American Girl Personal Ad

Hello, I am an American girl who lives in Washington DC. Do you think you have what it takes to date me? I’ll go on a coffee date with a man who has all of the following:

I want you to be confident, but not so confident that you’re arrogant.

I want you to be witty and engaging in conversation, but not too witty that you make me feel dumb.

I want you to be intelligent, but not too intelligent that you’re a nerd.

I want you to be nice, but not too nice that you’re a pushover.

I want you to be fit and strong, but not so strong that you’re vain and look like a freak.

I want you to be funny, but not so funny that you’re a stand-up comedian.

I want you to be family oriented, but not so family oriented that you’re a momma’s boy.

I want you to take all my bullshit, but not the bullshit that is actually testing your masculinity.

I want you to compliment me, but not too much that I think you’re needy.

I want you to be aggressive in bed, but not so aggressive that I don’t feel any romance and tenderness.

I want you to be supportive when I have problems, but not so supportive that you’re like my dad.

I want you to take care of your appearance, but not so much that you look better than me.

I want you to have a successful job, but not so successful that you work long hours and neglect my needs.

I want you to be humble, but not so humble that other men come across as more accomplished than you.

I want you to be kind and send me flowers, but not too often or I’ll think you like me more than I like you.

 I want you to be affectionate, but not so affectionate that it smothers me.

I want you to be faithful, but not so faithful that I can’t at least suspect you could cheat with other women.

I want you to be serious, but not so serious that you’re not spontaneous and fun.

I want you to be a great conversationalist, but not so great that I have to wait long to tell you how I broke my nail.

 I want you to be independent, but not so independent that you don’t really need me.

Unless you fit every single one of above criteria, FUCK OFF. I don’t date LOSERS that are scared of a strong woman who speaks her mind. Also I know I have a big booty, but I don’t date black guys (I’m not racist because my BFF is black). I hope you don’t mind a full-figured woman who is at a healthy body weight.

Oh yeah, I have a 8-year-old daughter who I love WITH ALL MY HEART. You’re not going to get with this unless you can handle that. Don’t waste my time. Bye.

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  • thecaptainpower

    Haha, still hatin on DC Roosh??

  • Phil

    So ridiculous how in pop culture *men* are regarded as the sex with inflated egos.

    A man’s ego centers on things like how much he can bench and how much money he makes.

    In matters of sex and dating? It’s the women who think they are the bee’s knees.

    I once did a same-night make out with a girl back at her place, having met her a few hours earlier. Which *I* initiated. But I was dead to her after that night because I didn’t try to fuck her. Shame on me!

  • Alpha Persona – How to pick up girls

    She is almost the same width as her car.

  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    Alpha, I’m not sure which is heavier.

  • Jack

    Is this real or made up ?

  • Jim

    Run and don’t look back. Good grief American women just don’t get it.

  • tart

    I’m trying to filter good women from okcupid to my newly built website

  • greenlander

    Having moved abroad (Russia), I’ll be one of the first ones to say that American chicks are raving bitches.

    But even I can’t believe that this dating profile is real. It must be satire.

  • Anonymous
  • Soltero en Madrid

    I just threw up.

  • beta_plus


    You know what the punchline is: Russian girls who visit the US say that American chicks are raving bitches.

    I was stunned when a Russian girl in DC said this to me.

  • Virgle Kent

    LOL, wait are you sure you don’t date black guys? I know a dude that goes by Nigel that would beat it up like a champ

  • Sphere


  • Jon

    Wow, look at how far down American men have gone.

    In Asia, this bitch would be ridiculed and ignored by men. She’d be hurriedly exercising and starving herself so that she can function in society. A girl like her would not survive a day against thin, feminine, lovely, agreeable Asian women.

    As Roosh has said before in a previous article:

    It’s your fault (American man)

  • Mark

    I loved how there was just enough length in the profile that it pushed that photo “below the fold” and you read most of that profile until you saw that photo, maximizing the sheer ridiculousness of the demands in the profile. Very good job Roosh. That was great.

