American Girls Don’t Use Condoms Anymore

I’m shocked at the behavior of American women when it comes to condom use. Middle class white girls are, hands down, the dirtiest, filthiest type of girl I’ve been with. Most of them only care about using condoms for the first instance of sex, and a sizable percentage don’t even care if you use one at all for that first time, whether or not it’s a one-night stand where she has only known you for a couple hours.

Raise your hand if you’re scared of AIDS.

I don’t see many hands out there. The only people scared these days are OCD freaks who can’t get laid, because it’s just not on the radar anymore. It’s a way they can rationalize their miserable, sexless existence. I even sense that a lot of people have accepted they’ll contract HPV at some point in their lives. Girls have told me in sweet embrace that I probably have it, but are willing to bang without a condom anyway.

If I was as dirty as them, I could probably have raw dog sex with 95% of all white girls, regardless of socioeconomic background. I only have met one girl that was super serious about using condoms, but I eventually fucked her without a condom too, so actually I change that to 100%. I could bang every white girl who lives in the United States without a condom if I desired, within three dates. I’m not kidding. I could do most of them raw dog on the same night. Here’s how to do it…

1. For the first time appear really studious about using condoms.Tell her “I like to be safe” and “I’m very careful.”

2. Ask her if she’s been tested a few minutes after the first bang. Say, “I’m not trying to get anything.” This makes her think you’re extra cautious. She’ll ask if you’ve been tested. Say “Yes.” Don’t worry, she won’t ask when you were tested, how many girls you fucked raw since you were tested, and what you were actually tested for. Even if you’ve never been tested, you can say “Not recently, but I’m 99% sure I don’t have anything,” and that’ll be just fine for her.

3. When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in. If she objects, get a condom and try again next time. By the fourth of fifth time, you’ll be banging raw guaranteed.

I’ve had several girls try to insert my beautiful naked cock inside them while chanting a barely audible “Get a condom.” It’s like the pussy has a mind of her own, acting as a master for the miscellaneous matter attached to it.

At first I thought I was just sleeping with the sluttiest of sluts, but I looked at their middle class background (sometimes upper class), and their circle of seemingly normal friends, and realized that it wasn’t the type of girl but the culture that she was raised in. We’re simply not educating people on how to have safe sex anymore. It’s the 21st century and Americans are being taught abstinence (!!!) instead of how to put on condoms like in Brazil or most European countries. Even the act of distributing free condoms in high school is controversy enough to make the news, complete with obligatory interview with a fat-ankled woman screeching, “We shouldn’t be in the business of encouraging sex!”

I’ll tell you when I should’ve been scared straight. Years ago I was dating this girl for a while (“a while”—hah) and did it raw dog one time. She wasn’t on the pill so it was the exception, but in that moment of weakness I ravaged her with my snake and came all over her chest like a champion. I wasn’t too concerned with my slip.

On a later date she told me “I love sex.” She really stressed the love—I mean she bellowed it through the bar so that other people could hear. Girls who love sex can’t go long without it, so some prying on my part revealed that she fucks quite a bit. In order words, I was on the tail end of a cock bender so legendary that it’s a miracle her vagina offered any resistance at all upon penetration. Then the anxiety kicked in and I began daily examinations of my cock for any irregularities, which continued for a while (I pretty much memorized the topography of my cock with these inspections), but my anxiety didn’t subside. A couple weeks afterwards I asked her why she let me have sex with her without using a condom.

“I trust my instincts,” she said.

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked.

“Well, do you have anything?”

“No. Well, I’m 99% sure I don’t.”

“Okay then. So then my instinct was right.”

“Oh god.”

There are women whose “instinct” told them that having raw dog sex with me was safe! Me! A guy who basically fucks women for a living! I ended up having a mild panic attack, but eventually that went away and I continued to have the “occasional” slip.

Girls are supposedly the more intuitive of our species, but if so many feel right about fucking me without a condom, then I must conclude that they don’t know shit. They’re all dirty little whores who truly disgust me with their sex habits. I don’t care if she’s a lawyer, government worker, or environmentalist—if she lives in a metropolitan city and fucked you by the third date, she’s a bucket of disease and you’d be a moron not to bag it up. A man deserves the STDs he gets.

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  • Neo

    The worst feeling in the world is the paranoia that ensues after banging a girl raw who you know is dirty. Also the fact that if you did contract something serious (HIV or certain forms of Hep) the surface antigens are not detectable in the blood right away. That could be up to 6 months of wondering whether you have something. Fuck that. I had a paranoia attack about 4 years ago, never again.

    I am also surprised by lots of girls lack of caring especially in relation to their jobs(Nurses, elementary school teachers etc.)it just doesn’t matter. But yes wrap it up every time.

    Neo’s last blog post: I don’t care about your career..

  • Realdeal

    “if she lives in a metropolitan city and fucked you by the third date”

    90% of women in metropolitan cities will have fucked you by the third date, their reasoning: they want to test drive you before committing.

    It is quite rare these days that young couples form without casual sex being involved, if the guy doesnt push for sex, she’ll sleep with the next bloke in line.

  • Evan

    At first I thought I was just sleeping with the sluttiest of sluts, but I looked at their middle class background (sometimes upper class), and their circle of seemingly normal friends, and realized that it wasn’t the type of girl but the culture that she was raised in. We’re simply not educating people on how to have safe sex anymore. It’s the 21st century and Americans are being taught abstinence (!!!) instead of how to put on condoms like in Brazil or most European countries. Even the act of distributing free condoms in high school is controversy enough to make the news, complete with obligatory interview with a fat-ankled woman screeching, “We shouldn’t be in the business of encouraging sex!”

