9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

Two years after I released Bang Colombia, the Colombian media exploded in three days of hate that sent hundreds of angry Twitter comments my way (many from attractive women). In addition to the book making it on primetime news and radio, here are the web articles I found:

I have nine things I would like to say to all those who are angry about my travel writing:

1. Sex is a normal biological process that occurs whether it’s written about by me in a book or not. I’ve yet to see any evidence that a noticeable “Roosh Boost” occurs in countries I write about.

2. It may be hard to believe, but your women like fucking men who are from different countries. Attacking me won’t change that. Procreating with a different race or background is an evolutionary advantageous behavior that lowers the rate of genetic disease.

3. Consensual sex with girls of legal age is not predation and is not rape, no matter how many times you say it is.

4. You should be more concerned about turning on your women instead of trying to stop foreign men from successfully providing them with their emotional and physical needs. One path yields more sex, while the other gets you nothing.

5. By the time my book about your country has been published, thousands upon thousands of men have already had sex with your women. Nothing you do can stop this from proceeding unless you completely ban tourism.

6. You can’t pick and choose what effects of globalization impact your country. You must take the good (increase in trade and technology) versus the bad (competition from hairy foreign men).

7. Censorship doesn’t work in the internet age. Go ahead and ask the Brazilian government how easy it is to take sites off the internet. If you look hard, you’ll probably find hundreds of sex-themed articles about your country. My work is just a drop in the bucket.

8. Criticizing the use of game as “manipulation” shows that you’re stuck in the wrong century. Science now backs up game concepts such as touching, preselection, and being alpha as ways to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Your argument is essentially “Be unattractive on purpose because it’s natural and right.” Good luck with that. Instead, American men want the best game to get penis inside vagina. You will not dampen the demand for this crucial knowledge.

9. You should thank me and my compatriots for spending money in your country. Your hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, and nightlife venues get paid. Your people will suffer more if we go elsewhere.

Here is a response video I made to the Colombian hate (these videos are becoming like a tradition)…

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  • Danger

    Good post.

    So many foreign men like to come to America for the “easy women”.

    It’s refreshing to see American men waking up to the fact that they can go forth and pillage other nation’s women as well.

    It is better than the alternative option of marrying a US h0r who had the foreign train run on her. But most US men are pu$$ies who will cut off their own balls for even a CHANCE at sex with a bloated pig-slut.

  • Jim

    Maybe we should have an exchange and send American women over there for theirs. On second thought, nah, they’d hate us even more.

  • Safado

    I thought it was pretty funny how all of those articles mentioned that you had written a similar guide about Paraguay. It’s appalling what counts as journalism these days.

  • beta_plus


    Maybe. It’s a balance between easiness and fattiness here.

    Not angry that anyone is trying, just saying that if your aim is slender women you may be disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    I know its difficult with them being mostly Muslim, but you wouldn’t be thrilled if that was done to Turkish women, would you?

    [Roosh: I couldn't care less.]

  • http://scartissue.us Wald


    I think Roosh V doesn’t really care who fucks who anymore.

    I am American and I don’t care who fucks American girls. All I care about is that I get some and hating on the fact that other guys are getting some where I cannot/do not does not improve my situation. So why do it?

  • madmax

    Did you ever go to Germany, if not why?

  • Rhodes

    >Procreating with a different race or background is an evolutionary advantageous behavior that lowers the rate of genetic disease.


  • Dr. Zhivago


    yep! Roosh is a scientist.

  • Raj

    Sex is a resource. They don’t like an outsider like you plundering their resources. Its the idea of ownership.

    If you were paying the chicks you bang and wrote a book about it, they would be perfectly OK with it.

    Its the free sex they hate.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    “Maybe we should have an exchange and send American women over there for theirs.”

    Maybe we should have a food exchange. We can send Chipotle to other countries, and they can send their real food to Middle America.


    - MPM

  • Danger


    There was an interesting post not too long ago at CH about fat girls getting more sex. Which may be true, given that they don’t have much more to offer than easy sex as a way to get a man.

  • Sam Spade

    I think it’s funny (or sad) that countries complain whether you say their women are sexually available, or masculine and awful. Basically what they want to hear is that their women are pretty little angels who will remain chaste until marriage.

    If an American woman wrote a guide about which foreign men were the most “romantic,” it would be celebrated and read by Oprah’s book club.

    [Roosh: Good point. I'm not allowed to say ANYTHING, good or bad.]

