A Message For People Who Love Toronto

This video is in response to many of the 600+ comments left on my Toronto post this week, which was viewed by over 225,000 people…

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  • Calpuleque

    I laughed my ass off throughout this video.

    Good stuff Roosh!

  • Aformertorontoguy

    I couldn’t stop laughing at #3

  • Ollie

    A bunch of thin skinned weenies with arguments that show they’re incapable of anything more than histrionic name-calling.

    That sums up Toronto people for me at this point.

  • http://www.bronanthebarbarian.com Bronan The Barbarian!

    Great video! Hilarious and spot-on.

  • http://www.the3bromigos.com MattC

    Brilliant! Blind rage, the staple of the western world.

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com thecaptainpower

    Roosh was it more man hate or women hate?

    Why would men hate on that? I’m assuming even Montreal is better than Toronto, so why are they getting so pissed off about your opinion?

  • BigPoppaPaul

    You know I read your article last night, it was passed on to me by a woman I know who works in the Toronto club scene (I also worked in the club scene for years) and I couldn’t agree with you more. You said what I’ve been saying for years, anyone that’s travelled outside of the GTA and to Europe, South America, hell, even the USA will tell you that Toronto is possibly the worst city to meet and pick up women in. I watched everything you mentioned in your list take place around me on a nightly basis. I was also privy to many a tourist from abroad asking me while I was working the clubs, “what the hell is wrong with the women here?” So you’re right, anyone that’s been anywhere else knows what you’ve said to be true. The only people that think Toronto is amazing are those that have never experienced what women are like elsewhere.
    I’m finally escaping this city in 6 weeks and moving to MD/D.C. for a few months and then to Santa Monica.
    You’re also very correct about eastern European women, my gf of two years is Slovak and she’s amazing. Very strong, intelligent, logical, independent and yet still very feminine where it counts.
    Thanks for confirming what I’ve been saying for years my friend.
    (please excuse any errors and typos, this whole response was types on my phone)

  • Torpedo

    Way to lay it the fuck down. The devil is a liar.

  • protagonist

    100% right about my city and its masculinized entitled misandrists posing as women.

    The ONLY positive to come of this is that a player from Toronto by necessity hones his skills to a point that makes anywhere else he travels an easy trip to poosy paradise.

  • Dr. Giggles

    I have a friend from Toronto. His Jamaican parents emigrated to Canada since he was five-years-old. He’s very tall, kinda looks like Dwayne Wade and is always sharply dressed.

    Needless to say, he is not living in Toronto and hasn’t for at least five years. He’s told me it’s a very clean, sterile city. There’s nothing to do. No action going on. Especially for a young ambitious man trying to accomplish something. That’s why he left and now lives in NYC.

    I met his girlfriend from back home in Toronto. Her parents emigrated from Barbados; they come from the same neighborhood that Rhianna grew up in. She has a different opinion of Toronto. She says it’s relatively easier for immigrants to get into Canada. They also provide a lot of government assistance and programs in addition to their well known universal healthcare. She even told me to come live there!

    So from what I gather, nanny state is creating the problems Roosh is encountering in Toronto. From what other Canadians have told me this isn’t as bad a problem outside of Toronto because of all the high paying blue collar jobs in remote places of the country, like the Alberta oil sands and the logging industry in the northeast.

  • Like a G-6

    This is an ambitious new project:

    Instead of teaching guys to get laid, teach women the secrets of Euro women’s ability to land American men!

    If you could displace Cosmopolitan, it would be a huge service to American (and the world’s) men!

    Thank you for your undertakings Lord V. May your legacy last over 100 years!

  • Peter

    I think the women are so hostile to you because they know that your right. Nothing scares the feminists more than the truth.

  • dan

    Roosh is right!

    If someone cares enough about what Roosh thinks so to post a comment bashing him, he should also care enough to try to understand where he’s coming from.

    If all you care is to hate on the dude but couldn’t care less as to try to understand his pointing of view then your ‘care’ is skewed to negative drama! Too bad for you Toronto’s!

  • Roosh

    So far no criticism to the points I raised in the video… does that mean I win?

  • Sombro

    >>>Instead of teaching guys to get laid, teach women the secrets of Euro women’s ability to land American men!

    How great of a tv show would that be? Pretty great, I think.

    “Extreme Makeover: SVU” with your host, Roosh.

  • Eurofag

    But you are pretty much like this too.
    Any comments which are destroying your frame usually get deleted.

    Funny enough,at the expense of your readers.You ARE very wrong on many things.Your experiences are subjective.Yet you,like a zombi drone,keep firing the same metafame and keep deleting anything which is even slightly against your stream of thoughts.

  • muk

    Lmao! dude, you come off like a total douche, but you’re right

  • DAP

    When the “Toronto Sucks for Men” article came out, it was funny and sad how the critics spent more time on assassinating Roosh’s character and no time at all on defending Toronto or its women.
    The critics just told Roosh he was wrong period, but didn’t tell him exactly why he was wrong.
    Hamster: 1. Logic 0.

  • Dave

    What is most striking about the replies from the women is how they basically confirm what you’re saying without even realizing it. Like a woman will say that Toronto women are better than screwing guys they meet at bars, as if that tends to show that it is easy to get laid in Toronto.

  • MotoGzz

    ^ Seconded. I took me a while, but I read though a good portion of those comments from that post…I laughed out loud to myself. San Antonio, TX should be a close second, the fatties down here give new meaning to “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”

  • Poland is a lot like Toronto

    Poland and Toronto also:

    If a divorce is initiated after a male cheats on his spouse,
    the male is likely to lose custody of his children, 50% of his wealth
    and be forced with larges financial obligations to his exwife
    and to the children, for the rest of his life.

    If a divorce is initiated after it is discovered that a female has
    cheated on her spouse,
    then the male is still likely to lose custody of his children (the
    ones that are his)
    and be forced to pay with large financial obligations even to the
    children that aren’t his.

    Judges in divorce cases are a large majority women,
    but the laws of divorce are also bended on women’s total advantage.

    Marriage is, in short, the real everyday story of male liability at
    all costs and in nearly all situations.
    It is the product of the divorce laws that, in effect,
    removed any protection for the men
    and replaced them with a system that incentivizes the initiation of
    divorce by women,
    regardless of their actions.

  • Infantry

    Roosh, the hate train has likely moved on. People have short attention spans and haters often drop into a site, rage up, post a troll comment and quickly move on. Fire and forget.

    But your response was good and accurate. Anyone with broad travel experience will know that there are greener pastures elsewhere. Even so, commitment bias practically forces these people to reject what you’re saying because otherwise they have to confront some hard truths. Much easier to buy a ticket on the hate train with the warm fuzzy support of other haters to prop up your delusions.

  • http://nigelsbiggameblog.wordpress.com/ Nigel Davis


    I’m heading up to Toronto sometime soon in my food truck, I love FAT BITCHES! Thank you Roosh!:bow:

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Roosh — thank you, thank you — for exposing TO and its shit women. Finally someone is talking about it — and maybe TO guys will begin to see light and start standing up to TO women and put them in their places. The best thing that could happen to TO is if a natural disaster hit it and destroyed a good portion of the city. And put TO women in poverty and infected them with all kinds of illness. Only when something that extreme happens, will TO women begin to realize how shit and weak characters and personalities they have.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 24, would be just as good if it hit the Protestant elite that still hold power in the city. For radical change to occur the city would need a huge natural disaster combined with a world war.

  • moses

    Controversy is always great for business. Well done Roosh.

  • NotForNothing

    I check out your blog regularly. Mostly for entertainment. I agree with some of the things you say. I disagree with at least more than half. But I find you mostly honest and funny and your perspective is usually refreshing.

    One thing I’ve noticed with your observations though on the quality of cities and countries is the following:

    Your taste tends towards cheaper places.

    I’m not knocking you for it, but there seems to be a definite skew in what you like towards countries and cities that are cheaper. Montreal is skuzzier and cheaper than Toronto. You like Montreal better. Eastern Europe is cheaper than Western Europe. You like Eastern Europe better. Scandinavia is one of the most expensive places in the world. You hate Scandinavia. South America is much cheaper than the US. You much prefer South America.

    I never hear about you even hitting real big money cities like NYC, Miami, LA, London, Paris or shit like that.

    I perfectly understand it’s not cheap to travel all over the world and I admire your ability to do it at any level of expense. But I see how you live in these youtube videos and it’s obvious you roll pretty frugally in most of the places you’re staying.

    In certain cities and countries it takes money to get laid. It’s not all it takes by any stretch. But it is very hard to find a cheap night out where you’ll encounter quality pussy in NYC or London or Miami etc. If you take girls back to a shithole in a lot of these cities they are not going to be pleased. I know there’s this inclusive, hush-hush nonsense regarding $ on these pick up blogs. But give me a fucking break. In rich cities it makes a difference. And you don’t seem to like any rich cities you visit.