    Such anxiety. The exposed sex market looms, and these people know in their bones that real alternatives–archaic, traditionalist ones–don’t really exist in a widely-understood, organized form. The condom screeching is an expression of panic and desperation, and obviously of cowardice.

  • Flip

    It is pretty scary but I think this has always been the case with many a woman. Rush do you think that it might because of your “average” looks? The fact that you are educated and have a background in Science, look like a “normal” average obtainable guy, who girls think it will be easier to keep, not to mention that you don’t appear a flashy pimp kind of dude.

    The good news, is that for heterosexual men who stick to vaginal sex, the chance of contracting something dire like HIV is very low. Low meaning, even if she has the virus, lack of abrasions or blood (open sores or cuts) from her vagina and lack of open abrasions or sores on your penis simoutaneously, really lowers the chances greatly.

    Start banging bareback in the ass and your chances increase greatly for all disease, esp. HIV and Hep.

    What sucks though, is that catching herpes, genital warts, chlymidia, syph., Gonorea etc are all waaay more likely to happen and though they won’t kill you, they sure do suck badly. Herpes will haunt you forever and the warts you got to get burnt off. The rest just burn like shit, are embarrasing and require stout doses of penecillin. No fun.

  • Rivelino

    “They’re all dirty little whores”

    Excellent piece, Roosh. I think you are at your best when you write social commentary. Your criticisms of America are spot on.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: I have my first date in ten years this Sunday at 2pm.

  • Tampa

    If you only knew how many girls have Herpes. I can’t believe people are so niave. The CDC says one out of four. So if you sleep with about 15 chicks, the chances of you running into it has to be in the 80%.

    If you sleep with black chicks….it’s nearly 100%.

  • Tony Snow

    I always wear condoms now. I remember having friends in college that thought they were so cool that they always raw dogged sluts and saying how they can’t fuck with a condom. I agree that condoms make it less pleasurable but you basically have no worries after sex if you use a condom. When you fuck girls who will fuck you by the first, second, or third date raw-dog you are playing russian roulette.

  • Omega Man

    Often they will want you to use a condom, but when they see it’s not happening with one, they will let you go without.

    I think women go without condoms for the same reason men do- condoms suck. I’m going to work on conditioning my dick to function with condoms but I’m not looking forward to it.

    Omega Man’s last blog post: The Missing Parts Of Life.

  • Culdcept

    Condoms do suck, but I’ll always use one too unless I can go with the girl to get tested. Even if a girl said she was tested, I wouldn’t believe her. Besides STD’s, there’s pregnancy too.

    The big issue is that it only takes one slip up to ruin your life for quite a while. You’ll be fine and then one day you’ll get something (or someone) and it’ll all be over.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: The burden has been lifted.

  • ExtraStout

    The good news is that it’s impossible for a straight guy to catch HIV through normal, heterosexual sex.

    Think about it. All the raw dog sex going on out there, and yet there still isn’t a heterosexual HIV epidemic. It’s a disease for gays and needle-sharers.

    All the rest are harmless and/or can be cleared up with a little medicine.

    The biggest worry is knocking her up and getting stuck with 18 years of mother support disguised as “child support”.

  • simon

    I hate hate hate hate condoms. I will usually raw dog after a couple months with a girl, as long as she’s on the pill.

    Pregnancy is not fun.
    The possibility of herpes on your cock is not fun and scares me more than HIV.

    Just wrap it up so you don’t have to check out your dick every day for the next week, paranoid of every discoloration.

    simon’s last blog post: Meeting Girls at Raves/Electronic Music Shows.

  • bcg

    this post is like a lady gaga song – i would never tell my friends how much i like it, but in my heart i love it.

  • Diabolical SouthPaw

    Herpes and Warts can be passed even if you wear a condom. Condoms keep out the deadly stuff, but by the very nature of it sex is a dirty, dirty game. Viruses and bacteria seek out mucuous membranes, warm moist environments and breaks in skin, even if microscopic. It goes against our biological to use a condom and prevent pregnancy and anything that could come along with it. Our gene’s of understanding of STDs is almost nil or else we wouldn’t be here using the internet thousands of years after people stalked the plains. Every girl you have ever had sex with has probably taken the cawk raw. I think this goes way beyond a cultural/american thing. On a sub-concious level girls fuck to make babies and condoms stop babies, so eventually that thin piece of latex is coming off. Anti-viral/microbial lubes should be the next big break through for prevention of disease-I say this because if we can prevent STDS and allow sex without condoms it is a win/win because you can get her on the pill and people can keep their infections to themselves.

  • Diabolical SouthPaw

    “It goes against our biological to use a condom ”

    Should be- It goes against our biological imperative to use a condom

  • Solo

    Great topic

    I personally am paranoid as well, some of these girls make it “too easy”. I can’t lie though, I’ve boned my share of chicks raw, it just doesn’t feel the same with a condoms on. It’s scary to me though how easy it is, some of these chicks I’ve boned raw after just

    It’s fucked up, but once you go raw it’s hard as hell to go back to the plastic

    Solo’s last blog post: SOS (State of Solo).

  • Culdcept

    I’m actually more scared of pregnancy than STD’s. I would never trust a girl that says she’s on the pill. 18 years of child support is much scarier than a skin disease. There are plenty of girls out there who would be happy to have a baby and bill you for it.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: The burden has been lifted.

  • Solo

    CC you can always push her down the stairs….

    Solo’s last blog post: Video of the best Mack/Pua Under 18!.

  • The Rookie

    one girl told me “you better have a condom on.” i did, but then i could have ripped it off no problem. she was just trusting that i had it on. but i knew she was a slore so i kept it on.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: BCN: First Night.