  • http://gameforomegas.wordpress.com Omega Man

    In any feminist or matriarchal society, or wannabe feminist society, a single man looking for the company of women- of any kind, one night stand or marriage- is going to be shamed. Shaming men for looking for sex, or even “wholesome, moral” relationships like marriage helps give women more power. This may not be the case for highly alpha guys, but in general get used to the idea of being shamed and blow it off.

  • http://www.marvelousmanboobs.com/ David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, Rooshiepoops, you have seXXXy arm hair….

    Does this make you more alpha?

  • skeet_game

    @Danger – dude you missed the whole point. the point is about not caring about who fucks whom. just do what it takes to get what you want.

    now carry on.

  • deb the slayer

    There isn’t that many countries in the world Roosh, not many with girls that will take your fancy anyway.

  • derthal

    I think all this hate is born from laziness. The local guys refuse to develop themselves into the better men. Maybe is it an inferiority complex?

    What I learnt from Manosphere is that America is not a perfect place to live as I thought a two years ago. The fact is it is the one of the worst. I would never exchange Poland for USA/Canada/Australia, but many of my countrymen think those countries are the best places to live, they see only $$$.

    What I learnt from Roosh is the better view on my countrywomen. And I know my countryman – they are lazy as well. Hypergamy works all over The World. There is nobody to blame for that.

  • Uri Katsav

    They should take it like a cumpliment. The fact that the most powerful country in the World has the worst women in the World. And that now, dominant American men are willing to travel overseas just to date the kind of women they are looking for must be a matter of national pride for the receiving countries.

  • Eugenius

    Stuff like this is what takes the focus off the real problems. Let’s blame anyone from any other country (especially from US) and make people forget about the cartels and kidnappings….approval ratings go up (the little proud nation that stood up to the evil superpower). I think they watch the same movies I do…

    Pillage on my friend, pillage on…

  • Blunt

    Years ago I would have been a little irritated to see a French or Irish or whatever guy come to America and get more poon than me but after a long time abroad I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

    I will gladly help foreign guys bang my friends, assuming they’re decent blokes, if they agree to wing for me when I come to their city.

    No one can deny that no matter what being an
    American/Brit/Aussie/Kiwi? abroad gives you some magnitude of an advantage. How big depends upon where. Not with every chick either, but on average you have an advantage with more chicks than a local. Same goes for guys from a lot of countries abroad going to America, especially Europeans, Turks, Persians, Afro-Caribbeans, some Arabs, some Latinos and some Africans.

    They should be grateful that they can still have their simple lives with beautiful women who have family values.

    Really they should pity us for having to deal with fattitude.

    For real, to all non-Americans: help us have sex with your beautiful friends, you don’t what it’s like over there. I’ll get your drinks. Deal?

  • Matt

    I think I would abbreviate the 9 points to “FOAD”

  • http://delicioustacos.com delicioustacos

    Thank God Colombians have nothing else to worry about. Now that you can travel anywhere in their country safely without fear of paramilitary drug mobs or fanatical jungle guerrillas, now that there’s a 100% literacy rate and a 0% poverty rate, now that literally not one single Colombian citizen has to live in fear of violent death or parasitic disease, the country can FINALLY concentrate on the scourge of young men desiring consensual sex. It’s about fucking time.

  • http://dissention.wordpress.com/ Advocatus Diaboli

    I find it ironic that a country known for sex tourism, fairly open prostitution and generally much less stuck up attitude to sex is hating on you. It is not like you are suggesting that all women in Colombia are whores..

    I see this outburst as another example of globalized feminism and white-knighting manginas.

  • dragnet

    These manginas should just come out and say what’s really on their minds: “Predation” is any guy banging a young, hot chick that I couldn’t.

  • kolovrat

    My new theory: The reasons that many people most prominently sexless betas hate on “players” (when in fact it would be a much more productive use of their time to learn game) such as yourself are in fact grounded in evolutionary biology.

    Basically, your game is acquired, not genetic. As such, by learning game you are essentially cheating and undermining their gene pool by mating with women who would otherwise have avoided you.

    Just a mechanism that society has evolved that is highly disadvantageous to the individual beta but positive from the macro-social viewpoint. No point in hating it, then?

  • http://guyinsim.com DirkJohanson

    I like a variation of jim’s idea; let’s give our women to north korea and replace them with colombia’s.

