5 Reviews Of Bang Ukraine

The first review is from a Russian expat:

If you’ve heard that Ukraine is nothing but a bunch of hotties willingly sexing strange westerners (and the fact that a foreign bride site is the first hit on google when you search for “Ukraine” doesn’t do anything to dispel that), you’re wrong. Remember when I said Roosh mentions the culture? In the women you can see a direct reflection of that – due to the harsh, unforgiving nature of Ukraine – from the men, to the police, to the weather, the corruption, these girls are extremely closely guarded and wont just hop into bed with any man on a whim since it is extremely dangerous, and noone would help them if they “fuck up”. On the flip side, once their icy outer shells are broken and the defenses penetrated, Ukrainian girls are presented as perfect feminine girlfriends that most men could only dream about. And this trade off makes courtship worth it

This is extremely helpful to people who believe in a “one sized fits all” type of game that seems to be prominent with Mystery Method fanboys. If you go there with that attitude, expect to be blown up. The way Roosh seems to go about sex in this book would get you laughed out of most NYC bars. He asks “interview style” questions, he holds doors open, he pays for stuff – all of these things that your parents taught you to do, but then you painfully realized that they did not work in 2012 America. Roosh is a damn gentleman in this book, which in itself is surprising to see.

Of course you have the other side of the coin – the bad seeds. If Ukraine was filled with nothing but hot skinny girls that would reciprocate proper courtship, this could be the magic land of vagina that every man searches for. But the hot Ukranian girls, who readily know that they are way prettier than the women a lot of Westerners are used to, will readily hustle unsuspecting men. It’s a poor country, and people have to do what they can to survive. Roosh does an excellent job demonstrating a dating strategy that is both effective, and simultaneously weeds out the hustlers out there.

This review is from a man who lived in Ukraine for a year:

After living in Ukraine for over a year, I was eager to read Roosh’s thoughts on his 3 month stay.

Ukraine is a like a different world compared to Western mentality.

I could almost hear the frustration coming off the pages when I started reading Bang Ukraine. It was as if I wrote many of the passages after having lived there for over a year.

Roosh breaks down 3 categories that a man can fall into when trying to date a Ukrainian woman. He goes into further detail on how to position quickly for the correct category. If you follow his advice, you will save a lot of time and money. I can’t tell you how many western guys I have seen wasting time and money on women that wasn’t interested in them.

Women grow up knowing how to work men. Ukrainian men know how to handle their women while western men are like lambs to the slaughter. I have seen Western men getting fleeced by Ukrainian princesses without even so much as a kiss.

I really enjoyed many of the personal stories and dialog towards the end of the book. I think it really helps cement the ideas and techniques discussed in previous chapters. Not only do you have a “what to do” list, but you have a dialog that showed what Roosh did to be successful and what he did that wasn’t successful. Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes and Roosh, as always, was gracious enough to include examples where he blew it.

Even after living there for as long as I did, I learned a few things based on Roosh’s experiences. Some of the ideas I never really put together until I read his book. A few “yeah, I never thought of it that way” moments put a smile on my face while devouring the content. The crazy part is you end up with a sort of love hate relationship with the place.

This review is from an expat living in Ukraine:

I did buy Roosh’s other books, and while they were very good indeed—i.e., they helped me understand the mentality of Western women—they are of limited practical value to me, as I am only interested in the women from between the Yalu and the Vistula. I was much pleased when Roosh released Bang Poland, quickly devoured it, and noted to myself that I shall revisit Poland. Finally when Roosh offered review copies of Bang Ukraine, I asked for one. Imagine my surprise when he sent me a copy. Thanks Roosh! I’ve been waiting for Bang Ukraine for a very long time!

Bang Ukraine’s format is very much like Roosh’s other travel guides. He spends 5 pages on the Ukrainian culture, 3 pages on Ukrainian cities, 5 pages on Ukrainian logistics (i.e, where to stay et al), 12 pages on Ukrainian girls—their mentality, approach index, et al. 36 pages of the book is spent on gaming girls in the Ukraine, which actually flows into the section on the girls, as Roosh goes into detail about the mentality of the typical Ukrainian girl. A further 33 pages is spent detailing his personal experience with the girls. The rest few pages of the book is about logistics in Kharkov, which I promptly skipped.

Roosh’s expository on the Ukrainian culture and cities are too short to do anyone any good, but honestly, he’s not writing as a ethnographer here—if you really want to know more about the culture, buy a book on that.

His sections on logistics is dead on, as is his description of the cities. I must say, I found his description of Kharkov as an “industrial shit-hole” to be rather funny. I frankly, do not find these cities to be shit-holes, and find them to be far more enjoyable than your typical American suburb. As Roosh noted himself, the level of talent will more than make up for any lack aesthetics in city planning. But as the Russians say, каждый дрочит, как он хочет (every man jerks off the way he wants—i.e., whatever floats your boat). As a side note, Khakov boasts one of the most idiotic mayors on this side of the Dniper, as you can see here:

For those of you who don’t know what a typical “industrial shithole” looks like, look no further than this music video by Nastia Komenskih:

Back to the review… Roosh’s description of the mentality of the typical Ukrainian girl is very accurate. He posits that the girls are out to extract as much as possible out of the guy; the love tourist should to be careful not to spend too much initially on the girl, as she will automatically put you in a potential husband category, thus slowing down the potential lay. Roosh offers many other nuggets of wisdom, such that I wished that I would have read this books years ago, as I would have had much more lays.

