at night but I am more cheesy and having a good time than anything. Also I really don’t hate/love women as much as roosh does I more just love them because I don’t really have as many problems with them using me or leading me on. I had a girl lead me on in the club last week but I found it within an hour and after getting pissed at her I was able to cut my losses and get another girl before the night was over. So I still ended the night winning with a wonderful girl. And I treat them well – I always hold the door open and things like this. Also I get about 80% of the girls that I want because i have a preselection process that I use to figure out who would be receptive to my advances so that wherever I go if theres a girl who might be interested I go to work. My preselection process is so tight that I can walk by a girl in a store and know automatically if I should approach and then if I should I do the approach and I can know within a few minutes if she is a sexual prospect. So within five minutes I know if this is going to be in the 80% or not. If not then I just leave and I could care less about her. Besides she needs to feel like if she is not interested in sex then I am just going to move onto the next girl…anyways this became a rant lol

  • Mage

    What Roosh wrote is probably true from American viewpoint.

    For me – a guy from eastern europe, the western type of game helps more to pull local girls, because I dont have american income levels and for me eastern game would be hard work and beta slavery not game. I am using 50% western and 50% world game at countries like Poland and Baltics.

    I belive girls judge men slightly differently, based on whether they are foreigners or from the same county as them. They will be more responisve to eastern game from exotic guys, especially from richer countries and more responive for western game from local guys or guys from poorer countries.

    That is similar to how shorter guys must be more asshole or more muscular to pull then taller guys who often must show more vulnerbility.

  • Marco

    Wow, that post is unwittingly quite a blow to the evopsych fundamentals underlying game.

    So, basically former USSR chicks value beta traits over alpha ones due to cultural factors.

    Roissy is gonna throw a fit.

  • Soup

    What about the Mediterranean?

  • Apollo


    Can you expand a little on the “Technology and demographics” response you gave to Javed above please?

    What technology are you referring to, what demographic changes, and why do you think these have had this effect on women’s preferences?

    [Roosh: I’ll have a couple posts on this in the future.]

  • Omega Man

    >>In ten years, the best game in America will probably be “approach with big muscles and cartoon overconfidence.”<<

    In other words, Jersey Shore everywhere. That's a grim prospect.

  • Greek kamaki

    It depends on the degree of stimulation.Western women require high energy and perfection.They want to be entertained etc and by the guys with the right looks.Eastern European women require lower levels of energy,calm guys and very predictable.In fact weakness is a quality which is appreciated in Eastern Europe.
    FSU women only care for money and status.The more you have the better.They do not pay attention to anything else.

  • John Rambo

    Cool thing is, in India, you don’t even need game, cause they have arranged marriages. But the eastern model is much more important, since money is valued very strongly here.

    As for Asia, like Thailand, South Korea, I think just being a white guy is enough to get almost any chick. Not much game required.

    I am a lazy guy, and never had the energy to waste doing this whole “alpha male western game” shit. That’s one reason I like India. I can relax here.

    Western women are such disgusting monsters anyway, what’s the use of gaming them? I say simply boycott them all. And work on expatting as soon as possible.

  • John Rambo

    PS. Don’t get me wrong. You can certainly “game” in India, especially amongst the more modernized ladies, but it is almost unnecessary and sort of like an over-kill. You’ll probably in effect cause them to get their panties over-soaked and wet.

    Big cities in India are like western countries, whereas the villages, well, they are still living in the 19th century. No game required in such situations.

  • Rocky Balboa

    Western countries (Anglosphere, WE and Scandi) are full of good-looking, high-quality dudes. Too much male competition. They are penis paradises, where an ocean of substandard women can have their pick and ask for seconds.

    It’s the exact opposite in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, which are pussy paradises. Substandard men and tons of quality women.

  • solo

    “What is driving the ability of US women to have so many choices in men? Is it the sluttiness or the obesity epidemic, and if both, what weight to you assign to each?

    [Roosh: Technology and demographics.]”

    I think you would agree there are other factors aswell, like culture for instance.