  • Ferdinand Bardamu

    Those middle-class girls are crazy. I hear some of ’em will even go ass-to-mouth:

    Ferdinand Bardamu’s last blog post: Higher education is a scam.

  • Chicken Little

    So we all agree that babies are the worst STD one could have.

  • Superman

    I cannot fathom the thought of fuckin a girl w/out a condom the first time.

    Superman’s last blog post: UMD Girls Love Sushi.

  • Fireworks56


    Don’t you know that good looking people don’t have STDs?!? =o)

    After a major pregnancy scare in college, I decided to keep track of my notches over the last 10 years, with varying factors such as flag, raw dog or not, ass play involved, venue I met her at, if “cross pollination” was involved, if I jizzed in her, etc. It has provided a statistical measurement of my game.

    I found that I have raw-dogged roughly 75% of my notches, and of these raw dogs, have jizzed in about 40% of them. It’s important to control for factors such joking about RU-486, willingness to vaccuum that s$&^ out, lack of Christian symbols on bedroom walls, profession (nurse working in a hospital, etc. vice unemployed without health care), age (a few cougars have entered the mix), cunninglitis beforehand to “check it out”, etc. Maybe I get away with it more than most since I stay in top shape and the assumption is (rightly so) that I take care of my health and go for annual checkups (of course if it has been 11 months since my last one… bets are off).

    *** Knock on wood *** no child support cases have been brought upon me.

    Part of the reason we get into the game is because, frankly, there’s no better feeling in this universe than pinning a girl down and blasting your cum deep inside her as she screams in orgasmimal delight as her vaginal walls contract and convulse your cum deeper inside her… then doing it with a different girl the next night. The full force of evolution can be at work within us if we can only learn to listen to it sans the white noise of society.

  • OGNorCal707

    Out of the last 6 girls I’ve banged only one wanted me to use a condom (it was our first time), one actually told me to take it off (and I did), one told me to put it on (but like Roosh says, she basically mumbled this while I was already pumping away), and the rest didn’t say anything. I thought girls were the ones that were supposed to be responsible about condoms, I really doubt it decreases their pleasure sensation any where close to a guys. I’d agree that there is no question, that condoms suck, and I’m at the point where I only really want to use them if I have reason to believe a girl is a massive slut, but in this day in age you really can’t know for sure. I would agree that the vast maj, of white girls in America, are down to raw dog.

  • Hydrogonian

    This article is one big dose of truth.

    I used to ‘not care’ and go raw dog until the first time a girl got pregnant. Disease didn’t scare me (and yes, every ‘three date’ girl out there is a huge risk. The hot ones even more so, as they have more sex). It took a pregnancy. Now, I don’t care what a girl says, I always wrap. I hate condoms like I hate nothing else. But its just not worth it, and you can’t trust a girl to be on the pill.

  • Anonymous

    I am more afraid of pregnancy than a disease. I wouldn’t even trust a woman who says she is on the pill. women lie.

    it’s probably worse for those of us who are pro-life.

  • tomtud

    Dirty girls will be dirty girls!!! I would just like to add, that white middle class girls aren’t necessarily the dirtiest…. Hispanic and black women outrank them in the disease department. Nevermind TPTs as well… Folks, wrap it up with whoever you meet. Each time I get tested for HIV (I go yearly) at the clinic I see pictures and last time saw some dude who looked quite sick (guessing it was Hiv)… just messes with my mind.

    Wrap it up!

  • Celtic

    I’ve had a girl accuse me of fathering a child. Scariest fucking thing of my life. I never want to to go through that again.

    I will not fuck a girl without a condom unless I was 100% sure she was on the pill and I completely trusted, or if it was a girl I wanted to have a kid with.

  • Zictor

    I can’t believe what read here. Please tell me that I am wrong, do I actually sense an air of smugness from Roosh? Is he really criticizing girls who didn’t use a condom with him while totally ignoring the truth that is just as stupid as they are?

    And do people really think that STD’s are something to be trifle with?

    I had read an article about how people aren’t using condoms anymore, but it really surprises me the degree of irresponsibility that I am reading here. These aren’t men, these are boys who can’t control their weenies.

  • Matt

    I agree with the majority here, it’s not STD’s that scares me but child support.

    Don’t know what the system is like in America but in the UK there is zero chance of getting away from it & from memory they take 20% of your disposable income straight out of your pay cheque!!!

    Heard one guy got stuck with an unplanned pregnancy with a girl he just met, he’s solution was to invest 9months of his life to her convincing her she didn’t really want the baby ether (but couldn’t stomach a abortion) so once it was born & they had given up the baby for adoption he was out of there. Damn cold but only solution if you don’t want it & she wont get rid of it.

  • ptk

    Awesome Post.. Hilarious and yet so true at the same time..

    Props Roosh

    ptk’s last blog post: Reflection: life and learning.

  • Flip

    Yeah whoever said you cannot get HIV from hetero / vaginal sex is plain wrong. It’s more difficult but the day you bang her after you’ve had a rough blow job with an abrasion on your piece and she is starting her period, or your immune system is low, or its the 100th time you’ve banged her and you both get some little bit of friction and some fresh blood is exchanged is the day you are going to get it.

    As much as I agree that it is primarily still an iv drug/anal sex disease, everyone still has that “one time” that gave it to them and you can bet that there are dudes getting it through straight sex.

    I read an article once that suggested a numbers game with contracting serious things like HIV/Hep. Meaning that if you are having unprotected sex with a girl who is infected, you might be ok the first few times, but eventually if its 100th time or the 300th time sooner or later you are going to get it.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me like you just described the habits of quite a few EE woman..

