8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive For Men

Sometimes I can be overly critical towards women, but understand that it comes from love, not hate. I want women to be the best that they can be. If American women follow the suggestions I’ve outlined for them below, they will be truly world class. Here we go…

1. Lose the god damn weight


The easiest way for them to have value is by being thin. There is nothing more boner-killing than a girl with blobs of unnecessary tissue that serve as a visceral reminder of her weak character and laziness. Besides a minority of psychologically deficient men who have a fat fetish, the world will never come around to accepting morbidly obese body types.

2. Grow your hair to butt level


Have you noticed that people who are ill with long-term diseases or those facing starvation don’t have a lot of hair? I surmise that hair serves as a signal to men of a woman’s fertility (the longer the better). It is an objective marker of healthfullness and beauty.

3. Talk 80% less


American woman try to make a novel out of an anecdote. They think their day-to-day activities are interesting or noteworthy when the opposite couldn’t be more true. If they just sit still, relax, and let the man lead the interaction, they would become ten times more pleasant to spend time with. Silence should be embraced.

4. Stop ruining intimate moments


Stop telling me “I don’t usually do this.” Stop telling me “We’re not having sex.” Stop giving ongoing commentary of my seduction moves. Stop making things awkward through nervous post-coital chatter. If you like the man you are with, let him do his thing. Stop parroting tired lines he has heard many times before.

5. Get rid of all beliefs and ideologies that enable your worst traits


If you are faced with two belief systems, one telling you to be fat and ugly and the other telling you to be beautiful and charming, choose that one that requires more work of you, because I promise it will make you a better woman and get you a better man. Don’t succumb to the Tumblr idiots trying to convince you that fat is beautiful. Don’t listen to internet feminists telling you that your job is more important than your man. The more work you put into yourself (outside of your career and kickball club), the more value you will have.

6. Don’t use rejection as a means to boost your fragile self-esteem


It’s fine if you don’t want to have sex with a man, but don’t use his attempt as an opportunity to feel good about yourself. Be polite, bow out of the conversation, and go on with your life. The minute you get your kicks from rejecting men is the minute you lose sight of how to build a connection with them.

7. Stop negging


Just because you are attracted to cocky men who neg you, that doesn’t mean the technique works on men. Men prefer a feminine challenge, not a masculine jerk. You must understand that making fun of men does not increase our attraction for you. Compliment us instead, and be amazed at how much farther you get.

8. Stop self-mutilating


You’ve got to quit with the ugly tattoos and piercings. It makes you look impulsive and unwise, not interesting or sexy. Reading a hard book will make you more of an individual that getting a colorful tattoo on your arm that a million other girls have. I would understand if you want to do strange things to stand out, but you’re simply copying the herd.

There are other things that American women can do, like improve their style, wear heels, and tone down their smartphone addiction, but I believe the eight things above would put American women above the international average.

When you look at how America came about, with its mixing of European stock, you realize that there is nothing genetically wrong with American women. It’s just the toxic environment that is degrading their genetic value and causing them to perform very poorly on the world dating scene, to the point where American men are eagerly flying to other parts of the world for better value. If American women simply make the changes I have outlined, they will increase their attractiveness and get more attention from higher quality men. If they are not willing to change, they shouldn’t complain about the OK Cupid stalkers who try to get with them. It remains to be seen if they will listen to my advice.

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  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com/ thecaptainpower

    I would add one ” dont sacrifice family for career”…half of my 35 year old nyc female friends are on antidepresents with little chance of ever getting knocked up.

  • pdwalker

    Just think of it as evolution in action.

  • fmudd

    So engineer our lives to serve your complete whim.

    Sounds like the rantings of a desperate man.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Butt-length? I’ll settle for shoulder length. Anything that can sustain a normal braid or pony-tail.

    Flapper bobs? What is this, the 20′s? Pixie cuts? *ugh* (Emma Thompson, what have you DONE to yourself?)

  • Mike

    Nail on head. fantastic post as usual

    Girls totally use rejection as an ego enhancer. they look for opportunities to reject guys so they can brag to their girlfriends.


  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    You’re only settling for shoulder length because butt length hair is so far outside of your reality you don’t consider it.

    I don’t see it often, but when I do, and the woman is young and even moderately attractive, it’s absolutely hypnotising. The confluence of great hair resting on a nice ass is beautiful.

  • CrabRangoon

    I live in Chicago so I know all too well about #1. I constantly hear from people outside of this city how chunky the women are here. The downside of a short bikini season I gather. Too much drinking, eating out and lack of activity. Their diets are horrid-actually most people’s diets here are bad. It’s hard to imagine these guys getting it up for their obese wives-I know a few of these guys personally. If you don’t care enough about yourself to be healthy and maintain a proper weight, why would you care about the guy in your life?

  • Phil Galt

    Live your life however you want it. Just be aware of the consequences.

  • Dick Beninya

    This is brilliant trolling.

  • fmudd

    Except Mr. Daryush Valizadeh here doesn’t want women to live their lives however they want. Dress, eat, act a certain way specifically for him.

  • Elmer Fudd Mudd

    Why would anyone ever want to be with you if you’ve got such a hostile attitude towards doing anything that makes them happy?

    If you don’t want to please your partner, don’t expect them to ever do anything to please you, either. If you’re happy being a disgusting, fat slug, then stop expecting to date a guy who isn’t also a disgusting, fat slug.

  • WorldTraveler

    FORGET ABOUT IT! It ain’t ever happening in North America since there are hordes of desperate and sex hungry males roaming around cities and towns willing to cater to any possible or impossible demand coming even from the ugliest female in town. North American males have absolutely NO self esteem and will obey any female order just to get an access to that elusive pussy.
    North American males are like robots, clones or puppets controlled by a female master.
    It’s MALES who have to change their approach and visions of relationships, dating and women they want to deal with.
    BOTH parties are to blame, not just females! Males allowed women to take control in North America instead of promoting a relationship based on equality, mutual understanding, support, respect and integrity!

  • WorldTraveler

    And how about women who want MALES to dress, eat, earn and act a certain way WOMEN want?:-))

  • Paul Bingham

    The purpose of a woman is please a man and bear his children. Nothing else can make her happy.

  • Mark Power

    I’d have to agree. This country is run for the benefit of women and minorities. It’s needs to burn to the ground.

  • WorldTraveler

    True that! But again ask yourself a question WHO is to blame for the current state of things?
    It’s MALES who lowered their standards and criteria so much that they are now willing to date and fuck even the ugliest girl on the block. All changes start from within! No magician will ever be able to change your life overnight! The power of change is in your hands! Do not blame females for your OWN faults! Blame YOURSELF, your own standards, criteria and visions, and change them accordingly if you want any improvements!

  • fmudd

    Laughable comparison.

  • fmudd

    Thank you Mr. Old Testament.

  • fmudd

    Why would anyone ever want to be with you if you’ve got such a hostile attitude towards doing anything that makes them happy?

    False premise: Mr. Daryush Valizadeh is talking about himself and not all men.

    That’s the problem; he wants women to do everything for him.

  • WorldTraveler

    Care to elaborate WHY it is laughable?

    Here I’m gonna change your initial comment :
    “Except North American females here do not want males to live their lives however they want. Dress, eat, act a certain way specifically for them. ”
    Please tell me WHY your comment was OK and mine is laughable.

  • WorldTraveler

    And how about all those North American women who want males to do everything for them? :-)

  • fmudd

    Think before you type; it’s like the white guy complaining about racism and slavery to a black man because of some random “knock out” attacks.

    Men are presentaly and have historically had more power over women. This is the hidden premise in Mr. Daryush Valizadeh’s rant. Women need to completely change and reengineer themselves and then maybe Mr. Daryush Valizadeh will grace us with resources via marriage.

    Women have no such power over men.

  • fmudd

    Answered above.

  • Phil Galt

    take it, or leave it.

  • fmudd

    Women are increasingly leaving it.

    That’s why Mr. Daryush Valizadeh is so angry.

    Supposedly Europe is SO MUCH BETTER yet he can’t stop talking about American women.

    And judging by many of his recent articles and books so are women all over the world.

  • Bullitt315

    Chicago here as well. The women are fat here for the same reason the men are fat here. Good food and limited self control.

  • Bullitt315

    What’s sad is it shouldn’t be trolling. It’s 8 legitimately good tips

  • WorldTraveler

    Disagree:-) How does slavery and so called racism authorize “affirmative action” and “knock out” games?
    Where is the correlation between now and then? Ain’t it a reversed racism these days when hiring preferences are given to minorities, LGBT, women and aboriginals instead of basing a selection on skills, professionalism and education?
    Same applies to relationships. Ain’t it supposed to be based on equality, respect, mutual understanding and support?:-)

  • Joe

    Most American women would ignore this advice, in fact, they do not want to change, things the way they are favor them over men. That is why in the US, you often seen men chasing women in below their level. In my part of the country, the SF Bay Area, you see the cougar phenomenon, where younger men often date women a decade or more older. It is beyond pathetic, you got young good looking guys going after older often divorced middle aged women, who just want to use these men like man-bitches.
    The insane part of all this is that the guys really do go after these middle aged wrecks. In other parts of the country you will see a fit guy settle for a fat or unattractive woman.
    In all of these relationships its the cougar that has the power, despite being physically past her prime, probably divorced with emotional and psychological damage, she still controls this young idiot. Mostly because he is emotionally immature, and gullible, as well as probably not as financially strong as she is, but you see this a lot and its a sad testament to how fucked up things are today.

  • Phil Galt

    Hope that works out better for you.

  • Elmer Fudd Mudd

    He wants them to look attractive. They want him to look attractive. He works on himself, so he expects them to work on themselves.

    What about this is hard to understand? I’m not sure if this is trolling or some kind of weird autism with a formal name fetish.

  • CrabRangoon

    Truth Bullit-since most women can’t cook these days they are constantly going out to eat, with the expectation that men pay of course. We need to move.

  • CrabRangoon

    I would also agree with “stop negging” and add nagging. Women aren’t too smart in this regard. If they would just be more pleasant, sweet and kind to their guys, the guys may be more willing to enter LTR’s and stay in them. Being bitchy and mean just push guys away and typically into the bed of another woman who treats them like a king.

  • fmudd

    So called racism, eh? To start, no one “authorized” knock-out games. It’s just a stupid comparison reactionary whites make just like the stupid comparison you are making with “what about what happens with men!!!???”

    Here’s a crash course; after slavery, there were Jim Crow laws. After Jim Crow laws, there was an exodus of money from the communities, schools. etc. because whites didn’t want to put their money in the aforementioned communities, schools. etc. when segregation ended. That further deteriorated the already bad ghettos and increased poverty.

    And all of what I wrote is just for black folks. I can keep writing for women, LGBT, etc.

    Affirmative action was enacted BECAUSE of that history. You want to lament the situation of the skilled worker without putting anything in place to correct the imbalance the whites of the past put in place from the get go.

    Now, getting back to “relationships”.

    You know an easy way to tell if what Mr. Daryush Valizadeh wrote is bullshit? How many men would want their mothers or daughters to live up to what Mr. Daryush Valizadeh is telling women to do? With a straight face? Folks will talk all kinds of talk on this forum but by and large most men wouldn’t dare tell this shit to the women they care about in their lives.

    Because they know, and I am sure you know, it is wrong and it is bullshit.

  • Phil Galt

    Incorrect: Women do have power over men. It is based on their desirability, as outlined in the above writing.

    Would you grace someone unpleasant with YOUR resources?

  • http://www.hardcorevictory.com/ William Rex

    Learn that your key to happiness is giving and selflessness.

  • fmudd

    It sure is. It’s not working for Mr. Daryush Valizadeh, that’s for sure.

  • fmudd

    Again, laughable comparison. Someone who looks good has more power over you than your boss?

    Childish thinking.

  • WorldTraveler

    It ain’t no bullshit, pal.
    Please tell me WHY all the cases of slavery and racism from the PAST do entitle minorities THESE days to take over position without having enough skills, experience and education? And HOW is this kind of a reverse racism towards whites different from the racism towards blacks or other minorities in the past?
    And YES, I’d want my wife to live up to the Roosh’s standards of living, health and behavior! I see nothing wrong in being healthy, educated , sporty, active and not so politically correct.

  • fmudd

    Right, your wife. Notice I didn’t include women you simply want to have sex with. Nice slight of hand; but let’s try all of the women of your life. Chances are you wouldn’t want every woman to constantly contort themselves to live up to Mr. Daryush Valizadeh’s standards because it would be stupid to do so.

    As for this:

    Please tell me WHY all the cases of slavery and racism from the PAST do
    entitle minorities THESE days to take over position without having
    enough skills, experience and education? And HOW is this kind of a
    reverse racism towards whites different from the racism towards blacks
    or other minorities in the past?

    It’s simple, really.

    When you have been enslaved, forced to live through Jim Crow laws, then have all of the money/jobs taken from your communities AND to this present day still looked at as criminals, etc. simply for existing then you can talk about reverse racism.

    Unitl then, you don’t get to simply pretend you didn’t benefit as a white man from what your ancestors have done in the past like nothing happened.

  • Phil Galt

    Incorrect: Someone who gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning by way of her appearance, personality, and contributions (these combine into desirability) has infinitely more power over me than any employer.

  • WorldTraveler

    Incorrect, again. I’d want EVERY single woman I’ve been with to live up to the Roosh’s standards which coincide with my own. Again I see nothing wrong in being sporty, healthy, educated, active and having own views and visions of life and politics. And this is true in regards of BOTH males and females!

    You did NOT answer my question though:-) I’ll repeat it again:

    Please tell me WHY all the cases of slavery and racism from the PAST do entitle minorities THESE days to take over position without having enough skills, experience and education? Ain’t it about skills, education and experience after all?:-)

  • ng85

    “If you are faced with two belief systems……choose that one that requires more work of you, because I promise it will make you a better woman and get you a better man.”

    This is such fucking amazing advice for both woman AND men. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to just keep improving in all aspects of my life (Job, fitness, brain, etc). But you put into words what I’ve been thinking of accomplishing for the new year. I’ve always known that the results of hard work produce more satisfying results, so if every decision you make is hard work and takes you out of your comfort zone then it must do wonders for self-improvement.

  • Paul Bingham

    Women are increasingly buying into the latest form of slavery.

    Women make better slaves, they work harder, consume more garbage and cost less to maintain over all and can be satisfied with trinkets. Hence the rise of women in various male institutions.

  • fmudd

    Right, you want every women chained to the weight scales and cooking/cleaning after a man while also being his mommy and sex doll. Uh huh.

    And I answered your question; white men don’t get to pretend that what their ancestors did in the past somehow doesn’t beneficially affect them in the present.

    If your grandfather robbed a bank and is living off of the dividends that doesn’t mean YOU aren’t obligated to give back the money or repair what was broken. Especially when (1) you are living off of those dividends and (2) the damages are clearly document and are currently still happening.

  • fmudd

    Right, women living as they want is now “slavery” but cooking/cleaning for a man, raising his kids, being his mommy AND his sex doll is “freedom”.

    Thank you for the Orwellian speech, Mr. Old Testament!

  • fmudd

    If all you live for is a good looking woman then that is your problem but don’t try and say women WANT you to live that way. Demonstrably not true.

  • Anon

    Roosh, you might be interested in the bimbo phenomenon. There are hundreds of blogs on Tumblr by women who endeavor to become the perfect bimbo and submit to a dominant man, and new ones seem to appear every day. Most have college degrees and tell the same story: they hate how all their lives they were under pressure to be something they are not and they want to just be pretty feminine girls and submit to a dominant man. They aim to be the perfect bimbo: spend their time at the gym, get breast implants, dress pretty, and serve their man. They even try to change their personality to be more light-hearted, flirty, and, yes, dumb. There are lesbian bimbos, asian bimbos, black bimbos, you name it. You can find them just by googling bimbo tumblr.

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you for real? Where did I mention that I want every woman to be chained to weight scales and do all the cooking/cleaning after the man while being his sex doll and mommy at the same time??? Please give me MY QUOTE.
    But I do want every woman to do sports, to take care of herself and her appearance, to get educated, to be interested in new things in life while having EQUAL duties at home with a male!! Same applies to the sexual life in a family! Nobody is a doll and nobody is a slave!
    You’ve never answered my question as to WHY does a minority person or anyone representing a LGBT community get a hiring preference when applying for any position in North America.
    Your example of someone’s father robbing a bank many years ago and relatives later living off the dividends is completely irrelevant.
    You seem to be just another Canadian brainwashed politically correct pussified male who vehemently denies the obvious. Too bad North America is overwhelmed with such a people….

  • Bullitt315

    Women were a lot happier when they were raising kids and taking care of the house. I don’t know where women got the impression that men went to work and had fun all day. My dad works 40-50 hours per week. My mom has lunch dates with her friends, plays cards, does a little cleaning, and socializes. Sounds like terribly oppressive slavery to me.

  • Bullitt315

    I agree with your premise but women are natural naggers. They should try and minimize their natural behaviors but If you’re in a relationship and your girl suddenly starts nagging you more than usual, it’s a bad sign.

  • The New Century Man

    No. 8 should be number 1. These broads with the f*cking tattoos all over their body are the worst examples of “individualism”. So tired of seeing a cute chick come to the pool area, strip down and reveal a huge stupid tattoo of Asian characters going down the entire torso.
    Good list, though!

  • fmudd

    Interesting that it’s always a man or men telling women they were a lot happier.

  • Bullitt315

    You don’t exactly seem like a happy person. fmudd: internet warrior princess

  • Eli

    Cursing less or not at all would also be nice.

  • Dan

    This reads like an updated version of Tom Leykis’ eight words to save a relationship:
    Stay Thin
    Long Hair
    Sex Anytime

  • fmudd

    Are you for real? Where did I mention that I want every woman to be
    chained to weight scales and do all the cooking/cleaning after the man
    while being his sex doll and mommy at the same time??? Please give me MY

    Uh huh. Re-read the OP above that you are so vehemently supporting. It’s all about physically doing everything possible to please men. This site is all about getting women back in the kitchen: you just had this comment telling other wmen how happy they would be if they were “raising kids and taking care of the house”.

    You guys talk shit and then balk when we point it out.

    You’ve never answered my question as to WHY does a minority person or
    anyone representing a LGBT community get a hiring preference when
    applying for any position in North America.

    Ignoring the answer I gave you and then claiming I didn’t answer the question. Won’t work.

    You are angry and listening to bad advice for no reason; rather than be a reactionary try listening for a change.

  • fmudd

    Define happiness.

  • Ollie

    8. Stop self-mutilating

    YES YES YES!!!

    I see so many decent looking girls who turn themselves into bloody hideous circus freaks. Whether its skrillex/ty-d-bol-swirly hair, becoming a human pincushion or getting their bodies covered in marks that look like an exploded parrot, these women are screwing up big time.

    Ladies, if you want to stay out of the gutter and have your children grow up in an environment free of crackheads and killers, get your act cleaned up. If not, say hello to your (very short) future:


  • Bullitt315

    Happiness: 1. a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

    2. If you need a definition for it, you don’t have it.

  • WorldTraveler

    If you were smart enough you’d notice that I constantly push for equality in a relationship, but you chose to ignore my messages completely.
    If you were honest enough you’d notice that I never wrote a message you pretend I did and gave a link to. And I hate liars and people with double standards. You are one of those.
    You still never answered my question as to WHY selection criteria are based on skin color, sexual orientation or other bullshit. Please tell me WHY professionalism, knowledge and experiences are no longer selection criteria in North America.
    Tell me why a minority is entitled to a position only because of a fact that slavery existed in North America over 200 years ago.
    And why is someone better qualified only because of a fact that “shim” has both dick and boobs?

  • Truth Teller

    “Stop telling me “I don’t usually do this.” Stop telling me “We’re not
    having sex.” Stop giving ongoing commentary of my seduction moves.”

    Unfortunately, many women have some sort of “slut shield” that you have to break through. I imagine it’s from evolution.

  • Hipstersstink

    If a girl in America wants to take her value to the stratosphere, above the eight things outlined here, stop focusing on the underlying issues driving a lot of their poor behaviour: materialism.

  • fmudd

    Right, and women don’t experience happiness as you define it.

    Only when she is serving a man and raising his kids.

    Keep talking.

  • fmudd

    If you were smart enough you’d notice that I constantly push for
    equality in a relationship, but you chose to ignore my messages

    If you were “pushing for equality” you won’t be supporting what Mr. Daryush Valizadeh said in the first place. He is completely anti-equality and your support of him obliterates your support.

    If you were honest enough you’d notice that I never wrote a message you
    pretend I did and gave a link to. And I hate liars and people with
    double standards. You are one of those.

    And here is the fake outrage over something you obviously support. I at least respect Mr. Daryush Valizadeh for being explicit in his hatred of women.

    You still never answered my question as to WHY selection criteria are
    based on skin color, sexual orientation or other bullshit. Please tell
    me WHY professionalism, knowledge and experiences are no longer
    selection criteria in North America.

    Tell me why a minority is entitled to a position only because of a fact
    that slavery existed in North America over 200 years ago.

    And why is someone better qualified only because of a fact that “shim” has both dick and boobs?

    And here is the twist of what affirmative action actually is. Applicants hired under affirmative action are just as qualified as anyone else, they have to meet the standards; it’s when you have two comparable candidates with the same qualifications that other factors come into play.

    Read up on Affirmative Action before you criticize it.

  • bkw

    I disagree. Roosh you are borderline sexist. I have a thing for girls with short hair. Girls with hair down to their ass is way too much hair and reminds me of Cousin It. Also, girls who are artistic are hot too, tattoos and piercings and dyed hair. Sounds like you have a hard time appreciating women in general. For instance, I love the sociability and feminine essence a woman has, which comes out in ways of her communication. You are too broad in your assumptions, thinking the way you want a woman applies to all men. This is a personal reflection, which sounds like you have a hard time appreciating women for what they bring. But yeah, the fat part is common sense and goes for everyone.

  • Phil Galt

    Incorrect: I Never said that. ‘Looks’ are only part of the package.

  • WorldTraveler

    You are unable to discuss anything since you consider your opinion as an ultimate wisdom and the only right one while all others are wrong by default.

    You choose to ignore all the facts and arguments given to you and keep plugging along with your politically correct mantra of a Canadian feminazi.

    Please comment the following: http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/04/29/cbc-no-caucasian/

    And have you ever heard about the “organizational needs” in the hiring process when an organization HAS TO fill quotas for the number of hired minorities, women, aboriginal and LGTB?

  • WorldTraveler


    Sara Landriault of Kemptville, Ont., told the media Wednesday that she applied online for an administrative assistant job with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and was asked by the online application if she was white, aboriginal or a visible minority. When she answered white, she said a message informed her she did not meet the criteria and could no longer proceed.

  • fmudd

    Shall I post a few instances of white male mass shooters and then say all white men are violent and prone to killing a lot of people?

  • fmudd

    Again with the one off examples. Kind of proves my point when you have to point to a few examples of affirmative action done poorly.

    And you have a lot of hate on Canada, eh?

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    Argumentative fat sloppy undomesticated tattoo freak harboring a bit of envy towards women who can do everything on this list while she can’t. Boo hoo!

    That’s why you’re single. No decent man wants you because you’re good for absolutely nothing but being a bitch. “Strong and independent” is working out for you real well – don’t need to learn to cook or be thin or pretty when no man wants you huh?

  • Mate

    For an American woman, playing submissive is just that: play. There is no actual submission when she can unilaterally exercise threatpoints like divorce and allegations of domestic violence.

    It’s an affectation, not real. Which is fine if the “dominant man” realizes he’s essentially being topped from the bottom.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Wohjf

    lolololol okay keep telling yourself that

  • Ivo Robotnik

    Thanks Roosh, you are doing a community favor by decreasing the fat woman population, therefore destroying the insane “fat fetish” that men have been on and really leaving the fat chicks for those who really feel attraction towards them, on a natural level and who really are in the same psychological level as them. Who are the fat guys.

    As Much as I’m working to lose weight, I as a fat guy. Salute you.

  • seth datta

    One side note, they helped the bankers deconstruct society, hence why the bankers wanted feminism. They actually cost more to maintain. But the bankers could get rid of male competition using them.

    Only men create things, women destroy them more often than not. Why does the human race keep forgetting this.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    American women should just take this advice rather than reading silly little columns on Jezebel or in Cosmo.

  • Lemon

    I think you left out the most important point of all:

    8. Stop disrespecting men. Women have been brainwashed into disrespecting men in a hundred different ways, and by doing so, they are creating a generation of men who hate women’s guts You want a war, you will get a fucking war, you dumb cunts.

  • seth datta

    A stable society is one in which both genders are celebrated. Men do not have children, women do. As such, whilst some women should be in the workforce, more should be better mothers and wives to avoid the huge illegitimacy rates we have. Also, men do things that actually have economic value (build stuff, oil etc) and women do not do such things for the most part, and are NOT independent – they use what men have built and then have jobs that are more based in the social world. This is why we had monogamous marriage and the like, for it was the best compromise for a society to be based on, rather than everyone doing what they liked.

    Men create civilizations, women (through brainwashing by banking scum) destroy them, and make us all slaves. The next decade will prove this to be true, and there aren’t enough red pill useful alpha men to go around for the women/betas/elderly we have to support – so they will find out the hard way.

  • Ivo Robotnik

    “Men are presentaly and have historically had more power over women.”

    yeah, going to work while the woman stays at home doing nothing, that’s having power over a bitch. yep

  • AFemaleCat

    Great Advice!

  • AFemaleCat

    I had a Russian roommate up until recently….hair down to her ass, glossy shiny, and she barely ate…her meals were like mini-sized portions (mini pork chop with 3 mini potatoes), and when a man…any man…would talk to her she totally changed personalities. I was in awe!! That being said, as I lived with her, I got to hear her cuss people out on the phone (Wow!! Very scary!) and there was no Snow White Kiss the Little Birdies Animal Kindness in her (I rescued a cat from the winter storm…eish! She was horrified that I would let the animal in)…I think women like me make better long term wives than her…but when you initially meet us she scores off the charts. Amazing really. It’s some magical quality of speaking to men that American women just don’t have.

  • kfg

    The canvas is not the artist.

  • WorldTraveler

    Could we possibly see a picture of you, just to compare?-)
    I can tell tons of similar stories about Canadian women a.k.a. WHORES who are willing to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on the market.
    North American women make excellent hookers but terrible wives and should be avoided by all means possible!

  • strangerchat

    The reality is far more complex than this. Feminism didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s social programming that is highly funded and it is a cultural force that no one man can stop; the genie can’t be put back in the bottle. It’s NOT American men’s fault that this insidious ideology has spread so far and wide, primarily through mainstream media. And no- it’s not enough for men to become PUA experts and “plate” because as Roosh has pointed out, even that becomes tiresome as we become Slut-Whisperers having to spend much of our time training and controlling these animals.

