All Women Burn You The Same In The End

Raise your hand if you’ve treated a woman well but she did not return the favor. I see that everyone’s hand is up. I don’t need to tell you that if a girl loses her attraction for you or meets a man better than you, she will begin to treat you worse than homeless men she encounters on the street, regardless of how well you have treated her in the past (even if you’re the father of her child). Her treatment of you is just as conditional as if working for a corporation where you receive an income based on the value you provide for the company. If you stop working, you’re out on your ass. It’s the same with women, though they can be even more heartless when they decide to “fire” you.

Years ago, the gooey part of me wanted to conclude that not all women are like that. They wouldn’t cut me off on a dime just because they briefly got bored with me or because I made some game errors, so I decided to make two classifications to the women I met: (1) sluts and (2) nice girls. I would give the nice girls better treatment and kindness. I’d be more open and available for them. I’d be less calculating and stringent with my game.

What girl is nicer than a virgin? These girls have the least amount of experience with men out of all females and definitely can’t be classified as a slut. But surprisingly, my experiences with virgins have told me that I can’t even treat them well without being cognizant of my game at all times. For example:

  • Colombian virgin: I treated her super nice but she flaked on me after I took her virginity
  • Colombian semi-virgin (I was penis number two): treated her and her mother nice but she dumped me after the second sex date, only to stalk me for months after
  • American virgin: treated her nice, took her virginity, and then she disappeared
  • Danish virgin: acted aloof, took her virginity, and she kept in touch with me for months after
  • Polish virgin: stretched her exceedingly tight vagina over the course of six weeks, offered to pay her taxi home once, and then she started acting flakey

I have a couple other experiences with women who had less than five partners where I was voted off the island after taking her inexperience for granted and treating her too well without being strict about receiving my needs in return.

Now I truly believe that some girls really want a beta male as a partner, but when I attempted to use two different games—one for sluts and one for nice girls—I always regretted it in the end. I made the mistake in assuming that my niceness with them would translate into everlasting compliance where I’d get sex on demand and not have to deal with a girl’s emotions and bullshit. I was wrong.

Lowering my guard and relaxing my game on the nicest of girls was no defense to receiving the same kind of ill treatment that frigid sluts would give me when they were ready to replace my cock with a newer model. While not all women are like that at first glance, they’re all the same in the end, no matter what country they are from and how many sex partners they’ve had. The true nature of women always seems to rear its ugly head once her attraction for you dims, and the only defense against that is maintaining strong attraction by being absolutely methodical with your game at all critical moments.

All women will screw you in the end if you assume her attraction is not dependent on the game you give her, even virgins and nice girls whose parents you had to meet on the second date. If they have other options on the table, and your game slips just an inch from what she became attracted to initially, you’re done, and there is often nothing you can do to get her back after she decides that you are no longer important in her life. Because of this, you must approach the relationship like a job, putting in the required amount of labor (game) to get the consistent payment (sex) you desire.

I would love to be a nice guy, to be “myself,” but I can’t with women. Maybe I can be myself 90% of the time, but the 10% of me has to be the Godzilla of game. Modern relations with women are purely transactional, a competition on who gets served first. To ensure that you get what you want before she tosses you out like garbage, you must remain ruthless and aware every time you see her, never stopping for a second in playing the best game that you can.

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  • MystiKasT

    Well said. Made the mistake of thinking my ex-girlfriend was the love of my life. After 4 years of dating, she was saying I was raping and beating her just to try and get me locked up. Women are ruthless, cold, calculating, and they have no morals. Its all relative.

  • Brad

    This sentence sums it all up “All women will screw you in the end if you assume her attraction is not dependent on the game you give her…”

    I’m married to a woman eleven years younger and arguably two points SMV higher (age/2 + 8 at the time), but game is just a constant (or the alpha/beta balance of MMSL). Ultimately, it is the dread game/ nuclear option that backs it all up-be willing to walk away from all of it. I think you just get to a point where game just runs in the background like a sub-routine with women.

  • Mike

    Good post, matches my experience with all types of women. Where you wrote the word Game, I could substitute this simple maxim: if her value to you is low, she will consistently try to please you; if her value to you is high, she will increasingly offend you. The challenge occurs when she consistently pleases you – her value to you becomes high.

  • GRock

    We all know men and women are different, but if we were to pretend there was a level playing field based purely on behavior, you could arguably say, it’s a game of who can be more selfish than the other. The more selfish person wins in the end, and retains most control.

  • Jack

    Pretty much right on cue with what I see. I think the erosion is slow though. You can be a bit needy here and there but if you slip consistently for a small stretch of time you are toast.
    The real way to manage this whole situation is to keep your eye out for other women yourself. Always be looking at other ass…always be chasing other ass. Even if you do it on a low level it will give your mind a subconscious thought process that the girl you are in a relationship is very replaceable. It’s at that point where you have her.

  • Mansplanation

    Like the posters below, I have noticed that if you have a several point SMV difference (in your favor), combined with solid inner game (particularly confidence and non-attachment) you actually have the upper hand in your interactions with a girl

  • Ricky Vaughn

    The problem is game can act as a shortcut for weak men to get girls, but once they get the girl they revert back to being weak men.

    This is why I have stopped using gimmicky clown game or pretending I am a super tough alpha male and focused on building myself into a better man.

  • seth datta

    I feel your pain and appreciate your insights. I think perhaps sub-2% of women are decent and what we would as men call honorable. Although many of us think that we date that sub-2% (out of ego), this is sorely not true when you take a real proper look at the couples around you.

    I will say this though. You are a player and you must get certain types of girls. Perhaps many types of girls. But all kinds of girls? I will bet there are some types that are feminine, attractive, yet you have never slept with that type so will never know… In any case, whilst as men we should never let our guard down, perhaps for some, they need to keep searching for that white unicorn.

  • turkishcandy

    this is the truest thing I’ve read. I was just thinking about this. there are no nice girls. they are just girls who take a little more time to reveal their true nature.

  • Roger Daily

    This is mainly because women are inferior. The Greeks knew this and did not put them in the same category as men. Only a world view that seeks to subjugate women under the power of patriarchy as derived from the laws of nature can ever adequately enforce the optimal set of gender relations. Women need to be subjugated for their own good, for the good of their children and for the good of the species in general. They have their roles and they should have great power within the confines of those roles but as soon as they step beyond those roles the society falls into a chaotic decline.

  • yohami

    No girl wants a nice guy, case closed.

  • yohami

    this – I would love to be a nice guy, to be “myself” – is bullshit. You dont get to define what “nice” is, and you dont get to define what value is, but the buyer does. At the same time a girl doesnt get to define what you find valuable in her. To sum it up what you think is “nice” and “should” be attractive is pure nonsense, and by now this misunderstanding cannot be blamed on anyone but yourself. Women want a hard dominant winner cock. Period. Men want a sexy pleasant subservient girly woman. Period. Nuff of complaining that we’re not equal and that mimicking a woman doesnt make you attractive to women and viceversa.

  • anonymous

    This. Great post.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Hypergamy doesn’t care about how much you think you’ve invested in Relational Equity:

  • Kowalski

    Quote: “Women need to be subjugated for their own good, for the good of their children and for the good of the species in general”


  • Jason

    Unfortunately most women only respond to constant male dominance. They take kindness from men for granted. Perhaps they secretly enjoy the shackles of “male oppression”. Even if it is a myth.

  • Johnny

    Expound on ways to give them the domination they really crave,

  • ActionJackson


  • Zelcorpion

    You can relax more if she is older beyond a certain age past her prime 26+ and you committ way more – living together etc. You can be a lot more Beta then.

    But usually I find that there is no resting with the young ones in the prime in our current times – Non-stop Alpha with no weaknesses – this is what they like – barely a smudge of Beta-niceness will bring her to her knees then. Besides – after a time Game becomes such a part of yourself that it is hard to become the nice-guy Beta of yesterday.

  • MystiKasT

    Well said. Women will throw 20 years of investment down the tubes in 20 seconds.

  • John “Allahu Ackbar” Doe

    Why do you think 80 percent of the 100,000 people who convert to Islam every year in the UK are women?

  • guest

    Virgins are still better, but only if you marry them quickly.
    The problem with both virgins and non-virgins is when you give them freedom to move away from you. When you take a virgin’s virginity, she needs time to rationalize to herself that her decision to give her cherry to you was worth it.
    A virgin’s flaking is different from a sem-virgin’s or slut’s flaking.
    First and foremost, virgins in their 20s or 30s are women who usually have a lot of ‘self-respect’ (or arrogance), or those who have low confidence around men due to family upbringing, or those who are unattractive.
    So either ways, there is less self-confidence approaching sex. When you pop her cherry, you ‘open’ her up not only sexually, but also emotionally (in some ways it increases her self-worth in her own eyes as a woman, which gives her more confidence).
    The more you prolong the relationship without giving her a commitment, she rationalizes (quite correctly though) that she was nothing but a sex toy for you. That’s when she flakes out, even though she stays more longer with you – the Polish Chick.
    The Colombian chick who flaked out probably was suffering from guilt – considering the girls there are often deeply religious. In such cases, you have to pursue her with ‘love’ game – she must be made feel that the sex she had with you was an act of love which can lead to commitment sometime later.
    It’s the same with Asian chicks. They all go into a rabbit hole for some days after you’ve popped their cherries. The follow up is that you must cajole them out again, like you were gaming them from before. The game never stops with virgins.

  • seth datta

    This is exactly the brain dead response I expected. I’ve lived in 10 countries across 4 continents. All women are lie that but as my comment detailed: ITS A SPECTRUM.

    Some women just have a higher set point where they can tolerate a man having less game and still not cheat. Most are towards the lower end, but there are differences – we aren’t robots. Yet.

  • seth datta

    As a long term partner, she’ll cheat on a nice guy but keep him around. I think the deeper problem is how we’ve been brainwashed over generations as men to actually believe that women want good men. Our ancestors knew better and as soon as the b1tch would step out of line, he would clobber her. Either using physical or emotional violence is the only way to keep women in line. Every red-pill man needs to know this.

  • seth datta

    I’m going to have to offer a different perspective on this one, because, at least as long-term providers, I’ve seen some horrendous-looking guys with cute girls. Not every girl wants the hard c0ck even for the short fling, but this could be a more recent development due to the pill and hormones in the water. To be honest, in London, I often think that the girl is more emotionally and physically dominant than the guys oftentimes. Like the woman is the man, and the man is the woman. I don’t know whether that says worse things about the general standard of men or women here.

  • Mr. B

    “… your game slips just an inch from what she became attracted to initially, you’re done….”

    500 miles of cock (thanks Popp) waits for any woman that wants it. Even the imagined higher status male as a possibility (whether real or imagined) will kick her drive to achieve hypergamy in high gear. She will always have options on the table regardless of her age, weight or even deformity with few exceptions. At least that’s what SHE thinks.

    Sad but true, fellas: If she even thinks you bait and switch you’re done. Women will NEXT the fuck out of the man that plays a woman’s best trump card against her. It doesn’t matter if you think actually slipped or not – it’s her perception that will decide her reality.

    Just remember that you are only as good as your last win or loss. THAT is the only thing that matters to her hamster.

  • seth datta

    This post needs to be repeated to men throughout the west. Like put on the f*cking town hall in the form of a plaque or some kinda 5hit.

    Patriarchy was invented to protect women and society. If the nuclear family is broken up, some other insidious force will fill that power vacuum and destroy/ enslave the society. We are seeing it taking place right now and it will only get more painful and worse as the decades pass.

