American Culture

The following is a collaboration by five alpha males. I edited. Click here for more info.

American Culture is a powerful force in the world today. It is like a conquering army that either overthrows existing cultures and values or incites strong rebellions that seek to repel its influence. The majority of the world is trying to adopt our way-of-life while at the same time harboring resentment and blaming us for the loss of their own culture.

Resentment stems from the fact that the worst aspects of our culture are the ones most likely to be spread. In Egypt you can eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut while sitting directly across from the Great Pyramids of Giza. You can walk into a clothing store in Lebanon and watch MTV on the television while shopping for American jeans. Baywatch enjoyed a long run as the most popular TV show in Europe until, much to the dismay of Deutsche Hasselhoff fanatics, it was displaced by Jerry Springer. The American sprawl of identical houses and mega-malls is well-entrenched in Canada, and McDonalds is constantly full of young people just outside Notre Dame in Paris.

The world media, quick to criticize and quicker to demand, plays its hand shaping world opinion by painting a negative picture of the U.S. For example, once the 2004 Asian Tsunami hit, the BBC and many other media outlets not only criticized the U.S. for not contributing more aid, but also for not donating the amount pledged fast enough. Even when (at the time) the U.S. had given more money than all other countries combined, the world media still berated them for not giving enough, finding fault by comparing donation amounts to GDP numbers.

These poor perceptions of American actions both at home and abroad can be traced to jealousy. More specifically, a jealous fear of being left out of what C.S. Lewis referred to as the “inner ring.” This is a fictitious ring where we place all the people and ideas whose acceptance we want most in our lives. It’s the cool kids table, with its own set of rules and mores that is exclusive by definition. If you’re out, it’s disaster beyond belief. It’s only natural then for non-Americans to scorn our immorality, our heartlessness, our selfishness, our shallowness, our ambivalence. They hate our money, our power, and our lifestyle like a kid rolling home from school in an aged Tercel resents the preppy jock driving a Land Rover with three hot blondes laughing hard at even his lamest jokes.

Yet in the end, material wealth and loose sexual mores are not the issue. The issue is freedom. The high school dork doesn’t despise the jocks because that particular table has a marvelous view of the hallway—he despises the fact that the cool kids can sit at any table they want, including that one, or the one he’s at, or any other. When a Frenchman despises your SUV, he doesn’t really hate your choice of automobile—he resents the fact that you can get a job that pays well without funneling more than half of that money straight to the government. You can afford pompous means of motivation and he can’t. He resents the fact that you got to choose your college, even one you couldn’t afford, while he is shunted to a government-run trade school. He resents the fact that your car can hit ludicrous speeds on public highways without someone three countries over declaring it immoral and thus illegal. He resents the fact that his society is too rigid and unchanging to ever allow such freedom of individual expression.

That freedom of flexibility is what gives us our strength. Try to find good tacos in Denmark. You’ll end up having wet dreams of Taco Bell instead. You can get great tacos in every state of the Union here because it’s not Danish to eat tacos—it actively clashes with their culture. Yet can you imagine someone proposing that taco-eating is un-American? What about pizza? Or sesame chicken with extra broccoli? What makes a McDonald’s in Paris sacrilege while a Thai restaurant across from the Washington Monument unremarkable?

Therein lies the true beauty of American culture: it absorbs, it subsumes, it digests all which is great in every other culture it comes in contact with while politely leaving all the cruft and baggage behind. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t last. We try on parts of other cultures, and if we like it, it goes in our wardrobe with everything else. And if an idea is too stuffy and uncomfortable we trash it, or snip and tailor it to something better. Nothing is sacred except the freedom that allows us to live like this, the freedom to foist crap like Baywatch on an unsuspecting world, the freedom to idealize high-powered litigation lawyers, half-naked slut starlets and high-school dropout billionaires with the same aplomb.

But drawbacks to our dog-eat-dog world of material wealth and consumption is obvious through travel. In Europe you’ll marvel at how elegant, playful, sexy, and approachable their women are. You’ll be confused that a mixed group of guys and girls at a club will openly welcome you to join them in partying festivities instead of interrogating you about who you work for or what your political affiliation is. You’ll be delighted by the awesome, historical architecture; mesmerized by wandering alleys with cool, hidden retail and commercial corners; smitten with the laid-back attitude and sexually cavalier lifestyle. You finally ask yourself: “Why the fuck do I live in America when I can have all this?!?” Tacos and Thai, or hot Danish girls that make all your sexual dreams come true?

