Adjusting A Girl’s Rating Based On Her Nationality

Is a 7 actually a 7? It really depends on where she is from. Not all personalities are created equal and girls from different countries put out different vibes that sometimes adds to her physical rating and sometimes not.

For example imagine we have an American girl who rates a 7 on looks. Let’s account for her brain to give her an overall rating. Chances are she obsessed with celebrity culture and fashion. She has expensive tastes and high standards. Her conversational ability revolves around television shows and who’s fucking who. She needs attention like a dog who wasn’t loved enough as a puppy. Therefore you must subtract 1.5 points to get her overall rating. An American girl who rates a 7 is looks is really a 5.5. In other words she’s an undesirable. country1.jpg

How about other cultures?

Argentina. Minus 1 point. Hard to deal with until you get the kiss. Guaranteed chain smoker. Since you’re dealing with 8’s and 9’s though the one point hit does not affect your motivations.

Australia. Minus 1.5 points. No real difference from American girls. In fact other than Vegemite and Outback Steakhouse the Australian culture seems to be a poor knockoff of American culture.

Brazil. Add 1.5 points. Warm, affection, kinky and horny as hell, likes anal play, fun all-around. This means a Brazilian 5.5 is on par with an American 8.5, which is hard to believe but any guy who has had a couple Brazilian girls will agree with me.

Czech and Poland. No change. Beautiful chicks who age well but period of communism have left them distant and skeptical of outsiders who don’t speak their difficult language.

England. Minus 1 point. Boring conversationalists with a tired posh act and way too heavy on the drug use, especially cocaine.

country2.jpgGerman. Add 0.5 points. Submissive girls who aim to please and value strong men. This is how American girls should have turned out.

Ireland. Add 0.5 points. Cool chicks who wouldn’t complain if you took them to a lyme disease infested wood for a first date. Heavy drinkers make them easy to shag if that’s what you want, which you do.

India. Minus 0.5 points. Date her and you might as well be dating her mom.

Israel. No change. Naturally beautiful but rough and tumble vibe makes you wonder if she’s secretly a man. A littler hairier than average but as long as it’s not on her face who cares.

Italy. Minus 0.5 points. Beautiful faces but tough exterior and “please me” demeanor.

Iran. Minute 1 point. Very feminine but the hardest game players the world over due to. A shame, really.

country3.jpgJapan. Minus 1 point. Super duper weird chicks. It’s like interacting with a child who has a giggling disorder.

Netherlands/Dutch/Holland. No change. These girls are naturally friendly and love exercising on bicycles, saving you money on dates and grocery.

Peru. No change. She will serve you until you die and make delicious stews but will eventually turn into a revolting beast.

Puerto Rico. Add 0.5 points. Absolute animals in bed. I’ve never had a girl tell me her vagina is, in fact, mine.

Russia. Minus 1 point. Very similar to Argentine girls in terms of initial coldness and nonstop smoking, but naturally low maintenance… until they get a taste of Western culture. After that all bets are off.

South Africa. Add 0.5 points. Wicked, hippie chicks. The kind you want to travel the world with. I’m talking about the white ones with dreadlocks because I’ve never met a black South African girl.

Sweden. Plus 0.75 points. Charming girls that surprisingly are not all blonde. Cute accent with cuter faces and down-to-earth vibe similar to Dutch and German girls. Probably the most progressive chicks you will meet.

country4.jpgVenezuela. No change. Cool chicks overall whose asses continue to defy human nature well into their 30’s.

I have yet to find chicks cooler than ones in Brazil. Do I give up my search for the coolest chick and just move there or do I head to the Philippines like one reader recommended and risk having sex with a lady boy? Would I be considered gay if I had sex with a clever lady boy who knew how to appear like a woman? Either way, I must admit this list is incomplete.

Mystery Bonus: Each girl in the pictures are from the same country…

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  • G

    You got England perfect – wonder if we’ve had similar ‘experiences’…?

  • Nathan

    haha funny stuff!

    Yeah but it is so true. I live in Sweden and since most of the girls are really hot, they are all forced to develop an awesome personality.
    Persoanlity is so much more important, and when you have that which a hot hot girl – PERFECTION!

  • Urban Girl

    Mystery Bonus: France

  • messy

    I would never date a woman who watches American Idol, Dancing with Stars or follows any type of celebrity gossip. I don’t care if she’s a 10. This is the single worst trait any woman can have.