  • DonovanVC

    you are getting ripped bro

  • Anonymous

    People overreact to stupid things, probably in an attempt to make their own country sound more like the United States, and in a way more “civilized” without realizing it makes the country sound stupid and uptight. I agree that those newspapers overreacted, but that says nothing about the majority of people in Colombia who really don’t care that much about sex tourists.
    “4. You should be more concerned about turning on your women instead of trying to stop foreign men from successfully providing them with their emotional and physical needs. One path yields more sex, while the other gets you nothing.”
    Roosh, if you honestly think that Colombian guys aren’t fuckin colombian women, or that the average american has more game than the average colombian, you’re out of your mind, just because a couple of girls open their legs to foreigners thinkin their gonna get rich or for the experience or whatever doesn’t mean that colombian women are genuinely more attracted to American men, in fact the majority of them think that Americans are losers

  • Orson

    I am soooo glad that the costs of US feminism are being transported to other countries.

    Also, EE men are very beta. It was only a matter of time before market forces resulted in their own women being taken away from them.

    Conversely, America now has the most attractive MEN in the world, due to how much Game is needed to succeed here..

  • Orson

    Roosh is very hairy…. he could star in the next sequel of Teen Wolf, without much makeup.

    ‘Rooshbacca’ is a good nickname.

    Also, this should inspire all those Indian and Chinese guys desperate to do well in Game… Roosh may be white, but he succeeds with women despite being a wookie…

  • shameus_o’reaaly

    They’re against game as long as somebody else has more than them. Meh

  • Johnathan

    “Procreating with a different race or background is an evolutionary advantageous behavior that lowers the rate of genetic disease”

    This is actually a false meme pushed by jewry.
    It’s a kind of intellectual terrorism akin to the myth the giant black cock.
    The idea is based on the false premise that same race mating is inbreeding.
    Essentially they are making empty threats against our unborn offspring (that they’ll be sickly, deformed even) if we refuse to go along with their agenda of metissage.

  • Anonymous

    Wow nice sleeve wait that’s upper arm hair.

  • Brandon

    Roosh must be full of testosterone

  • Anon09

    Whoa to people talking down procreating with a different race and saying is bs, obviously have not read anything about genetic dissimilarity. Or then again, those people just like impregnating their cousins or some shit. Look it up, “genetic dissimilarity”.

  • theakinet

    I find the Colombian attitude amusing because my sister-in-law’s tall, athletic, upper middle-class, college educated Colombian cousin is in town and going out in DC every night.

  • Anonymous

    “Consensual sex with girls of legal age is not predation and is not rape . . .”

    . . . and most definitely is not pedophilia, . . .

    “. . .no matter how many times you say it is.”

  • Lumiere

    There are 140 countries in the world?

    What happened to the other 54?!

  • http://two.cedonulli.com Jake

    You’re going to be synonymous with this whole little niche category ten years from now.

    Like Apple, didn’t invent anything new, but they found the right tone – and so are you. I quit reading all the other ‘manosphere’ stuff since it’s just too repetitive, blowhard, negative, and contrived.

    You though, fun. Science nerd turned into pussy nerd, turning into serious dude. Enjoy the ride!

  • http://theuniversityofman.com Professor Mentu

    I’ll bet you my last beer there’s 21.8 million illegal copies of Bang Columbia on the hard drives of Colombian men.

  • http://www.dontgotocollege.com D

    Jake, Apple invented many new things. Ideas are cheap. Turning ideas into reality and getting people to buy them is true invention. Edison did not come up with the idea for the light bulb. He did not even make the first light bulb. But he worked his ass off to make a light bulb that people could actually use.

  • goy

    roosh can you make a bang israel and bang south africa please…i think those women are hot…while your at it try japan and south korea….heard its an easy country to hit up

  • doobey wah

    Also keep in mind Roosh regarding those ahem… ‘attractive women’ that posted shit about you on twitter could very well be butt ugly pigs using a stolen photo as an avatrar. The only women who complain about men like you are UGS anyway. Think about it; attractive chicks are too busy out in the real world scoring free drinks and dinners from guys. It is always the unattractive women that seek refuge in the ‘net.

  • Orson

    Roosh works like a mule to get laid..

    Well, he is hairy like an Alpaca, so working like one is possible….

  • http://nigelsbiggameblog.wordpress.com/ nigelbiggame

    Roosh, come to Louisiana. We love sex tourism.

  • Phil

    Take a trimmer to those arms. Takes a couple of minutes. But congrats on keeping a full head of hair well into your 30s.

