5 Observations From My 2015 Visit To Ukraine

With the recent conflict in Ukraine, spurred on by US government involvement, it appears that one of the more consistent poosy paradises for Western men is on a definite geopolitical decline. Here are five things I noticed after spending one week in Kiev this spring:

1. Western ideas are starting to infect the minds of Ukrainians

While still at a low level, you’re starting to hear more buzz words from the government and cultural elite about “equality,” “openness,” and “opportunity.” Even though there is more nationalism in the sense that people firmly believe in the Ukrainian nation, Ukrainians are buying into the degenerate cultural package that Brussels and Washington are selling. To be like the successful countries of Western Europe, they are told, a good start is to let homosexuals parade on the streets, which happened over the summer.

Oligarch Petro Poroshenko’s support of homosexuals was the first time ever that a Ukrainian leader openly endorsed butt sex. It’s no surprise that he has unwavering support from the US State Department.

2. Women don’t want to live in Ukraine

The great exodus of Ukrainian women has accelerated. Unlike my previous trips, women are no longer playing coy about wanting to live in the West, and are stating it quickly after you meet them. I can see this firsthand in Poland, which has a steady influx of Ukrainians. In no uncertain terms, Ukraine is a failed state that does not have the confidence of its young people, particularly women, and they will now eager seek relationships with foreign men who hold the olive branch of getting them out.

In the past, you would have to “sell” to most women that you like Ukraine and want to stay in order to get into relationships with them, but now that will actually hurt you, because what deranged soul would want to stay in a collapsing nation? The optimum game has become saying that you don’t like Ukraine and can’t wait to return to your comfortable middle-class Western home, one that needs a good woman.

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3. Women still want long-term relationships

By default, Ukrainian women want long-term relationships. You can of course extract easy sex from the more promiscuous class of Ukrainian women, but going to Ukraine for easy sex is the same as going to America to find a wife—it’s possible but a foolish choice. If you’re horny and want sex, go to Poland instead, where the quality is lower but the women are faster. For relationships and marriage, Ukraine is a better bet. Looking back, it was silly of me to go to Ukraine while I was still in my humping phase.

4. Women don’t want an office career

The job market is so hopeless in Ukraine, with practically no chance of upward social mobility, that you won’t find any girl who tells you her dream is establishing a “career” for several years before finding a husband. Girls go to school because there isn’t anything else to do or just to buy time, because they know that their main asset is their womb. This is quite refreshing because Poland is stock full of ambitious women who will dedicate over a decade of their lives to push paper for a corporation instead of finding out how to develop themselves in a way that serves men. The masculinization of Polish women is frightening indeed.

5. The worst Ukrainian girls go to nightclubs

One of the reasons that my first trip to Ukraine wasn’t as good as the subsequent trips is that I initially focused almost exclusively on meeting women in clubs. What I didn’t realize then that I do now is that only a certain type of Ukrainian woman goes to clubs. This is obvious after realizing how few clubs per capita there are in Ukraine compared to Western cities.

For example, the city of Kharkov has a city population similar to Washington DC but less than 5% the number of nightlife venues. This tells you that the far majority of Ukrainian girls don’t even go out at night. It’s not something they experience outside of random birthday parties, and when they do, it’s definitely not meet a random cock to take home.

If you want to meet a decent Ukrainian girl, don’t go to nightclubs. You meet only a certain type of girl that clouds your judgement on them as a whole. You should instead try to meet girls through social or professional circles.

Even day game, which works in Ukraine, still selects for a certain type of girl, because the culture there is such that meeting a random guy off the street is simply not normal. It’s no surprise that the type of Ukrainian girls that Western men meet through day game are often the ones who like to go out at night, travel, talk to foreign men, and so on. That said, day game in Ukraine is still a fine way to meet a great girl, but the more integrated you are into a social circle there, the better woman you’ll get.

What lies for the future of Ukraine?

It’s clear that Ukraine, as it exists today, can not survive without USA money and support. The separatists in the East control big chunks of important industry and the economy has essentially ground to a halt. Smart Ukrainians are looking for the exits and only those in the Western part of the country, seduced by the idea of Ukrainian patriotism (and power), think there is any hope for the future. Once the incompetent political elite in the USA is finished destroying Ukraine like it has done to so many countries in the Middle East, there won’t be much left.

Ukraine was never a comfortable place to live, but now it’s pretty tough, and no one there will understand why you choose to spend time there. You’d have to straight-up be an oddball to want to stay in the shithole that Ukraine is becoming just to get laid, and telling a girl that you “love” Ukraine just won’t be believed anymore. That said, it’s easier now than ever for you to pluck a Ukrainian beauty and get her out of there, but of course that leaves a big question mark for what could happen if you bring her into the West, where her diabolical Slavic genes could be switched on to your detriment.

Unless you are looking for a serious relationship, I can’t think of a reason to spend much time in Ukraine. It’s not stable, the women are leaving in droves, and it’s just not a pleasant place to live (as if it ever was). With talk that within a year or two Ukrainians will join the Muslim invaders in being allowed visa-free travel to anywhere in Europe, that means that glory days of going to Ukraine for some fun is coming to an end.

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