Then all of a sudden it’s not just France and the contemptuous Frenchman. You need to find a working ATM? Oh shit—the nearest one is in Buda, and you’re across the Danube in Pest. You’re craving mac and cheese? Too bad—every restaurant in Prague has only one item on its menu: slop. You need a toothbrush, rubbers, and detergent at 4AM? Fuck you—there is no 24-hour CVS in Barcelona. Want a quick meal and drink under $10? Eat shit—literally, in London for $25. And there, in London, you realize how great this country is. Except for the Danish girls, it just doesn’t get any better.

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  • Roosh

    Thanks to the guys for going along with this untested idea. I think it came out awesome considering the writing up there is from five different opinions on what american culture is.

    It’s a nice change to see something other than typical anti-american rants. :bigsmile:

    (I got one coming next week)

  • inowpronounceyou

    That is just a great fucking read. Standing O, Roosh.

  • The Dude

    Roosh– your idea was cool, but the opinions in this article were,IMHO, somewhat uninformed, arrogant, and misguided. It had nothing to do with “American Culture” and instead had to do with why the rest of the world is jealous of us and why “our” corporations are changing foreign culture.

    First of all, this is not “American Culture” it is globalization and it has nothing to do with jealousy, cool kids, or even America. It has do with increasingly connected world markets and the availability of media on a global scale the eliminates regional differences. It’s the same globalization that is changing AMERICA.

    Cars are something of paramount importance in American Culture and 30 years ago an American car was a status symbol– today– Japanese and European cars dominate the roads. And trust me– this is coming to America as our oil guzzling ways are more and more costly. We will use smaller cars (See: the mini, the rabbit, and the coming of the Smartcar later this year) and we will use more diesel and alternative fuels (in the northeast I am seeing this more and more, literally daily) which is something that has been the norm in Europe for the last 30-40 years or so.

    Clothing is much the same way- the height of fashion comes from Italy, England, France, while most “American” products are actually produced in Vietnam. I see American baseball team caps in Europe, but the Red Sox just signed a Japanese pitcher and now there are T-Shirts for sale in quincy market (and everywhere else in Boston) that are also in Japanese.

    On a recent trip to Ireland I was struck by how the main thing that America has influence over is media. Movie theaters in Ireland played movies produced in Hollywood that played mainly “American Themed” movies. YET– on TV I realized that about 5 of the channels are “Skyy TV” which is owned by Rupert Murdoc, who also owns Fox so basically about 25% of the world media is owned by NOT and American but an Australian.

    Also, the issues about SUVs and French colleges– totally idiotic and uninformed. Public Universities in Europe are FREE. And frankly most of these guys could move here and make more than you do, but they wouldn’t bother because they have more vacation where they live and the quality of life is better. I had a friend from France who went to Harvard Business School a few years ago. You would think with those credentials he would stay in the US where he could be making 500k a year to start leaving grad school. No- he moved to Germany where he makes close to as much money, but has 6 weeks off a year, the women are hotter, and in general the culture and lifestyle are more to his liking. Frenchmen hate your SUVs because they are not fun to drive unless you take them off road and they probably prefer sportcars.

    I feel like this article was written by George W. Bush or someone else who explains all cultural difference between the US and the rest of the world as “They are jealous because we are so f#cking awesome.”

  • Roissy

    “Public Universities in Europe are FREE.”

    uh, no they’re not. nothing is free. somebody is paying for it somewhere, always remember that.

  • Ned

    While I agree with some of the points made, the argument is pretty much this: America is great because you can buy shit whenever you want. There is more to American culture (thankfully) than this.

  • The Dude

    Roissy– That is sematics. Are you the author or something? If you are 20 years old in the US the choice between Yale and Uconn is dictated by an ability to pay if grades and intelligence is equal. This is not the case in Europe. Changing the subject to societal costs is basically avioding the argument made by the original dope about SUV jealousy.

  • han

    No offense, but your five contributors sound a little ignorant.

  • Mr Boofu

    Fuck Europe…They hate us for our freedoms….

  • HebrewHammer

    Roosh, this experiment was great, it even jolted me out of lurker-dom.