  • Vincent Ignatius

    At first I thought I was just sleeping with the sluttiest of sluts…

    You were. American women are the sluttiest of sluts.

    Vincent Ignatius’s last blog post: The Case For Game.

  • TAllagash

    by the time she’s DTF, she’s rationalized all the invisible factors that will keep her from doing the deed. this is more like a fallout of the other stuff done to minimize her general resistance to sex/fooling around/being into you

    TAllagash’s last blog post: No Country for Young Men.

  • choichoi

    on one hand I can see that this raises alot of concern but there’s so much contradiction here. On one hand you have guys bashing U.S. chicks for not wanting to put out for a while (i.e. bitch shields, cb,SFOs) then you got guys bashing them because they put out ” too easily” and without a condom which is what alot guys want in the first place. we guys may make the claim that “girls/women don’t know what they want” but do we even know what we want in the end?

  • PUA Movie

    Appearantly this movie about Mystery and Neil Strauss was released last Valentines Day:

    Have you seen it?

    A review?

    Take not of the “advisory” at the bottom.


    Not something they had to worry about…

  • Herpes

    Some facts about herpes:
    – condoms reduce the rate of transmission by ONLY 30%
    – 1 in 5 women has HSV2 (usually genitally)
    – 1 in 2 black women has HSV2 (which is why I don’t pursue women who sleep with black guys)
    – A majority of the population has HSV1 orally, and HSV1 can be transferred to a partner’s genitals
    – Most STD screens do not test for the herpes virus. If you didn’t specifically ask to be tested for herpes, you can be sure you were not tested for it.
    – 80-90% of those with genital herpes are unaware they have it

    Probably a lot of the PUAs have genital herpes and are acting as superspreaders.

  • NYCBachelor

    You know- the funniest part of this whole article is that you could reverse the gender on all the pronouns and write it from a female perspective… and it would still make perfect sense.

    Wanting to fuck without a condom, diseases be damned, is a human impulse- not a gender specific one; it a bit silly to judge women for letting us raw dog when we want to, and will do it, in the first place- when we’re supposidly the more “logical” of the two genders.

  • tomtud

    Herpes,, where did you get your statistics?

    As for women sleeping with black guys,,, well to sleep with them or not afterwards is your choice. Black guys got a bad reputation for sleeping with anything (fat white women etc) but to each their own. This is one of the reasons why (as stupid as it is) why it s a turn off for me (I’m not alone) when a woman you are interested in slept with black men. I just picture a fat white woman.

  • PUA Movie

    Underclass Black men are often seen with fat white women, but the gainfully employed middle class and up Black men are often seen with HOT White women.

  • Herpes

    @tomtud: I’ve done a lot of reading up on herpes. This is a good research article to start with:

    @PUA Movie: I agree. I’ve seen lots of middle and upper class black men with hot white women. The meme of black men only getting fat white women is the one that lets us sleep better at night, but it’s bullshit.

  • tomtud

    Herpes,, thnx!

    PUA,, if the up and middle class black men are with hot white women,,then who are the hot black women dating? I have tasted chocolate, and I think black women in general have better bodies (butt, legs and tits) than any other race… Aside from the herpes stats,, they are a better choice then a lot of the white women I see people go crazy for.

  • PUA Movie

    Tomtud, I agree with you, Black people’s bodies are splendidly sculpted. Some Black women do date and marry non-Black men. In the US though this is a very slim minority. Many Black women prefer the muscular, toned, and well-endowed bodies of Black men and are a little bit scared that if they get with a non-Black man, the sex won’t be as good. You can check out some of the Black female blogs where they discuss this.

    My opinion? The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

  • PUA Movie

    “Part of the reason we get into the game is because, frankly, there’s no better feeling in this universe than pinning a girl down and blasting your cum deep inside her as she screams in orgasmimal delight as her vaginal walls contract and convulse your cum deeper inside her… then doing it with a different girl the next night. The full force of evolution can be at work within us if we can only learn to listen to it sans the white noise of society.”

    NO. The full force of evolution is with those who succeed in replicating their DNA. People like you who fail to do so are Darwinian failures.
    You may be having “fun” as a Darwinian failure, but a failure you still are.

    To all of you men who are going without condoms, you are literally taking your life into your own hands. And I’m sure you’re the types who cry, kick and scream about child support if/when you get someone pregnant.

  • Pingback: Linkage ! « Paul The King()

  • whorefinder

    The chances of a straight man getting AIDS are nil, unless his penis or her vagina have open cuts/sores on it. The entire “everyone can get AIDS” scare was cooked up by gay rights groups to try to get more funding for what is still a gay male disease.

    Teaching kids how to put condoms on won’t do shit for STD rates. It’s not a magical cure, Roosh, and in places in the US where sex education is promoted and explicity the STD and pregnancy rates don’t change. The reason the foreign women you’re banging use condoms is because they’re less slutty than American girls, period. Feminism hasn’t taken hold as strongly in their cultures and they still have some residual kick from religion that makes them worry about sleeping around. A slutty woman has less care for her body than a non-slutty one, and she will bang off condom because she’s more concerned with immediate pleasure than long term consequences.

    whorefinder’s last blog post: Hookers are flaky, unprofessional bitches..

  • Hydrogonian

    “On one hand you have guys bashing U.S. chicks for not wanting to put out for a while…”

    Haha…where are these girls?

    “PUA,, if the up and middle class black men are with hot white women,,then who are the hot black women dating? I have tasted chocolate, and I think black women in general have better bodies (butt, legs and tits) than any other race… Aside from the herpes stats,, they are a better choice then a lot of the white women I see people go crazy for.”

