4 South American Travel Itineraries For Guys

I’ve been to every country in South America except for the three that no one ever goes to (Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana). From my 17 months of experience there, these are the four trips I’m recommending if you only have time for a two-week vacation…

The Newbie Trip (Argentina)

Itinerary: 7 days in Buenos Aires and 7 days in Cordoba

Why You Should Go: The country is relatively safe and has lots of sights, making it a great place to break your South American cherry. Most importantly, it has women that will wow you, especially if you’re coming from fat America. Tourist infrastructure is well-developed and easy to use, though beginner Spanish will make your trip more enjoyable.

Why You Shouldn’t Go: There’s a high chance you won’t get laid.

Buenos Aires

The Easy Grenades & Old Rocks Trip (Peru)

Itinerary: 7 days in Lima and 7 days in Cuzco, the launching point for Machu Picchu

Why You Should Go: It’s cheap as hell, the archaeological sites will keep you busy, and Peruvian women think the white man is god, making it an ideal trip for game beginners to get their feet wet with flagging (as long as they’re not too picky).

Why You Shouldn’t Go: Women are generally ugly and you’ll probably get a foodborne illness.

Machu Picchu

Fun In The Sun Trip (Brazil)

Itinerary: 7 days in Rio de Janeiro and 7 days in Florianopolis

Why You Should Go: Assuming you visit during our winter (December-March), you’ll enjoy nice beaches while trying to bang sexy women. Brazilian culture is by far the most exciting and colorful in South America.

Why You Shouldn’t Go: It’s expensive and the women are becoming increasingly snobby.


Nonstop Game Trip (Colombia)

Itinerary: 7 days in Bogotá and 7 days in Medellin

Why You Should Go: Colombia is made for 24-7 approaching, particularly during the day and on the internet. If you go hard you should be able to pick up a couple notches.

Why You Shouldn’t Go: Girls are flakey and don’t speak much English. Conversational Spanish is somewhat required.

Colombian ass

South America is a huge continent and offers dozens of additional cities that are worth a visit, but I believe the above four itineraries are best for guys who don’t have a whole lot of time for long-term exploration. They’ll give you good experience for future trips within the continent.

For more tips on good travel locations, check out my travel forum.

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  • Celtic

    Good travel advice. About Colombia though, I think to do colombia you should do 14 days in 1 city rather than 7 days in 2 cities. The more time you spend in one city, the more your chances for getting laid go up on the trip.

  • Amour Fou

    I can sense Roosh is missing some good times in South America…

  • Shazam

    And even before Colombia I’d put Venezuela:

    Why you should go:
    – The hottest women on the continent and very few gringos around

    Why you shouldn’t, or at least with lots of experience in the region beforeso: Dangerous as hell and unlike Brazil, Colombia or Peru, crime is not limited to the poor areas. Expensive. People don’t bow down in front of gringos as much as elsewhere and the police is not out there to protect you to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    To avoid foodborne illness: never eat anything (other than fruit that you peel yourself) unless it is *piping* hot. Avoid anything out of the bain-maries at the hotel – they don’t keep the water hot enough and the food is at perfect incubation temperature for hours at a time.

  • http://themra.wordpress.com/ Lumpa

    Just a note, in your first sentence you’ve confused French Guinea (which used to be a French colony in Africa) and French Guiana. Other than that, thanks for the tips. I am a regular reader of your blog and I appreciate what you are doing for occidental men.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    Roosh –

    I forget, was Peru the place where you got that stomach bug in A Dead Bat in Paraguay?

    Which dish was the that did you in? Ceviche?

  • Venezuelan

    Shazam, a very fair and balanced perspective on Venezuela. A rare thing here.Many guys like to pontificate after spending less than a week in a place.

    A little sample of the “material” here: http://www.vecinabella.com/

  • Rhahael

    Are becoming? That’s too kind of you, or maybe its the good oeffect of game. Women in Brasil are snobby since the Year 2000 and getting worse each day. I blame the translated literature from these american feminists and “best sellers” they read so much.

