7 Signs That A Number Won’t Lead To A Date

Whenever Monday rolls around and I have a few new numbers to play with of girls I met at night, I make a prediction before contacting her whether I’ll get the first date or not. Doing this for several years has allowed me to pick out behaviors a girl does before giving the number that hints towards if another meeting is going to happen.

1. Did she ask for your number or Facebook before you asked first? You’d think it’d be a good sign if she asks for your contact information first, especially early in the interaction, but it’s actually a sign that she doesn’t want to see you again. If she asks you for Facebook, she’s merely building a circle of admirers that will click the Like button when she posts whiny status updates or carefully selected photos. While it’s a good sign when a girl offers you her number at the end of the interaction, it’s not good if she randomly asks for yours.

2. Did she make an attempt to separate from her friends? If your entire conversation was overheard by her friends and she declined your invitation to either dance or join you at the bar to order a drink, she won’t see you again. If you’re dancing with her and she insists on remaining in her friend circle while she gives your cock a half-assed grind, you’re not getting her out. If a girl doesn’t show you her “true self,” which only comes with she’s away from her friends, she was never serious about getting to know you.

3. Did she go out on a limb? She can do this by either resuming the conversation after an awkward pause or trying to seek you out after excusing herself to the bathroom. If the interaction would have ended had you not put 100% of the effort in maintaining it, she’s not going to see you again.

4. Did she tentatively agree to plans? If you got her number without hinting what you want to do with her (e.g. have a drink), you’re much more likely to get strung along in text messaging hell. If you didn’t pre-sell her the idea of hanging out, and she didn’t enthusiastically agree, a meeting is much less likely to occur.

5. Did you both remain in the same venue after the number was exchanged? If you get her number and she merely goes to a different part of the bar, maybe even flirting with other guys, you just had a weak interaction. The number should only be exchanged when absolutely necessary, when the forces of nature will separate you and the only way you’ll ever see her again is if you get her contact information.

6. Did the first break in the conversation come under the 10 minute mark? There are a lot of things in a night venue that can cause a pause in the conversation, like her phone making noises or her friend cockblocking you. If you’re able to maintain a non-interrupted conversation for those first 10 minutes, the chances of seeing her are drastically higher than if your chat is broken up into little chunks.

7. Did you kiss her? There’s a lot of debate over whether kissing a girl increases the chance of seeing her again, but let me ask you the following question: if a girl gave her number to ten guys over the weekend, and she was at a similar level of sobriety for each, is she more likely to remember the guys she kissed or didn’t? My experience shows a small but clear edge in getting girls out again that I kissed. If you didn’t at least come close to getting the kiss, the chance you will see her again is less than 10%.

During the day it’s a lot easier to tell if a number will lead to a date or not. Simply multiple the number of personal questions she asks you by the length of conversation in minutes. Anything over 100 means at least a 50% chance of seeing her again, which are great odds. While time is not necessarily a good correlator to seeing a girl again from night approaches, it is during the day.

I’m pretty down on numbers from night approaches. While I get them and will continue to get them, so many girls are willing to fuck the same night that getting one implies failure. As long as you get them because you’ve tried escalating as far as you can, and you don’t become excited over only digits, go ahead and play the numbers game to grind out bangs from regular dating.

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