  • TOguy

    Roosh your article left out one very important detail: Toronto’s huge gay community, one of the biggest in the world with the biggest gay pride parade on earth, and the role this community plays with the local women: needless to say, they’re not exactly going to bat for us hetero males, much bigger effect than our widespread multiculturalism ever has been or will be. Note that lesbians have no desire to “hang out” with straight guys, but the more that straight chicks embrace their gay best buddies, the more fucked up their perception of traditional male/female roles, thus the bashing of alpha.

  • tjuan

    hilarious. i look forward to the reformed toronto girl post.

  • Harland

    What’s your point, NotForNothing? Jealous that one of the proles is getting laid at low cost?

    “I never hear about you even hitting real big money cities like NYC, Miami, LA, London, Paris”

    Who the hell cares? There’s an implication there that there must be something wrong. What’s the problem? “I’m not knocking you for it” : translation, I’m knocking you for it. There is an entire world out there outside of Miami and New York City.

    Why don’t you just be happy being Richie Rich and leave the rest of us alone with your snob attitude?

    Also, it’s a pity that nobody who went to the other article will read this response.

  • surrey jack

    dont forget gays n beta males blow up womens egos

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    never been to canada, but have been to europe and this is spot on. i LOVED Madrid and Barcelona but wasn’t fond of the area in Andalucia i lived in (Cadiz). in all three places the locals wanted to know WHY i liked or didn’t like them.

  • TheTorontonian

    Toronto is a lethal mixture of hypocritical protestant churchianity combined with a bunch of foreigners and immigrants who keep to themselves.

  • NotForNothing

    @ Harland the Prole

    Actually there is no translation. Not knocking you for it means not knocking you for it.

    But let’s at least acknowledge there is a trend at work here. Roosh tends to hit less pricey places – and when he’s in a more expensive place, like Scandinavia, or Toronto, or DC he doesn’t care for it. (Although granted, I’m not making apologies for DC here. It sucks. Money or no money.) The Major Leagues of world pussy are on display in cities like New York, Miami, LA, London. I haven’t even seen anything on this blog about Roosh hitting Moscow – capital of the Russian Pussy Federation – and, you guessed it, another very expensive city. Not all guys are down on their luck financially like Harland. Some would like some honest recon work in more expensive locales. It bears consideration Roosh.

    [Roosh: So not only do I have to go to these shitty expensive cities, like spending 5 months in Scandinavia, I have to like it or I’m a loser. :laugh: You guys are getting creative.]

  • NotForNothing

    The only one calling you a loser is yourself. But the way you overreact to an honest, valid observation sure makes me wonder if it’s true.

    Is it such a big deal to spend money? And why is a city automatically “shitty”, in your words, if it’s expensive? A lot of people – myself included – live the scene in Miami, New York, Paris etc. Why do exclude yourself from this?

  • thatguy

    notfornothing are richie rich ? do you enjoy throwing away money with zero return ? if thats what makes you happy then just go to the nearest strip club you obviously don’t need game

  • IPFreeley

    @ 28, yes and this goes hand in hand with the extreme feminist and liberal left-wing thinking in Toronto, not to mention all the Protestant wimps and pussies who have been in power in the city for decades… those that allowed all of this to happen.

    @ 33, bingo! Add to that extreme deluded feminism.

  • tlaloc

    Not only Toronto but all of Canada has an atmosphere of intolerance when it comes down to gender related issues.

  • Adam

    Thanks for this Roosh, I’m a Toronto resident, I read your original article and while I don’t really go out much (happily married) the few times I had this is basically what I experienced.

    In fact my wife even joked that she was the mother hen for her friends though she’s a very reasonable hen only coming to their aid when requested.

    Anyway I was incredibly disappointed by the reaction of my fellow Canadians. Here was a chance to get an honest, outside opinion of our city and it just seems like our collective ego couldn’t handle it.

    Not even a witty response or decent defence was made, instead, just childish, boring and even violent comments.

    I think part of the reason the response was so vitriolic was that your article got somewhat to the heart of the Canadian psyche. I think deep down we are all very patriotic but also incredibly insecure, a weird mix to be sure but I think it makes us not respond very well to criticism, internally or externally.

    How can we expect to grow as as a people if we can’t even respond healthily to criticism and be honest with ourselves about the good and bad things about our city/country. We didn’t even offer a coherent rebuttal, if you were ‘so wrong’ it would of been easy to refute your points instead of simply calling you names etc…

    So in the interest of at least trying to offer something of a reasoned critique…

    Toronto may be a horrible city for a man’s PROSPECTS but doesn’t that mean it conversely becomes a great city for the developing of a man’s skills? Adversity breeds the strongest competition and you yourself have talked about the benefits of coming from the DC scene.

    To go even deeper on this issue, according to your own words, it’s the chase, the hunt that gives you the satisfaction. If that’s the case, then surely the conclusion of your article is either lazy or simply wrong, at least as far as you’re concerned.

    Would Toronto not offer you the ultimate thrill if as you say, you’re in it for the chase? Or perhaps this is an admission that you’re becoming lazier and less driven as you get older and now you simply want the easiest route to pussy paradise.

    If that’s is the case, then one day you will surely you will surely find yourself bested in the arena by a man who has risen from the ashes of Toronto’s flames.

    Or SOMETHING like that, I don’t know, I couldn’t really think of a great critique but I would of liked to see more attempts along this line than what Toronto meagerly mustered. I can only hope that in time people will learn how to properly deal with criticism in this country.

  • IPFreeley

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but some of those hysterical feminists from the original Toronto thread have been resurrecting some of your old posts Roosh, and leaving hysterical comments on there as well.

  • Harland

    “A lot of people – myself included – live the scene in Miami, New York, Paris etc. Why do exclude yourself from this?”

    In other words, you can’t see past the end of your nose and are baffled that other people might think differently from you. Moreover, you’re miffed because Roosh won’t give you advice on places you know.

    Tough shit, Richie Rich.

  • Senior Beta

    Hey, Not for Nothing. It’s called getting more bang for the buck.

  • Hispstersstink

    It did not surprise me what kind of response you got from the Toronto post. There is some true colours that were shown in the response:

    1. Canadians are insecure and can’t tolerate any criticism. I should know, I grew up there and now have the perspective from the outside in Europe. I openly criticized my hometown (Calgary) and Toronto (places I lived) to people and they got extremely defensive. The women in those cities really want to believe they are on par with NYC lifestyle and living Sex and the City. It’s weird.

    2. Leads me to point 2. Contrary to popular belief, Canadians are poorly travelled. Not much better than most Americans. All the guys I know will gladly waste money getting bottle service in Vegas numerous times a year, not able to compute that a trip to visit me for a week (or even two) in Europe with free accommodation would be cheaper than a weekend in Vegas. Narrow minded and very little perspective.

    3. The women are as rude as can be. Take an American girl at her worst. It says something when I can go to America and find the women friendlier.

    Occasionally some women you meet (rare) represent what is best about Canada. They come from humble backgrounds and are realistic about their views due to this humble nature. They are quiet and polite, not loud and obnoxious.

    There may have been a time when this was the majority of Canadians, but in my generation it became exceedingly rare. I remember my mother expressing shock at the language of some young women when I was a teenager. She would often remark (after coming home from working at the school) how they are “worse than the boys”. She couldn’t be more right.

  • I Ain’t the 1

    @27 Roosh spent time in Major cities, such as London. He should stay in NYC for a little while though, and Miami.

    NYC being the only good city in the US, Miami is inferior to NYC for a variety of reasons. plz don’t bring LA here before I demolish it.

    Once Roosh’s Female feminity consultancy starts (Slogan: helping Women feel like women), he just needs to make a network with marriage counselors, and BOOM, $$$$$. ROOSH: Buy me a nice bottle when you get your 1st check.

    I agree with what he says about TO.

    I’ve travelled to more countries than Roosh.
    I got more perspective from cash flush places. The difference is IE: in Rio He was in Favela I had a place on Barão da Torre. I paid the 500R and 200R to get in Mokaï / Pink Elephant when they were still open in SP, while he prolly hit a samba clubs in pinheiros, etc.

    and he’s still 100% correct on his assessment of TO.

    Don’t waste time on Desi girls or WACK Toronto girls that think they are cooler than cool. I seriously don’t like their wanna be hiphop vibe. Even hipster girls there have some hiphop element in their style.

    No wonder KreasyShawn – Gucci Gucci was a BIG HIT there. that’s probably where they got their mother Hen BS from!!
    In South America it’s the OPPOSITE hot girls send their Hot friends to meet you. They’re happy that their friend meets a guy like me. Yes I’m Talking about Patricinhas from SP, Fresas from DF, etc.

