American Girls vs. Ukrainian Girls

American girl: “What do you do?”
Ukrainian girl: “Why are you in Ukraine?”

American: Asks you to buy a drink
Ukrainian: Expects you to buy a drink

American: Flip flops because they’re comfortable
Ukrainian: High heels because men like them

American: 20 pounds overweight
Ukrainian: 5 pounds underweight

American: Looking for a stable career
Ukrainian: Looking for a stable husband

American: Won’t shut up
Ukrainian: Won’t open up

American: Hates makeup
Ukrainian: Qualified to be a makeup artist

American: Fake attitude
Ukrainian: Fake nails, eyelashes, and sometimes eyebrows

American: Obsessed with celebrities
Ukrainian: Obsessed with money

American: Bang in three hours
Ukrainian: Bang in three dates

American: Knows how to heat chicken nuggets
Ukrainian: Knows how to cook meals passed on from her grandmother

American: Has bulky dimensions like an Australian rugby player
Ukrainian: Has petite dimensions like a normal girl

American: You have to trick her into having sex
Ukrainian: You have to logically convince her into having sex

American: High self-esteem when beauty doesn’t warrant it
Ukrainian: Low self-esteem when beauty warrants it

American: Pretends to be a porn star in bed
Ukrainian: Pretends to be a virgin in bed

American: Complains there are no good men
Ukrainian: Complains you didn’t buy her flowers

American: Grinds on every cock in the club
Ukrainian: Does not grind

American: Feels uncomfortable with silence
Ukrainian: Feels uncomfortable with too much chatter

American: Treats you like a coworker
Ukrainian: Treats you like the master of her life

American: Relationship gets worse after first bang
Ukrainian: Relationship gets better after first bang

American: Never traveled but thinks she knows the world
Ukrainian: Never traveled and insecure about it

American: Obsessed with Apple
Ukrainian: Obsessed with Apple

American: I’m not getting laid tonight so neither will my friends, and neither will that guy over there
Ukrainian: I’m not getting laid tonight

American: Goes to supermarket in pajamas
Ukrainian: Goes to supermarket in mini skirt

American: Brags about banging a black guy as proof she isn’t racist
Ukrainian: Does not tell anyone she banged a black guy

American: Dresses like a bum even though she has money
Ukrainian: Dresses flashy even though she has no money

American: Sees men as misogynists who have institutional privilege
Ukrainian: Sees men as a bridge to a better life

American: Will believe anything you tell them
Ukrainian: Human lie detector

American: Pretend she’s strong and independent
Ukrainian: Knows she’s fragile and weak

American: Brags about dating multiple guys at the same time
Ukrainian: Brags about gifts that rich men bought her

American: Thinks lawyer are boring
Ukrainian: Thinks lawyers are accomplished men worthy of marriage

American: Goes out twice a week to clubs to get attention from men
Ukrainian: Goes out only once a month because she can’t afford it

American: Thinks casual sex and free birth control are essential to being happy
Ukrainian: Things marriage is essential to being happy

American: Fucks a guy who can make her vagina wet
Ukrainian: Fucks a guy who can improve her life in some way

American: Expert at taking webcam shots from magic angles
Ukrainian: Expert at posing sexy for photos in ugly park

American: Ideal man has to be witty, spontaneous, and interesting, with stand-up comedian level of humor
Ukrainian: Doesn’t care about a man’s personality as long as he has money

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  • More Ideas

    I know that Bang Ukraine is ostensibly Roosh’s last travel guide, but he should come out of retirement at some point in the future to write a few more international Bang books. Some possible titles are Bang Saudi Arabia (if he makes it out alive), Bang Zimbabwe (also if he makes it out alive), and Bang North Korea (again, if he makes it out alive). Roosh is approaching middle age, so he might also start focusing on middle aged “love tourists” as an audience.

  • gavin madden

    BANG ON!

    A mate and I had two Ukrainian girls come over for dinner in high heels and they refused to take them off or eat in front of us.

    Ukrainian girl be crazy, mannnnn

  • La mouette

    American: I’m not getting laid tonight so neither will my friends, and neither will that guy over there

    This line killed me.

  • Mage

    Roosh have you met any women who are not obsessed with money like typical Ukrainians and not obsessed with sex and fun like typical Americans at the same time?

  • Penfield

    Seriously though….whats with your alienation of men of African descent (black men as you call them). I dont think you are racist, but you have a racially divisive mentality. You see differences in race, when we are all just humans at the core. You should rid yourself of that, other than that you are awesome.

  • La mouette

    Penfield : Eastern Europe girls have a very different vision of the black fellow than yours. That’s why it’s worth mentionning it.

  • AssNeck

    Hmmm … actually not all that psyched to go to a place where girls just want money. Of course, I would love to bang pretty girls but if I see a fat, unstylish American man also with a pretty girl it will not be as fun.

    That being said, I do know a few Eastern European girls over here and they are very loyal and good wives.