  • goy

    22 John Rambo
    September 14th, 2012 @ 1:02 pm

    not likely john rambo

    sure probably dont need game but come on to get to know a girl it has to be arranged…even if you are same race,relgion and caste..outsiders no luck at all

    india cities are mostly ghetto

    dunno the westernized indians still consider premartial sex taboo:bukkake:
    though they are americanizing quite a bit they are startin to get demanding(feminism is on the rise there):a2m

    the middle east (except isreal) and south asia i call the “DRY ZONE” since thats an area where you are expected to be marry an be a virgin

    not the places to go get ur dick wet like the rest of the world…:hump:

    those regions arent worth the plane ticket to game or if u lookin to marry u have to indigenous to the country otherwise ur screwed….

    india is gettin richer an women are incresingly opting out of marry out to a NRI(no resdent indian)

  • goy

    john rambo

    ur points on east asia r correct u can be beta an get away with it…but south korean girls ar alil materialisitc

    btw u indian?

  • Therapsid

    Goy – Are you serious? You do not need to be indigenous to find a bride in India. It’s a poor country! There are millions of Indian girls who would marry your average American beta.

  • / Apocalypseman

    This is perfectly laid out and the western game is true in America and Canada. As the entitlement grows for women and they act more and think like men, it is true appearance is of more importance. Hypergamy is in full effect.

    I can’t speak for Ireland or Australia, but I can definitely speak for England and game is different here. Being muscular or good looking does not matter nearly as much.

    Being too cocky and muscular is considered unattractive to a lot of English broads. They aspire for men who act more subtle, but display a hint of a posh background. So you are way off on that.

    Other than that good assessment.

  • goy

    Therapid- true theyd be willing to..(but a handful)…..
    but itll be to an average indian american beta…whom fits the parents ideal…like same provincial origin(punjab,tamil,benagli,etc),relgion ,caste

    interracial is heavliy disliked there youll notice this amongst the ones in uk an canada since there is a community going unlike in usa where they are dispersed…

    u can look up indo-canadain on wiki or asian nation an indians have the lowest intermarriage rate of all

    poor an villagers r more strict

    while the cities are getting richer they expect their daughter to marry locally as well that fits the “profile” bout as strict…usually through famliy connections….trust me buddy

    20-30 years ago parents like the idea theri girls married out of nation but not now …things are changin mate

  • goy

    this artilce is a hall of famer :bukkake: = right here

  • Castor Troy

    Roosh, which of these would you say works best in Croatia? Or would that just fall under the Eastern Game bracket?

  • goy

    Castor Troy

    most likly eastern game mixed with world game

    btw roosh u can delete the a2m icon..i screwed up witth the icon…my bad

  • naswanji

    What I don’t get then, is how do you improve your World Game. With both Western game and Eastern game, it’s clear that there are certain areas of your life you can max out in to get results. In Eastern game, this would be wealth and status, while in Western game, it would be cocky funny muscly. But if you’re already a confident beta in a “World Game” country, what should you work on to improve the quantity and quality of your notches? Is it just a question of approaching more often and escalating faster than the other confident betas out there (who probably make up the majority of men in the country)? Or boosting your lifestyle in general? Or finding the right balance of confidence and betaness for the country you’re in? I think you need to expand on this concept.

  • kdkd

    roosh did mistake: not England, but UK!

  • Jordan

    I will be world gaming forever when i’m living in Colombia permanently.

  • Kembo

    Does anyone have an opinion of how Norway differs from Denmark in terms of behavior of men and women and type of game required? I`m wondering how applicable what Roosh wrote about Denmark is for Norway.

  • goy


    id like to know too
    but i think scandinavian culture is similair though ive heard sweden is the most feminzied country

  • Nek

    I’m just glad that this blog, along with FFY, Rollo, and Dangerandplay recognize the importance of aesthetics with regard to pick-up in the west, and don’t try to say it’s all “personality” and confidence.

    @Marco (#16)

    “Wow, that post is unwittingly quite a blow to the evopsych fundamentals underlying game.

    So, basically former USSR chicks value beta traits over alpha ones due to cultural factors.

    Roissy is gonna throw a fit.”

    They may VALUE traits indicative of provisioning/security more, but they are not AROUSED by them. To this point, Roissy is still right.