  • Twenty

    And even before Colombia I’d put Venezuela:

    Why you should go:
    – The hottest women on the continent …

    If a Paisa or a Porteno shows up here, we gonna have us a fight!

  • http://www.AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com Turner

    Damn it Roosh. If you keep Colombia pumping like this, it will eventually go to the wayside like its beautiful Brazilian counter part (pun intended). I would add though that a downside too Colombia is that the food sucks. Menu del dia with rice and the same crappy meat gets old.

    Spot on on flakes though. Although I have noticed that the middle class girls who dont speak much English tend to be on point. It is the grejas (gringo chasers), that will be here that day gone the next.

    I think being a gringo still holds more sex appeal there than the others (particularly Argentina and Brazil), as they are culturally more capitalistic and anti-Chavez (in Colombia).

    How are you enjoying Latvia? Just bagged me a Latvian in the states this week. Amazing.

  • lurker

    peru is a shithole with ugly women. went there for a monthlong surf trip and saw more dudes defecating in the street than girls i would touch, even in the snobbiest miraflores clubs. oh yeah, i also got food poisoning twice.

  • Mr.GM

    Great post Roosh. I’m getting more and more interested in exploring south-america outside Brazil’s borders. Colombia is my #1 priority!

  • johnno

    The things about Peru are true. Been there and can tell that women are ugly as hell. There are some admirable exceptions that are really hard to find though, you’d have to be a sort of good-looking “gringo” to bed one of those I guess. Don’t know what type or how much Game you would need over there (you Roosh should know better than I). Anyway, if you wanna get laid it’s a decent place (easy logistics with cheap motels in every corner), but don’t imagine you’re gonna bed HB8s or 9s regularly.

    Food borne disease (e.g. travelers’ diarrhea) can be acquired even if you visit a different city within your own country, although the lack of hygiene culture can contribute enormously towards getting some of those bugs. Advice: Cook your own food!


    Dude, i cant register at your FORUM unless on EXACTLY the 1st of every month? Dude, who has time to remember exactly that?

  • http://goinswriter.com/travel-young/ 3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young


    Traveling allows you to get some culture.

    “What if I’m not young?”

    “Travel, anyway. It may not be easy to do, but find a way to get out of your comfort zone. It’s really never too late.”

    “But if you haven’t gotten sucked into the routine of life yet, I implore you — travel. It will never be easier than it is right now for you to do that which really matters.”

  • Roosh

    I don’t understand why Venezuela is hyped. The girls aren’t hotter than Colombia and the country is rapidly becoming a shithole. Crime is awful, the official currency exchange makes it expensive, and few people speak English.

  • ZigZag

    So, in a nutshell essentialiy SA is skankifying right in front of our eyes. The impression I get: visit SA for the various exotic sights and culture, but forget the women.

  • Guavaberry

    Girls in Venezuela are hotter and not as skanky as Colombians, the problem is you’re not gonna find them as easily. They usually only socialize with their close circle and by friends-of-friends.

  • http://colombiahelp.com Steve

    I’ll take the chicks in Pereira or Medellin anyday over those in Venezuela, although occasionally I have seen some hot ones, usually at the local arepa trucks.

    Agreed on Brazil, place and attitudes are falling rapidly.

  • Shazam

    Guavaberry, exactly, in Venezuela social circle is the key. If you manage to enter a local group of friends, chances are that you will be swooping left and right, especially if you speak some spanish.

    Keeping in mind that westeners aren’t as common as in Colombia and the sex tourist stigma is much lower.

    It’s impossible to have your cake and eat it too. People want a place that is poor enough to be cheap yet they want good infrastructure, safety. They want a place where gringos are somewhat seen as superior and where the girls are hot and feminine but at the same time don’t want other foreigners to flock in and ruin the place.
    All of this is simply impossible because these things just contradict each other.

    Many people say that Brazil and Colombia used to be a player’s dream in the 90’s and early 2000’s, yet forget that most of them wouldn’t have probably dared to go back then. The few others that made the effort are now those who come back with those golden stories of the good old days.