    My family is Eastern European and I recall my grandparents as very warm, happy and family oriented. Not at all like the stereotype of Eastern European people.

  • The Duke

    “Ukrainian: Complains you didn’t buy her flowers”

    I get this one from my Ukrainian girl too!

  • SJ

    I have dated Russian/Ukraine women and even though they expect a man to spend money so do American women. Russian/Ukraine women are FAR better to date and marry I bet than an American skank.

  • Roosh

    Maybe I’m slightly exaggerating a Ukrainian’s girl obsession with money, but the main point is that they will not fuck a guy beneath their means.

    If you’re an American going there who isn’t a backpacker, you more than meet the financial standard.

  • greenlander

    I’ve been living in Russia for almost a year.

    Roosh, everything you wrote about Ukranian girls exactly describes Russian girls. They’re practically the same.

  • Ashley

    This post is sooooooo bang on! High heels everywhere for life 😉

  • Tampa

    “American: Brags about dating multiple guys at the same time.”

    haha – just had this chick i’m friends with brag to me about 12 hrs ago about how she is dating two guys at once. So funny!

  • Uri Katsav

    American: Thinks her options are endless in her late thirties.
    Ukrainian: Knows her options are almost zero once she’s older than 25.

  • Armenian

    Argh! Met a Ukrainian girl once that was into me. Too bad she was married.

  • Anonymous

    Dude Roosh you have yet to go to Japan… you need to…

  • Brian

    Western women need to realize how deeply they are hated, then fucking do something about it. If this continue we will have a civil war at our hands soon.

  • KK

    OK, this is the thing, I am just an average looking south-american, interested in a long term/serious relationship. In my current country the local talent is very low so I started to check online dating just for curiosity. I have talked with some Ukrainian/Russian girls and I really astonished. Gorgeous, elegant girls and most of the profiles are incredible, they are usually like this: ” Family is my number 1 priority, I am interested in a strong man to form a family. I would like to wait for my future husband at home while cooking for him.I am interested in serious relationships only” Now, I am not naive and I know there are plenty of scammers,visa-seeking girls etc, and even if not, a normal girl will expect you to act as a provider, but only the fact that almost girls writing talk about these things is like being in another planet. Now check this out, as I mentioned I am at best average looking and Hispanic (Slavic girls tend to prefer white guys) and even so I have had a favorable response of about 25% of the cute girls contacted, just imagine if you are a good looking American/European, the talent pool to pick from would be huge. I am not saying you will find a nice girl with 100% of certainty, but if you are an American beta with regular income and are interested in forming a family I would highly suggest to give some thought about finding a girl from a FSU (Former Soviet Union) country.If you can live outside America, even better.

  • rivsdiary

    great list.

    this is my favorite one:

    American: Sees men as misogynists who have institutional privilege
    Ukrainian: Sees men as a bridge to a better life

  • rivsdiary

    roosh the sociologist is one of the fascinating people i know. don’t stop the long term research project, my man. it’s fascinating shit.

  • LKS

    KK Do you think southamerican women are ugly or you live were the indigenous people are mojority?

  • Jeff

    You’re making me wonder if it’s worth learning Russian now…. why did you recommend it in stead of Polish? You seem much more favourable to them.

  • Todd

    American: Eats Chipolte 4 days a week washed down with Starbucks

    Ukrainian: Eats beets, potatoes, and drinks water

  • MaMu1977


    If she tells you that before the first date, you got off lucky. With that info, you can happily slot her into the “pump and dump” file without a care in the world…

  • hah

    “Roosh is approaching middle age, so he might also start focusing on middle aged “love tourists” as an audience.”

    Yet another jealous mangina orbiter I see.

  • ee

    On the subject of point #8:

    why do Latvian girls in the UK (some of them really hot) pluck their eyebrows out completely and then draw them back on? What’s with that?

    [Roosh: Yeah it’s dumb. You find this more the further east you go.]

  • KK

    @LKS (21). No, South-American girls can be pretty cute (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina) and even in Chile or Peru you can find nice girls. And I don’t really have any preference about race/skin color, I have dated white/black/indigenous girls. But now I live in a small country in Central-America and the beauty of the average girl is well below of, let´s say, Colombia, so you are only left with a very small pool of middle class girls which are for all matters and purposes fully Americanized. Slavic chicks have always seem hot to me but in a sort of distant way, so I never gave much thought about trying to get one, especially because of the scarcity around here.But this fall I took a cruise and most of the female staff were FSU girls, and man!, I have never seen so many cute girls, I flirted with all of them, including a very cute blond Russian (passenger), but she was with her bf and I was with some girl so I didnt make a strong move.Since I am sort of history/languages nerd I was studying Russian and reading their writers (Dostoevsky, Tolstoy , etc) so after researching a bit I signed up in date site ( I hate those) put my profile and started to contact chicks. Mind you, 75% of them answered with “I am not interested” default message, but in a couple of weeks, I already have 5-6 girls whom I am corresponding to. My idea is to reach a critical mass of 5-10 solid prospects: intelligent, nice looking girls and make an exploratory trip to see if I can move ahead. I am in my mid-thirties so I would not mind to have a long-term relationship. I am not obsessed about getting an FSU girl but it really feels nice to know there is an open world of cute girls potentially available. Some girls live in countries with a yearly GDP of less than 3000 USD/person so I feel I can provide a good opportunity for them. I am not mind being a provider , and being latin I have the game fundamentals well drilled so I know I wont be taken for a ride.

