Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male

I commissioned Anchorbolt Studios out of Los Angeles to make a fun video showing the difference between alpha males and beta males (with a Bang promo at the end). Grab some popcorn for this three minute clip…

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the words alpha and beta have lost a lot of their original meaning, especially with recent discussion here on foreign women preferring betas. This video is meant to be an amusing comparison of a typical bar alpha and bar beta in America. Soon we’ll have to qualify the terms by saying American alpha, Polish beta, Baltic epsilon, Danish uber extreme beta, and so on.

As for the clip, I got a kick out of the alpha saying my lines. It’s cool to think there are thousands of mini-Rooshs running around, gaming and banging. I’m so proud.

Thanks goes out to the actors for participating in the clip and especially Giordany from Anchorbolt for making it.

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  • Sourcecode

    I thought it was pretty funny
    Everyone has there own style..its suppose to be a little exaggerated .

  • ColSpanker

    Awesome. I see a three picture deal coming out of this. Call my people on Monday.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Yep. From VIvid.

  • Where girls like betas

    The US dating culture is in disarray and basically I advise people to abandon ship(both genders). Where and how do you find girls?

    After living in various places around the world I recommend almost giving up on American dating or at least the ideas that come out of America.

    In other words, not only give up on dating girls here in the USA, but I am talking about the whole notion and the American attitude that you need to strive or be an Alpha or try hard to get a girl and keep her (even being a bad guy is striving).

    Girls are everywhere and will be impressed by your natural value (how much you develop yourself) and not an inflated peacock or roasted.

    Therefore, if guys spend half the time they do in the gym or trying to impress girls, as they did learning a language or travelling around the world, they would get a lot more chicks interested and maybe even fall in love.

    Alphas often get lame girls who need you to entertain them.

    Betas get girls who do not need to be entertained.

    If you choose to be a beta, just make sure you do it in a culture that will appreciate you. I think Eastern Europe or Asia, or large parts of Latin America, and Africa come to mind…. ummm everywhere in the world, but Portlandia type feminist cities in North America I guess.

  • outlaw josey wales

    Props to Roosh for putting it out there. I think there was no problem with the material, but the actor’s delivery was off. It felt like they were reading lines instead of actually being that person.

  • Marmot

    Amazing, practical and precise! Great job!

  • Invictus III

    While I get the gist of what this video is trying to convey…I found it awkward to watch as well. The main actor didn’t exude alpha in the scenes where he was playing the alpha. Alpha is as much about body language and delivery as it is about what you say and how you respond to shit tests. The acting really just killed it for me.

  • virgle kent

    The only unrealistic thing about the whole video was how hot all the girls are… then i remembered it’s LA annnnnnddddddddd I’m in DC. FUCK

  • K-Man

    Yeah, they guy did a better job portraying the beta than the alpha.
    Still, the video rules! How much did it cost to make it in the U.S. – couldn’t you do it cheaper?
    They actually shoot major Hollywood movies in Eastern Europe now – same quality, half price. Conan the Barbarian comes to mind… waiting for the Untouchables 2.

  • Snoeperd

    You’re from iceland lol

  • Older Brother

    Good video. The alpha actor did mumble one line at 2:14 that I couldn’t make out. After being asked what he does, he says “I’m unemployed and -mumble, mumble- dad’s basement.” Did anyone make that out?

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Ha! Love the acting critique comments

    Yeah, next time Roosh will get Ryan Gosling

  • Naughty Nomad

    Slick. That’s all I can say. Very professional and poignant.

  • Timothy

    Maybe guys are in critic mode because the Oscars were on last night, but I think the vid made the point.

  • Dirt Man

    Awesome. I felt so bad for the beta guy, damn, we’ve all been there. Only thing I would change is at the end when the girl says, “Do you maybe want to…” rather than him asking for the number he says something like, “Let’s go.” and she smiles and takes his hand and they leave together to


    Right on though, this is excellent. I’d love to see more of these in the future.

    ROOSH TV. Scenes from the life of our favorite wandering bangmeister.

  • dragnet

    I’ll say this for the beta: at least he was actually approaching, unlike so many guys.

    The acting was terrible—made the “alpha” moves painful to watch.