    Women watch 32 hours of TV a week- all replete with the feminist ideologies. Every SINGLE week. Men can only do so much to combat this brainwashing. American men are louder and more aggressive than most other men, especially European men, Asian men, etc. We are not as beta as many other kinds of men. There is a problem with American women behaving like butch jokes, but it’s not because of us; it’s happened in spite of us.

  • strangerchat

    Male fatness doesn’t matter. Women go for a guy with social status; and fat guys can be the leader of their pack and command respect from other guys. That’s why it’s not uncommon seeing a guy with a gut with a decent looking girl. It’s not our fault “fat chicks suck” but fat guys do just fine- blame that on women who don’t consider male body shape to be a deal-breaker.

  • strangerchat

    Materialism is a far better gauge of quality in a man than ‘gina tingles- which looks for criteria that would aid her survival in pre-civilization times. Hence, she’ll value an ex-felon over a software programmer. At least materialism usually means she’ll end up with a guy with a good education, good work ethic, and job (I said usually- so please spare the “not always” response).

  • Bullitt315

    As a guy who lost 30 lbs in the last year, it matters. It certainly doesn’t matter as much as social status and game but go gain 50 lbs and tell me it doesn’t hurt your success rate.

  • WorldTraveler

    I somewhat agree with what you say but imagine if every single American male would simply refuse to deal with feminists and refuse to have a date, relationship or marriage with a North American feminist? Wouldn’t it change the general trend and break the mainstream?

  • WorldTraveler

    Somehow I ain’t surprised that you are Canadian. Canadians are the most brainwashed and politically correct people in the world and Canadian males are the most pussified creatures in the world obeying every order given by their females Masters.

  • strangerchat

    You sound like a really ‘happy’ woman.

  • nik

    The first mistake in Femerika was giving females the right to vote. Big fuckup. And I tbought I’d never find myself ever saying this, ever; but female behavior is all to telling. From that point on things got shittier and then went into overdrive when the leash was completely pulled off of them when zero (0) accountability of women became the norm, i.e. today.

  • WorldTraveler

    Do not blame females in all male’s faults and setbacks. This is a very wrong attitude. Males and males only are to blame!

  • Ollie
  • WorldTraveler

    1. Very good and thoughtful right, man! Right on!
    2. She ain’t gonna get it though since feminism is a set of mind and feminists will never have enough guts to acknowledge the truth. They all live in denial…

  • WorldTraveler

    Sorry, very good and thoughtful message.

  • threeLegDog

    My current squeeze loves it when I call her “sex doll”. Go figure…

  • threeLegDog

    @fmudd “Chances are you wouldn’t want every woman to constantly contort themselves to live up to Mr. Daryush Valizadeh’s standards…”

    This list of 8 simple things is that hard? A woman would have to “constantly contort” herself to accomplish them? You have I have vastly different definitions of “contort” it would seem.

  • threeLegDog

    @fmudd “Re-read the OP above that you are so vehemently supporting. It’s all about physically doing everything possible to please men.”

    No, it’s “8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive For Men”

    If you don’t want to be attractive to men, then don’t do these things. Problem solved.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com/ thecaptainpower

    No reason to get married, if you earn too much your spouse won’t be able to apply for free benefits….Just live together and use your mother’s address so you wife and child can get free shit.

  • asshole

    Exactly, if you want to see where the US is heading look at the Afro-American – matriarchal – community AKA the ghetto.

    1. African-American women are the most o’beast of every community approx. 80% of the females in that com. are land whales.
    2. They were wigs, extensions and synthetic garbage on their heads.

    3. They talk a lot and are loud.

    Just a god damn disaster.

    etc etc.

  • WorldTraveler

    Then again, may be, just MAY BE, if males were NOT paying any attention to such a kind of women, then it’d be a trigger for them to start and think about some personal changes and improvements? :)

  • Kirkland

    I’m offended by the use of “g-d” in #1
    Orthodox Jews don’t even write Gods name they say G-d for God, and Christians boycot places that vulgarity. One thing I will say if you come from an uptight religious group the odds are you don’t know how to socialize that well so I’m here to learn how to talk. One thing that frustrates me with women in America is how they chatter on and on about nothing- its so ignorant. Ukraine sounds good- cookin cleaning respect and not chatter boxes of women.

    Another thing about obesity in America is the big Fortune 1000 creates the poison (Frankenstein foods at all he chain stores) and sells the cure (FDA “drugs”). Also, thanks to the Illuminati Rockereller Foundation Mom and Dad aren’t watching little Johnny because they work two jobs to procure what one used to (thanks Rotschilds and Federal Reserve for inflation) so they don’t watch kids eating habits and then- Boom! You’ve got excess calories of cheap junk poisoning people everywhere- yes it’s a horrible choice but the culture has a way of promoting this. It’s all sick and wrong.

  • Rob

    Question for Roosh-
    Since you’re so cheap-
    When you cook at home, what kind of mesmdo you cook to keep from getting bored and be healthy and cheap???

  • splooge

    this is true genetically american women should be good looking, hell same story with Scandinavian women but both just self mutilate themselves with fat, piercings and tattoos….huge potential just wasted.

  • nonbreeder

    9. If you’re a single mom, realize that your kids are NOT special. Nor are they your “everything.” Trying to live through them is not attractive. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  • dealwithit

    You’ll get over it. Either that or turn on your fucking censorship filter that you whined tooth and nail to have installed.

  • AllThingsGeek

    I hope this is a misguided attempt at a satirical piece.

  • bwah

    Like Wow. Just WOW. Welcome to the forum!

  • AllThingsGeek

    Sorry if I’ve offended your obvious love for this website. I am new, thanks for the welcome.

  • preppin


    Unfortunately girls who find themselves getting beyond #1 and aren’t hating won’t even adopt 30% of the thoughts and attitudes of this list. The saddest thing is that it’s only a women’s game to lose. If they would just be women in front of men they could have everything they they want, except for things that are inherently male to begin with.

  • MC

    Awesome post. I really love these kind of articles from you. Funny how many women I see and meet in my daily interactions exemplify the opposite of these traits. I guess all an average American man can do these days is approach and improve his life in order date a woman who is compatible and feminine.

  • BitchNamedBitch

    So, you’re saying that you don’t want women to be materialistic, but still expect them to go to the gym for you, dress up for you, and always try to look nice for you? I’m not sure I follow. All that seems pretty materialistic to me. I’m pretty sure that you would start complaining if the girl you were dating stopped wearing makeup in order to be less materialistic or something

  • Nope

    And this is why most of you guys are single. Because you believe that by being a masogynistic asshole you can get women to change. Women aren’t going to change just to please a handful of douchebags who do nothing but sit around all day and complain. Women are going to go for the guys who have fucking matured and gotten over themselves, and will love the things about a woman that make her unique.

  • Yep

    I love that unique flab roll, and that unique third chin. No one else’s rolls are quite like them. Don’t ever change, baby.

  • SAZ 101

    This List for men:
    1. Remember, you can take the douche out of America, but you can never take the douche out of the man. A douche is a douche in any country, and if you’re a moron here, you’ll be one there.
    2. Don’t act like women are out to get you- it makes you look like the perpetual, angry victim and nobody will ever respect you. Think carefully about admitting your involvement on Return of Kings. Most women can spot the insecurity and desperation a mile away.
    3. If you actually find a nice girl, keep your dick in your pants and respect her enough to treat her like one. A loose woman can act like that all she wants, but you’ll only have yourselves to blame if you pass up a nice girl because she won’t do sex- the nice girl you guys constantly whine about who does not exist.
    4. Stop over generalizing American women. It makes you look intellectually inferior. Anecdotal evidence from your small, sad life does not generalize to all women. As women should not take advice from ersatz magazines like Cosmo or bull shit shows like Sex and the City, which real women know is a joke, you should not fully trust these sites. The only advice you can trust for sure is to be the strongest and most confident version of yourselves, without any cockiness or blaring insecurities, which so many of you ooze.
    5. Stop looking for love in all of the wrong places. Oh, sad, the wasted girls you’re meeting at last call downtown aren’t acting how you want? Try a place where self-respecting women with values, goals, and a right-sized amount of self-esteem hang out- church, school, coffee shops, hiking, the gym, wine bars, wherever.
    6. Manscape and care for yourself adequately. We don’t want some fat disgusting hairy pig with a unibrow anymore than you do.
    7. As with women, talk less. Take the lead, be strong, and be a man. Be assertive, but not a cocky ass. Humility is sexy and so is strength. Be the man you were meant to be- not a pushover, and not a red pill prick with issues.
    8. American women feel as desperate and dejected about the state of things as you do. We are all in this together, so to put it on one gender is dumb. You guys need to get it together, and so do women. But as long as you’re putting out articles about how to trick your girl to get an abortion, how to control her diet, how to shame her for not being skinny when she is pregnant, wanting her to not be educated but not stupid at the same time, and having a fantasy about some other culture’s women who you think will save you when your just a schmuck who will be stuck here forever with your normal job and life, work with it is and do your part.

  • WorldTraveler

    Holy crap…. and yet another North American feminazi… Why do y’all feminazis sounds and think the same? Why do you even choose the same words over and over? “Misogynistic asshole”… There you go, just another reason for any self-respecting male to avoid North American females.
    And there is only ONE standard for North American women when selecting a male to be with-MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY! Don’t even think about approaching a female in North America if you don’t make at least 5K a month after tax, own a nice lakefront condo, have a fat bank account and a couple of fancy cars!
    North American females are willing to sell themselves to the highest male bidder on the market and NEVER value such qualities as respect, integrity, honesty, mutual understanding and support!

  • Really?

    perhaps it’s not about the money (at least for some women). Perhaps it’s about respect. read the article. it basically says girls get their value from being thin (easiest way to get value), shutting the F up, not refusing any sexual advances, not getting a tattoo”. I don’t care how much money a guy makes, if they want me to be silent unless spoken too and only want me for sex, I will kick them to the curb (even if they make millions). I would sooner take a guy making 20 K who is RESPECTFUL.

  • really?

    * 20 K per year.

  • WorldTraveler

    I don’t believe a word you say. I have tons of examples of females who went for an ugly abusive freak with money. Respect and stuff ain’t gonna a male too far in North America since EVERY , yes, I repeat EVERY FEMALE is after a “tall, rich, dark and handsome” millionaire but will never NEVER EVER settle with some one who is respectful, supportive and understanding but makes only 20K a year!
    I hate lairs and you are definitely one of them!

  • Thisisgross

    This is a really gross article. THE easiest way for a woman to get value is thinness? That says a whole lot about how you value us as people! (not much). And then, it just got so much more clear when women were told to “shut the Fuck up” and called “bitches” (That is a great pick up line…NOT). Oh..and we don’t have the right to refuse sex? I don’t care if you make billions, have a 6 pack, have your PHD from an Ivy leage school, are famous, are funny etc. I would not, in a million years, go on one date with someone so disrespectful to me and half the planet (You may say I’m over-reacting. But you showed disrespect first by basically saying we’re just good for sex, and complimenting our men/being an ego boost).

  • WorldTraveler

    I don’t believe a word you say. I have tons of examples of females who went for an ugly abusive freak with money. Respect and stuff ain’t gonna a male too far in North America since EVERY , yes, I repeat EVERY FEMALE is after a “tall, rich, dark and handsome” millionaire but will never NEVER EVER settle with some one who is respectful, supportive and understanding but makes only 20K a year!
    I hate lairs and you are definitely one of them!

  • Thisisgross

    A) victim shaming is not okay. saying women “go for” abusive guys is not fair. abusive people often start off being extra nice and charming and gradually becoming abusive over time. You should feel compassion for survivors & victims of abuse.
    B) I know lots of guys who go for blondes. It doesn’t mean that some guys don’t prefer brunettes or red heads. I know some guys like girls who have a dry sense of humor or wit. Others prefer more slapstick. You may think we’re all robots who see the world the same way. But I happen to know a whole lot of girls who have chosen respectful guys who make not all that much money and have rejected disrespectful guys who make more.

  • WorldTraveler

    Just a bunch of plain BS about nothing! There are millions of examples of North American gold digging on a female part, but may be 1 or 2 exceptions when a female went for honesty and respect for some unknown reason. Stats are on my side and it doesn’t matter how much your try and twist it.

  • Jase Vermundr
  • pockami

    So you’re saying that we need to respect men who only care about what we look like, and call us “dumb cunts”? Respect is earned, not given. And you have not earned mine. You dumb cunt.

  • pockami

    I can’t even put into words how angry this article makes me.

  • Daniel_T

    you obviously have had bad experiences with women in the past, otherwise you would see how completely off-base all of these are. sorry to disappoint you, but the closest you can get to the 50s nowadays is through watching old movies and TV shows.

  • Openbar

    Great post. Build a TED talk on 1, 2, 3, 4 8, Roosh. Make it replicable; concentrate on 4.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Keeping in shape and buying useless crap are not the same thing. You can go running at minimal cost; men do this all the time. You can wear a bit of makeup and nice clothes without being obsessive. And if the choice was between no makeup or no tattoos and piercings, I’d go with no makeup.

  • Alli

    Love this list. =) I’m an American woman and definitely try taking this advice (working now on silence and being a better listener). :P One thing that confuses me is the tattoos. Never wanted any. I noticed awhile ago higher-value guys seem to breathe a sigh of relief when they ask if I have any and the answer is “No.” Lately, though…and maybe this is younger guys, I hear them talking about how sexy tattooed girls are. Not that I will ever deface my body like that. Just not understanding this inconsistency…?

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    Good, because absolutely no 6-pack wielding, wealthy, ivy-league educated, handsome, powerful man on the entire face of the planet would ever want you. Works out great.

  • GDI

    “You may think we’re all robots who see the world the same way.”

    Feminism, obesity, and divorce rates say otherwise.

  • Angry Feminist

    Are you kidding me?! This article is basically objectifying women and making them seem like sexual beings who are inferior to men and must follow everything they say to be ‘attractive’. ’8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves for Attractive For Men’?? Women are human beings with lives and careers and abilities. They are not sex objects who’s lives revolve around ‘attracting’ men. Do you know how fucking long it takes to grow hair till the butt? Not only is this unrealistic, it is saying that women without long hair are unattractive or unworthy. Women do not need to base their choices around looks, and if they want short pixie cuts, they do not need male approval! Nor do they grow their hair out for the sole purpose of male attention. Furthermore, tattoos and piercings are not forms of self-mutiliation. They are forms of expression or style. If a woman wants a piercing or tattoo she does not, and should not, have to hesitate in case a man finds it attractive or not, because, hey, believe it or not, you misogynist pigs, women do not base their every decision on their appearance! And seriously? Asking them them to ‘shut up’? So that you can oppress women even further and prevent them from expressing their opinions, like they have every right to, because clearly, you are afraid that women may live up to their powerful potential? I thought it was 2014, but clearly there is still a lot of backward, sexist thinking. This article is sexist, oppressive and is sending the wrong message that women must fulfil a certain criteria to be worthy.

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    “Women do not need to base their choices around looks”

    Uncanny that women who don’t have looks to begin with are always the *angry* ones going around yelling/hamstering that.

    BTW, pixie cuts, tattoos, and piercings are not a form of “expression,” they’re a form of self-hatred and foolishness – I’m guessing all that anger because you are not attractive prompted you to mutilate yourself. Very “self-expressive” indeed.

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    You really ought to talk to a therapist. Getting uncontrollably angry over articles on the internet warrants seeking out professional help.

  • Konnor

    Wow, what a load of bullshit.
    Have you ever considered the fact that maybe women keep their hair short/get piercings/tattoos/whatever because they WANT them, and NOT just to try and please men? Sure there are a lot of women out there who do need to change their attitudes when it comes to nagging and stuff, but it’s a two way street; as men, there’s also a lot of things we can improve.
    I’m not even going to start on all the sweeping generalizations this rubbish excuse of an article delves onto, because it reads like something written by someone equally stereotyped (very few men are fedora-wearing ‘nice guys’ who winge about the ‘friendzone’, but the writer of this article and many of the comments sure seem like them).
    So ladies, if there is a haircut, tattoo, piercing, or anything you want to get done, go for it. Its a form of self-expression, and don’t let the opinion of any stupid, shallow man get in the way.

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    ^^^ Fedora wearing beta mangina friend-zoned Nancy boy

  • Jacob Golden

    I think I might be able to distill this list a bit.
    Men: Be masculine.
    Women: Be feminine.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    I think its safe to say that you guys started this. So expect to get hate back. Just saying..

  • asshole

    Some will do that but not the majority. It’s takes real effort to get yourself out of the comfort zone, most therefor will take the situation as is.

  • Angry Feminist

    I have waist length hair, no tattoos, and my only piercings are basic ear piercings. Nor am I conventionally ugly or unattractive. I love vanilla, chick flicks and baking. And that is okay. What is not okay, however, is people like you saying that the ‘vanilla and roses’ personality is the only way a woman can be feminine or worthy. While I may not have tattoos or a pixie cut, I sure as hell know that if I wanted them, I would/could get them regardless of what men would think of me when they saw it. Because I am a human being, with a soul, with ideas and thoughts and passions. Not a sexual object who has to diet and starve and fit some stupid criteria to please and attract the attention of men. Women are more than that, and it honestly saddens me that you think that you are nothing more than a pretty face. It is also pathetic that you automatically assumed that I am ‘unattractive’ (based on whatever stupid social idea of ‘beauty’ constructed by misogynists and a billion dollar beauty industry) just because I don’t think that being ‘pretty’ should be a criteria of worthiness in women. I would rather not limit myself to a six fucking letter word, and I sincerely hope you don’t either.

  • Roosh_V

    In case you’re wondering about the pro-obesity comments, this article was linked by Thought Catalog: http://thoughtcatalog.com/anonymous/2014/01/i-love-my-eating-disorder/

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    John Doe dat you ?

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Ur not beta ? really ? maybe a generation back you were the top dog..now your all feminine metrosexuals…actually entire hipster/metrosexual shit comes from US

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Im sure some female hacker will trace you ip, trace you and fuck you because your such a white knight for all womyn !!

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Im sure you have a list of things that men must do to be attractive to you. It goes both ways you know. Difference is, mens list is short an reasonable. womens list is huge and utter unrealistic

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    ” you are afraid that women may live up to their powerful potential?”

    LOl. Man, dont you think that would have happened long ago ? If it didnt happen for 2 million years what makes you think it will happen in your lifetime, or ever ?
    You are never going to “take over”..yea, we know thats what you want. But its just not happening, now or never. Only thing you achieve is fuck up your own life and everyones elses. Well I guess that’s also some kind of “power”.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    This article has very good advice. The power you have over men is solely based on your looks. Why not improve on that ?
    If not for mens sake then for your own. It happens that men fall in love with personality, but not if the looks are not there.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    And yet in the same breath you demand that all men must be muscular, fit, charming and well educated. Whats the difference ? you like that, we like something else.

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    Oh I get it, you’re not unattractive, you’re overweight. No wonder you’re so “angry”. Can’t beat ‘em & sure as hell can’t join them eh?

  • http://www.wild-aurochs.com/ Ballomar Cingetorigis

    Butt-length hair can compensate for a so-so face.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Well normal women would at least get some happiness out of that. But Western women sees it as a chore that intervenes with her girls out nigths.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    IM already there doing my duty as a manosphere soldier bot

  • SgtKonus

    Isn’t attractiveness a subjective and personal ideal?

  • Lawrence Farnsworth

    Besides fetishistic tastes, attractiveness is measurable by consistent indicators of genetic fitness

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Perhaps, but 95% of men like fit women. 4.99% like them with a little love handle. Rest like fat women but they are sickos or out of options.

  • The Legend

    or may be the dude is living the squirrel life style, … in case U.O.E.N.O. that means he’s just chasing a nut.


    You poor dear. You’ve clearly been hurt. Someone obviously abandoned you for your friend who had more money. Money isn’t everything, but you only make 5k a year? Bummer for you, no wonder you’re bitter. You’re poor! Life just dealt you a bad hand and instead if being a man and doing something about it, you’ve decided the best way to handle it is to be as bitter as possible on a website. Way to take action, loser!


    The women are doing fine. They have abundance and don’t care at all. Guys are so easy, they’ll accept anything. It’s men who miss out by having standards and being gross because most men will do anything for most women most of the time. Women don’t have to change, they don’t have to live their lives any differently than exactly now they wish.


    I bet tons of women laugh in your face and call you a loser. That’s why you’re such a Bitter Besty. Waaaa waaaa waaaa.

  • Bullitt315

    It’s self expression and it expresses “Hey look at me, I’m a stupid slut”

  • Bullitt315

    “Listen, Corn Flower. Let’s think over this business of obsolete men. Reflect. You live in New York, in which every building was designed and built by men. You perhaps use the subway, designed, built, and maintained by men. You travel at in a car, invented, designed, and built by men—a vehicle that you don’t understand (what is a cam lobe?) and couldn’t maintain (have you ever changed a tire? Could you evenfind the tires?), and you do this on roads designed, built, and maintained by men. You fly in aircraft designed, built, and maintained by men, which you do not understand (what, Moon Pie, is a high-bypass turbofan?)

    In short, as you run from convention to convention, peeing on hydrants, you depend utterly on men to keep you fed (via tractors designed by men, guided by GPS invented, designed, and launched by men, on farms run by men), and comfy (air conditioning invented…but need I repeat myself?)” -fredoneverything

  • CrabRangoon

    Bravo for the weight loss-always great to hear someone getting healthier and making the efforts. And I would agree while yes some fat guys get girls(typically the desperate ones looking to get married and breed ASAP) a fit guy will get far more women. You’ll get laid a lot more at the very least although it may not lead to LTR’s. Sounds like a fair trade anyway

  • Take The Red Pill

    Just ‘live together’????

    Surely you are joking?? Are you aware of false DV and “RAYYYPE!” charges, not to mention the ‘givernment’s'* feminist-inspired crusade to make nearly ANY relationship with today’s toxic Modern Womyn a ‘de-facto’ marriage? With all of the benefits of divorce for her, and all of the penalties of divorce for the man? Check out your state and local laws regarding ‘common-law’ marriage, or talk with your attorney regarding the same. Or you could find out the ‘hard way’…’divorced’ and living in your car.

    Nowadays, a wise man does not co-habitate, nor marry, nor father children.

    * Yes, ‘givernment’ is not a misspelling, because it ‘gives’ to the protected classes, and takes from the producers and from men especially.

  • Take The Red Pill

    Totally agreed! George Carlin had a joke title for a fictional book of his: “Self-Mutilation As An Attention-Getter”.

  • WorldTraveler

    Hey, and how about women DEMANDING males to fulfill certain criteria to be worthy?:-) Like DEMANDING a male to have a fat bank account, to make at least 5K a month after tax, to have a nice upscale lakefront condo and a couple of nice fancy cars in his garage just for starters:-) And God forbid a male to have his own politically incorrect opinion and visions of life:) Those males are an automatic NO NO in terms of dating and relationships for North American women a.k.a. WHORES!

  • WorldTraveler

    Please find and show me where I mention that I make 5K a year in my message.

    My exact quote says :”…..if you don’t make at least 5K a month after tax….”.
    Where did you get the info from that I make 5K a year? Please explain.

  • meatbowling

    Men with options, that is the most desirable men, pump and dump girls who don’t live up to their standards. Losers are easy, real men are not. Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment, and in a world of sexual freedom men have the last say and the ultimate upperhand. “Not good enough, next,” he says after he fucked her and made her tag along in an non-exclusive relationship. Sadly, too few men are unaware of how much power sexual freedom gives them.

  • Brave New Squirrel

    When are you going to drop all this philosopher-king pseudo intellectual bull shit and stick solely to game aka the reason for your sites existence???
    It would be cool to hear more things like Nlp patterns and how to capture and lead a woman’s imagination to stand out from the middle management beta hordes and to be more interesting than to talk to a girl about the usual main stream non sense- movies, music, coffee, her friends, Cosmo psycho babel, etc.

  • Whatever’s

    Honestly the whole thing rapidly deteriorated since he 1970s- back then the Patriot movement started before it was as 1984 as it is now. Today- unless 30% of the peasants revolt- we are screwed but the Facebook mind control works really good on them so why would they??? In Murixa there was a chance at resistance but it seems to dismiss as the old school warrior ass does off and brain washed she men remain aka. Kids who were born into his game and have been played since birth for a life of slavery to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

  • SJ

    If American women only did #1 and #2 then they would be way ahead. Unfortunately they won’t do this.

  • AJ

    With a wind chill of -20 and grey skies that look like something from the abyss- who wants to do anything but grab some pizza and beers and keep the pilot light on. I see your point but living in Alaskan type weather with all the great food isnt helping.

  • Fight or Flight

    Women like you make me lavishly cherish the thought of expatriating from Team Murica. What’s a man to do- slap a virulent cunt and do time or run away from this titanic ship of a County that refuses to wake up and is still feeding on delusions of vestiges of pride 50 years old.

  • Jamarvin Deandre

    Calling 60k 5k a year- female empiricism at its finest!
    Every mall across the Cuntry is full of feminine empirical knowledge- just ask Ll the Jews who own the malls who sing, “What a friend we have in Jesus” after Black Friday every year.

  • Leroy Lacedric

    Psychology calls this penis envy.

    Lets enetertain this scenario in the will to power of greatness- lets see all the power to out, the food trucks quit running, and grab some AKs and M-14s and see who the great ones are. There’s a reason the phrase “You’re a sucker you just ride bitch” exists. A well trained man can make most humans ride bitch in the worst of circumstances. wTSHTF history will remind us all.

  • Lake

    Hi, I am a 44 y/o married woman w/kids. I am a tall, slender brunette. I work out 6 days per week. I have full breasts and an ass that beats most 20 y/os. To most here, I am worhless/un-bang able because of my age. In my youth, I met Playboy photog., Arny Freitag. He told me that I wasn’t Playboy material but could be a”fashion model”. Most of my boyfriends in my college years let me know that I wasn’t their dream girl. So, I felt like crap about myself. Much to insecure to try modeling. I did meet w/a photog., in The large southwestern city I grew up in, did a test shoot. I did nothing with the photos.. My alpha boyfriend, a former college football player told me I looked like Julia Roberts and that she isn’t very good looking. I guess that makes me a 5 or 6. I should probably start looking for a bridge to jump of-my looks coupled w/ my age. Anyhow, I decided to hit the books because my looks were not going to get me anywhere. So, I earned a Master’s degree and have 5 years of post-grad. Training in my field. I am an awesome cook-think pies from scratch and prime rib. I love sex… My point being here is that while many valid points are raised many of you seem to be unrealistic ally selective. You could be tossing away a great woman because she isn’t an 8 or above. How many beautiful women really exist? Vast majority is average. Some of you super high standards are defensive-way to avoid intimacy and about your narcissism. Men can be cruel as women can. Though I was a Julia look-a-like, I was good enough to bang and bang a lot by my tall & handsome alpha football player. He did indicate that he was a bit ashamed to take me in public though he would drop big bucks on dinner w/me. He lived in LA so I was probably a 5 to him. Now he is 45 and never married. Best wishes to all…

  • FranzThePsychologist

    The fatties are fat because they are idiots who can’t control their appetite, weakness of character exposed externally and therefore unattractive. Personality is like a fingerprint, you are born with it, only so much is cultural…People just can’t handle the red pill of truth and accept that YOU have a genetic personality type, You’ll never change it. All this Fake psychology culture of hope , change, Never going to happen, Humans are rigged, and that is why when you read this in 2024,2054, It will be the same story, just as it was the same story in the 1500′s or in plato’s time, Human nature is not something you can program or ever hope to change. The evidence is 95% against it. Just look at history.