    I agree with the comment about her being as wide as her car and it reminded me of a joke.

    Man: Hey buddy, You ran over my wife. Didn’t you see her?

    Driver: I hit her, didn’t I?

    Man: Why didn’t go around her?

    Driver: I didn’t have enough gas.

  • madmax

    ah ah, I could not agree more, Roosh. These girls are so full of shit (and full of fat )

    The most ridiculous women are always the ones who overrate themselves. Even a slight overrating, it looks so ridiculous.

    But incredibly, I have seen ugly fat women who acted like they were hot. Ah ah, I love the entertainment.

    It’s a shame…

  • Turner

    haha Why are you even back in DC?

    I am in Italy at the moment and there is so much talent here it is sickening (note that it does come with lack of english, standoffish – hard to get attitude, and lots of italian grease monkeys that you are competing with) but nonetheless…skinny with huge tits it glorious.


  • Hugh

    I just feel sorry for the car. The suspension will be gone in no time.

  • Roosh

    This was satire. The picture was not.

  • Patrick

    I’ve never been in DC, but I’m afraid that it’ll be like that pretty soon in my homecountry Germany (if it isn’t already). Well done and sad,too.

  • As If

    These sort of fat slops are black guys bread and butter. No wonder people call you a liar.


  • greenlander

    @As If

    lol, what in the world is it with black guys and fat chicks? Their brains are just wired to want fat chicks. I don’t even get it!

  • Tania

    …and this one is requesting her man to be strong and fit….!

  • Animal Mother

    An All You Can Eat Buffets worst nightmare is when that walks in the door.

    When she eats you can probably hear her getting fat.

    Her morning shits must be glorious logs

  • Jai

    That is one of the girls who said that ” you can’t get laid in the u.s. “

  • anon

    “Oh yeah, I have a 8-year-old daughter who I love WITH ALL MY HEART”, so I’m only available for sexy time every other weekend when she’s with the sperm donor.


  • DAP

    I wonder how she fits in the car. She’s bigger than the damn car! I bet her stomach and titties get smushed by the steering wheel. Also, who was the drunk asshole who took one for the team and put a baby inside her? I know you don’t miss this bullshit Roosh.

  • doclove

    I say this as a former American Soldier and Iraq War and Afghanistan War veteran. American men mock women by saying, “I want (deep) fried ice.” Iraqi men mock women by saying, “I want roasted ice.” Afghan men laugh when you make the two previous comments. Afghan men laugh even more when you say, “Oh, daughter of Eve, has the snake(Satan) tricked you again?” Most Iraqi women only start to become fat after they get married, become pregnant and get older. Young American single women are fatter on average because of eating more deep fried foods and not exercising enough.

  • Raul Felix

    Women with kids thinking they deserve a man who has all those qualities. Stupid.

  • Therapsid


    I’ll go ahead and say it – black guys go for fat white chicks because they dig *white* chicks. Sure, they have a higher tolerance for thickness, but no race of men prefers fat women. The same is true for other minorities who date white women. The flip side is that some fat white women like black guys because they can get higher quality men than they would if they only dated their own race. You can see a similar phenomenon among some cougars.

  • Alan

    The text may be satire, but rest assured this is exactly what is running through the minds of today’s self entitled American pig vomit female.

    The problem is in America is there are legions of severly loved starved desperate men who are willing to do anything just to have any woman in his life, that the sack of shit as shown in the photo still will have no problems finding a man with no dignity or self respect.

    Its examples such as this I am so happy I fled wasteland USA.

  • Jay

    There are some women in the world who are attractive and pleasurable to look at. This is not one of them.