    But the upshot is unmistakeable: YOU are the prize, not the women.

    Internalize that and it will infuse everything you say and do.

  • Mr.GM

    It was fun to see the routines that I do in a video!
    also props to Roosh for being out there.

  • DoesNotMatter

    With all Due respect, that video clip was utter bullshit. Anyone who has ever done night game in the Continental United states knows that it is usually so bloody loud with music that you have to shout yourself hoarse to make yourself heard. And hot chicks never go to quiet bars. They always go to those noise havens. In that damn video the guy was speaking softly, there was no loud music, there were subtleties in tone and nuance. Good luck trying to do that shit in ear-drum shattering hellholes you people call a bar/nightclub

  • Anonymous

    @ dragnet

    bingo. majority of guys only fail because they are too scared to try

  • Juhana

    Damn cool. Good job.

    Even if it’s just a promo, there’s a market for this stuff to jump-start beginners and give them the “Aha!” moment so that they really begin to understand the difference of who they are and who they can become.

  • choichoi

    well done

  • Neil Skywalker

    Dude, that’s a professional looking promo. Well done !

    The beta awkward standing around with his glass up to his chest watching the alpha doing the spin move would be a nice add too.

  • Neo

    Dude very nice.

  • Roosh

    I felt a little cheesy putting the ad at the end, but it would be nice for the video to support itself.

    As for the actor, I think he did a great job. Not sure where all the Youtube acting experts have come from.

  • Durangotang

    Well done Roosh! It was a really professional video.

    Don’t feel cheesy putting the ad there. If it gets 100k views, and you convert 1% hopefully you’ll have paid for the promo.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    COke has what a , billion $ ad budget?

    Don’t feel cheezy about it

  • j r

    Everyone is a critic.

    The video is great. All the people complaining that the alpha wasn’t alpha enough must have some cartoon version of how it ought to be. What were you guys expecting? The Twilight vampire? Some guy in a biker outfit?

    Putting on some sort of fake outlandish bad-boy persona won’t work for any guy who isn’t already a legit badass.

  • Anonymous

    Just checked the site of the production company…

    $5000+ for a commercial.

    Hope you sell a whole lot of ‘bang’.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t charge $5,000 for that ad, regardless of what’s on their website. LA is full of videographers and actors doing work on the cheap to get their names “out there.” Good job for using it to your advantage!

  • Honey Badger

    His take on the Beta male was good. The Alpha…I saw him speaking the words but no alpha thoughts behind them.

    But it was ENTERTAINING which was the point.

  • JM

    “Criticizing the acting on a book promo web video… can’t say I expected that. I’ll hire Leonardo DiCaprio for the next one.”

    it’s pretty simple. loads of us started out as betas, read this site, then immediately went out to the bar acting like alphas. speaking for myself, i was able to convincingly ‘act alpha’ pretty fast, and from what i gather most people are the same. therefore, it’s a little disappointing when a professional actor can’t pull off what all of us joe nobodies could, and it deprives of the kick we all get out of observing alpha behavior in media. it’s not a big deal, obviously, but i am surprised you are surprised.

  • theakinet

    Once again Roosh is ahead of the curve. I always wondered why PUAs didn’t produce videos to explain concepts. Btw Roosh, student film makers/actors would be a lot cheaper.

  • heartiste

    :laugh: it cracks me up when the beta retreats to his straw after every failure. so real to life.

    complaints about acting chops aside, this is a great video, and a potentially groundbreaking series for illustrating game concepts in action and the subtle yet real differences between alpha and beta male behavior. it should really help clarify for those doubters how game manifests in real life action and how it can be learned and applied.

    if there was a free, or cheap, version of this, i would commission videos like this as well.

  • chronnox

    I am not going to criticize the video, its your money and you can do whatever you want with it. But I would’ve love to see the acting of one of Uncle’s Roosh classics: “Can I use your bathroom?”. That line is a killer.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    ROosh- bring back that pick up cartoon re-enactment contest..
    that was good stuff

  • Birth

    it’s crap.

  • Sincere

    Good shit Roosh. It would be cool to see more videos in the future. You script this? Good use of the contrasting story lines to get your point across.