    If you stray from your true desires you suffer, No amount of psychotherapy will change it. A fat ugly woman, will always be ….a Fat, Ugly, Woman, If she were smart shed of never got fat! and would have exploited her market value already very early on! Sometimes they transform their bodies but than 2 years later they are lard arses again. In the long run, they go back to being fat because that is their true center. Read “civilization and it’s discontents” by freud, and youll understand that society is a cage of repressed desires That are god awful and that is why people are silent, creeps, and fat arses because there is something much darker underneath all human nature.


    Honey it’s obvious. Your glaring insecurities make you naked to anyone with a brain. You are completely EXPOSED. We know everything about you already. That’s it for you. No more corresponding.

  • Dmm

    You better don’t google that BS.

  • WorldTraveler

    Just what the doctor ordered… NO REPLY to a simple question… WHERE is MY quote where I state that I make 5K a year? How hard is it to go 2 messages up and just be humble enough and admit YOUR fault? But a feminazi will never admit anything done wrong by her and will insist on herself being always right even when facing with sure FACTS and arguments.
    And obviously a feminazi runs away at the end of it all with a typical “No more corresponding!” when she doesn’t have any more arguments to throw in.
    Do you folks still need any arguments as to WHY you should never approach a North American female a.k.a. WHORE and feminazi?

  • WorldTraveler

    If a male is unable to make an effort then he does not deserve to be with a woman of his dreams/goals. It’s that simple.

  • SisterBenedict

    Don’t forget that men have to have functioning d*cks of an entertaining length and girth. Otherwise, many women won’t want to waste their time.

  • Proud feminist

    Your misogyny is disgusting, this is why women reject you.

  • WorldTraveler

    Sex is not a top priority for North American females. So your comment is totally irrelevant.

  • SisterBenedict

    How sad that North American females are not interested. Why then would N.A. males want to bother with them, then?

  • WorldTraveler

    I keep telling North American males that the best solution is to get educated, sporty, learn a foreign language and a trade and start travelling the world, discover new cultures, meet new people and new women, and later marry one of them and settle in Europe, Asia or Australia. And never look back at all those wasted years in North America.

  • WorldTraveler

    Since when having standards and criteria is called misogyny?
    Oh yes, I forgot, this is North America where all females dream about whoring themselves to the highest male bidder on the market.

  • WorldTraveler

    You blame males for having standards, criteria and being selective? But weren’t you selective YOURSELF when you went for an alpha football player instead of some computer geek?
    You are a perfect example of North American hypocrisy and double standards!

  • Noah

    Amen to this and Roosh’s sage advice-you are doing a service to womankind-too bad many of them don’t realize it

  • joshsmith237b

    Heels not flats too

  • jaske

    Reason 8 made me laugh. I once worked with a multi tattoo/pierce chick. Heavy on the pierce, looked great from behind. We called her MechaGodzilla.

  • a girl obviously

    1)Men want women who are skinny but have curves, not too many curves to stand out as fat, but enough to know she’s not a bulimic barbie. I guess that’s a mans logic, it makes no fucking since but ok.
    2) No fucking girl is going to grow her hair out to her butt so you think she’s pretty. You know nothing about women’s hair. What the fuck are you even talking about in your second point.
    3) Wear heels everyday? Like are you for real with that one? Unless your bitch is a stripper or she going to the club fuck outta my face.
    4) There’s NOTHING wrong with tattoos and piercings. If she wants to tat her whole body up let her do her and you do you. At the end of the day she’s happy the way she looks. Why you gotta be a dick and rain in her parade?

  • WorldTraveler

    1. It’s not a feminine thing to use a word “fuck” that often as you do.
    2. See number 1.
    3. How come European, Asian or even Australian girls manage the “impossible” and actually wear heels every day and walk miles and miles in them?:-) Are they all strippers then?:-) And don’t forget to see number 1 again:-)
    4. How about a fit body, a 6 pack and a nice tan instead of a number of tats and piercings?

  • a girl obviously

    1)Sorry you’re offended I use the word “fuck” a lot I didn’t notice how butt hurt you were over it.
    2)All the women you must look at have to be models because in Europe the women there wear shoes. They walk miles and miles in shoes. Have you ever worn a pair of heels Noah? Do you know the pain of wearing 6 in fucking heels (yeah I said fuck, fuck you) for 8 hours straight? Because us girls are in some serious pain. I’m so pissed you had the nerve to say miles and miles like you know what you talking about.
    3) Yeah you can have a girl with a fit body that’s you. But don’t sit there and tell someone else what they can’t have just because you don’t like it. Like i said do you, shit.

  • Ariel

    8 thing American men must do to attract women:

    1) Stop being a bitch. In today’s society men complain way more than women do and this article has proven that.
    2) What the fuck is up with the wax eyebrows, fake tans, nails done, tight clothes, and excessive hair gel. Are you starring in the upcoming season of jersey shore? No? Ok then cut that out it’s scary.
    3) YES. I. SEE. YOUR. FUCKING. CAR. And you look like a retard with all those flames on it.
    4) Girls don’t want to have sex every day. Your dick starts to get boring.
    5) Please stop telling girls how to act and dress, because God knows that is not the type of girl you go for.
    6) Whats up with the bedazzled button downs. What the hell is that? Stop it. You look like a 50 year old dad trying to be cool.
    7) Know what 8 inches really looks like.
    8) Man the fuck up. Stop acting like a pansy, bitching and moaning about every little thing. Grow some hair on your balls. Get a beard. You stupid boys <3

  • WorldTraveler

    Oh, what a perfect example of yet another North American feminazi. :-) ) Do you guys still need a reason to avoid North American females completely?;-)
    1. I can communicate properly and you can NOT thus YOUR butt hurt and not mine.
    2. Where in Europe have you been? What country/countries?:-) I do know how it feels to walk miles in high heels since I’ve dated many Eastern European girls and they were women enough to tell me their honest feelings and at the same time remained really sexy and feminine.
    3. I have all the right in the world to exercise together with my wife or girlfriend. And I’ll obviously select one accordingly and so will she.

  • WorldTraveler

    1. Having OWN opinion does NOT equal being bitchy. Too bad being a not so politically correct personality with own opinions is a BIG NO NO in North America.
    2. I hate waxed eyebrows, fake tans, tight clothes and hair gel myself, but see nothing wrong in being clean and well taken care of.
    3. Never had any decorations on my car and never will.
    4. Sex should always be had with a MUTUAL desire.
    5. Then girls should also stop telling boys how to act, dress and think:-) It’s always a 2 way street:-)
    6. Never had a button down.
    7. You seem to be obsessed with the length of a penis.
    8. Become feminine, stop acting like a princess, bitching and moaning about every little thing:-) Learn how to wear heels and make up and to dress properly:-)
    Good luck and always remember that it’s a 2 way street in a relationship!

  • a girl obviously

    I see you’re trying to make a point, but you sound so stupid and I know you REALLY REALLY want to be right. But you sound stupid. Your second point makes no since i could give a rats ass how many European women you have dated. I’m not a feminist either, I’m not one of those crazy bitches, I’m a normal, everyday girl. All I’m saying is who the fuck do you think you are? Frankly, I don’t want to know you know of wearing heels because i think you might be a women talking to me. Also WHAT THEN FUCK are you talking about in your 3rd point. you can work out with whoever. shut the fuck up you sound so stupid right now. oh yeah and i went to France Nantes and Paris

  • Ariel

    are you a woman or a man?

  • WorldTraveler

    I’m a male.

  • Ariel

    You can’t be cause you complain like a bitch. I have never seen a grown ass man like you in my life! You don’t have not one clue what you’re talking about and it kills me because you think you know what the fuck is up and you don’t. Your going to have the audacity to tell me how to dress and act, nigga PLEASEEEE!!!!!! You need to learn how to talk to a woman first because there is no way in hell you get any with that attitude and don’t even try to come back with the classic “well your arguing at me and have a attitude just like every other girl” I don’t wanna hear that shit. crawl back into your hole and shut the fuck up you are not the holy book of women you don’t no shit.

  • WorldTraveler

    You just wrote a bunch of BS. NO facts, arguments or reasoning given, just plain insults based on nothing.
    I have no idea where in North America you live but really doubt that you’d have enough guts to repeat your words when looking into my eyes, face to face and one on one. Unfortunately you are just another behind the screen hero…. pathetic…

  • petteri

    I don’t know about the hair length and body modification. Everyone has their preferences, but seeing for example the popularity of short haired and/or tatted up pornstars, these are nowhere as universal as the rest.

  • Ariel

    and you aren’t? i don’t facts and arguments to let you understand how you sound so damn stupid. It’s like it can;t go through your thick ass skull. damn you won. are you happy now. it’s like you won’t let this shit go.

  • M

    This article is literally the shittiest piece of writing I’ve ever read. Women are not here to serve you. Take your pretentious attitude of “women are here for men and men only” and shove it straight up your ass.

  • http://patientambition.com/ Nick

    A clear, sober analysis. I’m not holding my breath though. One of the big reasons I’m moving to EE is how much more feminine, pleasant and attractive the women are. For guys unwilling or unable to leave the urban U.S., look for immigrant women who haven’t been corrupted. I just met an Iraqi girl today and got her number. She’s been here 10 years, but I could tell she wasn’t a jaded bitch like the next girl I approached. I even used a smiley face in my first text and she replied with one of her own.

  • asdfasdf

    is this satire or is this totally serious? I honestly have a hard time telling. This is my first time on the website.

  • wtf

    oh my god this makes me want to puke, cut all my hair off, gain more weight, and get a tattoo just to spite you sickening, sorry excuse for people. what is wrong with you.

  • 9508danne

    Thx for the good post!

  • inlone

    What he said.

    Number 8 in many cases is more important than 1 or 2. A slim woman with long hair can still ruin it by staining or puncturing her skin.

  • 9508danne

    He only cares for your well-being when writing this. You should be thankful for the helpful advice!

  • 9508danne

    I can not discern any bitching and complaining from Worldtraveller. You seem very hysterical with your bold reply. Still, your demonstranted rage here proves you have inner frustration that probably isn’t center that often, probably because you don’t have the courage to tell someone this in their face.


    Ariel- this is their whole gimmick. They tell you you must be frustrated and mad. Don’t worry. They don’t have much, so they use the same shtick over and over again because critical thinking is too much for them.

  • Proud Feminine Woman

    To spite us? Indeed, “I’m going to make myself even uglier to show you people how angry I am!” So powerful you are!

  • ultra

    They are submissive guys, attracted by an aggressive liking tatted up woman

  • WorldTraveler

    Feminazi logic at its best. Ariel got angry and frustrated, used tons of swear words, couldn’t come up with 1 tiny fact about anything, but got a prompt and detailed reply from me. But in a feminazi world I was the one who got angry, frustrated and lacking any critical thinking….. unbelievable….
    Care to point to my frustration, anger and swearing? Can you back up your empty words with real facts?

  • WorldTraveler

    Do you have enough honesty to tell me WHO wrote the following:
    ” What the fuck is up ….; 3) YES. I. SEE. YOUR. FUCKING. CAR. And you look like a retard…..; 8) Man the fuck up…; I have never seen a grown ass man like you in my life…; you think you know what the fuck is up and you don’t…; I don’t wanna hear that shit. crawl back into your hole and shut the fuck up you are not the holy book of women you don’t no shit…; . It’s like it can;t go through your thick ass skull..”
    Do you have enough guts and honesty to acknowledge the hard truth about the author of all the messages above?
    Please tell me WHO is so angry and frustrated and WHO sears after every second word?
    I’m patiently waiting for your reply!

  • WorldTraveler

    Why do y’all feminazis always sound alike and love to label people, just look at your selection of words. I always get a feeling that you folks are clones:” stupid, sound stupid, I couldn’t give a rat ass, who the fuck do you think you are, what the fuck are you talking about, shut the fuck up, you sound so stupid”. Those are your words taken from the message above.
    I really doubt that you are an average and normal girl since you sound like a bitter and angry feminazi.
    Who gave you the right to tell me what to do? Did I ever tell YOU to shut up or to keep your thoughts to yourself?
    So you base all your European experiences on a short trip to Nantes and Paris? Very telling…. How about central and Eastern Europe? I guess the answer is an obvious NO….

  • backtobasics

    Women want resources and a strong partner to protect her children. Men are often more into the 70% hips to waist ratio. How we are “hardwired” hasn’t changed, we have simply overcomplicated the entire courting and mating process. Men love women, girls love athletes, rock stars, Justin Beiber, Harry Styles and Co. You hardly see teenage boys pining for Taylor Swift now do you?
    Unfortunately both men and women are afraid of rejection and despite all the books written on body language and flirting men still cannot properly read the signals or are too scared to approach a women who has given him the green light to approach her.
    No need for 100% humidity, riots, or bad weather to engage in short or long-term relationships as the best opportunities are often the women who smile briefly at you at the grocery store, the bookshop or at the café. Despite all the information suggesting otherwise the rules of engagement haven’t changed. Women will still bang out 22,000 words per day and some men will be lucky to get past 5,000 but we need to accept this or become better listeners. We can all improve in certain aspects of our lives but unfortunately “globesity” is now hitting the emerging countries quite hard and the land of the so-called 8′s and 9′s on tap maybe no longer.
    We often mistake the shy as being arrogant, and immediately cry “bitch shield” when our advances are turned down by someone who isn’t in the right frame of mind for a wild night of no strings attached sex. As you are reading this around 75 million people are getting down to it regardless of the apparent decline in both men and women and the thousands of blog posts on what we are all doing wrong.
    Perhaps a well written sequel to “What Women Want” would be a step in the right direction for all concerned.

  • DedNdogYrs

    You can’t say “all” about anything. Did it ever occur to you that some women have their own money?

  • Masta solanas

    America is in an obesity epidemic that is only becoming worse and feminists are overly obsessed with eating disorders while promoting fat acceptance.

    As more and more women develop type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other maladies from a gluttonous sedentary lifestyle you have to wonder who the real misogynists are – who is really hurting women.

    I know that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, but most human beings desire some sort of romantic relationship, and if you’re fat that will only hamper your ability to find a mate.

    These boys here on YouTube (http://logicd.tumblr.com/post/72848260322) did the same as Roosh, but because they did it on a website that could be influenced by feminist ideologues, they were harassed and censored to the point of losing their YT account.

  • The Pale Horse

    But fetishistic tastes tend to appear usually when it comes to BBW’s. I agree that people prefer other people in the more less fat to fit spectrum, but a fat woman of a few pounds cannot and should not be put in the same category as a BBW, where the men that date them are clearly fetishistic. A standard should be settled, specially when men from other etnicities might prefer women who are larger or thicker, but not entirely obese. The relation of beauty and weight does change culturally, not by much, but it does.

  • cheshirecat

    Good, that means you’ll shut up. Let the men talk, gb/kitchen.

  • cheshirecat

    I’m impressed that not once in your rant you threw up “misogyny”, perhaps there is some hope for you. Not much, but a soupcon…

  • cheshirecat

    …and bullet-pointed, with powerpoint charts and sub-headings…

  • cheshirecat

    victim shaming is not okay. saying women “go for” abusive guys is not fair. ”

    The truth is not usually fair.

  • Dafs

    It’s your narcissism not tolerating a dissenting view.

  • delia

    1,2 ….8 it’s all about femininity as decency.

  • delia

    If Roosh says : “ I love women because …. ” you’ll have the same reaction?

    1.because they have an obsession for being slim, just like Giacometti
    2.because they have long hair, full lips and tongues that aren’t gross.
    3.because they make every annoying work at home without bragging or asking for any gratefulness.
    4. because in bed they are daring and inventive not out of perversity, but to show you that they love you.

    etc. etc.

  • The2014WomenTRUTH

    If you’re not at least 6’1, have perfect jaw and face symmetry, Rich, ETC… Than sorry but the conclusion is that women will be a waste of your time if you are looking to ENJOY YOU LIFE and use your only resource that no billions can buy and that is your TIME for maximal fulfillment. The effort and energy you put into women will be 1 in 10 return, please find 1 of 10,000 other popular hobbies to enjoy aside from feminine affection. Unfortunately the truth is that you will have to jerk off to a porn video that 500,000 other desperate and sex hungry men like yourself have jerked off to, That is the real world! half a million men jerking off to the same thing as you. Can you imagine what that would look like!? Its outrageous to think you can actually get a real world female unless you are rich. Especially one that you would want to spend time with. I think the internet has ruined society, and created the most perverted outrage which is , a sausage ocean with 1 million men jerking off a day with you and women with 20,000 OkCupid matches to choose from, Just because you can’t see the other desperate and sex hungry men does not make it any less fucked up, Illuminati wins. Sorry but it’s checkmate for us modern males. The dream is over. Well may aswell invest in one of those fake vaginas at the same time.

  • Bwyan

    That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah

  • WorldTraveler

    Right on, man, right on!!
    That’s why I do insist that every self-respecting North American male should get educated, learn a trade and a foreign language, save some money and start traveling the world. Do that, get to know new cultures, meet new people and new women, marry one and settle in Europe, Asia or Australia and forget North America as a bad nightmare.
    Dare to differ, dare to stand up and be counted, dare to lead by example! Nobody can change your life but YOU!!

  • Something’sRottenInDenmark

    Men having standards for women, outrage!

  • Something’sRottenInDenmark

    “matured and gotten over themselves” means settle for fat, loudmouthed solipsistic tatted up beasts. Hilarious how predictable these comments are.

  • Something’sRottenInDenmark

    I hope this is a misguided attempt at a sarcastic comment.

  • CB

    You’re certainly entitled to have preferences, but by posting a list like this, you also open yourself up to criticism. You’re definitely a fixer-upper.

  • CB

    This is a poorly-constructed argument. Try again.

  • CB

    I have tremendous respect for most men. No, I will not respect anyone who refers to me as a dumb cunt no matter their sex. I’m sorry you’re so bitter.

  • CB

    That’s quite a jump. I’m not sure that’s necessarily true.

  • CB

    You mad?

    I don’t think calling someone a misogynistic asshole is really comparable to the Holocaust. Also, feminazi is about as cliche as libtard. Poor rhetoric.

    You totally missed the chance to make fun of her for misspelling misogynistic. I totally would have taken it, but perhaps you’re a better person than I!

  • CB

    I think you’re missing the point. The irritation stems from the fact that Roosh seems to expect all women to give him a boner, which is highly egotistical. That is different from having standards and exercising them in an ethical way.

    IDK, I wasn’t bothered by the article, but just trying to clarify.

    Also, you might want to watch your logical fallacies. Generalizations don’t make you look very intelligent.

  • CB

    She states, “Men can be as cruel as women can”, which indicates that women are also cruel. She then provides an example. She also never implies that she wouldn’t date a computer geek. Perhaps she is married to one now. Your reading comprehension game is not very strong, son.

  • CB

    Wow, this was totally illogical and disjointed.

  • CB

    Did she say she was single? You know what they say about assumptions…

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I’m having so much fun reading these horribly irrational comments from both sides.

    PWF, do you talk like this offline or just behind your shield of anonymity? You’re probably going to get clocked in the head one day by an angry broad, and I’m not sure if it will be entirely undeserved.

  • WorldTraveler

    And how about all those generalizations coming from all the feminazis on here?:-) You so conveniently chose to ignore them like they’ve never existed. :-) Double standards, eh?:-)

  • WorldTraveler

    Quote from Lake:”My alpha boyfriend, a former college football player told me…”.
    How about YOUR reading comprehension since you like to label the others?:-)

  • Bob

    Reject this “Fat Acceptance” BS. Fat on chicks is NOT hot. Take a look at the gratuitous nudity on the HBO show “Girls.” Do you find these sloppy, fat, entitled chicks titilating? I don’t. A ketogenic diet plan can work wonders for fatties.

  • svente

    It’s too bad you can’t get a date but I can assure you, it’s not us, it’s you. :( Sorry bud.

  • AllThingsGeek

    Like I told my the other responder. That was my first time on this website. A little confusion on my behalf, is acceptable I hope.

  • WorldTraveler

    Why in Hell should he be willing to date a creature like YOU? Are you a male, a female, or may be just a “shim”?
    Bet you are jerking off every night lonely in your tiny apartment while defending feminism:-) Good luck in doing that.

  • WorldTraveler

    I’m not mad at all.
    And how is Holocaust even remotely associated with the topic of discussion????

  • CB

    Because the name feminazi compares feminists to nazis, which is intentionally hyperbolic, but has achieved the status of cliche.

  • CB

    Yes, I read that too. Nonetheless, she never said, “I only date alpha males”, so my point still stands.

  • CB

    TBH, I didn’t even read them. It’s the same old, same old from them. Again with feminazi? Could you at least try to be somewhat creative?!

  • Mellon

    Annnnd do any of you have girlfriends…? Or have a wife…? ……….. Didn’t think so. How dare any of you say any of that. Women have every right to look the way they want, dress the way they want, wear their hair however they’d like, talk as much as they like etc. Not every women wants to be a brainless sex object without a say in anything just for you. Grow up. All of you. Especially the person that wrote this article. Women aren’t declining in america, we’re putting up with your BS. Maybe you guys should look at yourselves before looking at others when trying to pick faults.

  • RedneckCryonicist

    Reading a hard book will make you more of an individual that getting a colorful tattoo on your arm that a million other girls have.

    That can backfire, Roosh. Recently a woman tried to impress me, unsuccessfully, by telling me about her reading of Plato’s Republic.

  • The Average Educated Male

    Wow… You’re kind of a huge asshole who doesn’t deserve to live. Ever thought that you’re rejected because you’re a F***ing dick? Because that’s a much more reasonable explanation. Girls don’t reject guys they’re attracted to to boost self esteem. They reject you because they’re not interested. Oh and Im traveling to other countries for the next several years – but it’s not to find ‘better value’, it’s to get away from ignorant a**holes like the author of this article.

  • f8ded

    I think its hysterical how all of you pathetic losers listen to this guy’s shallow attempt to “improve” on american women. All this is is a list of attributes you find attractive. That doesn’t mean that that is what every guy wants, (and for the record its not). Who are you to tell women to “lose the weight” and “shut the fuck up”. You’re naive fat pig sitting at your keyboard blogging and beating off to anime. You’ve probably never had a woman in your life, and after putting this online I gaurantee you never will. Im 21 and im smart enough to know whats appropriate and whats not. Your clearly an imiture self hating loser whos adopted his ideology from his racist grandfather. I get that everyone has the freedom to say what they want but when you’re beliefs are so naive and shallow and show the world how disgusting you are, its probably smart to keep them to yourself. But hey, at least you have your virgin followers. Have fun with your hand.

  • Lou

    Where’s the one for men to be more attractive to women? I doubt you know how to be attractive. I also am sure before writing this a woman turned you down and that after you wrote it you did not show your mother.

  • Des

    This is the most terrible thing I’ve ever read. Atop being superficial jackasses and learn to love for Love and not for all that crap.

  • impossible

    how about we distill it a little more. Be yourself because societal “ideals” are subject to interpretation. There is no true definition of beauty and quite frankly, id rather have diversity than a society where everyone acts the same.

  • WorldTraveler

    Do you expect women also learn how to love for LOVE or this applies ONLY to males?:-) I kind of smell a double standard here:-)

  • NothingMan00

    “Im 21 and im smart enough to know whats appropriate and whats not.”

    Not smart enough to read the site or anything about the author to realize you’re completely wrong on all counts, though.

  • WorldTraveler

    So you claim you are “smart enough”??:-))
    How about you learn the proper spelling BEFORE you make an empty claim like all other feminazis love to do:-))
    The right way to spell is “guarantee”, “I’m”, “what’s”, “immature”, “your beliefs”, “it’s”.
    Way too may mistakes for such an easy text, pal. So, who’s an immature loser now?:-) And how are YOU gonna get the girl of your dreams when you can’t even spell your wishes properly??:-)

  • https://www.facebook.com/dillon.cartwright?fref=ts Dillon Cartwright

    This was an excellent article. Women were made for man’s amusement. We need more women who will sexual appease us and cut the jib jab. Have our children and raise them while the man does the work. That is how God intended and now we have all these harlots running around whoring themselves and defying the Lord. God will save you women if you can change your devil worshiping ways. Just trust in the Lord and Jesus Christ.

  • godlessmath

    The people mad at this article didn’t seem to read the title. This article is not “8 Things American Women Must Do” it is “8 Things American Women Must Do *To Make Themselves More Attractive For Men*.” In fact, I’d go further and say rooshv meant to say “*Quality* Men.”

    Ladies, you don’t have to do any of these to be happy, so long as you resolve to define yourself independently of men. Heck, you might even find a quality man without following any of these guidelines. It will just be a whole lot harder.

  • WorldTraveler

    There is only ONE so called quality in a male for all North American females a.k.a. WHORES,and it’s called MONEY!! All North American women want is money and status! They don’t care about real qualities like honesty, respect, integrity, mutual understanding and support! MONEY is the only valuable quality for all North American females.

  • artler

    Well, women claim to want respect but for the most part have done nothing to earn men’s respect.

  • artly

    The mangina is strong in this one.

  • artly

    Yes you do have the right to do what you want just as we men can list our standards like women do all the time. You don’t have to read or follow these 8 helpful tips, just don’t complain when you cant get the dream guy you want.

  • K

    So I fired up my browser this evening and started typing in the address bar and low and behold this site is listed in the recent history. I never heard of it, and I figured my husband was checking it out so I clicked on it to see what the heck rooshv was. Well… I have mixed feelings to say the least. I am female, 27 and married for 2 years. I read this particular post and thought to myself “shit, I have tattoos, I am slightly overweight (15lbs) (I’ve lost 27lbs on weight watchers this passed year though), I have 2 tattoos, shoulder length hair, and I probably talk a lot.” On the other hand, I also was a virgin before I met my husband, don’t consider myself a “strong bitch”, I enjoy sex and consider myself feminine, charming, funny and cute. That being said, I am experiencing the following feelings: 1. I’m kinda pissed at my husband and wondering why he’s reading this 2. What the hell he must think of me after seeing this list. 3. Kinda turned on. I’ve read a few posts now and nothing has been resolved for me. I consider myself to be quite smart and I value my husband and his strong work ethic, his physique, and intelligence but I’m still confused as to where a wife like myself fits into the picture painted here. Granted I’ve not read ALL posts, just a handful I may be missing something. Personally, I feel like I am a “good” American woman, there aren’t many out there like myself and I tend to think that finding a “good” woman would entitle her to some sort praise, is this an incorrect assumption according to rooshv? Should I just feel honored to have been chosen to be his wife? I’m just trying to understand.

