7 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

Yesterday I turned 32 years old in Poland, a place where I have a pleasant lifestyle thanks to years of work on my game and my books. Yet if I followed the below suggestions from a younger age, it would have cut short the amount of time I spent doing things that made me unhappy, allowing this moment to arrive much sooner. These are the things I have already told my 15-year-old brother.

Dear teenage Roosh,

1. Don’t listen to your parents. They want you to have a stable and boring existence without the struggle they had to go through. They want you to play it safe instead of taking risks that may lead to your ruin or even death. Unfortunately, if you follow their advice the most you’ll get out of it is a steady paycheck. You will have a mere average existence with average women and average experiences in an average city. Understand that the more risks you take, the greater rewards you receive.

2. Hit the gym. Just because you’re not the best looking guy doesn’t mean you should give up on being attractive. Weight lifting will help you build confidence and increase your testosterone level so that taking risks literally becomes in your blood.

3. Cut off the television, internet, and video games. Pick a hobby such as music, writing, DJing, languages, or sports, and dedicate one hour per day on it. You’ll be a beast before you even hit 21, where it’ll not only make a positive contribution to your life, but give you the option to take an alternative path.

4. Read at least two books every month. You don’t know shit about life right now. Hell, you still won’t know a whole lot even when you turn 30. Keep yourself sharp by tapping into the brains of others through their work. Writers have spent hundreds of hours to create books that distills all their knowledge or experience in an easily digestible format. Take advantage of that, and watch your conversational skills increase as a result.

5. Stop being concerned about what other people think of you. They don’t care about you. They are so wrapped up in their own insecurities and what you think of them that you’re wasting your energy trying to get accepted by strangers. Take risks, fuck everyone else, and note down what you learn. If you’re not making a lot of mistakes, you’re not doing enough.

6. Take the pussy off the pedestal. You know what? Just become sexist. If getting laid is what you want, that’s the path you should take in the feminist society you live in. You can soften that stance when you get older, but for now just view women as mindless fuck toys who are garbage. Whether or not they really are garbage, this will get you more pussy than you’ve ever imagined. Sure it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way, but you’re living in an age where the laws and cultural environment concerning marriage are set up to destroy you. You might as well get laid a lot.

7. Have a backup plan to earning a living. Don’t count on putting in four years at college and getting a cushy job that lasts until some golden retirement. Don’t count on some cunt in Human Resources to like your answer to what your greatest weakness is. Don’t let people who don’t care about you determine your income. Re-read number 3 again. One hour a day into something has probably made you a mini-expert. What service or product can you now create with your expertise that someone else would be happy to buy? Trust me when I say you’ll be much happier making $20,000 a year controlling your destiny than four times as much being controlled by someone else.

Good luck little Roosh!


Old Roosh

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