    And now it’s Venezuela’s turn.

  • Guavaberry

    Yes, Shazam, social circle is key between mudturtles and beauty queens but I can see why many would prefer Colombians over Venezuelans, Colombians are easier.

  • Cicero

    Let me hype up another trip… The Uruguayan coast, including La Paloma, El Pedrera, Punta del Diablo, and Cabo Polonio… (skip punta del este…)

    It´s as if you died and went to pickup heaven. And I went there by accident, while I waited for my Brazil Visa in Montevideo… I nearly cried leaving. Never in my life have I seen such a parade of beautiful women, well shaped asses, and Covergirl faces. The story is, in the first week of January, all the portenas and college girls Roosh raves about in Cordoba vacation on the Uruguayan coast, or at least the upper middle class girls comfortable with travel… When a parade of literally 30 hot asses got off the bus in La Pedrera, I thought I was in a frigging music video…

    In La Paloma, lying on the beach surrounded by asses indistinguishable from those of super models, anything at all opens on the beach ¨excuse me, can you rub sun tan lotion on my back¨. The hostels here are literally full of women and a smattering of guys who have no game… On the beach, cool looking porteno guys will sit next to smoking hot girls and … not even open!

    In Buenos Aires, I had to settle for brits, americans, and brazilians who arent that hot. On the coast in Uruguay, no reason to give these girls the time of day… Argie girls have such cute accents and hot asses you will be smitten.

    Girls everywhere are easier on vacation. If you want your Argentine flag, go the easy route and get yours on the soft beaches of Uruguay during the Argentine summer break in January. You might miss your flight back… Sitting on the beach eating 3$ steak asados, sipping rum, and fending off the sea lions and portenas is what god wants men to do…

  • ZigZag

    @ Cicero aka shit-for-brains you’re spewing lies. Roosh has already been to the uruguay coasts. Secondly the argi’s there already have their social circle that is closed off to people they do not know. These places are the last tk try to get with an argiskank. All of this plus the fact that the females from argentina are among the snottiest cuntasses on the planet. Based on whag you wrote I would wager that you are one of those guys that hangs out on the beach alone making asado, looking at every female thar passes by, ghen goes into your cabaña and pounds one out for himself.

  • georgiaboyga

    I am still going to say that Brazil is still #1 in my book. To me the women were so nice and beautiful and easy to talk to. Dominican Republic same thing. I have plans to go to Columbia to explore the country.

  • Cicero


    Roosh never wrote that it is absolutely necessary to run social circle game in a Spring-Break type atmosphere on the beach — anonymity is probably part of why it’s so easy to score in Cancun/Vegas/pick your spring break beach location. You wrote that “those places [beaches during holiday] are the last to try to get with an Argie skank”. Have you never been to a beach on Spring Break? Beaches ooze sex. Definitely not the hardest place to score. Might be time for you to get off the computer and go experience life…

    In any case, it could be that I got lucky — both girls I hooked up with in Uruguay spoke good English, and at least one had dated non-Argie guys previously, so they may have been special. I did also get the infamous Argie head-turn away from the kiss from another, but there were just so many targets to choose from and so little competition I just went on to the next girl.

    Just finished off my trip, ending in Rio. That’s another place every man must visit once in their life. For a tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed viking like myself, the place is heaven on Earth. I might have to summer in Brazil, where, if a girl gives you the eye, it means she’s ready to make out. Impossible to believe until you’ve been there…

    On an unrelated point, general game-skills and travel skills seem to overlap quite a bit. To make the most of traveling, in general, it helps to open everything that moves, to be outgoing, and to charm hired guns, the locals, and those who can help you, whether it is to tell you where the nearest ATM is, or to give you a tour of their city. So traveling is a great way to practice pickup, especially since every hostel I stayed at was just crawling with girls, many of whom are traveling alone, and who are easy to open, if not also close.