    A better choice? How much experience do you actually have with black women?

    A better choice pertaining to maybe .01% of black women that are both middle/upper class, sane, AND good looking. Your leaving out the personality factor. Most white men wouldn’t want to deal with the peculiarities of the average black woman’s personality. Think aggressive, in addition to some other things. Everyone is different, but on the whole, there are certain traits, that seem to be present, on average. Black women have traits that can make them a LOT of fun to hang out with. The question being if you can make it long term. But there are exceptions to every rule.

    And I would say that they have ‘different’ bodies than any other race. ‘Better’ depends on your preference. Depends what your looking for. They certainly have more muscle tone, if they are in shape. However, they also have a different shape to their ass. I prefer a more subtle curve. Tits are the same across all races. Zero titty difference, for women who are in similar shape.

  • PUA Movie

    You’re wrong about HIV being only a gay man’s disease. In South Asia at least it is heavily skewed towards men who frequent prostitutes and then come home and pass the same onto their wives and then they give birth to HIV babies. It’s really sad.

  • Chicken Little

    @ 38 NYCBachelor

    “You know- the funniest part of this whole article is that you could reverse the gender on all the pronouns and write it from a female perspective… and it would still make perfect sense.”

    Sorta like this. White lush carpeted condo (pussy)and dirty boots (cockas) or public restroom floor (American girl’s vag) and white suede Italian loafers (cockas).

  • T

    Hmmm…this post is kind of scary.

    I have been having an itchy dick after I banged this hot slut I know.

    Mostly likely it’s jock itch since I work out a lot and sweat a ton, but still…makes you wonder.

  • Herpes

    Herpes is often mistaken for other things, which is why 80-90% of those who have genital herpes are unaware they have it. A girl (or guy) saying she is clean means nothing if she hasn’t been tested for herpes, and almost nobody gets tested for it.

    Combine the above with the fact that condoms provide little protection against herpes, along with the possibility of oral-genital transmission, and it’s easy to see why it’s so widespread.

  • Fireworks56

    Self proclaimed PUA Movie pusher @ #44

    I wouldn’t be so quick to scrutinize. Sure, replace “force of evolution” with “primal urges satisfied to the max” if that allows the world to rebalance and reharmonize itself in your eyes. I would hardly think one concerned with straight edges in the world would have much natural success with women. Consider that perhaps there are factors unknown to you… you never know if I was once a prolific sperm donor during my college years to pay for the party lifestyle, which render all of your points moot. Game, sex, and relationships are risky business, obviously not everyone has the stomach for it. To every man his own.

  • PUA Movie

    White boys don’t need “game”. They just need to hang with the chocolate crowd every now and again and some of their smooooooooooooooooth moves might rub off.

    Or not.

    Black Men: The only men on Earth who can profit from their sexuality like women can

    Don’t hate.

  • Herpes

    LOL, you can bet that if a white woman went to the Caribbean by herself or with girlfriends, she’s got herpes, whether she paid for her rasta or not.

  • tomtud

    PUA,,, gotta question,,, calling a white man white boy and a black man ,, just that don’t you think that is a bit racist?? I find it so.

    But,, yeah, black men have an exotic sorta feel in the west who profit from many factors (look, society etc) in getting the opposite sex. However, if you look at black men who are educated and don’t have that cool factor don’t get the typical white girls who go for the black men with swagger etc. They get white women who are educated who wouldn’t even give the men with swagger a look…

    Hydrogonian,, I have had experience with black women, but not so much. True,, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • PUA Movie

    Tomtud, I’m not talking about “thug swagger” here. Black men have rhythm and it comes across in all they do. They have higher T levels and better muscle structure. Whether they are Corporate brothers or thugs (same thing?) – the testosterone and rhythem are there.

    Science has discovered that guys should dance because it sends of mating signals for “good genes”

    But not just any ol’ dancing will do.

    White boys will have to learn from you-know-who.

  • choichoi

    @ tomtud
    you’re def right. black women have some of the best bodies but there would be alot more hot black women if they improved there diets, exercised more and treated their hair better (going natural). Too many black chicks in Atlanta have visibly unhealthy skin (i.e.: blotchy, stretch mark and/or lot’s of visibly synthetic hair that they flaunt as if it were real. This really makes it harder for me to not pursue other ethnic groups.

  • whorefinder

    PUA Movie, if your friends went to a hooker and got aids, they either banged her s raw dog with open sores or banged/got banged by trannies/men. Open sores are the only way a straight man gets AIDS if he’s only banging ladies.

    AIDS is a gay man’s disease. Those guys who get it are either gay, on the DL, bi, or doing serious drugs.

    whorefinder’s last blog post: Hookers are flaky, unprofessional bitches..

  • tomtud

    PUA ,, I will have to learn from black boys on how to dance hip hop for sure… but,, I will have to learn from latins to learn how to dance salsa! 😉
    But, I definitely agree with you,, blacks have different genetics in general. There are exceptions of course. Maybe Charles Darwin can shed some light on this… Maybe we evolved from monkeys and apes just different kinds. Who knows.

    On having game, well is having swagger natural or was it learnt from parents and family? Studying black families from different groups and environments might shed some light on this.. However, this is for another day to discuss..

    choi choi agree with you…

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  • Abelard Lindsey

    I’m not concerned about HIV. However, I am concerned about Herpes, which is easily transmissible. Nearly 25% of all American women are infected. There are other easily transmissible diseases such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia that large numbers of women get each year. I know these are curable. But why get infected in the first place?

