5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Going To Poland

I’m sad to be writing this right now, because a place I loved not long ago is one that I may not want to visit again. Here’s why:

1. Polish girls are getting uglier

My first visit was in 2011. Two and a half years later, while living in Wroclaw, I can clearly see the degradation. They are becoming obese and embracing the hipster culture. Short haircuts are not uncommon. I estimate we have about 10-15 years until Poland becomes a mini-Germany in terms of female appearance. While other Eastern European locations are more resistant to Westerization, Polish culture is begging for their culture to be replaced in terms of lifestyle and diet. As one Polish guy told me, “We’re doing a copy paste of your culture.” Polish girls are still friendly, and display very low attitude, but I wonder if it’s only a matter of time until that changes as well.

2. Spanish men are ravaging the countryside

I did notice a lot of Spanish male students upon my first visit, but now I’m seeing hordes of older Spanish men coming for the explicit purpose to have sex with Polish girls. Many nights I was in a club where over 50% of the men were foreign. While foreign men aren’t a particular game threat, they are very thirsty. I’m sure you can imagine the result of good-looking men approaching girls down to the 3 range. It used to be super easy to bang a Polish 6 via one-night stands, but now you have to take her out on at least one date. The days are over of above-average Polish girls desperate for foreign love. She now has quite a bit of choice.

3. Polish girls are not as beautiful as their neighbors

I was the first to mention how Polish girls have a butterface problem, but now the extent of this issue is obvious to me. I can say with 100% certainty that Polish girls are less attractive than girls from the following European countries I’ve been to: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, and Moldova. It’s not a matter of makeup or wearing high-heels but a structural deficiency in their face. They have long chins, turkey necks, big noses, sharp cheekbones, and wide faces. If you’re coming from a place like Sweden, Germany, or America, they are a definite upgrade, but if you’re coming from other Eastern European countries, you won’t want to stay long.

4. Polish girls place schooling and career above men

It turns out that they obsessed with doing well in school and getting a good career. I’m not going to argue that this is not in their best interests, but it gives a lower value proposition for men who want more than scant attention from the women he dates. The hottest girls are young and in college (Polish women age rather poorly), but they give their studies more importance than I think is reasonable. Scheduling a date with a Polish girl is similar to making an appointment with a doctor, and oftentimes she has to go home early to sleep, making sex with them a rapid in-and-out affair that lacks the nurturing component you can get from other women. Polish women are training themselves to serve their corporate masters before their men, meaning they are becoming more like American women. The worst part is that Polish men don’t mind, becoming more eager to share in the household chores.

My best experiences with dating Polish women were ones who already graduated from college, because they could spend long evenings satisfying my needs, but post-college Polish girls who are single can be hard to find, and I already mentioned that they are not as cute as their younger counterparts.

5. Weekend nightlife is horrendously bad

The reason is that a gigantic percentage of college girls take the train back to their home village every weekend to spend time with the family. This leaves weekend clubs filled with more sausage and mediocre spinsters. It is extremely hard to pickup a cute Polish girl on the weekend, even in college cities. In Wroclaw, I often chose to stay home and masturbate than endure the weekend nightlife.

I’m sure you can imagine another consequence of this: any cute Polish girl you end up dating will often be unavailable for weekend sex. What’s the point of dating a girl if on the weekend your bed is empty?


It used to be that you would get easy sex from cute girls in Poland, but the percentage of cute girls are declining while their self-perceived value is going up because of the foreign horde (the fantastical hype in Bang Poland hasn’t helped). Therefore, I have to change my recommendation that you blindly visit Poland for a long trip. If you’re an American man stepping foot in Eastern Europe for the first time, you should also plan for a comparison trip to its closest competitor, Romania. The girls there are hotter, thinner, and have a stronger affection for American men, though a higher level of game is required. It’s no longer automatic that Poland is great for most guys—you may do a lot better in Romania or even the Baltics.

When it comes to love tourism, it’s important to always be ready to accept that the environment can change quickly. This is what is happening to Poland. Once a great place to rack up bangs with decent chicks, its value is decreasing at a rate that surprises me. It’s still superior to America, but greener pastures in Europe can be found.

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