A Long Life

Those who are scared of airplanes, live in a world so small
Those who read the health news, hope never to fall,
Those who don’t eat red meat, pray they become like rust
Those who exercise their heart, can’t imagine themselves as dust.

Those who can’t find pleasure today, will not find it tomorrow
Those who ignore their dreams, always need clocks to borrow,
Those who think an eternity will help, are not using time smart
Those who want to become old, let fear tear them apart.

Those who are scared of risks, can’t face their own gaze
Those who wait for New Year’s to change, will never change their ways,
Those who blame others for bad luck, will always face a wall
Those who are afraid to make the leap, will be out-leaped by all.

Those with the most banal of lives, always want to keep it going
Those who place their life over living, have lives not worth knowing,
Those who dread the common end, won’t be ready when they succumb
Those who live for today, care not if tomorrow comes.

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