Alpha Male Vs. Beta Male

I commissioned Anchorbolt Studios out of Los Angeles to make a fun video showing the difference between alpha males and beta males (with a Bang promo at the end). Grab some popcorn for this three minute clip…

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the words alpha and beta have lost a lot of their original meaning, especially with recent discussion here on foreign women preferring betas. This video is meant to be an amusing comparison of a typical bar alpha and bar beta in America. Soon we’ll have to qualify the terms by saying American alpha, Polish beta, Baltic epsilon, Danish uber extreme beta, and so on.

As for the clip, I got a kick out of the alpha saying my lines. It’s cool to think there are thousands of mini-Rooshs running around, gaming and banging. I’m so proud.

Thanks goes out to the actors for participating in the clip and especially Giordany from Anchorbolt for making it.

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