    The source of “attraction” is important. I’m going to use the first time I turned down sex from an otherwise bangable chick as an example. I had been up for 48 hrs during finals week, no sleep or nap whatsoever. At the end of my last final, I had a small second wind and some buddies wanted to go out so I dropped some Visine and went out. After a few drinks that second wind abruptly went away and I was fantasizing about sleep. Trying to soldier through I got a red bull at the bar but was still thinking about sleep, it was the only thing in the world I cared about. This girl comes and talks to me, cute and dressed sluttly. We make small talk for 5 minutes and after that she grabs me to make out and says “Come home with me”. I simply said I’m to tired and took that as my cue to tell my buddies I was leaving and left to go home. On the way home I was giddy just thinking about what sleep was gonna feel like. I slept like a rockstar.

    So the point is I was more “attracted” to going to sleep than I was banging that broad, but I was not aroused by the idea of sleep. When a basic necessity in life (food, water, sleep, security) is not met, you’ll be drawn to it more powerfully than any secondary necessity (such as sex). However, the draw is necessity based, not based on a feeling of arousal. That’s the difference.

  • Jay

    Good post dude, gotta get yourself to Asia though. You’ll come across more authoritative once you do. I no longer bother comparing Eastern European women to American women because they are much more similar to eachother when you stand them up to Asian women.

    If you spend any lenght of time there, you’ll come to understand that the differences between Asian culture and Western culture. You’ll soon clump Eastern European women under the “Western culture” guise because EE women are much closer to American women than with these Asian thangs. The femininity of Asian girls will be unlike anything you’ve exerienced before.

    Your probably not interested in Asian girls at the moment, which is understandable. I wasn’t either until I ran out of money and went to Korea for a teaching job about 4 years ago. I rarely even look at Western girls now.

    Gotta try new things brother. If you’re up for it, head to Bangkok for a few months. Great city, and great place to start.

  • Darren

    “In ten years, the best game in America will probably be “approach with big muscles and cartoon overconfidence.” Your appearance will matter more and you will have to come close to being the “perfect” man that women are being brainwashed to believing they are entitled to.”

    We’re pretty much already there, aren’t we?

  • Anonymous

    You do know that in 10 years, Asia will be the only continent that matters.

  • Shanghai Bob

    It seems Roosh has identified two types of game, not three, as world game is a combination of the other two.

    And the first two can be summarized as “more alpha,” based on looks and attitude, or “more beta,” based on being a good provider.

    I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel with the three new terms. But at least Roosh has identified where various parts of the world fall along the alpha-beta spectrum.

  • voblex

    @38 Nek

    “So the point is I was more “attracted” to going to sleep than I was banging that broad, but I was not aroused by the idea of sleep. When a basic necessity in life (food, water, sleep, security) is not met, you’ll be drawn to it more powerfully than any secondary necessity (such as sex). However, the draw is necessity based, not based on a feeling of arousal. That’s the difference.”

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in effect
    I’ve also experienced this recently where I was more interested in lying in bed chilling and listening to music than I was in boning the naked girl beside me – if it was right now, it would be the opposite (as am better rested) but just goes to show you that the need for sleep (and to an extent food) can sometimes trump sex with a nubile young chick

  • Nyk

    Here’s my take on this:

    Western game = hunter-gatherer game
    Eastern game = agricultural game (well, sort of; one can argue that a system of arranged marriages, in which parents instead of their daughters decide who the husband will be based on things like status or wealth, is the 100% version agricultural game. A system in which the daughters themselves make the choice is already showing some cracks)

    Prediction: as the 21th century modern, social-democratic egalitarian, food-abundant 1st world society inevitably reverts to hunter-gatherer traits, expect for hunter-gatherer game to become more and more of a default.

  • Mark


    That Video you linked to “about Feminism was created to destabilize society” is a little dubious. You have a guy saying a Rockefeller told him something that they created Feminism to allow 50% of society to be taxed and to replace the family with government. Fine. But it is a potentially bogus claim.

    You’re Roosh. The reality of your content is more about “This is how women are.” then it is about “This is how feminists are”. If you never mentioned Feminism again other to explain why women are like they are it still would not change the value of your content. My opinion is that women are like they are because they are like they are. All feminism did was remove some of the checks and balances that society had evolved to check negative tendencies of women.

    It was an interesting video in that it makes an assertion that most people hadn’t thought of. But it is right up there with the CIA importing cocaine to enslave the ghetto. Or Killing Kennedy. Maybe they did; maybe they didn’t. But what’s that got to with when Asshole Game works and when it doesn’t?