  • Jiu Jitsu Maniac

    The main stream media has no clue about alpha vs beta. They see the sexless guy with a fancy job as alpha and a deadbeat unemployed thug who is neck deep in pussy is beta. Someone needs to explain it to them.

  • lempicka-explosion

    I don’t think either that it is so simple that you can just categorize cool guy as alpha and the nerd as beta. Didn’t like the video, was too….boring? American? ..but it was allright I guess…maybe I am just a foreigner and don’t get the coolness of the clip. The guy was ugly, the girls were ugly. sry aint no hater just an opinion.

  • AneroidOcean

    This video is great for your target market, which is not these idiots claiming that the actor was horrible or that the girls are not hot enough. The only thing that you need to step up is the text at the very end. I don’t think the “notch count” wording is good for your target demographic (as they aren’t guys already reading your site) and the arrows and graphic are WAY less polished than the rest of the video. It’s just not congruent.

    Good job, Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    I’m impressed. well done. Hats off.

  • blert

    If there is ONE take-away from the video it’s NEVER buy the babe a drink.

    I liked the snap:”Why don’t I just write you a check.”


    Save your dough for after they put out. Period.

    You’re a long, long way from being a mounted squire swooping away the peasant farm girl — so throwing down a couple of bones is useless — counter-productive, even.


    The best come back for job queries: “I’m living off my money.”

    It’s an answer that answers nothing. We ALL live off of money. It implies that you’ve got so much — maybe it’s OLD money.

    It’s the response that everyone from a Kennedy to an unemployed soda jerk can legitimately use.

    It’s a wise answer because you don’t want prospects wasting any time getting distracted about your wallet.

    And it’s the perfect cover for everyone with a nerdish job that would take forever to explain to guys, let alone bimbos.

    And it keeps things fuzzy.

    The tougher it gets to REALLY figure you out — the more the babes do so.

    In that sense, it’s like crossword puzzles. Time investment builds towards the end — the desire for closure drive the id nuts — so inordinate amounts of time are used to close out those last squares.

  • The Captain Power

    I always felt that most guys with natural game were alpha males, and some of the guys in the “Game” community were beta. I wouldn’t consider a guy like Mystery to be an Alpha but I would Tommy Lee…

    Keep up with videos, maybe get your own VH1 show…

  • ALF the quarrelsome

    Roosh, a version for us colored folk would be gnarly!!


    LOOOL. Well done.

    The acting isnt top notch but you knew that. The alpha needed a stronger voice and better posture. Then the audio in general could be better. But whatever. Well done. Make more.

    This beats the shit out of xtranormal.

  • Anonymous

    Alpha doesnt need to be some rowdy douchebag. You have to bring out the alpha in yourself, not try and act like someone else. it doesnt work. i liked the video.

  • J

    Roosh, you always write top notch shit , you deserve something better than this to represent Bang and your writings . I feel like next time it should be a bit more focused on Inner game and game life trajectory type stuff because I could see where someone would just interpret this as “pickup lines” or some other bullshit that people often assume game is .

    I mean, Bang is a hell of a lot more interesting than the video .

  • Melville


    I got to pitch some short films ideas at film school in two weeks – lay them on me.

  • mister

    I just have to say that guy played the beta so perfectly. You could just feel the confused, desperate vibe he was giving off. It reminded me very harshly of my older days before I learned game. . .

  • Mage

    It was pretty funny and relistical. Made me smile.

    The male actor was much better as a beta then alfa – even as alfa he occupied too little space and voice was to meek.

    Some of the girs however made real good acting, just like in real life. Women are completly differrent creatures from alfa viewpoint compared to beta.

    The personoality test was a joke trough too obvously something that could be said about every girl. I would be afraid to sleep with a woman who would be surprised by this out of fear of being infected with stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    This would be more realistic if one of the Geico cavemen played the part of Roosh as alpha.

  • jkc

    good marketing concept, Roosh. however, the actor needs some work. his body language is alright but you should get someone who doesn’t sound so retardedly wooden to overdub his lines. it probably wouldn’t cost too much, and your ad would would be a lot more effective.