    The only thing is, few men will be up to the task these days and the rot has come so far, that its time to leave, because there are too many problems which have become too advanced to fix. Things look great now, but give it a decade. You won’t even have the option to leave the hell that will become the west if you leave it too late.

  • Guest

    wrong reply

  • yohami

    here: “the girl is more emotionally and physically dominant than the guys oftentimes” do they treat the guys with love and affection or with contempt?

  • Mr. B

    This. Nicely done.

  • Aurini

    24 year old professional scientist; virgin when I met her, dated for six months. Wanted to “take a break” before she went down with her friends to Burning Man, presumably due to the allure of greasy hippie cock.

  • ActionJackson

    NAWALT redux

  • ellados

    bosnians converted to Islam during the ottoman reign in the balkans, look what happened…

  • T345

    Ton understand women psychologically, learn about concepts called hypergamy, Briffault’s Law, and the Disposable Male concept.

    Women are only as loyal as their options available to them.

    Women really have no sympathy or real love for men – this is reality unfortunately. They “love” men for their utility or benefit that men afford them, not for their personhood. When a woman is in love with a man, she is in love with the man’s utility or what he provides her, not himself as a human being holistically. The female psychological mindset is much different and totally alien to what men think about love regarding relationships – it’s very shocking and unsettling when I first learned about this, but unfortunately it is indeed true. Most men never understand the way women really think. Women have no real feelings, sympathy, or empathy for men, but men can indeed love women. Women view men in relationships as being disposable and replaceable.

    Read Esther Villar’s book: The Manipulated Man.

  • Guest

    I am not sure what do you mean… Women are NOT inferior. I respect women and I get the same respect. I have not dated many, but whomsover I dated they were nice. I am an Indian, and I have been taught to respect women.

  • Mr. B

    “…if her value to you is low, she will consistently try to please you; if her value to you is high, she will increasingly offend you.”

    Comparatively (your perceived value of yourself compared to what you perceive as hers), relatively (your idea of her value relative to other women in her demographic) or absolute (your gauge of her value against ALL women)?

  • jojo

    Wait, I’m confused. Is this a PUA, or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh ?

  • Blue Tropic

    A girl doesn’t need your love. Girls are masochistic and need to suffer, if you don’t provide suffering to them they will seek it elsewhere.

  • coach1173

    And how does one do this? I’ve got 40+ years of beta chump programming. Clear advice, not just theory.

  • seth datta

    True. 99% of the time with contempt (eventually).

  • Y6323

    Just forget about dating American women. And just use high-class escorts:

    (I thought escorts were illegal in the U.S.?)

  • Kowalski

    Quote: ” Either using physical or emotional violence is the only way to keep women in line. Every red-pill man needs to know this.”

    The idea of treating women like a dumb animal simply to get respect sounds awful, but what makes it worse is that you are correct.

  • Kowalski

    Quote: “You can relax more if she is older beyond a certain age past her prime 26+ and you committ way more – living together etc. You can be a lot more Beta then”

    Not if she’s hot looking at that age.

  • Biggus Dickus

    You are on the wrong website. What you are looking for is Get going.

  • Model 800

    It is the ultimate sexual attraction for the extreme other. Much like how one can see the most neat, proper, meticulously ordered, supremely rational city-bureaucrat chick pair up with the hairiest, most bearded woodwose ever to crawl out of the Great White North. Nature abhors an extreme loss of equilibrium and desperately seeks to redress it by all means possible. Remember this profound truth my friends, and never fail to make good use of it wherever and whenever circumstance dictates that it be so.

  • splooge

    see this is why even traditional regions of the world need red pill now that westernization is erroding those cultures.
    there is no such thing as equality.

    there will always be ithers better then you. mebtally physically etc. this equilty thing is just bs and against human nature. men and women are built and hardwired differently. also dont belive what they say but what they do. manipulation us their evolutionary thing.

    stick to the manosphere fir a while and youll learn soon enough. you should read way of men by jack sure you can pirate it on a certain bay.
    id like to see a manosphere india instead of those mras there.

  • TheTruth

    The nice girls weren’t interested in seeing you again — I’ll give you a hint — it was because you are a lousy selfish lover. Simple as that. Not to mention uglier than the fat women you make fun of. If a girl flakes after giving you her number and before sex it’s cause you’s ugly. If she flakes after a one night stand you’s a lousy f****. Take it to the bank Roosh.

  • splooge

    ya it seems its better to be too alpha and domineering like a borderline taliban then some limp wristed beta privoder. always found it strange though that they convert when they dont have to. guess it just shows her devotion to u. weird thing is they try to be more religious then the husband.

    afghan fux swedish bux.

  • splooge

    what happened

  • Ruckus

    Unless you’re Tom Brady, in which case the hamster will blame Wes Welker.

  • splooge

    interesting post. but when it comes to commitment women are supposed to purse that. we are expected to purse for sex. one is valued for sexuality the other for time and resources. and we all there is no vice versa…so much for eqauality.

  • ellados


  • splooge

    technically a virgin doesnt have anyone to compare to. when a male is funaaly rewarded sex after putting all that effort into getting her in bed..why please her when you can get her to please you. or at the least say what they like …dunno why they dont.
    fat women tend to rank at bout a 3 . roosh at worst would a be a 4 at best a 6. if you put him on hotornot youll find out. think saw one pic of him in a suit and he scored 7 or 8. then again a suit can score u 2 points on an smv. but least as a guy we can game 1 or 2 points above us.3 if youre lucky. guys we get judged more then just looks and personalty. its not the end all like it is for women. if you throw this at some blue pill beta itll work. but here no. its an emotional arguement you are throwing cuz you are hurt or offend in some way and want to return it.
    this is why males and females are not equal. we are more rational while you are more emotional.esseitally overblown kids. this is assumin you are female. otherwise you must be from puahate.

  • Johnny come lately

    You guys are all slaves to appearances and dependent on methods which betray too much of a dependency on women. The truth is that no matter if ur a “bad boy alpha rich guy” or beta provider, MRA, MGTOW or whatever man u think u are, women WILL be fucking other guys when shes with u or not with u. The truth is nothing u do will stop it and ur deepest fears of them are all true. Moreover, let me vehemently state that in no uncertain terms no woman can be trusted. The societal and political climate has utterly unleashed the great untamable dark beast that is womens sex drive and hypergamy. I dont think anyone has a clue here about what we’re facing.

    Our ancestors new the insidious truth of the female and rightly kept them subjugated. There are no rules or rationality with women. The only extent to which they seem innocent or fair are ploys to get u to play their insipid game of penis merry go round and attention grabbing.

    Until society hits the wall theres no way to stop this. Women absolutely care nothing for u as an individual, only what u represent which is an opportunity to ply her trade- leach u and traumatize u. As far as she allowed she will try to destroy u.

    The best advice i can give for the modern day with regards to women other than find a way to completely excise them from ur life is to have a zen-like inner detachment from women and everything they have corrupted.

    As a parting note- the extent to which game can be applied and works, these techniques which are meant to subtly subject them to a dominant force and which loses her when failed to be exerted, these impersonal techniques with specific universal applicability, their utter incurable irrationality should by now tell u something about women – they are not exactly human in the sense we are. They cannot be trusted nor can they be relied upon.

    It truly is time to call off the game fellows

  • John

    Patrice O’Neal once said, “It’s a beat down, nigga. And I got my fists balled the fuck up!”

    It was a metaphor for the fact that women will use and abuse you if you aren’t vigilant and even sometimes if you are.

    Relaxing and being yourself is a luxury only women get to enjoy. Keep your fists balled, gentlemen. It’s a wily creature we’re dealing with.

  • ellados

    until the swede snaps and wipes afghan off the face of the earth

  • yohami

    see? point stands

  • TheTruth

    I’m not offended — The Truth is that if you take away “game” and go strictly by looks Roosh V is no better looking than the fat women you guys want to make fun off. He’s a 4 at best and his personality does him no favors. Take that into account and I’d give him a 2. He only gets a 4 cause he’s not fat. His face is a 2 but he’s slim so he could look presentable as far as dressing well. Just cause a lot of women overlook looks for other qualities doesn’t mean they don’t know the person is unattractive. Me, I’m female, so I’ll be banned — a virgin may not be able to compare past lovers to you but still can have no desire for a repeat performance.

  • anonymous

    Your rating of Roosh is pretty harsh (and symptomatic of a greater problem, namely the fact that women today find a small minority of men attractive give everyone else a “2”), but there’s something to what you say. Game enthusiasts forget all too often that looks are still what matter most by a wide margin (I’d say at least 80%), at least in western countries where the standard of living is high. Genetic determinism is just as much an advantage (or obstacle) for guys as it is for girls.

    Of course, if girls could take their own advice and mate assortively (as opposed to shooting en masse for the guys sitting on top of the pyramid, creating a feast or famine male reality), maybe blogs like this one wouldn’t exist.

  • Stuttie

    Very good post.

    Recent field report – On a day 2 with my Persian non drinking target and I got sloppy with my Game; was slipping into nice guy / building too much comfort guy and she the tried to friend zone me on day 3. I literally just smiled, got up, and walked out on her without saying a word. She chased me and implied I misunderstood her (granted she was Persian with think accent). With nothing to loose I reverted to jerk boy Game, stuck my tongue down her throat, grabbed her hand, put it on my cock and said “we can’t be friends and when meet next time (pre arranged football game) we ARE fucking” and I walked off…she called but flaked for the football game (Wednesday) – then no communication till she called me Saturday night at 8pm (I let it go to voicemail and didn’t call back). I didn’t contact her till following Thursday night – alas she was keen to meet me and I fucked her good and proper last night.

    This experience has taught me to NEVER get sloppy with my mid Game even when you think the finish line is in sight.

    I had to use every bit of Game knowledge gained from 6 months of Rollo, Roissy and Roosh to pass what seemed like a hundred shit tests and some stubborn LMR including at least 10 attempts at getting her pants off – but I kept plowing and eventually got the bang.

    Interestingly, after I pounded her into a submissive snatch slave – she admitted she shit-tested me so hard “just to make sure I was the one”………I’m now convinced women instinctively know what they are doing and only my strongest Game effort so far got me the bang – and never give up!

  • Stuttie

    Very good post.

    Recent field report – On a day 2 with my Persian non drinking target and I got sloppy with my Game; was slipping into nice guy / building too much comfort guy and she the tried to friend zone me on day 3. I literally just smiled, got up, and walked out on her without saying a word. She chased me and implied I misunderstood her (granted she was Persian with think accent). With nothing to loose I reverted to jerk boy Game, stuck my tongue down her throat, grabbed her hand, put it on my cock and said “we can’t be friends and when meet next time (pre arranged football game) we ARE fucking” and I walked off…she called but flaked for the football game (Wednesday) – then no communication till she called me Saturday night at 8pm (I let it go to voicemail and didn’t call back). I didn’t contact her till following Thursday night – alas she was keen to meet me and I fucked her good and proper last night.

    This experience has taught me to NEVER get sloppy with my mid Game even when you think the finish line is in sight.

    I had to use every bit of Game knowledge gained from 6 months of Rollo, Roissy and Roosh to pass what seemed like a hundred shit tests and some stubborn LMR including at least 10 attempts at getting her pants off – but I kept plowing and eventually got the bang.

    Interestingly, after I pounded her into a submissive snatch slave – she admitted she shit-tested me so hard “just to make sure I was the one”………I’m now convinced women instinctively know what they are doing and only my strongest Game effort so far got me the bang – and never give up!