    Then there’s the issue of pregnancy. Are all of these women on the pill? How can you be sure that the girl you have the fling with is really on the pill? Knock the girl up and you are looking at 20 years of wage-slavery. A rather high cost for condom-free sex.

    I do not understand these women nor the men that fuck them.

  • PUA Movie

    Tomtud, if you observe the dancing techniques of various peoples around the world it is very interesting. Some are developed in upper body movement – chest, arms and head, some are developed in lower body movement – feet and legs, some are developed in the abdomen and hips – arabs/bellydancing, some are developed in the pelvis, etc. While breakdancing is quite a feat, dancing to hip hop is not, it’s quite easy. But the lucidity of the pelvis that Caribbean folks have is something else! Youtube search the “Trini whine” or “Dolla/dollar whine”.

  • Ian Mc

    What’s up Roosh!
    Favorite quote from my brother:

    “ive never had a guy as adamant about condoms as you before”
    ummmm really?
    let me get another one

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  • Joe

    Its not just raw dogging that women will do.

    You can tell them you have herpes, you’re as, careful about it as you can be, and you don’t want to wear a condom,

    and they’ll say ‘I really appreciate you telling me’ and fuck you immediately with no condom

  • Esol Esek

    Wow, I read some stupid stupid shit here. HPV may not be a problem for the guy, but its a problem for every girl you fuck afterwards, including the mother of your children. Herpes, don’t have it after decades of sex, and no mister, I dont want it. I dont want to tell some chick I have it either. At some point in your life, you dont have to fuck multiple partners even if you still want to badly sometimes. Bottom line is that lots of sex really doesnt lead to much of anything if you dont procreate. What you do in your career matters a lot more, though going off the market does rot your hangout skills a bit, but then you can just shoot the shit in bars without having to score some annoying brat.
    Anyway, there lots of men that get HIV through hetero sex. Maybe not so much in the US, but in other countries plenty, so you have to be a complete idiot to think it doesnt matter. Not only that, Hepatitis is no walk in the park. Say bye bye to your liver and drinking and hello to an early death. And you never know what new STD is around the corner. I lost a lot of hot girls when I was younger making a big deal about a condom, some real hotties. WOuld’ve been better just to use it a couple of times and then change up when you establish who they are. ANyway, dont be a moron.

  • LEB

    Really, you could bang EVERY white American girl without a condom within 3 dates? Well, I wouldn’t have been one of them. I made the guy wear them every time because I can’t take hormonal birth control… and even if I could have, I’d have made them wear one anyway, because if I have to be inconvenienced about birth control, so do you. Don’t like it? Then get it somewhere else. Fortunately, I never had trouble from any guy about being responsible.

    Also, I made my husband wear condoms until he got a vasectomy (which was before we were married). Sure, sex is better without a condom… but condoms are better than a “surprise” pregnancy that no one wants and 18+ years of child support.

  • Anonymous

    from all the middle class white girls I’d like to say go fuck yourself:) FYI I’ve been with one guy my entire life and we use condoms so before you wanna go runnin your sterotypical dicksucker why don’t you get some actual facts and quit blaming a whole group of girls just because you probably fucked some slut in a bathroom at a seven eleven and got herpes.

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  • Ben

    I’d wish, but Europe is not different at all. I even deflorated a girl, skipping your steps 1 and 2.

  • Anonymous

    A neuroscience major from Harvard I banged totally brushed it aside. I thought Harvard girls would be smarter…

  • Anonymous

    Ur all stupid idiots! Good luck banging ur chicks! Girls aren’t as stupid as u think n life will eventually catch up with u. So dont start crying boys when ur herpes or aides infected!!

  • ElleAnn

    Wow, that’s really embarrassing for those girls. I mean, I wouldn’t even have sex with my current boyfriend until almost a year into our relationship. And he wasn’t allowed to not use a condom for yet another year.

    It’s disgusting how girls AND GUYS, have sex so casually with no concern of stds or pregnancies. Ugh.

  • Anonymous


    He was having sex with other girls until you put out

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  • Sooo


  • Anonymous

    Actually, 80% of the human population that’s sexually active has HPV. So almost pretty much everyone DOES have it. It’s safe to assume ANY person you’re EVER with has it. Unfortunately It’s also safe to assume that you already have it too. It’s a common human pathogen (that can unfortunately cause Cancer in some individuals). To top it off there’s around 100 different species (possibly more, I’d have to look up an exact number). The vaccines only protect against the 4 worst offenders.
    This is why papsmears are supposed to regular exams for women.

  • Erik

    I’ve been with girls from all over the world. I’ve been with several European girls and they were all insistent on condom use. American girls are a lot more relaxed about it, seeming to only care about not getting pregnant. I’m hispanic and well hispanic girls are, uh, tragically ill-informed about condom use.

  • onlydateforeigners

    I have noticed allot of women getting offended when I insist on wearing a condom.!!! How messed up is that? Been divorced and dating for the last 3 years and I would say 95% of the women I have had sex with either did not want me to use a condom or was offended when I insisted.

    These are all professional white women ages 30-45.

    I don’t sleep around or I am on the pill or what kind of woman do you think I am?

    Well let’s see you are letting me fuck you after knowing me for 2 or 3 hours? Hmmm?

    Granted I would like to think I have enough game to be the only guy to get her in bed, but I know that is not the case.

  • Ryan

    Unprotected sex with every girl I’ve ever fucked except 2. I’ve been with 84. I am 28 and have ficked some high class girls and dirty skanks. They all want it unwrapped. Girls are skank-tastic. Lol

  • Ryan

    The amount of married women that like it raw is surprising. I mean they are cheating with a random cute guy and they are like , ” omg cum in me”??? Wow.