  • Anonymous

    I did a personal Alpha vs Beta experiment this winter while christmas shopping at the mall.

    I started by walking around the mall like a Beta – hands in my pockets, slumped weak posture, meek face, chin down, slow walking. And the results were as predictable as you would think. Men walking the opposite direction as me would not get out of my path. They would see me apporaching and simply wait for me to shift course, even if they were smaller than me. They could not be bothered by this weak little mouse getting in their way.

    Women would glance toward me and then quickly look away (at best). I am very used to girls constantly making eye contact (i am good looking in an instantly noticable way). None of the girls made eye contact, just got an impression and then ignored me.

    After a few minutes of this, my self esteem felt pretty bad. I felt inferior…

    Where I really learned something came next.

    I walked with absolute (but not exaggerated) alpha posture. Shoulders back, back straight, neck & limbs loose, chin up, and that look of total self-satisfaction on my face. I took longer strides than normal and really took every step with purpose. The results will not surprise anybody here.

    Men got out of my way. If I was on a slow-motion collision course with somebody else, they fucking moved, even if they were bigger than me. A couple of real mean looking goons got the hell out of my path. It was satisfying.

    Women looked…. and held it. And held it some more. Rarely have I had eye contact last so long.

    Store clerks served me first. I would walk into a shop and be greeted instantly.

    Also, the banter I got from store clerks was more respectful, and not so “just buy something and get out” type of attitude. They wanted to be around me. They wanted to talk and they reall really wanted ME to talk.

    Alpha – fucking do it.

  • Turk

    Glad to see the book money is re-circulated to enlighten us. Great video for what it is.

    A motion picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I died laughing at “I just went skydiving”. That’s a classic beta attempt at seeming interesting.

  • CC

    I’m calling BS. That guy was a pretty good looking dude, that girl wouldn’t turn him down completely just because he offered to buy her a drink.

  • chris

    Roosh, if your looking for an impact-full advert idea you could try one with a guy retelling this story (or some variant of it)

    about how some beta’s girl banged some uber-alpha bad boy behind his back.

    You could have the camera slowly zooming in on his face as he is retelling it, then when he finishes his story, and the camera stops zooming in, he could say something along the lines, “I’ll no longer be beta, I will be alpha.” And then your book would flash up at the end.

    The best thing, it wouldn’t be too hard or expensive to produce.

  • CH

    “That guy was a pretty good looking dude, \”

    here we go again. :rolleyes:
    repeat after me: looks are not as important to women as they are to men.

    “that girl wouldn’t turn him down completely just because he offered to buy her a drink.”

    i’ve seen plenty of good looking guys get turned down by women because their approach was beta. offering to buy a girl a drink right out of the gate in this day and age is practically a neon sign asking for rejection. this is why the video was so believable. because it is so common in the state of nature, it didn’t strike anyone watching it as odd that the beta version of a decent looking guy would receive cold shoulders from women.

  • Mr Lemon

    Roosh…good video. Good marketing.

    So I assume you are thinking about a reality TV show next. How far along are you?

    Mr. Lemon

  • CDawg

    Roosh: I love your writing and blog. You are an incredibly wise man and you’ve influenced me very much in becoming a better man.

    That said, the acting in this video was… amateur at best. I mean no offense to the actors or producers, but I think they could have done a much better job. iMovie music coupled with flat affect and inauthentic acting made this pretty painful to watch.

    I hope you enjoy your travels though. You’re a champion, an inspiration, a hero. All the best to you man.

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  • Jonathan Bowen

    I enjoyed it, Roosh, it was pretty entertaining! There were some valid criticisms but at the same time to me it got the point across and it was fun to watch. If you ever read this, maybe you remember me, I thought I would see what you are up to lately and how you are doing! Your old Starcraft buddy from like 15 years ago. I actually run a media production company now, we do video work for corporations, usually Web videos nationwide (I also directed my first feature, a romantic comedy for guys basically). So I enjoy checking out film work, whether it’s short films, music videos, or whatever. Drop me a line sometime, I’m proud of what you’ve done, it’s pretty sweet! PS: I’m not a player, but I have a great girlfriend! ha ha.

    [Roosh: 15 years… time flies. Glad you’re still kickin.]