  • thelatentsadist

    all very true. i feel sorta gay bringing this up on another blog, but the 19 yr old i was seeing last summer was a perfect example of this. I made my move, she fucked around acted aloof, and then i went hardcore aloof assholke on her. And it worked like a charm, and for 4 lays over the course of a month, I had this bangin little 19 year old eating outta my hand. Man though, when youre with a girl thats skin is that tight, and is that age, and she satrts to “fall for you”….sometimes tough not to get sucked into wanted to treat her well. Or at the very best, showing her reluctant commitment. Its strange, because my aloofness was so airtight, that i thinjk thats what made me lose her. There may have been some other tell in my manner that drove her away. I lost her right after my 2 other leads dried up, then she was on my mind constantly. So something leaked out, and she fucking ditched me faster than lightspeed. She had a high partner count, and i notice she does this with every guy, so it was some consolation.

    Sometimes when they fall for you its so easy to get sucked into that promise of love, but they just punish you for it when you reciprocate. Fucking psychotic.

  • Alejandro Bedolle

    Completely agree

  • TyKo Steamboat

    This mostly pertains to Yankee women…this culture of acting out what you see on T.V. & movies has under-appreciative women constantly searching for a “better man”…Their entitlement has them wanting all, with giving nothing back.
    This is less prevalent with women from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, (Slavs) ect.
    BTW…If she’s an American woman & a virgin, then she’s most likely too young (16-20) I mean, seriously…Thus she hasn’t gone through her party stages yet (21-24) Where they pretty much just “Whore-Out” & drink like fish & balloon out the way Yankee chicks do…

  • Tom Dane

    I think that is what Roosh says..and he also says that he would love to be that nice guy but cant..because of that.

  • Rubio Sol Oscuro

    And being VIRGINS how would they know? The vast majority of women with limited experience don’t even APPRECIATE a good fuck, they have no frame of reference!

  • cicada marcott

    Wow..just wow. Its hard to believe that people think this way.

  • yohami

    how often do you wake up thinking “oh I wish I was nicer”?

  • Tom Dane

    Thats not what any of us said.

  • GRock

    I once read what I deemed a very valid summary of how women think versus men. It was before the “manosphere” existed and gaming sites were in their infancy at best, about 10 years ago. It showed a pictoral graph of men’s thinking, and another of women’s thinking.

    Surprisingly, it was from what is now a very blue pill magazine.. Men’s Health. It essentially stated;WOMEN: Put the same importance on the various “components” of their life with relatively equal importance that can vary depending on the randomized nature of their day, week, month, menstrual cycle, environment, etc.

    It showed a picture graph with a city block, and various buildings were “stops” in her “shopping trip” of a mind. Each building had a title;; Eg. Friends, Family, Girls Night Out, School, Career, Man/Men, Shopping, Kid(s), Pet(s), etc. Essentially it implied that women put no more importance on any one of those “stops” in life significantly above the other. So hate to burst your bubble, but women really don’t put you in a level of higher importance than their next mani/pedi spa day. Not one iota higher.

    Contrarily, for men it showed an upside down pyramid with about 4-6 levels. So imagine the pyramid balancing on it’s tip… A shaky foundation at that. The problem with most men is that first level on the bottom at the tip is Woman, then above that career, then family, friends, fun and excitement, intellectually curious activities, all stacking up and growing wider within the body of the pyramid. If that first level falters (the woman), often you’ll see and entire man’s life begin to crumble quickly, and mayhem ensues. A wise red-piller would literally flip that pyramid upside down, and watch his life begin to flourish.

  • splooge

    they do its called PMS. Thanx to all that estrogen they consume or whatever is making them complete vaginas. Kinda sad in a way considering they were the vkings rapin n pillaging the world. Now the world is rapin and pillaging them(foreigners made like 45% of rapes in stokholm since 2008 not majority but double their representation in the city but much lower nationally.).
    But Id take those “stats” with a grain of salt considering the rape laws in highly feminist Scandinavia is very broad. Like consensual sex their without condom is rape. Could be some alpha somlian pump n dumpin a swedish a ho and she gets pissed about it.
    Doubt they could get rid of them. Considering during europes more alpha past could not remove jews or gypsys, even during ww2 the most bloodiest war.

  • splooge

    but that happened in 95 when yugoslavia broke up. What were the major triggers in that. Tried research it but getting confused on it. Seems like a war thats so easily forgotten and its only been 20yrs. Think atr that time was when people actually heard about muslim people then forgot about them till 911

  • Keith Swanson

    The part that Roosh is leaving out that game can’t cover or that no matter how tight your mouthpiece is making her bond to you. Whether she is a virgin or a slut with an unlimited pass on the cock carousel, getting her to bond to you is critical.

    In the hood, we call it taking her heart. Getting her to have a strong orgasm and saying the right words breaks down her resistance and causes her to release her bonding hormones oxytocin and dopamine. Then you will become the ‘candy man’ and she’ll need to get her fix from you.

    Although she may try to destroy your property upon break up. Nothing’s perfect…

  • Zelcorpion

    Yeah, though with my supernatural LTR filter only 0,01% of women qualify anyway – and those are dependable. But yes – 8s-9s are getting SHV dick-offers non-stop and even Game alone cannot help you unless you are Super High Value too.

  • splooge

    ok i hear ya its no different then finding a hot chick but shes loses a couple points on bitchy attitude,slut, has kid etc or whatever turnoffs. and that becomes their OVERALL rating.

    I go by the rok rating system.

    based on looks anything 3 and below would be obese and really disfigured. So thats why I cant say hes a 4 at best. Hes more of a hard 4 or 5. Hes not ugly but perhaps unattractive to some. A 5 would be not cute but aint unattractive either,essentially plain. a 6 would be kinda cute. Itll take work and a good day to be a soft 6. But would say ya a hard 4 or 5 overall on face, But him being 6’2 must help.
    Curious your ratings seems harsh and mentioned fat twice in a post being ridiculed…are you overweight? be honest.

    when you say bad repeat performance, thats quite vague, really, could you elaborate.

  • Dagonet

    There is one nuance I think is missing from this post. And it actually comes from an older post of yours, Roosh.

    I forget exactly how you phrased it, but essentially you made a chart of the threshold for certain beta/unattractive actions, and explained how many of these negative points you’d have to accumulate to get the boot from a girl if you had achieved certain other milestones.

    My point is, we should keep in mind that the alpha/beta mixture is fluid, and there is a time and a place for both with every girl. For most of them today, it will be 95% alpha for a good while before you adjust that value much. But the idea that you can never let your guard down or be open with a girl is incorrect. You just have to spend the requisite amount of time laying the foundation and getting her glued to you (which varies from girl to girl). Once you’ve got your hooks deeply in her, it takes a LOT for her to split. Every disgusting beta display pushes her further away, but you have a much larger margin of error if you’ve already spent the time making her fall madly in love with your alpha traits.

  • Christian Mapache Arias

    sir you just won the internet tonight

  • Christian Mapache Arias

    it take me 3 big fails in my life to get that, I used to be a beta (because I was a fat prick HAHAHA) so my ex’s cheat on and replace me like a dirty shoe, after that I take 2 years to change myself and become the closest to alpha and after a lots of “One night” bitches I find the one I wanted for a serious relationship and now I’m the father of a nice kid and I have a great woman for more than 3 years, but the most important is that everyday I chasing asses , because I learned that womans can be bad bitches if you’re too soft (non pun intented) also for some reason they love the fact that you know more girls, they hate you but they love you at the same times…

    that’s why they say “the douchebags always get the girls”

    post: btw sorry for my english I’m a Chilean dude

  • Sunshadow Heilchrist

    Esther Villar is a jewess, just like the 2nd Wave Feminists she pretended to oppose. Jews always seek to control both sides of their manufactured paradigm, and in this case they are trying to make men and women hate each other as much as possible.

  • The Witz

    So you like to do like the Greeks and get down with dudes? I mean they had it right, right?

  • The Witz

    You poor guys just kill me. Sometimes a girl just doesn’t like you anymore. This whole article stinks of how bad he’s been hurt and how his ego is beyond bruised. Such a hard time handling rejection properly. It’s sad that you guys can’t be yourselves and have to pretend with half of the species. But whatever you’ve convinced yourselves works for you. It’s painfully obvious though what’s happening. Poor wounded little bunnies.

  • anus

    my guess, after having read your blog for so long, and getting to know you, is that you have this pathological blue-pill duality still deep-rooted in your personality, roosh. It almost looks like that, when you switch your brain on your “act nice” program, it connects with your boring sides of your personality, and you just start acting like a boring dude, whose only objective is to do aid others in a child-like way. I think that’s why you have these experiences after “being nice”, because it’s not true that being nice makes you get treated badly, it’s lack of respect that makes you get treated badly. Some people get respected while being nice, others don’t. Some people get respected while being assholes, others don’t.
    But otherwise, it’s just a fedora internet myth that there is the “nice guy in the friendzone” I don’t think it’s that simple.

  • anus

    Also, I thought you had surpassed this “I’d love to be myself, to be a nice guy” thing, after having experimented so much in the social world. I thought you had come to the understanding that personality is just a myth and it’s just malleable and, if you are able to act like an asshole, that’s just a part of your personality, it’s not that hollywood feminist gay shit that you are “not being yourself”

  • Kowalski


  • Johnny

    As always Roosh makes you think and reflect

    but Roosh…

    I get more out of the go do 10 cold approaches, walk away from the masturbation station, quit reading and dwelling in the forums 24/7 and go hunt some bitches, don’t be the broke clown college business professor be the bold red neck guy with no college but shit tons of vending machines and a few million net worth type of posts

  • Samseau

    “Quite possibly my least favorite blue pill belief is the idea that a woman should be judged on her prior sexual experience. It leads men into a false sense of security whenever they believe she’s a “good girl.” Since she’s not a slut, the reasoning goes, she’s proven to be more trustworthy than a slut. I say nay; assume she is a bad woman until proven otherwise. Especially if she calls herself a virgin, assume guilt.

    While I agree that “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife,” it is also true that some slutty housewives are not whores. Men should be less concerned with finding a chaste wife than finding a loyal one. Consider the following about virgins: Either she is a virgin because she is young, or she is a old prude who wants to use men with her sexuality. In the former case, she is but a young girl with plenty of time for her to turn into a slut, since all sluts are born virgins, or in the latter case, she is the worst type of relationship material possible as she is unable to open up to a man’s love, only using her sexuality as a means to some end, always placing her interests above any man’s.”

  • yohami

    I know, Im not trying to put words in your mouth. Im trying to locate the source of “I want to be a nice guy”. In my opinion I dont think that exists – that men want to be nice. I think what happens is men were told they should be nice to get rewards, so they are trying a particular game and its not working, so now they are trying to be nice but with stubborness. That was my case at least.

  • asshole

    If Roosh is really a 4 it becomes clear why a lot/most of men have problems with women. I would say he’s an attracive prospect ( no homo ):

    1. above average looks (has de tall (6’3” if im not mistaken) and dark going for him)
    2. good education
    3. well traveled
    4. strong independent personality

    If the avarage woman thinks Roosh is a 4 most men stand no chance.

  • Tom Dane

    Yea ok. But being a “nice guy” is just being yourself, more or less, instead of an avalanche of aloofness, negs and game tricks.

  • yohami

    “treating somebody super nice” as in the Roosh post is not being yourself, is giving special treatment because you want a reward for it. its still “Game”, just the wrong one

  • Tom Dane

    But its still game more closely related to his own self as opposed to pretend being an arrogant prick.

  • Mr. B

    Well played!