  • Rollo Tomassi
  • doclove

    Someone put this on Jezebel and other sites like it as well as mainstream media sites. Outside of some celebrities, American women are among the least desireable in the world because 1) they are less wife and mother worthy, 2) they are mean, more illogical, more immature as well as more willfully stupid(don’t confuse naivete or ignorance with stupidity) and more insane, 3) they are sluttier, and 4) they are fatter and uglier than most 1st world nations such as South Korea, Japan, Italy etc. as well as 2nd tier nations such as Poland, Russia, China etc. even though they could be much better looking if they wanted to do so. Yet American women think they are great and the best in the world. No, American Honey, it is American men who are the best or at least were the best in the world and you think you are the best because you rode on the backs of the American men. The USA’s greatness is in serious trouble and will most likely decline. The only thing a sane man, a wise man and a knowledgeable man does with them is use them for sport sex. Some of them aren’t even worth this. Ladies, your worth is based on the quality and quantity of men who are willing to enter long term relationships especially marriage not those who want sport sex with you. When you consider my last sentence, American women are the least desireable in the world. American women usually get pushed aside by all the foreign men including their own American men as well as the native men in foreign countries for long term relationships including marriage because the men are pursuing the native women or other foreign women. Foreign men,even men of her own nationality, as well as the native men in a foreign country pursue the native women and most other foreign women over the American women for short term relationships, and this includes sport sex too. Men of any nationality may use American women for sex, but they only do so because it is more convenient, and they would rather pursue most other nationalities women. These are all averages of course, and individuals may vary from whatever nationality they belong. American women, what does that tell you?

  • skeet_game

    roosh about Comment 18 –

    well the picture – and the pictured – IS the real joke.

  • doclove

    Whenever my previous post comes out of moderation, read this American women, accept it as true and weep. Then change yourselves. You could be better, but choose in mass not to do so. I know there are some exceptions and you are probably not one of them. Even if you are, you should want to improve yourself. So why don’t you do so?

  • The Watcher

    I thought satire was supposed to make you laugh? This shit only served to piss me off. Can’t stand fat, uppity chicks, real or fake.

  • Necorochi

    *Sings* LIMBO LIMBO LIMBO *Sings*

    Great Post!

  • Mr. Derp

    Roosh, I think those ballet flats are becoming the new flip-flops. The only girls I see wearing them look like they felt too lazy to put real shoes on.

  • V.

    I feel bad for that single mom heifer’s daughter. She’ll turn out just as bad as she is.

  • BBC for your White Wife

    Greenlander, are to mad that your fat wife ran off with a black guy? Or are you just trolling….

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    Dammit dude, you stole Friday’s post idea. Great work though, that’s so true. Every CL personal ever reads exactly like that. Love the pic at the end. That’s a hyyyoooooooogeeee bitch! Where’s my boy Nigel? We got a big fat ass that needs some big lovin’.

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    Oh yeah, and she’s not too fat – the car is too thin. I think it’s anorexic or something.

  • Colonel Crimson

    Great post. Particularly: “I want you to take all my bullshit, but not the bullshit that is actually testing your masculinity.”

    Oh and regards to your tweet, “Huge cow reporter cries on TV because a guy called her fat (via @callador),” you’ve inspired me to post a response to Ms. Livingston’s rant:

  • Simon

    No place like home eh Roosh 😉

  • Odds

    would savagely ravage that fine pussy

  • anonymous

    @ BBC

    Go back to your BBWs

  • speakeasy

    I know this piece is satirical in nature but there’s a depressing degree of truth within it.

  • BBC for your White Wife

    I wanna eat that bitch’s pussy

  • Brandon

    the sad thing is that once you’ve become that fat, you can’t just lose the weight. the stretch marks and skin flab will remaine unless there’s some extreme surgical intervention. in this woman’s case I wouldn’t even really recommend much dieting and exercise, but rather that she just settle for a weakling pushover.

  • gunslingergregi

    lol at making fun of pua’s

  • goy

    lol this is a hall of famer imo
    is this really on her okcupid account?

  • Peter Phoenix

    Great stuff!