  • roissy

    the chicks in the pics have that international euro mutt look. if i had to guess, i’d say argentina, hungary, or czech republic. possibly france.

    spot on about the german and irish chicks. i’d have even adjusted the irish girls rating by +1. they’re very earthy and romantic. mix in all the alcohol and it’s a sexytime combination.

    russians are +2 in russia if you are american, +1 in america if they are here less than 3 months, and -5 in america if a 50 year old jewelry shop owner dates them and spoils them.

    roissy’s last blog post: I?ve Seen The Error Of My Ways.

  • Sunglass Republic

    Uk is right on the money boyo!

    Sunglass Republic’s last blog post: Chanel 4160q Sunglasses.

  • leena

    what? no mention of the scandinavian or baltic chicks?

  • JR

    Tell me you’re not lumping Canadian girls in with the Americans….

  • JCW

    I just think the UN placed an embargo against you.

  • Eugenius

    funny stuff, interesting observations…….the last pic looks really nice…..look at the back curve and compare it to the curve on the second pic. The last one has to be european – either french or czech or russian they are taught posture since birth, the one above that is either itallian or french, second from the top is probably australian or polish.

  • Crotch Sniffa

    Bonus: Spain

    Brazil is the shit when it comes to women. I’ll also add Trinidad. Women are beautiful and down to earth. Can’t wait till Fidel dies so I can find out whats going on with Cuba…American Cubans are fine but arrogant. Curious how the mainlanders behave..

  • agnostic

    The two countries where girls are super horny are also the two with a fair dose of African genes.

    Persian girls… lol. It’s too bad.

    agnostic’s last blog post: The dangers of dating a much younger girl.

  • Joe T.

    Roosh – you nailed German girls. Deutschland chicks uber alles!

    But your assessment of Russian girls is a bit wide of the mark, I think.

    I just got back from Kiev, Ukraine this morning – where Russian is the most widely spoken language, and most people identify very closely with Russia and its culture, even if they’re not Russian citizens.

    Russian girls smoking? Where? Kiev is about the non-smokingest city I’ve seen east of LA. (Germans and Swiss smoke an insane amount.)

    Also, I think many Russian girls may first come across as aloof because the ones who speak English are taught a very proper, stilted version. They pronounce every syllable and every letter clearly (even if its witha heavy accent), which sometimes makes them sound sarcastic or arrogant. They also may be wary upon first meeting an American guy, because of the world-renowned coarseness of American culture.

    The truth is they’re nothing of the kind, and Russian girls actually harbor a deep, almost 19th century romanticism about dating and relationships, which is vastly different from the jaded cynicism of American girls.

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Not Dead Celebrities Of Las Vegas.

  • WisCanada

    I’d bump American girls to neutral if you are from Canada. They all (ok, just the midwest college girls) want to jump into bed with you because you are safely exotic, like Thai Food.

  • Rael

    You are missing all of Southeast Asia –
    Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos.

    If you’re thinking of the Philippines,
    don’t forget to stop in SEA. Language
    barriers & economic disparities will probably
    make true “game” difficult, but the cultural
    differences are still very interesting.

  • bonus: israel

  • Joe T.

    Bonus: Slovakia?

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Not Dead Celebrities Of Las Vegas.

  • Roosh

    Now time for the mystery bonus answer!!!!


    Good job roissy! :thumbup:

    Also sweden was added to the list above.

  • Bobby Rio

    I’ve been round many parts of the world and agree… its near impossible to beat Brazilians girls.

    Phiilipinos will be hot.. and easy… but they have very little personality…

    I’d still add an extra point for their tight bodies and the fact that threeseomes come pretty easy in Manilla.

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Lessons from “Sex and the City” the Movie.

  • Bobby Rio

    I also tend to like Canadian girls… every trip ive ever been on I’ve boned a canadian…

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Lessons from “Sex and the City” the Movie.

  • Jonk

    Wow, poor knock off of American. Harsh but true…

    Anyway, Outback Steakhouse is American. :) Australians bring their menus home as souvenirs to laugh at.

    Jonk’s last blog post: Apple In the 90s Part 2.

  • Jewcano

    Roosh, have to disagree with a few here:

    Australians – every one I’ve seen has had giant tits and bad teeth, which are both plusses in my book

    Israel – A mix of Natalie Portman and Pallas Athena. I think you’re just intimidated.