  • rate

    The fact is that chaste women are usually loyal, or at least have more chances of being loyal. Unchaste women are usually not, as seen in the contemporary slut culture.
    Blaming virgins for not giving it up actually devalues the whole concept of marriage. If every woman gave it up, you’d be looking at unchaste women from everywhere.
    Every woman is born a virgin. The context in which she loses her virginity makes her a slut or a wife. I’d say voluntary heterosexual virgins (especially attractive ones) hold the highest points among all women, as these women are the alphas. They’re saving themselves for a relationship. And these women are indeed of a higher value than the understanding, easy going sluts who seem more relationship worthy solely because they’re easier to deal with. Do disregard the ugly incel virgin women.

  • commander

    Dude, thinking like that and writing shit like that is a good way to set yourself up for a shitty life. Stop hating and enjoy life a little from time to time.

  • commander

    You mean you’ll whisper “no” and be an asshole when a crisis hits. Awesome. Just the type of man the world needs.

  • Nomad77

    Pimps know this. Too much niceness = weakness in a woman’s eye. And once a woman views you as weak you are done.

  • seth datta

    They cannot be saved because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • ellados

    europe was never conquered, under siege and attacks yes…what they don’t show you at the olympics is the chart of the strongest men, they show you the fastest as if it matters, if you look at the chart you’ll see that is all 100% white and some asian, thats why the spartans and macedonians even when they where greatly outnumbered in battle they still won, I’m not preaching its just a fact of nature, my point with the bosnians was that they converted in 15th century so they could live easily under the turks (not pay taxes and shit…) while the other struggle, and the war/genocide happened against them 455 years later, people don’t forget…its not about being muslim or whatever, its being a parasite, the goverment(s) can protect such atrocities for so long…bullets change governments far faster then votes.

  • greyghost1

    It is part of mans punishment for sin. We are condemned to toil even for pussy. You can not be yourself and nice guy in a feral environment like we have today.

  • Julia

    And her breaking it off with you couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s a free agent who didn’t really like you all that much after all?

  • Julia

    Amazing how much effort you guys have to put into getting that one thing you love from the beings you hate so so much. The psychology of it is stunning.

  • Julia

    You’re right. My boyfriend doesn’t make me suffer, so that must be why I’m here reading this blog. Gotta get the pain in somewhere.

  • Julia

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Just because you’re a virgin doesn’t mean that you don’t know when something feels terrible! And a guy pumping away on you and reaching a climax while you’d rather be doing a crossword puzzle is a pretty good way of knowing that it’s terrible. Sex is supposed to feel incredible. When it doesn’t, we don’t want to do it with you again. Especially because you got what what you came for and we were just a receptacle for it. Get a clue.

  • Julia

    This argument of yours is the epitome of rationality. And the spelling and grammar errors prove your male superiority in spades.

  • anonymous

    The day you lot are fully replaced by technology will indeed be a beautiful one.

  • JJ Roberts

    How many of these virgins did you give an orgasm to?

  • Julia

    And there it is, the truth of what you guys believe laid out in no uncertain terms. And women are the one’s whose “true nature” is so abhorrent. I think I’m getting a hang of it now.

  • Julia

    Maybe it’s because he’s also kind of a douche bag.

  • Jekkeri

    Women are not banks.

    You can not “save” your good manners, helping her, financing her and her kids, into “her” to be paid back to you some day. Next day will start from ground zero – all your “savings” are lost and forgotten by her.

    Men who don’t get this will forever be crying “but I treated her so well and helped her for 5 years, then she left without any warning…”

  • anonymous

    None of us are happy that this is the way it is. But women are like a really shitty product that barely works at the best of times and who’s continued existence is dependent on the fact that technology hasn’t progressed enough to provide a suitable alternative. Or like a massively overvalued stock being propped up artificially, to mix metaphors.

    The tyranny of woman is a problem that is simply begging for a solution. And that solution will come, in due time, regardless of the existence of online communities like these.

  • splooge

    chicks dig douchbags for some reason. The nice guy easily becomes a door mat so its pretty much no winning with women. If you get hate, youll get more love, if youre neutral the more of it you get….its rather strange honestly.

  • Rubio Sol Oscuro

    I don’t know if sex is always going to feel incredible for a virgin female, but that’s beside the point. I’m talking about a little more subtle distinction between two men who aren’t complete idiots in the sack.

    For more than one reason, I’ve never had sex with Roosh (!) but I’d imagine he has enough experience to be able to “read” her in bed and get the juices flowing, at the very least. I’ve known guys with lots of experience to be mediocre in bed (lots of game but poor imagination and emotional intelligence) but never as bad as what you describe.

    Its’ precisely that on which I speak. I had a “wingman” in the recent past who was very good at picking up women, but not so good in bed. How do I know this? First off, we had lots of trios, quartets and even full on orgies. And perhaps even more importantly, I had unsolicited comments from more than a few of his conquests telling me “I now realize that xyz is not a good lover; after the second (or sometimes third) time I didn’t feel anything.” Which means of course that AS THEIR PERCEPTION OPENED UP, they realized that they had been sold some snake oil 😉

    This is why I say a woman with little experience lacks perception by which to properly judge a sexual partner’s performance. It doesn’t mean she has ZERO perception and that no matter how bad a man is in bed he can get away with it. It’s a matter of degrees, you see.

  • splooge

    well the strongest man competition, youll notice bone structure is a big deal. these guys have large frames(wrist over 7.5 inches) hence why you see northern europeans and not Mediterranean(but one exceptiion was this greek guy from canada). If you have that build youll do well. All races get em but some more then others. Like west africans and islanders have the same build so they can thrive in strength sports too. You can look up weightlifting at the last commonwealth games. If those nations get devolped they can compete. East africans are small built(less than 6.5 wrist) hence why they are awesome at endurance.

    Spartans were tough but not big. They were smart tactical and advanced. Their weapons were ahead of their time,using bronze weapons namely the shield while persian immortals shields where literally from wicker baskets.
    Never heard the greek saying “strong as a turk”. They were known to be the strongest in Mediterranean.

    dont think that was the cause for them. Possible that bigotry fueled it(cant blame em for wantin easy life). But this happen when they were self governing nation.

    But foreign dna has spread to europe thanx vikings bringing back caputured slaves,the huns,genghis khan,the moors,ottomans and carthagians.

  • splooge

    im thinking youre saying all this outta spite or something. If it wasnt good,chances are it could be you. Or at the least shout out some instructions. Whats wrong with communicating in bed.

  • Onder Hassan

    I used to hate on girls for this, but looking at it in perspective. It’s no different to a gf getting fat and losing her attractiveness.

    It might seem like a pain in the ass to be conscious of your game in a relationship, but the key is to “BE’ attractive rather than consciously using game to keep her around.

    I would personally recommend guys starting out to not think about entering a relationship until you’ve internalised the game as part of your character.

    For me personally, its as simple as getting over the sex after fucking the girl a few times as I believe its the sex that keeps guys from losing control in the relationship, along with lack of abundance and ambition.

    If you can get over the sex, having a life outside of your relationship and maintain the abundance mindset, you will naturally display the natural characteristics needed in order to keep her interest.

  • Julia

    Thing is, the only people begging for the solution are the men who can’t sustain relationships with women. So as far as the continuation of the species is concerned, there is no problem. Just a bunch of frustrated males who are angry about women not behaving like computers.

    And that problem will work itself out more or less through natural selection, I imagine.

  • Onder Hassan

    You can be nice, but it has to come from a place of strength.

  • Onder Hassan

    Roosh makes a great point in his article but I honestly believe it only refers to guys who aren’t genuinely happy with themselves and their lives.

    The problem with game is that it’s a skill that teaches guys how to present themselves in a high value way. But there’s a huge flaw to this – It’s simply a sales tactic to get girls through the door.

    What the community doesn’t teach is that you have to ‘deliver’ on that promise that you offered the girl in the first interaction.

    Many guys can learn and get good yet still feel empty because all they’ve essentially done is faked a set of characteristics that a person of genuine high self-esteem with his shit together will naturally have and display.

    You simply can’t fake it with game forever, which is what most guys in the community have problems with when it comes to managing their relationships.

    While it’s great to learn it, there’s really no better way to internalise it then to genuinely become that high value man by building a life you’re truly happy about… This can’t be faked.

  • guest

    that is not true… i’m a girl. when I treat my man nicely, in fact i get the opposite in return.

  • Thirdeye

    Roosh, a fallacy of composition.
    Never say all: many men have found faithful marriages and faithful women.

    I find this post at odds with yourself: you always complain of how women can’t be trusted, and how they are all whores, but you’ve shown issue time and time again to commuting to women and being faithful in a monogamous relationship yourself. Seems like you’re projecting.

    The type of girl does matter, but that’s just what it is: never try to make things what they’re not, rather, “let the tree come to me:” let things tell you what they are, rather than trying to define them. For every girl you meet in a bar and sleep with in one night, there’s a girl who respects herself

  • anonymous

    “natural selection”

    Complete nonsense. But who cares – whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Julia

    I’m not sure I’m the one who needs the help, friend.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    There was a study on OKCupid that stated the women on there found 80 percent of men “below average.” Consider that when women assess any man, including Roosh. Also think about that the next time women whine about men’s standards and body shaming. Link:

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    This is pretty twisted, but sadly has some truth. I found women aren’t happy unless there is some drama, which usually leads to suffering. Where I went wrong is thinking smart women were immune to this. They’re not. They just come up with convoluted intellectual justifications to allow themselves to suffer.

  • Clara K.

    I know a lot of women are terrible people, a lot of people in general are terrible people…and I’m really not being sarcastic here, but it just sounds so heartbreaking to truly believe that no matter where you go you’ll never find anyone to respect you fiercely, uphold your leadership diligently, and love you unconditionally in the way you best understand and experience love. I’m really sorry that the vast example/expectation women have set is so abusive and utterly contemptible…i know that doesn’t heal wounds or fix problems…but seriously…it just seems like an awful conclusion to walk around holding up as truth, and i don’t expect or demand that you change your mind…but for whatever it’s worth I think women are capable of love, everyone is capable of love, only it’s their responsibility what they are going to do with that capability…And to be totally honest, I think it’s a kind of righteous indignation to have that the fair and nurturing sex has done such a dismal job with it’s responsibility, I just wouldn’t chalk it up to an inability or women some how being unequipped. Not all of us are so irresponsibly heartless.

  • Julia

    Condemned to toil even for pussy…like of all things, couldn’t we just get free pussy??? I hear you, bro. It’s a hardknock life.

  • splooge

    found the grammar nazi.
    So u think males and females are the same in terms of mentally,physically and value wise?
    Cause you got to be kidding yourself. Unless you from the gay community but even then they have their dominent and submissive dynamic…you know bear dyke an bottom femmine.

    unless you have firm belief you are merely trolling

  • Julia

    Splooge, I’m not a grammar nazi. What I am is a person who thinks it’s really funny that someone who is trying to express their superiority to say, me, can’t quite string together an accurate, sensical sentence when making his argument. That’s comedy, dude. You guys all basically write the jokes on yourselves without any help from me or any other troll.

    But if your definition of a troll is someone without firm belief, than a troll I am not. No, I do not think males are superior “in terms of mentally,physically and value wise.” I also don’t think they are superior mentally, physically or value wise. No of course not. Why would I think that, Splooge? Are men different physically? Sure. But superior? In what way? Women gestate and birth life, have a higher pain tolerance, keener senses, less heart disease, live longer…are men stronger? Sure, usually! But not superior. C’mon. And mentally? No of course not. Historically men have been encouraged into positions that have allowed their smarts to flourish, but inherently are men smarter? No. It’s case by case. But I’ll say this. Women are proven to be hardwired to capably multi-task better than men. And that’s a useful skill that keeps people alive, families running and crises managed. So no. I do not think men are inherently superior. And “value wise” is pretty broad, but if we’re goin’ broad then I gotta say no, men are not more valuable than women. Such notions! Splooge, where do you come up with this stuff? I’m serious.

