6 Qualities Of A Good Rape Scene

I just saw the movie 300, which had an awful rape scene—it didn’t arouse me at all. Real-life rape is brutal, horrible, and something I don’t believe in, but I dig it in movies and porn where the fake rape is a symbol of male domination. Here is what makes a good rape scene:

1. Not too much physical violence. There should be no blood and hitting of the girl with a closed fist, though hair pulling is acceptable. The girl can beat the guy on his chest as much as she wants, and she has to say “no” and “please don’t” several times. But not too much.

2. Lots of eye contact. This makes the rape more intimate.

3. Some facial grimacing. It should hurt a little initially, but not during the full strokes. Definitely no tears.

4. No protection. I accidentally stumbled on a French porn clip of four masked men “raping” two French girls. Not only did the guys put condoms on, but the girls helped them do it. I was so disgusted that I stopped watching.

5. Change in opinion. The key to a good rape scene is seeing the girl change from hating it to loving it. She has to want to be raped again.

6. After-sex joking or cuddling. She should learn to love her rapist. None of that crying on the floor naked while in a fetal position stuff.

Both genders have rape fantasies and that’s normal, but there is a definitive test to see if you really love rape or not: watch the movie Irreversible. The nine minute rape scene in that movie is so violent that it disfigures the victim (Monica Belucci) and puts her in a coma. I did not get aroused during that scene, like I normally do when watching rape, so that means I can joke about rape because I’m not really a rapist (sort of like how black comedians can make fun of black people). That movie turned me off from cinematic rape for several months.

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  • Jay Gatsby

    Interesting topic, but you’re going to draw some fire from women who consider men who think about “rape” in anything less than a pure negative light as reason enough to have them locked up and sodomized by a guy named Bubba so they know how it feels to be raped. Yet many women have so-called “rape fantasies” along the lines you described. This appears to be acceptable, since women are the ones who hold such fantasies.

  • mike says

    we are now standing in the eye of an impending shit storm.

  • lmntalattraction

    [ducks and covers]

  • terps

    hmm, it’s quiet here now. maybe the calm before the storm?

  • Roosh

    screeching commenters don’t register because they want to stay anon

  • eugenius

    i agree that rape scene wasnt that good, but it started out good….i have a feeling they had to edit it for mainstream audience and to prevent the main character from looking completely defeated….its like his wife was raped to save him so in essence he lost what he was fighting for…so if there was any extra footage they probably had to cut it….

  • Sweat P.

    Man… you’re just hanging it all out there, aren’t you.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    You’re never gonna get to promote your book on NPR with posts like this!

  • Why

    Perhaps posts like these will continue to keep you out of the New York Times?

  • Laura

    I think this post symbolizes the climax of a good rape scene. We used to protest Roosh’s sexist and offensive writings, “beat his chest,” if you will, but now he’s been doing it so long that we have been conditioned to expect and be entertained by it. “Please don’t” has turned to “Please don’t stop!” before our very eyes.

    Well done, my friend!

  • Roissy

    a good rule of thumb is: the louder the screeching, the closer you are to unpleasant truths.

    since i’m amused by the screeching, i’ll stoke the fire.

    women have rape fantasies where they are the victim because it is in their nature to feel sexually aroused when a powerful man dominates them.

    men have rape fantasies where they are the perp because it is in their nature to feel sexually aroused when they are dominating an attractive, physically weaker woman.

    rape is about sex, not power. the boner doesn’t lie.

    the large majority of rape victims are in their prime fertile years. the odd story of a grandma getting raped is just that – odd.

    the overwhelming majority of rapists are low status men.

    evolutionarily speaking, rape served as a high-risk alternative pathway for rejected low status males to pass on their DNA. rape would not be so prevalent today if the strategy were not at least partially successful at replicating the rapists’ genes in the past.

    rape demographics have a racial dimension that, how to put this delicately, shits all over the PC zeitgeist. this is always good for a real screech-fest.

    say these things, and you won’t be able to count to three before the ad hominem attacks, strawmen, boilerplate bloviating, and Kult of Academia wishing well of pretty lies come crashing down on you with the full force of a sanctimonious evangelical sermon.

    reminder for the short bus screechers:
    is != ought.
    personally, i would have rapists publicly flogged in the town square and then castrated.

  • virglekent

    Dear god is it possible to go to hell from being friends with someone…..

    with that said number 4 is sooo true, I hate when I see condoms in porn, I’m like are you fucking kidding me everything about porn is fake from the tigs to the female orgasm because its a fantasy once your bring a condom into it we’re talking about reality and I don’t know about you but there’s no such thing as AIDS or the herp in my fantasy…..

    So no to condoms in porn….