    But it opens you up to some rock throwing that you don’t need. You already had people hunting for you in Estonia merely because you tell men how to fuck women and then that they should dump them. You have had some guy in DC that chased you out of town for being you and telling the truth.

    There are plenty of blogs that are all about tearing down Feminism. But very few of them are about building up men and allowing men to live free and becoming happier.

    Don’t take unnecessary hits that you don’t need to take. What if it comes out that this guy made all this shit up? Or the Rockefeller Foundation says in a very public manner “We didn’t say that.” Don’t gamble the credibility of Roosh V on someone else.

  • Doesnt matter

    FSU females are nothing more than glorified roma whores. They are westernizing very quickly and are chasing after money. Any western man who visits or lives there who is honest about his experiences will report the same. I say leave these women to their back alley coat hanger abortions.

    Roosh, if you are getting FSU then I would have to say the ones you are getting are probably quite ugly. I have never seen photos of actual skags you are fucking and can understand for privacy reasons you would not want to. But I would wager that if I actually saw any of what you sleep with that I would not be impressed. Sorry.

  • Mark

    @Doesnt matter

    Tell you what. I don’t know a lot about FSU countries. But I know Colombia like the back of my hand. I can attest that every fucking thing Roosh wrote about Colombia is exactly the way it is.

    But I am a member of UkraineDate and Russian Cupid which both have pretty representative population of women. They are not Roma anything, much less Roma whores. And they are actually some of the best looking profiles I have ever seen anywhere on the internet. The only women that even come close are girls from Los Angeles on MillionaireMatch.

    If you read the blog, he does what he does without resorting to throwing cash. So the whores accusation is exactly out of line. I would think it makes it even tougher in a place that has so many foreigners that do throw cash and where women judge men on the basic on finances.

    Troll. 80% of this blog has nothing to do with him fucking women. It has to do with tips for men.

  • Nek

    Guys, what’s “sexually” attractive to women is universal. I hate to say it, but what women go for in the west, is indicative of what women are truly “sexually” attracted to anywhere else. I’m well traveled, btw, and I’ve seen this dynamic play out between local girls and rich western men. In places where there is more poverty, sure they will be more utilitarian with their pussy and try to get the provider type, but from a “sexual” attraction standpoint, Romania might as well be Redondo Beach.

    By the way, with regard to the “importance of muscles” post on here and the overall debate, let’s clarify something. Do you know why being big and fit are important? Because they are status. Let me ask you, before the civilized world (i.e. before actors and musicians) how was status established? There weren’t any big picture movies, nice suits or award shows that you could attend. You fought. That’s it, that’s all. That’s what determined your position on the totem pole (i.e. your “status). Physicality is part of being a man, being masculine. If you deny this you’re just kidding yourself, hoping for an easier path, just like the feminists (he’ll like me for my personality and academic accomplishments). Get to the gym. Learn to fight. Kill.

  • Spiralina

    The differences between Western and Eastern game can be attributed almost entirely to economic factors.

    In Eastern countries there’s still a “feast or famine” mentality, where women who are unable to secure the protection and resources of a loyal man are in very real danger. That means decisions about men must be made prudently with consideration to his practical ability and desire to protect the woman. The aftereffects are generational – meaning, even if women today aren’t in danger of starving, their mothers and grandmothers were and will still transmit these lessons to their daughters.

    Whereas in the West, women literally don’t need men. With a nanny state to protect them and no danger of starvation or kidnapping by human traffickers, they can afford to choose men for casual sex according to fickle standards of physical attraction, or how they make them “feel.”

  • David Lee Roth

    @ Spiralina who stated: “Whereas in the West, women literally don’t need men. With a nanny state to protect them and no danger of starvation or kidnapping by human traffickers, they can afford to choose men for casual sex according to fickle standards of physical attraction, or how they make them “feel.”

    What Spiralina said.

    This is Briffault’s Law in action, gentlemen. If you do not know what Briffaults Law is, it will behoove each of you to look it up.

    Esther Vilar expands on this in her book The Manipulated Man, which is the BIBLE as far as I’m concerned.

    It may not be about money per se, but it will always be about resources. Don’t kid yourself; none of you here, nor any other man will ever be loved as a human being by a female (exception: your mom). It was never the nature of the human female to love, so do yourselves a favor and get educated.