    I’m actually ok with a lot of the list, the biggest problem is that the girl fills none of these for herself, making her the entitlement queen.

  • M3

    You just nailed 99% of all OKCupid and PoF profiles out there. Congrats. I couldn’t have summed this up better myself (although i tried!)

  • Brandon


    youre gay.

  • Spiralina

    @ 48 –

    You’re a troll. Black guys don’t eat pussy.

  • Phillyastro

    I remember when the BBC was a network in England.

  • Therapsid

    It’s interesting how her facial expression alone – even without considering her attire, hair, and makeup – is a flashing indicator that she’s a slut. That whole smirking into the camera thing is only done by hardcore cum guzzling sluts. Presumably, its also a defensive posture against all the semen catapulted onto their faces in bar parking lots. She regularly gets plowed by guys who have visible muscle definition. Thanks America.

  • gunslingergregi

    slow down brandin read the shit it is same shit puas talk about in reverse somewhat

  • gunslingergregi

    or if you want to get buck naked and mud wrestle it ain’t gonna happen

  • Buitre

    “I want you to take all my bullshit, but not the bullshit that is actually testing your masculinity.” … good one!!

  • Steve

    Ok that post actually made me laugh pretty hard, this shit is so true in Canada too. “be perfect but let me be a bitch who does whatever I want”, fuck that!

  • Buddhist Chick

    Roosh, I have some questions for you. First I want to say that even though you get some comments here saying you’re an ugly hairy beast, I think you are at least moderately attractive and with some tweaking could even be quite handsome. The body hair actually works in your favor, and of course the exotic Persian factor does too.

    Regarding that, are you Bahai or Parsee (Zorastrian)? What has been your experience, if any, dating Iranian American women?

    You often say you like “huge” booty, but how do you manage to find women with “huge” booties who are not at least slightly overweight? Its extremely rare for thin girls to have “huge” booties.

    Thankyou for taking the time to answer my questions!

    Lastly, here is what I posted the other day that I don’t think you saw;

    Roosh, I see you’ve taken some of the advice i offered you last year on upgrading your physical look. I like the beard but not the haircut. Would you be interested in what hairy style I think would suit you?

    “Some richness and tone is lost in translation, but rarely meaning. A Japanese guy who never approached a girl in his life would have no problem understanding me when I say “I got cockblocked by a 2″ if I phrased it thusly: “An ugly girl suddenly interrupted a conversation I was having with a desirable girl.””

    This is only true for surface level things like the example you use above. But when it comes to philosophical concepts that are culture dependent, meaning does get lost in translation, that’s why you will find some concepts cannot be accurately translated and you have to just use the original words in their original language.

    You see this more and more as Buddhism becomes the dominant religion in the United States, we use Pali and Sanskrit words for key concepts rather than their English translations.

  • Brandon


    don’t tease a good ol boy bout no mud wrestlin’ nahw.
    unfortunately, many of my comrads have shamefully wrestled pigs like that before.

    I recently watched a documentary about peculiar behavior in lions…a rare instance that involved the stalking and killing of cheetas. so basically, 3 cheeta brothers were basically trying to mount a female in heat when suddenly, a full-grown lion strikes in the bushes! 2 male cheetas escape, though the female suffers from blunt head trama within the grasp of the lion’s jaw. the 3 cheeta survivors were so amped up with testosterone that they hardly paid any attention to the lion and proceeded to attack each other. One male took a hit to a hind leg, and was unable to outrun the stalking lion… and his skull was crushed.