  • Anonymous

    And you still haven’t been to the Promised Land (Hungary).

  • BB

    Romania is the place, Rooshie!
    Best looking women in the universe.

  • Ashley

    Do you men prefer women acting like pornstars in bed, or like virgins? Im curious…

  • Soup


    Ukrainian: Expert at posing sexy for photos in ugly park

  • Brianmark

    Love the list. I can see you understand Russian/Ukrainian women 100%. Great post!

  • Cyrone

    “American: Hates makeup”


  • Wriststrap

    So, in essence, Ukrainian women are prostitutes

  • Freckled

    Ukrainian women are not prostitutes. That would mean that they trade solely sex for financial support. They seek a man who is able to provide for them, buys gifts/flowers, treats them like a lady. In return they provide a stable home, they clean, cook meals (and not microwaved ones), raise the children, in general don’t let themselves go aka getting fatter and fatter and treat you like the center of their universe (and mean it).

    My russian professor (90 years old) refuses till today to leave her home without her hair , clothes and makeup in perfect condition. She once told me the secret of Eastern European women. You have to always look great for your man, otherwise his eyes will stray and he will seek his happiness elsewhere…

    If you only want to learn one Eastern European language russian is always the smarter choice. First you will be able to understand most of the conversations in other slavic languages. Second anyone will be able to understand you, even if you decide to travel to the outskirts of Mongolia. But be aware that Russians are not everywhere well liked, especially in Poland, but i highly doubt that you would want to pose as one.

  • Jordan

    I have lived in russia for over 2 years and I would agree with most things you have said here, and think it applies to russian girls too. however i think more recently in moscow and petersburg the girls are also capable of supporting themselves, depending on what jobs they do, so i think there is now less pressure to buy them “gifts”, though a man is always expected to pay for dates and generally act chivalrous. but you know what? its kind of nice to do these things and get good behaviour and sex for it.

    and @ freckled
    russian and ukrainien chicks are hot, but i think you are wrong about them “letting themselves go” i have never seen a woman even remotely attractive over 35. russians hit the wall in a big, bad, terrifying way

  • Freckled

    @ Jordan

    perhaps i should have explained it a bit better. You are right, most women over let’s say 40, are looking like they hit the wall pretty hard. But compared to american women they normally had it pretty rough (bad economy, drunken/abusive/criminal husbands, divorce…). I was refering to Eastern European women who have married a Western European man and are now living in Germany. They do look far better than most american women their age.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    American: Expert at taking webcam shots from magic angles
    Ukrainian: Expert at posing sexy for photos in ugly park

    HAHAHA!!! So true. Made me laugh out loud.

  • Jordan

    @ freckled

    you are right about that, i also wanted to add in that if russians/ukrainians stopped smoking so damn much, ate normal human being food (have you seen the food they eat? their kolbasa? what is that shit?) and lived a generally healthier lifestyle, then they would do much better.

  • Freckled

    @ Jordan

    I survive their food on a regular basis, my mother-in-law is russian :-)

  • Marcellus

    Ukranian girls will NOT only date a western dude. She has also her Ukranian boyfriend “for the spirit”. These chicks are the top of the shelf and THEY KNOW IT. It’s all true what roosh writes down here, but still they prefer the slavic rich dude.
    They are experts at posing in an ugly parc, my god… :-)
    And… ALL woman are prostitutes.

  • Partly ukrainian

    An average american man,even PUA,is not ready to date a Ukrainian woman.The amount of betaisation,the amount of game of Ukrainian girls is truly massive.Shoulsd you be involved into a relationship with an ukrainian woman-your life,your finances and your self-esteem will be ruined.
    Btw,its a conventional wisdom in the PUA seems sometimes that Roosh is somewhere 10 years in the past.

    Although I must admit his description of american vs. ukrainian is pretty much accurate,and its a solid proof for me that he has indeed been there and managed to bang a one or two.

    He is wrong in one thing though-as much as all other women in the world they fuck with “lovers”,but date morrons in the provider role.Unfortunately Roosh,as an american with eastern looks (HUGE minus over there) was put in the are not of importance for them when it comes to fucking.Its of importance when it comes to arranginjg the better life.

    Most of the Ukrainian women I know fuck bad boys and date rich guys.ce la vi.