    What resonated with me the most about this essay and US lifestyle is convenience. Our society is built on it. Anyone who has traveled out of the US (some foreign countries/cities are the exception, this is not a blanket rule) has seen the “horror” of not having 24/7 access to food, gas, hotels, ATMs, sundries, etc. Thanks to our franchising of everything, we Americans ALWAYS have instant gratification. The Post had a humorous article last August by Joel Achenbach about his attempts of a US style road trip in France, foiled by the lack of convenient motel chains, gas stations, and easy access to cash.

    Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. This same convenience/instant gratification we love is also probably why Americans are so damn fat and lazy. Everything is about money– so you can get more gratification. As with everything, it’s about moderation– grabbing fast food when you’re on the road for 18 hours in bumfuck USA is OK. Eating it every day because you’re too lazy to cook is not. But at least we have the choices–the options– even if most people take the wrong ones.

  • Lisa

    hey this is a great post! The men who contributed to it are articulate as hell even if they do sound kind of conservative.

    “They hate our money, our power, and our lifestyle like a kid rolling home from school in an aged Tercel resents the preppy jock driving a Land Rover with three hot blondes laughing hard at even his lamest jokes.”

    The funny thing is all the beautiful people I went to school with are now rehashing their glory days over pitchers of low-carb beer. Joke’s on them! Their best years are behind them. Who cares where you are in relation to someone else. People should strive for improvement. If you are not improving, you are failing. And despite all of our advances, are we improving as a nation? Increased ability to kick other nations’ asses doesn’t count.

  • Roosh

    Some additional thoughts…

    I went into this experiment a little naive because I thought the five particpants would be as anti-American as me. The result is the most pro-american piece that has ever been posted here. While I don’t agree with all the points made, I think they provide a good opposing viewpoint. (I identify most with the second-to-last paragraph.)

    I had to edit out about 400 words, almost 30%. Some good points were taken out (someone squeezed in Freud), but it had to be done to keep things flowing. The edits did not change the position of the essay.

  • DF

    HebrewHammer, think about the implications of a society built on instant gratification.

    Roosh, I feel as if your contributors possess a myopic grasp of this interdisciplinary subject. Who quotes C.S. Lewis on matters of philosophy other than religious conservatives?

    This essay tells me more about the political agenda of your five “alpha males” more than it tells me about the nature of American culture. Maybe if your contributors possessed a better understanding of history – extending beyond the last seven years – the essay would have been stronger.

  • mm

    It’s great to read a pro-america rant for once.

  • Mandy

    What I gathered of powerful American traits:
    1.) Awesome food
    2.) Very convenient
    3.) Arrogant, but hey, it comes with all the power and freedom, right? Everyone else is jealous…why shouldn’t we be a little arrogant?

    The irony: every post I’ve ever read about why you are disgusted by American women has to do with (in corresponding order to the numbers above):
    1.) How fat American women are
    2.) How they give it up too easy, OR
    3.) How they are arrogant and lack affection.

    I’m not attacking the essay. I thought it made some very valid points. I just think it’s interesting that, on one hand, the points made to validate American culture are also what make its women so undesirable (according to things I’ve read here).

  • Alec Trevelyan

    I demand to see the credentials of you and your alpha males. I’ve read much of your blog and see no evidence that you are one.
    Also, why is the international experience focused on mediocre Europe? What the hell has Europe done lately?
    In summary, this was garbage. Stick to the tales of hooking up. And yes, we all believe you.

  • Roissy

    “If you are 20 years old in the US the choice between Yale and Uconn is dictated by an ability to pay if grades and intelligence is equal.”

    not really. financial aid and student loan programs are so ubiquitous no one is truly denied the college of their choice because of inability to pay. which is one reason why tuition costs have skyrocketed — once state schools joined the financial aid cartel in the 1960s and 70s to give their prospective students a shot at the “free” gov’t (and banks) pot of gold tuition costs across the board rose 4x the inflationary rate. the competition which had helped to keep down costs was killed.

    roosh, alpha males tend toward conservatism (if by ‘alpha’ you mean men who can score a lot of pussy.) i say “tend” because there are examples of left-leaning womanizing alpha males like artists and humanities academics who find it personally advantageous to play up their political views to build rapport with the kinds of artsy chicks in their social circles.

  • virglekent

    I liked it a lot. It was cool of you to get five points into one post. I have trouble getting my own point into my own post.