    I’d say sexual frustration is a big factor in determining one’s short and long-term happiness. And women in Amurica are generally being mostly fulfilled in that arena, and men have come up with more elegant forms of gaining consent

  • Brandon

    I know of decent girls getting less action than fat ugs, but prob. because the decent ones have incredible standards much like in this post. it is what it is, oh well. kinda funny and interesting

  • Mats

    Very nice

  • gunslingergregi

    well brandon i will admit that i have done one that big once but yea never did it again he he he
    stephen kind book made me try it and since i was modeling my life after it like a bible. Sometimes ya got to throw out parts of the bible.

    but yea i see where your coming from that it is true in a lot of ways but that is where you got to mold them into the perfect woman and if she ain’t moldable got to next

  • gunslingergregi

    i could actually be a pimp but i don’t want to do hard time nor do i want to stand on a street corner with a ho all day or drive a bitch around not my idea of a good time

  • gunslingergregi

    some serious cockblock there but i set up my bro’s with ho’s

    even tried to hook a bro up with a job no takers

    And women in Amurica are generally being mostly fulfilled in that arena””””””

    yea they getting fucked but they missing love they don’t know how the fuck to do it with them being brainwashed into not doing anything for the man and them being so fucking stupid to actually listen.
    commented on chatteues last post if you want to read it.

  • Brandon

    ‘stephen kind book made me try it and since i was modeling my life after it like a bible’

    I can see how that must’ve been frustrating for you..

    ‘yea they getting fucked but they missing love they don know how the fuck to do it with them being brainwash into not doing anything for the man and them being so fucking stupid to actually listen’

    yea, I can agree with you here.

  • Fubsy

    she’d be popular in the Sudan, a whole village could live off her for months…

  • racsO

    Holy crap that is so true

    I go to okcupid and these girls are so fucking entitled and their ego to the roof that I started calling them out.

    Some are hot (which I guess, whatever, they think they deserve it) but some are ugly and fat as hell. And they literally write shit like that.

  • Anonymous

    “I hope you don’t mind a full-figured woman who is at a healthy body weight”

    Since when has obese been considered a healthy body weight? Only in America! lol

  • spice girls generation

    If you want my future forget my past
    If you wanna get with me better make it fast
    Now don’t go wasting my precious time
    Get your act together we could be just fine

    I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want
    So tell me what you want, what you really really want
    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
    Really really wanna zigazig ha

    If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
    Make it last forever friendship never ends
    If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give
    Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is

  • По реке

    aaahahahahaha damn that’s hilarious. If any one of my friends from outside the US ask for a description of the average American girl, this link is going their way real quick. Good stuff.

  • Raj

    Funny thing is, I can forgive the looks but bad attitude? Never.

    Here in Canada, finding a good looking lady is the least of your problems.

  • revolting

    It is embarrassing that subhuman filth like this is allowed to roam the Earth.

  • asiandudetravel

    her asking price is wayyyy inflated than the true value of the product. She will get no buyer

  • anonnn

    Those flats she’s wearing used to be high heels.

  • Alles Gott in der Menschen

    what? i wish i could get a woman like that. i’d fuck the shit out of that, if i could. unfortunately i’m so uggo, even her 300 lb fat ass would turn me down

  • Anonymous

    the sad thing is, that girl still probably gets dozens of messages from desperate guys who actually want to fuck her.

  • Jack

    At buddist chick.
    Many black women have huge booties, even if they are perfectly slim. I wonder why Roosh never talks about them. Is he obeying the unwritten apartheid rule of the US ?

  • Take The Red Pill

    This delusional POS is one of the best reasons I’ve seen yet to GYOW! Overfed, over-privileged, and over-indulged to the point that this permascowl-wearing uggo heifer thinks that SHE has the right to make demands!

    “I want you to be independent, but not so independent that you don’t really need me.”

    Translation: “I want you to be such a non-confident, weak-willed magina wimp that I can walk all over you any time that I want.”

    “Unless you fit every single one of above criteria, FUCK OFF. I don’t date LOSERS that are scared of a strong woman who speaks her mind. Also I know I have a big booty, but I don’t date black guys (I’m not racist because my BFF is black). I hope you don’t mind a full-figured woman who is at a healthy body weight.”

