7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Game Right Now

1. Stop Leaning In

This is the number one mistake I see guys make, especially in the first 30 minutes of talking to a girl. They don’t realize that by bending over they’re saying, “God I’m so happy to be talking to you right now.” Or in a bar they talk right next to the girl’s ear when it isn’t even loud. The last thing you want a girl to know is that you’re excited to be talking to her because it sends the signal you’re inexperienced, don’t have success with girls, and ultimately, have low value. Lean back instead and let her be the one to come into you. If you create the least bit of interest, she will.

2. Stop Asking For Permission

Can we dance? Can I have your number? Can I kiss you? Because guys don’t know what it’s like when someone asks them for permission to escalate to intimacy, they don’t realize how lame it is when they do it. Asking for permission introduces an awkward moment where the girl’s brain floods with reasons not to do what you are asking. Plus it makes you appear scared of getting rejected, a quality not attractive to most women. Instead of asking, just do it and see what happens.

"Alright" girls3. Memorize One Excellent, Breezy Story

When you first start talking to a girl, she has no idea who you are. If you talked to her because she is cute, chances are she gets talked to by a lot of guys. Separate yourself from the pack early on by telling her a short story that hits on many of your positive qualities, such as your confidence, athleticism, sense of adventure, intelligence, humor, wit, story-telling ability, and so on. Because girls read between the lines, the story will not just be a story—it will be a representation of you that doesn’t come across as bragging.

To pull this off, when you are in conversation and it’s clear you have her attention, say, “That reminds me of when….” and then begin your story. I like going into stories about travel, because what girl doesn’t like traveling? If you are not confident of your story-telling abilities, understand that the best way to be good at telling stories is to expose yourself to good stories.

4. Stop Using The Word “Hot” To Describe Women

Have you noticed how easy it seems to attract girls you’re not attracted to? Since you think of hot girls as so much more valuable than mediocre ones, you’re more likely to behave in a way that makes it clear to her that she is indeed too valuable for you, without even realizing what you’re doing. This is the phenomenon where bad, needy game “leaks” out as a result of your thoughts, without conscious effort on your part. If you want to get physical with hot girls, you need to master how you think of them first. From here on out, no girl is hot, and there are no tens. She’s either “cute” or “alright.” Don’t be that guy who falls captive to every girl he sees. Instead, trick your mind into lowering her value so that you spit tighter game.

5. Get Rejected Immediately!

Go up to a cute girl you don’t know in the next day and start a conversation with what you already know as a man. Make up an opener or just ask how she’s doing. Chances are she’ll end the conversation in a polite manner, typical of the “rejections” you will face. It may sting that this girl made it clear she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, but realize that the only way to perfect your game is to have interactions like this with a couple hundred girls. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! This means you will have to branch out from your school, work, or social circle comfort zones. Accept that 99% of girls on this earth do not ever want to have sex with you. Get over it and keep going until you find the ones that do.

6. Take Your Hands Out Of Your Pockets

Take your hands of your pockets. If you are at a bar looking like you are bored, resigning yourself to standing around and staring at the TV, don’t expect to get a positive response if you approach a girl. She notices what you do before you walk up to her, and if you seem like a buzzkill, she will be less likely to talk to you. While you don’t have to bounce off the walls and be an annoying guy who talks loud and high-fives everyone, don’t stand around looking like someone just stood you up. Interact with your friends or the bartender. Not only will staying in an active, talkative state help you when you finally do approach, but it makes it much more likely that you will even do the approach.

7. Stop Giving Direct Answers

Evade her questions with humor or counter with your own questions instead, withholding for as long as reasonably possible your answers. Not only does this show you aren’t trying to impress her, but it also makes her think you are hiding something. This shady vibe will keep the conversation going and make her curious about what is hiding behind the curtain. You immediately stand out because most men try to appease a girl by immediately answering questions in the hopes she’ll like him. By doing the opposite, she sticks around to figure out who the hell you are (or think you are), but by then it will be too late—your fish hook is in her and you can run deeper game with her full attention.

Some of these things I learned from my own experiences and others from guys who taught me everything they knew about game. During an intense six year period starting in 2001 I was going out four nights a week throwing everything I had at the girls I wanted to sleep with. I did things like ask them why they were so drunk and even approached with stick figure drawings on napkins to make them laugh.

My learning curve was long and hard. Not until my second year of approaching nonstop did a reliable game system start to become clear in my mind. For the next four years I perfected and refined it into something that got me laid consistently with the girls I wanted. I then captured my strategy into a book called Bang.

Bang is a 155-page textbook that teaches you the skills needed to put your penis inside vaginas. Nothing more, nothing less. My goal was to create a guide that was all you need to get laid, and I like to think I succeeded  The book contains hundreds of tips to help you accomplish that goal, with a complete meet-to-bang framework. Here are just a few things it contains…

  • The 8 essential beliefs of the alpha male
  • The 5 critical components of the “vibe,” an optimal attitude women find most attractive
  • Detailed text messaging strategy that shows you word-for-word how to get dates in the shortest amount of time possible (no need to make voice calls)
  • “Four key moves” to the kiss that are so natural and easy to pull off that the girl won’t even recognize them as moves
  • A comprehensive dating strategy so you bang her no later than the third date
  • 7 detailed steps to taking off her clothes

If you visit the Bang page, you’ll have an opportunity to read sample pages and also learn my Condom Line, the line I use when I need to get the condom in a smooth way without ruining the moment. Click here to learn more about Bang.

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