    I also have no clue what the gay community and bear dykes has to do with all this, but perhaps that’s because my smarts aren’t up to par with yours. Cheerio.

  • Julia

    Communicating in bed is excellent, wonderful, necessary, absolutely. My point is simply that a virgin can certainly know when a man is a poor partner. And some things, like sensitivity, chemistry and sensuality simply can’t be instructed. But we know when it’s not there!

  • Julia

    Ah. Well you are right, the more experience you have the more likely you are to know what your body is capable of. But I will say that women who managed to break the moronic shame attached to masturbation at an early age, know very well what their bodies are capable of feeling. It takes a special kind of man to deliver it. And it’s not just physical, of course. No matter how much of the right stimulation I can be receiving, if my head isn’t in the game, so to speak, orgasm or anything close to it won’t happen. And one reason why my head won’t be in it is if I sense that my partners head isn’t in it. I’m guessing Roosh, based on his blatant jaded attitude, isn’t the most genuinely amorous, enthusiastic lover…that’s the kind of thing that no amount of technique or “game” can mask.

  • Julia

    The funny thing about these natural laws that prove that women are inferior beings meant to be subjugated by men is that men still can’t stop falling all over themselves trying to capture our affections. What a bitch Mother Nature is! Typical woman! I bet she’s fat.

  • Julia

    Perhaps it’s the only way a man unworthy of respect can keep a woman “in line.” And it’s only men like that who are insecure enough to be worrying about keeping them in line in the first place. You guys are fucking creepy. You realize you just advocated violence against half the species? Clobbering???

  • Rubio Sol Oscuro

    Once again I can’t speak for brother Roosh, but from my own personal experience but IME experience trumps ANYTHING else. I may be more jaded now than I was 20 years ago, but I’m also a LOT better in bed than I was then. And I will categorically tell you that women are viciously unforgiving of a man with experience, or at least they certainly were in my case.

  • cicada marcott

    That just says it all…

  • bigmax

    Julia. I introduced Stuttie to game 9 mths ago. He is a new man and the girls over his place dropping their pants love it.

    You have to protect the eggs and defend the female collective to keep those beta bux rolling in.

    We understand that.

    Well just focus on the nude chicks in our harems.

    You understand that!

  • Julia

    Well I’m sorry you went through that. But I can tell you this: my boyfriend had exactly one prior sexual partner up against my six, not including another handful of guys I’d not had full on intercourse with. Him? Just the one on all bases. I can tell you from my experience that sexual experience certainly does count, but real attraction and love and hormones and summer and compassion and all that counts for more. We’ve been together for six years.

  • Julia

    10-4, bigmax. Enjoy your harems.

  • Stephanie Shepard

    “What girl is nicer than a virgin? These girls have the least amount of
    experience with men out of all females and definitely can’t be
    classified as a slut.”

    Wow, Roosh. You seem very naive making this assumption.

    Why would you ever equate “nice girl” with virginity? My freshman year of college I knew many “technical virgins” (their words, not mine). Though they never had sex they still acted slutty. They would go through men doing everything but have sex with them. A virgin is not a nice girl. She is just a girl who has not had sex yet.

  • splooge

    ah no wonder, you must be a liberal arts major.
    You did make key points on the physical and mental aspects. Sure child birth is important and having a higher pain thresold is higher(though I find it rather questionable perhaps a certain type of pain since most women take a hit curl up in a ball and cry). But given the comparison on being bigger stronger faster and more durable, dont you think thats an advantage? it not may as well let Fallon Fox compete with women. The mental game in terms of multi tasking is true hence why they are better suited raising the future generation, but women stress easier and get emotional far more quickly that can affect their judgement and break them down mentally. The keener sense im thinking you are talking about “emotional iq”. Not that “womans intuition”cause there are so many that dont have it. ANd analitcal things such as learning a language. Males tend to do better in technical things such as math computers or anything that has like one answer in a sense(our brains are wired vertically)
    My posts are indeed comedic, glad it doesnt take much to amuse you
    if male and female are equal, why wouldnt females be encouraged in the first place?There have been great women in the ancient past(joan of arc).
    Men have dominated since time began its only until recently, when men made changes to allow females the privllage to have their shots, but takes more money to keep them in employment and to encourage them to take the technical fields)science mechanic etc)
    look up the documentry called brainwash its from norway a highly feminst nation, discussing gendar differences.
    but your arguement for the mental aspect is something that can go on and on. It becomes a nature vs nurture debate. Like one says you can get smarter while other says IQ is hereditary but you can be more educated.
    I brought up gay community cause i wasnt to sure from your pic if you were GLBT or not.
    My post was not meant to be deeming but saying as matter of fact. This is how we are as humans and honestly comparing the two, it just seems better to be male. Face it in socialites were men lead,there were innovations. BUT in matriarchal cultures, they are still living like 1000yrs ago.

  • Acehole

    “Modern relations with women are purely transactional, a competition on who gets served first.”

    Very sad, but also very true.

  • bro

    Their vaginas and asses are nice as well.

  • Acehole

    Not really. Start openly treating your woman like a subordinate and you will see dramatic healthy improvements in your relationship.

    Or treat her like an equal. Try both. See what happens. The differences in her behavior will be like night and day.

  • Acehole

    You would think that in this day and age, with all the available information, a majority of guys would’ve figured this out and adapted to it for their own benefit. But no. By and large, the majority of men are completely unable to grasp this fundamental concept. It’s really strange. A whole delusional generation of men will beat their heads against the wall claiming that they believe women are their equals and should be treated with the same dignity and respect men feel they should receive themselves.

  • Beast

    Since violence is clearly off the table, men must resort to the emotionally manipulative tactics that we are clearly at a natural disadvantage employing. We must fight with the inferior weapons that we have.

  • Dude

    It’s kind of the ultimate catch 22.

  • Acehole

    The Swede first must re-learn how to pee standing up. The only snapping he’s doing is back into the reality of his society’s feminist nightmare.

  • Acehole

    Your boyfriend is an unlucky schlub with no options. He is the best you could attract. You are happy with him only because you cannot do better. Surely you will say this is not true, because that would be a kneejerk reaction to save your ego.

    But if you’re both happy with each other, so be it. Don’t be confused when you get bored with him and get pleasure from leaving him. It’s your natural instincts as a woman. We’re just viewing it from the male perspective, one in which we want real answers, not answers that are sugar coated and painted over.

  • mo

    You sound gross. You have a very common, boring way about you. It comes across strongly in your writing. It’s not appealing.

  • sad

    It’s because you’re both really unattractive to the rest of the participants in the dating pool. If your boyfriend is so great, then why do you come to a sight like this to seek validation from intelligent men who have a masculine perspective?

    Sounds like your doughy boyfriend isn’t quite as stimulating as you’d like him to be.

  • yohami

    because treating attractive women extra nice is “who you really are”

  • Onder Hassan

    Having sex isn’t dirty or disrespectful. Science has actually proven that it’s good for you and part of your bodily needs.

    The real issue is PUAs not willing to commit and scamming girls with false promises in return for sex. Hardly noble, but its very rarely talked about in the community due to the one sided argument of girls wanting to get the ‘one up’ on guys.

    Girls aren’t the enemy or against us. They’re actually crying out for a guy to step up and be the man we all want to be. But pumping and dumping isn’t the answer.

    A lot of PUAs are scared shitless to commit due to a bad experience in their past. But I would argue its the ultimate test to knowing how you stack up. You can’t game or keep up appearances forever. Sooner or later, your real self and your vulnerabilities has to come out.

  • Robert What?

    I would say all human relationships are ultimately transactional. The only exceptions might parent to young child, and an old married couple together for decades.

  • yohami


  • commander

    Don’t be so extreme. It’s not either totally treating them like your property vs. being a supplicating chump. Jesus, what do you people learn through all those Pick Up studies? It definitely is not how to get girls.

    Or did you fail and assume that it must be the girls fault? Heh. Learn better.

    I mean, be a man, don’t be a pussy. But don’t hate. Heh, that’s just stupid.

  • Julia

    Wrong again Splooge, I’m a high school drop out. And your arguments here for the superiority of men can go round and round, there is no answer because there is no way to quantify the value of each gender and reach a fact-based conclusion. It’s a matter of opinion, see.

    But I will say that as far as men being the innovators of society goes, that has much to do with the fact that women were the natural child care takers, and that’s a pretty time consuming, brain consuming commitment. Women who excelled in science, technology, all these things you consider to be of superior value usually were only able to do so by forgoing or significantly delaying childbirth. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the aptitude for it. Women are excelling, even surpassing males in white collar careers across the board. A friend of mine, male, is a stay at home dad with his toddler daughter and infant son while his wife works a high level job in communications that allows them to live a comfortable, suburban New Jersey existence. And he loves it because he’s great with the kids and being a dad and she’s great at her job and has more earning potential than he does. I think that these kinds of people have existed since time immemorial, but because of the natural sense that mothers ought to care for their young, it simply didn’t make sense for situations to work themselves out that way. In other words, feminism did not occur because a handful of angry women wanted to emulate men. It occurred because enough women were tired of being relegated to traditional roles because of their inborn interests and aptitudes to DO SOMETHING ELSE.

    You are correct though, that women are not excelling at math and computer sciences. I tend to think a lot of that is because of how women are raised to think of themselves (girls aren’t good at math, silly!) but also, there is truth to what you say about how the male brain works kinda like a computer. And I think that that is exactly why so many of you dudes believe that women are unforgivably irrational, evil, unpredictable bitches, what have you. Because they don’t respond to input like a computer. Because you can’t just punch in the code, present your penis and expect the desired results. Women don’t “love drama” so much as their emotions and motivations aren’t simple binary. And that makes a certain breed of guy feel frustrated and angry, so he has to blame the woman and make up stories about her natural inferiority in order for himself to feel better. He believes he is entitled because he did “all the right things” and that a woman’s rejection is surely a sign of her wicked soul, not that perhaps his brain simply doesn’t have the capacity to “get” her. And women had to marry these men who don’t understand (or make an effort to understand) them before because having a husband was a matter of survival. But it isn’t now, and that’s leaving a particular kind of male out in the cold and he is lashing out and it’s no wonder. It’s a real growing pain we’re going through here, and it will be interesting to see how it works itself out.

  • Julia

    What if I told you that I come to a “sight” (and a sight is right) like this because I read all your insane, stupid, non-sensical comments to my boyfriend to make him laugh. And then I read him my replies to you guys to make him laugh even more. And then we have sex. You probably wouldn’t believe me. But that’s ok because I know your reply to me is going to be a good one and the bf and I will have a hearty guffaw over it. Let’s see, am I going to be fat, dumb or ugly??? The suspense is such sweet misery.

  • Julia

    Thank you mo for your critique. Coming from as precious and intriguing a man as yourself, I shall take it to heart and never write a word again. Let’s see, isn’t it about time I get pregnant and shut my mouth?

  • kkkkkk

    I made the mistake in assuming that my niceness with them would translate into everlasting compliance where I’d get sex on demand and not have to deal with a girl’s emotions and bullshit. I was wrong. – that’s not exactly unconditional love. That’s still a transaction. So you were getting what you were giving. That’s the nature of women – they have emotions, they are real people and they go through stuff. That’s how life works. They don’t do that to hurt you. But when you love someone, you have an understanding for them so it doesn’t bother you, you don’t see that as a threat. You really want to be loved Roosh and true love is really rare but I think that even when someone isn’t exactly nice to you and you still are, you’re winning because you can see that this person can’t receive the gift of true love and that’s rather sad… When you really love someone that means you have that kind of love inside you, that makes YOU better, not your love object, that’s your power.