    “Scared of a strong woman” — I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard THAT one from a nasty uggo bitch who has nothing to offer but attitude!
    “Big booty” doesn’t even BEGIN to cover what she has done to herself, and “healthy body weight”???? BITCH, please! There’s enough weight there for at LEAST two of you — but for someone of your uggo personality, one is definitely enough!

    And HER making demands?? Bitch, you may have ‘a’ pussy, but that doesn’t mean that you have something so precious that it gives you the privilege of making demands. EVERY woman has a pussy, so what you have is not so rare or valuable that it justifies your arrogance or narcissism. With your permascowl-wearing mug (“it MUST be a face, it has ears on either side of it”) your repulsive blimp of a corpus, and your toxic attitude, you should be grateful when a man even glances in your direction.

    This is one “LOSER” who finds that her nasty attitude combined with her narcissistic mentality, ugly personality, and overfilled body frame gives proof to the one-liner, “I wouldn’t f*ck her with a stolen dick!”

  • Russian

    OMG all this for this American Piglet!
    Totally agree with Roosh V !!

  • Artist71

    Roosh you claim it’s satire but I can tell you from 2 years of online dating experience that YOU NAILED IT! I’ve seen profiles almost exactly like that on pof, okc, match and zoosk as well as datehookup. Entitled whales and I’m fresh out of harpoons…

  • Fast Eddie

    If women actually stuck with all these demands then we would be seeing a decline in birthrates. No man would be good enough for them. Oddly enough, there was just such a report issued a couple days ago. The “social scientists” who wrote it explained that the decline in birthrates is due to the weak economy. Yeah, sure.

    On the other hand, an honest list of men’s demands would have exactly two: Sex, and don’t bug me.

  • Ollie

    This is her future. That sharp, tight, pain in her chest, the one she will soon feel
    – isn’t because of misogyny
    – isn’t because of “thin privilege”
    – isn’t the fault of the “patriarchy”

    That pain is what all puffy pampered princesses have coming to them.
    Feminist empowerment in its purest form – to the tune of two hundred thousand bodies per year.

    Fat shaming:
    It’s a celebration of life.

  • gunslingergregi

    On the other hand, an honest list of men’s demands would have exactly two: Sex, and don’t bug me.


    naaa fuck that any bitch can do that you need to have a laundry list of shit she needs to do to make you her career and keep her busy and interested and always thinking of you
    got to have standards

  • Donkey Puncher

    Its funny when some big fat bitch with nothing of value starts a sentence with “I deserve”.

  • Nomad77

    What’s her Okcupid handle?

  • phil

    so true

  • OttoAu

    THAT is why they should allow public hangings again…..

    OMG! I would/nt PISS on her[it] if *it* was on fire….

  • Anonymous

    Ollie – great post man. there is some very good info there.

    the worst thing about these whales isn’t their revolting appearance or attitude. it’s the fact that most of our healthcare resources are being wasted on treating their “disease”, which is 100 percent preventable. as a nation, we spend about twice as much on healthcare as the next highest spenders. we spend over 2.5 trillion, or one fifth of our GDP, on healthcare. about 75% is used to treat chronic diseases, which are mostly caused by obesity. a huge chunk of this money comes from government programs like medicare, medicaid, etc, which comes from taxes. this does not even account for other things like disability, which many of them are eventually able to collect. so basically, these people represent a HUGE burden on our economy and society as a whole. and even though they are some of the least productive members of society, we are paying huge amounts to support them.

    now as an american, it is everyone’s “god-given” right to be as unhealthy as they want to be, but how is it fair that healthy people have to pay the price for their laziness and poor decisions? why should we be expected to work hard and pay for all their healthcare expenses when they aren’t even willing to work hard enough to get off the couch and stop driving down cheeseburgers? and it sucks, because for all the resources we waste on them, we’re expected to just suck it up and if we ever say anything honest to address the issue it is just dismissed and labeled as “fat-shaming” or “misogyny”. their entitlement goes WAY beyond the realm of dating. seriously imagine how much better life would be if there were no fat people.