    And NEVER-EVER expect monogamy from a Ukrainian woman.They never date only 1 man.Men for a ukrainian woman are pretty much like business projects,and they NEVER put the eggs into one basket.

    Anyways,stick to what you know guys and don’t go into the dangerous zone.You are not ready for this shit.

    From my experience american girls are FUN,EASY FUCK,you dont have to pay for them (they always pay for me)m and they dont fuck your mind like ukrainians do.

    i would never marry an american,but ukrainia and russians have even smaller chance of my commitment.

    Dont be stupid guys and dont look for easy ways.they dont exist.

    I applaud Roosh for making the Guides,I acutally planned on doing it some 5 years ago but had no time to travel 9I have huge experience dating women from different countries and over 30 flags).

    But dont get tricked into easiness of foreign women.and dont forget that roosh gets an extra buck from his works too.

  • Eugenius

    Love this post…..on point

  • Marko

    ROOSH, You are an inspirtation for us all.

    Please continue your heritage:



    these two are must do’s

  • Wriststrap


    If a woman is exchanging access to her vagina for money then it’s prostitution. I don’t care how you want to dress it up.

  • Brian

    We need bang Africa. And all it’s countries.
    Bang Kenya
    Bang Togo
    Bang Gambia

    Bang Arabia
    Bang Beirut
    Bang Baghdad
    Bang Greenland
    Then after 30 years of all this, you have one huge book. BANG THE WORLD !!

  • Freckled


    I don’t want to dress anything up, but following your logic marriage would be a socially and legally accepted form of prostitution.

  • Dr. Giggles

    American: Goes to supermarket in pajamas
    Ukrainian: Goes to supermarket in mini skirt

    I just came from the supermarket across the street 20 minutes ago. And I ran into a 25-27ish year old white perusing for my favorite vodka sauce. She was wearing black fleece pajamas covered with the Playboy bunny logo all over.

    I told her “nice pajamas” with a smirk on my face. She looked at me weird and left. At the check out line, she gave me disapproving dirty looks in between slouching over her iPhone.

    It’s almost disturbing to see all the bad behavior that gets written about in this blog, right before and after I read it.

    Like Colbert, I give them the Wag of the Finger anytime I get the opportunity. It’s a good frame to adopt with unruly twenty-somethings living in the city

  • Wriststrap

    Marriage is prostitution. Why do you think the modern man is foregoing the ritual in record numbers?

    Also keep in mind that you’re just swallowing Roosh’s marketing of Ukrainian women. He wants you to think they’re worth going to meet despite all evidence that they’re ruthlessly gold digging because it sells him more books.

  • Anonymous

    @30 ashley
    a virgin thats willing to use movies like a pornstar

    mark zolo aka naughty nomad is doin that

  • Freckled

    I know that they are gold diggers, i have seen it happen too many times to believe anything else.
    I just have another view of marriage than you. I think that many men forego marriage because in the sadly likely case of divorce they get ripped of. That’s why i would never marry without a prenup and even those are not foolproof. You have to marry under a different jurisdiction. Marriage under american law is in most cases financial suicide…

  • partly ukrainian


    start readng BlackDragon blog,maybe you will change your mind.

  • Jordan

    @ 42 partly ukrainian

    I have never been to ukraine, but given its cultural and geographic proximity to russia (and the fact the eastern half and major cities are still speaking in russian) I think i can comment on here too, and I can say it just seems to me that you got hurt in a bad way and are now bitter towards ukrainian women. my experience with russian women has been the opposite. you spot the gold-digger-plastic-bitch a mile away in the way they dress and act, and these are not the women i am interested in AT ALL. aside from that, by and large the women i knew, had sex with, girlfriended there seemed to me to have a very idealistic view of love and the country as a whole is much more romantic than any other western country.

    monogamy is accomplished over there much moreso than in my home of toronto. do people even date in toronto anymore? i actually found the opposite to be true of what you said. its the men (or men with any value/style/looks at all) who never date one girl, and the women desperately compete to have him as their own.

    granted, i was 21-23 when i was there, perhaps the younger/student demographic is different than the older one, but i seriously doubt it.

  • partly ukrainian

    @53 you sound like a chick.I refer to “you got hurt in a bad way and are now bitter towards ukrainian women”.Common don’t make me laugh…

    I am just being realistic.I know zillion times more than you or Roosh about Ukrainian women since I was born in Ukraine and I grew there.I know the language and I know the mentality.I dated women from many different European countries and I can compare.I also dated an Ukrainian after a break of many years.

    I said it once and I will say it again-don’t go into a territory you are not familiar with.Ukrainian/Russian chick >7 demands a quality game,and huge balls.American man do not tend to posess this.
    Just read the comments for the prooves.

    If you dont trust me-lurk around PUA community boards and read what experience AMERICAN dude say.Pretty much the same.

    There is no magic people.Dont be an excuser by travelling the world looking for easy lays.Improve your game instead.