    I Dug deeper in Brasil and SA than him, I know more about Northern Europe, the Americas, Caribbean and Pacific Islands…

    BUT he knows way more about EE and Scandinavia.

    I tried to sign up on his forum to share my knowledge but it wouldn’t let me.
    I could explain how to solve the Argie Flag. with minimal effort and cost.

  • Anonymous

    As far as objectification goes, London and New York are both shit-tier. I like the NYC and London women (especially) as people, but in terms of boner patrol, neither is coming close to cutting it.

  • Petey Pabloa

    I have lived in Toronto since 1988.

    I came here after university from the Windsor/Detroit area.

    I thought there was something wrong with me when I got here because the people and especially the women were so strange.

    To make matters worse I work in a quasi-government company which promotes women without qualification. Political correctness is everywhere.

    Toronto does suck. Roosh is 100% correct. People in Toronto, not everyone, but enough are tards.

    And a lot of women here are gonna learn how to speak cat.

  • Karl

    SORE, Dear Roosh? Im a native from Toronto and have been dating for like 2 years a pretty, wonderful girl from the same city you dislike so much…you know I met her at one of the clubs in which you FAILED big time..and you know why? Because ANY girl with a minimum of self respect would see you as the big LOSER you are… wanting only a bang for a one night stand,,, besides looking totally unclean, unshaven which girl (sober) would want to go to bed with a guy that looks like a creepy hobo? PLEASE come back to Toronto, i’d be more than willing to have you meet REAL men who’d love to have a private chat with you!!!

  • Rz

    Is It Really that implausible that if you’re in the top 1% of guys in looks/personality and you also have money, that you would think Nyc is cool? I’ve been to a lot of cities and my my favourites I would want to live in are: NYC, Paris, barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, Stockholm.. At some point you want to have lots of girls, you want them to be smart, and have good style. I’ve met good girls in all of these cities who were educated and interesting and hooked up fast. I’m sure a lot of the smaller cities have good girls too but I suspect you can get smarter girls in denser cities.

  • Rz

    Replace second Stockholm with Madrid hah

  • Anonymous

    I lived in & around Toronto since 11 in 1983. Toronto women have slowly and increasing became more egotistical, thinking way too highly of themselves. They think they are hunting alpha males, all in the while they are being used in a pussy buffet by them. The prettier ones are surrounded by their beta orbiters, who pines after their alpha and lamenting those “that got away”.

    To get good, wifable women in Ontario you need to hit up the college towns, before they graduate. Toronto is basically surrounded by them. After 23, they are already used up and bitter. You need game, or you won’t be able to hold their attention. You’ll need maturity to stand out from the frat-boys they see daily. I scored a nice one for myself, and so can you.

    It is hard, but I think Roosh’s methods are even harder and less predictable in marriage. Sure, it might be easier to find a foreign wife and bring her here. However you will not know how she will adapt to her new environment.

    But Roosh’s central message is true – All the crap your mom talked about how to treat women, will never get you a wife you deserve. Keep on experimenting Roosh I think you’re getting a bit closer.

  • IshitonToronto

    @ 43, not from what I’ve seen and heard in Calgary. Calgary is nowhere NEAR as bad as Toronto. No Canadian city is as bad for that matter, although I think Vancouver comes close.

    I think the best strategy is to get away from the big cities, and live in a smaller, more humble place.

  • http://30daystox.com/ XDAYS

    Awesome stuff.

    Can’t wait to buy the new book.

  • Jim

    This is so pathetic…

    From the video (4:45)…

    “You’re overweight from eating the french fries covered in the brown sauce…”

    That’s called poutine…it’s a delicacy here – don’t hate.

    On a more serious note,

    Roosh, where did you go? Where did you stay? (In Toronto) You said nobody asked before you made this video, and I still don’t think anyone has asked.

    I live in Toronto. I know a TON of hot, smart chicks with cool attitudes. Why didn’t you see them?

    I am assuming it’s because you didn’t go where they usually hang out.

    I know very few super high quality women who actually go to clubs and bars around here. Some go to the upper class lounges in Yorkville, but besides that, they just don’t really do the nightlife thing like I have seen in other major cities.

    Based on what I’ve experienced, the types of chicks who go to clubs here are the ones who don’t get validation elsewhere. The ones who think they are better looking and higher quality than they actually are, poor attitudes, etc.

    I think a better title for your other post should have been, “Why A Very Larger Portion Of The Toronto Nightlife Scene Sucks”…that would make more sense.

  • IshitonToronto

    @ 51,

    Yes poutine is a delicacy in Canada, and I’m Canadian myself, but it IS FAT! Roosh is totally right, as poutine is SUPER fattening. I love poutine myself, but I try to only eat it once a month or so. For health and reasons of attractiveness, guys and especially girls should not eat it that often.

    Oh really? You know a ton of “hot, smart chicks with cool attitudes”? Chicks that aren’t feminists? I don’t believe you. I lived in Toronto for a LONG time, and I met enough library and bookstore nerds who were deluded bitches. It made no sense to me, until I realized that Toronto MAKES NO SENSE.

    You talk all this big talk about how you know all these cool girls … well PROVE IT! WHERE do these girls hang out? ARE THEY feminists or are they REAL women, with true feminine features and qualities?

    You sound like just another wimp beta male supporting these deluded feminists.

  • Jim


    “Yes poutine is a delicacy in Canada, and I’m Canadian myself, but it IS FAT! Roosh is totally right, as poutine is SUPER fattening. I love poutine myself, but I try to only eat it once a month or so. For health and reasons of attractiveness, guys and especially girls should not eat it that often.”

    I made reference to the poutine because he didn’t call it poutine, he called it “French fries with brown sauce”…nobody calls it that. It’s like calling pizza, “Bread with red sauce and cheese”. I guess it didn’t come across as intended.

    “Oh really? You know a ton of “hot, smart chicks with cool attitudes”? Chicks that aren’t feminists? I don’t believe you. I lived in Toronto for a LONG time, and I met enough library and bookstore nerds who were deluded bitches. It made no sense to me, until I realized that Toronto MAKES NO SENSE.”

    It made no sense to you, and instead of looking at yourself and wondering, “What’s wrong with me, why can’t I attract quality women, and what can I do to make myself better?” you just chalk it up to, “Toronto makes no sense” and rub one out to online porn then come here and read…

    “You talk all this big talk about how you know all these cool girls … well PROVE IT! WHERE do these girls hang out? ARE THEY feminists or are they REAL women, with true feminine features and qualities?”

    I mean, how am I going to prove it to you? This is the internet, and based on the attitude your comment demonstrates, you’re the exact kind of person who I wouldn’t want to spend any time around so I can’t really prove it in real life either.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why good looking, high quality, feminine women with a good head on their shoulders would be repelled by you – it’s because you suck, plain and simple. If they are good looking, have their life together and are level headed, why would they even pay you or anybody else like you any attention?

    I’m willing to bet that when someone looks at you, they can tell what kind of person you are without even talking to you, and they know to stay away because you’re not worth it.

    “You sound like just another wimp beta male supporting these deluded feminists.”

    Well, if by that you mean taking care of myself, having an attractive lifestyle and doing fun things, working hard and actually fostering a positive attitude towards quality women instead of getting butthurt and labeling women who reject me as feminists, and acting like a MAN instead of a little boy, then yea, that is me.

    You probably don’t even lift…

  • IshitonToronto

    @ 55, hahahahaha

    I weigh over 200 lbs, heavyweight boxer build and I lift plenty. Try again punk.

    You sure talk a lot of shit about how you THINK you know me.

    Typical beta Toronto male attitude/Toronto feminist behaviour. Instead of LOGICALLY countering my points, you retort with person attacks.

    So you refuse to say WHERE these “amazing” women are huh? You’re full of shit man. If I was talking to you in person, I’d still call you out on it. I’m no internet keyboard warrior punk.
    I’d call you out in person without hesitation.

    Because you have not provided ANY substance or proof to back up your statements, you’re FULL OF SHIT.

  • IshitonToronto

    One more thing “Jim” …. all you had to do was say WHERE these so-called women are, like “the green coffee shop near the CN tower”, or “the northeast quadrant of ________ neighbourhood”. Simple. If you CAN’T explicitly state where these women are, then you’re FULL OF SHIT just like MOST people in Toronto.

    I shit on Toronto!

  • http://[email protected] Nina

    Bravo Jim. Just wondering why people give a shit about what this guy Roosh writes?? Traveling 25 countries does not make him know much about them . So, how much does Roosh write about his own subjectivity adapting his mindset to what he sees? Have you noticed that? Is he really writting about what he sees in a culture or does he never pull off his obssesive idea about women .

    Have you noticed in his blogs how he always critizises women call it torontian east european , scandinavian , Américan , islamic, etc, they always end up being hores, masculin, selfish, too conservative or anything that is just not good enough, I wonder if he ever has one ???
    I wonder why in so many trips he gets to observe anything else than women ??