    Lastly, Roosh’s guides were helpful. Never trust a Brazilian condom. Taking an unlocked phone was money, as was an LED light. Argie girls found “Quiero hacer cucharita” funny, and I found the descriptions of both Argie and Brazilian girls to be spot on. Only critique was that the Uruguayan coast wasn’t on my radar to begin with…

    But, f*ck, now it’s back to work…

  • Zorro

    When I was in Ecuador,I got to make out with a hot looking coastal girl living in the highland city of Cuenca. In fact,she was the ONLY hot girl that I saw in Ecuador. I didn’t get to stay in the coast but have been told by average looking Gringos that the women’s beauty rival even that of Brazilian AND Venezuelan women. They think every gringo is a celebrity and swarm you like bunch of groupies if you’re tall enough,and even moderately above average. And the good think is that its virtually undiscovered,since Ecuador’s main tourist attracting culture is either the Galapagos,or the Incan highland cities. The coast is pretty quaint compared to other coastal cities,but the women are truly amazing and humble. They are a mix of Indian native,European,and Black. Now I am a 6ft American Born Ecuadorian whose parents are from Cuenca,so I would probably have rather limited appeal,but you european and gringo men are WORSHIPPED by these women. Even the old guys.
    Man am I jealous. They actually take pictures of you/with you just for being white. I’ve actually seen some girls showing me pictures they took of random fat middle age German men as if they were showing me pictures Elvis second coming.
    You lucky bastards!

  • bad blake

    i was in brazil for a long time. the women there in the lower middle class and up are such snobby bitches. they can be so rude. just because they have a little money. they are very nice to rich pansy ass dudes twice their age who have a car, money and the right clothes.

    i remember more times than not i approached a girl at a bar or club and said hello. she looked at me, gave me a scowl and turned her back. welcome to brazil. other times, when i tried to talk to a girl she would just look straight ahead and pretend i was not even there.

    i can sum up brazil as superficial women who you really should not ever attempt to try to talk too. they are too good for you and you do not have enough money to support their bitchy lifestyle. the snobbiness level is off the scale.

    i suggest going to mexico. i met beautiful women all over mexico, paticularly guadalajara and mexico city. beautiful women who are friendly and easy to talk too. oh…..mexican love their sex too.

  • Kev

    I wish I had learned the basics of at least one or two other languages years ago. The language teachers never said if you learn this languge you can go game girls in other countries, if they had then I would have signed up (there would be some girls in those classes too). To any younger Game guys still in High School or College, decide on at least 1 or 2 countries you want to visit eventually to Game the girls, and then next semester go sign up for a class on that language.

  • Graham from Liverpoool UK

    Hello Dudes.
    Me Age 54.

    Well I have just booked my Flight from UK to B.A. to do some cycle touring Patagonia. looks Like I picked the wrong country for Women. I just picked Arg – as it has less Nasty crawlies for Camping . No Don’t speak spanish. Work Offshore North sea So ROOSH ya reckon my chances of some female company in Patagonia are nil.

    I may come back up through CHILE. Punta arenas etc.

    VENEZUELA – Yes I was in ISLE of MArgarita after a Job in Trinidad. Went on internet
    Met 3 women Was banging the first one (Chubby) within 2 hrs. good fun. 2nd Women Nice but Only Shopping.
    3rd one looked a bit like Posh spice Age 38 good Body. again as we could not communicate We left the bar (daytime) went back to hotel. at first it was NO. Bit of persuasion we we at it. Saw here for 5 days Loads sex. But she wanted me to Pay for BooB jib ha ha

    Women Quite PEAR shaped. I prefere tight arses.

    So Lads ANy tips for B.A. night life for 1 week, prior to cycling
    WHich BARIO is best
    PALERMO or Palermo Soho or San Telmo etc.

    All help will be appreciated.

  • anto

    VENEZUELA: sucks because it’s not as diverse as colombia or brazil, it’s dangerous, VERY DANGEROUS, poor women are desperate so you’ll get laid easy but gringo network is not as established.

    BRAZIL: becoming snobby and expensive, it’s rapidly declining.

    COLOMBIA: what brazil used to be, low class gringo chasers are skanks, but if you manage to stay away from them and meet nicer more educated girls, you got the game down!!

