6 Pieces Of Advice To Donald Trump’s Campaign For Handling Upcoming Violence

After witnessing the actions of loony liberals last week in Chicago and Ohio, it’s clear that we’re seeing only the beginning of genuine violence that the left will levy upon Donald Trump and his supporters leading up to the Republican National Convention in July. Members of the elite establishment that support these violent protesters refuse to lose fair and square, so we must assume that the situation will get increasingly dangerous.

On March 11, Trump attempted to hold a rally in Chicago. It was infiltrated by Bernie Sanders and MoveOn.org protesters who accosted Trump supporters with the intent to shut it down. Because of the security risk, Trump cancelled the rally. The protesters who attended proceeded to threaten and intimate anyone who showed support for Trump.

The next day, a BlackLivesMatter supporter jumped the railing at a Trump rally to assault Trump before being stopped by the Secret Service. Afterwards, the media gave him a softball interview that excused his violent behavior, essentially handing him a social justice medal of honor.

Here is the media playbook until the election:

  • Ignore or rationalize any violence by the left. Assassination attempts against Trump will be reported on the level of a practical joke.
  • Amplify or exaggerate any attempt at self-defense by Trump supporters. If someone in a Trump hat defends himself against violence, he will be labeled a right-wing extremist and Nazi sympathizer.
  • Blame Donald Trump for anything bad that happens. If Trump raises his voice at a rally louder than that of a sports fan attending a football match, the media will claim that any future protest incident is the result of him inciting “literal” genocide.

Since it is an absolute certainty that leftists will disrupt future Trump gatherings and force Trump supporters to defend themselves, the Trump camp must be ready for these occurrences and the subsequent distortions by the lying media. Here are six things that the Trump camp must do:

1. Prime the public to associate leftists with violence

Trump supporters and moderates must be bombarded with the truthful notion that leftists are quick to use violence when they sense they are losing. Trump must associate his enemies as violent just like he has associated the media with lying. Based on Trump’s rhetoric on ISIS, people will connect the dots of leftists acting as terrorists to shut down those they disagree with. The benefit of this tactic is that when a violent episode does erupt, people will immediately assume that it was instigated by the left before all the details come in.

Sample Talking Points

  • “The left can’t win with their arguments, because they have none, so they are now resorting to intimidation and violence.”
  • “The left are sore losers. They are so desperate that they have to act like violent thugs to disrupt our rallies. But they can’t stop us from making America great again.”
  • “The left wants to turn America into a nation of thugs. They don’t believe in the First or Second Amendment, but these are the most important rights that make America a great nation.”
  • “We have high energy while the left has criminal energy. They are trying to use violence to stop us from making America great again. Their leading candidate has the most criminal energy of all!”

2. Produce video reels of leftist violence against Trump supporters

Images must be used alongside verbal rhetoric to ingrain the desired belief. If I was in the Trump camp, I’d have a “viral media team” combing through clips of leftist anger and violence against Trump to produce slick 2-4 minute clips that spread naturally on social networking. These videos can be linked through Trump’s accounts and homepage. If Trump doesn’t want to be associated with these videos, he can share them with Trump sympathizers who will then help spread them.

3. Instruct supporters on how to react to violence

Trump must give his supporters peaceful guidance on what to do if they are dangerously confronted by a leftist while not endorsing violence or frightening his supporters into thinking that they will certainly be attacked. This is important because when there is a violent episode—and there will be—Trump can take the high road by citing his earlier instructions as proof that he is not inciting violence. If I was him, I’d stop short on telling his followers to “use self-defense,” because even that will be twisted by the media.

Sample Talking Points

  • “Bernie and Hillary supporters are going loony. Please take care of yourself by staying alert at this rally and after you leave. They’ve failed to stump me so far and I don’t want them to stump you either.”
  • “If you are confronted by an unstable liberal, extract yourself to safety. De-escalate the situation. Chicago has shown they do not want to have a logical debate on how to make America great again.”
  • “The left is beginning to use violence because they have lost the battle of ideas. We don’t need to use violence, because we have a plan for America to win again.”

4. Quickly publicize all future attempts by leftists to use violence against Trump supporters

The Trump camp could do a better job on exposing the violent tendencies of leftists. They may be giving protesters a bit of a pass by sweeping things under the rug, because I suspect they desire to reduce levels of anxiety for Trump supporters while not appearing to have security issues during events. However, the public must be aware of leftist violence because it motivates them to vote for Trump at the polls while continuing to prime them as described in point number one. As long as Trump never appears to be the victim, there is more upside than downside in sharing wrongful acts by the left, especially since all rational people abhor tactics of violence to silence legal speech.

5. Have an emergency action plan for when a Trump supporter murders a leftist

It’s probably going to happen that a Trump supporter is threatened with his life by a mob of leftists and acts in legal self-defense. Even though he will be legally excused for the killing, the media will go crazy and start up with the “Trump has started a holocaust” rhetoric. Trump must immediately denounce the violence and re-frame the issue as a man using force to defend his life or family, adding that this is why the Second Amendment is so important for all Americans.

If the use of violence by a Trump supporter is in no way justifiable from a legal self-defense standpoint  and is possibly even a false flag attack, Trump should condemn the act and make a visible monetary donation to the health care costs of the victim, stating how as President he will heal the nation and prevent such attacks from even occurring.

Sample Talking Points:

  • “I absolutely denounce all violence by either my supporters or the left. The killing today was absolutely tragic. Obama has spent eight years tearing America apart, creating these angry divisions, but I know that more violence is not the answer.”
  • “If you encounter an angry mob, please escape to safety. Don’t confront these animals. Remove yourself to safety and protect your family legally and lawfully.”

6. Appear as a divine unifier and de-escalater

Whatever violence does happen, Trump must  imply that liberals are the flock that has been led astray by years of bad political policy and media manipulation, and that he will help them become a part of a better America. His rhetoric must be centered around unifying the country against the very sort of violence that is happening against him and his supporters. He can also show that the violence is endorsed and even sponsored by foreign agitators on the left (e.g. George Soros) because it’s in their monetary interests to have a weak America that can’t defend itself against harmful globalist policies and trade deals.

Trump must turn the volume down in the aftermath of violent events while still hammering home that the left is acting violently and using thug tactics to prevent America from coming together. Trump should appear stern, direct, and concerned, but never angry or worried, even in the fact of dire threats to his safety, just like he did in Ohio after the crazed leftist rushed the stage.

Sample Talking Points:

  • “Why are Hillary supporters so ready to use violence? Where did they get that criminal energy from? We can only wonder!”
  • “The type of violence you are seeing by Hillary supporters will disappear once I become President. They are being led by bad ideas and bad policies, and we’re going to roll all that back.”
  • “The anger you see now is by people who lack employment and good communities. This is a direct result of Obama’s policies that Hillary wants to continue. Once I become president, the door will be open for these misguided individuals to become productive citizens in a stronger America.”

Because violence will happen at increasing regularity from this point on, the Trump camp must incorporate that fact into their campaign, not only to take advantage of it among their base, but to properly defend against false accusations of incitement that will surely come from the media. If the Trump camp implements my suggestions above, I believe they will be firmly positioned to ride the worst sort of violence between leftists and Trump supporters. Otherwise, they may be caught with their pants down, because I guarantee you that the media already has a fully laid-out plan for accusing Trump of more incitement. If anything, I expect the media to actually create the violence themselves.

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