  • GrizzlyGentleman

    Pathetic, it’s thoughts and views like this that make REAL men sigh in disappointment. A real man will always protect women and care for them, not this shit. A real man will always help those in need, and wouldn’t say such heart breaking things about the gender which brought us into this world. What pathetic scum.

  • K

    As a North American female I will say that yes, money is important. Honesty, respect, integrity and mutual understanding/support will not feed my offspring, house us, or keep us safe and comfortable. In this era it’s important just as in cave man times one would be wary of a weak man with no skills/prowess. Earning a decent amount of money most likely means he’s capable and a that along with other genetic and personality qualities mentioned in your post compel a woman to want to be with said man. Nobody (unless you’re an emotionally damaged woman) wants a crappy guy who lies and is disrespectful. I find a man who makes good money, is honest, respectful, caring, supportive, masculine and shows interest in me to be totally desirable.

  • Krista

    For the record, I posted the above, for some reason it wasn’t allowing me to log in at the time I posted it.

  • f8ded

    Lol “way to may mistakes”. See how easy it is to make a spelling error. Your a queer

  • Moll

    Most beautiful, thin, good natured women will refuse to date 1) a man
    who even bothers to write such a disgustingly pretentious, mysogenistic article, and 2) men who read and take these articles (plays the victim of a patriarchal society). So, guys, that is your first problem. I don’t see an ounce of respect towards women on this site. No wonder you guys can’t find a hot girl to settle down with.

  • Moll

    *take these articles seriously

  • WorldTraveler

    Bullshit!! I did miss a letter “n” in a word “many” whereas YOU spelled many words with errors in them! Doesn’t look like a missed letter in all those, ain’t it?:-)
    Moreover you perfectly know that I’m right in my observations but you don’t have enough courage to admit it.

  • WorldTraveler

    Yup, all those “most beautiful, thin and good natured women” would LOOOOOOVE to date ANYONE with MONEY, STATUS, an upscale lakefront condo and a couple of fancy cars in his garage. All the rest is very secondary to them:-)

  • Jesse

    All of you are fucking pigs, talk about tired lines, I have heard all of this stereotypical “perfect women” shit before, nothing remotely new or amusing about this. It comes from self pity, not love for women. Only a pathetic Asshole on a losing streak adopts these values, oh that and stiff necked right leaning country boys from the fucking hills. so they’re one and the same. Like some charlton heston shit, your virginity will have to be ripped from your cold dead hands….The only time you get your dick wet is in the shower homie. Have fun fuckin jello cups n shit.

  • WorldTraveler

    I do not envy your husband…. He must’ve been sooooo desperate that he married a 25 y.o. virgin just to have an easy access to female body and pussy…
    27+15 pounds equals 42 pounds of extra weight. And this ain’t no “slightly overweight”!!! 42 pounds is on the verge of being obese. Then again your husband must’ve been really desperate and sex hungry when he did marry someone extremely overweight and a virgin.
    I definitely do NOT envy all those desperate North American males…

  • WorldTraveler

    Ain’t you using “fuck, asshole, shit and stuff” waaaay to often??:-)) Guess you are a very educated individual since you can’t express your thoughts without those words:-)
    Could you please tell us a bit more about the real values males in North America should adopt?:-) Your input is greatly appreciated:-)

  • WorldTraveler

    Sorry, “way too often”:-)

  • WorldTraveler

    Here comes the will and wish of ALL North American females: “I find a man who makes good money, is honest, respectful, caring, supportive, masculine and shows interest in me to be totally desirable.”
    North American females a.k.a. WHORES are allowed to make any demands, but males absolutely have to comply with them while having NO right to express own demands, requirements or selection criteria.
    And if a male ever tries to live a life of his own, have some principles, standards, criteria, to lead by example and to stand up and be counted he’s immediately labeled a “loser”!

  • Moll

    I don’t know, I guess that would be nice, but those things will never be the primary reason a high quality woman would date a man. Women are looking for love. I can promise you that. I firmly believe that good people attract other good people – if you have a problem with attracting a great lady then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself. If a handsome, well-educated man with a great job wanted to date me, and I learned that he spent his time on sites like this, I wouldn’t even give him a chance. And I know that most women who are looking for a meaningful and deep relationship are thinking the same thing.

  • Rachel

    This article is ridiculous. Men need to stop judging women about these things and instead start admiring women for who they really are instead of trying to mold them into what they aren’t.

  • WorldTraveler

    Yeah right:-))) As if I’m ever gonna believe your words that a “high quality woman” is looking for love:-))) Plain BULLSHIT!!! EVERY woman is looking for money and status in the society these days. EVERY ONE! And especially in Toronto.
    Obviously you came up with the same lame excuse that “it’s me who needs to re-evaluate myself” :-) I’ve never ever met a North American female who’d admit that she also needed some “work” done on herself:-) All North American females consider themselves to be a super model, Miss Universe and Miss Intellect all in one package and in every lady:-)
    And if a handsome, well educated male is spending some time on a site like this one it only means that he’s trying to expand his horizons, he dares to stand up and be counted, to have an own opinion and to lead by example instead of being yet another male robot or puppet controlled by his female master and mainstream media. . I see nothing wrong with being a personality!

  • WorldTraveler

    And how about females stop judging males about many things and start admiring men for who they really are instead of trying to mold them into what they aren’t while having unreasonable demands and requirements.
    Is it even possible or do I smell a double standard here??:-)

  • Rachel

    Double standard for sure! Articles like this do nothing to help the situation though. We should be preaching acceptance from both sides not judgement.

  • neverheardofya

    what the fuck is this

  • djfdkl

    the fuck is wrong with you fucking pig

  • Me

    Point #1: Tons of men are overweight and it is acceptable, yet it’s not acceptable for any women to over weight. Fair? No. Example: try to think of a TV sitcom where the husband is thin and the wife is overweight. Now think of how many have an overweight husband with a thin wife. Point proven.

    Point #2: Women use the bathroom sitting down, thus hair down to your butt=hair in the toilet. Ew.

    Point #3:I can say what I want if I want to. If you don’t like it, then don’t be around me.

    #4: If you seduce women enough to have this concern of hearing these lines too often, then you are a jerk and you deserve it.

    #5: Can’t complain too much about this one. Using negative judgement of others to better yourself isn’t a bad idea.

    #6: I will use a jerk trying to get into my pants to boost my ego. If he wants to be a gentleman about it and get to know me first, I may let him do both the ego boost and the getting into my pants.

    #7: I’ll stop negging you if you start negging me. Stop it on both sides.

    #8: I could say the same thing about men. Sleeves of tattoos and gauged ears disgust me. But, hey, my body, my choices. Who am I to judge you?

  • WorldTraveler

    1. NO, it’s not acceptable for either male or female to be overweight.
    2. It’s always possible to keep the area around the butt clean shaven:-))
    3. Males also can say what they want id they want to. And if women don’t like it then they can just go.
    4. It’s always a two way street in a relationship.

  • yeah

    She makes a a point that it is more acceptable for men to be a little overweight. And as much as I prefer a shaved butt, I’d rather you keep the hair from your head out of the toilet.

    And yeah women prey just as much as men.

  • Moll

    You are extremely jaded about women. I don’t know what the dating pool looks like to you, wherever it is that you live, but we have not had the same experiences. I live in the Midwest, and, yes, there are men looking to only date hot girls and women looking to date wealthy men, but I stay away from those types of people. It’s as simple as that. I date men with good character, who do have standards, but are polite and respectful towards all people – regardless of size, race, and status. It’s not that hard to find good people as long as you know what to stay away from – i.e. gold diggers and douschebags.

  • MissNova

    First of all, Roosh… You are ONE man. This absolutely does NOT apply to all men in general. You have another article called “7 Tips for first dates that lead to sex”. Because being a genuine human being doesn’t work? Sorry but telling me my eyes are beautiful is NOT going to get you into my panites. Or my bed. Or the backseat of my car.
    Telling girls to drop the weight in order to be more beautiful and gain more worth is wrong. Telling them to instead be healthy and active would be more accurate.
    Grow your hair to butt level – although this is not one I struggle with personally, You should know that a woman with short hair could be just as “valuable” to a man as a woman with hair to her feet. Plus, less mess to clean in the shower and less expensive plumbing bills when you have to pull a fucking cat out of the drain.
    Talk 80% less. 80%?!? But you want your woman to read and be educated. I sure hope the women you surround yourself with pick up a self help book or two. Or perhaps a copy of “I’m Already Good Enough”.
    As far as intimacy goes, if she doesn’t consent, it’s rape you fucking creep. Sorry if she doesn’t want your hairy balls banging against her taint night after night. Maybe you could shower or take a lesson on how to make her melt for you. If this is a constant enough problem for you that it makes #4 on your list… The problem is probably you.
    How many women do you actually know that change their religion or spiritual views in order to justify the way they look? I literally know of NONE. Again, maybe you’re looking in the wrong places for friends or mates.
    If you’ve been rejected one too many times by a “bitch”, that’s your problem. What are YOU doing wrong to make them reject you? Are your pickup lines a little outdated? Or are you just crying because a female actually recognized that she was SO out of your league?
    As for Negging… We’re female. Our box bleeds 1/4 of the month. We are allowed the privilege to “Neg” as we please. Don’t like it? Man up.
    And as for “Self Mutilating”. Some people see it as beautifying. Again, you are one tiny man with one large opinion on the perfect woman. It sounds like instead of targeting American women, you should be looking for a wife in India – one who covers her face and does not speak unless spoken to. One who’s religious beliefs are centered around men being superior. A wife who will let her husband do as he pleases as often as he pleases because that’s what she was taught was right. If you want a fucking doll, buy one. Otherwise – Quit trying to form every American woman into your idea of the perfect one. There are plenty of men out there who are open enough to accept a woman as she is without demanding she wear heels at every occasion possible.
    Good riddance.

  • gallerist

    Who wrote this? It is an abomination. Women, like men, are free to do whatever they want with their minds and bodies. Which of these will make women feel more attractive? Not talking as much as they want to, not saying what they’re thinking when they have a though? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Who dares say that to any woman, or any individual? Why are we speaking about men and women like they’re so different? This is a symbol of regression in American society.

  • MissNova

    You’re fuckin dumb too.

  • SEGA.

    This list is a joke right? This is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

  • Alauda

    Anybody who seriously thinks women with short hair, dyed hair, or tattoos are ugly can fuck right off. People who want women to be silent can fuck right off as well.

  • Rich

    You should be happy your husband reads this stuff – he’s trying to better himself. With that said you should also work to better yourself – keep working on your weight and grow your hair long. Good luck.

  • Glanton

    First of all, take a few breaths. You’re interpreting his browser history
    as some sort of commentary on you, but it probably doesn’t have
    much to do with you at all. If he’s a masculine guy like you say
    he is, he probably just likes visiting sites that cater to masculine men.

    You don’t sound too far gone into the American
    feminist harpy deep end anyway so chances are he isn’t harboring some deep, secret resentment toward you. Just take this whole experience as a little peek into
    how the other side thinks. You can do what you want with that insight.

    Oh and congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up!

  • Baffled

    Wait this is a joke right

  • ariel

    You need one of these for American men. They’re uneducated, boring dullards who can’t carry on a conversation for the life of them. Unless it’s about video games. Or how amazing they think they are in bed. There are very few real men to date. and the losers match perfectly with the trashy skanks that are available.

  • no

    I want to hit you in the head.

  • joanna

    “The easiest way for them to have value is by being thin.” I CAN’T BELIEVE I SOMEONE REALLY WROTE THIS

  • abraham

    god i hope this isn’t a serious article. if it is, you’re a fucking moron.

  • ChronicLunacy
  • asdf

    The list is all things you choose to do and any woman can do unless disabled. Just keep on improving. Grow that hair out!

  • ChronicLunacy

    You’ve just made the same mistakes the author made. Literally the only change you made was to talk about the opposite gender. Please don’t make sweeping generalizations like this.

  • .

    Shut the fuck up. This article sucks.

  • .

    Go fucking die Roosh V and everyone who agrees with him

  • Anon.

    “I’m still confused as to where a wife like myself fits into the picture painted here.”

    You don’t fit at all. Everything will seem fine until one day you wake up and realize your husband has disappeared from the face of the Earth and has taken all the money.

  • ffff

    Fuck this article

  • Peyton Beard

    You sir, are an asshole

  • Shut the fuck up

    They were wigs? That’s interesting…I didn’t know a human being could be an inanimate object.

  • Jeff

    LMAO @ this author’s attempts to pigeon-hole every woman in American into his specfic taste. He does make valid points in 4, 6 and 7. The comment section is hilarious. Dudes, different strokes for different folks. Women don’t get tats for you. So why would they not get tats for you? Logic fail on your parts.

  • rooshsucks

    i know this may be a shock to you fucking pigs but women generally don’t give a shit if they’re appealing to men. Our lives to revolve around what men think and what their imagine of beauty is. Men are not the most important thing in the world to women and we care about our happiness. this writer is a fucking idiot god knows how he got a career.

  • Beccasmile

    So you’re saying the Memorial half sleeve, portrait and all, of my DEAD brother, who was killed overseas, makes me ugly? You’re saying the collage of music albums that I’m starting to get and helped turned my life around doesn’t make me an individual? I’ve never heard of anything so repulsive and close minded in my life. And all these comments are just as repulsive. You all make me sick.

  • Amanda

    Go back to school, get an education, take some history, a little bit of economics, maybe some political science, and learn to write. If you already have an education, then you have been robbed.

  • Beccasmile

    This is repulsive. My tattoos and piercings DO make me an individual, because like most woman they’re MINE, if more than one person has the same tattoo it’s not because we’re not individuals, it’s a coincidence. I don’t have tattoos like other girls, so that’s wrong. And, no man, woman, or child tells me what I can or can’t put on my body. It’s MINE. Also, I don’t give anyone a compliment if they don’t deserve it. My boyfriend seems to me love for me, tattoos, piercings, and all and he’d leave me so fast if I conformed to something so disgusting. This is the most close minded piece of garbage I’ve read. I live to please myself, and no one else. If that makes me ugly, so be it. I’m me, and I won’t apologize for being different.

  • UglyGirl

    I sincerely hope this is a cruel joke. Otherwise, all you BOYS out there… Would you subject your mother to this level of critisism? Typical narcissist, thinking a whole continent of women should bow to your opinion.

  • Dave Rectenwald

    You are correct, even attractive American woman become ugly as soon as they start talking about nothing but themselves. As for the piercings and tattoos I don’t want to date a pin cushion, or a Van Gogh.

  • Dafuq

    Wait- this is satire, right?

  • Amanda

    Oh… so there ARE normal people reading this post and commenting! Good to know!

  • Beccasmile

    This is repulsive. Tattoos, body piercings, and anything else makes everyone an individual. Every single man, woman, and child is an individual. I fundamentally refuse to believe a real man wrote this. Women shouldn’t live to make a boy happy or anyone else happy. You can’t please everyone. As for telling woman not to get tattoo’s or piercings comes from the most small minded creatures ever. This whole article makes me sick, and I sincerely hope all the little boys commenting and the boy who make this grows up fairly soon.

  • Beccasmile

    Van Gogh had beautiful paintings, much like how women have beautiful tattoos on them. Why wouldn’t you want to date someone with beautiful art on their body? Way better than a plain Jane, who is brainwashed by a creature like you…

  • Beccasmile

    If some men would do what we tell them or ask them the FIRST fucking time, then we wouldn’t have to “nag”. Jesus.

  • Get your facts straight

    1) Using your argument of “a signal to men of a woman’s fertility”, originally, having extra fat on a woman’s body was an indicator of a woman’s nourishment. Wouldn’t men want to reproduce with a woman who he knew could nourish his growing child? With that being said, it was also a sign of wealth. If they had that much food to spare, than obviously they were from a family that could afford it, and therefore could afford another mouth to feed. I’m not saying ‘fat is beautiful’ because “beauty” is a matter of preference. Go for a woman who is HEALTHY. A healthy weight is not too big nor too small, it is the weight the body is when someone gets proper nourishment and is active.

    2) Having hair that long does show proper protein intake. However, it can be a hassle and sometimes hazardous. Obviously this “man” doesn’t have any idea of how much shampoo alone is needed for that amount of hair. Not to mention conditioner. I assume that when he talks about his preferred hair on women, he wants it clean and soft as well. We’re talking about a decent amount of money on just HAIR. Also, the world is not always a safe place. What if a woman was attacked and couldn’t get away because of her Rapunzel-length hair? On a less serious note, it would just get in the way. Even if she was a stay-at-home type, at that length even putting it up in a ponytail wouldn’t keep it out of her face. Most men do not know the frustration of constantly being blinded by their own hair. If she’s able to deal with it, than all the power to her. Good luck finding a woman who can meet your hair standards.

    3) Look up who invented the A) computer compiler and B) kevlar. Yeah, both are American WOMEN. If women would’ve ‘embraced silence’, that wouldn’t have happened. On top of that, I agree that some women are chatty. But some men are too. There was a study done that found “The women had a daily average of 16,215 words, versus the men’s total of 15,669 words” (http://www.theguardian.com/science/2007/jul/06/genderissues.humanbehaviour) A 546 word difference is not enough to have any statistical value.

    4) Wouldn’t saying “I don’t usually do this” apply to #7 where you say “compliment us instead”? Wouldn’t that make a man feel special knowing that he isn’t just some other guy? Also, a woman does have a right to say “We’re not having sex.” She has a right to stop when she feels uncomfortable. “Rape” usually has the same definition in most countries. Also, sex is different for both genders. As explained on http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2031498/Sex-Why-makes-women-fall-love–just-makes-men-want-MORE.html women produce more oxytocin (AKA “the cuddle hormone”) which makes them feel closer to someone on a neurological level.That means that “after sex chatter” is really just a result of trust women feel for someone they’re close to. Isn’t that the point you’re trying to make in #6 when you talk about women making a “connection” with men? Don’t be such a jerk; suck it up at least for a little while. You’ll find that a woman will want to give you more.

    5) How about instead of assuming women have two belief systems you open your eyes to what’s important. You don’t want a woman who is too self-absorbed nor too negative. You want one that is HAPPY with herself, no matter what she looks like. If she’s happy with herself then she’ll be able to focus more on you instead of the fact she’s “too ugly”. Also, the whole idea that “fat is beautiful” relates back to my first point. Healthy is beautiful. You do not determine where exactly ‘healthy’ is for every women, and healthy is different for every person (not just women).

    6) This I agree with. Women should politely turn down a man… if he politely asks. If you want a serious, mature response you have to show the same level of it first. If a man asks “Hey, wanna f*ck?” then yes, they’ll probably get shot down. On top of that, a woman should feel proud of herself for keeping her legs closed to a man who does not take sex seriously at all. Obviously, women can be jerks too, but this doesn’t apply to all American women.

    7) I find that paragraphs 3-6 explain my thoughts perfectly. http://www.meninmarriage.com/article03.htm

    8) Self-mutilating has been around for centuries, and is different in every society. There was a time in China where the practice of “foot-binding” was attractive. There is a tribe in Africa where making women’s necks longer with gold collars is attractive (this separates the vertebrae to the point where removing the collars would kill them). In most countries, getting a woman’s ears pierced is common and used to self-accessorize (how dare they self-mutilate their own ears!). There are plenty more examples. I do agree that it’s sometimes annoying to see a girl with a very common tattoo. However, if you ask her why she got a certain tattoo she’d probably be able to give you a logical answer and open up the conversation to other topics.

    Oh wait, I forgot. American women need to “Talk 80% Less”, right? Yup, that’s the perfect way “to build a connection” with a person.

    Welcome to 21st century America: where you have reliable article sources at the tips of your fingertips and the human right to free speech.

  • Amanda

    Shut up bitch…. Seen and not heard…. Clean my house, cook my meals, f me whenever I want and how I want, then shut up again…. Pop out a bunch of kids and stay at home…. Grow long hair so I can throw you around and pull on it….

    HE WHO LIKES AND AGREES WITH THIS ARTICLE, is severely F’d in the head; sexually, socially, mentally. You are the weird creepy rapist that slaps his woman around, controls her, all so he can feel like he has the bigger d_ck. I appreciate men who want a more clean cut, kind and compassionate, motherly woman, as long as they can appreciate what they have, treat her like a queen and let her know how much he appreciates her on a daily basis. This article is based on abuse; mental, physical, emotional, sexual, you name it! Those of you commenting with these (further) abusive remarks, are disgusting! Each man is entitled to have a vision of his “ideal woman,” as long as he can be respectful, caring, compassionate, and loving as a man. Everyone else? Well… let’s hope Karma puts you in a position where you are made to be someone’s bitch. Let’s see if you like the kind of treatment you expect women to put up with!

  • feminist

    This is exactly why we need feminism. Women should not have to conform to your unrealistic ideals towards women’s beauty because a woman should be valued for more than her beauty. A woman is a person too.

  • impossible

    Thank you! It’s honestly so disgusting to see how many men agree with this and makes me ashamed to be a male.

  • BringerOfTheTruth

    Your one of them NAWALT women..

  • gofuckyourself

    What the fuck are you talking about? I hope that you realize just how misogynistic and offensive this whole article is. And these comments, and stupid fucking article, are prime examples of what is wrong with society (and not for the reasons that you morons seem to think they are). Clearly, America is filled with sexist/misogynistic assholes who cannot even fathom the idea of equality between the sexes. Also, your comment is racist as it stereotypes African American women, and the overall socio-economic status of African Americans. Perhaps a course in history or social studies could help you all? Or, maybe even a set of morals, which you clearly lack. Truly, I hope that you people can grow the fuck up and understand the true meaning of everything that you are so mindlessly posting on here in agreement with the author of this insolent excuse of an article. And if you disagree, you can go fuck yourself because no self-respecting woman is going to.

  • Facepalmer

    Believe it. It’s true.

  • Facepalmer

    You’re very good at this “criticism” thing. Keep it up.

  • Facepalmer

    There is nothing creative about your comments.

  • Beccamakesmesmile

    Becca you’re hilarious

  • Go Back to Tumblr

    Again with this shit

  • Facepalmer
  • Ron MFing Paul

    there are different levels of tattoos…some girls will just get like a star behind their ear, others will get a butterfly above their ass (basically like a flashing neon sign that says “I AM A SKANK”) and still others will get full-blown back tattoos like they’re a member of the yakuza
    for me personally…if a girl has ink it’s not an automatic disqualifier but it is a detractor. tats were originally intended as decoration for large muscles on men, or as tribal art, but hipsters appropriated them in a desperate attempt to appear unique and thats when tats are no good

  • GetReal

    I watch zero hours of television a week. Try again, genius, I would have to be brainwashed to go along with the stupid shit I am reading on this page.

    You view women as animals and you want us to be like animals, quiet, groomed the way you like, and above all, subservient. But I didn’t spend 16 years of my life getting an education so I could cook dinners, push out babies and generally get abused by dumb shits like you. So I guess you hit the nail on the head, that genie isn’t going back in the bottle.

    America, love it or leave it, kiddos.

  • thealleysway

    Is this a fucking joke? At first I took this as satire until I saw the comments… truly pathetic.

  • RooshIsADickWeasel

    What a complete dick-weasel.

  • Meta Downhour

    This is the most disgusting piece of asinine gender politics propaganda I have ever read, particularly as a recovered anorexic who was greatly affected into that affliction by ignorant bigots like yourself. You’re basically asking women to be beautiful nothings, a gender of Daisy’s daughters. Do you not ever want to be challenged, enlightened, amused? You insist on saying that these things add “value” to a woman, as though she’s some ornament of quantifiable value that goes up and down with the number on the scale? I am not fat, I have no tattoos, and my hair is long, but I sure as hell support any woman who wants to have tattoos and short hair! The woman I love has both! And if she gained 50 pounds, I would love her just as much. Back when I was overweight, my sex life did not suffer in the least. Clearly, I DO talk back, which in your “esteemed” opinion would reduce my value, but literally every man and woman I’ve ever dated has vocalized specific appreciation of my wit and candor rather than invoking your kind of sexist bigotry to suppress my self-expression. But I suppose I shouldn’t worry myself too much over this article, because why the fuck would I want to be of any “value” to you anyway?

  • C.

    I can’t decide whether this is facetious or sincere. Sorry to break rule no. 3, but I happen to be a thin, long-haired American woman who is very much offended by this – joke or not. It’s not your place to judge American women, especially when there are women all over the world who have tattoos, piercings, who struggle with their weight, who have short hair, etc. Declaring these as problems or issues, first off, is insulting, and singling out a specific country or nationality is also incredibly ignorant and unbased.

  • Katherine

    I am hoping this is Satire

  • CB

    Ooh, so harsh.

  • CB

    However will I go on…..

  • CB

    And, there’s nothing particularly offensive about yours if that’s your intention. Feminazi is so hyperbolic and overused. It would be like if I called you and WorldTraveler chauvinist pigs. Come on.

  • Raven Carpenter

    woulw Iwell this was fucking ridiculous. how about we make a list for men? 1. stop being pigs. 2. stop thinking women should be at your beck and call. 3. take a look at all the women who have discovered things, written novels and jave been leaders in the world. 4. stop thinking men are so much smarter than women. 5. men are not t he only ones who have created jobs or who do laborious and strenuous jobs. women do as well. women work in factories, in construction, in plumbing, in remodeling. I work with almost all men in a warehouse and I can do more than almost all of them combined. do not make the ridiculous assumption that women are inferior to men in any way shape or form. you say that the statements above at how women get men? well I would be really surprised that any of you have any experience with women after reading what you wrote. don’t you know women know everything? (; come on boys, think like men.

  • ROFL

    Women might consider listening to you if you didn’t look like Charles Manson. You might want to work on that.

  • Raven Carpenter

    commcommecommencommentfucalso I forgot to add to all the idiots who keep saying American women, keep in mind you are not just referring to the women in the united states, if that is who you are all targeting which it seems to be, but also the women in Mexico, Canada, central America and south america. we are all american. so two countries worth of women need to take this advice? you can all go fuck yourselves and I don’t give a damn about you wanting a lack of cussing. fuck that and all these stupid fucking rules you all think should be put into effect. none of us care if you think were fat or skinny. we don’t care if you like our hair or piercings or tattoos. we don’t care if you like how we dress, or think, or what we eat, or what we say. so a big thanks to all the idiotic men who commented on this post comfirming my theory that men are still in a Neanderthal state.

  • strangerchat

    LOL- enjoy your waste of a life. “Career women” are outgunned by men in the workplace and lonely at home. You’ve chosen a worthless existence; good luck with that. People like you were meant to be filtered out.

  • brittb517

    Or maybe it’s because women aren’t as shallow and sex-driven as guys to give a fuck about how fat someone is. This might be hard for you dickwads to understand, but maybe women care more about a person than how much they weigh. Sure, maybe not every woman out there, but can you blame them with posts like these inflating their social media? You can lose the weight, but you can’t lose the shitty attitude you guys have towards women. Makes me fucking sick.