    Does he ever write anything about architecture? Does he know why flats are so small in europe? Does he know why houses are half finished in Greece? Why do they used to build in the second floor and not in the ground?
    Does he know about food?
    Does he know why in latín América eat tamales what is the history behind it? Why italians eat pasta and you can always invite someone else for supper same as in Thailand whereas not in Ingland or Norway. Why is that ? Why do you always bargain in Morocco or China and in USA you have a fixed price?

    The guy builds up his commets after he visits a bar thats where he gets his “valuable, observative, openminded, comments” and catalogs women and society whether he scores or not.

    Sorry Roosh but I have traveled lost count how many countries and lived in 8 of them and you suck . Try changing your mind set when you travel and when you write . You end up saying nothing about where you were and way too much about your self.

  • Jim

    “I weigh over 200 lbs, heavyweight boxer build and I lift plenty. Try again punk. You sure talk a lot of shit about how you THINK you know me.”

    Your comments tell me everything I need to know about you.

    “Typical beta Toronto male attitude/Toronto feminist behaviour. Instead of LOGICALLY countering my points, you retort with person attacks.”

    That is my logic – the problem is YOU, not Toronto and the women here. I state that you are not having the success you desire with women here because YOU are shit.

    “So you refuse to say WHERE these “amazing” women are huh? You’re full of shit man. If I was talking to you in person, I’d still call you out on it. I’m no internet keyboard warrior punk.
    I’d call you out in person without hesitation.”

    Good, I’d hope you would, because I’d do the same thing to you.

    “One more thing “Jim” …. all you had to do was say WHERE these so-called women are, like “the green coffee shop near the CN tower”, or “the northeast quadrant of ________ neighbourhood”. Simple. If you CAN’T explicitly state where these women are, then you’re FULL OF SHIT just like MOST people in Toronto.”

    Do you really think it works like that? That there are magical places you go and that’s where all the good women are? They are everywhere.

    I’m just going through my phone contact list now and am trying to remember where I met some of these women…
    Green Beanery on Bloor
    Walking down St. George Street
    Walking down Hoskin Ave.
    The Yorkville Club (Gym)
    Whole Foods
    Starbucks right by U of T
    Restaurant on Danforth
    Pusateris in North York
    The list goes on.

    To end for now, you keep on calling me the “Typical Toronto Beta Male”, but I am the one who focused on improving my life, my outlook, and my game, reaping the benefits of my efforts in terms of the quality of women in my life, while you sit here blaming the perceived shortcomings of your environment on your lack of success and why women in Toronto suck.

    Alpha – takes accountability for himself, positive attitude, makes an effort to improve himself, leads interactions with women and gets desired result.

    Beta – Complains that women in Toronto suck and gets butthurt, acts like a crybaby.

    Looks like you are the Beta here, bro.

  • http://[email protected] Nina

    Wow … You Ishiton guy have issues..

  • http://[email protected] Nina

    So Roosh answer me this plain, is a city good or bad or a culture based on you score or not.?? Honestly..

  • IPFreeley

    @ 59, bro, get a hold of yourself. If you like Toronto so much, good for you.

    I’m sure IshitonToronto has had the same experience as me. I used to live in Toronto, and I’m NEVER living there again. You can criticize me, try to bring me down to your level, do whatever you want, I really don’t care.

    I’ve traveled to many places, and I’ve had wonderful experiences with many wonderful women in all sorts of places… everywhere except Toronto. I’ve been complimented by women outside of Toronto more times than I can count. I’ve also been complimented in Toronto, but it’s exceedingly rare. Yes I used to have girlfriends and bang hot chicks in Toronto, but it was a massive undertaking just to get with a decent chick. Outside of Toronto and in many other places in the world it’s not like that.

    Toronto is a fucked up city, and most people there are delusional and are mentally ill. This is the truth. Deal with it, or don’t deal with it, I don’t care.

    I’m a VERY positive person, and I have a GREAT life… which is EXACTLY why I left Toronto. My life got even better once I did leave Toronto.

  • Jim


    I am not the one who needs to get a hold of myself.

    IshitonToronto is the one who needs to chill out.

    Read my first post, and then his response to me. (Post 53, 54)

    He was the one who started acting like a little butthurt boy. I assume he only has selective reading or comprehension skills.

    I assume he read the “This is so pathetic” in reference to my poutine comment, but failed to acknowledge or understand the “On a more serious note…” right below the comment, which would indicate a more serious, levelheaded message that followed.

    I shared my experience with the city in a polite way, and he starts playing the fake alpha, “You’re a beta wimp feminist etc…” posturing.

    You have your opinion on Toronto, and so do I. We have obviously had differing experiences. When you say “This is the truth. Deal with it or don’t deal with it”…well…if you think that your experience together with a vocal minority who actually read this blog actually constitutes the truth, then you are the delusional and mentally ill one.

  • madmax

    you said it all, Roosh. I look at you at someone who is a fucking EXPERT, because you are. While the little bitches who name-called stayed in Toronto doing their boring shit job for fear they would lose it, you boarded planes and started a little adventure, not knowing what would happen. You are a true cosmopolitan because you don’t just take a little half-assed vacation to this or that city, like average people do, you go somewhere and LIVE there for months, and you analyze the culture, how women behave, how men behave. As for women, ah ah I can’t believe all the turds who say that you are a ‘loser’ who can’t get laid. As you probably know, the concept of ‘loser’ exists only in the US, UK and Australia. For most of the rest of Europe, a ‘loser’ is a alien concept, but unfortunately in the US there are so many people who are full of shit. As for being ‘unable’ to get laid, this too is such a stupid concept. 90 per cent of all men who ‘can’t get laid’ are all more than capable of shoving their dick inside a pussy. What’s the big deal? It ain’t rocket science. If one isn’t impotent, can get a boner,and his dick isn’t 1 inch long, he can get laid. It’s the most obvious thing mankind has done beside eating, sleeping and taking a shit. Canada , unfortunately, carries a lot of the dumb US mentality, in that they categorize people as ‘nerds’, ‘losers’, and all this stupid shit.

  • madmax

    PS. good one for writing a new book, count me in for my copy brother

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe this guy actually gets laid. Guess drunk ho’s and skanks will settle for anything.

  • Dealman

    hey roosh, I am from toronto and lived here most of my life. In the last year I have banged 12 girls all 7+. I am a natural alpha and also like to use some game here and there. Now, I have lived in a lot of countries in the last year including US, Canada, Caribbean countries, and South Asia. I do agree with most of the stuff you said. What can I say? When you’re right, you’re right.

    That being said, if you can pick up chicks in Toronto, you can do it anywhere. And it will be a lot easier. Plus, with decent game, it doesn’t make much of a difference where you go in the world. Bitches, they will come if you play the right notes.

  • Vijay

    Shave your arms you geek! Your stupidity doesn’t look good on you

  • Vancouver asian lover

    Many Canadians can be very provincial and have an inferiority complex unfortunately. I have lived in many countries, NYC, Paris, Saigon and traveled in many others and totally understand what you are saying, though I disagree with your views on asian women, who I think are the saving grace of vancouver. TO which I haven’t been to in 4 years is not a welcoming city. Vancouver is better, but nothing compared to the fun you can have in asia.
    If you like white girls, Interior of BC is good. Also girls from Saskatchewan are usually cool and laid back. Coolest white girls in Van are transplants from those places.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 63, keep thinking that buddy, enjoy living in your bubble.

    When MOST of Canada makes fun of Toronto, when so many overseas people make fun of Toronto, yes you DO have to be delusional to think ALL of these people worldwide are wrong, and you’re somehow right.

  • http://livinginthedeadcity.weebly.com/history.html 8ball

    They are brainwashed in the school system to believe that Toronto is simply the greatest, safest, and the most productive city in the world. The women take plenty of women studies courses as electives towards any majors. These courses are basically 3 hours a week of man bashing and help consolidate the permanent victimization of women. The worst thing about the education system is the fact that any liberal art course will often teach the same thing as a women studies course. This produces very beta loser men and extremely annoying masculine women who have no idea what they look like because they have never been taught they can do no wrong.

    Another negative effect is american popular culture. You see canada(except quebec) has no culture, everything is imported from the US. Virtually 100% of pop culture comes from LA/NY but unfortunately they dont realize that toronto has very little in common with these great cities. The average 26 year old girl in Manhattan most likely lives on her own or with a roommate, is independent, does w/e she likes, has been told she is a cunt when she is being one, and is sexually liberated. The Toronto counterpart will most likely live with her parents, not downtown, or with her long term boyfriend, she requires permission from her friends on virtually anything and lastly, she probably belongs to a culture that has no idea how to date. This creates an dangerous illusion.