    Dutch – No matter what position you choose it will look and feel as if you are fucking the back end of a horse. Unless you really like seven foot tall blondes, stay away. And if you really like seven foot tall blondes, go to Finland.

    As usual, Roissy and I will agree to disagree on Russian chicks. Overrated. Maybe it’s my Bolshevik upbringing.

    Every Puerto Rican I’ve ever been with has been a total skank, but that probably explains why they were hanging out in the back of the strip club in the first place.

    And the ones you left off:
    Columbians – +1 – Venezuelans that are far more pro-American (and more likely to be blonde.)

    French – -1. Can be incredibly sultry but tend to show their interest by sulking and smelling funny.

    Portugese – +1. All the body of a Spaniard with far lower chance of destroying your apartment in a post-coital flipout.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: You Are What You Do When It Counts.

  • mike says

    amen on the ricans

  • Crotch Sniffa

    PR is the discount Brazil for Americans..just in spanish.

  • Rigoberto

    Crotch Sniffa, I have to say, as a make Cuban American, I haven’t ONCE been with a Cuban girl. They pretty much want rich gringos, regardless of skin color, as us Cubans come in all shades (I myself get accused of being “white” all the time, much to my chagrin). If you want a Cuban girl, be prepared to break out the check book.

  • Rigoberto


  • DF

    Jewcano and I see eye to eye. Puerto Rican and Dominican girls are the biggest goddamn skanks I’ve ever met in my life. They are the Latin version of trailer park trash, except they’re in the ghetto. If you’re banging one, rest assured that at least two black dudes hit it the same day before you did. I also find Russian girls to be way overrated, there is absolutely nothing geniune about their personalities. Its all calculated. Perhaps its a function of being in NY, but aside from Americans, Russians make up the biggest subset of golddiggers I’ve come across in the city. Rigoberto is spot on with Cuban chicks. There is a joke about Argentinians, how do you get one to kill themselves? Have them climb to the top of their ego and jump off. Single most arrogant group of Latins in all of existence. Nuff said.

    Israeli girls are completely underrated. Beautiful and down to earth. Venezuelan and Colombians bring the hottness but not enough can be said about the Brazilians. Simply fantastic. If you can land one as a gf, do it. The only one’s worth being in a relationship with otherwise keep playin.

  • okdc

    No women are more insane than Greek women. Absolutely nuts.

  • Leandro

    About brazilian girls, have you been only to Rio??
    There can be lots of differences depending where you go.
    Girls from Bahia for example can be sexier than most brazilians.
    And you should really go to the south of Brazil. In cities like Porto Alegre and Florianópolis, people are mostly of european descent. Girls are even hotter than argentine girls. Florianópolis has beautiful beaches and it is considered the best place to live in Brazil. It’s paradise!

  • Yakov

    Mystery bonus: The girls are Russian. The blonde is probably Maria Sharapova.


  • Dr


  • dpdawson

    Too bad nobody has mentioned the country with the densest population of hotties on the planet: Iceland.

  • Peter

    A littler hairier than average but as long as it’s not on her face who cares.

    If it’s in the right spot, it’s wonderful!

  • KM

    I’m an Indian and always wanted to date Indian or Iranian. I’ve noticed that the hotter Indian girls want to date white guys or prefer them, it seems like that they feel they are going up the social ladder very similar thinking to the korean hottie you see with the douche white boy in the clubs.
    With Iranian girls most are like 9’s but they seem to always date within their race, they are attracted to really fair skin very hairy men. I am moving to NYC this month I was wondering if any of you guys can give me pointers for girls of either race. Thanks!

  • Adam O.

    Gotta let you guys in on a little secret… you will never be happy unless you marry a swedish girl. haha, my dad had two exchange students both my age in high school. The german girl was cute, but ditched our family for a richer one. The swedish girl was as nice as nice gets, cute as hell… overall, perfect 10, then add the .75 points… My dad put it to me this way, “Once you go swede, you’ll never be pleased… by anything else.” He’s not a wordsmith. haha

  • stefan

    Go to Serbia!

  • 77077

    Ha! Very nice and true.

  • Chris

    Its scary how dead on this blog entry is, with the girls I’ve met. Americans(vary widely, but accurate for your average club rat), Aussies, Israelis, Iranians, P. Ricans, Japanese, Irish, English(especially accurate), Russians(vary but increasingly accurate with the rise of the west in Russia). All prettey much dead on. Nice guide for the international females I haven’t met. Your comparison of the Argentine vs Brazilian scenes is especially helpful for me as I’ve been debating an extended visit between the two. Ever been to Floripa?