  • shiva1008

    This idea of “approaching” strange women that you advocate…

    I think you need to take a good long look at yourself and ask yourself why the men don’t do that in the countries that you are visiting. On the one hand, you appreciate their more traditional culture and the more traditional attitude of their women. But you don’t act like them.

    How are you not just ignoring local cultural mores and taking what you can get for yourself?

  • luis

    good job roosh, it’s funny how the government of colombia is hating on you cause u plillaged their women hahahaha. but props roosh

  • Old lady on a bus

    Bang Iran would be pretty impressive.

  • http://www.laurentay.com/ Lau’ren’tay

    Well said.I think it’s pretty silly ,and waste of energy for Colombia and other countries. To complain/hate you for writing a book about sexing their local women. When they got more serious issues to focus on.

  • Orson

    Bang Iran would be pretty impressive.

    Not really. He would fit in just fine, and not really be considered ‘foreign’.

    Socializing in Tehran is done in secret, but women slut it up in private all the same.

  • Roro

    Clearly your one of your male ancestors chose the evolutionary advantageous behaviour of increasing his offspring’s genetic diversity by fucking an ape.

    You are the hairiest man ever. haha

    Much love to your posts and website.

  • Anonymous

    shaggy? is that you? what scooby? he has a lot of arm hair?

  • GringoCosteno

    Roosh, check the latest Colombian news….parts of Medellin are being taken over by the military because of extreme violence in those areas….But good thing they still have time to worry about useless things that happen on the internet

  • http://alpha-traits.com Alpha Traits

    Good post.

    You should include more video posts

  • http://en.maciejrajk.eu Maciej Rajk

    Oh, I think there might be an outrage in Poland, if this gets around. But hey, I wouldn’t care.

    As I mentioned in another comment, I wrote this for foreigners visiting Poland during the Euro Championship 2012:

    And… even though I’m Polish, born and raised, I got quite a lot crap for it. ‘It’s like you’re inviting them to sleep with our women!!!’ and stuff like that…

    Hey, even I don’t like what you write about Polish guys, even though I often agree and… it’s what makes my life in Poland so easy. ;)

  • Aegrotus

    People in Colombia is not mad at you, only the media that profit from your stupid book.

    For my part, I found more interesting things to read.

    Probably think you are news, but do not believe it, you’re just one of many other idiots who want to fuck in Colombia, Poland or any other piece of country, as in yours, women (which certainly can be called women) do not exist. Or that you find so much other, a complete and pretentious asshole.

  • Jmm

    Very interesting that a guy as ugly as him is getting laid. Look at those arms: half of his arms are full of hair and the rest is hairless. Man you are ugly as a pile of shit and you get laid, congratulation!You should get a prize for being so ugly and still being able to get pu…

    There is nothing Colombians should care, after all this guy has to go to other countries to get laid because more than half of the American women are getting fuck by South American. American women prefer to fuck their “latin lovers” than a guy as ugly as Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    i cant stand people saying colombians should be worried about other shit, people in colombia have real lives other than drug wars and shit, people dont live 24 hours a day in fear of guerrillas and shit like that, they live ordinary lives like everybody here and have the same problems, yes obviously its stupid for the media to waste time talking about bang colombia, but really, stop being so ignorant

  • samurf

    Wow Roosh, your arms are seriously hairy. Can we see your chest and back?


  • goy

    52 Orson
    2 weeks, 5 days ago
    Bang Iran would be pretty impressive.

    Not really. He would fit in just fine, and not really be considered ‘foreign’.

    Socializing in Tehran is done in secret, but women slut it up in private all the same.

    true…but dont count on it ,,,,defiantly a minority of women sluttin it up there
    bang israel would be more imprresive cuz its bangable an roosh is turkish ittll be interestin..plus isreali women hottest in middle east..askanzi(german),sephric(spanish),mizra(middle eastern) jews all mixed in one hot package

  • Prefix

    Chill out. Not every Colombian hates you. I’m a Colombian and I think what you do is great. I was really amused with the press articles about you.

  • val

    I thought you were more attractive….. actually you are quite ugly :(

  • Vengador

    “You should thank me and my compatriots for spending money in your country. Your hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, and nightlife venues get paid. Your people will suffer more if we go elsewhere.”

    …typical. Do you think we need your money that bad, eh? Or are you one of those americans who belive they are the third world’s patrons?
    Please. We do not need your money. In fact, our economies are growing so fast in recent years that soon you will need our money.
    De vuelta a EEUU, yanqui.