    As usual setting the bar, trying something new, and coming at an issue from a different point of view. Who else is even trying…..

    This is why you’re hot… go ahead play the damn song

  • The Dude

    Roissy– God. You make me laugh. Clinton and JFK are such Betas. Everyone knows Nixon is sexy.

  • cob

    Alec Trevelyan >> didn’t you know? Americans love western-Europe? Germany is like America-junior on many levels (other than it’s a credit adverse society 😉 )

    Not banging anyone, but you haven’t really “travelled” (yes, the rest of the English speaking world spells it this way) until you’ve gone more places than London, Paris, Roma, and Praha.

    Virglekent makes a good point. I like the experimentation. Keeps things fresh, and obviously keeps people coming back.

  • Roissy

    “Roissy– God. You make me laugh.”

    you know what makes me laugh? argument by anecdote.

    and jfk undermines your reed-thin argument. by clintonian (and nixonian) standards, he was conservative.

  • The Dude

    No it doesn’t. You got owned.

  • Roissy

    “You got owned.”

    keep telling yourself that. and while you’re at it, check the stats on political affiliation for males in the top quintile of income, after controlling for race.

    pre-emptive PWNed!

  • The Dude

    Ridiculous. Feel free to post a link of the study your referring to since you basically pulled that out of your ass.

  • The Dude

    * you’re

  • eugenius

    “Alec Tcrap” …obviously a nerd that crawled out of some moldy basement after finishing his Lord of the Rings trilogy. With zippy real life knowledge and advanced level skills in Sudoku….. go create an algorithm or something…….Googles’ waiting.

  • eugenius

    PS. Very well written…..the last paragraph should be on a billboard somewhere……

  • CDP

    Being one of the contributors, I thought I’d throw my two cents in. I was certainly surprised at how jingoistic in tone the piece ended up being, and there were in fact things in the final draft that I don’t personally agree with.

    However, I think there are a few considerations to make here. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, right? Just because C.S. Lewis happened to be quoted doesn’t make the piece illegitimate, it just means you take an extra second to consider what he’s saying and putting it into context.

    Bill Maher had a great quote on his show the other night from Mark Twain that said, “Being patriotic means supporting your country all the time and supporting your government when it deserves it.” I’m from San Francisco. I’m as liberal as they come on most things. And I love my country. I think where I’m from and they values the SF Bay Area exemplifies (entrepeneurship, tolerance, cosmopolitan demographics, environmental stewardship) are inherently American. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m proud of that.

    Does that imply that myself or anyone for whom the piece resonated with has turned into a popped collar, W loving, Range Rover driving douchebag overnight? Probably not.

    P.S. There’s nothing more annoying than a commenter rocking the ad hominem’s with nothing more than “Durrr…they need to read a book or learn history past the last seven years.” Indeed. This inconspicuous book of which you speak clearly has left me a drooling knuckle-dragging idiot for my not having read it. You know what, I eventually might agree with you if you fleshed out a point, any point, with SPECIFIC ARGUMENTATION. Otherwise, you’re a troll, and not a very good one at that.

  • Jewcano

    As jingoistic as it sounds, if you really think that Europe, or South America, or Africa or Australia or whatever is really a truly superior place to live, feel free to move the fuck over there. I’m sure someone would love to come here and take your place.

    Dude – normally I have much respect for you, and not to jump into your love-in with Roissy, but you’re out to lunch on this one. Take the issue of European education. Most (not all) of the universities in France might be ‘free’, but you aren’t even given the option of going if you didn’t get into the right lycee at 15. And that ‘free’ bit only applies if you don’t pay the outlandish taxes and ignore the retarded cost of living. Oh, and good luck getting a job when you get out of school.

    Sure, the article is inaccurate; I don’t remember a McDonalds anywhere near Notre Dame (there’s one on the Champs Elysee, but that’s a bit of a walk.) And frankly, if you really think American (or anywhere’s) ‘culture’ is about how hot the chicks are and where their clothes are made, you’re not thinking all that hard.

    But from what I can tell this article wasn’t supposed to be some grand analysis anyway, it was to see what happens when 5 different guys tack their share onto a post. Seeing as this post got just a few less responses than the joys of rape, it must have done OK.

  • cob

    Jewcano — I’ve been to Paris a number of times over the years, and there absolutely is a McDonalds by Notre Dame. There are several on Champs-Élysées, but there is definitely a McDonalds about three or four blocks from notre dame, before you get to the Sorbonne. To me, that is very near, but then again for many Americans three blocks is quite a walk.