  • Tom

    I’ve seen the most pretty girls from Iran.I would say Persian girls are the hottest.

  • Peter

    I had sex with tans of girls from different countries and i rate Persians as +9. They are hottt and know how to move it.

  • Sam

    The most beautiful women Ive ever seen in south america were from Florinopolis Brazil. Just sitting at a bus stop you could se any shape color and size of woman..and each one more lovely than the last…of course I got nowhere with them so I wish they were ugly 😀 I love argentine girls…cultured sweet and wild. Well in many places in argentina if you can talk to a girl for 7 minutes you can kiss her. Its very confusing because they often have an expression on their face like an american girl would who wants you to go away. Ive never been in a country where i felt more like a rock star. Santa Cruz Bolivia is off the hook too. Girls will do all kinds of things just to talk to you in a dance club. Its supposed to be excellent for carnaval–mark your calender! Beware of colombians they are hot but treacherous!

  • Will

    Wait… I don’t understand your comment about Iranian girls… it’s not grammatical…

  • Will

    i don’t want to spam, but it just occurred to me… the hottest girls in the world seem to be iranian (i’m not iranian)

  • serenevalley

    Women from around the world are beautiful. My personal favorite is S. Korean. Educated, smart, classy, pleasing to the eye and not easy to get into bed (though not all) but once in was very satisfying and will do anything short of anal. Laotian chicks can be hot as well. I love Norwegian chicks too and they are definitely easy.

  • Canadian

    You nailed it absolutely right with Persian girls. They have the complete “I’m the princess cuz my daddy said so”. They look nice but are generally terrible in bed given the lack of any erotic material in their country. Many of them suffer from confusion and lack of libido. Such a shame really.

  • hotdoguero

    Come on man!!! How could you have missed Mexican girls!!! The largest spanish speaking country on earth, just south of your country….and you totally neglect to mention its women!! They have a bad tendency to grow enormously fat in their later years, and some of them in the bigger cities are getting a bit too americanized, but man! Loving, caring, jealous, horny, and willing to fuck you into a happy stupor (most of the time)

  • Megan

    Wow, you are truly an ASSHOLE. What is the point of this website?

  • DJ

    LOL at Megan’s comment

  • Vanessa (Slavic Girl)

    You missed one country with the most beautiful women and that is Serbia (in particular Belgrade). Montenegro also has stunningly beautiful women.

    There is a website that is strictly dedicated to discussing the beauty of Serbian women — it is called “” and the article is called “Serbian Girls Hot or Not”? So into your search engine just type in “Serbian Girls Hot or Not?” and see the incredible positive response to Serbian women’s beauty.

    As a straight woman myself I have to say that I have never seen more sexy, fit, toned and beautiful women than the ones that I saw in Serbia.
    There are many Serbian young women who came over to the States and Canada as refugees and honestly they are hard to miss because they are usually the knockouts in a room.

  • Anonymous

    this is fucking retarded.

  • María

    Que imbécil!

  • UomoDelMondo

    Ladies. This is a website that’s dedicated to guys who appreciate WOMEN!! There is no need to get upset. Just leave your number. I’m sure somebody on here wouldn’t mind giving you some peepee! 😀
    Fellas, you forgot to mention Arabic chics. Now, I know that some of you might think that they’re sexually opressed and all that- but let me tell you. Arab chics are sophisticated, sexy, educated, hornier than a bear in heat, have a lot of personality, and they can belly dance!! Need I say more. I haven’t tried Brazilian chics yet, but I’ll soon find out, compare the two, and let you guys know.

  • umknown

    have you ever heard of HMONG… its a type pf asian that no one really knows about until you meet them… i wonder how they are rated!

  • Latina

    What about sexy Mexican/Salvadorian chicks

  • María

    Ok… what about American guys? cause u think you don´t fit into this category but u are an American guy. Most of them are overweight and have pimples… they are too whiteys and they don´t know how to talk to women, they think they are sexies and “captivating” but the true is that they are like teenagers, no matter their age, either in a conversation or in bed. Who do u think u are?!? you come to South America and talk about ugly or beautiful girls? In which universe you think you have the power to say things like “ugly countries like Ecuador or Peru”?!? These are ancients cultures that a person like you (an American guy) is not able to appreciate…their ethnic heritage is unique and beatiful. And why the fuck do you think you can treat brazilian girls like whores? You´ve been in such a marvelous country and you never understood anything at all!! You asshole! Did you never stop to think that maybe.. the girls you “banged” are girls with serious self esteem issues?!? So please, do not generalize… I am Argentinean and I wouldn´t touch at all!