  • ryan has herpes

    And god knows what else. Disgusting.

  • CrazyShit

    Women amaze me! The last 3 girls I fucked wanted me to fuck them raw. I’ve been through testing anxiety and I’ve sworn never to go through that shit again. Fuck that. I don’t care how beautiful she is or how banging her body is.

    Met a girl last night who wanted me to ‘just put it in for 2 strokes’ and I was like ‘damn girl, you don’t even know me! What if I have a disease’.

    I guess instinct > intellect when it comes to issues of sex. But these women scare me man!

    I have no problem turning down raw pussy now. Before I hit raw, we are both gonna go to get tested and know our status.

    Keep it safe people.

  • Sayuri Rosas

    You guys are amazed how girls fucks without a condom, you guys should be amaze how you guys do it without a condom… You guys think there is lots of sluts out there. Well you guys are male sluts yourself since your easy.. Leave the double standard language aside. If you do it unprotected and because of the moment than leave it like it is.. You were a male slut, she was a slut or better you guys were irresponsible horny beings… Yes guys are male sluts, who think you are desperate for a dick. Well I say suck my shemale dick! And did you say ” You wanna suck my dick like a slut at the restroom?” Or did I just misheard you… Think yourself at the same position of the other person before opening your stupid mouth and calling woman sluts. Since you are the male hoe out there who is been easy and irresponsible.

  • Sayuri Rosas

    I miss wrote one part…
    You guys are male sluts, who think “we” are desperate to suck your dick…

  • deedee

    WOw, that just sounds really crazy and i am shocked that women go aroud having unprotected sex like that. I Am to much of a paranoid person to ever do that. I would not dear sleep with a man on the first date damn i will purposely drag sex as long as i can just for the fun of it
    @TomTud it is very ignorant of you to pair std’s with promiscuity. That is not always the case with everybody. Yes the black and hispanic community have skyrocktted amount of people with Std’s but if you look at the statistics, majority of Aids cases have something in common whether they are active drug takers or dealing sexually with someone who is an active drug taker. Also black men have a reputation of shuffling women and are the main cause of transmission, many sleep with prostitutes, the hoes on the block and spread to their wives or live in girlfriends. And they also do have a reputation of sleeping with anything.

  • Anonymous

    As a woman I find this crazy!!! I have always always used a condom. My mother sat me down young and told me to not have sex, but if I do use protection and not just the pill. Granted I am Canadian but we share a lot of our sexual culture with America. And don’t get me wrong I have had many men try, but I keep my head and say no. I have even been just before penetration when the guy decided to inform he had no condom after lying and saying he did and lets do it anyways. I however got up and said it wasnt happening and left. I pick my body any day over a quick fling

  • Z71

    Dude, no offense, but the author of this article is a moron. You’re whining about women not being responsible with protection, but what are you doing about it? JACK. “Oh hi, I’m a male. I have no brain. I’m such a victim of promiscuous women that won’t let me use a condom.”

    Back to the topic at hand, most societies have been more lax on sexual practices than ours has. This is completely out of historical perspective.

  • Cady

    Oh thank you for that stereotypical judgement on female teens. Not at all teens will have sex without a condom. I personally will not have sex without a condom. I also will not fuck on the first or even third date. So stop being a stereotypical asshole.

  • god damn

    wow. you are a piece of shit and also an idiot troll. i hope you end up sick.

    and btw, you can still contract HPV whether you use a condom or (as in your case) not. you might want to check the bottoms of your feet for red spots. syphilis is on the rise nowadays (but maybe you don’t care…cos it’s “easily treatable”.)

  • truth

    Think about it. All the raw dog sex going on out there, and yet there still isn’t a heterosexual HIV epidemic. It’s a disease for gays and needle-sharers.

    That’s a lie. The truth is most heterosexuals do not get tested because there is also a lot of heterosexual men that think HIV is a lie. Some of them go to prostitutes every week and make bareback. In Europe it is normal to fuck prostitutes without condom.It is called AO-Sex. About 50 000 men do it in germany without condom (with prostitutes) but prostitute is stigmatized in most western industry nations . It might be legal in some countries but mostly it is hard to talk about it honestly. If men fucked a prostitute they do not like to talk about it honestly , they might tell the doctor they had MSM -Sex or a One Nite Stand because they don’t want dctors to know that they had unprotected sex with prostitutes. Most heterosexual men like fast , cheap sex with prostitutes but also in the U.S. it is not legal . So you’d better don’t tell the doctor you got HIV from bare prostitute sex. In Africa homosexuality is illegal and that is why they can’t tell the truh and they might lie and say I had heterosexual sex and in western industry nations heterosexual men lie most . Because to tell someone you’d baresex with prostitutes could make you look like a loser. But you are no loser! You like sex and that is okay. Most heterosexual men don’t like it to feel /look like a loser that is why they would never tell someone I got HIV from a prostitute (Barebacksex with a prostitute)I could write down hundreds of links where men upload their pictures of baresex with a prostitute and the sites where they get all the adresses /informatins about a prostitute that makes baresex. Yes. You can visit all the prostitutes!!! It’s the TRUTH . So don’t tell anyone about AIDS is only gay sikcness and heterosexuals are safe! It’s an old lie! And most heterosexuals do not get tested .Gays get tested a lot . But I’m bisexual and I don’t care about that straight/gay fight . Gay ass &mouth and female pussy best things on earth and I just wnat to help heterosexuals to talk easier about sex and make it possible to legalize prostitution , prostitutes are no ugly women . Most of them allow pornsex and look hot .

  • Olivia

    hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This is satire, right?