    Perhaps you have missed it, but it’s just off Rue St. Michael if I remember correctly.

    Here.. I just checked google, and pulled up a Mickie D’s. Here is the link:,+Paris,+Paris,+Ile-de-France,+France&layer=&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=16&ll=48.853407,2.348607&spn=0.006283,0.014591

  • Gunslingergregi

    Think I’ll take Jewcano up on the offer. I can give my wife 40k in Indonesia and she will be making 2k a month. A new house costs 15k. Of course, I need to visit my family. I guess the U.S. is pretty good I can live in both places woo hooooo.

  • Nabs

    Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.
    – George Jean Nathan

  • Nabs

    To say that people around the world (not just Europe) don’t like us because they are jealous is rather naive, as some people stated above.

    If you divide up the world by their reasons for hating America the majority will be in the group of hating our corporations (watch the documentary The Corporation for more on that). This includes South Americans, Middle Easterners, etc.

    The second biggest reason I’ve come across while traveling is the reason that Arabs and some Muslims hate us. And that is due to our support of Israel (Before someone calls me anti-Semitic or some shit, I’m just saying thats the reason I came across while living in Saudi in the years ’94 to ’00).

    While living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the only complaint I heard against America was about our unconditional support of Israel. This reason holds sway in Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia (those are the only countries I’ve visited so I can’t speak of any others in the region).

    Overall, from what I’ve seen jealousy is not a common reason. Of course, most people are not going to admit that they don’t like America because they are jealous, so its not exactly ruled out. Though I do believe American arrogance helps fuel the fire of hatred whatever the reason may be.

  • Sweat P.

    I must say that this piece doesn’t connect with me. Although it’s about American culture, it doesn’t touch on the aspects of American culture that Roosh’s critiques typically do.

    There’s also much to disagree with, not that I feel like picking the whole thing apart at the moment. Just take the remark about leaving the cruft and baggage of other cultures behind while assimilating the good parts. Dude, if you think that, then why do we still have such a Puritanical streak in this country? Boobs on TV is basically a mortal sin here, the rest of the world is over it.

  • Antelope4

    This piece was ok…enjoyable at times but mostly stating the obvious. Overall, I think the experiment failed because you can tell it was written by more than one person.

    Also, Roosh clearly wrote the second to last paragraph, call me out if i’m wrong, but I would put money on it.

  • Land-Man

    Who says they’re alpha males?

    What’s cervix pounding?

  • Jewcano

    Cob – I stand corrected. I even tried to google fact-check my memory before posting and missed it. Of course, fast food joints fall under the visual radar of most Americanskis anyway.

    Gunslinger – Indonesia may be better than a lot of other places. But 2k a month would be a lot of money when half the population makes less than 2 bucks a day. Not to mention it’s hardly a liberal and free country and has a very high level of Islamicist terror activity. I’ll pass. Like I said before, ‘culture’ deals with a lot more than how much you can make relative to real estate prices.

    Denying jealousy and claiming people genuinely hate us because we support Israel is also bunk. People from Islamic nations hate Israel because they are jealous. They see beautiful Israeli girls walking around half naked and wonder why their she-camels have to cover their ankles. They see young Israelis make money without thugs in government uniforms beating them up and taking it from them. They see Israelis publicly criticize their government without being disappeared by the secret police. They wonder why Israel can have so much going for it when without oil the rest of the Middle East wouldn’t even bother to put their names on globes. That’s jealousy, bub. Anyone who tells you it’s because of religion has read neither Torah nor Quran. Anyone who tells you it’s because of the Palestinians hasn’t seen what Egypt, Jordan and Syria do to those ‘refugees’. If they didn’t twist that jealousy into fury and hatred towards the Jew, their only choice would be open revolt against their own oppressing, criminal governments.

    Ok, so I’m a little biased. C’est la vie.

  • Nabs

    Jewcano – My only experience with Israel has been when I was involved in a project at Ben-Gurion University in ’01. It was rather limited I was there only for 6 months. However, you say that it is jealousy, and it may be but from the people I talked to the reason was solidly American support for Israel.