    If you want my opinion-the Ukrainian/Russian women are THE WORST women for LTR,perhaps in the whole world.
    If you want more or less stable monogamous LTR-go for women from traditional patriarchal societies (preferably catholic).

    Ukrainian society is overly feminist,but its different type of feminism.Women there have all the power,and they execute it without mercy.

    In my experience-Polish girls make good wifes and girlfriends.Spanish,Portuguese and Italian may be good wifes too,pending you game them right.
    For the rest-forget about Europe and especially atheist North-Eastern Europe (which are pretty much all the countries except Poland).The male-female power balance there is completely fucked up.

    Its a subject of many hours talk and you guys are not equipped to talk about me.Simply because you dont know the language,the culture and its pecularities.

  • partly ukrainian

    magic pill,sorry..typing in the train
    srry for typos

  • partly ukrainian

    last line:”about it” many typos.sorry again

  • Jordan

    As i noted above, I have lived in russia for over 2 years. I can speak russian fluently, and since I was born and raised in a western country (canada) and then spent time in russia afterwards, i think i have the perfect experience and a right to comment on the topic. so you grew up there and know them well eh? that just makes me think even more that you got left behind for someone richer or better than you, or your girl was just a skank.

    MAYBE the girls in ukraine are different to st petersburg where i was, but you cannot honestly tell me that girls in ukraine are more feminist than in north america, or any western country for that matter. there is absolutely no way. I live in germany now, and the women are completely different to russians, and not in a better way (in the looks department either…ugh)

    “girls have all the power” yes, if you give it to them. not in my relationships.

    i agree that there is no magic people/pill, wholeheartedly. too many guys go into russia or ukraine and expect women to fall for them merely because they speak english or they come from the wwest or have money. the truth is, a lot of people in russia are much more rich than i am. they have the advantage of status, wealth, being of the same culture..the list goes on.

    HOWEVER to sit there and claim that ukrainian women are the worst in the world and terrible to date and you have to be some kind of king to be able to date them…? give me a break man. that just runs totally opposite to everything i experienced there. if you want fake plastic bitches is 9 inch heels? probably. if you go after a normal human being, definitely not.

  • 20th Level

    I would say that Polish girls are probably the best anywhere. I don’t know about Ukrainian girls first hand but I’m sure you guys know that Russian girls are not to be trusted as far as you can see them right?

  • Freckled

    @ Jordan
    sorry to here that you “downgraded” by moving to Germany. Are german women really that bad?

  • partly ukrainian


    Ukrainian women are not the worst in the world,I did not say this.I say that they make the worst LTRs ever.
    Your language also suggests that you are either new to PUA community or not exactly aware of what I am talking here about.

    It does not need to be a “king”(what a weird comparison) to date an Ukrainian woman,but you need to have a set of skills which,again,guys from anglo-saxons nations do not tend to posses.Some do but most not.

    Its a pointless discussion,live your “dream” if you wish,its just my advice,shared for you guys.Its your choice to take it or leave it.

    PS:You claim to speak russian (i dont believe this though),read these stories here-very entertaining:

  • partly ukrainian
  • Steven

    American: Brags about banging a black guy as proof she isn’t racist
    Ukrainian: Does not tell anyone she banged a black guy

    Enjoyable post. This one cracked me up and so did the Apple deal, sad but very true.

  • Jack

    Hi Roosh,
    “American Girls vs. Ukrainian Girls” article is just brilliant.
    I have been traveling a lot last 20 years and met A LOT of girls in both USA, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.
    It is amazing to read your stories because they are so similar to mine.
    Masculin and boring danish women, beautiful ukrainians, great polish ladies, tobacco-chewing swedes.
    Never stop writing Roosh.

  • Jack

    hehe :) everyone knows that they wants your money. Nothing more.. no sex, no fun, just money :) Are you sure you bunged someone in Ukraine? I saw that type of girls, usually they have aids or doesn’t have a roof on the head in winter. That’s ok, just let she go in your bathroom :)
    fucking crap

  • Jack

    Some girls can be banged just for peace of bread somewhere in Nigeria.. Is that ok for you? :) You’re moron

  • From Ukraine
  • Pingback: American Women Simply Can’t Compete()

  • Gadfly

    One thing to remember: a foreigner generally has a “leg up” with the ladies vs. the locals, especially in a poor country. Being an import is as good attractant for a man as it is for vodka or a car. I started work in the former East Germany just as the wall came down and was astounded at the female attention I got, as a very ordinary engineer nerd type. Certainly Roosh has that exotic foreigner thing going for him pretty strong and makes me think that his exploits are not all fictional.

    Note, even in the USA, the success to effort ratio of the impecunious, 3-day-bearded Greek waiter vs. the local white collar wannabee stud.

  • Anonymous

    There are many Ukrainian women in their late 20s and early 30s who have given up hope of ever finding a man. Many of them are educated and don’t prefer Ukrainian men. If you find one they will love you forever. Just don’t blame me if you get raped.