  • kkkkkk

    Sometimes I meet men who are familiar with ‘the game’ and they’re very judgemental. From the beggining I can feel they’re judging and trying to categorize me. I can’t really be myself around them because I feel like I’m passing some kind of test – that makes me nervous. And at the same time, I feel that they’re trying to manipulate me and they’re not honest with me. And judging and manipulation is not exactly the type of behavior that makes me want to show my more vulnerable and caring side (hey, I don’t want to get hurt either). They can’t see ME, they’re not being themselves and their mind is somewhere else because they’re concentrating on what to do next. That’s not how you form a love relationship because when someone is trying to judge and manipulate me, I feel the need to protect myself.

  • Julia

    Thank you.

  • Julia

    Life is replete with tough breaks.

  • Julia

    You guys have a really dark, myopic view of relationships. I just wonder, knowing what you “know,” what could possibly be the best potential outcome for you all? Does it honestly just come down to racking up as many sexual partners as possible? That’s gonna get old real fast.Enjoy.

  • Mr. B

    “That “Uh, no” is a dead giveaway of femcuntery. It’s right up there with the “Wow, just wow” faux shock moral indignation that lefties burp out when they hear a taboo truth uttered stone cold straight instead of draped in euphemestic SWPLcode. “Uh, no, I will not allow that obviously true generalization about the sexes to soil acceptable discourse.” “Wow, just wow, I can’t believe you said something I secretly believe is true but will never say because I’m too desperately needy to risk the loss of empty status points and invites to cocktail parties.””
    – Roissy,

    Predictably on que.

  • Damien Johnson

    It does suck. Other than the Maury shows where the nice guy man finds out his kids aren’t his, there are the abusive husband/boyfriend shows. The man will tell the woman to do degrading things like bark in order to demonstrate his control her and she will do them. The obvious question to the male viewer is, “Why did she date him in the first place?” Then the even more obvious question is, “why doesn’t she just leave?” It’s the more obvious one because it stands to reason that there’s some poor guy watching this from the sidelines in her life, wishing he could treat her “the way she deserves.” But she doesn’t want him, she is attracted to the abusing thug. And that’s sad.

  • Julia

    Seth, how many times have women unfairly called you a creep?

  • Julia

    I’m digging the word “femcuntery,” what’s its exact definition, sir?

  • Mr. B

    Attributed to Roissy as noted.

  • ellados

    the swede can “re-learn” how to pee sanding up in 5 seconds, lose all estrogen in a month…how many billions of years will the afghan take to be developed like the swede?

  • ctrl-alt-lol

    Is it really weakness of women to choose a better man? From an evolutionary point of view I think the answer is pretty clear.

    Do we as men deserve constant reward without constant work? Does the initial work entitle us for life time of sexual payments. I sure wish so.

  • Anon

    Revenge is sweet.

    My two greatest revenges…

    1. I found out my girl cheated on me and so next time we had drinks and got drunk i said i wanted hot lovin’. I wanted her to be handcuffed to the bed, a gag ball and hot sex. I handed her a contract and it even had a line saying hot as chilli sex. Once all tied up and gagged i went to the bathroom and rubbed my hands in some chilli puree. Went back to the bed and put some round her mouth, nipples pussy and ass hole. Lol. Revenge was sweet, and i had a contract signed by her to protect me…lol
    2. Another girl cheated. Got her drunk as hell. While she slept a shitted into her food blender and pissed in it too. Blended for 2 mins and then walked into every room pouring myown personal man smoothie from room to room, kitchen, bathroom, carpets and then finally her in her bed. She woke up screaming and i said touche and left laughing. Revenge is the sweetest…lol

  • Anon4555

    What does it matter if Villar is jewish or not? She revealed the truth about women in her book.

  • Nightshift

    beautifull stuff there roosh , the absolute truth.

    If you want to fuck a woman , DO NOT show her respect.Keep that nice guy side of you buried deep.I have learnt this the hard way over and over

  • Kowalski

    Quote: “What does it matter if Vilar is jewish or not? She revealed the truth about women in her book”

    Exactly. Any man who can objectively look at the behavior of females will realize that Vilar’s assertions are absolutely congruent with his experience.

  • Sunshadow Heilchrist

    Anyone who can look objectively at the behavior of jews will realize that they compulsively try to occupy every position relevant to controlling a debate (on both sides of their manufactured paradigm, eg. man-haters and woman-haters). Another example: Alex Jones pretends to expose the “new world order” while colluding with jew-run Stratfor and blacking out even the most obvious jewish crime, 9/11.

  • cicada marcott

    Ummm, no…pouts and stamps my little feet. Lol, hopefully you are not so dim witted that you don’t understand sarcasm…but seriously, you’re ‘obviously true generalizations’ have no basis in reality and sound like a bunch of spiteful boys in the school yard who hate the girls with cooties. You know nothing about me, and yet you believe you know everything. This is the hallmark of bigotry plain and simple. Maybe you should open your eyes and experience the breadth of human experience and existence, rather than sitting there with your eyes closed and hating. Oops, sorry gotta run….about to miss an important cocktail party!

  • Mr. B

    Oh the irony. Enjoy your hamster pellet, and thanks for the chuckle.

  • lol

    women : honor :: fire : damp

    Honor is masculine. Why we of the West expect male behaviors from women, then rue their absence, is the real mystery.

  • blue pill bile

    “They’re actually crying out for a guy to step up and be the man we all want to be.”

    Not all of us get off on being a bitches’ slave, Ali Hassan. But, hey, whatever works for you…

  • Thirdeye

    I never said sex was dirty. When I said a girl who respects herself, I meant a girl who doesn’t have sex with people at the drop of a hat.

    Otherwise, I agree with everything you say. Many men in the manosphere won’t commit to girls who are willing to commit because of their fear, then complain that no girl is a “trustworthy good girl.”

  • Jonathan Roseland

    I two am losing faith in these unicorn-esque ‘nice girls’… One of the first girls I dated in Colombia totally fit the nice girl mold
    Spoke good English
    Really committed to family & studies
    Showed up on time to our first date
    Dressed conservatively
    Had nice girl hobbies like singing in a choir and reading

    I brought my gentleman game;
    Charmed her family
    Brought her chocolates and watched movies with her when she was sick
    Taking her out to nice restaurants for her birthday
    Gave her very thoughtful, genuine compliments in front of her friends

    While this did result in a couple nights of pretty good sex. I ultimately lost her because of my gentleman game… She became increasingly flakey, cold to me in social situations and the greatest insult came on her birthday when she invited an old ex-boyfriend to the same party as me. Of course she waited until late in the night when we were all drunk (and I had blown a lot of money on her friends) to admit this to me…
    I walked off into the night feeling confused and dejected. This girl who acted so much like a ‘nice, conservative girl’ at first ended up treating me no different than cheap Colombian whore or ‘prepago’ would have…
    That was the night the idea of a ‘nice girl’ died in my mind. Along with the ‘nice guy’ my parents had raised me to be…

  • Thirdeye

    You’re not a girl’s slave for committing to being exclusive and working together with the ultimate goal of (potentially) raising a family; the whole point of commitment. It’s possible to become a bitch in the process, but it’s also possible not to.

    Please don’t say “a man should marry when he’s older and more experienced” or any variation of that. That’s the same thing that feminists say when girls should ride the carusol before finding a nice man, something often derided in the manosphere.

    You however seem like an “Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha” troll, so I don’t see why I’m wasting these words.

  • Mike

    When I wrote “her value to you is low/high”, I meant her value relative to all of the other things of value to me. Based on my experience, and what I’ve heard and read from other men, as a woman becomes more valuable to a man, his behavior toward her changes in a way that causes her attraction to decline, and he can eventually become repulsive to her. But if she is relatively lower in value than other things in his life, his behavior toward her maintains her attraction. Especially if those other things in his life include an active social life, friends, respected position in the community, social status.

  • Onder Hassan

    Who’s Ali Hassan??

  • Mr. B

    Gotcha. Thanks!

    QFT here: as a woman becomes more valuable to a man, his behavior toward her changes in a way that causes her attraction to decline.

  • Alex

    But then isnt this what life is about? Finding that one girl who will do anything and everything for you? The problem isnt women, the problem is the feminist movement telling women that they are better than they are. “The guy that you sleep with is damn lucky to even be in your presence…etc etc” Bullshit. You’re lucky to have each other. I have a man. I will do anything for him. He asks me to jump? I ask him how high? There are women like that out there. Its about finding the right person to fit your needs, whether you’re a man or a woman.

  • blue pill bile

    “Please don’t say “a man should marry when he’s older and more experienced” or any variation of that.”

    Why not? You are operating under the feminist delusion that men and women are the same. They are not.

  • Patrick Dugan

    I think Rorschach was an incel.

  • Patrick Dugan

    Even in LTRs this is mostly true, however, there are exceptions, at least, I haven’t run into the long-enough-timeline with the current girlfriend to see the survival rate go to zero.

  • Ternarydemon

    So true. Women with options and financial security WILL dump you without notice. Game has its use in the sense that it increases the chances of betas to have sex with average and hot women. The women will, of course dispose of the beta males once they sense not alphaness.

    The correct mentality here is to think of women holistically, instead of giving value to individual women. All that women who will dump you, before or after you fuck them, are part of your life experience.

  • Fred

    Maybe they can sense your deviousness and manipulative nature.

  • jonathan

    Maybe your problem is that you think of it all as a “game” instead of just enjoying life and being yourself. You are too caught up in “the game” in my opinion. After reading your first book and thinking there was some truth to it, I realized that I do not want to be the person that you were training me to become. I think women see through that and based on your struggles to maintain a relationship, it seems this is true. If you just want to get a bunch of ass, congrats, it seems your goal has been achieved. If you want a real relationship in which the girl doesn’t “flake out on you,” maybe you should stop thinking in terms of a game.

  • jonathan

    This man speaks the truth.

  • jonathan

    Most of us don’t fall over ourselfs over fat women and we don’t try to capture their affections either.

  • Grey Knight

    If you put on an act to attract women, then change as soon as you’ve had your way with her, it confuses her. Women then become fearful and withdraw. That said, every women loves an alpha-male. Every partnership has a senior partner; it behooves a sane man to be that.

  • jonathan

    Poor you. Maybe if you didn’t think of girls as “a game,” you would be able to have a decent and meaningful relationship. At least you are getting laid though. I like that I’m in a long term relationship and didn’t use anything from your books to get there. I was just myself and open and honest with her. Amazing how that works sometimes. Good luck.

  • Julia

    Is that a comment about my being fat or is that about how I said mother nature is fat or is that just a statement that i should know, that dudes like you hate fat chicks? Cuz I already got the memo, angry white red pills who have bad luck with women only hold out for tens. Gotcha.

  • J Taco

    This is typical female sarcasm that comes from a skewed grasp on logic. Companionship is a human desire, not something to be mocked. (Tolerance much? lol) People want the companionship of dogs, but they know that the dog is somewhat wild & dumb compared to a human, so, dog training allows the human to integrate a dog into a civilized community with less problems. Like dogs, when females are not disciplined they can be obnoxious, start unnecessary problems, and end up needing to be saved from their own screw ups caused by their lack of discipline. (The mother nature joke was clever in a 10 year old’s mentality type of way..obesity is a consequence of lacking discipline.) When the general male population had higher testosterone, women were kept in place. Now as the testosterone has been attacked chemically, many men are as bad as women these days. A woman will never find peace until she respects the value of a man. We know the value of a woman and we are here on this website because women have forgotten, or still haven’t caught up to figuring out that continuing humanity via a stable family is the most important part of being a human.

