The 3 Principal Types Of Game

In the past I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post called 16 Different Types Of Game that should have probably been called “16 Angles Of Game.” From my travels I’ve actually only identified three types of game that most men use.

1. Western Game. Used almost exclusively in the Anglosphere, this type of game is based on the alpha male model that you’re familiar with. It depends on the man being overconfident (bordering on arrogance), cocky, aloof, and possessing the ability to banter for hours in primarily a non-sexual way. It’s also becoming more dependent on aesthetics. With so many choices in men, Western women now place appearance much higher on their laundry list of desired qualities than before. In ten years, the best game in America will probably be “approach with big muscles and cartoon overconfidence.” Your appearance will matter more and you will have to come close to being the “perfect” man that women are being brainwashed to believing they are entitled to.

Countries where western game should be used: USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Australia

2. Eastern Game. One step into an eastern country like Ukraine will tell you that aesthetics plays very little part in attracting women. You will see the fattest, baldest men with beautiful women, and the reason is because stability and comfort are valued more than attraction and excitement. Confidence also doesn’t play as strong a role. The best way to determine if an eastern woman will bang you or not is if she can answer in the affirmative to the following question: “Will my station improve by getting intimate with him?” This is not only through cash but also your professional and social connections, the quality of your apartment or car, and your interest in the same vacation spots as her (for future trips). Bonus points if you love sushi.

With these girls, sex is usually a logical act with many economical factors weighed, not a spur-of-the-moment decision based on attraction. The optimal game here is moving the interaction forward while casually displaying status or wealth, but not too much or you’ll be taken for a ride. Since eastern game is essentially the opposite of western game, most American men who go to the FSU end up banging girls who already love foreigners.

Countries where eastern game should be used: Former Soviet Union

3. World Game. This could also be called “neutral game,” where you tread the middle between western and eastern game. You’re confident but not too confident. You put effort into your appearance but not too much or else she’ll think you’re self-absorbed (or gay). You drop the good things you’ve done in life but not too early or she will think you’re bragging. Like I’ve described in the past, it’s simply being a confident beta. When you’re in a new environment and are not sure which type of game you should run, this is your best bet. Start with world game and then lean western or eastern after you’ve collected some data points that hint as to what would get you more mileage.

Countries where world game should be used: Scandinavia, Colombia, Central and Eastern Europe

The above three types of game are the primary colors of game. Going to a new country means you need to mix them in various amounts to come up with the optimum game for that location. For example, in Brazil I’d fill my paint bucket two-thirds with world game and one-third with western game. In Poland I would use 90% world game and 10% eastern game. In America I’d hit the gym harder to pack on muscles that girls respond more favorably too while I’d slack off in Ukraine and make friends instead, knowing that big gains in the gym won’t help me get laid as much as having a social in.

Within our lifetimes, the game mix for any country will change. World game was once king in the United States, but as you know it has morphed into something entirely different due to obscene changes happening with the culture. And it will no doubt change again. Once you learn the three variants of game, which are essentially langauges, you can easily hop back and forth to successfully sleep with girls whose cultures are completely alien to you. Instead of being locked into banging one type of woman in one place, you’ll know how to make it work almost anywhere. You become, in other words, an international player.

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