  • Oregonziggy

    I have a couple friends who went over to
    Eastern Europe and both are married to Russian women. The women are amazing.
    These guys are just average American guys. Not rich not poor.
    I think it depends on what you are looking for and were you look. High end nightlife in Kiev. Sure why would anyone not expect the women there to be a gold diggers?

  • Anya

    What a pity you didn’t meet a high class educated Ukrainian girl with a not twisted system of values. Ah, right – one doesn’t look for those in night clubs. And this is impossible to bang them as they are not interested in sex tourists 😉

    Those girls who could potentially be interested in such guys like you belong to a specific type of girls and do not represent the whole nation.

    Resume: do not pretend to know Ukrainian women.

  • hobanka

    I am almost crying. I am Ukrainian girl and I disagree! We are not obsessed with money and high heels. And I hate stereotypes that exist

  • Marusya

    80% of the things written in that article are correct! also some comments about strange food (kolsaba:)and all those fat smetana and other very fat foods and salads with mayonase and alcohol which is poor poison + environment and high stress life -survival each day for most of the pple -make them look pretty tired ,unpolished and older then they actually are.Thats why girsl tryin to find her Prince Charming till her 25-27 max..and have her kids too..all those outfits and heels and attitudes to act sexy in parks and photos:) are applied to the girls with very russian mentality who never beein abroad …But dont forget the % of girls and young women (30-35) which are highly educated and very stulihs too, eat healthy food,drink worthy wine and exersice and have a good jobs too ,so of course they wont be interested in some cheap sex tourist form abroad…. Yes , most girls will prefer Russian bf with quality but foreigners can win their hearts too if they play it right! What Roosh noticed right, non of Russian /Ukrainian pple cannot be fooled easily-so, better play the game with an open heart-wil be more appreciated and you can find your ways even if its not for a marriage..

  • James

    Very interesting comparisons. I wonder how much of this is “national character”, and how much is merely a function of prosperity.

    The pictures on the “25 Reasons” post look like the ones from “Ukrainian bride” sites. Yes, they really know how to do sexy poses in an ugly park.

  • http://Hernandez M

    loved it up until the whole tourist advice bullshit, grow a pair pussies, my UA wife loved me for me, and still does

  • http://Hernandez M

    great comment Marusya, exellent just like my Tanyusha

  • …….

    Not all American girls/Females are like that!Im a American tennager and im nothing like whats assumed to be American or Russian…. Im not saying all Americans arnt like that maney are but not all are sluts!Alot actually arnt…I think i have proven my point

  • …….

    sorry 4 my terrible spelling….

  • fyou

    This is terribly sexist. American women look at men as misogynistic because of things like this. Ukrainian women (if we are going to continue stereotyping) look at men as a gateway to a better life because they live with less money and resources, as you mentioned several times. Pull your head out of the sand and stop looking at women as your toys you can play with.

  • madmax

    brilliant post. Roosh has the magical skill of clearing the bullshit from my mind.

  • Anonymous

    @79 No, American women look at men as misogynistic because feminism tells them to. They’re brainwashed into believing feminist propaganda and become entitled and selfish.

  • allll

    This is bull shitt.A lot of Ukrainian women can sustain themselves financially,but then why do we need men if they cant even treat us properly.A lot of Ukrainian women keep their virginity for their husbands and Americans have sex with multiple partners from an age of 14!
    Ukrainian ladies are one of the most beautiful women in the world and american and others have always been jealous of them.They wish to be like them.
    Meet many Ukrainian girls who are smart,wise,and beautiful inside and out.

  • Я в Ukraine

    I live in Ukraine, but I do business and have real goal. When people talk to me they understand that I’m not a sex tourist, I make many friends, they treat me like family! They treat me better than family, when you become friends with Ukraine people, you become part of the brotherhood, then they introduce you to all their friends, and YES you will meet beautiful girls this way, Just NEVER put the moves on a girl that has a boyfriend, you don’t want to fuck up your brotherhood circles. I’m 37, balding, ugly, my body is in great shape. I snack on the finest 22 year old pussy any man would ever want. The flowers are very important, always buy flowers!!!