  • Julia

    So what you’re saying is, if a woman isn’t trained properly by a man to be his companion, she can never attain true fulfillment, much like a domestic dog. Because women are on par with dogs and men are their masters.

    It’s really unbelievable that people think this way, but hey, if we still have the KKK and anti-Semites, then I guess anything is possible.

    It might interest you to know that all dogs come from wolves, an animal that does just fine without the training of man…including, no doubt, a whole host of “obnoxious screw ups” in the view of would-be masters. Domesticated dogs are domesticated because of a mutual benefit among all parties, a symbiosis. And then man had a field day manipulating the doggie gene pool, selecting for traits that he liked like obedience and servitude. You might have better luck with women if you bred us for those qualities as well. But until then, I guess you’re gonna be stuck with us wolves.

  • jonathan

    I don’t have bad luck with women. Usually, it’s the guys that do that settle for disgusting fat-bodies.

  • jonathan

    If you put as much effort into wieght loss and healthy living as you do trying to be a grammar sherrif, you might actually get an attractive guy to give you the time of day.

  • Julia

    Another good one. You guys are just the best.

  • Deniski

    I’m really starting to have a problem with women; I’m loyal, give a lot, and care.
    Doesn’t work.
    I don’t want to change who I am; I like who I am.
    Stuff women. I have had enough.

  • Guest

    you just interpreted what he said metaphorically, and then argued against the metaphor you created lol

  • saunew

    Enjoy the decline, sweetheart.

  • Julia

    More of that woman’s non-logic, huh?

    Or what you might say is, I followed his simile to it’s logical conclusion. You’ll note that J Taco is the one who drew the comparison between dogs and women, so I kept the argument going in the framework he provided.

  • Infantry

    I got some advice from a ‘Silver Fox’ older player that rang true. He said ‘If you start off acting an alpha with a girl, you’ll have to keep up the act for the duration’.

    Game shouldn’t be something that you turn on or off if you want a relationship. It should either be intrinsic to your personality, or it will always be ‘work’ to keep the clown act up.

    You should first work on discovering and then developing your true self so that its more attractive. Then you just need to select from the admittedly smaller pool of girls who are really into your True Self.

  • Kelley Collins Bryant

    I thought women were banned from responding????

  • Kingsley

    Post within a post. Well stated Sir.

  • guest

    omg Julia your comments are golden

  • Ricky Vaughn


  • Just a girl

    Actually you are brilliant and you’ve entertained me with your fab comments. I wish you and your boyfriend plenty of great sex. I guess I’m not at the right place to find a man who actually likes women. I’m heading over to GirlsChase to see if I can land that sexy mofo Chase.

  • Julia

    Isn’t it possible that no matter how “nice” you are and how “nice” she is, that she just doesn’t LIKE you all that much? Maybe the chocolates and the compliments were all well and good, but perhaps the way you laughed irritated her or your chemistry was off or you weren’t funny or she prefers blue eyes. You dudes really need to understand that women have more criteria than “nice” and it varies from woman to woman, because we’re kinda like humans in that regard. All different, and different things do it for each of us.

    Your cue to exit the situation was when she began acting cold and flakey. Those are signs of “I don’t like you.” But since you persisted, you ended up getting embarrassed. Perhaps she should have been more upfront with you, but taking a hint can save you a lot of pain. Another tip, nobody is attracted to anyone who has so little self-regard that they keep coming back for more even when being given the brush off.

  • Jonathan Roseland

    Yes, you’re right. The ultimate cause of flaking, cheating and other bad girl behavior is lack of attraction.

    The episode with the Colombian girl was a pivotal moment for me where I learned to not not look at woman in black and white (nice girls vs bad girls) but instead as complex, multi dimensional, mostly selfish…

    Here’s how I see the nice guy dynamic in attraction. You can be a nice guy as long as you are doing enough other things to be an attractive man:
    Keeping your game sharp, going out a lot. Working on your sub communication.
    Going to the gym, dressing fly.
    Approaching a lot.
    Developing hobbies and skills.
    Ambition and working hard to growing a career and financial stability.
    Being present and mindful, practicing meditation or brain training.
    Have an abundant social circle.
    The time in my life that I was ‘being a nice guy’ but also getting laid the most was when I had a gorgeous high rise condo downtown. I would have pre parties a couple times a week before we went out clubbing. I had a charming wing woman who would invite girls back to my place for me. Here’s a video tour of the spot
    If you can afford a place like this, DO IT.
    If you can’t do these things it’s mandatory that you be a little bit of an asshole to girls. Being ‘not a nice guy’ will disproportionately make you more attractive to girls in comparison to these lifestyle factors.
    But just being an asshole is not a magic pill to instant results, being an asshole is a skill set itself.
    What’s really ideal is to practice being an asshole while leveling up your lifestyle.

  • Blastar

    Please tell me this is not true.

  • A Dude

    Quote:” Jesus, what do you people learn through all those Pick Up studies? It definitely is not how to get girls”


  • A Dude

    Agreed. Plus most doninant females look like fat ugly male truck drivers.

  • A Dude


  • Driver

    Yep, agree. If any woman starts to act up, then you need to stop the bus and let her off (and let her know she is only a passenger on your bus).

    I have to come to the same realization that you are the worthy one (bus driver) and she is just a passenger on your bus. You become that driver through improvement on yourself; always placing confidence in yourself and your decisions.

    No woman is out of my reach (and I truly believe it). It’s which ones do I want on my bus. Again, if one of them starts to act up, then I’ll stop it (anywhere); tell her to get off.

    It works like a charm.

  • Driver

    Agree. The sad part is that your mother, sister or other has been giving tons of men bad advice from day one (i.e. be yourself, be nice, etc…) to win a woman over. Even women will give you that ‘bad advice’ and post profiles online that they are looking for a decent guy who will treat them well, etc, etc…..

    You have to learn to ignore all of it. It’s nonsense. Women giving men advice on dating is a recipe for disaster.

  • Driver

    Yep..that’s it. Years of programming to be ‘nice’ and it isn’t working (with many frustrated).

    Bottom line: don’t put up with any shit from women at all…you’ll get the respect (and they’ll want you).

  • Driver

    Yep, indeed. You have to always be willing to call her on the carpet if she starts to act up.

    And…be willing to walk away. Don’t take BS from anyone (it’s the respect factor).

  • asshole

    “I think women are capable of love,…”

    He never said they aren’t. He said:

    “Women really have no sympathy or real love for men…”

    I think there is a lot of truth in this statement, although would phrase it differently: “women have no sympathy for men in general and no love for men who aren’t blood related.”

    Women problably have the capacity to love father, brothers, sons etc. but an unrelated male i don’t think so. This in itself shouldn’t be viewed as something negative. It just the way nature has organised things so it can funtion most optimally. From and evolutionary standpoint it makes much sense. Women throwing themselves in front of a wild beasts to save their man would work out pretty problematic.

    These facts used to be common knowledge not to long ago, but it comes as a shock to men mostly raised by women and Disney.

    To men who are shocked/butthurt over this…suck it up. These women don’t love you (don’t fool yourself); never have never will. They love what you can do for them i.e. the green in your wallet and a strong body that can protect.

  • asshole

    “They take kindness from men for granted.”

    It’s actually worse than that. To a woman male kindness = weakness. She may also interpret your kindness as manipulation; so you can get in her pants. Either way she’ll view it as something negative. Kindness should only be used sporadically to contrast your business like demeanor. Being serious al the time isn’t healthy there should be room to decompress; but never too much room. Toom much room = comfort, and comfort makes a women have a slick mouth.

  • dds2020

    “Now I truly believe that some girls really want a beta male
    as a partner, but when I attempted to use two different games—one for
    sluts and one for nice girls—I always regretted it in the end.”

    you can never be a pure beta even to the nicest of girls; you have to be the man
    you want to be without compromise (unless the man you want to be sits on a couch drinking beer and watching TV all day). the difference between nice
    girls and sluts is that you actually want to be nice to the former types
    sometimes (and dare i say they’re the only ones who actually deserve being treated “nicely” every now and then). there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t lose
    sight of your priorities, which should always be yourself.

    e.g. i’m 29, and i’m currently back in school to become a dentist. 2 years ago, i met a 19 year-old “nice girl” in my chemistry lab and we were together for a year. right off the bat she knew what my priorities were, and when she got out of line i wasn’t afraid to call her out on it. of course i can’t know this, but i really think that if i had been a pure beta, i likely would’ve experienced what roosh did with those virgins.

  • Ice Princess

    Too late that we know what you think by now. By the time you figure something out in us girls we are on to our next game. I enjoy playing. I always won thus far. My only mistake was allowing myself to get bothered by an aspect by a guy which essentially was giving him one aspect to control me with. The more indifferent a girl is to you the less options you have to hurt us with.

    I am dating a no tolerance boyfriend who doesn’t let me have my way. He treats me like a child when he is firm with me. It just means i have to find another sly way to get what i want.

    I always do :)

    The only way you will ever “win” this game is by never having emotional attachment to a girl.
    The downside is that you will never feel love or genuine mutual care because you have to distance yourself too much not to let a girl hurt you. Thus you will be alone when you are old with no one to truly care for you. Even if you marry a younger girl, she won’t love you. She is only using you the same way you use her for her youth and sex.

    A man is a slave to sex.

    Looks like you guys have no real options aside from using a bunch of youthful girls as f-ck machines. Dumb girls :)

  • asshole

    Men already have females they can give their love to, they are called: ma and grandma. Those that aren’t related are only for pleasure and release.

    Ofcourse they use us (we are fully aware of this) and we use them i.e. sex in exchange for resources and occasional companionship. Absolutely no problem with this, just the natural order of things. Females like you should stop romanticizing male-female relations. Nothing romantic about it, just business. Or are you under the assumption that your boyfriend will stay with you after having your breasts amputated because of cancer?

    Fact of the matter is, although we don’t say it out loud, women really don’t like men and visa versa. In fact we honestly can’t stand one another.
    Best to stay out of each others faces and only meet when fornication is on the table.

  • DocScott

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour.

  • DocScott

    Or wit, Julia just uses a belittling tit for tat method. She knows she cannot win against the comments here so adopts this approach to be a complete cunt.

  • Driver

    The best way that I’ve found to deal with women is to never take any shit from them. If and when they start to ‘act up’…you let them know that the door is right behind them.

    Truly, it is the only way that I’ve found women will keep the respect for you because you don’t give into their nonsense.

  • Undertaker

    miss princess! Well spoken but only from the seat of a priest. You sit on your domestic chair and think you are playing games?? And you always win by controling men and get what you want? What do you get? Approval, Satisfaction??

    Let me tell you that you are only slaving men as long as you sit and walk around in your warmly safely community by your parents and whoever.

    Get out in the wild free nature, meet the lions and grizzly bears and I bet you it wont take a single night until you would rub against your boyfriends cock and body to get his men power!!!

    Plz dont answer to this post because i probably wont look at this shit.


  • OldManTakeALook

    Hell ya get it girls!!

