Adjusting A Girl’s Rating Based On Her Nationality

Is a 7 actually a 7? It really depends on where she is from. Not all personalities are created equal and girls from different countries put out different vibes that sometimes adds to her physical rating and sometimes not.

For example imagine we have an American girl who rates a 7 on looks. Let’s account for her brain to give her an overall rating. Chances are she obsessed with celebrity culture and fashion. She has expensive tastes and high standards. Her conversational ability revolves around television shows and who’s fucking who. She needs attention like a dog who wasn’t loved enough as a puppy. Therefore you must subtract 1.5 points to get her overall rating. An American girl who rates a 7 is looks is really a 5.5. In other words she’s an undesirable. country1.jpg

How about other cultures?

Argentina. Minus 1 point. Hard to deal with until you get the kiss. Guaranteed chain smoker. Since you’re dealing with 8’s and 9’s though the one point hit does not affect your motivations.

Australia. Minus 1.5 points. No real difference from American girls. In fact other than Vegemite and Outback Steakhouse the Australian culture seems to be a poor knockoff of American culture.

Brazil. Add 1.5 points. Warm, affection, kinky and horny as hell, likes anal play, fun all-around. This means a Brazilian 5.5 is on par with an American 8.5, which is hard to believe but any guy who has had a couple Brazilian girls will agree with me.

Czech and Poland. No change. Beautiful chicks who age well but period of communism have left them distant and skeptical of outsiders who don’t speak their difficult language.

England. Minus 1 point. Boring conversationalists with a tired posh act and way too heavy on the drug use, especially cocaine.

country2.jpgGerman. Add 0.5 points. Submissive girls who aim to please and value strong men. This is how American girls should have turned out.

Ireland. Add 0.5 points. Cool chicks who wouldn’t complain if you took them to a lyme disease infested wood for a first date. Heavy drinkers make them easy to shag if that’s what you want, which you do.

India. Minus 0.5 points. Date her and you might as well be dating her mom.

Israel. No change. Naturally beautiful but rough and tumble vibe makes you wonder if she’s secretly a man. A littler hairier than average but as long as it’s not on her face who cares.

Italy. Minus 0.5 points. Beautiful faces but tough exterior and “please me” demeanor.

Iran. Minute 1 point. Very feminine but the hardest game players the world over due to. A shame, really.

country3.jpgJapan. Minus 1 point. Super duper weird chicks. It’s like interacting with a child who has a giggling disorder.

Netherlands/Dutch/Holland. No change. These girls are naturally friendly and love exercising on bicycles, saving you money on dates and grocery.

Peru. No change. She will serve you until you die and make delicious stews but will eventually turn into a revolting beast.

Puerto Rico. Add 0.5 points. Absolute animals in bed. I’ve never had a girl tell me her vagina is, in fact, mine.

Russia. Minus 1 point. Very similar to Argentine girls in terms of initial coldness and nonstop smoking, but naturally low maintenance… until they get a taste of Western culture. After that all bets are off.

South Africa. Add 0.5 points. Wicked, hippie chicks. The kind you want to travel the world with. I’m talking about the white ones with dreadlocks because I’ve never met a black South African girl.

Sweden. Plus 0.75 points. Charming girls that surprisingly are not all blonde. Cute accent with cuter faces and down-to-earth vibe similar to Dutch and German girls. Probably the most progressive chicks you will meet.

country4.jpgVenezuela. No change. Cool chicks overall whose asses continue to defy human nature well into their 30’s.

I have yet to find chicks cooler than ones in Brazil. Do I give up my search for the coolest chick and just move there or do I head to the Philippines like one reader recommended and risk having sex with a lady boy? Would I be considered gay if I had sex with a clever lady boy who knew how to appear like a woman? Either way, I must admit this list is incomplete.

Mystery Bonus: Each girl in the pictures are from the same country…

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