  • strangerchat

    LOL, grow some ovaries. Or just get the injections and surgery and be done with it.

  • Dave Rectenwald

    See calling me a creature just made you hideous as you mouth off on things you do not know. I don’t brainwash anybody the tattoo and piercing thing is not my bag.

  • donewithbullshit

    Hey girls, change everything about yourself to fit a man’s ideals because we are nothing more than objects for their entertainment! How about both genders do whatever the fuck they want as long as it doesn’t disrespect either side and we go about our lives in a calmly manner? But apparently that is too much to ask for. The person who wrote this obviously is never going to see a woman as a human being that deserves respect, but for god’s sakes, what the hell are you going to tell your daughters when someone tells them that they are nothing but sex objects? What are you going to tell your sisters or friends? And girls, what the hell are you going to tell your sons, brothers and friend when you refer to all men as sexist pigs? Respect goes both ways, people. Learn that and maybe we’ll actually grow from something.

  • Meta Downhour

    LOLOL Thank you. I had a headache coming on from pure fury (as seen in my comment a bit above), and this made me laugh.

  • Broken Clocks and Feminists

    “America… leave it, kiddos.”

    Great idea.

  • Slutfucker

    do you know that i have a remarkable source of protein that will definitely keep your cheeks moist?

  • Slutfucker

    they have to be silent because i am spunking in the mouth

  • Slutfucker

    you need to taste my manly love cream, wench

  • Slutfucker

    are you good at cooking? holding your breath? do you have child-bearing hips? are you maternal? list one thing you think any girl should be able to do with a beach ball and 10 yards of garden hose.

  • Easy

    The thought process is as follows:

    Tattoos == prima facie evidence of poor impulse control, limited future time orientation == probably puts out readily, probably does so indiscriminantly == less effort required to seal the deal.

    In other words, actual possibility of sex for a younger, lower-value male.

    Hence the “tattoos are sexy” comments. Meaning, “Holy shit, I’m actually going to get laid.”


    “Not that I will ever deface my body like that.”

    Good for you. Take Roosh’s advice to heart, be feminine and prosper.

  • godlessmath

    “how about we make a list for men?”

    This entire webpage is about all the ways American men must change if they want to meet women, and especially quality women. Furthermore, the suggestions given are not at all easy. Men here are basically asked to change their entire personalities and become confident, outgoing, and assertive, and to conquer their fears interacting with women.

    Case in point, note that there is only one thing in this list for women where they must actually *do* something. This is the first one, to lose weight. This is the only suggestion where women are asked to actually make an effort. The rest amount to not more than “just dial it down.” On the other hand, the advice given to men on this webpage is completely about what they must *do*.

  • Is This Satire?

    “It’s not your place to judge American women.”

    Why not? He has to fuck them, after all. Or not.

  • realist

    “Women should not have to conform to your unrealistic ideals towards women’s beauty…”

    You do if you want to attract the attention of high quality men. Never mind actually getting one to commit to you. Sorry, sweetheart.

    Stop being so self-entitled. Strive to improve yourself. Like a man.

  • godlessmath

    “You need one of these for American men.”

    This entire webpage is about all the things men, especially American men, must do to make themselves more attractive for women. In fact, the point has often been made that one of the things they must do is put down the video games and actually go outside and do things which make them interesting.

  • Nah, dude.

    She’s American. Grace, thankfulness and humility are not in her oeuvre.

  • Nah, dude.

    But, she will, evidently, “shove [things] straight up your ass.” Charming.

  • #solidarityisforwhitewomen

    “I had a headache coming on from pure fury…”

    You suffer so, offended privileged UMC white girl; I truly feel for you. Breaks my heart.


    Right. Exactly. And they’ll never learn. I disagree with your earlier point and so do most of your men on this site per their comments that you guys are the losers in this system. If you men came out on top, this site wouldn’t exist. It’s because you’re tired of it. Men are easy to please and as they get older most are so happy to settle down, it’s hard for a woman, no matter how used up, to not find a man. They move to the suburbs and many are happy. Some are not. But most have kids and that’s their thing and they don’t think about things like this ever again. That’s why this movement is DOA for the most part. Most guys aren’t willing to be lonely for a cause. A few of them genuinely may not be lonely because they’re truly sociopaths (bummer), but most have weaknesses and will cave. They’ll chose a nice life with a woman every single time. And these men make women plenty happy. So see, you’re out. You can try to spin it anyway you want… But we can’t change reality.

  • checkyourself

    high quality men would never agree with these tips, or these ignorant and disgusting comments. i feel so sad for the women in your lives, especially if any of you have daughters.


    You’re a simpleton with a dumb point of view.


    Typing too quickly! Everyone knows misspellings in blog comments are low hanging fruit.

  • MaunRH1

    While I agree with a lot of these, I think some are just his personal preference…like growing your hair to your butt, and getting tattoos. Some guys actually like those things, and some guys don’t. I believe you have good intentions, but some of this is just rude. I have a blog called The Fascinating Woman that gives women tips and tricks to being more feminine. thefascinatingwomanblog.blogspot.com.

  • cvt-lvdy

    This is pretty ignorant. The person writing this must be “perfect”.

  • Megan

    Darn, I don’t fit Roosh’s standards. Fuck this guy. Women are beautiful. It’s assholes like you that need to change.

  • Purple Penguin

    “I’m still confused as to where a wife like myself fits into the picture painted here.”

    Then be glad you’re in the picture, try do be your best to stay there.

    “Personally, I feel like I am a “good” American woman, there aren’t many out there like myself and I tend to think that finding a “good” woman would entitle her to some sort praise”

    Every women feel she’s a good woman, every woman thinks there aren’t many like her, and 99% of them are wrong. You just wrote you are tattoed and overweight (and were even more overweight before) and that you talk a lot, so you’re not the 1%, you probably aren’t the worst wife either, but you sure don’t deserve praise.

    “Should I just feel honored to have been chosen to be his wife?”

    If as you said he has strong work ethic, good physique and intelligence, yes you can feel honored. Keep him happy by losing your weight, talking less and acting sweet and feminine. And stop reading webside from his web history, that’s snooping.

  • Purple Penguin

    “Honesty, respect, integrity and mutual understanding/support will not feed my offspring, house us, or keep us safe and comfortable.”

    Any man with a low-level office job will be able to feed you and your children, to provide you a home and decent safety. Yet it’s not enough money for most women, proving that money is attractive, but not because of its ability to satisfy basic needs.

    “I find a man who makes good money, is honest, respectful, caring, supportive, masculine and shows interest in me to be totally desirable.”

    And I want Kate Upton, the real question is “what do you bring to the table that other women don’t?”

  • coop

    Wow. Load of crap.

  • Krc003

    Does anyone else find this offensive? This man basically described the ideal woman as a skinny passive sex slave with gross hair. The person who wrote this needs to get over himself. I’m not denying that women should take care of themselves, but it is most important for women to have strong morals, respect themselves and others, and stand up for themselves against piggish people like the person who wrote this article.

  • Nikita

    You are fucking disgusting this is a pathetic ad for idiots living in 1863 you and whoever this roost piece of shit is can go fuck yourselves you won’t ever find a good woman like that but anyone who agrees with this obviously wants a quiet submissive baby maker so again fuck you!! :)

  • MM

    The complete ignorance of this article is amazing to me…people who share views such as these are an absolute embarrassment to the human race. Seriously, there are some people whose intelligence level just amazes me, it’s so pathetic.

  • Nikita paradis

    This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever read made to make women feel bad about themselves. How about guys lose all of the god damn weight and start buying us more fancy cars and jewelry? And who the fuck do you think you are you little piece of shit for saying women need to be polite about sex? If a guy just wants to fuck and I’m not interested I’m definitely going to be a bitch about it why shouldn’t I when he wants to use me as an object? Women are not fucking sex toys you oxygen-deprived dumb ass. How fucking dare you say you “love women” when you’re discouraging them from being comfortable with themselves. You obviously don’t know the first thing about women or relationships so I suggest doin some research before you make such a stupid article this fucking dumbever again

  • WorldTraveler

    And how is this phrase :”How about guys lose all of the god damn weight and start buying us more fancy cars and jewelry?” any different from the one Roosh put in his article??:-))
    And swearing is NOT a feminine thing by the way:-))
    Man, I don’t envy all those desperate North American males who deal with female scumbags on a daily basis…

  • Coochiemaster784

    It’s entirely satirical, meaning they’re showing how extreme sexists are to prove how stupid it sounds, and you’re kind of an idiot for not seeing the idioms and sarcasm in this post and it’s comments.

  • Jon

    You wanna attract a decent woman? Don’t fucking tell people what to do with their lives.

  • CB

    Which is why I said, “Perhaps you’re a better person than I!”…

    I was also trying to relate to WT, so perhaps my comment that Feminazi is a fucking stupid word would “sink in”, so to speak.

  • Facepalmer

    Two replies? lulz

  • Totally85

    This is ignorant and sexist. For any woman to feel forced to become this way for a man, American or not, is just sad. And I’m in a happy 4 year relationship. Being yourself is the best thing you can do. You can’t force compatibility.

  • Raven Carpenter

    no one should have to do anything. they should be who they want and someone should love them for that. these lists of what we all should and should not do are stupid. not everyone thinks or likes the same things. who says a larger guy, or a guy that likes bigger women, or piercings and tattoos is of any less quality than one who doesn’t? this is stupid and everyone who can’t see it is stupid as well.

  • Nikita

    I’m not the one who thought of saying that you idiot. By the way I don’t need you to tell me what’s feminine and what’s not I can handle myself. I don’t need you to act like I’m in the wrong after reading this pathetic excuse for an article which is only shaming women and making men think it’s okay to treat them badly. I don’t give a fuck what you envy you’re obviously not as cosmopolitan as you think you are; rather ignorant in fact. And I’m not even American you fucking dumb ass now please go leave such stupid idiotic comments on someone else’s post thanks

  • Nikita

    Plus there are MILLIONS more make scum bags than female ones including you and the person who wrote this article it’s hilarious that you even say that. People act like feminists want power over men which in not even a feminist but that is about EQUALITY, not hating men. All this article and your comment does is shame and hate so fuck off bitches

  • Erica

    Sounds like this guy wants a blow up doll with a wig.

  • Mike Phillips

    Roosh you are a “fucking idiot”.

  • Mike Phillips

    Again Roosh you are a “fucking idiot”.

  • JQ

    I would say put the damn smartphone out of the way for good. Women are becoming more and more incapable of holding a 10 mins conversation without checking her facebook status. Also, they need to loose weight; when a true man has options, a fatty is not one of them. Finally, I totally agree with the tatoos and piercing; women with those does not appear in my radar for something else than getting laid. Excellent post Roosh, keep it up!

  • JQ

    Don’t get angry. I know it must be sad to be unable to compete with women with the traits listed in the article; but I am sure with hard work you can improve yourself too…

  • Haley

    I hope this article is a joke.

  • hannahchaps

    News flash: Women don’t do things to impress you or anybody else for that matter. It’s 2014 bud, women can do whatever they want and no one can stop them. Get off your high horse and just be quiet before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

  • thormoz

    Typical tolerant and kind liberal

  • bigpoppatut

    if we all followed these rules then we’d all be the same, and whats the fun in that . I think you’d all enjoy your lives and women if you opened your mind to diversity and see that women who talk have great things to say and some tattoos are just as cool as not have tattoos. its all about your mentality. you guys are the only ones upset me as a woman i could care less about your wishlist.

  • ThreeLegDog

    “I work with almost all men in a warehouse and I can do more than almost all of them combined.”

    I don’t get why you think this is a Good Thing.

  • WorldTraveler

    And how is this phrase :”How about guys lose all of the god damn weight and start buying us more fancy cars and jewelry?” any different from the one Roosh put in his article??:-))
    And swearing is NOT a feminine thing by the way:-))

  • WorldTraveler

    I wouldn’t want to be YOUR EQUAL since your level is extremely low. You can’t express yourself without swearing profusely. Learn how to say what you mean without all those “fucks”. You lose by default as soon as you say one of those words.

  • WorldTraveler

    Could you please name the countries you’ve visited and lived in?:-))

  • Tonia

    im gonna guess your single correct?

  • Purple Penguin

    “I think you’d all enjoy your lives and women if you opened your mind to diversity and see that women who talk have great things to say”

    Come on, listen to a random conversation between two random women. They talk about trivialities 99% of the time and most of them can’t talk about anything that didn’t happen in their social circle.

    “some tattoos are just as cool as not have tattoos”

    That’s subjective. And it’s not up to a woman to decide what a man consider “cool” or attractive.

    “me as a woman i could care less about your wishlist.”

    You care indirectly as you care about finding a great man. Just like great women have standards (and the list is longer than this one), great men have too.

  • Purple Penguin

    Come on, have you seen a woman wishlist for a man? Roosh’s list is a joke compared to even an unattractive woman’s wishlist.

  • Purple Penguin

    “people who share views such as these are an absolute embarrassment to the human race”

    Too bad, the top men (men with options) share most of these requirements.

  • Purple Penguin

    “but it is most important for women to have strong morals, respect themselves and others, and stand up for themselves”

    Not for men.

  • Purple Penguin

    “Damn I don’t fit those standards, should I improve myself? No, let’s blame the list instead !”

  • Purple Penguin

    Nobody’s perfect, but he’s good enough to regulary get women who fit the list.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    The only way I would find any of the men attractive commenting on this satire, agreeing with it, is if they all slit their wrists and died. Just kidding I would never find them attractive. Just die anyways.

  • Purple Penguin
  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen


  • Purple Penguin

    Yeah, should a stinky man improve his hygiene? Fuck no, women should love you for who he is.

    Let’s get real, if you want to get a great partner, you have to be great yourself (and no, most of it isn’t subjective). You get what you work for.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    Stop watching woman strip @ pool sides, they are not doing it for you. You should strip so I can throw rocks at you.

  • Rudeforthought

    Fat, ugly, bad haircut, knuckle-dragging emotional aggression, registered just to leave 2 comments……you should be taking notes, not scrawling crayon capslock on a wall where nobody gives a shit what people like you think.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    What if they don’t want children and enjoy being on anti-depressants. Not everyone has to be spermed inside to consider their life valuable.

  • Purple Penguin

    “It’s not your place to judge American women, especially when there are women all over the world who have tattoos, piercings, who struggle with their weight, who have short hair, etc. ”

    Do you judge a man before dating him? Of course you do.
    There are many fat short-haired pierced tattoed women all over the world, that doesn’t mean men have to like them.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    I’m sorry about your penis

  • Purple Penguin

    ” but literally every man and woman I’ve ever dated has vocalized specific appreciation of my wit and candor”

    Men want to fuck, they say what you want to hear.

  • stanston

    i love hearing about how much a woman respects herself after she grabs a towel and wipes jizz off her face from diferent guys every other night.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    You are probably wearing a fedora I can not even take you seriously.

  • Purple Penguin

    “Tattoos, body piercings, and anything else makes everyone an individual.”

    Damn, I’m not tattoed or pierced.. I’d love to be an individual !

    ” As for telling woman not to get tattoo’s or piercings comes from the most small minded creatures ever.”

    It’s just advice, you do what you want, as long as you accept the consequences (being less likely to get a man with options).

  • Purple Penguin

    They don’t have to, this is just advice on how to get a better man than the one you would get without improving yourself.

  • Purple Penguin

    “women generally don’t give a shit if they’re appealing to men.”

    And great men (men with options) don’t give a shit about those women.

  • Purple Penguin

    Come back the day you see brad pitt/george clooney/etc. with a fattie.

  • Kayleigh Smith

    Okay whatever sexist, egotistical asshole wrote this can go to hell. Reading this article made me literally want to come find you and give you the kick in the balls you deserve. You have completely undermined woman’s rights and are basically asking for woman to abandon all our progress over the past 60 years and become perfect, silent housewives again. Wake the fuck up and realize that the world is NOT like this anymore and will never be like this again. Any 21st century woman you meet with self-esteem and confidence (which you so horribly undermined) would never date a man like you because she had respect for herself. I, as a woman have the choice to do whatever I want with my life and look however I want and say whatever I want. And I do because that’s the America us woman have worked so hard for. And as far as my love life is concerned, I have had no trouble finding good men who treat me well and accept me as the strong, independent, outspoken woman that I am. So I hope you realize how ignorant and horrible this article is and change your idea of what the modern woman should be. Otherwise I hope you die alone, an ignorant bastard who doesn’t deserve any love from any woman because you’re not deserving of it. Go to hell!

  • CB

    Who says “lulz”?

  • seriously

    I love your sarcasm.

    Stop jizzing on girls’ faces if you think girls are sluts for sleeping with whoever they want (the same thing guys do, sleep with whoever they want)–I can agree that “It’s MALES who have to change their approach and visions of relationships, dating and women they want to deal with.”.

    If you guys had any standards, the supposed “sluts” you speak of wouldn’t exist any more because nobody would date or fuck them and people would change how they approach dating and relationship patterns…

  • WorldTraveler

    Of course you have NO trouble finding good men in America:-) American males became so desperate and sex hungry that they’d obey every order given by their female master and turn into slaves and robots just in order to finally get that elusive access to female body and female pussy:-)) Whereas American females will gladly whore themselves to the highest male bidder on the dating market leaving all others in a sad state of desperation and sex hunger:))

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you feminazis even able to communicate without using tons of words like “fuck, insecure, misogyny, bastards etc”?
    Speaks volumes about your intellect.

  • TFD123

    The only one obsessed with penis here is you.

  • stanston

    Why would i, as a male, ever turn down sex from young, feminine, women? i am no player of any sorts. i could count the women i have laid on my hands. That is simply because i have developed a conservative mindset of building myself, then in hopes of my accomplishments have a life partner and start a family at a young age. If a woman takes an hour conversation, 3 drinks and a walk to my home to sleep with me why would i say no?

    When a man creates self destructive habits for himself he either conquers them or succumbs. when a woman has them she takes anti depressants and creates a blog to lie to young girls on how these ideals are beneficial to them. the young girls follow in these failures of femininity and repeat the cycle, only the repetition is exponential.

    Finally, a man can have as many sexual partners as he wants with women without consequences because its up to the women to sleep with him. you may claim this is unfair but we get ours as well. a man who is willing to provide time and resources (a relationship, which is just a transaction between two people that enjoy each other and benefit from said transaction) should receive no sympathy either.

  • Tally-ho

    violent, delusional harpie – that aint progress

  • Tally-ho

    poor sense of humor; craves violence. stop proving feminazis exist.

  • Onion

    If you want to chase after beauty that’s fine, it’s your personal taste. But not every woman is trying to catch your eye- we have varying emotional states, you may be surprised to learn, and mostly we’re concentrating more on remembering if we took that meat out of the freezer this morning than worrying about how sexy we’re looking at any given moment. What I really object to is your assumption that all women are merely here to be decoration in your world, to be picked up, used and discarded.

  • Tally-ho

    if women had strong morals, then they would respect themselves and others. instead they deep-fry themselves in narcissism, take and take without giving and then tweet independence on gadgets made and programmed by men.

  • Tally-ho

    “US, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America” = 2 countries…

    You’ve written off several countries. pls take your colonialist accounting somewhere else.

  • Tally-ho

    the dick-weasel gets laid before the h8er. take a number

  • Tally-ho

    I know, I can’t believe so many morons hide behind hope of satire to preserve their feeeeelings

  • Tally-ho

    profoundly retarded. if everyone has body mods, then everyone is acting the same, which is blind herd mentality, not individuality. Your comment sounds like recycled parroted talking points, not the musings of a true individual.

    whateves, women can live for what they think they want, just remember; boys grow up, girls grow old. enjoy your ride(s)

  • Tally-ho

    to all the flabbergasted who “hope” this is satire: thx 4 the lulz

  • Kaycee Jane

    Bunch of bullshit; I think the writer should be put out of his misery. Fuck your beauty standards and fashion rules!

  • seriously

    All I am saying is that the standards were set so low by men. Not that you should turn sex down, but that women (most of them anyway) are the way they are because it’s what they think their peers (men and women alike) want to see. If a woman did something you didn’t like and you went after her anyway, you’re positively reinforcing the way she wants to look. “Well I can look past this if I”m going to get laid.”

    Don’t be so desperate for the pussy and raise your standards if the way women look is such an issue to you. It’s not our faults you guys can’t control yourself long enough to stand up for yourselves and say that you won’t be manipulated any more for sex–you could just as easily say no and chase women who look the way you want instead of settling for what you don’t want. That’s your individual mistake, not the mistake of all of womankind, that you will have sex with anything with a vagina.

    Likewise, women chasing “bad boys” is positively reinforcing shitty behavior.

    A woman should also be able to have as many partners as she wants and not be shamed for it. After all, a man can brag about all the sex he has, but who is he having sex with? Women. (Unless you’re not into women obviously.)

    Unless you’re implying women shouldn’t have sex any more. Then good luck getting any pussy.

    She can choose who she sleeps with, the same way a man can choose who he chases after to sleep with.

  • seriously

    Exactly my point.

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you feminazis even able to communicate without using tons of words like “fuck, insecure, misogyny, bastards etc”?
    Speaks volumes about your intellect.

  • Capt. Lou Albano

    The author of this “Article” is a privileged male whom has no connection with real people. This kind of attitude and thought process is exactly what is going wrong with civilization today. I am male and he makes me look bad, if I met this person my first impulse would be to punch him about the face until I believe he is pretty enough

  • Mysogynist

    I smell a dyke….

  • WorldTraveler

    What if someone punches you back until YOU are “pretty enough” ?:-) Ever thought about it?:-)

  • Kevin Dooley

    Wow dude fuck you. Enjoy masturbating alone in your room. A woman who fits your ideals would still be uninterested. Go die in a hole for the good of the entire species.

  • Lauren

    I noticed a comment where someone said that this was satirical. I wrote a satirical paper just last week an I’m pretty sure that at the end of you satirical writing you are suppose to give an actual sensible answer, I didn’t see one.

  • disqus_RTFtah6U7g

    That would be why there are more educated women graduating college than men and are earning more money than their male counterparts, right? (Pew Research Center survey and analysis of Census data – 10 Findings about Women in the Workplace.) Aww, it must be tough to live in a world that no longer revolves around you.

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you feminazis even able to communicate without using tons of words like “fuck, insecure, misogyny, bastards etc”?
    Speaks volumes about your intellect.

  • Kevin Dooley

    Fuck no you fucking fuck bastard. Swearing is not a sign of low intelligence. It’s expressive language and I could communicate with much more eloquent phrasing but you and your ilk aren’t worthy of being spoken to like intellectual peers or adults because you’re all mentally stuck at 13. Fuck off.

  • WorldTraveler

    I honestly wish to meet you one on one anywhere in the world, just to try and ask you to repeat all these words into my face and I’d punch your tattooed body just like people punch a punching bag during martial arts workouts. You can trust me on this one.
    You see-I did express what I wanted without even one swear word whereas you do not possess enough intellect to communicate like humans are supposed to do.
    You are hiding behind the internet anonymity but trust me-one of those days you’ll get your own dose of a reality check.

  • Kevin Dooley

    You’re the one quick to resort to violent threats. You can’t understand something so you have to get angry and respond like the paleolithic specimen you are. Also do you really want to fight someone who willingly and painfully carves images into their flesh simply because I think it looks cool? If you want to get into a macho pissing contest I think i would win. And I wear makeup. If you actually made the effort to track me down and attack me I think I’d give you a free shot. Then I’d kick your teeth in with my motorcycle boot.

  • godlessmath

    Well I completely agree, nobody *should* have to do anything. In fact, if you read the Bible, Paul says it is better for everyone to be single and not care for dating and marriage, and instead devote themselves to piety.

    Unfortunately for you, we live in the real world, one where certain things are more likely to get you attention and certain things are more likely to put people off. I shouldn’t have to take a shower more than once a week. It is my right. But, I would be an idiot to complain about how most women seemingly don’t like to date guys who smell like armpits and ass. Even if it is true that there are women out there who like stinky men, and there are, the simple fact is that me smelling like a Mumbai sewer makes my chances of meeting a nice girl that much lower.

    You’ve got a choice. Do you want to be overweight with lots of tattoos and piercings? Have fun, but know that most men don’t like this, so your chances of meeting a good guy you like are that much lower. Just stop wondering why it is so tough to meet a good guy, because you now know exactly why that is.

  • godlessmath

    Well I completely agree, nobody *should* have to do anything. In fact, if you read the Bible, Paul says it is better for everyone to be single and not care for dating and marriage, and instead devote themselves to piety.

    Unfortunately for you, we live in the real world, one where certain things are more likely to get you attention and certain things are more likely to put people off. I shouldn’t have to take a shower more than once a week. It is my right. But, I would be an idiot to complain about how most women seemingly don’t like to date guys who smell like armpits
    and ass. Even if it is true that there are women out there who like stinky men, and there are, the simple fact is that me smelling like a Mumbai sewer makes my chances of meeting a nice girl that much lower.

    You’ve got a choice. Do you want to be overweight with lots of tattoos and piercings? Have fun, but know that most men don’t like this, so your chances of meeting a good guy you like are that much lower. Just stop wondering why it is so tough to meet a good guy, because you now know exactly why that is.

  • summer

    I wrote something for you men. See, I’m useful for things. http://catscaffeinecake.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/8-things-you-can-suck-on/

  • AnNa Theresa DeMeo

    Oh look! Another misogynist. Nice Avatar photo. Did you pull screen cap that from a porn flick?

  • AnNa Theresa DeMeo

    Maybe if the writer READ a book, he/she would realize that tattoos and piercings aren’t a form a self mutilation. Is anyone on here even qualified to say that is indeed fact? Can anyone even make out what I am saying, since I actually can use the english language properly? Oh right. ;)

    Move along now.

  • gofuckyourself

    Are you speaking from personal experience here? I’m not sure where you came up with this woman who has to wipe jizz off her face with a towel, unless, you know, you were the person who jizzed on that girl’s face. And if that is the case, if you think that women are sluts for having sex, then stop having sex with them. It is as simple as that. Or perhaps I need to spell it out for you… (you seem to have a hyperactive imagination, but obviously all logic is lost on you). Ok, so you want women who are devoid of personality, and, judging from the list above, you want a skinny woman who doesn’t talk (at any point in time, including after sex), who does not believe that they have value, who does not have a job, who puts their husband’s needs above their own, who compliments you, who does not share their opinions about how they think something should be done, who does not stand up for themselves and who does not believe that they can express themselves. Basically, you want a something to have sex with. And yet, when you actually do have sex (which, judging from your comments, shockingly, has actually happened) you write off your partner as a slut. I think you may need to rework your philosophy here seeing as it obviously does not equate. Oh, and once again, you can go fuck yourself.

  • Zack

    whoever wrote this if a fucking idiot -.- smdh

  • fuckyoucunt

    this is absolutely fucking irrational and disgusting.

  • Mike

    If ye are not troll:

    Lose the 15 lbs.