  • Kathy

    Eso mismo me pregunto yo a veces, María, ¿quién mierda se creen estos tipejos asquerosos para calificarnos, juzgarnos y compararnos cuando en realidad si alguna chica les da bola es porque ELLA lo quiere probar de entre todos los demás que seguramente también están tratando de seducirla?

    ¡Pero sabes qué es lo que más cólera me da? Las mujeres que apoyan esta clase de comentarios e incluso insultan y osan llamar “zorras”, “putas” y cosas así a otras mujeres, de la misma manera que justifican que un hijo de perra vaya por ahí dándoselas de conquistador. De hecho, si una mujer es puta por probar cómo van las cosas con más de un hombre, los hombres son el quíntuple de putos, incluso más que las más “fáciles”, porque ellos van ofreciéndose a todas todo el tiempo. ¿Cómo es posible que en este tiempo y en este siglo nosotras mismas nos impongamos este yugo? ¡Ninguna mujer debe someterse al juicio y aprobación de NADIE, y más cuando ellos actúan peor! No hay nada peor que participar en este juego hipócrita que señala y sentencia a la mujer por tener las mismas actitudes que son alabadas en un hombre.

    Y por cierto también tienes razón en lo que comentas acerca de los estadounidenses. ¡Son terribles! ¡Su cultura! La mayoría son muy superficiles, incluso en las primeras citas las gentes se interrogan…¿sobre qué? sobre qué título tienen, que si tienen un trabajo estable o no, que si la universidad a la que fueron fue prestigiosa, que cuál es su ingreso, que cuál es la zona en la que viven y cosas afines, en vez de algo relativo a encontrar química y compatibilidad. Y cuando a primeras la persona del sexo opuesto no posee esas “favorables” cualidades, los descartan, luego van por ahí quejándose unos de otros, mujeres de hombres y hombres de mujeres de cuán caprichosos son los del sexo opuesto, cuando en realidad ellos sólo reciben lo que dan.

  • Kathy

    En definitiva tipos con el autor de la porquería ésta podrán ir por el mundo seduciendo muchas chicas, pero eso no hará más que aumentar el vacío de sus patéticas existencias. No se trata de usar al máximo número posible de gente para pasar un buen rato, sino que basta una sola otra persona con la que compartir cada momento significante de nuestras vidas, algo que seres como éste -que en sus cuarenta terminan solos y preguntándose por qué no pueden formar una relación estable y significativa- raramente disfrutan.

  • Vicious

    Roosh, with you new experiences in Poland would you revise the rating in this blog post?

  • Anonymous

    My God what a total bastard you are Roosh. Did your whore of a mommy forget to stop breastfeeding you until you hit your teens?

    Fuckheads like you deserve to have their (tiny, diseased, limp) pricks chopped off and kicked into a dungeon all by yourself till you rot.

  • Renn

    It may be fun to generalize about millions of women living in any ONE country or another (it is), BUT–

    We need to understand that what comes around goes around. In other words, we will ATTRACT into our lives whatever ENERGY we put out there.

    For example, if we REALLY believe that ALL Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan chicks behave a certain way, we begin to mull it over in our mind, we think about it, and when it comes time, we EXPECT it when we’re in a SITUATION where we’re actually speaking to one.

    This will BRING OUT these QUALITIES that we don’t like–the very qualities we’re trying to avoid.

    Have you ever noticed that people treat you differently depending on the energy or intention behind the approach.

    You reap what you sow so to speak. It’s all about ENERGY.

    You SEE what you FOCUS on and not on what you don’t focus on.

  • Rocío (from argentina)

    Had sex with an american guy recently. Worst sex ever! I even stopped having sex for months after that. You know, the post trauma. It was horrible, really.