  • Juice

    @ 22 Greenlander I’m a Black guy the thing with the fat chicks is simple. It’s easy. I for one, an retiring from the heavies at an increase in work but also a boost to my self-esteem. So hide the skinny girls, I’m coming!

  • KC

    that was amazing

  • gunslingergregi

    amon its the millions of woman with free healthcare from daddy gov that go to hospitals and doctors all the time that is prob the biggest chunk of the healthcare dollar then ya know when ya get old and retire need more
    how many guys with no kids get a free card none the gov doesn’t care if they can go doctor or woman without kids working to contribute same

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    You should put out the other pictures of her that were originally featured in the post on your forum.

    This isn’t even the worst pic, which is saying something.

  • Fast Eddie

    Hey, I’m all for standards. I’m just saying most guys don’t have very stringent ones.

    As far as heathcare costs go, you’ve also got to keep in mind that women outlive men, so they’ve got more time to spend our tax dollars. Life ain’t fair, is it?

  • gunslingergregi

    and that fact that men still succeed even though not handed shit says something

  • J. Gumb

    Was she a great big fat person?

  • All_That_Is_Man

    This was right on the money, Roosh. The only thing I would’ve added was the “I eat healthy and workout at the gym” line that is in nearly every morbidly obese Americunt’s profile.

  • RespectTehTingles

    My spontaneous thought when seeing the picture:

    “Vade retro, shehog!”

  • Phoenix

    Here’s a thought I wanted to share:

    How much testosterone does each guy have who approaches a chick of this caliber?
    If you got high T, good. You’ll think of her as a joke and laugh her off with ease. It’ll come across as arrogance but she’ll be attracted to it and shit test more.

    If you got low T, you’ll suffer by kissing her ass and trying to be nice to her.

    So guys, my honest opinion says to save your hormones and preserve them for the next girl who’s willing to submit.

    Plenty of girls will act masculine and try to take the dick away from the man. If you have high T, you’ll get her to cave in, one way or another.

    So stop jerking off to porn, hit the gym, change your style, and come across as the masculine baffoon instead of the whiny emotional nice guy. That’s all I can say.

  • Mark

    Is there a way to include photos into comments of Roosh’s site?

    I am member of ColombianCupid and LatinAmericanCupid. While still not near as bad as American match sites, there is this creeping sense of entitlement that I can see. It’s not so much in the comments in the profile. These latin web sites all have women’s profiles that generally say almost nothing. “Soy una buena mujer que gusta la vida” or something like that. The arrogance in these profiles is in the age range they specify.

    It seems to be more prevalent and unreasonable with 38-42 year old women, Colombia cougar types I guess.

    So I have this special example of one that states she is 40 and I don’t believe it. I am sure she lied and put 39 when created her profile last year and this year it automatically incremented to 40. I generally assume any woman that says 39 is lying to keep from falling off of search filters. She looks 45 to me and she demands men be 32-40. So she has these pictures of her in “sexy” clothes that aren’t actually sexy and they don’t make it. She says she weighs 136 but Colombian girls generally weigh more than American girls, bigger bones I think and 136 for 5’7″ for a Colombian is actually a good body. I think this bitch is an arepa away from wieghing 150.

    I would love to post the photos if someone can tell me how.

    So I’m starting to see shit creep into foreign women at an ever faster increasing rate. I think attention whoring is getting epidemic on the match sites. The same women have been there for a couple of years. 5 or 6 years ago, they would be gone after a month. They would find a guy and drop off the site. Now they stay and stay.

    I can believe there are fewer relationships forming. K-2 visas have dropped since 2007. The media blames it on the economy. I think air fare is more costly. 2 years ago with two weeks you could find some deals for $700 and now all are $800. I imagine Europe has jumped significantly. But I am starting to think there is more attention whoring going on than actual searching for a spouse.