  • Sanjix

    I am definitely a beta.. i see myself doing the exact same shit that the beta in the video is doing.. but not for much longer..

  • Anonymous

    What is a baltic epsilon?

  • Roizzy in Leningrad

    Reading all comments I don’t understand where did you the idea that being Beta is ok in Eastern Europe. I come from EE and must say some of you are simply delusional. Probably what happened is you have spent a week in a youth hostel ir couch-surfed in some poor country where local country girls have passed your foreigner status as DHV and assumed that the guy they previously saw on TV will buy them out of poverty if they act nice to him. I must assure you, being Beta is not ok in EE, the main reason why i have been researching the whole PUA-thing for last 4 years is that I have been trampled by attractive girls for being nice and supplicating in my late teens and early 20’s :)

    Preselection and having a high status does work everywhere in the world. When coming to EE you must understand that being from Western Europe is a huge DHV itself, because people have various myths about westerners and FEEL GENERALLY INFERIOR TO THEM – thats right – everyone here feels like shit if compared to Brits and Americans, guys are resentful about all that and girls hope they will mary one. People are fleeing their countries in huge numbers, seeking a better life, probably there are more Polish, Czechs, Latvians and Lithuanians in the UK then there are Brits now.

    To any Beta who thinks he’s Alpha in Eastern Europe – your foreigner charm would wear off in a few weeks as soon as your wallets are empty are novelty value is gone, those girls would move to bang a local thug or to find a new beta foreigner in some bar/club designed to rip off foreigners by selling drinks x4 normal price.

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  • George

    Absolutely brilliant video Roosh. HAve linked to it on my blog. Hope to see more very soon!!!!

  • aries

    This video did not impress me. Alpha male does not exist in a way American(Western) Man created it.
    Common guys, so-called alpha male from this video
    will have no success with classy women or different type of women than they are present in this video.

    Is it obsession with alpha image subconscious response to the messed up society where women
    can do whatever they want? Does not matter you are beta or alpha once you accepted, for example, that it normal
    for you, your wife or your girlfriend to go out with her girlfriends to night club without you, you are omega. The fact that you can sleep with some other low moral women does not prove you are alpha male. Fell sorry for the Western guys as well as for Eastern European guys but for the different reasons.

    Do you really think you can approach women
    who knows what she wants like the fictional alpha male from video. Yes you can, but the result will be much worse than it was for the “funny” guy.

  • CountMackula

    Roosh. You have some very helpful stuff often…

    but this video is worse than RKelly’s doodoo butter.

    The beta is pathetic indeed… but the “alpha” is almost as bad..

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s an improvement on the first, but he still seems to be *barely* hanging on to his confidence.

  • Guest

    Roosh, I feel like aslfd;k

  • Pascal

    I feel like women think they know what they want, but they really dont.
    Women think they want the beta male, when they are unconsciously attracted to the alpha male.
    This is why you often hear girls complain about “why can’t i just find a good guy?” or “why me? why am i always falling for the wrong man?”. Because they are naturally attracted to men who dominate them, men who have control over their feelings and emotions. They are just totally unaware of it.

  • George Boreas

    A so called alpha male is a person who for whatever reason has the courage to follow an unwavering set of convictions. He earns the status of so called “alpha male” through what old-school people call righteousness. Beta males and everyone below them do not follow a consistent set of principles, they waver too much – for whatever reason. What I am trying to say is that this status comes from mental toughness and choices and not directly from genes or some stupid pheromones or body language.

    Second, I’ve never met an alpha male believing in this whole alpha-beta-gama status. It’s always the non-alphas who love covering this topic. Because they envy the alpha males and don’t know how the source of their status, so they launch on a pathetic smear campaign, talking bout “gaming”, how women are stupid animals, etc…

    So piece of advice to all of you wise apes, stop obsessing over this harmful pseudo-science and work on developing a genuine, self-loving, and consistent personality. Then you too can be alpha males and get girlfriends.

    Peace out

  • Brad

    You don’t have to be an expert to know horrible acting, and this was definitely horrible acting.

  • Fred Welfare

    Roosh should use the same scripting in a strip club!

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