According To Jezebel I’m “Downright Psychopathic”

My favorite post of the year from Monday’s list was excerpted on Jezebel last week. I was called “possibly the worst person we’ve encountered” and “downright psychopathic.” The post was viewed about 30,000 times and was the most commented post of the day with over 600 comments (99% were of the anti-Roosh variety).

Here are my favorite reader comments. They range from funny to mommy-please-protect-me:

This is what happens when you give a serial killer a blog. Seriously, the way this guy hates women I wouldn’t be surprised.

I really can’t get over it. Not just his hate for women, but his hate for other cultures, the people he deems to be “poor”, etc.

Also sad? His books have mostly positive ratings on Amazon. I hate to think that there are a lot of guys out there who think like him.

When you first alerted us about this idiot, I thought it was a bit over the top; I mean, what’s the big deal about another troll? However, after your next entry, I stand corrected; this bonehead is truly bananawackos and quite possibly dangerous. I am sincerely creeped out.

I find it very, very hard to believe that two books worth of women have slept with this man.

Sexist AND racist? Can we have a Bigot of the Year award? Please? I think this man would take the cake. The prize should be a clout on the head, along with a lifetime supply of floppy, untoasted PB+Js.

But ladies! He was born on FLAG DAY! OMG we need to fuck him out of patriotic servitude!

I feel like most of it I can just laugh off, but when he says, “he rapes two women a month. But hey, a notch, is a notch.”… and then starts talking about how violence is the way to keep women in line. As a former sexual abuse victim, he is filth, and I will stop here so I can go scream outside.

So he has an untreated personality disorder, is what this looks like. He should seek help.

Oh god, this guy lives in DC? I must find out his real name so if I ever meet him I can suckerpunch him in the dick.

I’m wondering if his blog is violent enough to notify the DA’s office.

Oh. My. God.

Roosh has been active in the DC blogging scene for YEARS. He is the king of despicable bloggers, and made it is personal mission to degrade and humiliate as many women bloggers as possible (and male bloggers that he deemed “beta”).

Well done on calling him out. He’s the worst of the worst.

Though I completely support where the “worst person in the world” title is coming from, we’re giving this guy way too much credit. He’s just another incredibly angry, miserable, ignorant, misogynistic, self-hating, lonely, complete and utter asshole whose only way of soothing his crippling feelings of inadequacy is to channel his anger into putting down women so he can, for once, feel superior to someone. There are a million of these guys out there, and they all deserve the same treatment: ignore them. The only thing these people hate more than themselves is the idea that they might–god forbid!–be shouting their ignorant, hateful, misogynistic cliches into an empty room.

Oh no! He has a little brother! Is there a way we can contact this persons mother? Maybe she will keep the person away from the boy. Golly!

If you look at his uploaded video there is one where he appears personally. Take a good look at his face, that’s what a piece of shit looks like.

In Brazil, we have strict immigration rules to keep sex tourists like you out, Roosh. I hope other countries in South America act similarly. You fucking sicken me.

Reading this guy and watching his video is like taking an accidental fall in the woods and landing with my hand in a pile of maggots and decomposing animal. His affect is serial-killer flat and he hates everyone.

Wait a fucking minute. Is this guy trying to say that the United States is FULL of fags and butch women? AND NOBODY TOLD ME?

Do you guys have room for one more Canadian?

CROTCH HOLE DOES NOT WANT. [lol my personal favorite]

Is he trying to impress us by saying his birthday is on FLAG DAY? No offense to minor “National Holidays” but if you don’t get a day off from school/work, no one cares. Hell, even Presidents’ Day gets car sales.

…after his comment on the rape game, it’s possible the cops should do a little investigating, maybe get a warrant for his DNA and see if he matches any open rape investigations. It’s evidence in his own words, after all.

Even if the women this man encounters are not physically abused, at the very best they treated as slaves at his behest. It’s too horrible for words really.

I was so much happier before I knew people* like this existed.

*And I use the term “people” very loosely when referring to massive buckets of anal discharge like this guy.

Can’t help but feel sorry for this fellow; not only is he full of hatred and venom, but he’s also a no-talent hack who dreams of being a writer. Although the line “…chest hair crawling up to the neck sees tremendous results for yours truly…” made me laugh out loud.

I think Roosh is a great example…

of what doesn’t make a man.

of what every person who considers themselves decent and worthy of life, love and happiness should avoid thinking and doing.

of what truly needs to be purged.

After taking a moment to calm down and stop punching my poor abused walls, I feel as though I can finally coherently respond to this post and the related ones with what I feel is something that needs to be said. These men are not just sociopaths, and American women are not just lucky to be freed from the desires of said sociopaths: these men abuse and kill foreign women. They are responsible for some of the most egregious crimes committed in the name of Western Civilization on the face of this Earth, but being afraid to commit their heinous crimes at home they turn abroad where there are no laws and no hope for their victims.

Here’s a picture of the average Jezebel reader hating on me from her Apple laptop:

Jezebel posting about me is like tossing a piece of meat to a bunch of hungry hippos—the editors knew the knee-jerk reaction they’d get. I’ll admit it was fun reading through the hater comments because it’s like I had my own roast on Comedy Central.

The person who wrote the post is Sadie Stein. Here’s a picture from her Twitter:

You know you’re a cliche when the exact neighborhood you live in can be guessed with high accuracy from a tiny picture (Brooklyn). Here’s a bigger picture:

What would you give her on a scale of 1-10? 4? 5? I don’t know enough to really hate on her, but I will tell you a quick story.

Towards the end of summer I was at my favorite bar when a girl asked me to take a picture of her friends. I usually decline, but I felt she wanted to talk to me since she gave me “the eyes” earlier. I took the picture and then talked to her for a while until she introduced her friend. The friend was cute with a nice body, but wore these ridiculous old lady glasses that enveloped half her face. I suspected it was the new hipster style.

I tried to listen to her tell me about photography, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid the glasses looked on her. It was impossible to focus on her words and my brain simply shut off, even though she wasn’t particularly dumb or grating. All I could do was stare at her glasses and smile, fighting back laughter.

She looks like an extra on The Brady Bunch set.

Those look like novelty glasses they give out at baseball games.

A half-blind girl living in a slum would rather stay half-blind then accept these glasses from a charity organization.

And on and on my mind went, all because of her glasses. She might as well have had a gigantic green booger hanging out of her nose. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and asked her if other men gave her a hard time for her “unique” glasses.

“Oh my god yes. They always try to take them off.”

“I wonder why,” I said, with only 15% sarcastic tonality.

Then I asked if she gets compliments about them.

“Yeah a lot. But other guys say they look like old lady glasses. I don’t care because I love them. I wear what I like.”

I wasn’t surprised she made herself look ugly on purpose because I know all too well how American girls want their vaginas souls to be taken seriously instead of their appearance, but I couldn’t even take her seriously for two minutes. She was like a clown to me. Hell, even clowns don’t wear those types of glasses anymore.

So Sadie, it’s possible you’re a smart and interesting person, and I really am the worst person you’ve ever encountered, but when you wear those glasses you look like a clown.

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