    It just might be becoming “Buyer Beware” in Colombia. Even with 20% more women than men in the 2005 census and at least 30% of the local men have no ability to even date much less have a relationship with women that are as greedy and hypergamistic as Colombian women, the bitches still are getting to be bigger bitches.

    Amazing. They all have internet and cable. They all watch the Kardashians, Disney Channel, Nick, MTV. The shows are exactly the same but with Spanish dubbing. So there really isn’t a shits bit of difference between any woman in Colombia under 30 and an American girl. They just hide it a little better because the men on the site are looking for a “Traditional” woman. So the girls play down the hypergamy and bitch side. But scratch the surface and she’s a bitch.

    And they are getting bitchier.

    I am also a member of MillionaireMatch and I see foreign girls on that site after they dumped the beta that got the visa for them and go hunting for big game on that site.

    Colombian girls on MillionaireMatch are hands down even worse than American girls in the bitchy attitude they get after getting the visa. They are super bitches. Their hypergamy is the real deal, like how a professional football player makes a college player seem. American girls are amateurs in comparison to one of the Colombian girls after dumping that beta. Hypergamy is part of what makes an American girl but she has a job to fall back on and that keeps her from being super greedy. A Colombian girl’s job is hypergamy. So if you think your Colombian is just oh so much sweeter than Americans, you better think again. She’s hiding her tendencies.

    So if anyone knows how to post photos let me know.

  • Jay in DC

    @63 “Buddhist Chick”— Suggetion for you-

    Roosh is going to be in DC a few days, God Bless Him and PBUH, but if you understand spirituality, the spirituality all religions bring -particularly- one like Zorastrianism, let us hang out at the RooshOut Oct 13th. RooshV prolly knows fuck all about your religion but will talk shit to put his semen into you like he should. I, ON THE OTHER HAND, know much of Buddhism, Zorastrianism, and Universaltarnism, because why? On a geniune level, I find many faiths fascinating, on a disingenous level, I find highly “spiritual” chicks sometimes to be the most fuckable and enjoyable. Let me know if you want to hang out on Oct 13 in DC. I’m down baby…

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  • ZZBadBoy

    Lol this song reminded me of this ad. It would deflate that fattie’s ego in a minute. (PS I shamelessly copied it from CH !)

  • Michelle

    You guys make me laugh! I think the same of American men. Which is why I married a Frenchman. I’m american btw, and have never been over a size 4, even after 2 kids. Honestly, I was treated so poorly by American men..they didn’t appreciate my straightforwardness. They also have a horrible madonna/whore complex, which I find refreshingly absent from most men in France, as well as in other European countries. American men are SO uptight about sex as well. Europeans aren’t..and are ok with a woman actually liking sex and not playing BS games.

  • All_That_Is_Man

    ^Michelle is a cunt. Your poor beta, Frenchman husband will never understand that you are the trash that American men avoid like the plague.^

  • J Doe

    “Two tenets (of modern feminism): 1. men are jerks, and 2. women should strive by all means to become like them.”
    ― Douglas Wilson

  • David

    I call them checklist girls, rarely found outside of the US. I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving Italy after living there for 4 years in my military days. Women are women there and the worst Italian girl in bed usually trumps the best American one.

    I came back and went to college in the states and got brainwashed into the “nice guy” crap and barely got laid for a decade. Never surrender your sack for a increasingly infrequent piece of ass.

    At least I never lowered my standards on looks thank God or I might be stuck with one of these beasts here.

  • nikki

    As a paramedic, my back hurts just looking at the picture.

  • OMG

    This is not real surely?

    This beast must be acting the part and been plied with fillers and makeup as a joke right?

  • Lollerskates

    “Honestly, I was treated so poorly by American men..they didn’t appreciate my straightforwardness. ”
    Oh really, that’s too bad because straightforwardness is what men dream about, we just love more loud angry bitching.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Here in NYC there would also be an 100k plus income requirement

  • SowerOfAsh

    I honestly wish these women would kill themselves.