  • Steve

    @ Mark who stated: “But I am a member of UkraineDate and Russian Cupid which both have pretty representative population of women., And they are actually some of the best looking profiles”

    Based on field reports in Ukraine. and I have spoken to many western men, normal, decent men who have shared their experiences. A lot if those east european women “beauties” are professional models with no intention of marrying and instead are simply looking to go out to dinner on a foreigners dime. This is especially true of the so-called marriage agencies. The agencies may be legit but the females who sign up have an alterior motive.

    And I’m not going to get in a pissing contest with someone who is stupid enough to browse through the FSU marriage websites and fall in love with every pretty face as well believe the rhetorical bullshit that those agencies are spewing.

  • bofpwr

    “In ten years…”

    The USA is an empire built on cheap energy, now that this is being removed from under it, everything will unravel very quickly.

    Culture = genes + environment.

    FSU is the future of the US, not it’s past.

  • Carl

    The ahem *game* you describe for eastern europe is bullshit. Your description of the females of eastern europe is pure fantasy. I, as well as many other men from Canada. the U.S., UK and Australia concur. It’s a bold faced lie.

  • Spiralina

    @ David Lee Roth –

    Very true, but I think Briffault’s Law can be expanded to cover a large amount of human behavior, not just sexual interactions between women and man.

    Men here make the mistake of waxing rhapsodic about EE women as though they’re somehow morally superior to Western women. The truth is, all women (all humans really) are the same. We’ve all evolved to prize our own survival and self-interest above all else. The ONLY reason EE women are nicer to men is because they need to be to ensure their survival. As soon as those constraints disappear, they become just like Western women – fat, greedy, and disinterested in men except for shallow thrills and material resources. It’s happening already.

    In the end, nearly all Western social ills – from obesity to promiscuity – boil down to the removal of social and practical constraints on human survival. Once you’re guaranteed a free ride for life, you can eat whatever you want (why be attractive to men if you don’t need them?) and start choosing sexual partners for “fun” (alpha player jerks) rather than for necessity (loyal provider betas.) It’s just human nature.

  • nek

    @ Spiralina

    Checkmate, well said

    @ Carl

    I’ve met some eastern european women who were traveling as well (i.e. had some money). They might as well have been the Kardashians.


    cheap energy = life less physically demanding = favors women, the physically weaker of the sexes. I agree with you about the way things are going, and what we’re built on. The last 150 years is just a blurb in human history, we’ll be back to the old way soon enough. Maybe not in my lifetime, but on the relative scale of things, soon enough. THe only difference is that before industrialization the landscape was relatively unscathed, whereas in the future, after all non renewable energy sources are depleted, the landscape will have been the victim of 150 years of mass industry and a 7 Billion+ world population.

  • nek

    “traveling as well” as in I was traveling in asia when i met them

  • Nek

    Man, ignorance really is bliss

  • 1942

    @ John Rambo: Big cities in India are like western countries, whereas the villages, well, they are still living in the 19th century. No game required in such situations.

    India is very feast or famine. You either have your marriage arranged to a hot broad if you’re rich and well-connected, or you have your marriage arranged to a woman that’ll soon start looking like a man after popping out 3 kids, or you fight and steal to get enough money to have your marriage arranged.

    Sure, there are broads in the villages, but not only are you not going to get to game them, you can’t marry them either and you certainly won’t want to fuck them because they are ugly as sin.

    “Game” in India is weird. If you are really rich and have one heck of a personality, you’ll do well. There are parties where people go and I bet some of them hook up. Strictly enforced social mores means that society holds together and women don’t spread their legs for any old alpha. However, the flipside of strongly enforced social mores is that women are deathly afraid of appearing like a slut.

    Enjoy trying to get a date when even talking to you for five minutes means all her friends will start calling her a slut behind her back.

    Plus, most of them women are ugly as sin. The pretty ones have it drilled into their head that they’re better than anyone else. Why is that so, in a country with ~1.3 billion people? Demographics.

    Female babies used to be (and still are) aborted at a higher rate, and that means there are fewer women than men, which means that the women know they’re in demand. In addition, very few of them are above 6 on a non-Indian’s scale.