  • Anonymous

    “German. Add 0.5 points. Submissive girls who aim to please and value strong men. This is how American girls should have turned out.”
    The greatest load of bullocks I´ve ever heard. Well I´m Austrian (the small country next to germany) and my native tongue is German. German women are submissive? In which world do you live? It must be different from the world the German masculists, err, I mean (wannabe) PUAs live, cause they whine about exactly the same regarding German women as you do about American girls. German mascufascists, err, PUAs wail about the German bra burners, how domineering, uncompassionate, unsexy, uncouth and unfuckable they are. They babble how much better, sexier, more submissive, cute, beautiful the Eastern European (like Russians, Ex-Jugoslavian, Czech …) and Asian girls are. In sum: They squeal about exactly the same shit as you do.
    I bet that the same is true for every. Single. Country you rated. The masculists, err, PUAS complain about the lack of femininity, submission and beauty in the women of their country. Even the Iranians xD

  • Indian woman

    “India. Minus 0.5 points. Date her and you might as well be dating her mom.”

    Haha, this is true. Once I moved out, mom wasn’t there to constantly intrude and control the show when it came to my love life.

  • Indian in germany

    German chics are like americans.. however if u keep looking out u get fish from the other side of berlin who are old world and please and inspire you.. About venezuelan chics I completely agree.. The chinese ( pretty ones at least ) add 0.5.. Italian and spanish are nicer when they are in a foreign country.. Most of east european chics smoke like a fucking chimney and kissing them in the mouth is not an option.. Turkish chics are intense and impulsive but prefer to do it in the dark..

  • Roksta

    True about Australian girls haha. I’m Aussie and I wouldn’t touch an Aussie girl with your dick! They are rude, arrogant, foul mouthed, drug taking little whores that think their shit don’t stink. Be careful as the Queensland girls are a bit worse, more rednecked, feral and uneducated than in the other states in Australia, and they really don’t mind the odd punch-up. That sums up most Aussie girls under 30.
    I have a S. Korean wife and she’s gorgeous. Acts like a bit of a princess and can throw the odd tantrum but she’s total class. Really kind and I’ve never heard her use any foul language. They really know how to please their men. If you bring home the money they’re all cool and theres no probs.
    I guess I’m trying to give the Aussie girls a heads up. Aussie girls you’re getting left for dead! So many international girls are coming to Australia that are so much more approachable and friendly and more beautiful. You Aussie girls are starting to get a really bad reputation in your own country. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate you, i’m just disappointed in your attitudes.
    For me it’s not about the sex. Any idiot can get laid. But when you catch that 1 woman that truely is your other half and you’d do anything to keep her happy….. Well, nothing can be finer :)

  • yas

    i guess iranian / persian girl are the sexiest , hottest and most beautiful.. check it out..

  • Traveler

    yeah.. Iranians are hot … dated many of them… guushh best females ever saw…

  • J.M.

    Kathy, María, ¿no podrían ser más originales? ¿Deberían leer menos sobre supuestos “dobles estándares” y observar más a menudo la realidad. Quizás sea por mi formación pero las relaciones humanas caen en la misma categoría que las relaciones económicas, existen vendedores y compradores y existe un “mercado sexual” (sexual market) quieran o no. Hay hombres y mujeres de poco valor (para los/las compradores/as les guste o no.

    No existen dobles estándares simplemente realidades culturales basadas en la psicología humana que se desarrollado en los últimos miles de años. Para una lectura introductoria sobre esto pueden empezar si quieren con:

    Lo que Roosh hace puede ser inmoral pero los hechos hablan por sí sólos y solamente dejan peor paradas a las que lo eligieron que a él, después de todo las mujeres son las “gatekeepers” del sexo. Desearía que entendieran eso, pero por féminas como ustedes son un síntoma más de que nuestros países seguirán el camino de gringolandia.

  • Anonymous

    I like reading the stuff on this site but sometimes the overhyped bias towards brazilian girls irritates me,dont get me wrong i love brazilian girls,my girlfriend is brazilian and shes incredible,but you dont always need to exagerate, brazilians are friendly, but not more so than almost anywhere in latin america,a large part of their appeal can be atributed to the fact they wont go to the corner store without a pound of make up and an hour of doin their hair,and alot of the negative things you said about american girls can be attributed to middle and upper class brazilian girls,its fine to like them, i do too, but lets be objective here

  • Anon

    Why are czech and polish girls put together? I visited both countries several times and the difference is night and day in favor of Czechia.

    Polish girls are mostly arrogant, unfriendly and speak bad english. They often dress slutty. A lot of them have odd shaped faces, some of them are really hideous. In some countries poles are called “square head”, not without a reason.

    Even the average czech girl is more beautiful than the better looking polish. They are ways friendlier, can speak decent english and aren´t that prudish.