    Lastly of course Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Its very hard to explain to someone in Toronto why it does’t work, they will just call you a racist because you hate diversity. Diversity is a good thing, a city is always enriched when you have a good mix of diversity. Unfortunately multiculturalism allows several cultures to exist side by side which in theory sounds good but in practice its very cold and unpractical. The Toronto area now has voluntary segregation where the first thing a new married couple asks when looking to purchase a house, “what is the demographics of that area.” The agent is usually of the same ethnicity. These issues are forbidden to be discussed in canadian media or at work. This creates a very awkward social situation in the city where everyone is extremely polite and politically correct but they keep their distant as much as possible.

    The combination of these reasons + more creates a perfect SHITSTORM and helps explain why Toronto is the way it is.

  • http://livinginthedeadcity.weebly.com/history.html 8ball

    ***they have been taught they can do no wrong. ^^^^


  • Torontonian

    @ 72 8ball, Spot on.

    The North American Protestant work ethic, rampant political correctness, life in a big city and (more importantly) one of the world’s most multicultural and ethnically heterogeneous populations are the major reasons behind why Toronto is such a cold and unwelcoming city. Canadian multiculturalism has the unintended consequence of driving people apart and forcing them to self-segregate into their own ethnic enclaves, an irony lost on the PTB, most of whom care more about selfish economic gain rather than the human cost of unrestricted immigration.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 71, “diversity” is NOT great, diversity (when taken to an extreme degree) ruins culture and tradition! You’ve just been brainwashed way too much to believe that “diversity” is a good thing.

    Just a little bit of diversity is manageable, as long as that culture aggressively pushes all immigrants to integrate and accept their culture.

    @ 73, yeah that’s the definition of Toronto right there. On that note, I’d like to add a big “FUCK YOU” to Toronto Protestant elites.

  • http://livinginthedeadcity.weebly.com/history.html 8ball


    read carefully, You can take all the advatanges of diversity such as food, art, entertainment etc with out MC — however multiculturalism is a whole different animal.

    There is plenty of diversity in NY but no one seems to ask about ones ethnicity as it doesn’t matter much. —-Melting pot

    There is dominating culture in every city in the world except this one. The ultimate dog in NY is the smooth talking finance guy, the entertainment industry shark in LA…..and what about tdot? there is none!

  • TheTorontonian

    Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of foreigners and immigrants Toronto receives on a daily basis. This country’s lack of restrictive immigration policies means that virtually ANY 3rd world foreigner can become a Canadian citizen, even terrorists and people with full-blown HIV/AIDS. Also, what kind of person would abandon the home of his birth, rather than tough it out? This means we’re getting garbage, scumbags; we’re getting all these small-minded peasants from these foreign 3rd world shitholes who bring their puritanical and bigoted morality with them and their clannish “we stick with our own kind” mentality.

    Fuck Immigration Canada!

  • DrG

    I wish there was a post about Washington, DC and why it’s the second worst city in North America to meet women. Thank God, I have some free time and disposable income to travel the world like Roosh.

  • Perseus

    seriously Roosh you shouldn’t have had to post this video, Toronto and their women/manginas/whiteknights don’t deserve a second post or another space on your great blog and this is coming from a Toronto born and bred male who quite frankly got fed up, packed his bags and got the hell out.

    Therefore, if Toronto (specifically) guys (smart ones that is) are getting their degrees and relocating to Europe, south America, heck even the U.S, what does that tell you? lack of jobs in the financial hub of Canada? i doubt it.

    Is it the feminist agenda victimizing women and blaming/shaming men for being men? or maybe the dreaded fake and proud multiculturalism which creates stereotypes and weird views of interracial dating? or maybe the political correctness? or strict alcohol/smoking laws (2 am last call, expensive alcohol/smoke compared to U.S due to control by government AND to be sold only at specific locations, etc)? or the damned influence of media on stupid young women of Toronto telling them what’s hot in a guy and what’s not…..i can go on and on but you get the point.

    What was previously written are major reasons as to why guys are fleeing Toronto their home city and i am one of them and i know others who left as well.

    10 Years from now, i image Toronto will be the gay capital of the world with the highest number of single and never married/ single and divorced heterosexual women in their 40s….

  • / Hipstersstink


    “Seen and heard” is a lot different than “living”. Trust me, Calgary is garbage. It’s an oil town. Do you know what comes with that? Sausage. Women with plenty of options and don’t need to put forth effort in their personality. Besides if you are going to state o e Canadian city is better than the other you need to just travel more. I can think of a few US cities that have almost every city in Canada beat.

  • Maiya

    You’re an absolute waste of space and what you do borders on abuse. I hope you get banned from Canada too.

  • IPFreeley

    @ 75,

    well just to make it clear, yes NYC has a variety of cultures living there, but I would not call it a “melting pot”. That implies that all cultures in NYC melt together into some androgynous politically correct mess … oh wait that’s Toronto.

    NYC is “multi-cultural”, yet has a VERY clear identity and proud tradition. Ask any random person in NYC what it means to be a ‘New Yorker’ and you will get a pretty clear answer.

    You kind of corrected yourself with the dominant culture part, as that is what I’m talking about; NYC definitely has a dominant and proud culture in the city, while Toronto does not.

    @ 79, fair enough. Calgary though surely is not a feminist city, so that right there gives it a huge advantage over Toronto. I mean surely in Calgary, men can just be men and women for the most part act just like women.

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  • Ian

    Hi, I came across your blog on Toronto sucks. I found this very interesting as a 31 yr old male. And given I’ve traveled around the world and have to agree that Ontario is very difficult as the women are not as approachable as else where. I’m not sure what you listed as number 1, but I would have to throw my hat towards Stavanger, Norway. Stockholm was great too. But I agree, women elsewhere tend to be far more approachable and accepting to sex and just enjoying life in general. I live in Ottawa myself, which tends to see a lot of people move from Southern Ontario (Toronto) for work. You can easily pick these women out, as they are very clique and are not interested in chatting with anyone. I will say its a little easier with a group though. Long story short, where is your number 1, 2 and 3? Curious if I’ve been there. Enjoy life bud!

  • Peter

    The thing to remember about Toronto is that this is one of the toughest cities to game in. The reasons offered up in the article are all valid for the most part. Just know that if you come to Toronto as a PUA, then get ready because this is the training grounds that will set you up for life. All the top PUAs in the world are either from Toronto or have come here to train. Mystery, Style, Johnny Soporno just to name a few. If you come to this city, then get ready for the greatest pickup challenges of your life.

  • amy

    I totally agree with you, I’m a girl who moved away from Toronto 2 years ago to live in Spain. Glad you see it the way I do. The people are horrible.

  • Al

    i’ve lived in Toronto for 15 years, just turned 40. 100% agree. I love Toronto, for the city itself and what it has to offer in places to eat, things to do, places to go, but the people are just serious losers. This is a city of extreme left wing knobs that love to get taxed to death and think they are way cooler than they are….I lived two years in south florida and it was the best two years of my life.

    i love TO, but the loser, hippy, leftist, “i am better than you” attitude is just so shitty. Allot of educated folks with shitty jobs that have no idea how the world works.

    throw in suburb crowd trying to be Jersey Shore and the huge amount of north/west/south/east asians and it’s a complete shit pool of an experience.

    Come to toronto for the restaurants, the theater – watch your pro sport team beat the absolute crap out of the Leafs/Jays/Raptors – just bring a girl-friend with you and you’ll have a good time. Absolute no reason to meet anyone new here. for real.

    bravo Roosh!

  • johnny trick

    @58 Nina
    when roosh travels to a country he writes about the women he see and how they react when he approaches them. and from observing this in many different cities, he has his experiences he is comparing to. that is his niche that what he writes about when he goes to a city.

    in many ways he can be compared to a food critic that travels to different cities, and writes about food in different cities. and that would be the food critics niche.

    when the food critic goes somewhere he would not write about the architecture, he doesn’t consider himself an expert in that, he’s an expert on food, and thats why he only writes about food.

    so when roosh goes to a city he writes about the women not the architecture

  • Anonymous

    dude.. gotta say, i saw your post from a hot female friend of mine, and reposted it on fb. I have lived d/t toronno (the second “T” is silent lol, eh?) for 21 years. Im from the 905 originally, and 99% of the 15 reasons are absolutely bang on. Been in 20 yrs of long-term relationships since here; single for last 6 months, and even though im not “actively looking” (im a musician/dj/producer, aint got no time for that!!) so to speak, i would say approx. 80% of Toronto women are THE coldest in North America, bar none. Been to DC and every corner of the US, while better looking for sure, Tdot chicks are an anomaly…and Montreal? Apart from San Fran and NYC, my #1 for women. Friendly, fun, fantastic. French women are born sexy, and i have same experiences; more smiles, more once-overs, just more. Toronto as a city (apart from our two seasons – winter and construction lol)isnt bad; it sucks for single guys, for sure…buy there are some very, very unbelievable women here. Problem is theyre born with bf’s :( Major attitude, huge egos, and not a whole helluva lot to back it up. Just my opinion, funny enough i live at college/dovercourt (around the corner from the Ossington strip), and that area is loaded with hipsters/douchebags/bottle service crowd…next time (hopefully) you come back, message me and i will show u Tdot proper. I laughed my ass off at the post, what kills it is the pictures…well done mate . :)

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    I fucking hate this city! For only one reason, the women are fat, ugly, anti social, racist, narcissistic evil little wenches! I have to resort to dating ESL students from Japan or Korea to get some sort of natural physical interaction! I shouldn’t have to do that I should be able to date a Toronto Canadian girl with out her judging me because of my race (I’m brown). When I lived in Japan the women over there respected me for who I am, the women over there are classy, strong, sophisticated and will smile at a handsome man like myself.