  • lincoln lover

    dude’s right. i’m an ugly fat thirty two yr old without any money. just having a room for rent and confidence has gotten hot petite college girls who could be models to spread their legs for me several times a year, begging for me to “just stick it in for a second” without a condom. ladies chill out, you are just as slutty as males. and it comes down to each for their own. would you rather actually have sex and die of aids, or fool around, and get blue balls but still enjoy the memory alter and the intoxication of the moment. good sex is hard to find anyway, it involves actual chemistry and connection. and it is impossible with a condom and without trust, the two being one in the same anyway. so do what i do. wait until once every two or three years, you find a real honest woman, and relish good fucks. then when you are alone, finger them and get haed, or if you are even more scared of herpes, jack off on their face. think about it. i am an excellent lover, and have no stds. kissing is just as hot as sex if you think about it. peace out.

  • lincoln lover

    anyone who knows whats up will agre with me. it’s only insecure fuck who say stupid shit like “this must be sattire” hahahahahah (dumb shits) and terrible lover i guarantee you. i peck women with as much pussy wettening skill as most guys fuck with.

  • lincoln lover

    and people like this bozo who actually think there is not hetero hiv epidemic. what rock have you grown under? i’d like for one day to live like you. but then i’d like to wake up. because i woudl nto want to be stricken with aids afterward.

  • lincoln lover

    willingness to not stick it in. that is what separates us. listen to the early living legends lyrics. they (used to) know wha’ts up. sold out these days but yeah.

  • fgrg

    wouldn’t you be just as disgusting for also choosing to so often not wear condoms? did YOU have any type of “instinct” for whatever reason to fuck that girl without one? jesus…you are filthy and disgusting

  • leslie landberg

    Whorefinder is ignorant and makes up his facts. Nothing he says is remotely true or accurate. Gotta set the record straight here: HIV cases among young hetero people of color in the US are off the charts right now. The reason? The pressure not to use condoms in their culture, lack of education and ignorance.

    HIV in Africa and So. America is primarily a heterosexual disease passed from man to women like wildfire because rape and unprotected sex with prostitutes are rampant. Remember that an uncircumcised man is more likely to contract AIDS (as well as other STD’s) and that most people outside of America are uncircumcised.

    In the US, DL male bisexuality and intervenious drug use, coupled with promiscuity and poor safe sex practices has been determined to be to blame. Bottom line, if you don’t know your partner, you are having sex with all the people they had sex with!

  • Anonymous

    I love what a hypocrite this guy is…Fucks a bunch of girls then calls them sluts when he expects them to tell him to put a condom on when they’re aroused as fuck and he already almost put it in. Nice job, asshole.

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  • Truthseeker

    Actually, blacks (both males and females) are the filthiest sluttiest most promiscuous race in the entire world with the most STDs: chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, herpes, and of course HIV/AIDs.

  • sickasluts

    Nice article!

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  • fmf

    Where you’ve got a point about sex education, this is not the way to go about it.

    As a woman, it makes me feel ill that this is how you think of people who have let you into their beds.

    Also, careful, your MASSIVE SCREAMING IGNORANCE of how female sexuality works is showing: Vagina’s don’t get loser through lots of sex, anymore than dicks get stretched out, they are designed to accomodate. In fact, if a person’s vagina is “tight” without them using their pelvic muscles to contract it, it’s because they are NOT AROUSED ENOUGH. So well done for revealing that you’re also pretty terrible at sex.

  • fmf

    *health. Not body. but yeah, good comment.

  • Turbo Mike

    Hate rubbers, but you have to use them until you drive their slutty asses to the clinic for the test. I get one every 6 months. The only chick I wil lbang without a rubber is the horney houswife stepping out for the first time.

  • Turbo Mike

    They want to go home with our semen dripping out of them. Semen is addictive and once a woman is in the habit of getting creampied, it is hard for them to stop. I was going to say that this contradicts the slut tell about rubbers, but I forgot, there are all whores.

  • atpcliff

    Haven’t read much about girls, I see. A LOT of girls have written that they like bareback a LOT better. And, some girls like the guys to cum in them, as it heightens the excitement and danger of getting pregnant. A good number of girls also want to get pregnant, so condoms are a good idea…I had a vasectomy, so no worries, BUT, now I want to have kids again, so it’s a problems

  • Dexter

    You blame it on women (White women specifically for whatever reason) but you are also engaging in unprotected sex thereby making you no less “dirty”. Sex carries risk. That’s all there is to it. Stop calling people who engage in natural sex dirty.

    It’s human nature to have sex with skin on skin contact. It KEEPS happening no matter how educated we become. What does that tell you? With birth control as readily available as it has ever been, there are still a massive amount of unplanned pregnancies.

    There’s a subconscious part of us that wants to reproduce. Nobody is 100% in control of their urges. The only people I know that religiously use condoms are the people who have NEVER had sex without a condom. Much like those of us didn’t know what a sex craving was until after we had sex for the first time. The pleasure is 1,000x better without a condom most people will get caught up in that bad decision eventually.

    My friend described it like this to a virgin friend of ours

    “The first time you stick it in your first thought will be “Oh my god! I’ve been missing out!”

    and the first time you stick it in without a condom it will feel so good that it will make you ANGRY because you know you have found the most pleasurable feeling on the planet and you know you will be hooked.

  • Stone Hardplace

    married women are safer their husband serves the purpose of being a canary in a mine.

  • Sportsentertainmentmania

    Gtfoh with the blatant racism bro. I know better than this first hand..

  • Sportsentertainmentmania

    I’d honestly rather not even have sex if I have to use one, I hate them.. so.. it’s the traditional route for me these days.. long relationship, testing, monogamy.. best I can do