  • Sephiroth

    I don’t think much of Polish girls either…

    You know Aussie girls can be really snobby! I find New Zealand girls MUCH more down to earth. And no they are not all ugly, not all are bogans (argh so over the chubby chicks with fake tan, blonde hair and super thin eyebrows). Check out Georgia Fowler, Jessica Clarke, Shavaughn Ruakere, ARIEL URLICH, Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie…

  • Megan

    As a South African girl who used to have dreads, this article made me smile. I agree that some of us womenfolk are super cool, but there are also lots who are (speaking as a bi girl) kind of ‘meh’. I don’t know if you’ve stayed here for any length of time, but I’m pretty sure that if you did you’d notice a definite tendency towards heavy drinking smoking, swearing like sailors, and chub-a-dub-dub.

  • Anonymous

    Bonus: Scandinavian country, without a doubt, are you guys crazy? Denmark or Sweden for sure.

  • esolesek

    You diss Swedish girls and rave about Russian girls elsewhere in your articles Roosh. Anyway, I also disagree with what you said about Danish girls. I think they are the hottest in Scandinavia, though I missed Finland my last time over there.

    The baltic countries are now a shooting gallery for foreigners, so only an insider can break in. Can’t speak to St Petersburg, but I can’t believe how many hot women I saw in Denmark. Then again, I was riding the train in and out of Copenhagen right during mid Sept, the back to college season. Swedish girls were much fewer, and Stockholm is depressing, if clean. Its like Seattle. Plus
    all the recent publicity about what a mommy state Sweden is, now, need we say more? Then again, most Swedish women I’ve met can be quite nice and accomodating.

    Copenhagen as a city is much more of a free for all culturally, but Americans still have an advantage over others, because our country is just harder, and we can come off more distant, and casual than the souther europeans trying to operate there. Go to some neighborhood bar. My cousin tells me Arhus is jam packed with babes. I believe him.

  • esolesek

    Indian women are not the only ones like that. My current gf and her brother are in a headlock so strong with their mother, our relationship may not survive it. Strong family ties are good, but make sure the parents are the kind that let their children go, and want to see them grow up and leave. My gf doesnt live in the same town as her mom, but the phone calls and checking up on her is never-ending and has fouled with our vacations and even our bigger picture plans. The woman has been ill for many years, off and on. They call her overbeaing but never say no. What she’s done to her son is straight up shameful. Even though he’s an outdoorsman, he lives at home and of course, no romantic life. Seriously, men, WATCH OUT FOR THIS KIND OF MOTHER!

  • lilolme

    Nah, Scandinavians are cold as ice (not just my opinion this was admitted by swedish girls when a bunch of us were having a discussion). Russians over swedes. French over most even though they can be hot and cold. When I see a pretty girl’s behavior I imagine if I want to wake up next to her for 20 years and that immediately rules out all the Swedes I have met.

  • lilolme

    Brazilian girls (the white ones) are subtly racist. If you are white (eg blue eyes/blond) they will be all over you. Lots of people have pointed this out to me. Its so superficial that its amazing. True story – There was a german blond, the brazilian went for him over the french and indian. Another time there was a french and latino, the brazilian went for the french. Third time there was an indian and a black, the brazilian .. (drum roll) went for the indian. It was so calculative it was disgusting to watch.

  • Triple OG Pimp C

    Relax weirdo.

  • Anonymous165

    kinda not true… just saying im a white girl who does like attention but balanced out (about 50-50) and usually when a boy offers me something i dont want them wasting their money on me, i feel bad so i tell them its ok you dont have to. And i dont like gossip… its hipocritical. Also, i DO like some fashion but i really couldnt care less about celebrity culture, theyre normal people.

  • esolesek

    Scandinavia used to be gold for white guys with dark hair, and I assume black men as well. This may have changed with immigration from the mideast and the horrific acts perped by many of these religious nutcases. Still, being dark smart and NOT religious prob is still good. Swedes aren’t as naive as they used to be. Finns are gorgeous, and off the beaten path. I saw the biggest concentration of hot girls in my life in Denmark, and most were friendly, but not as naive as others. Still compared to US women, it was 10 steps above in brains and being in shape.