    Enjoy your 20s!
    And your 30s..
    and your 40s…
    and your 50s…
    and your 60s…
    and your 70s…
    and your 80s…

  • Convoy

    I’ve been in Jonathan’s position. Which is why I now treat “good girls” and “bad girls” the same. It really doesn’t matter how nice you are. It doesn’t mean shit in the end. I am still nice and considerate, but there’s no way I’m giving the farm away and give a woman my all in the beginning. She’s going to have to work for some of that niceness. I’m not afraid to say no or make someone angry if that’s what happens. I’m not going to chase, and if you want to flake out on me or I feel the slightest change in the wind, I’m out and your number is getting erased. I am a prize and I act like it. I’m not going to be someone’s bitch and compromise myself just because I may be lonely.

  • Julia

    Sounds good. Be respectful, but don’t fall all over yourself for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you. In fact, never fall all over yourself for anyone. It’s a bad look.

  • Convoy

    Even if they would fall all over themselves for me, I’m not going to. I don’t coddle and and don’t put anyone on a pedestal. All of that extra stuff comes with time after a foundation has been built, and there is some long term potential there and we’re compatible partners.

  • Aidan

    I have genuinely stumbled upon the nest of the most insecure, pathetic and desperate guys that probably exists on the internet. All these guys who hate the idea of having a relationship with someone that could result in them getting hurt.
    Sorry guys, does the idea of crying over a girl emasculate you? Does the idea of loving a girl (or guy) make you feel like a “beta”? I guess only “betas” get heartbroken then… Well if that’s the truth then only “betas” experience actual love, a relationship at it’s LEAST natural. There aren’t many evolutionary benefits to love, it is a rather unnatural connection between us human beings. Many of you seem to argue that being basically a misogynist prick is just ‘nature’. It’s nature to kill each other to try and take people’s stuff as well! Guess what? Human beings don’t do that anymore, because we have the ability to transcend the natural order and actually act in unnatural ways. No other animals do that to the same level as human beings.

    Therefore, arguing that “nature” gives you the right to be a sexist dickhead to make up for your own insecurity really just means you should also be arguing in favour of a complete decline of society and government and the things that make us, well, human.

    You all seem to have real problems, some empty space inside of you that needs to be filled. Maybe talk to someone about how you had your heart broken when you were younger and they can make you feel loveable again, and maybe then you actually stand the chance of having a beautiful relationship with someone you actually love and respect and would do anything for. Good luck.

  • Aidan

    Great post. Most of these guys have some serious issues with the idea of genuine, real, unconditional love. I seriously think this site is the home of the broken male ego, so many guys who have obviously been treated badly by women and have a chip on their shoulder against the entire gender. As you said, women are NOT dicks, people are dicks. Many many men are dicks, which likely includes most people on this site, as much as I pity them.
    You said pretty much exactly what I was, in my horrified state, thinking as I read this article and all the comments on it.

  • Aidan

    They will never know a real, genuine, loving relationship. I’m sure they wanted one once, but whatever happened it didn’t turn out well and now they’ve retreated into cynical, misogynistic shells because of it.

  • Roger Daily

    Sorry but reality backs me up. Where women have too much freedom,birthrates fall below replacement levels, men don’t stick around because women are hoes who use the divorce and welfare systems to disincentivize marriage and responsibility, kids are are raised in impoverished single parent households, and society becomes a ghetto. This is the fruit of feminism.

  • Aidan

    In my opinion that’s not the fruit of feminism, it’s the fruit of a rotten society and some incredibly outdated gender roles that try to force women into certain ways of thinking and behaving.

  • SUPRA luca

    Do you remember men were also subjugated by other men, right? That is also part of what you want. Gender roles, social class roles, racial prejudice, slaves and masters…

  • SUPRA luca

    Now prove, with scientific citations and researches, women are irrational and not human “in the sense we are”.
    Again, that is all about freedom. I believe you should be free to fuck anyone who also wants it. If women like to fuck several men (or women), as long as these men (and women) give consent they should be allowed (and are allowed) to. The same goes to men fucking several women or other men. No governmental or cultural control/shaming over people’s sexuality. If you believe women have a “great untamable dark beast of a sex drive” (untamed and dark, even though it is men the majority of rapists of women, men and children, go figure) and you dislike this “truth” you can still not have sex with them; government protect your right to say no. The same way women can also disregard men. But sexual freedom and choice is a right we should cherish heavily.
    You sound as emotionally disturbed and hysterical as the biggest religious fundamentalist. And that, bro, is acting irrational.

  • SUPRA luca

    I find the guy more ugly than attractive, tbh. Not toned, too hairy, plain face. Dress badly. But then again, I am not American, so I understand most straight men there will be almost no vain at all and just plain slobs when it comes to dressing up. It’s not that 80% of American men are below average, it is just that they put too little effort into their looks, plus the uncivilized personalities and lack of emotional expression and allure/grace.
    Also, he is a sexist/misogynist/misandrist sick fuck with no signs of civilized intellectuality.

  • SUPRA luca

    “stuck my tongue down her throat”
    Did she puke into your mouth? Whatever floats your boat.

    And why do you believe she is the actual submissive snatch slave… you are the one changing yourself and desperate for women/pussy/everything you try to tell yourself you hate and is inferior.

  • SUPRA luca

    Younger men have the best and strongest sperm. The most powerful bodies. That is what females of all species, including humans, want. They judge males/men mostly by their fitness and younger seed. Didn’t you know that in most species most females urge and prefer to get impregnated by young(er) males? That is why even the monogamous females will screw young(er) males outside and bear their offspring. The older the male, the less desirable his seed is. While older females still keep at it. Females choose.
    Human males’ sperm is actually nothing more than filthy trash after the 30’s. So for the best of the species, both women and men should only procreate before their 30’s. Women could still procreate a little over 30, as their eggs do not deteriorate that fast, it is just that it takes a little bit more effort to get pregnant.

  • Roger Daily

    You have no idea what I want beyond my actual words and my actual words are that the worlds works better with a more patriarchal worldview. The statistics do not lie- feminism mean that the human race will not reproduce itself. And if an ideology leads to population decline and fewer productive people supporting more old people and more bastards, then that ideology is fucked.

  • Roger Daily

    no one forces feminists to be sluts who have kids outside of wedlock

  • Aidan

    Why shouldn’t they do that? If it’s okay for men to sleep around, why can’t women?

  • Roger Daily

    because men can shoot and leave but women are left holding the baby

  • Silk

    And why is that? Because ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME EVIL BITCHES!

  • Gangsta

    Why would she want to get you locked up tho? The thing is thing the question asked is not that important but more about what are we going to do to make sure this doesnt happen again. This is occurring a lot lately. I dont want to pull up the research.

  • Anonymous Dood

    Ok I’m a 15 year old guy, and I can easily say that THIS GUY AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SIDE WITH HIM ARE SHALLOW, HORNY PIGS. You think maybe the reason all the women leave you is because you seem to ONLY date them for sex?! Try getting to know a woman. Treat her right, be nice, and DON’T go after what’s between her legs for at least a year or MORE. I’m 15 and I’ve had more fulfilling relationships. You know why? Cuz I’m not treating our relationship like business, where the woman’s only purpose is to be my yes (wo)man and give me sex in return for my friendliness. People like you make me sick and ashamed to be of the male sex.

  • Julia

    DocScott, I challenge you to post that dialogue there between Mr. Splooge and I on any kind of forum besides these and ask the readers who made a more cogent argument. If my hunch is right, your declaration that I “cannot win against the comments here” will end up being in the minority. Just a hunch though.

  • guest

    free agent, you said?

  • guest

    sheesh, dude. maybe the wrong forum, eh?

  • guest

    as Patrice O’Neal said, the reason men hate you so much is because you make us work so hard for it, when in reality its intrinsic value is low.
    so low that you give it away for free to worthless guys who would not give you the time of day if you didn’t have that one thing.

  • guest

    apparently she did not puke.. since he did get to home base in the end, with her confessing how much she wanted him to

    keep spinning it, Karl Rove

  • guest

    wait until you grow up another 15 years, kiddo

  • Mosby

    Lmao. Yea kid, you go boy. You got it all figured out.

    You just wait…. the cruel, remorseless world awaits.

    (And this is coming from a decent guy who just wanted to be that guy and have the “stable, mutually supportive, loving relationship with a decent girl. ” Boy, have I learned the hard way. Thank god I look ten years younger than I am. )

  • Meninistscansuckmydick!

    You’re a fucking idiot!

  • Mike Gavin

    Until they hit the wall…



  • o/

    “I made the mistake in assuming that my niceness with them would
    translate into everlasting compliance where I’d get sex on demand and
    not have to deal with a girl’s emotions and bullshit. I was wrong.” You call that being a nice guy? lol The more I read you, the more retarded crap your writing unveils. Also, you really do overrate what you yourself bring to the table. If you bring anything at all.


    IS SHE ‘CIRCUMCISED’ (does she have a cliterectomy?)

    Juggling comparisons between virgin versus non virgin or experienced versus novice renders only half the data. I think real answers will come if we compare women with cliterectomies versus those without. Some women obsess whether a potential male partner is circumcised or not. So THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. A Catholic girl I dated years ago asked me if I was ”you know” and I said ”you know WHAT?”. She said ”yooo knoow” are yoo ”you know . . circumcised?
    This is in the preceding moments before I unzipped my trousers on her couch so she could feel me up. I had already gotten a stinky finger from her while kissing but it seemed strange what difference it would make to her if I was chopped. She was taken from her crazy mother as a toddler and raised by a nun and she would hum these wierd wiccan sounding nun songs with Latin words while we walked holding hands. She was a very early notch for me back when I was obsessively trying to teach myself game. But the point is that women have quite a pool of chopped vs unchopped men to make their comparisons. The number of women who have had their their fajita meat trimmed is FAR FAR SMALLER. Yoo may have to look far and wide to find one to see if the dynamic is different with the ‘chopped’ women. If the firey live wire u’unchopped’ women ever gain tyrannical control in the world and bring about a tearful armageddon, then I’m sure a lightning bolt will crash down from above and scribe into law across the parched land that we must begin FGM (cliterectomies). Burnt toast is burnt toast.

  • dassy

    This article is true. As a woman I can attest to this. We want what we can’t *fully* have. We say we want a romantic man who gives us everything we want but that would be boring and in my heart I would know he is not a true man. And looks don’t have much to do with it. I had a fit ex boyfriend who used to work out about 4 times a week. He was good looking but not very confident. He tried hard to please me and I just demanded more and more. Didn’t respect him cause he wasn’t as academically inclined as I am. I cheated on him with an ex, told him what I did and broke up with him and he called my phone crying. Which just made me lose more respect. Now I am with a fat man with a big tummy and I respect and like him. Even though he is fat his attitude is more alpha than my gym loving ex….he commands respect and I know that if I mess up by cheating or arguing or nagging him he will leave me.

  • SUPRA luca

    Yes, still doesn’t mean she didn’t puke, and that he didn’t like it.

    Who the fuck is Karl Rove and why is he spining lol.

  • someguy

    And they wonder where all the good guys went? Where did all the good women go? I’m so sick of hypocites/liars being alone for the rest of my life is probably better then getting into and out of the hell marriage most likely would end up being.

  • Joshmo

    You’re a FUCKING piece of SHIT Daryush Valizadeh. Fucking tool. Fuck you and fuck the way you live your life.

    After all the women you degrade and fuck, you’ll still die alone and unhappy. You’re at such a low level of being. You’re just a slave to lust and women, even though you like to think you’re not.

    Women have all control over you Daryush Valizadeh.

  • Joshmo

    You guys are all fucking hypocrites.

    Daryush Valizadeh you keep saying girls replace you but you go running after new women all the time the same way they go find new guys so FUCK you.

    Fuck all of you honestly.