Age & Young Girls

I got an email from a young guy:

Ever since I turned 23, I have started to encounter occasional girls who ask my age upfront when I am asking them out. Both times the girl was 17 (so I understand a little) and since I have gone on to date some very hot girls that were 18. What have you seen as changes in the way younger women act towards you as you get 5 or 6 years older than them?

As I get older it keeps getting easier for me with girls of all ages, especially young girls. Only a minority of young girls will give you a problem about your older age. It’s best to beat them to the punch and give them crap about their age first.

Several years ago, my 24-year-old friend took out an 18-year-old on a first date. The whole date he was ragging on her for being so young and inexperienced, that he just isn’t “sure” about her. Her instinct was to prove him wrong with a blow job on the car ride home. He banged her once the ride ended.

If I’m much older than her, I’m concerned that she may not have enough experience to please me sexually and mentally. Her lack of experience is obvious when I talk about mine and she has nothing to respond with except her latest mall adventure. Your attitude will indirectly ask her, “What do you have to offer an older, mature man such as myself?” There is no reason you should let a younger girl qualify you because of your age. It is her youth that is a negative, and you must make it clear from the beginning when you respond with a semi-disappointed “Oh, really” when she tells you her age.

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  • Roissy

    well said. i employ a whole host of head games, reverse psychology, and strong inner frame to neutralize the age objection. preemption is probably the best. “you’re 22? crap, i prefer to date older women with more knowledge of the world.”

    and there goes my comment sabbath.

  • Nikita

    “What do you have to offer an older, mature man such as myself?”


  • Roissy

    i just have to add one thing to this. as a guy gets older and the girls he dates continue remaining young his handling of the age issue needs to compensate with increased complexity. so for instance, preemption + qualifying + indirect social proofing is the way to go.

    “how old are you?”
    “hm, my last girlfriend was 24. she was kind of young and unsophisticated. all i seem to date are younger girls who aren’t right for me.”

    here, i’ve put her at ease by letting her know i’ve dated younger girls (which i have), i’ve expressed implicit doubts about her immaturity (which presents a challenge), and i’ve preempted her by bringing it up before she did.

    it also helps to screen for girls who like older men. in my experience, that is 40% of the target demographic.

  • Eric

    I’m 23. I just graduated college last May, but I stayed in Austin (I went to school here). While I was still single, it seemed like creating interest in college girls was really easy. I feel like it’d be hard to try to date a 30+ year-old with a real career, though.

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  • Euge

    hey Roosh i’m an argentine girl from cordoba and since i’ve read your post about “us” i thought that is sooo accurate! lol hillarious..
    I sent it to many american friends before they came here to visit me few weeks ago and some of my argentine friends whom speak english…they loved it!
    just keep writting and if ever come back to Cordoba hopefully we get a chance to meet lol!
    Now im on my way to Mexico for few months so hopefully i write my own blog about other cultures..
    aight c ya!


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