    Germany has generated my most non-native pussy. That country is down to get down, though watch out for part-time hookers. The Swiss are similar, and if you bag one, many have money. Meditteranean countries have beautiful women, but forget nailing a Turk or a Greek. Plus their men patrol them like hawks. Spain you have a better chance, but it’s hard to get people out of their social circles, although this is different in the cities. Italy has major hotties, but again, brothers and catholicism can get in the way, though it should be tried. France is a toss-up. They are partially like the Germans, but not as cool, and far more suspicious it seems to me about Americans. Outside of Paris, they can be very cool, and when travelling, they are super cool. I just think the French are fairly into what they have and think it is the best, so impressing them can be impossible or a lot of work. However, making a friend in France will get you invited into their circle, and here’s the final point. Eastern Europeans are less secure and therefore, put a price tag on what you’re getting sexually.

    MAKING FRIENDS with an average girl may give you an express trip into the pants of her hot roommate who hates getting hit on all day and loves the referral. This is true WORLDWIDE!

  • spunkypissflaps

    Eh up, someone’s on the blob lads!

  • Kizman

    Thanks for the info man. Would you know a good Euro country for a brown-skinned biracial dude? I’m 21, but thinking of go to Europe in the near future this yr.

  • esolesek

    I think I kind of covered in this almost year-old post. I can’t really say because I’m older and out of the game the last ten years or so. Been with the same chick, a US girl with a rare positive physical attitude, but its because she was raised by European parents. Biracial black is different from biracial mediterranean. Tall half-black guys can do really well, but you would know this, so you’re prob half-mediterranean.

    I don’t know if brown dudes are having problems now, or are in demand, but I’m sure it has more to do with your game than anything. The innocence of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe is not what it used to be I’m sure. You’re pretty young so you should act like you have value, although you’re close to too young, so you really have to play it as mellow but confident as you can. I wouldn’t bother with Italy or Spain or southern Europe. The chicks favor lighter men, or their brothers get in the way. I’ve heard brown dudes have a danger premium these days, so act like you don’t care, but really work on being positive and funny. Compliment women, but on minor things, never anything obvious. COmplimenting shoes is good, or something she’s doing, but if she has great eyes, DONT TELL HER THAT! Dont tell her she’s gorgeous, just say well put together. Having your own place to take a girl is critical logistics. Alcohol never hurts. Having condoms on hand moves things along. Dress decently. I like Denmark personally. I thought the girls were hotter than Sweden, its cheaper, and Copenhagen has a lot of turnover of people. Stockholm is kind of dead and family oriented. I like Helsinki but that was a long time ago. I think the Baltics are too high-strung these days, and it will cost you extra to get there, but they will be cheaper and more of an adventure. I’ve heard Poland can be an adventure, but also sketchy. I dont know that place well. Eastern Europeans dont know English half as well as Scandinavia so you can end up pretty isolated and have to have guts to deal with that, though you’re young. I think Denmark is your best best, maybe Holland or Belgium, although they may be like the French with kind of a pole up their asses, at least in Paris. French can be great when traveling, but at home, they’re hard to penetrate, but if you do, they will introduce you to friends.

    I remember neighborhood bars in Copenhagen being cool. Avoid the clubs, at least I do. Get out of Copenhagen and go to the college towns also. You’re the perfect age to work a college town, so go to it. Denmark, however, you need some brains. You better research their country some. This is true anywhere in Europe. You dont have to be a genius, but read about Europe and its history and always try to learn some words, and show interest. Dancing skills will help in Europe as well. Don’t defend America. Sometimes it may get annoying to hear europeans bitch, but just say you have no power, and it should end the topic. Go to art museums, and get some day passes for trains. There are so many hot women on trains coming into and leaving Copenhagen, it can be such a party.

  • Kizman

    Thanks for all the info man. Appreciate it! I am a biracial black dude, but look more latino/indian. So Finland, Denmark and Iceland I think are on the cards for me. And maybe Germany/Holland when I save up more $$.

  • Sam

    FULL OF SHIT ON RUSSIA. That place is my neverending personal pussy paradise. I have no problems with those angels. Honestly the fact that u probably don’t speak russian changes everything. The only ones that are westernized or susceptible to it ARE the english speaking ones. I actually get turned off by those ones. Although those kinds of girls exist just about anywhere. I prefer dealing with Russian girls in Russian. And not with the girls who are interested in English speaking/culture. Those are the best ones. That’s why it does kinda pay off to pick a country and learn the local language.

  • anon

    Hilarious and original!

  • anon

    That’s not true, fuck off. I’m Australian and that’s bullshit. You just suck with women.