    Let’s start a movement people

  • gn

    I’m a chick and I totally agree — actual rape is terrible but rough sex is hott. With two Ts.
    PS I can’t wait for your book!

  • mike says

    wow this is the most disappointing comment thread ever. with a post like this i was expecting death threats by noon.

  • http://www.timetoupgrade.blogspot.com mm

    Dude. I don’t even know if this is serious or not. Male domination is cool sometimes…but rape is a whole different story. You’re crazy.

  • http://wendysmightyminutiae.blogspot.com Wendy

    As a woman I admit to have had rape fantasies. But, always ending nicely with a codeword should it get too yucky and always contrived. Never throat slashing, sodomizing, violent rape.

    I am amazed you haven’t been “taken to school” by a bunch of feminists yet on this one.

  • Sweet

    I saw that movie yesterday too and loved it. But please tell me you took away more from it than a short rape scene! Just sayin’ 😉

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Good post, Roissy. The PC party line on rape is ridiculous. It goes much deeper (no pun intended) than the standard saying “rape is a crime of violence not sex.”

    Also, regarding the whitewashing of rape stats: With FBI info now accessible to everyone via the internet, this point of view is changing. The Duke “rape” case notwithstanding.

  • http://www.kayodeakinsinde.com kayjay84

    wow! I read the short story rape fantasies in high school and was even more surprised it was by a woman. Years later while smashing a girl in my dorm room I’d experience my first bout in the ring of rough hot sex ever since I’ve been convinced that we’re all just rough sex loving animals underneath the whole civilized facade and anyone who says different should be taken out back and shot!

  • Brunch Bird

    Why should there be screeching? You’ve specifically said you don’t condone rape in real life. Movies are art. To suggest that you can’t express the opinion you’ve expressed here is to say that someone is a horrific person for appreciating provocative depictions of violence in art. I don’t condone war, but it doesn’t mean Guernica isn’t an amazing painting.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Brunch Bird — Roosh can put all the disclaimers he likes, but the PC Thought (Blog?) Police aren’t going to let him get away with thinking that “rape” is anything but a disgusting, vile and heinous crime meriting castration (since women can never rape men, yeah, right). These are the same folks who think that no woman would ever make a false rape allegation out of spite, to cover her own ass, or extort money, all of the recent stories in the press notwithstanding (e.g., the Duke “rape” case).

  • B

    and here I thought there were topics you wouldn’t touch. —throws that book out the window—-

    I don’t mind, but damn. lol

  • http://360.yahoo.com/tomteboda tomteboda

    Out of curiosity, have you read Margaret Atwood’s “Rape Fantasies”?

  • Siren

    Roissy, I really think there is a HUGE difference between the rape fantasies that “normal” people have the an actual rapists thoughts and desires.
    I’ve been raped and trust me it had nothing to do with sex.

    I posted this elsewhere, but research is showing that “normal” adults that engage in bondage, discipline, submission and domination have a “healthier mental well being” than those who repress those thoughts. This is of course only speaking of CONSENTING Adults.

    Personally I love to be tied up, blindfolded, spanked and teased (feather on the nipples, etc..). This in no way shape or form means I want a stranger to attack me or rape me.

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  • Natu

    Very nice

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck?

  • Sara

    I actually liked the Irreversible scene up until the guy started bashing the woman with his foot and fists…

  • chad

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read this year

  • dufu

    The rape scene from Straw Dogs is my all-time favorite.

    The only video of it I could find is on some shitty site with bad pop-ups. Sorry.


  • Timothy

    The scene in “The Accused” was one of the most realistic, disturbing rape scenes in a mainstream, American movie. The European cut of “Death Wish II” also has a graphic rape scene that was edited for the domestic release. Of course, in foreign films rape, and all sex in general, is dealt with explicitly and it isn’t a big deal (“Irreversible,” “Baise Moi,” “Emanuelle Around the World”).

    I also disagree with the notion that rape isn’t about sex, or at least a large component of it. Rape is not about ATTRACTION, which is why a man will rape and old woman. A man can assault, dominate or create fear in any number of ways without also raping a female victim. And most rapes aren’t the violent, dragged into an alley and beaten form of attack – most rapes are perpetrated by someone that knows or is in some way familiar with his victim (someone that has access to them in some way), and little force is used. Sometimes none is used (when alcohol or drugs have incapacitated the women). Often the THREAT of violence forces a victim to submit. That isn’t about the violence – that’s using violence purely to get the sex. The only difference is some perpetrators have to use more or less force (due to different levels of resistance) to get the sex. Rape can obviously be extremely violent, but the violence isn’t the goal – the sex is.