  • Lina

    Geez, that was i FUN read! I am a Ukrainian woman, married 30 years older american man, and have been happily married for 10 years now. We met through friends, by accident. First of all why are you generalizing women, Ukrainian and Americans?! We are all different and both cultures have gold diggers! guys will never understand women! Me and my husband took some of his friends to Kiev, and we have a lot of successful couples that have been married and happy together! Second of all, russian women are VERY DIFFERENT from Ukrainian!!! I am ukrainian (mix of ukrainian, polish and jewish blood), and have a lot of russian girlfriends, and i am telling you we are different!!! As my husband says: “Ukrainian girls are much better”. I am very beautiful, and i know that. i love my husband very much and will never cheat on him no matter how rich he is or not ( and we are an average american family) :) So guys if you just want BANG – you will find it everywhere, in any country, we all have the same pussy! But if you want love and real relationship – you can find it in any country, with any women, but YOU would have to put ALL your heart and effort into it! :)

  • Lina

    @ 82 thank you! and i completely agree with you! As to comments in regards that ukrainian/russian women like western men for money – trust me, not many women want to move away from their families for money! Considering that family is our #1 priority, we do not sell ourselves! If it would not be for my husband, i would never live in USA! Culture (movies and malls) and education here is horrible! They guys that go to our countries to play around deserve to meet couple of gold diggers :)

  • Ukrainochka

    I’m Ukrainian. Was born in Ukraine and spent half school time there and now live and graduated in USA. I love heels, make up and looking like a magazine cover. I hate going to the mall and seeing women in sweat pants, that’s a crime. Nasty hair with a side pony tail just to feel comfortable? You always have to look a 10! Family is my number 1 priority and money matters too, but relationship in the family is most valued.

    Ukrainian/Russian girls look very different from Americans. I visit Ukraine on a yearly basis (family) and I can spot a Slavic girl in a crowd easily. I can tell a Ukrainian/Russian face w/o a mistake, by looks, behavior, gestures.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect description and comparison. Bravo. I choose the Ukranian…eveyrday-

  • Per

    Good stuff! I think I’ll go for the American girl. I love chicken nuggets.

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  • David

    Like everything there are no absolutes. Roosh is make a generalized statement about the gals and that doesn’t mean it’s 100% of the gals.

    Just like you can find a rare exceptional woman in the US. Your chances are much greater leaving the US especially for a wife.

    They are lovely and well kept women in the Ukraine who take pride in their appearance. Yes there is an emphasis on money, yet not for the simple sake of money itself. The mentality is to care for your family above all else and wasteful spending or not having money is irresponsible. Not so many years ago a lack of money meant death or pure misery on a scale we can’t understand.

    That being said I love that women there are educated, smart, and I love that accent. Yet the divorce rate in Ukraine is 70% vs a place like the Philippines where it is 12%. If you are betting by the numbers and seeking a wife I’d head to the Philippines every time. And the gals there are usually always positive and smiling vs the doom and gloom attitudes of the FSR gals.

  • Anonymous

    I`m ukrainian girl, live in Kiev the hole my life. Almost all stereotypes are wrong about us…truth just we are open-minded and beauty. But for us its doesn`t matter you are foreighner or ukrainian. We prefer real feelings and romantic crazy guys who can give us interesting life and exciting emotions.)

  • anna

    Fucking brilliant!

  • http://None Lina

    I am girl from Ukraine, but living oversea, okay I must say yours problem is u r looking for sex and not for love… So u meat that kind girls who will give u that but will want money. Kind man who just want sex no any better with girls who just want money…
    Something u r say is right where I also hate that about Ukr girls, don’t really have to make up everyday and heels …that’s really stupid , can look beautiful in casual wear as well, personally I forget when lust time I wear heels, I am very beautiful so I feel comfortable without make up as well ,
    But about all Ukr girls want rich man is false ! I see so many girls from Europe, South Africa, USA who little beet pretty they all want find rich man. So many people like that is depend on a person. But if u looking for love u will find it! My bf and I have no money and we very happy together, and he never bought me a flowers as I don’t like it anyway !
    Hey and Ukr “kolbasa” is not a shit ! U never eat salami ? It’s about the same ! I feel u r to cultural and not open minded !

  • K

    I think it is very offensive what your saying against American girls!

    I am true tu myself, not 20 pounds overweight and have worked hard to build a career as opposed to Russian and Ukrainians girls who depend on a man. There just as much sluts as anyone else.

  • RL66

    My girlfriend is Ukrainian and is the best partner i’ve ever had, she’s caring and hard working, and looks top dollar. Most women, and men if we’re honest, look for partners that will enhance our lives, why not? marrying for love is a relatively modern concept, go back a few centuries and you’ll find most people married for more practical reasons, some countries still prefer arranged marriages for this reason, not my cup of tea but I understand it.

    You also have to realise that the USSR lost more men during WWII than any other country, this meant that for decades after the war there were more women than men, many more, women had to take what they could get, AND let’s face it, soviet men are no romantics, it was a tough place to live, especially under uncle Joseph rule, if they aspire to a better way of life then who can blame them, and you get a lot in return.

    Go to any large town or city in the Ukraine and you’ll find many fabulous looking women, slim, fit and well educated, they make good wives, all of my girlfriend’s female friends are fiercely loyal to their husbands, good cooks and brilliant shots with a rifle, what more could you want!