    PERU/ ECUADOR / BOLIVIA: stay away, unless you want to see incan archeological ruins, from a sex tourist point of view these places stink, most women look like shit by the way, the typical short stocky flat butt amerindian looking women all over.

    CHILE: a mixed bag, some chilean women are ok, most aren;t all that…. why go there when you have argentina next door?

    PARAGUAY: Surprisingly beautiful stunning women, friendly and still untouched by the gringos, as it’s landlocked in the middle of south america, i recommend it after colombia the best place for WOW women!!!

    URUGUAY: a replica of Argentina but with less nice looking women… though there are still hot chicas around.

    ARGENTINA: nice, tourist friendly and not as dangerous, women are nice but not impressed with gringos, your whiteness is useless there.

    1. COLOMBIA (stay away from gringo chasing trash and try to meet normal girls)

    2. PARAGUAY (untouched and unknown, google paraguayan women, you’ll see what i am taking about)

    3. BRAZIL: losing its charm, turning into an expensive snobby hellhole.

    4. ARGENTINA: gorgeous women, eurocentric me me me attitudes.

    the rest you dont really need to go

  • GRW

    A few years back when I was in Argentina I had a short-lived romance with a Paraguayan girl. She was very cute and oozed sweetness and femininity unlike I had experienced much before. Her demeanour was quite different from Argentinian women who I found typically cold and distant. It was after the experience with “mi Paraguita” that I started thinking very differently about women of the world – especially in relation to their North American counterparts…

  • Huh?

    #30 Como latinoamericano, my comments to your comments.

    Venezuela:Dangerous? Yes, very, even for the locals. Less diverse than Brazil and Colombia?, ehh..no. Where did you get that idea, Venezuela proportionally received more inmigrants than Colombia (There are huge Italian, portuguese, middle-east, recently chinese, colombia, peruvian communities) and the population is more racially mixed than Colombia and Brazil so you see every c skin color. Women are hotter than every other country (with Brazil and COlombia close) but so-so personality(compared to Colombia A-1). Being gringo gives you neutral to slight positive vibe, as long as you are in decent shape and well dressed. There is not a gringo love tradition.

    Brazil: Expensive? hell yeah. Rapidly declining a 200 million country packed with hotties? No.

    Colombia.Best relation looks/personality in the Americas, nice asses. More native-american blood compared to Brazil/Arg/Ven, if this is your thing great.

    Peru/Ecuador/Bolivia: There are nice girls, and gringo or any foreigner love tends to be stronger due to poor competition. Granted the proportion of hot chicks is smaller.

    Paraguay: Extremelly underrated,hot hot chicks , very nice people and comparably cheap. La Asuncion has small town vibe though.

    Uruguay. yes, it is a small argentina, very nice chicks, social circle game is king, like in Argentina, not easy if you only want a row of one night stands.

    Argentina. Cute to stunning girls, but be warned, no caribbean/brazilian booties, but you gringos tend to love face/boobs more so it is OK. The argentians are a group of handsome smooth talking bastards, so be aware you will face tough competition. Not so safe, so please take precautions.Dont paint yourself as a target.

  • http://www.fija.org traveller

    I’m sorry to say that Brazil was absolutely the biggest disappointment of my travelling life. It’s the only time I’ve ever regretted traveling outside the States. Costa Rica had many beautiful women, and they were generally nice, feminin, etc. I am seriously looking at other Latin American countries, but for a wife–not one nighters. So I am still thinking seriously about Argentina. I have no problem developing a serious relationship with a woman first, and I am conversational with Spanish.