    He is here to learn how to best manage your relationship. Be relieved; he cares enough better himself.

  • godlessmath

    Well I completely agree, nobody *should* have to do anything. In fact, if you read the Bible, Paul says it is better for everyone to be single and not care for dating and marriage, and instead devote themselves to piety.

    Unfortunately for you, we live in the real world, one where certain things are more likely to get you attention and certain things are more likely to put people off. I shouldn’t have to take a shower more than once a week. It is my right. But, I would be an idiot to complain about how most women seemingly don’t like to date guys who smell like armpits and ass. Even if it is true that there are women out there who like stinky men, and there are, the simple fact is that me smelling like a Mumbai
    sewer makes my chances of meeting a nice girl that much lower.

    You’ve got a choice. Do you want to be overweight with lots of
    tattoos and piercings? Have fun, but know that most men don’t like this, so your chances of meeting a good guy you like are that much lower. Just stop wondering why it is so tough to meet a good guy, because you now know exactly why that is.

  • Nikita p

    Don’t worry that world traveler dumb ass is a fucking idiot I doubt he’s travelled anywhere interesting anyway

  • Nikita

    This ad is degrading so yeah obviously we aren’t going to be happy about it or are we supposed to go in the kitchen and make a sandwich for your piece of shit trashy ass besides I couldnfuck you up in a second I know this for a fact so id quit with the violent threats

  • Nikita

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH okay make sure you find the right sized blow up doll for those lonely nights

  • Fabienne Rainbow

    9- DON’T FOLLOW THOSE LAME ASS ADVICES. STAY YOURSELF AND THE RIGHT MAN WHO RESPECT WOMEN WILL FIND YOU. Or, if you want to date some asshole, just follow all of the above and deny yourself.

  • Nikk

    Who the fuck are you to tell me how to talk bitch I’m allowed to fucking be angry little piece of dirt who the fuck ARE YOU why are you even talking to me you obviously can’t even handle a conversation without insulting me and putting me down calling me low level go fuck yourself you little bitch I am a lot higher in class than you yeah I cuss when I’m posses stop being a little whiny pussy about it are you 6 years old? And no I do not “lose default” by saying fuck because this article and anyone whoagrees to it including you is fucking stupid beyond belief. You are obviously at the level of dirt so please stop wasting both of our times by leaving such a stupid comment and I don’t have to fucking tell you a single bit of information you fucking disgrace to humankind and I don’t give a fuck where you’ve lived because as I can see it does NOTHING as far as making you a better person. I will say I’ve travelled all across Europe South America and even the Middle East. Now like I said stop leaving stupid comments you sound like a complete incompetent dumb ass and I don’t care about what idiots have to say. Have fun finding a woman who is attracted to such disgusting traits she will be nothing but a fucking trashy whore to be with you :)

  • Thickythic

    You must have a small penis…

  • Purple Penguin

    Yeah, ruin your looks, that will show him !

  • Purple Penguin

    He’s just listing his preferences, how can that be irrational?
    As for this list being disgusting, I guess it means you don’t fit it ;)

  • Purple Penguin

    “Maybe if the writer READ a book”

    Saying he reads a lot would be an understatement.

    “he/she would realize that tattoos and piercings aren’t a form a self mutilation.”

    We know that, in theory, it is not, but a beautiful girl’s body is as attractive as it can be, tattoos and piercing can just make it worse.
    It also makes you look trashy.

  • Purple Penguin

    Your intelligent arguments convinced me, I’m a changed man !

  • https://www.facebook.com/kaylalo Kayla Lynn Ozimek

    I suppose this guy also wants us in the kitchen, tending to children, and silent as the grave. Maybe this is ok for some women ( I won’t judge)…but expecting that all women want to be perfect-cutout-imitation-Barbie-dolls is really degrading. We can be/do anything we damn well please, just like you “big, strong men.” And to assume that all men want these kinds of women is an insult to your own gender. If you cannot love someone for who they are, then you never deserved them. End of story.

  • nobodylivesforever

    Lol did some redneck douchebag write this? Tattoos and piercings need to go cuz it makes you look dumb? What an incorrect statement. This whole little article is a stereotypical mindset of a guy acting like he owns a women not that is in a loving relationship with

  • threeLegDog

    white knight detected…

  • YAYfin

    1. I can lose weight. When I do I will be more attractive. My main motivation for this is the fact, when I do I can reject assholes like you!
    2. I could never grow my hair long, because it would get tangled and ratted.
    3. You obviously don’t understand women. Men communicate to exchange information. Women communicate to socialize.
    4. I’ve never done this, mainly because I’m a slut and I like sex.
    5. I’m sorry but to most women there is more to life then getting a man. Like I dunno writing a bestselling series of novels (J.K. Rowling), discovering radium (Marie Curie) or leading fellow slaves to freedom (Harriet Tubman).
    6. I’ve tried that, but some men just BEG to be rejected. If you don’t read my profile on OKC you don’t know me, if you don’t know me don’t try and fuck me.
    7. Cocky men are a big turn off for me. If a man is cocky with me, my legs clang shut.
    8. Where the fuck in Europe are you talking about, Not England, not Western Europe. Oh wait, you mean Moldova or Serbia… crapholes.

  • YAYfin

    Because all women exist to near interchangeable fuck puppets. And breed sons. New Century, more like Middle ages!

  • Devin Gero

    I agree especially with the 8th one, girls like that are fucking gross.

  • what

    Lolololol this is such a joke.

  • Jen

    “Stop telling me “We’re not having sex.”

    Congratulations, you’re either a rapist or somebody who thinks rape is not a big deal.

  • equality

    This article is absolutely disgusting. I don’t understand how a human being could write this about another person. A woman is a human being, not a sexual object to be judged. I don’t understand why this gender equality is still a question in society, or why this article is not being taken down by the comments below. Even more concerning than this article, is the voices of support below it. As a human race, we should recognize each others as equals. If this article were about race, I know that it would not be treated the same. I don’t understand this vision of the “ideal woman” either. We are not objects that purely exist to please a man. We are all individuals. Honestly, I think it is the author who needs to change. This is a pure sign of insecurity and ignorance, and probably the result and frustration of a man with a very small penis.

  • Rose Corby

    Well since you are so quick to tell the world what women should be like I felt it is only appropriate to list the top 8 things men need to do to make themselves more attractive to women: 1. Lose the damn weight. Far too many men are morbidly obese., 2. Cut your hair and shave off that ridiculous Duck Dynasty beard or any other facial hair for that matter. Not only is it unsanitary but nothing worse than trying to kiss a man as you navigate through all that freakin hair., 3. Learn to have an intelligent conversation with women. We don’t care about your stupid ass thoughts concerning the latest and greatest football player or why you think this model truck is the best. We don’t give a shit. Talk to us about philosophy, logic, politics, etc., 4. Stop having sex on the brain. All men have a genetic disposition to procreate with as many women as they can to spread their seed. News flash, we are a modern society and don’t live in the caveman age., 5. Become independent. Women are not there to replace your Mommy when you do decide that this is the one. We do not and will not wait on you hand and foot. Get off your lazy asses and make dinner or help raise the kids. Just because you go to a job doesn’t mean that women don’t work as well. Women work far more than men, doubly so if the woman also has a paying job., 6. Listen. There is nothing worse than to sit there while a woman is asking you a question and you don’t answer because you aren’t listening, duh., 7. Shower! It is absolutely disgusting when men don’t shower every single day. A woman is not interested in having sex with a man who is not clean., 8. Stop your freakin whining! Ok, you are feeling ill. Is that a reason to whine about it. We are not your Mommy. We are not going to give you your medicine, tuck you in, and read you a bedtime story. Toughen up for goodness sakes. The world is not going to end if you’re sick. You are not going to die. Women get sick all the time but they don’t whine about it. As a matter of fact they still get up, go to work, clean the house, raise the kids, and cater to the overweight, furry faced, philosophically challenged, sex-brained, non independent, deaf, smelly, whiners.

  • blowhard

    the author of this article is a woman hating sociopath. this website is like reading the immature mind of a young man with no real understanding of the world.

  • Rose Corby

    By far, my favorite response.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    I can’t smell you but I bet it’s disgusting.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    Actually you’re a penguin.

  • Diggykris

    Is this parody? If so it’s brilliant. If not, it’s rubbish.

  • Guest

    I’m sorry about your vagina.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen

    Can you misguided, anonymous, weird fedora people speak without using the word feminazi? Or implying I’m a homosexual? It’s sad you think the only people that would be offended by this are lesbians and feminists. This article is just a huge embarrassing experience for all human kind to share equally.

  • LW34

    I agree with all of this except for the part where women don’t whine about being sick. If you looked at my Facebook feed, it’s currently full of women bitching about being sick. That’s fine, because men do it, too, myself included. Just saying, that’s not true.

    Also, beards are awesome, and I have plenty of female friends who like, even prefer facial hair.

  • LW34

    This was clearly written by a misguided, misogynistic loser who can’t get laid and doesn’t understand why and is attempting to make excuses for himself by putting the blame on women who don’t conform to his narrow-minded, juvenile standards. Also, he needs his ass kicked back into reality. No woman with any self-respect would ever date a douchebag like this.

  • Jas

    Whoever wrote this is obviously single as fuck and lives in a hole. If you want just a quiet baby maker male order bride websites are all over. Men are disgusting

  • Ms, Biz

    Why should women take seriously anyone who doesn’t even know how to spell nagging ? I bet this guy is such a throw-back, he feels threatened by any woman with an IQ above his…and therefore is chronically single.
    The title should be “8 Things American Women Must Do to Shag a Pompous, Self-absorbed Jerk”.

  • fuckbros

    They can do whatever they want to their fucking bodies. Its not for your dirty pig eyes to consume. If a girl wants a whole lot of tattoos, then she can get them. If you have a problem with it, go fuck yourself and carry on with your day.

  • Lynda

    The ass who wrote this probably has a big belly and a beard….oh ya like any girl wants to be with a caveman like that!

  • Shubhankar Chaudhuri

    agree with everything except 7 , I would twist it as – think before you neg, dont take our negs seriously, and try to get back funnier, not like an angry hog

    also, fine if you dont wear heels, not everyone can carry grace, at least carry yourself without crutches :)

    also —- have “self” esteem, not “validated” esteem from your sluts and fat friends :)

  • Sonja

    I am a woman & I agree with what Roosh has written. I have long hair almost to my bum, I go to the gym religiously, I do not usually speak to others unless spoken to, not to sound ‘cocky’, but a lot of males find me quite sexy and I get constant attention, etc. I know a lot of you ladies will get angered by this but it’s true. Nothing is sexier than a woman knowing how to be a woman. Plus, it’s a huge confidence boost in the morning knowing that your good looks will get acknowledged all day! Ever stop to think that maybe the female population should stop targeting the male population for all their problems? Change it.

  • WorldTraveler

    Oh, finally a message without tons of swear words. Good you are finally improving.
    Tell me which city in North America you live in, just to start thing off.

  • WorldTraveler

    Please, tell me about some countries YOU have visited and lived in. It’s impossible to compare since I have no idea where YOU have been.

  • Lennie


    With your sage advice I lost 40 lbs, stopped talking to men at all unless spoken to first, started looking at the floor a lot, grew my hair out about a foot, and cut off all of my tattoos with a heated scalpel. (The skin grafts look WAY sexier). Now I’m engaged and already pregnant! I’ve quit my stupid job and started trusting to men to take care of me, because of course, they know what’s best for me.

  • thormoz

    You sound fat.

  • Taylor

    Hell yes completely agree with you. This “boy” (clearly no man here) is a disgusting human being. How about you stop being a controlling piece of shit and join 2014! Pull your fuckin head out of your ass. So many rude and cruel little boys in this world.

  • Parker Bandhauer

    It seems satire is too complicated for you.

  • Happy Happy Joy Joy

    I’m assuming this is completely satirical and not just douchebaggery…if only he had used the sarcasm font, now how are we to know the difference?

  • Aleenum

    Thank you.

  • Aleenum

    Only date a woman your great grand mother would recognize as a woman.

  • Rose Corby

    Somebody’s living in a freakin dream world.

  • Tabitha

    Please, tell me your address, so I can proceed to come chop your dick off you worthless ass scum.

  • socij

    god, that crazy. It’s like a big slap in the face to your own mom. Mine had to deal with my father running off with another woman to another country, leaving her in a strange country with 4 kids and no money. Women and and men are the same, both work just as hard as the other and many many women have helped create the world we live in. I’d like you to look up the averages on this stuff and see what you find, and how many men now a days abandon their wife and kids. Most kids with probablams are due to father issues.

  • socij

    anyone who believes this will never have a lasting relationship, let alone love

  • Billy

    This so called sage advice is all from the views of a shobanistic pig who doesn’t realize that none of what he stated has anything to do with a women’s attractiveness. My girlfriend is not a stick, she’s covered in tattoos that are all unique to her and who she is, her hair is ass length and has nothing to do with fertility considering she can’t have children and having a female who can challenge you intelectualy is better then having a female that sits there submissively and let’s the man run her life. As far as the insulting as a way of flirting I agree with that but at the same time I feel we as men should stop as well. This whole post is a load of shit and the author should look deeper then his high society standards.

  • WildWolfofDark

    Is this one of those internet trolls that thinks that since he couldn’t get the girl he wanted that he’d take it out on every other girl to try to make himself feel better because his little crybaby emotions got hurt? Or is this just a complete idiot who knows nothing about the evolution of society, culture, and people who was born in the 1970′s and thinks everything was better back in the 1920′s because his ‘pappy’ said so?

  • kris

    As a woman with tattoos(9 and counting) dating a Brit/Scot with short hair – its NEVER going to be ass length(and fyi long hair is a bitch as far as maintenance) with a strong personality to match his – F this list. He loves my ink, loves my hair and frankly loves ME. That is what REAL relationships are about. This isn’t an article for men. Its for little boys who can’t be bothered to find a woman, American or another wise who won’t just shut up, spread their legs and play Susie homemaker. If you want a woman like that, look for those sorts of women, don’t expect a woman who is NOT that, to be like that.

  • kris

    He’s at least a man who’s not seen just how many European women there are in the Body Mod community and the men that adore them.

  • kris

    Honestly the only time I have ever gotten a kick out of rejecting anyone is when I had to pull out the big guns, after saying, “Yes I have a boyfriend and no you can’t get my number, social media etc” doesn’t work. If I have to stop being nice I am going to at least enjoy it.

  • threeLegDog

    There will always be outliers that adore other outliers. (Chubby-chasers chasing chubbies anyone?) Fine. But that doesn’t negate the traits that most men find attractive in women.

  • Laura Jones Chevro-Queen


  • areyoufuckingkiddingme

    I feel terribly sorry for whoever agrees with any of this poorer than poor excuse of an article. It’s completely sexist, stereotypical, disrespectful, and full of assumptions. Fuck the small-minded (probably not the only area of his body where he is lacking in size) and pathetic piece of shit who wrote this. You need a reality check and psychological help. Good luck EVER getting a girlfriend (or a lay for that matter) from a woman who actually has self-respect.

  • godlessmath

    Ironic, because on this webpage all if your points (even #4, although in a different spirit) are routinely urged upon. Some of the articles are little more than desk-pounding, imploring men to become confident, outgoing, independent, and interesting…or at the very least hygienic and in-shape. Why don’t you see other articles inundated by messages from men calling for the heads of the writers? Because men calmly recognize that fun, steady, and clean guys are overwhelmingly what women want.

    So why the hate, when someone writes the true fact that most men overwhelmingly want thin, demure women with long hair sans biker tats and studs?

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you feminazis even able to express your thoughts without constant swearing and throwing “fucks” around?
    Also please tell me how is having self respect correlating with North American women whoring themselves to the highest male bidder on a dating market?;-) MONEY is the only thing North American women need.

  • WorldTraveler

    So, where in North America do you live, “behind the screen hero”?:-)

  • WorldTraveler

    Can I finally read a list of countries YOU have visited and lived in during the last 10 years?:-)))

  • areyoufuckingkiddingme

    This article pissed me off. Wow. “Feminazis”. I REALLY admire your use of stereotypes. I guess I didn’t realize that me simply sticking up for my gender was just as severe as an entire genocide. You poor thing. I really suggest getting a life and to stop wasting your precious life worrying about what North American women “need” (or, ya know, women of any other country). Trust me, there are much more important, not to mention interesting, things in life.

  • taylor

    you’re a moron.

  • WorldTraveler

    Well, unfortunately YOUR lack of arguments makes YOU one, and not me:-))

  • WorldTraveler

    And what if I am sticking up for MY gender?:-) Am I allowed to do it in modern North America or am I supposed to become a puppet and obey every order given by a female Master?:-)

  • S

    Nope, it’s just the truth. I have my opinions and thoughts and so do you. Learn to respect it. You went on a huge rant of how men should be, so why can I not comment also? Also, if you think I’m living in a, ”dream world”, that’s embarrassing for you. Millions of beautiful women experience this, shame that you haven’t.

  • WorldTraveler

    Have you EVER seen a feminazi who’d have enough honesty to admit own wrongs and give other people the right to have OWN opinions??;-)) I strongly doubt it.
    Feminazis accept ONE opinion-their OWN which is the ultimate wisdom by their standards and all other thoughts are wrong by default in a feminazi world:-)

  • J

    wow. some woman reeeeaaally screwed your head up.

  • S

    Ahahah trust me, as a woman I hear their stories all the time, you don’t need to tell me. I get complaints all the time for not agreeing with their beliefs. Getting real tired of it.

  • WorldTraveler

    I tend to trust people so I trust what you are saying on here.

  • jaykayniel

    I have one question for you “Rooshv”… what’s your girlfriends’ name? Yeah. I thought so.

  • Kevin Dooley

    No, no I’m not doing your work for you. Do some research. I’m sure you’re smart enough to piece it together.

  • a straight guy that disagrees

    You’re a sexist bastard

  • Alessa Decay

    I think the writer is confused the actual title he meant to write is

    “8 Things American Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive For ME”

    also, the things that this writer should do is suck 10000000+ hairy sweaty ball sacks. :D

  • WorldTraveler

    Are you feminazis even able to express your thoughts without constant swearing and throwing “fucks” around?

  • Alessa Decay

    1. I am not a feminist. I love my man and I treat him with the utmost respect. I actually hate feminists.
    2. I do not agree with the writer because of the Tattoo / Piercing comment.
    3. I never typed the word “fuck” in my previous statement.
    4. ball sack is not a swear word.

  • WorldTraveler

    Well, NOW you managed to put forward a normal message which is greatly appreciated. Every feminist should take a note from your change of style. Thanks.

  • Bitch,please…..

    Satire involves humor. Just an FYI.

  • youstupidbastards

    As much as some people love the idea of women being good for feeding you, and fucking you, I think their purpose is slightly beyond that. Some females fit in to that particular generalization, but it goes beyond pussy and snacks.. I’ve met ladies who have done nothong but work their entire lives. I have met women who do “a mans job”, and they do it far better than a lot of men themselves.
    People make their OWN choices, regardless of gender stereotypes. Some prefer family life. Being a stay at home mom, or wife, and taking care of the home. Others prefer working, and being career oriented. Some do all of the above. Different people seek different routes in life. Nothing is wrong with that.
    Regardless of how ignorant you are, you’re still entitled to your opinions no matter how sexist, or uneducated they may be. Maybe you can find a way to get your head surgically removed from your ass so you can attempt being a decent human being.

  • Ashley Brooke

    dude this shit is true. and i agree with almost all of it because all you women are getting worse and worse every day have some respect for yourselves and bodies. i hang out with guys cause they are chill and laid back you women are too fucking catty and bitchy and talk wayyyyyyyy too much. honestly, ladies, shut the fuck up go to work get off at the right time to go home cook your man his dinner and fuck the shit out of him. thats all you gotta do!

  • Killyourself

    Whoever wrote this: kill yourself.

  • fuckinghilarious

    So, you are so obviously full of shit that I’m actually thrilled that your fucked up standards of worth would keep you miles away from my sweet, sweet, tattooed, pizza-loving ass. Have fun blogging about how much girls suck instead of, ya know, having relationships with people.

  • Meta Downhour

    I don’t blame the male population. The biggest obstacles to receiving respect from men and women in my life are spineless women like you.

  • Terence Boyle

    Yeah, agreed, tattoos have become so lame. If I see a woman with a tattoo the first thing I think is “narrow minded little sheep”…

  • Terence Boyle

    Keep it up and soon you will have two sweet pizza loving asses…

    One day your tattoos are going to blur and stretch and people will secretly thinking “there’s another one of those silly sods that followed the hole tattoo craze”.

    And it’s other woman that will judge you the most.

    But hey, you keep up the self denial and sheep your way through life with the rest of the crowd.. It’s too late for anything else now, they are permanent and you have confined yourself to be the same thing for the rest of your life. Tattoos are the very essence of conformity.

    How open minded and far sighted of ya,,

  • Betsy

    Nice typo…. dumbass

  • Kate B

    L O L on the “Don’t Ruin Intimate Moments”. Like you’ve ever been in the same room with a naked girl, let alone had sex with one. Keep dreaming, pal.

  • Terence Boyle

    The angry comments here are hilarious. The angrier they are the closer to the truth you have reached…

  • Alex

    Satire isn’t simply stating problematic societal trends with a completely serious tone and then coughing “just kidding” into you elbow in the comments section. Satire dismantles these trends and behaviors at the same time that it points them out. Let me guess, you watch family guy because that’s ‘satire’ as well? If this concept is too complicated for anyone, I’m certain that person is you.

  • S

    Guess what? This world is highly opinionated. You just commented and targeted me personally. Which makes you just as ”spineless” as me. Just keep shoving your face with your shitty processed foods, get your little rebellious tattoos and keep complaining about how the world doesn’t agree with you only.

  • S

    Ahah thank-you.

  • Megan Seekings

    Wow… Sexist much? Let me guess, you’re single and live in your mother’s basement *eyeroll*

  • mscitroen

    I find it interesting that a bachelor is lecturing anyone on relationships. Add to that a confused Iranian-American who holds Northern and Eastern Europeans as the end all, be all of human existence, and we have ourselves a clearly insecure man. What’s pathetic is equally insecure men take this guy seriously. He’s not even proud of himself, the lonely bastard.

  • your boyfriend

    Hey faggot, stop pretending you like women already. It’s getting tiresome.

  • Facepalmer
  • SedgwickStreet

    Roosh has excellent troll skills. Everyone of these comments prove it.

  • Ashley

    I agree. This guy is just an asshole.

  • katie

    So I guess im supposed to give up how I want to live my life to satisfy all the pigs like yourself. Yea ill get right on that. Oh and btw when did we go back to the 50s where it was ok for women to bow down to men and do and look exactly how they want? As I can see there are millions of other men out there, with other wants in a variety of women. your poor excuse to being a man is nothing more than a child wanting a toy they will never have.

  • ActualHumanity

    hey, hey, hey!


  • Anna Bogart

    this guy is a fuckin jackass who the hell does he think he is he probaly doesnt even have a gf and if he does shes prbaly cheatin on him also guys like this need to be “put to sleep”

  • me

    This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever read. Whoever wrote this is a psychopath.

  • Ed Selby

    #1 Get healthy – your body shape and weight aren’t nearly as important as your health
    #2 Take care of your hair. Over coloring, bleaching, teasing, can cause you to lose it or make it ugly no matter what length it is
    #3 Say smart and funny stuff
    #4 Feel free to initiate intimacy and take the lead if you feel like it
    #5 Stop pretending to believe things you don’t know are true
    #6 Be honest with yourself and others
    #7 See #3
    #8 It’s your canvas – paint it however you want!

  • Meta Downhour

    I would disagree, ironically because in one way, you’re right: the world is highly opinionated. You have the right to share your opinion, and I have the right to share my reaction. I admit that I could have used better words to state the idea that women’s judgment of their peers plays a large role in women’s objectification and subordination, but I let your willful participation in this phenomenon upset me, and for that I apologize. I will not validate your ridiculous, shallow, and presumptuous attempts at offending me by either confirming or denying their relevance in my own life (of which you know nothing), because I don’t believe that diet or body art plays into the quality of a person.

  • Tally-ho

    wow… retarded much? lemme guess, you have an emotional tampon (bf) and live in a studio on daddy’s dime. when bf is working hard, u sample dick like a variety snack pack.

  • Tally-ho

    like any guy cares about your career and personality. stay asleep, lemming.

  • Tally-ho

    rip killyourself. thx for leaving the gene pool

  • Tally-ho

    youre used to fyi b/c your yelp reviews never generate funny clicks.

  • Tally-ho

    Alyssa, stop being selfish and show the writer just how to suck 10000000+ hairy sweaty balls. dont be shy, you can cum clean

  • Squid Burns

    The number #8 girl is pretty

  • Tally-ho

    no u

  • Tally-ho

    honey this aint comedy central. google eddie murphy or bill hicks, but pls take a common sense class before you do

  • Tally-ho

    tautology. any man who knows his value wont waste time on neutered fake hair and cancerized skin cells. so youre right, we see such failure and we fuck off, fuck far away off

  • Kate B

    That’s “Lemming Who Gets Laid On a Regular Basis” to you, virgin.

  • Erin

    Not only is this one of THE most misogynistic and sexist things I’ve ever read in my entire life, it took me minute to figure out if you are actually being serious with this? “If you like the man you are with, let him do his thing”.. you do realize that this is rape, right? Or are you just THAT unintelligent and oblivious to the things around you? How fucking dare you. I really hope that you never get married, and if you do, I pray for that woman who obviously has NO self-respect or dignity if she is even semi-interested in you. YOU are the reason some women hate men. YOU are the reason why sexism still exists. You think you’re masculine because you believe these things? A REAL masculine man would appreciate and respect his partner the way she deserves. You, my dear fucking asshole, are the EXACT opposite of what a man should strive to be. Complete shame on you, if I were your mother I would knock your ass out.

  • lololol

    She may be hilarious, but I find women with tattoo’s (WITH DEEP PERSONAL MEANING) to be extremely attractive, just because some people may not find it attractive doesn’t mean the rest of the men don’t as well. Ignorant people these days, live your own lives, stop worrying about others. If you don’t like the way they look, look somewhere else, that’s what “freedom” is all about.

  • WorldTraveler

    Can you feminazis ever express yourself without “fucks” and swear words?:-) Speaks volumes about your level of intellect.

  • WorldTraveler

    Can you feminazis ever express yourself without “fucks” and swear words?:-) Speaks volumes about your level of intellect!

  • WorldTraveler

    I have a lot of better and more useful things to do than tracking down and trying to find some internet behind the screen freak.

  • WorldTraveler

    Guess I ain’t getting no reply about the world places you’ve visited during the last 10 years….
    You feminazis are soooo damn predictable…. You always run away when facing direct questions based on facts.

  • Masta solanas

    Women are human beings, not pigs, so why in the fuck do they get so fat that they begin to look like pigs?

    You can say all you want about men, but when you criticize the modern day over-privileged princess… I mean female, watch the outrage pour down.