  • sophie

    I am a young woman who lives in Toronto….yes I am attractive. I watched the original “I Hate Toronto” blog, I have to say that I agree with every part of it. The girls in this city have an over inflated ego which in turn has crushed our men’s self esteem. I know that if I go out on a saturday night most men will not bother to even try to talk to me ( No I am no unattractive, and if you want a photo roosh, I am happy to send it). For the most part I have to initiate a conversation which men confuse with self confidence (Apparently self confidence is a “bad” thing). I have traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and S. America and only seem to have this problem in Toronto as well as a few American cities. North American woman have an idiotic idea that scaring off men and being rude masculine pariahs is the way to being a feminist or “empowered” woman. Toronto could be a fun place to go party on a saturday night if only we could deport all the Torontonians and bring in a crowd from almost anywhere else.

  • Nele

    Dude, you are spot on. I’m originally from the Balkans, living in Toronto for the last 20 years, and you got them perfectly. They are totally over their heads men and women, yet at the same time, most of them never had a passport in their life. They brag about greatness of Canada all the time, and you’re not allowed to point out obvious deficiencies. Cheers.

  • Slick

    This is right on the money. I’m from the U.S moved here some years ago for work, and the women in this city are awful. I had been to Toronto before for to visit, but this time i’m spending quality time here with my job. The Women in Toronto think they are in “Sex And The City” lol. Walking around like it’s a fashion show, but they have no personality at all, “Zero.” If you try to approach a woman in Toronto in a random situation she has no game or personality to know how to flirt back even if she does like you. Because random meetings of men in Toronto is frowned upon. No matter how good you look, what you have to say, it doesn’t matter. What’s the point of living in a big city if you don’t use it to your advantage for excitement, meeting a man in a random setting like on the street; coffee shop, bus stop, train station wherever.

    The few months i’ve been in Toronto, you can tell something is up. There is no vibrant vibe to the city, no smiles, laughter, no random meetings going on. The men just walk by the woman and the woman pretend to ignore the guys, lol. One of the weirdest things i’ve seen in a while. Women on the street look down at the ground or put their shades on so they can try to avoid contact with people. Once I was driving in my car, and this girl that I guess wanted to take a look at me and check me out. So she walks in front of my car walks by pretends not to see me. Then as I stop at the stop sign and look to my right she’s there staring at me, and when I look in her direction? She turns her head away from me at the speed of light so I can’t catch her checking me out. Toronto women are the weirdest women i’ve come across in any big city. STRANGE!

    Feel sorry for the guys in Toronto that grew up here, as soon as my work time is up. I’m out of here ASAP! Toronto men, leave this city as soon as possible. The party’s over, get out while you can. LOL!

  • King Lion

    Ah man, Ossington?!?

    Shit Roosh, back in the 80s and early 90s, THAT was the spot….Parkdale, X-it Sound Studios, Studio 12 – Muhtadi’s afterhours club for musicians (I was the doorman). So many little clubs and not-so-little clubs within that area, where you could share a spliff before running some game on those fine ass student babes, sultry and naturally exotic eastern european sweethearts, down to earth service worker model wannabe chicks and stylish professional women, all coming out to hear some great live music and get their asses tapped and waxed!
    Or you could have gone further east on Queen St and there was Kensington Market, the Bamboo, or The Rivoli plus a dozen or so other little spots. Any further east than that though and you were downtown, where the cover charges and fakery increased, but the real intimate fun decreased.

    But you know what happened playa? The gentrification of the old hood!

    Yuppies coming out of the woodwork with their alphabet degrees and elitist paranoia moving into glass fronted condos that started going up on every block (fuck, the Toronto skyline and waterfront is a shit-hole looking Orwellian nightmare now with hideous LEGOLAND type architecture everywhere — It’s fucking PATHETIC). It may be the old making way for the new, but it’s absolutely no fucking way – improved!

    Say no more Roosh, I see now that you were just too late to get in on the scene, that was formerly Toronto The Good. Pity, because you would have *loved* the old T dot O.

  • King Lion

    Don’t you know Roosh isn’t a metro-sexual or homo?!?You sound like a limp-dicked deluded jerk off and I bet your ‘pretty, wonderful girl from the same city’ sucks hobos off for a thrill!

  • Vincent Alexandre

    I’m twenty-seven and a half. I’m single and currently looking to meet someone. My hope is to move to Toronto at some point because I getting tired of living in the small towns. I’d love to meet you Sophie. You sound like a really nice girl.

  • professorzed

    I lived in Toronto for twenty years and I would say this is correct. It’s not just the women, but everybody. People from Montreal mention that too. Even the people that beg for change here give you attitude. In fact that’s what Toronto is called, the City with Attitude. The only time I got laid in Toronto was when I met a wild Israeli punker woman who was stranded with no money.

    There’s a reason why Toronto is like this. It’s a ‘Second City’. You have heard of John Candy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, etc? They were part of a comedy troupe called ‘Second City’? They chose that name because for entertainers, Toronto is like Chicago, a ‘Second City’, not the first choice like New York City or Los Angeles.

    However, it’s still the biggest city in Canada, and the center of commerce. So people in Toronto act like they are living in New York City or L.A.

  • hatestoronto

    Traveling from city to city doesn’t give anyone grounds to have an opinion. That is basically how you phrased it, unless I’m missing something, i will go through the video and try to clearly understand your wording again. You describe how the majority of your visit was around the Ossington area?
    And i know i am leaving a lot out.
    My dear friend, you think so highly of yourself, and i salute you for that, being bold is something people lack. But being uneducated is something unfortunately i cannot help you with.
    I would recommend actually living in our GTA, you might actually notice something apart from our social scene regarding females. We have an amazingly beautiful gay community which I would recommended you check out. They might be able to show you that not every single person is defined by their sex

    I do sadly have to agree that our city has an ego, but like other big cities what do you expect? The reason they have egos, is because people let them walk over them, they don’t stand up. And funny enough standing up for ourselfs is a Canadian way. This pussy footing is an outside influence, and no i do not mean race, i mean culture, which is not color, or sex based. You want the woman to stop hurting your feelings, or the men to stop being wimps (as some would say here).
    Then stop running home to your fridge, stop running home to your webcam, and put that person in their place. Do it to the point that they might not want to do it again. Educate them and blow them away.

    You obviously have the gift of the gab, so use it right. Those people with egos? those ones you speak of? They don’t give a shit about what you say lol. Yet your letting them get to you? Do something. bro!

    Could you please posts videos from when you visit, Zambia, Johannasberg, maybe even Wellington (NZ). Tell me how you feel about their woman and men. Hopefully we would get an honest answer out of you as you’ve been true to so far.
    I have lived in many countries over my life and the woman in Toronto are no different than the ones in New York, to Mumbai, all the way over to Victorial SA. Maybe its our upbringing that has changed, but either way, bitching about it like the people you speak of won’t do anything.
    Except get you the attention me and the rest of us are giving you.
    Make a change, anyone can make a good point.

  • terencewiig

    LOL, I’m sorry, I lost track of who was the narcissistic one in the post …

  • terencewiig

    Woah, son. You seem to have things a little confused here. The girls I know that are the most open about sex are the feminists. This idiotic crap where you think you know guys like me, guys with feminist friends, is just that – idiotic, ridiculous generalization AND you trying to let yourself off the hook for not getting it. I’m not some weak “white knight” dude because I have shit I came to believe for myself on my terms. You have shit twisted, dude. Seriously. The 905 stuff Roosh talks about has NOTHING to do with this backwards crap you’re on about, for sure. Nobody’s shaming me, dude. I do what I want. If you’re “shamed” you gotta sort your shit. It doesn’t sound like you’ve thought about any of this stuff with any real kind of effort or genuine interest in a complex world. That’s sad because you’re writing off a TON of real deal people AND coming off like some bro-dude 2nd year kid nursing that big chip on the shoulder.