I would add, however, that he suffers from not being fluent in Russian. (Yes, Russian—if you’re going to the Ukraine, don’t bother studying Ukrainian, learn Russian, or just use English.) That said, this book is a must read for anyone who is thinking about going to the Ukraine—both for your casual love tourist, as well as any wife-hunters.

I would like to add that for the exactly reasons Roosh talked about, for the expats who are willing to commit to the Ukraine long term, this is the mythical PP. If you are a man of means, the entire Donbas can be your oyster. Competition for the greater beta (an actual beta will get his balls handed to him, mixed with сметана—sour cream) in the Ukraine is fierce, leading to acts of mate stealing, and giving rise to the phrase жена – не стена (a wife is not a wall/barrier—meaning, I don’t care if he’s married, I can compete with his wife, because I’m younger/hotter/tighter).

I would like to add a word of warning for the neophyte; the Ukrainian mentality is not exactly the same as the Russian mentality. The Ukraine suffers from a “small country” mentality, leading to silly arguments with Ukrainian nationalists about whether their country should be called the Ukraine or simply Ukraine (I believe it should have a “the” as any country whose name starts with an adjective, even if in another language, should have the “the”, e.g., the Argentine, the Nederlands, et al). A joke sums up the Ukrainian mentality very well:

When Russia turned off the gas to the Ukraine, the Ukrainian parliament sent Yulia Timosheko to the Kremlin to negotiate. Upon arrival, Putin posits that he will turn back the gas in return for a blow job from Timoshenko. She agrees, but insists Putin stand on a chair. After said act, Putin asks why he needed to stand on a chair. “Because,” Timosheko answers, “Ukrainians never kneel in front of Russians!”

This review is from an American who visited Kiev for two weeks:

Having just read Bang Poland in September (was in Poland), and reading Bang Iceland a few weeks ago (heading there in a few weeks), Bang Ukraine definitely had a different feel than Roosh’s other books.

It follows the same framework and outline, but Bang Ukraine felt more instructional and calculated than the others. And not in a bad way – Ukraine is so damn crazy and hard to understand that it likely needs a more direct and no nonsense approach to it. Of course the story portion was great as always and had me actually laughing aloud to myself.

My experience in Ukraine differed from Roosh’s in a lot of ways, which I can almost guarantee is because I stayed in Kiev the capital as opposed to the industrial shithole of Kharkiv. So while some things were quite different living in the major city (one night stands, more drinking, more promiscuity, etc.), Roosh was dead on about a lot of the ingrained attitudes of these girls.

First off, Roosh is right that the level of femininity you will experience will shock your senses. Heels, skirts, hair, makeup all the time and done well. It’s fantastic.

Next, I do agree that it is quite impossible to swoop in for a weekend and succeed. Even though I had success it wasn’t until I was there for a week into my 10 night trip where I started “figuring” things out. His methodology is damn accurate with the type of touching and aggressiveness you have to put out. Only in Ukraine did I touch like this and have it widely accepted. I also agree with his beliefs about when to get the number, and about acting like a “man” as I’ve never seen it so required and expected as it was in Ukraine to be a non-apologetic man in the most traditional sense.

The description of what it was like talking with girls was very similar as well. The funny thing is, and now that I think back about it, is how much these girls change once you bang them. I also had a mini-gf (though not as long as Roosh), and it was actually refreshing to have a girl become funny and cook and clean for you and so on. You get a great girlfriend that you enjoy talking to, seeing and generally being around.

I’m always a fan of the stories section. However dare I say that Roosh’s Yulia story was quite long…perhaps a sign of how much he liked her? Awww… Just kidding my friend, having seen a glimpse at what these girls could offer visually and with their femininity I can see how what you describe happened to you would happen to most men. And back to the story, even though it was a longer story the reader is still entertained throughout and waiting to see how it ends.

Enjoyed the read and highly suggest it to those traveling to Ukraine, especially for Kharkiv and other smaller cities.

And finally there is a review from Bronan:

When you think of Ukraine, you probably think of Chernobyl, beets and oppression. At least that’s what I think of, and not just because I have a beet fetish. Shh, don’t tell anybody.

Luckily travel writer and love tourist Roosh V is here to sort of confirm my beety suspicions about Ukraine with his newest travel guide Bang Ukraine. Unfortunately for haters across the globe, Roosh has stated that Bang Ukraine will be his last travel guide. Fortunately for you, Roosh is going out with a bang (you get it?!?!?! Bang???!?!?!??1!). I’ve reviewed several of Roosh’s guides in the past and Bang Ukraine is probably my favorite work so far.

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