  • Masta solanas

    Very original insult. NOT. haha

  • Masta solanas

    You can find men who adore prepubescent children too. Not sure what your point is.

  • Parker Bandhauer

    Alright, so you’re defending the misogynistic ass hole who wrote it then? If you want to rant to me about my mistake of “calling an alligator a crocodile”, then fine, I suppose you’re correct. The article is more close to irony than it is satire. It does occur to me, however, than you’re assuming I wrote the article or one of the nasty comments and that was my defense, but my initial, and only comment was this one you replied too, and I was telling the man who wrote the comment agreeing with the article that he doesn’t understand the article’s bull shit. I bite my thumb at you, sir.

  • steph

    I’m so glad I no longer fit this description. I used to be super skinny with butt length hair. I’m so glad that now I am a tattooed,Mohawk wearing, size twelve and I couldn’t be happier. My finance met me when I looked like a clone. He loves me more now then back then.

  • Saint11235

    Wow… I guess we have finally invented the time machine, because this sounds like the point of view of a stereotypical 15th century man. But then again with a comment like, “…with it’s mixing of European stock, you realize there is nothing genetically wrong with American women.” I’m assuming this was written by some white supremacist asshole. Nothing wrong with European stock, but niggers, chinks, spicks, jews and heebs? Oh, there’s a big problem there, huh?

    I’m not a woman, but I’ve actually learned to respect them unlike some pieces of shit left in this world. And you can talk all you want about American women losing weight and strapping on heels. You know what? You can keep your leggy, stick thin, dirt dumb, blonde bimbos, because there’s no cure for stupid. I’m gonna continue being married to a beautiful woman who has a brain and an opinion, because I’ve heard way better points come out of her mouth than the dick who wrote this article.

  • Saint11235

    Wait a second… Skinny? No tattoos? Shuts the fuck up?

    This guy wants, or possibly needs, a blow up doll! That’s obviously what this article is about. He’s not complaining about American women, he’s looking for donations so he can finally buy something to fuck.

  • Guest


    You’re so above “womens” that you take a huge shit on grammar and can still act superior. I applaud you, sir.

  • Saint11235

    “Unfortunately you are just another behind the screen hero…. pathetic…”

    Um, you do realize that you’re on a computer right? I don’t see you offering to tell this to anyone’s face in person. And you seem to have a huge masculinity problem if you keep having to out-comment people just to feel better about yourself. We’re posting comments about the article, not having a dick-measuring contest. Oh, but you already win, don’t you? Because you have a penis and that’s what the world revolves around. I’ve got a dick too, buddy, but I don’t have to pound people into the ground over the internet to compensate.

  • Maddox 1414

    Biting thumbs and likening reptilian’s does not give you the authority to pretend like you even have the slightest clue what irony is. I agree that this guy is a ass, but you don’t seem to far behind him with your “I get it” approach to things. Define irony and we’ll talk.. on a related note, yeah this guy is a dick, hes bringing a gun to a knife fight. Girls suck, guys suck, we all suck.

  • Maddox 1414

    Most of this is shit, but I do agree with the tattoo bit. If you are different, be different. But don’t be different because you want to be different. That’s super needy, and its a huge turn off. You exist more than paint and metal, to think that shit sums you up is pretty petty to yourself, and anyone deserves better.

  • rhonda

    Wow I’m shocked and appalled that anyone including myself would read this crap…I’m a single mother who made a choice to get away from a very bad relationship…. and to be honest I pity any woman you may be attracted to considering your level of ignorance. Welcome to the real world hun…where big women are just as beautiful as skinny women….where short or long hair doesnt make much of a difference and where most women work harder then men and can support them selves and their children without needing someone else in order to do so…and just so you know I’m a proud and independent american woman…and this is the reason I don’t want any man in my bed…my life or my children’s lives…you all seem to think your ignorance makes up for the fact that you’re not worth a woman’s time unless she’s looking for a sprem doner who can be push aside once the jobs complete…we want the kids just not the idiots who make the kids with us…cuz lord knows we don’t want our children growing up to be men like you!

  • WorldTraveler

    1. May I kindly ask what made you ENTER that “bad relationship”?;-) What qualities were you primarily attracted to and how come they suddenly disappeared?:-) Sounds fishy:-) Especially considering that you’ve got a kid with that person:-) Giving birth to a baby does NOT equal a trip to the corner store in terms of responsibility, or does it?
    2. How can you live years and years without intimacy?
    3. I hope all North American men get a chance to read your message and finally realize that they should look elsewhere when searching for a life partner and wife. North American women make excellent hookers but terrible wives and should be avoided by all means possible.

  • Dan

    Sprem doner?

    Thank you for validating everything this site stands for.

  • WorldTraveler

    Unfortunately tattoos and a Mohawk did not add any brains to your head, since you don’t even know the proper spelling of the word “fiancé” when talking about a male.
    He must’ve been super desperate and sex hungry when he went for a creature like you. Sorry , but I can’t call something ugly of an unknown gender a “woman”. Too bad North American males have to settle for “clones” because of an eternal desperation and lack of intimacy.

  • steph

    I would love to know who gave you the right to make judgments on me when you know absolutely nothing about me. It’s funny you say i have no brains,i was able to start my own business by the age of 22 and am financially stable. It doesn’t show your intelligence to speak that way about a person you know nothing about. You probably have your standards set so high that you feel the need to disrespect someone that does not fit into what you believe a women should look like. All i did was state my opinion nothing for you to attack me about . My fiance is none of your concern. If he was sex hungry and super desperate, we would not be celebrating are sixth anniversary. Just to let you know that yes i am a female. How are north american males lacking intimacy. I’m very loving and affectionate, How does my outward appearance have anything to do with the intimacy in my relationship..

  • Zoe

    I would like to ‘remove’ the comma/quote key from your keyboard do to your ‘inability’ to properly ‘use’ it.

    Also, just to clarify, your current wise man…dies alone? Lives a life of misogynistic paranoia and then…dies alone? That doesn’t sound very wise to me. It sounds unhealthy, and sad, and lonely. Good luck with that.

  • Parker Bandhauer

    Irony is the use of words that are the opposite of the intended meaning. In which case this article is just that. The rest of my comment had nothing to contribute towards my understanding of literary terms, and I’m not sure why you think that was the point of it.

  • Zoe

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this foray you are taking into advice for women. Praise Allah, you can finally help us with our extremely difficult quest of being desired by any and all boners all the time 24/7 whenever we leave the house no matter what we are wearing or what we look like for the sole reason that we are Possessors of Vagina ™. Next time someone shouts “I WANNA PUT A BABY IN THAT” (true story) at me on the street I will go to him with a questionnaire inspired by your 8 commandments and ask him which one it was that I really nailed for him that day. But, oops! I have tattoos. So, which one of the 7 commandments, I guess. Sigh.

    Since you are starting to give out advice to women, and apparently are just so informed on the female perspective, help me out here.
    QUESTION: when I’m on my period, how normal is it that I get diarrhea? Just, on a scale of 1 to 10. I would LOVE your advice. THX!

  • VelvetLlama

    606 comments. I really thought the ‘when no doesn’t mean no’ post would have been the one that really got people going.

  • Chris Fluffy Parelius

    Your joking right? This article has to be one of those Cracked style ironic straight faced jokes. I’m mean seriously. About 70% of what you said here was extremely misogynistic and harmful to women. If you are serious please enter the 21st Century and leave your outdated gender role baggage in the 20th.

  • Beth

    Look at this! Quite possibly the most disgustingly sexist thing I have ever read in my entire life. Good on you, I hope that you feel proud of yourself. You’re a rude selfish ass. YAY!

  • Beth xx

    Ah, look at this. I’m guessing that you would HATE to be told that you had to change for a woman? Just because we’re females doesn’t mean that we can’t do whatever we won’t with our bodies. Eg be “fat” as he calls it (Sorry, that some girls have a natural curvy structer while others don’t) “mutilate ourselves” (You know, get tattoos and piercingly which are perfectly fine on men but not on women) or have really long hair (which can be almost impossibly to manage, let alone play sports with.) Obviously, you have either no brain, or you are as STUPID and sexist as this “Roosh” here. Cheers -A female that you would never ever want to meet if you enjoy walking xx

  • Chelsealeigh

    I think this is disgusting. Who the hell are you to decide what makes women better? Your article is pompous and filled with sentences that make you seem like a pig. I Pity any woman who has to suffer at the hands of your fumbling bedroom attempts and god forbid you produce

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Also for those who claim satire in this article, it is roosts responsibility to state so in his closing statement. Something like, this is a satirical article meant for those who view this as a reality. Or something along those lines. Not doing so invites this type of comment and resulting argument.

  • Kendra

    Coming from a girl all of this is fucking bullshit, A woman can and should be able to do whatever the fuck she wants to make herself feel beautiful. All the guys who think women should act like this can go fuck themselves.

  • Kenn

    The disgusting, egotistical, small-dicked piece of fucking shit that wrote that, and any fucker who actually BELIEVES this, should be dragged out into the street, stripped of their clothing, pissed on, and shot in the crotch, and left to bleed to death, while thinking about what a piece of worthless shit they are.
    Did they even think that maybe not all dudes are even into long hair and brain dead women who are scared to open their mouths? Did they even consider that not all females want to just lay down on their backs, with their tongues cut, and open their legs? Do they not understand that females are actually human beings? Individuals, and not objects? That they, just as males, can have whatever look, hair length, piercing, or tattoo, that they want! Did they ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, not every female is trying to fucking please them!? That maybe they don’t fucking want them, or any dude. It is none of anyone’s business who an individual wants to be.
    You despicable pile of scum, these are guidelines for your own personal fucking slave, not guidelines on how to be a woman.

  • Kimberley Whitley

    Oh, because all american men are perfect, muscular, always right, idealic people? Men and women both do these thing. This is so incredibly sexist it’s sickening. You need to get your head out of your own ass and realize maybe it’s not everyone else, it’s you.

  • Sam

    You’re a complete asshole. Women do not exist for you, you little egotistical, misogynistic, excuse for a human being . Shocker! Women actually have thoughts and ambitions! It’s almost like they could be real people? Because they fucking are. Yeah so, fuck you.

  • WorldTraveler

    Can you feminists ever express your thoughts without extensive swearing and using “fuck” after almost every word??
    You are just a perfect example WHY North American females should be avoided by any normal and self respecting male individual.

  • WorldTraveler

    Can you feminists ever express your thoughts without extensive swearing and using “fuck” after almost every word??
    You are just a perfect example WHY North American females should be avoided by any normal and self respecting male individual

  • WorldTraveler

    Can you feminists ever express your thoughts without extensive swearing and using “fuck” after almost every word??
    You are just a perfect example WHY North American females should be avoided by any normal and self respecting male individual…

  • josorio300

    Me in 2010: Women are the best thing for men and deserve my respect 100%
    Me in 2011: Women are cunts that lie cheat and steal. They get no respect from me!
    Yes i used to be a pathetic beta male. Looking back it makes me cringe.

  • Paradise World

    “enjoy being on anti-depressants”?

  • YourAPieceOfShit!

    Fuck you asshole!

  • Ida

    I find it quite amazing how reaction of some women here perfectly proved many things stated by Roosh, to the extent of an absurd!

    But I can imagine that those that yell the most, are those who have recognized many of their traits in Roosh’s critics and have a problem admitting that these traits indeed make them generally much less attractive than they would love to be.

    Hey, girls, being feminine doesn’t equal to having no opinion of your own, being stupid, submissive, boring etc. Actually, it’s kind of an art to be able to make use of both your intellect and your body in the right way. And I’m telling you – this is an amazing tool in your hands! Don’t fight it! Just embrace it!

    I’m a woman too, I got qualified to Mensa, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy, feminine, delicate and considerate of men’s needs and desires.

    As someone has stated here – actually all the things Roosh says are nothing more than universal values: looking healthy usually means being healthy, being able to say NO to a 2nd cupcake is a sign of strong will and discipline, not playing games with a guy is a sign of being an honest person, being gentle with other people’s feelings is a sign of being a good person etc.

    You either start accepting what nature has made you for and make the best out of it, or you will be more frustrated and miserable with every year of your life.

    Keep up the great work, Roosh!

  • OK

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve managed to read. You are an ignorant, self righteous pig for trying to classify the “right” way to be a woman.

    If following the above steps will score me a man like yourself, I’d really rather do the opposite.

  • WorldTraveler

    But WHY should North American females accept that when they have an endless line up of desperate and sex hungry North American males who are ready and willing to obey every order given to them by their female master and to accept any “conditions” hoping to get an easier access to female body??
    Don’t forget, it’s all about supply and demand… Demand happens to be sky high in North America, whereas the quality of the product is mediocre at best.

  • femininew

    This article is not clear to me.. Who is the man behind, demanding that perfect woman? Is it said about any woman of any age? Women who had children will not be that twenty ish looking girl that this man here demands-he must live in his own world where is entitled to this superwoman..
    I see it differently: there are many out of shape, bald men too, with tatoos, men who are not that confident-obviously no one can be perfect..
    Career women may have a lonely life, but so do those who were left with child. It is the career woman’s life, she decided to earn money, and there are men who don’t mind it.
    That with hair lenght-no comment, that’s just expectations put boldly there.. (seems looks are so important that any shorter haired should get worried..:)
    I see this article as rules put out there from men who are dreaming about this woman: obeying, not talking, staying slim and listening to him how to live her life.. :)
    I would kind of understand.. ok keep slim (for myself to be happy), divide time between career and relationship wisely, and find a man who is not interested in my looks only, and did not sleep with half of the town. I then will not reject him, have respect and obviously he making me happy will keep me at my best self. (women put on weight when unhappy)
    No career woman here.. I am single, and probably will stay so, men in my age go for this idea of woman, whilst sleeping with those who they don’t ‘value’. I filter promiscuous men, so is tough. I don’t buy into: ‘you have to sleep with men and if they like you enough (you are slim, have long hair, don’t talk etc.) then they will think about staying with you’ thing.. (I am slim and and am no high flyer)
    I think this man should look for this perfect woman, instead of hooking up with those who don’t fit his unreal ideal, and when he finds her commit to her.

  • Kimberley Whitley

    I just honestly think the entire article is incredibly hypocritical. Why should women strive to be perfect and all the things on this list when men don’t remotely try to do the same?

  • Xavier

    Agreed. For instance, they can be wage slaves who donate their earnings to their more reproductively successful siblings and cousins. There’s a role for everybody.

  • Josette Nichols

    I think whomever wrote this can go straight to HELL. See, while you’re mentally tallying every move a woman should make, it is YOUR opinion and yours alone. The first mark of a narcissist is that you think everyone has the same ideals and beliefs as yourself when this is simply not the case. Maybe you should look in the mirror to see what is REALLY wrong with America.

  • Ashley

    I’ve showed this article to guys at my work, and they all agree. I’ve showed this to girls at my work, and they just scoffed at it. When will women learn?

  • Jeff

    Man, you have a BIG problem with women. I’ve been hurt by women before, I was almost destroyed by one, but I never thought the way you think or said the things you said. I gotta ask: which woman messed you up? And don’t pretend that there isn’t one. Don’t lie to yourself. Someone did a number on you, some woman played you down and dirty.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com/ thecaptainpower

    Why would you never want children? To earn more money? Fuck making money….Its not what life is about…

  • Fornicaked

    I believe I have solved the mystery behind this list. These are the standards he will live by when his surgery is complete because it is the only way he will truly feel like the woman he is deep inside. I’m a God damned genius!

  • Fornicaked

    Sadly, it is not. This man has actually made quite the comfortable living with writings such as these. It is sad really. Sad that men praise his hateful words, and sad that women give him the satisfaction of seeing their feathers get ruffled. It’s best to ignore hate mongers like Roosh V (even though I seem to have gotten sucked in!) and eventually he will fade away.

  • Ashley

    Wonderfully said.

  • Ashley

    Wow… The amount of HATE and IGNORANCE coming from most of the women here is just blowing my mind…. Seriously? This is what women fought so hard for you to use this sort of language? If comments such as these don’t reveal the true nature of women, I don’t know what does then…. Get off your computers, go read a book or cook a meal, improve yourselves.

  • Zang

    It’s all part of the sociological trends. Dudes are acting like chicks. Chicks are acting like dudes.

  • joe

    no one wants you you loud mouthed dyke

  • joe

    take it easy cunt i’m sorry your father beat you

  • joe

    shutup with your bullshit double standard talk whore.

  • CourtLD90

    Some people just aren’t cut out for parenthood and recognized it early on in their life. Others might not be biologically able to have kids even if they wanted to.

  • skc

    Let me guess – you’re still single, or in a terribly shallow and unfulfilling relationship.

  • alliedyer7

    This article is awesome! It’s a pity that a lot of women are destroying the female image with pushing the acceptance of lazy, disgusting behaviors. If women would have a little more self respect, maybe read a good book and learn to cook rather than go out and hit up the nearest club things might be a little different. I wish more women would take this to heart, life is about improving yourself continually not finding excuses for lazy, bad behavior.

  • Austin

    Because children suck. They make you miserable, they are a pain in the ass, people always question your parenting skills. Having kids sucks away your hard earned money leaving with you nothing but a back talking little joy bundle that eats your food and bitches at you and gets mad when you won’t buy them a toy.

    I have two kids, worst two mistakes of my life. I wake up everyday and work a job I hate just so I can pay their bills and put food in their stomach.

  • Kaitlyn

    One thing all men can do to improve their “worth”: stop making ridiculously stupid posts like this.

  • Bird Jet Coffee

    First off, all women are gorgeous regardless of their weight. And women are not going to lose weight just because of superficial men like you, they will lose it for THEMSELVES or they will keep and not give a fuck!! Because food is AMAZING.
    A man does NOT want a women based on these criteria. He will be attracted to how she carries herself and cares for herself and her charm. Her fucking aura will attract someone, NOT long hair and a skinny body. Talk 80% less? Do you want a fucking mute? Are you that shallow and pathetic that you can’t  hold an intelligent conversation with a woman? GO FUCK YOURSELF. She’s telling you about her day because she THINKS you care, but apparently you’re an arrogant asshole that doesn’t like to talk about your own day because it was so fucking BORING that you want to wallow in your own silence. As for the comments she doesn’t usually do that, she’s not gonna have sex. She’s saying that because she’s not even sure if she wants to do you..don’t blame her! Would you rather her saying nothing and not be able to gather her thoughts? Would you rather rape her? Also, girls do not “neg” men to fucking make them attracted to them. It’s because it’s fun. Who gives a shit if the guy is attracted to it? It’s part of the woman’s personality and she’s not going to change it for a stupid boy. “Self-mutalating” is an EXPRESSIVE choice of an INDIVIDUAL. They are not doing it to ATTRACT MEN!!! Dear god. Also MANY men are attracted to tattoos and piercings. If you want to give advice for women on how to get men, tell them how to boost their confidence, not by judging them on LOOKS and FITTING ONLY YOUR OWN TASTE! Tell a woman about the natural beauty of her PERSONALITY. FUCK YOU AND YOUR SIMPLE MIND.

  • Meta Downhour

    Don’t you want to get to know guys and have interesting conversations with them? I cannot comprehend being satisfied with superficial approval and not wanting to learn from or bond with men. They’re half of the population, and every single person has something to offer, so I’m certainly not going to immediately dismiss 50% of the world. That would be so detrimental to my own life and development. It wouldn’t make sense.

  • Phantom

    “Would you rather her saying nothing ..?”

    If the alternative is hearing you vomit a river of crap like this, then silence absolutely IS golden. Thanks for proving so brilliantly that the author is 100% right. Don’t worry, keep ‘self expressing’ and showing the ‘natural BEAUTY of your personality’.


  • Ida

    Roosh doesn’t say women MUST do these things. He just says they must do these things IF THEY WANT TO MAKE THEMSELVES MORE ATTRACTIVE FOR MEN. If you do it or not – it’s your choice. But treat it as a good advice which will make your life easier!

    And the reason why men don’t have to bother about these things is very simple – women choose men according to different criteria than men choose women. You can surely make a list of traits which turn you on in a guy and probably not many of them will be the same as those mentioned by Roosh.

  • Ida

    But every woman would probably prefer to know that the guy goes to bed with her not because she has a hole between her legs and she’s not totally disgusting, but rather because he’s very much attracted to her on many levels.

  • Duckbutter

    OMFG Austin, hopefully you’re joking. In case you’re not – maybe you forgot that you used to be that little shit screaming for toys and sucking up your parents money. That’s life. Man up.

  • summer

    Oh hey I made a post like this too.. We should be pals. http://catscaffeinecake.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/8-things-you-can-suck-on/

  • Emily Hickey

    Either you’re confused or your mother damaged you. You come off as young and creepy. I think what you’re trying to say is…be the best woman you can be. There’s an individual out there for everyone, and to say that American women need to conform to these meaningless characteristics proves how ignorant you are. I’m concerned for our society if men like you actually exist. Your sperm is unwanted pig. Be a better man.

  • strangerchat

    I’m a very fortunate man Jeff. I’ve avoided the whole marriage dead-end. I’m sorry my red pill reality-check interferes with your blue pill programming. I see feminism for what it is- an ideology based on a flawed assumption of equality. I see “career women” contributing 33%-50% of what a man would in the same role but earning the same amount. I see those same women cultivating male tendencies and becoming un-dateable. Only those that are blind cannot see any of this, and rail against the rest. Today, you are in the majority. Tomorrow, blue pillers like you will be held in contempt. And then you will feebly offer that you were “red pill before it was cool”.

  • strangerchat

    It’s sad but you will be single for a long time…..and not know why. A few tips. It doesn’t matter if a man is overweight. Women are attracted to a man’s social status (related to ‘survival’) which is largely independent of weight. Men, in turn, are attracted to a woman for her reproduction values- an obese woman does not bode well for the ethic or body type of the children.

    A person like you should have no qualifications. You don’t have much to offer. You are not special because you have a vagina. You are just another twat. Men on this forum plate multiple chicks at a time; I’ve got two going right now, I’ve had more before. You are single and using a dildo on yourself. Think about why that is.

  • chynna

    Take a look at the fat beer bellies and bald guys they are standing next to.

  • chynna

    A classic response from a asshole

  • chynna

    You just assume that there are women that do that. The facts are that there are a huge number of men who fuck around like alley cats with out a thought. They think they are studs. But let a women sleep with 2 men and the entire planet will know about it.

  • Jenna

    I wish I’d never read this garbage. Truly disturbing.

  • Maddox 1414

    Right, the problem with intended meaning is that you have to actually know it, not guess it. Think of irony this way, “how does one ‘ironically’ wear clothing?” If that many people ironically wear an outfit does it loose its ability to be ironic? In this case you first have to know the intended meaning, and I think a lot of us are unsure of whether this guy is either a complete dick, or just a troll on the internet.

  • King Lion

    BRAVO Roosh — BRAVO!!!

  • King Lion

    Ashley, you speak such good sense — I salute you!

  • King Lion

    Well, you just helped to prove his point about American women. I personally stopped reading after you stated -”…women are not going to lose weight just because of superficial men like you, they will lose it for THEMSELVES or they will keep and not give a fuck!!” Hey, excess pounds after middle age is still not acceptable, but it is understandable. However, when young women are fat and out of shape, that is just plain unattractive and as such YOU WILL NOT *GET* A FUCK (at least not a good one) regardless of how many fucks you want to give!

  • King Lion

    The sound reasoning found within your post leaves no doubt as to why you are Mensa material and attractive.

  • King Lion

    So very sad and so very true WT.

  • King Lion

    Well put Saint. You are a straight shooter!

  • King Lion

    Hmmm, Mmmm – Good!

  • King Lion

    LOL…..Whew, girl I can feel your pain!
    Shiiiiiiiittt, if some smart girls now choose to follow the advice of Roosh, many of them won’t become the low ranking females that find themselves in your situation. They could then easily attract a better quality of high ranking men to pick, choose and refuse from.

  • Disgusted Poster

    You, sir, are an awful human being and do not deserve to post such ridiculous, misogynistic garbage anywhere, ever. I sincerely hope, for the sake of humanity that you do not reproduce, which I find will be unlikely since no woman in the right mind would even consider conversing with you.
    Please go sit in a corner and never speak to anyone about things you do not have the right to comment on again. Thank you.

  • joel66

    Who’s to say what you have experienced or lost is so great? I think tattoos remind us of times good and bad, and limit oneself. I can think of a dozen reasons its limiting and bad for ones character and ability to strive for greater things to get a portrait of a person, alive or dead. Albums? really? Talk about a skewed sense of value – I pity this most of all because it speaks to me that you have not experienced the greater pleasures in life, and your getting them into tattoos ensures you won’t.

  • joel66

    obvious victim of abuse, as are many on here. “Abuse creates dependence on both victim and abuser.”

  • Insidious_Sid

    Actually, when the “Joneses” sent feminist mommies off to the workforce back in the bras burning days, a socioeconomic change was set in motion: The “man” (corporations we ourselves fuel) now were advertising to and catering to family’s with two incomes.

    Middle class North American’s have more stuff than ever before, but will continue to live from cheque to cheque… like they have always before.

    Two incomes was only an advantage for a very short time for people who didn’t simply spend the difference on more material crap. How many families didn’t spend the difference? Few if any.

  • D

    It’s amazing to see how so many people are completely missing the point of the article. No one’s telling women to do anything. Roosh, and most of the dudes associated with this forum, are aware that you can do anything with your body in a free society and accept it…they just don’t want to fuck you if you’re a tatted up, aggressive, oversized whale. If being attractive to men is a priority of yours, then most of these suggestions would be helpful. That’s all he’s doing…laying out basic things that guys want in girls, but are too afraid to say in our PC society. Could he have worded some of his points a little nicer? Well, yes, but he shock factor is key when trying to stand out on the Internet.

  • D

    Come on, man. You can’t honestly believe that shit. For the record, I agree with this list and I believe that feminism has had some negative cultural consequences. But newsflash, there are a lot of women out there who are more intelligent than you are and more capable in whatever capacity you hope to work in. Toning down this new strain of feminism which attacks masculinity is enough for me. If you have a talent, it should be utilized regardless of sex. Haha, get laid and maybe you’ll chill out bud.

  • Holly Kuhl

    Lol im an artist and was looking up beauty regimens that women go through in order to present themselves in a certain way, for their (or whoevers) idea of beauty and I came across this. I almost thought it was a joke…some of the things stated I completely agree with even though I am female. I will say though if you are going to put something like this up, you should change the title. Every man or group of men have different standards of what kind of women they want. I won’t say you’re the only man who wants an inferior thin, long haired, bare skinned etc women who pats you on the back for your appearance while you nitpick theirs. But. At the same time you shouldn’t be ignorant and think you’re speaking for every man, and believe you’re doing anyone a service for this one sided opinion. Cause that is all this is, an opinion. I can chew you out for the amount of crude biasness and maybe out of date perspective you have but I’m not. The women you’re looking for might be out there, but it’ll be someone who has a list like yours and has molded into the shallow, nothing more than aesthetic outlook on life. I hope you make each other happy rolling in the superficiality in which you were birthed from. Or better yet you get an amazing girl you don’t deserve to surprise you and be nothing like the stubborn preferences you think is best. Lastly, whether the purpose of this was to rise anger in a bunch if women for entertainment…or to genuinely assist, I hope you know when you speak it is only for some and not for all like I said earlier. It’s so incredulous that probably no one could actually take it seriously, so atleast there is that..thank god.