  • Living in Peru

    Hey Roosh I’ve lived in the capital city of Lima Peru, specifically in the district of Miraflores, for over two years now and I can say your suprisingly right but not really accurate in your conclusions. Let me clarify, mestizo (indigenous and white mixed) and straight up indigenous women do praise white men and more so gringos but the wealthy who happen to be pure spanish descendants do think of themselves as superior and also can be pretty snobby especially in my district as well as the other wealthy districts like San Isidro, La Molina and Surco. Spanish(white peruvian) women here are treated like goddesses because the majority of the population is mestizo so it will def be harder (not impossible) to use a cold approach and also beautiful women here are very defensive because of all the sleezy comments, kisses and whistles thrown at them on a daily basis which is another reason why cold approaches are not very effective. However on the bright side their are a lot of beautiful mestizas here who have that asian white look to them and many of them are super easy. My first and only time at a club here, the mestizas were all over me, like literaly had chicks fighting for me (Roosh was not joking in peruvians praising the white dick haha) Long story short i banged her that night at her friends house in the bathroom lol. The beauty of Peru is the girls come after you, it’s like a dream come true, totally opposite to Vancouver Canadian women in the sense that Peruvian girls have the guts to actually approach a man. Let it be known that their is racism against mixed and indigenous peruvians and it’s actually so ridiculous that a white man is more likely to score a better job than a brown person so this disrimination plays a huge role in sexual preference as well because of how prized the light skin is. Another couple great spots where girls have picked me up would be the beach during the summer and the historic centre of Lima which is teaming with pretty mestizas from around all of Peru. If you have any questions regarding coming to peru feel free to email me on my gmail at danf87

  • Living in Peru

    I forgot to mention i have an athletic build, attractive and my spanish is fluent. Your results may vary lol

  • Bill

    Peru sucks

  • ray

    I went to chile last year and I got myself suprised…I met really hot girls on the beachand if you are smart you’ll get the to bed. Besides, chile is beautiful and variated, you have snow and desert in the same country, people is really nice and they speak english very well. Yes it has some bad stuff, like flaites (if you go there you’ll know), they are dangerous but if you’re nice and respectful you won’t have problem. I personaly recomendviña del mar and valle del elqui

  • Travelling Man

    I can only speak for where I have been and Peru is a huge dirt hole. I saw a huge garbage pile with a trash truck dumping more onto it, and this was in the middle of a busy Lima street. It was disgusting and people walked by like it was fine and normal. I imagine the rest of S. America is the same, and I have no desire to ever find out. I cannot say that Peruvians “praise white men” the ones I saw were more like “what is a white person doing here?” Good ? Then they see my travelling companions and realized I am with natives.

    As far as women goes Colomiba by far has the hottest women (ala Sophia Vagara) with Urugay and Brazil a close tie for 2nd. Women from Peru are ugly both in looks and in spirit.

    Why are women from Peru so ugly? You can blame their ancestors who slayed all the pretty virgins…Way to go st-Inca’s – now all your lineage is as ugly as the stray dogs lining the streets. Peruvians are pushy and feel like they are entitled to something. They are also sneaky people and liars who think they know it all and I do not trust them.

    Save yourself from some dysentery and avoid Peru at all costs. Every time I went to that crap hole I got sick with some intestinal illness. Its no surprise with all the polluted water both in the city and off the coast line, and some of the food that is on the menu.

    Peru is so messed up I went into a store and they had milk on the counter, well this was not milk in a can, it was like liquid milk , which should be refirdgerated. I watched someone come in an buy one, like nothing. I looked and it even said on the bottle that it should be refiridgerate. I asked the clerk and they said that they never refridgerate them, unbelievable.

    I have known people from Peru who travel to other countries not with clothes but they load food into their suitcases. Not snacks but stuff like junk food chocolate, which they sell all over the world, and even frozen meat. Who brings frozen chicken in their suitcase, then thinks it is ok to eat after a 12 hour trip? The mentality of Peruvian people is a mystery to me. THere is more…

  • Travelling Man

    Peruvians have no manners and act like they are descended from royalty when in reality they live in filth and squalor, go back several centuries and look at what they were doing, they are still basically cave people. Go back several centuries in Europe and you can see fine arts, buildings still standing, paintings. What do you see in Peru and south america? Some rocks, maybe some stone sculptures or metal sculptures that look like they were made by kids. I wish whoever made the Nazca lines had taken all of the Inca with them..