    You will see the demographics of any country play out in the number of men that try to improve their station. Indian gyms are full of men pumping iron in a futile attempt to grow a bicep. The women are all fat and cozy. They know they don’t have to lift a finger.

  • 1942

    So, what kind of game works well in India? If you’re actually running game in a party or a bar with a girl that doesn’t have a dot on her forehead, then Western game for sure, but with the cockiness toned down a bit.

    Indian women can dish it out just like any Western feminist – you can’t tell them apart aside from the shitty accent because Western feminists also have terrible hygiene and bad breath – but they can’t take it. They will stand gobsmacked that someone actually can dish it out TO A WOMAN.

    Remember, this is the nation that gave us HOW CAN SHE SLAP? ahahahhhah.

  • Brian Mark

    @John Ramboo and @1492. I’m not sure white foreigners can get anywhere with Indian women. I spent 2 months there a year ago and found most Indian girl afraid to talk to foreigners. The single ones that were friendly quickly quit talking to me when guys came around for fear of being labeled a slut. Much of India, you don’t even see the women out. Also I agree most of the women aren’t very good looking and there are tons of overweight ones. I plan to go back w/ a good Indian friend and see if he can show me a different side of India.

  • Brian Mark

    @16 Marco. I used to live in the Ukraine. Beta will get you nowhere in FSU. They do not respect beta dudes, only power and money. I’d call that Alpha!

  • Tyler

    Someone earlier said ‘muscles are status because women want men who fight and kill.’ Thats absolutely true. Its just how mammals are. Reptiles, fish, birds, they dont usually physically fight for mating rights, but its the rule among mammals. When you think about what behaviors are alpha, youre just asking how the lion behaves after he kills the other lions, or how the silverback behaves when hes pummeled all the beta gorillas half to death.

  • goy

    @brian mark

    india also has malnutrition rate of 23% an so many fattys weird

    with a huge gender imbalance 107 men to 100 women(worse the china) the women dont have to try to get a guy ..the guys have to now
    plus they aint good with weight ..1 kid an they become land whales….ashwariya rai became one too lol

    but dont forget ull get many snobby women that wouldnt spaek to foreigners anyways plus many do have a “commited partner” or bound to get marreid since many arrange marriages start young then actual marraige at legal age

    when comes to gamin in foreign countrys or wife huntin….i suggest latin america ,europe(east mainly) and east asia …were young only for soo long

    besides chicks from poor countrys will use u for visa anyways….happen to this indian dude with his arrange marraige an he killed himself
    simialer with this persian dude his “bride ” from iran ditched him and got with her fiance from iran

    stick with first world countrys

  • rogi


    dude why whould u want dirty 3rd world ass anyways thats what sex tourists do in thailand
    besides theyll use u for visa

  • quirty

    nowing demographics help
    philipines veitnam braziil poland an eastern europe are like the only nations in the 15-64 category where women outnumber women….while rest of the world its men
    world game sounds like the best game to start with then build to the other 2
    got it down to a science roosh

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  • SUPRA luca

    No, American males, please don’t come to South America to infect us with your ugliness and worthlessness. You will save us from the second hand embarrassment, and will also save yourselves from being laughed at.

  • Lacedric Towerwood

    You’re one of the few people I read where I pour over the archives. I like how you just get to the point while remaining funny and creative- you’ve never lacked a brain- that’s exactly
    Why you left Murica’

  • Prince Valiant

    He left the USA because of his dick. His brain hasn’t grasped the complexity of modern world dynamics yet.

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  • Vallin SFAS

    “[I’m] a new-w-w-w wo-o-o-rld ma-a-a-a-an” (apologies to Rush. Notice bass and mic)

  • HaroldLDavis

    Next few days start your new life…rooshv… < Find Here

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  • Douglasshields

    Ha! That’s really nice!!!! o-o-s-h < Extra Income

  • Jim Profit

    And honestly it works that way because in those countries men can beat the shit and cheat on women. (So basically act like American women.)

    When not handicapped by draconian laws, and cuck religions… men will always win, even in the field of shit-tests.

  • DeepBlue

    Money is the answer, nothing more. Girls will find you sexy. It’s the truth. They’ll suck your dick, they respect money so much. Be rich and you’ll get all kinds of pussies. All kinds.