5 Reasons Your Game Sucks

This list contains what I believe are the most common problems that guys have after being in the game for about a year.

1. You’re still too needy. While you’ve made quite a bit of headway with accepting rejection, you’re still hoping that girls will like you, respond to your text messages, and not flake. For every new girl you meet, you care more about her than she does about you, and I guarantee you she can feel that. You’ll have to be more “cold,” fighting the early stages of attachment to her before she shows affection first.

2. You’re not approaching enough. Your approaches are spaced so far apart that your progress is slower than it should be. You still wait for perfect moments and make fancy excuses on why you shouldn’t do the tough approaches. Sometimes you sit on your hands waiting for a Christmas miracle, expecting not to put in hard work to get what you want. One day you will get to the point where you don’t have to work as hard to get laid, but you’re not there yet, so you must keep approaching in high numbers.

3. You use alcohol as a crutch. You think you’re putting out tight game when you drink heavily, but your boys don’t have the heart to tell you that you’re not. You’re still counting on a few drinks to loosen you up, meaning you’re missing not only approaches that could’ve taken place early in the night but day approaches as well. If I told you that alcohol would be banned from the world and you respond by freaking out, you’re depending on it more than you should.

4. You’re still putting pussy on the pedestal. Even though you’re well aware that you shouldn’t put pussy on the pedestal, you still fantasize about having a dream girl to snuggle with on those cold winter nights. You think many of your problems in life will be solved if you can forge a magical connection with that cute girl-next-door. You hope that one day you could end all this game business and just “be yourself,” whatever that means. This ensures that you overvalue every girl you meet and put out bad game as a result. The more worthless you think of the female species and the less you fantasize about your dream girl, the more likely you will find and successfully game her. The fantasy you should have to get your ideal girl should be choking and butt-fucking her, not having a romantic walk with her on a beautiful beach underneath a full moon.

5. Your appearance has not yet reached its potential. You’ve been lazy about optimizing your look. That’s nice that you’ve recently bought a new belt with a large buckle, but for the most part you look the same as you did two years ago. Are you absolutely sure that your current look will get you the best responses for the types of venues that you usually approach women in? Are you sure you’ve lost the extra pounds that would help make women consider your body “athletic” instead of “average?” It takes methodical experimentation with different hair, clothing, and muscle combinations to discover the appearance that gets you laid the most.

The solutions that will take your game to the next level are building your confidence to lofty heights, devaluing pussy, making the law of averages your god, and experimenting until there’s nothing left to experiment with. Until then you will only see average returns from your game investment.

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