    “They see beautiful Israeli girls walking around half naked and wonder why their she-camels have to cover their ankles.” If this was the reason then Pakistan and India would not have Muslims that hate America and Israel because in the major cities the women are easy and its not hard to get laid. It takes a different approach than the one in DC but its still possible. Plus, other than in Saudi and Kuwait, I don’t think there are any laws of compulsory coverage of women. At the end of the day, the ankle coverage stuff you see on the news is more cultural than religious and is isolated to Arabs (~15% of Muslims IIRC) and to extremists that you find in rural areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Yet, you will find Muslims in America and Europe that do not like Israel. Their women have whatever right to go uncovered, naked etc. are they still jealous of Israel?

  • sehrish

    i dnt know why americans are so complexedand morally poor ,they are so called modern and fucking is their hobby,they are such a spoiled nation of the world,shame on u terrorist american,u killers american ,u killed muslim,you are jealous from them,i hateeeeeeeeeeee american

  • sehrish

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  • Romania

    Nice article,finally someone who talks about facts…Everyone is saying that Americans don’t have culture and us Europeans are the one with values and moral views.But honestly that is bullshit.As a person who always wanted to be free and out of a world with closed minded strict rules and too much formality I can only say GO AMERICA!!!!
    I mean seriously lets think about the beginning of America it was formed as a new world different the Europe and its ways of slavery,so ppl from everywhere went to the states,sure u had some issues but who doesn’t? I can only say you guys are the living prove for change lets just think 1969 Martin Luther King was shot and 2008 President Barack Obama rewrite history….

  • Chris

    Great Article and so true, yes you can live some out of your fantasies in Europe but the standard of living sucks.
    I met so many girls who were dying to live/visit America, my Ex(czech) is fascinated by NYC.

    Before you slag me off, I just returned from a few years in London and the food is atrocious.

  • Jon

    Roosh, obviously you haven’t been to Asia. In Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea there are conveniences stores everywhere that are open 24 hours. You can purchase food, rubbers, toothbrushes, and a multitude of other products.

    Not to mention, the women are not fat.

  • Nick

    Minimum wage in Australia = triple that of USA.
    We have more variety of local and foreign foods than anywhere I’ve ever been to. We can say, do, wear, sing, whatever the f*ck we please. Not one of your best posts there champ. People dislike America because they believe they are miles ahead of everyone, while ignoring massive crime, violence, imprisonment, drug abuse, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and so forth. The biggest economy and the biggest military do not make your country the best place to live.

  • szopen

    We don’t hate America for its freedoms. Take me — I came from Poland and Poland only few years ago was just one big America-loving camp. Even today we like America a lot. I looooved America. Nowadays, I like America, but I no longer love it.
    And the reason is that I met so many American arrogant, ignorant jerks. Sorry, but that’s true.

  • Andy

    Prague has awesome food, including places with good mac and cheese. Just saying.

  • Andrew

    Im confused, you make positive references to danish girls.
    “ Danish girls that make all your sexual dreams come true ?..”.
    I assume you wrote this before you went to Denmark or you simply put all Euro country in the same box, because of your inexperience at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be so gullible.

    When you are a leader of the world like america, you have to behave like a good daddy. Yet we don’t. We pollute the most, consume the most, we’re fat and let people starve, we comercially invade other countries…

    People hate us not for our freedom. They hate us because we own all the ressources and power and we keep everything to ourselves. In addition, we prevent them from reaching our levels, because we’re in competition with them.

  • invisiblehand85

    asia is awesome

  • OldManTakeALook

    As someone who’s hate and jealousy spiked when he described the Tercel/Land Rover situation…

    I will say it’s a nice sentiment you have there – that those who once had it easy, just hash it out over beer and no longer have any real achievements

    but the thing is, I’d kind of give anything to be part of that charmed circle. at least they have each other

    I just have my money, my hate, my self-improvement, and my red pill.

    I think they’re happier. And more popular. And they know it. And they don’t care that the “best” is behind them. They’re still having more fun than I am,

    Even if it “looks” like I’m the successful one.

    They know how to enjoy life. I’m still trying to make up for my perceived inadequacies from years ago.. the same insecurities that they originally planted in me, by being cool, popular, and funny, while I was a second-tier weirdo.

    I may be improving far faster than they are,
    but they started in so much of a better place
    they’ll never have the burden of “reformed beta” that eats at my heart and soul every morning I wake up
    they’ll never have the agonizing memories that I’ve tried to wallpaper over.