  • Nihilist

    Oh look! Another western attention whore begging for attention online! Guess what, sweetie…No one fucking cares what you think or ink here. Huffpost is thata way…=>

  • threeLegDog

    heh… you misspelled fiancé as “finance”. quite telling, actually…

  • ND52

    He’s just expressing his opinion—-not trying to tell anyone what they can or cannot do. Why don’t you get off your high horse and be quiet before you make you make yourself look like an even bigger bitch.

  • The Don

    8 things guys can do to increase our value?

  • Jerkboy

    How about you stop attacking people for their opinion, you spittle-flinging cunt?

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    “When will women learn?”

    Never it seems.

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    Damn good list Roosh.

  • Andre

    This may have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • OrdinalLessThanFirst-RateChick

    Thank you, Roosh!

    This article is awesome. I’m turning 26. I’m your less-than-average woman who ALWAYS had a ton of potential but has been perpetually coddled by good, ol’ Americana laziness, shit character, and feminism bull. It hasn’t been a fun ride for me during my 20′s. But recently, I have been taking steps that are similar to the pointers outlined in this article, and let me tell you now, the grass is helluva lot GREENER on the other damn side.

  • samsamsam

    Yep, this article doesn’t apply to you at all, lol. Crazy…

  • Tick Tock

    Such a delightful strife! :) )))…. My little hooves make “clickety-clack”, when I dance with glee!…)))
    But honestly…since monkeys began to talk….mating choice has ALWAYS been woman`s…..those few billion war-fuelled rapes (just to mix up the batch!) bearing no true relevance in this matter.
    …as some of the wisest guys in “pickup” subculture say: “attraction is not a choice – it`s a reflex”….
    So, you ellicit it – or, you don`t.
    Meaning: as long YOU, Ladies, have (mostly hardwired) paleolithic criteria for sexual attraction ….You will produce paleolithic children with paleolithic males.
    And risk good marriage of 20 years to bang the poolboy in the shed. And go for the man who resembles your father. And “friendzone” the “fedora niceguy”, to favour the borderline savage.
    Freedom to act and choose can not be simply proclaimed.
    It must be bred.
    So, c`mon….start?….;)))))

  • 21tigermike

    I love this. Especially the negging and self mutilation. I’ve heard a lot of stupid cliches about how I only like Asian women; now I just respond, “no I just like women”

  • pankaj vasudeva

    great post-bottomline—women need to become women again not non males-cheers

  • john03063

    Her screen name says it all

  • john03063

    And I’d like to know how many men leave their wives because mama closes her legs once the wedding ring is on her finger.

  • john03063

    It’s really a Darwin cause and effect relationship. If a screwed up woman (who is on anti-depressants) doesn’t have children, then her screwed up depressed genes die with her. It’s a good thing.

  • Rugster

    It’s not possible – American girls are fucked.

  • rugster

    So none of them apply, right?))

  • Celiao55

    Debasing your body for your dead brother does nothing to honor him. Where in the hell did you get this idea from??? Honor him by respecting yourself and stop putting these horrible tattoos, which by the way were originally intended in many cases as slave stamps, on your normal god given body.

  • Dark Knight

    Hi Roosh! You’re my idol! Nice post! But you shouldn’t try to save american women if they don’t want to. I think america has loads of hotties, but, unfortunately, they’re either models, actresses (I hate acressesses that call themselves “actors”… duh!), pornstars, or high-level prostitutes… unfortunately, unaccessible wuthout money & fame… and those that are hotties and don’t in the description abova are probably taken. But, then, regular american men (those that are not closeted homos or white knights) will fly to other countries, bang there, eventually marry, bring their girls to america and america will flourish! The fatsos will eventually die or marry the subhuman white knight, creating a new species. It will be a natural selection processes. America will then be divided in two species and the superior will conquer the inferior. God bless America!

  • john03063

    Yes. That’s what he is saying. They make you individual, but they don’t make you an attractive individual. There are lots of other ways to honor your brother or “get your act together”. You can do whatever you want, but don’t be surprised if you can’t get a high quality man. Although it looks like lololol is available for you (see post below)…

  • john03063

    Totally agree. Women can do whatever they want, and they don’t have to impress anybody (and that picture certainly isn’t impressive!). But don’t blame anyone but yourself when you can’t attract a high quality man and you’re living alone in your autumn years. Men can do what they want too, and most guys will pass on the lovely depicted in the photo. Remember – it was your freedom that got you here…

  • john03063

    Gentlemen, now this is a modern woman! I’d love to marry her and listen to all of the colorful language every day. I’ll even buy my own stick so she can beat me with it….

  • I am

    u guys fighting in the comments section – please its really sad and stupid. let people live.

  • john03063

    I like Ashley. She is the only woman here with a level head. Maybe there is hope….

  • john03063

    Of course it’s his opinion…and also the opinion of lots of guys. Look at the title – 8 Things American Women Must do to Make Themselves More Attractive to Men. If you don’t do this stuff, you’re not as attractive and you’re left with the less desirable guys (or the manginas – because they “love a woman’s mind”). Do whatever you want – but don’t get pissed when men do the same and choose the more attractive woman. Feminism has come pretty far, but it’s doubtful that feminists will be successful at legislating who a man must marry or have sex with.

  • john03063

    Item 7 proven !

  • john03063

    Exactly. Things will turn around when a large enough number of men stop worshiping pussy. It’s starting, but It’s going to take some time.

  • john03063

    Smart – Loads of common sense – and she embraces her feminine beauty. Ida is perfect !

  • john03063

    Not exactly. Feminists created the system, but it was men (actually manginas) that implemented it – men controlled Congress and the White house. And it starts at the top – Bush, Clinton, Obama – three of the biggest manginas I’ve ever seen. In his State of the Union speech last year, Obama said that it was men’s fault that there are so many fatherless children in America. WTF ?? Can someone please explain that to me? And why do we spend more on women’s health issues in America when men have the shorter life expectancy? Because mangina lawmakers decided that women were more important than men – that’s why….

  • john03063

    I don’t think so. Read the book “Men on Strike”. Then we can have a rational discussion about your assertion.

  • Gail El-Halaby

    Women don’t and shouldn’t have to do anything or conform to any rules to make themselves more attractive to men or whatever we’re people not objects

  • natalia

    grossssssssssss article for the most part.

  • Confident Man

    As a man, let me say, you’re a fucking idiot. And all you tattoo haters – go fuck yourselves – more hot, self-confident women for me while you take your pathetic, puritanical, insecure, little dick asses to fantasyland. You guys don’t get laid for a reason – YOU’RE ASSHOLES!!!

  • ImAGrillBtw

    I don’t really agree with #8 that much, but that’s just my preference. I think just a couple tattoos here and there are fine, something meaningful that is an original design though and not something just picked off the wall. Also, when I comes to piercings, I think earrings, a nose stud, or bellybutton is fine. But the rest are just tacky and not feminine.

    Also the “long hair to the butt” thing grosses me out. Long hair is pretty, but if the hair can be farted on, no thanks!!!

  • Grammarian

    Your forgot the apostrophe after “fuckin’” and the comma between “dumb” and “too”.

    Judging by the similarities in punctuation (or lack thereof), you and Noah appear to be somewhere in the vicinity of a few I.Q. points within one another. That’d be somewhere in the “fuckin dumb” neighborhood, presuming accuracy in your comment.

  • Kimberley Whitley

    Look, I’m not saying I disagree with everything. I’m a skinny girl, long hair, no tattoos (that’s mostly because I’m afraid of needles, I still think theyre cool.

  • Paul

    Tatts make men look more muscular. If she is hot and has many tatts, I can’t get hard. It’s so UN-feminine!! The worst fucking place these sluts are getting it just above there butt. I love doggy but nothing turns me off more than seeing tatts on a women as well as a dominate personality!

  • Paul

    And u wonder why u can’t keep a relationship…

  • Paul

    U have more chance winning tattslotto than making a relationship work with an American woman these days!

  • Paul

    Truth hurts!

  • Paul

    Junk food isn’t food! 80% of American food is junk! It has so many chemicals in it that are so addictive like a drug! U feel based on what u eat where junk food like a drug, gives u a high than u crash! U than crave more junk food like a junkie! Obesity is no. 2 in reason for death in America mainly cause American’s are junk food junkies! (50% overweight, where in the next 10-15 years experts predict it will hit 80%). Eat well, and get some exercise everyday, u will feel so much more happier than being a junk food junkie!

  • Paul

    All due to dysfunctional feminists! They wanted to tax both men and women in the 60s so they funded the feminist movement! As well people are more depressed today than ever in history… The corps, and government know when people come from broken families and relationships they spend money to make themselves feel better! Roos just want men to start acting like men again compare to being flooded by feminist bullshit everyday!

  • Paul

    Another women that doesn’t understand why she can’t keep a relationship!

  • TrentMax

    Bitch, go make me a sammich.

  • Mary

    Girl here! I’m curious about #2 Butt-Level Hair. I know guys are attracted to girls with long hair but are they specifically attracted to hair that falls at the butt? Or is it that guys are just generally attracted to long hair on girls? I’m curious because the last guy I dated insisted that I not grow my hair to my butt because he didn’t like that length whereas I do.

  • Paul

    Mary, long hair is beautiful and the bible states that ‘if a woman has long hair it is a glory to her….’
    I agree.

  • A Pimp named Slickback

    Confident man?!?…..yea riiiight…..lol……Pfffft, you’re here talking like a butt-hurt overcompensating macho boy who is the bottom in a gay relationship, or maybe you’re an effeminate cross-dresser who likes to get his nut sack stepped on by fat bitches. That’s why you like those tatted homely dykes – you can have ‘em ASSHOLE!!!

  • American Girl

    I actually like this post, and I’m an American female. I like that you wrote it from a somewhat healthy and eye opening point of view, and not a mean spirited one like some of your other posts seem to stem from. The reason you get a lot of bad mouthing on here is because often you come off as a complete and utter asshole to be honest. Anyway, I’m not fat, I don’t have any tattoos or piercings, nor have I ever had short hair, but I have a couple of friends who are both blonde, thin, and beautiful, but they each have HUGE tattoos on their sides and I find it so unattractive.
    Of course the men have their own issues, but I came to this website because I noticed this trend with women here as well. I hope it changes, because back in the day American women were seen as glamorous and beautiful. It sucks that in my generation it has all changed. I think that’s why American men are so mad, because American women used to be gorgeous. I’m from New England, and we don’t have an obesity rate here but I still see women who don’t dress that well and who get a bunch of tattoos. It sucks because they’re all intelligent women and they’d actually be really pretty otherwise. I’m not speaking for ALL women of course, I have friends which of whom don’t have any tattoos and do not dress poorly, but you do see more women in native English speaking countries, USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. with this trend than elsewhere. (Maybe Denmark as well) Actually several of these places are worse than America when it comes to style and body mutilation. At least we are no longer the fattest country in the world, we handed that title down to Mexico.

  • Ida

    We are people but also humans and as humans we mate (and reproduce if we want) and you won’t ever be able to fight the biological drive of mating. People fall in love for different reasons, but for many men the sexual drive is just too important not to consider it. For sure you can not conform to men’s ideals, but you may just limit strongly the amount of men that will be interested in you and decrease your chances for a satisfying relationship.

  • dan

    enjoy being on anti-depressants? bless your heart.

  • dan

    lol tattoos look terrible on most people and trashy. enjoy your tattoo hipster sluts, faggot

  • Broseph Stalin

    i stopped reading after your first dumb sentence when you said all women are gorgeous regardless of their weight. that’s just plain wrong feel-good new agey bullshit. have you ever seen some of the land whales in states like Texas? those women live a disgusting and gluttonous existence. P.S. no one wants to read a 3 to 4 paragraph rebuttal that has no upvotes.

  • keith

    It doesn’t matter. I’m a big fan of the inverted bob and you can’t do that with long hair.

  • Sarah

    What’s with all the hate people!? Fair enough if someone’s personal preference is for a thin attractive partner but why would you want someone with no opinion or personality, who does whatever you want just to please you? Doesn’t say a lot about you as a person.

    My boyfriend and I have travelled the world together, partied in places you would not believe, have an unbelivable amount of fun in each others company and are in the process of setting up our own business. We are equal in our relationship and that’s how it should be.

    I’m from the UK but have lived in Sweden, Australia and the US and now back in London. The vast majority of people I’ve come into contact with in that time have had a similar attitude as me when it comes to relationships and to the opposite sex. A relationship is a partnership not a dictatorship and both men and women, although different, are equally as valuable.

    Do some of you all live in some alternate universe where people are utterly repulsive and offensive to each other, when men expect women to not speak but look pretty and be ready for sex anytime and women want nothing but money? Seriously? DEPRESSING!

    And before it’s mentioned, no I’m not fat – in fact I used to be a model until I realised that living a life purely based on looks is bullshit. Let people be who they are and start living your own life rather than wasting it trying to offend people on the internet.

  • LawbringerSR4

    you flatter yourself too much

  • Yitsa1234567

    I have to laugh at reading this list! Whoever wrote this definitely has severe relationship issues and mommy issues! I think quality women from America want nothing to do with you and it’s easier for you to fly around the world to pay for “love” than to have a challenge. Educated, independent and beautiful is way too much of a challenge for you. Other girls from around the world are poor, mindless and want out of their dire situation to get to America and that’s easier for you to mold and attract. In my personal opinion maybe you should stay in the country where you pick out your pet and see what it’s like there. They do anything to leave and for money. That includes put up with your award winning dickhead attitude. I love me and nobody else unless you can’t put up a fight. Another thing, girls from other countries all look the same and boring at that. Give me an American women all the way. Tattoos, curves, skinny, beautiful, individualism, educated and American all the way….get the fuck out of here with your list. Have fun playing with your pud all by yourself.

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    Tattoos are perfectly fine. It’s the kind a girl gets that makes or breaks for me. The Asian characters? Probably a stupid broad who makes poor choices. Scripture, book quotes, and/or artwork of an ancient sea battle? A keeper.

  • Alan

    dumb american woman deteceted. Shut the fuck up, whore.

  • Mary

    Well, in that case, I will keep growing my hair long! Thank you for the response :)

  • Mary

    I think, if anything, it’s important to maintain an overall put-together and polished appearance, whether you have short or long hair. But to be honest, my personal preference is having long hair so I’m sticking with that! :) Thanks for responding! I didn’t think I’d actually get a response since there are soo many comments on this post!

  • Stacey Grey

    Your comment sounds a lot like:

  • anon

    I think this is a joke, but just to comment if it is serious. This Roosh guy makes a living off gaming women, right? His whole schtick is to bed and dump?

    If so, why would women take his advice on what makes women attractive to him, a guy who will leave them after one date?

    Let’s consult the good men out there on what they like in a woman.

  • pattytheungreat

    geez you hamericans are fucked in the head, you need to go out more…

    antisocial fuckards

  • human

    This is the most disgusting, disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen. A woman is not defined by her weight, her hair, her ability to please men, her genitals, her ability to bear a child. A woman is defined by being smart, intellectual, doing what she loves. If she should happen to date someone, man, woman, or otherwise, they should be someone who respects her. You are disrespecting the entire female population by saying things like this, telling us how we should value ourselves. This type of toxic thinking is why we need feminism.

  • Nyx

    *American, *detected. Who’s dumb again?

  • Freyja Jonassin

    So agree with you Becca. m/

  • Guest

    Feminism is a bullshit ideology.

  • fokkertism

    Иди на хуй, феминист.

  • Campo21

    I’m Italian and didn’t know what kickball was…I googled it and it’s so lame!!! the promotial video of a kickball club at some point showed a couple kissing after playing and then the camera zooms in on her engagement ring…WTF

  • Rafael L. Smith

    “A woman is defined by being smart” fck u a wom0n is defined by how many rainbow coloured unicorns she can imagine inside her mind

  • highfivingamillionangels

    You, Roosh, are either the greatest troll who ever lived or the most profoundly deficient human being on the planet. Either way, it’s nice to be good at something. Good job.

  • highfivingamillionangels

    Yeah, “high quality.” I’m sure that’s what any woman can expect from a man in this thread. Because only a true gentleman would see a woman solely as her constituent parts and suggest that she change herself so that acquisition of a relationship is not equitable, but more convenient for the man.

  • Richard Henkle

    No, most women are driving the fathers away. 70 percent of all divorces are gotten by women. 68 percent of those women are remarried very soon after. A high percentage of those women then keep the children from the father.

    Many “father issues” are caused by women who don’t want the those kids to attach to that father out of a power trip. You need to do some research and recalculate.

    It is that simple, I see veterans in counselling sessions repeat the same story over and over. “She almost never lets me see the kids.” “She uses them for everything she can get and then keeps them from me.” I hear it in 90 percent of cases where veterans at the VA have shown up for group counselling. It is Epidemic. American women are primarily the ones doing this, not hispanic or immigrant women. Life is different in other cultures, more respect! I think this is because American women want to remain in some sort of power over the previous husband. American Divorce courts give them amazing power and destroy many good men’s lives. Courts almost never enforce a woman who breaks visitation orders or who interferes in visitations, or breaks divorce decrees.

    In the end, eventually children get to know the father and learn the truth. I have seen this happen with Native American veterans and other US veterans over the years. It almost always takes until the child is 19 or older.

    So, NO, most men don’t abandon, they pay for life as women systematically brainwash and separate the child.

  • TylerDurden

    Have fun with your cats.

  • TylerDurden

    Someone is butthurt! The truth stings; nobody wants your fat ass.

  • TylerDurden

    Because every guy wants a fat tattooed girl who treats him like shit.

  • john03063

    You’re not listening to me. Where did I ever suggest that any woman needs to do anything? I said that women can do whatever they want. I’m the last guy to ever tall a woman what to do and how to present herself. But guys will do what they want also. Guys will be attracted to who they want to be attracted to (not someone who they are told or shamed into being attracted to). When I look at woman 2, I see warm femininity, fertility, and grace; everything a guy could want. Woman 8 reeks of confidence issues and a bad attitude. I stand by my original statement; given the choice, I’ll screw #8 and marry #2.

  • BFMC_Beaner

    Hmm, No not sad and lonely at all. I get to ride my motorcycles, drink, shoot guns and come and go and do whatever the hell I please without answering to anyone. I have a few women who check on me once or twice a week sometimes a couple of them will at the same time and the best part is they leave me to my own devices until they want some more.

  • gibraltar

    As I read these comments, I know EXACTLY why my interactions with women feel so much better and natural outside the United States.

    American women are mentally deranged and complete worshipers of evil. Roosh made 8 healthy lifestyle adjustments that will not only help you find a mate, but also live A LOT longer.

    American women are cold as ice and mean. Look at their cursing and threats of violence. This is why we witness so many crimes and divorces. American women have evil thoughts on their mind. Be careful because you interact with these strange creatures on a daily basis.

    Note to all american men: Take one vacation outside of the USA before you get into a long term relationship with American Women.

    You may be in for a surprise.

  • G unit

    Fuck yourself. And yes you women can do what the fuck you want and we men can and will choose amongst you and REJECT ones like you. Good luck when you’re 40 yo and ugly Lol bitch!

  • Inner West

    I just read my first article written by you and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve heard your name come up many times as I belong to the “feminine movement” (basically it’s permitting us to be as we were created soft, nurturing, girly and yet confident).

    I can see we all have similar opinions as we preferred life when women weren’t in charge (they really are bullies to work for and I miss real men speaking up).

    I’m just a little uncertain why you speak about us like we are supposed to be more like men (specifically not talking around you). Is that to sensationalize everything and to appeal to your readers or do you really find so many women revolting? Telling us to shut up indicates you prefer we act more masculine. Women talk, it’s what makes us loving and empathetic.

  • Inner West

    A woman can get knocked up as fast as she can get sex and for most of us we get offers walking out to the post box. I’m uncertain why your friends aren’t knocked up. This makes no sense.

  • Inner West

    We want real men back, men who loved us, men who protected us not men who are obviously really screwed up with strange conspiracy theories.

  • Inner West

    I’ve been reading MMSL which is a wonderful website for men in this situation and most men have found their women open those legs again when they pretty much follow this article. Hit the gym and be attractive. Just like you guys, we are visual too. Fit bodies are sexy on men AND women.

    Almost all of his readers who have followed the golden rule of getting fit, have seen their women return to being horny for their husbands (it’s fun and lovely to read the comments on their successes). What she is describing is men behaving like boys and deserting their children!

  • Inner West

    I’m sorry to hear about the laws in America. They suck. Children need their fathers.

  • Inner West

    I bet you’re a Taurus.

  • Inner West

    Perhaps have children outside of America? The laws there are weird and obviously stacked against you. I don’t think you should go without the experience of having a child (nothing is as awesome as many men will agree with me) with a lovely women who adores you and a child/ren who you can pass on your legacy and financial gains to. Why else are you building your empire? for your coffin?

  • Inner West

    It’s not what lifes about for you and me but it may be what it’s about for them.

  • youarestupid

    just to let you know.. no intelligent, beautiful, healthy women would be attracted to a fucktard like yourself. and on the slight chance that you do end up with the women of your dreams you speak of.. your relationship will be (or is) screwed up.

  • person

    When setting up arguments I’d advise using “facts” that are wrong. Doing so negates everything you are trying to say.

    “men do things that actually have economic value (build stuff, oil etc) and women do not do such things for the most part”

    I do not know a single women who does not do something that has economic value. For example, I am an engineer. My mom is a nurse. My aunt is a science teacher. My sister is majoring in business. My cousin (girl) works at a science lab at Harvard. My best friend is a art therapist.

    Just get the facts straight.

  • john03063

    If that was true then we wouldn’t see rich old men with hot young women. Physical attractiveness might be a tiebreaker for women, but the man’s wealth and status (i.e. his ability to support her, or the perceived benefits to her in the subsequent divorce proceeding) are far more important to women.

  • john03063

    Want real men back? then act like a real woman! You can start by protesting against the women friendly lawmakers, and the pro-women family courts. How about abolishing no-fault divorce? What about expressing your outrage at the college communities – places where one false allegation of rape can ruin a man’s life and earning potential for the rest of his life? Why is it that we have a federal “violence against women” act, when men are victims of violence too? Or maybe you are interested in exposing the inequity in federal medical research; more dollars are spent on women’s issues, when men have the shorter lifespan? The list goes on and on – and none of what I say are conspiracies; they are fact.
    As soon as women begin acting reasonable, men will act reasonable too…

  • Inner West

    John I’ve read quite abit the laws over there and they do, infact, seem very unreasonable on the American man. I can see and agree with your fight there but as an Australian I don’t think I have much say in protesting from another country.

    I’m all for 50/50 shared custody for children as they need the support from both parents (and not just the money from dad).

    To my knowledge, we don’t have alimony here in Australia. If a couple divorces without kids, you simply go back to your previous ways of living.

    We also have 50/50 custody with the children. Many of us women are earning more than men so in my situation I have to pay the father of my children a significant amount of money and if he chose to sit on his bottom all day and watch TV, I have no say in the matter. It’s not man/woman thing, it’s a higher/lower income earner issue.

  • john03063

    Thanks for the insight! It’s nice to hear from a foreign woman looking from outside the US borders. I like a lot of your country’s thoughts. Since women are now fully able to support themselves (they make up the majority of college admissions, and female participation in the workforce has never been higher) there is no need for alimony. Get rid if it. And if 50/50 shared custody and 50/50 financial responsibility for children was the norm, then much of my anger against the system here in the states would vanish. But feminists in the country will never let it happen. And you’re right – there is a problem when the woman earns more than the man…Not so surprisingly, the female friendly courts in this country often do not consider that fact when awarding alimony or property division. It’s so unfair!

  • john03063

    If a woman refuses a man, he will simply find someone else to propagate his lineage. But if a woman makes a lifelong commitment to never have children, then her genes (and presumably her way of thinking) die with her. Her lineage stops, while the succeeding generations of women who choose to reproduce live on. So I’d say that with respect to survival of the species (arguably the most important thing we can do – much more important than career or money), a barren women’s life is not valuable at all. And I think deep down inside they know that. Maybe that’s why they need anti-depressants?

  • john03063

    Absolutely agree! I’ve been to the Philippines, Brazil, and Eastern Europe. The women are beautiful: long flowing hair, slender, well dressed. Guys – just imaging going to a place where all women look like the photo in #2. And in most cases, they are genuinely nice and respectful of traditional gender roles. They celebrate womanhood and they are ultra-feminine; they enjoy being women and they treat their men like men. It’s not like the US (where women want to be men and the force their men to be like women). Western women must really hate being women if acting feminine is so abhorrent to them.

  • john03063

    A woman is not defined by her weight, her hair, her ability to please men, her genitals, her ability to bear a child? Sounds like this was written by an overweight, short-haired, barren women who can not please men…..

  • john03063

    A woman who is taking responsibility for her own actions. A rare sighting indeed. How refreshing – how attractive !!!

  • john03063

    you don’t get the point. This is only a list of actions suggested by the author to make women more attractive to men. You’re right – women don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. But men have the same right. Feminists have to understand that men can never be forced to like what they don’t like. Personally, I’d never consider woman #8 for any relationship other than a pump and dump. That’s my right. Can #8 find a man that will love and respect her? perhaps. But I wonder if she would be interested in the type of man that is interested in her? Who knows? All the author is saying is that adopting the suggestions herein will result in a woman who will attract the highest status and most desirable men; she will maximize her chances of finding compatibility.

  • john03063

    I can’t tell if this was written by a radical female feminist or a mangina…oh well – there’s not much difference between the two anyway…..

  • john03063

    Consider it a compliment. When feminists start swearing like this, it means they’ve run out of logical ideas and they have no ammunition left to debate you on a rational level. It’s one step above the person who writes in all capital letters BECAUSE WHEN SOMETHING IS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, THEN IT HAS TO BE RIGHT – RIGHT ?

  • cuntasaur

    actually, i suspect it’s worse in ozzieland than in the USA. Too many liberal dipshits as far as i can tell and the men are emasculated, i guess croc dundee was a myth

  • fuknutz

    of course its y, they realise their life is a huge sack of shit, after havin a gud ride on the ferris wheel

  • bitch

    fuk my eloquent ballz bitch

  • john03063

    I will support any woman’s right to be bisexual, overweight, with tattoos, and short hair (like you). Do what you want; that’s your privilege. But don’t attack men because they won’t marry a girl like that. For me, any woman is fine for sex (as long as I’m drunk enough) but I’m waiting to marry the one who has the discipline and self-respect to properly take care of her body and her mind (to my standards). That’s my privilege.