  • terencewiig

    Ahahaha sorry anyone who thinks there’s no feminine feminists is on rock. There’s lots. They’re even nice. Stop chasing the SCARY MONSTERS in your head y’all. It’s sad schoolboy shit.

  • terencewiig

    Wow, you’re a dick – and naive as hell.

  • ileana

    I have to agree with this statement and everything said about Toronto. I am of eastern European decent, I grew up in Toronto and I have travelled to 38 countries and lived overseas in Australia, Spain and Japan.
    I know there are many pretentious places in Toronto where a suit by any other name can be just as boring but there are also some hidden gems – you just have to know where to look.
    I will say the club scene has changed entirely in the last 10 years since my teens but in a Miley Cyrus/Hipster world, what do you expect. The secret is to avoid those “905” places and you will do alright.
    I have a lot of friends who have located to Toronto from other countries and are a hodgepodge of characters (including many models) and all I can say is that it really matters on who you know and where you go.
    I totally suggest you revisit again, maybe check out something a little more underground like the sunday parties at cherry beach in the summers or any dive bar in the roncess that plays great tracks than you will meet good people (not so many cockblocers :) and realize that Toronto is a fun city at par with lots of other great cities out there.

  • ileana

    I meant to say disagree!-oops.

  • Joseph Shmeau

    “Canadian multiculturalism has the unintended consequence of driving people apart and forcing them to self-segregate into their own ethnic enclaves, an irony lost on the PTB, most of whom care more about selfish economic gain rather than the human cost of unrestricted immigration.”

    Absolutely correct. It deserves 100 upvotes.

  • shitclit

    jus wave your dick in tha air, jus like u don care

  • http://www.goatsex.com Dildo Douchebaggins

    Can we hook up?

  • Leia

    I think the title should be “Why Toronto Nightlife Sucks For Men” as you can’t put a cities entire worth in it’s nightlife. A lot of these points are pretty generic across the board when it comes to club life.
    And clubbing isn’t really a “life” is it? This guy makes it sound like all he values in a City is: women, sex, and ….??
    If that’s what your life revolves around then no wonder you are miserable.
    Maybe if he wasn’t so arrogant and insulting, people would be more willing to have a conversation.
    He says one of the reasons is because there are too many Asian and Indian girls. That is his own opinion. A lot of guys here love Asian and Indian women.
    This article has nothing to do with Toronto as a City.
    Sure some of the points are true, but again, only in regards to night life!
    I personally love Toronto because of the cultural diversity, the plethora of unique restaurants, the live theatre, the parks and rollerblade trails, the pools, the symphony and opera house, the markets and street festivals, the sailing, the jet skiing, the list goes on. If you depend on others to give you happiness, good luck. I guess he is too boring of a person, too much a club fanboy to notice anything else about what real living is in Toronto.

  • Spades

    Funny how the liberal Toronto views as epitome of human rights, but if a brown Indian, Muslim, Pakistani, Arab male goes in front of a liberal female, the female displays some racist tendencies.

  • Spades

    The feminist movement and Marxism is to blame for the behaviour of todays women in Toronto. Women in Toronto are viewed as victims, and they can get away with any crime, but if a black or Arab male was caught jaywalking he ends up receiving more punishment than a liberal female who is charged for theft or robbery. Divorce court is another hellhole for men.

  • Spades

    Women studies students receive better job opportunities in Toronto than a Engineering student.

    Because Rob Ford is the opposite of liberal, family, saving taxpayers money and pro-family values, the liberal media and the women studies cult take no hesitation to smear his name.

    Rob Ford believes in freedom of speech this is why the liberal feminist women could smear his name but Tm Hudak received a defamation suit from his opponent, a female politician. The court favours women as victims who is the real oppressor?

  • Spades

    It’s not tough if it is a millionaire sugardaddy. Many women in Toronto are chasing the bankster money by starting out at the adult classified ads for tax exempt services for anglosaxon corporate managers.

  • Spades

    Strange that feminist women receive preferential treatment in jobs, the justice system and healthcare, yet some of these feminists opt for wealthier banksters eg- Gloria Steinem.

  • Spades

    Toronto is a politically correct Marxist capital of Orwellian Ontario.

  • BIll

    Im starting to think that Duluth MN is a suburb of Toronto that got misplaces and ended up in Minnesota

  • David

    Those are all interestihg cultural things. I know most of the answers to your questions by the way and speak several languages. I don’t know how much Roosh knows about them.

    But I do know they are irrelevant. He’s not writing about those things, but about the women in various places.

  • David

    Sounds like the party might be about to start. When the men wise up, the women will first react in confusion. Then they will become more available … because they need sex, they need men, and they have no choice.

  • David

    Japanese like brown people? That’s news to me. But glad you enjoyed it there.

  • David

    How is it abuse to write about one’s travels? Or only complimentary comments about women allowed?

    Did you get dumped or ignored recently for a hotter girl, Maiya?

  • David

    Who hires these women’s studies experts, the government?

  • David

    At least your real estate agents can steer you to the racially appropriate area. That’s illegal in the USA and can get them in heaps of trouble.

  • David

    You sounded OK until the last sentence. The threat of violence doesn’t help your credibility.

  • Ray ray66

    You are 100% correct on both the article and video, I have traveled to 47 countries and over 150 different cities. Toronto girl suck the life out of you. I never even try to pick up girls in Toronto. As soon as I walk off the plane at any foreign airport, I can pickup a girl and be having dinner the same night. Your facts on Montreal, Europe and South America are totally correct. I’ve been saying this for years about Toronto girls. People never believe me. Thank you for doing this.
    Can’t blame the women them self, its a culture of the city, its not personal.
    For Toronto guys I suggest you to go Montreal or Chicago, you can meet the most amazing friendly women. I was in Chicago 3 weeks ago for a trade show, I pick up 3 beautiful hostess who worked at various booth. Got their numbers after a few words, went out for dinner, drinks, some dancing. No sex, but an amazing time, they show us around. The third one we texted all week couldn’t find time to meet up, schedule clashed, we’re still texting and will go see here soon. She just told me she was an ex-playboy model. So guy go to Chicago, don’t waste your time in Toronto. If you’re a 7, you can get 8-9’s easily.


    Roosh V – firstly, ill say your posts are great and you are an expert in your field. No question about it, you deserve plenty of respect and i admire your posts. Ive been out of the loop for a bit but I just saw these Toronto postings. I think the reason there is such a severe reaction to your posting is becuase I think this is the flaw- many visitors esp from the USA think Toronto is just another USA / American city – its not. Its a very weird complex
    city filled with immigrants who inhabit all kinds of areas from the deep suburbs to the urban enclaves. Maybe Miami is most similar. As a person who has lived in New York City for 8 years and travelled all over the place but born in Toronto, I can tell you the culture in Toronto is very weird. I only know this from moving around. It may not seem that way at first but trust me, it is. The best looking women in Toronto are usually the daughters of immigrants but its really all about where you go in Toronto, what you do, who you hang with and the scene your in. All this is much more important in Toronto. Your better off finding a “cool” crew of guys and suddenly, you will see a different city. its really the exact opposite of Vegas where its like you can go to Encore beach club and see Avicci
    and your garunteed to see a bevy of hot women – it just doesnt work that way. its extremely cliquey in Toronto. (Ironically though, whenever i travel in North America and meet a set of hot women, often a few are from Canada, usually Toronto). Anyways, there are spots in Toronto filled to brim with beautiful women that your not going to find by reading any website on top 10 destinations in Toronto. Certain places get rammed with beautiful Persian women, for instance, because some specific DJ/cultural band from some Dubai is performing and thats it- its a one-off deal. The pretty women definantly would not be in ossington IMO – that I garuntee. its a well-known hipster area. But the hot girls are not necessarily in king west/yorkville either. They are all over the place . you are better off following a hot DJ or hanging with a specific ethnic crew. Often, the coolest djs in Toronto, are devastingly unpopular in the USA. I mean, even Deadmau5 or say Drake
    were and still are way more popular elsewhere than in their home country. The beautiful woman arguement loses weight when you or people say they prefer Montreal and the women are more beautiful there. Is it that they are more beautiful or easier to find? Because I can tell you there is so much swapping between Toronto and Montreal its ridiculous. Almost, 30% of girls/guys I know are originally from Montreal. They come to Toronto for jobs – all the time. There are just loads and loads of ex-Montrealers in Toronto. As far as the attitude of women, you are absolutely right that women in Toronto have more attitude / can be snobby but it is not as “prissy” as you think – its on the surface. It has alot to due again with the weird Toronto culture. American culture is much more open- Toronto culture is just not. I had to experience this first hand when I moved to NYC and Atlanta and I was often deeemed snobby or rude until I learned to accept that in America that random conversation with strangers is not really an invasion of privacy. its very hard to explain but Toronto is kind of a weird introverted culture. The women are actually easy once you fit i. a certain profile that in Toronto is considered cool or you are introduced as a friend of someone in their clique. What is cool in Toronto is not the same as the rest of North America, even Montreal. The same “cool” profile in the USA does not necessarily work. Toronto is also just very foriegn-born. While i like your 15 reason Toronto article, its hilarious – it was also kind of baffling. its like you spent all your time in a certain area or sub-group. its just doesnt really fit the Toronto I know but then again, thats Toronto for you. its so clique-y, everyone lives in their own world.