  • Timothy

    Another note on “The Accused.” In Esquire Magazine, in the “What I’ve Learned” issue, Jodi Foster talked about making the movie. In between takes, she had to actually console and reassure the other actors in the scene between takes that she was okay, and to not hold back! SHE dealt with the scene better than the men did…

  • Anonymous

    “Made on Sweden ” (available on netflix) rape scene has all of the points above. What finally did it for me was when the girl in the movie tells the Guy after he ravished her punani “i am sorry for acting like such a girl in the begining” lol

  • Lumiere

    ‘accidentally stumbled on a French porn clip’

    accidentally …. RIIIIIIIIIIGHT

  • http://alpharivelino.wordpress.com/ Rivelino

    “The key to a good rape scene is seeing the girl change from hating it to loving it. She has to want to be raped again.”

    love that. flipping the girl. from resisting it to loving it. that is really the whole point of game and seduction.

  • Timothy

    Here’s an interesting article on rape fantasies and women’s physiological response to rape:


  • Sam

    In rape fantsies,when the women stops being upset-it doesn’t look realistic. The women should be constantly resisting and the guy holding her down and being rough to look real

  • Anonymous

    Yeah… Awesome! Every time the guy here says “girl” swap that with “boy” and see if you still love it so much. Messed up bunch of weirdos! Hope I never meet any of ye in a dark alleyway.

  • Tiny Tim

    Your criteria for good rape scene is garbage, what you described above in your 6 qualities (I agreed with 1) makes for a lame unrealistic dumb rape scene. So lame and cheesy…..here are the revised qualities of a good rape scene.
    1. Significant amount of violence – the struggle and the victim eventually becoming helpless and absolutely terrified. Couple of slaps to the face, threats with knives or guns also a plus.
    2. Eye contact? That’s ridiculous. Rape is not an ‘intimate’ experience. Her eyes filled with fear and she is kicking and screaming and crying. The turn on here is watching the victim suffer and getting her clothes ripped up violently.
    3. Lots of Tears! It should look like it really really hurts and she is screaming and crying in agony. If its a gang rape, that’s definitely a plus. She is balling tears knowing that all her self worth and dignity is being forcibly taken. She should be in an agonizingly physically painful situation. The perpetrators are also verbally abusing her calling ‘ dirty piece of trash whore’ and telling her ‘Im going tear apart that pussy’ and yadi yada…She is being degraded in a horrific way, but there’s nothing she could do, but to take it up all of her holes.
    4. No condoms and also condoms should not even cross their minds. The focus is to forcibly rip off her panties and get it in as soon as possible.
    5. Change of Opinion??? So fuc.king lame!!!! When I see these it kills all credibility of the rape scene and makes it so lame, because it takes you back to reality and get reminded that the rape scene is completely fake. The girl should be hating it, and appears that the scene is absolutely traumatizing worst moment of victims life.
    6. After sex-jokes?? Cuddling?? What???? Are you just mentally retarded. Jokes and cuddling yeah that really makes the rape look real right?? After sex, there should be a harsh beating of the victim and she is threatened with death if she reports them to the police.
    Your articles should be renamed ‘6 qualities of unrealistic lame cheesy rape scene’

  • Henry Kelly

    Isn’t that “shyt,” as in Fymynyst? [I realize I am asking a post of 8 yrs ago]

  • Henry Kelly

    Using a condom is masturbating into a “Rubber Pussy.” Part of the satisfaction a Real Man obtains from sex is the feeling, both physical and spiritual, of spurting his sperm-laden semen into a real live pussy of a real live woman. Otherwise a man might as well fuck an inflatable fuck dolly.
    Do a little research into why the most numerous rapees are fertile teenage girls at just before ovulation. Pre-adolescent, infertile girl children and postmenopausal, infertile women are sometimes raped, but they are the least common rape victims incomparison to their numbers.

  • Paul

    50 Shades of Grey is extremely popular with women for a reason!

  • Inki Snowe

    Rape play is one of the reasons my husband and I still enjoy an explosive sex life. HOT! 😉

  • Inki Snowe

    So much truth in one comment. How any of this can possibly be controversial is beyond me.

  • Inki Snowe

    Amen. I feel so sorry for all these guys who have never had sex without a condom. They’re pretty much still virgins as far as I’m concerned. But going bareback requires care and due diligence in one’s choice of partner, for both the male and the female.

    One of the things that always gets me hot for my husband is the knowledge that he can knock me up any time he chooses. We don’t use contraception, never have. It’s always been a “thing” we share, this natural power he has over me, to get me with child whenever he chooses. Grr, ok, gotta go find him now… 😀

  • Inki Snowe

    Being raped may not have had anything to do with sex for you, but I assure you it did for your rapist. A rapist rapes because he gets off on it, it’s that simple.