  • Don

    Minnesota and Toronto are actually ‘twin cities’….could explain a lot.

  • sankha

    I have seen this loads of time. Everytime you get into a lift with a girl in toronto (either good or average looking) they will immediately take out their cell phone and start scrolling endlessly as though they have received millions of texts a second ago. Well not everyone is hitting n you, but we usually have a general courtesy of smiling o saying a hello to other people. Its offending at times to see such behavior from so called educated and wealthy people.

  • Jada

    I have never lived in Toronto, but coming from a female point of view could the reason Roosh could not meet a female to his liking be because he has excessively large hands for
    any human being that are as white as white can be and have a face shaped like a V and looks scruffy. Shave, get a nice hair cut or style and take that mess off of your face and please shave those awful hairy arms, as far as your excessively large sickly hands go I have no solution for fixing that.

  • Toronto Native

    He’s right. As far as pickup night life culture goes. TORONTO is a terrible city. Especially on Ossington (man do I miss the days it was just Vietnamese Karaoke Joints). Even more so in the club districts. I know this first hand working as a Bouncer.

    As a city to live in when you are not concerned the pettiness of that world it is a fantastic place to be. I have lived in Eastern Europe and across the Americas and know this for a fact.

    Don’t be offended Toronto just because our shitty adolescent night life side sucks doesn’t mean there isn’t more too us as a whole.

  • me


  • GetRealBruh

    Roosh, you say ‘we’ (people of Toronto) didn’t take the time to ask you questions and sort out your reasons “why” you were being inflammatory like its somehow OUR fault.

    I call bullshit on you for the simple fact that you KNEW you were baiting people into being inflammatory in the first place by generalizing and making some pretty bold and basically racial if not racist comments as well as just mysogynistic and plain ignorant/douchebaggy statements to boot.

    Explain how you… a hack click-baiting blogger who can’t hang with women who seem to have some common sense about a PUA is somehow ‘right’ cause we didn’t question you ‘properly’?

    If you hate Toronto so much, kindly take your bullshit elsewhere.

    p.s. I expect this to either be dodged or deleted but that just speaks volumes about what you are REALLY about.

  • A Fellow Canadian :)

    I don’t think that Roosh should generalize Toronto women…everyone is different. I am from Toronto, born and raised, and what I find a lot of the beautiful women of Toronto don’t really go to the club scenes …It also depends to on where you are going Roosh and what day. Sometimes clubs or bars could be hosting an event night as to which a loot of people come out for. In terms of a “one night stand” your right you won’t be able to find that in Toronto as easy as south America or parts of Europe. Though Toronto Women should not be summed up in “15 reasons why Toronto sucks” or defined, instead your post should be titled as “15 reasons why Toronto night life sucks”. The women (All Women) of Toronto are educated and beautiful. Pigment should not define ANYONE’S beauty, its just skin. Beauty comes in all colors :) (asian, European, Native, African, South American…etc ) . Everyone has an opinion on a one night stand, me, I am against it. I dont see the appeal of fucking a stranger vs someone you love. So please Roosh do not bash our beer drinking, poutine eating, hockey loving city :). Really get to know Toronto for what it is and the Canadian culture because it is a beautiful place :) with beautiful people.

    To the people who commented on here pretty much implying that they’re anti feminism…. there is nothing wrong with being a feminist, as long as people stand up for what they believe in and not make men seem less then they are. We are all equal people! :)

  • Msinnocence

    I agree that Toronto as a whole is an unfriendly city. That said don’t judge all Canadian women based on the experience with Torontonian women My advice visit a smaller Canadian city and you will have better luck with women.

  • Clark Kent

    – who wants to bang the weird feminist chicks of Toronto? I’ve done it, and I don’t wanna do it anymore.

    – Shaming in Toronto does exist. I almost lost my job because of the femi-nazi Toronto culture. I actually did see someone lose their job for posting politically incorrect remarks on Facebook. Something that was completely unnecessary to report to the supervisor, and ended up hurting that person’s whole family. The sickest part of all is the person who sent the report thought of it as a personal victory.

    – The women here are idiots I’m sorry but this thread speaks to a lot of our experience.

    I’m leaving this city… I’m well educated, hard-working, entrepreneurial and social… And now that I’m done school all I care about is getting the fuck out of here.

    Your post makes no sense to me.

  • Clark Kent

    Interesting that there isn’t a concept of being a “loser” in Europe.
    Perhaps people are too busy living their lives.

  • Clark Kent

    I live in Toronto as well.
    People constantly talked shit about Rob Ford but when I ask them why he is so bad they could never give me a real answer.

    They simply hated him because he was a fat, white, successful, crack-smoking conservative mayor who didn’t want to go to the gay-pride parade… That’s it.
    He fucked up by breaking the law with the crack-smoking thing no doubt but people were being immature about his politics and image long before that came out.

    Nobody that I spoke to about politics could give me a real reason why his policies were inferior to the opposing parties. He wanted to lower or remove unfair taxes in the city such as the land-transfer tax (which only exists in the GTA) and actually help hard-working people. He wanted to invest in our infrastructure which is falling apart and reroute money that was being wasted on bureaucracy and administration. He might have had personal problems but I genuinely think he wanted to do good for the people of Toronto.

    Toronto makes no sense and is becoming a majority of immigrants. Many of the educated native people are leaving.

  • Clark Kent

    I disagree.
    The women here seem perfectly capable of completely crushing any sexual desire they have.
    In Toronto it is practically uncool to hang out with a guy unless he does drugs with you or you can completely control his broken spirit.
    Attractive self-motivated men should stay the hell away from here. Even if the women improved you still have to put up with full-blown ice winter for 2 thirds of the year.

  • Terry

    Nailed it!

  • Cam

    Remember how you diversity is Toronto’s downfall. Well, if you think about it for a sec, most people actually mirgrate to Toronto. They mirgrate for a better life, and that requires them to “get on a plane and leave the metropolitan city”. So more often than not, we all know what we are fucking talking about… Also, the people who “pay you money” to write your thoughts are the same caliber of douce as you. Your confidence is high so people listen, but your idiotic beliefs are frankly insulting to so many people it’s unbelievable. Im a lot like you, I’ve picking up girls in many counties in the world, it’s fun! Not every girl likes you, that’s a fact. Girls in Toronto are difficult, but they have dignity, and if our girls being harder to have one night stands with a makes you dislike our wonderfully diverse city, you just go jerk off to some porn and grow old alone whilst developing carpal tunnel wrist in your better hands wrist.

  • Gee

    Im a chic and I agree …TO blows

  • Gee

    Im american latina heritage….Im not rude. These girls are sooo nasty. Men in the states or latin america would not stand for it. I feel bad for you guys. I have 4 brothers so I’m very fair minded. I’m also married to a Canadian guy who is gorgeous and brought me from the states. I see why. They are hating on me…Im a 7 but my personality, intelligence and open mindedness makes me a 10. They are so nasty to me….very insecure and shady. More power to me though… -from a woman who gets men

  • Gee

    AGREEEEEEE! from an Amercan/Latin girl

  • Eric Liu

    Very true bro. I’m still a noobie but if i can get good here in Toronto, I might be a god everywhere else in the world xD Are the daytime interactions as severe in your opinion?

  • 1432fpchero

    ah yes Toronto… the big smoke, an ugly girl from Montreal is a 9 or a 10 in Toronto. I have a friend who is a surgeon and he tells me the men suffer from a high rate of repetitive stress injuries of the hand and wrist. the cause is two fold. 1. reaching for your wallet
    2. yanking your own chain

  • Michael Kirney

    Toronto is such a shit-hole on so many levels, not just sexual. The urban design, traffic and architecture are all total disasters, and as you mentioned, EVERYTHING is far more expensive than it needs or deserves to be. Most of the people are stuck-up, ignorant, chubby, followers. Did you ever try hanging out on Bloor or College, from say Bathurst down to Dufferin? I found the club/street scene way cooler than Ossington, Queen St. or down on the waterfront.

  • Michael Kirney

    It’s not hard for a “frugal” guy to score in Miami. I was staying at the youth hostel and still got some honey from two topless girls on South Beach. 90% of meeting women is how you dress and carry yourself. Dude must be pretty damn ugly if all he has going for him is his wallet.