  • johnthesailor

    Love those Ukrainian girls. The shape, the bone structure and the weight. All perfect. Adorable creatures and should be treated as they deserve

  • Lee

    Ukranian Girls` vaginas are fucking smelly. They are very ugly without make up. also their skin is too white.. it looks healthy. % 90 of ukranians are whore. I would never get married with them. EWWWW yuck.

  • Darren

    I have been dating for 1 year and now living with the woman of my dreams. She is Ukrainian, 31 , 16 years younger than me. Yes, she is incredibly beautiful. Olha ( Western pronounciation is “Olga”). She has the body of a goddess, tight and incredibly detailed ..
    The mind of a scholar, incredibly intelligent , and full of passion for life, love and me :)

    I’m leaving a Western woman I’ve been married to for 15 years because Olga is my dream come true.
    It hasn’t always been easy or straightforward but the most important thing, love., is so incredibly huge for both of us that I cannot think of living without her.

    Yes, Ukrainian woman are beautiful, but more importantly, they posess an inner beauty and timeless sense of passion that is hard to describe. Honesty , is incredibly important for them, so take heed and don’t lie because they will expose you sooner than you think. I feel so incredibly lucky and thankful she came into my life.
    Olenka… I love you.

  • Darren

    Addendum: as my beautiful Ukrainian bride to be has pointed out to me, I have left my previous marriage , it is a thing if the past , so line should read “left” not leaving!
    I’m still in the process of selling my old house and thankfully once that is done I can devote my entire life to my beautiful Ukrainian Princess.

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  • Anonymous

    “You see differences in race, when we are all just humans at the core”

    You are a fucking imbecile.

    Blacks will often not hesitate to treat you worse despite the fact that you are both humans.

    They are also inherently different.

  • From Ukrainian Girl

    Hi, guys
    I’m from Ukraine, from Odessa. I’m 26 years old girl/woman (call as you like). I look perfect, have a 3-year child, husband. I’m not a prostitution. I’ve never been a one. I have Master degree with honors in Physics. Beautiful and smart. Yes.
    But WTF? Why do you think that here are just cheap girls? What does it mean “how to sleep with Ukrainian women”? Come to Odessa, Kiev or any other big city. Go to a night club (any) and you’ll find lots of prostitutions. As in any country. The same you can go to Nigeria or any another poor country and say: “Oh, girls a so cheap and easy there!” Yes, UA is a poor country, and many girls are ready to sllep with USA or EU citizen to earn some money with a dream to marry with him one day. MANY, NOT ALL.
    By the way, UA is a multy-national country. Here are not just Ukrainians, here are a lots of Russian, Greek, Moldavian, Romanian, Turkish and other. Learn history and don’t take stereotypes into your head.
    Good luck!

  • Bill

    Penfield lamented:

    “Seriously though….whats with your alienation of men of African descent (black men as you call them). I dont think you are racist, but you have a racially divisive mentality.”

    That’s his prerogative. Black men belong with black women. PERIOD.

    “You see differences in race, when we are all just humans at the core.”

    Bullsh*t. We all are DIFFERENT “humans at the core.”

    “You should rid yourself of that…”

    And what…ignore reality, i.e., pretend there are no racial differences both outside and in?

  • Kate

    My name is Kate, I am from Kiev. And my feelings are really hurt when I hear proclamations like “all Ukrainian girls are whores”. I was brought up in a good family, I was taught in a good school, I have a lot of friends-girls who are honest, intelligent and they are not thinking about financial stability of their partner, they just want to find someone who will care them like they deserve it. And, yeah, some us are really caring only about money, but NOT ALL OF US.

  • Anna

    Interesting discussion…hmm
    I was born and raised in Ukraine, and have been living in the US for 10 years. I tend to agree with Roosh. Well, with his comparison! It is kind of funny to read his “conclusions” as to the differences between American and Ukrainian women. All I have to say is you got it, man! But the biggest difference is that Ukrainian woman seeks a guy that is a “husband material”, in a sense she needs somebody whom she can depend on financially, socially and etc. Yes, they may look like “too much” of everything (makeup, hair, somewhat revealing style of clothes, high heels) but it is only to lure a desirable man, that is all! They are not dressed like that just to have a one night stand,though it may seem like it, but they do want a relationship! Unfortunatelly, the culture there dictates you have to look somewhat slutty in order to attract a man, since men are way outnumbered by women. And another thing ukranian girl expects you, the guy, to do the pursuing, no matter how you “look”,it is plain flattering to them that a guy is making the first step, may be even trying to seduce ( it is all a part of a game, flirting and building a sexual attraction). When it comes to American men, you are way too careful, wrapped up in “what people think” and sometimes are simply clueless as to how to play ” the game”. And of course, it goes back to “equal rights” between women and men. Guys, American guys, loosen up and try to at least “appear” to be confident and ask her out. I.E when I was living in Ukraine, my girlfriends and I would go to a bar or a restaurant for a drink, a guy would sit at the table next to us, if I’d find him attractive I simply glance at him ( no smile, otherwise he’d think you are either easy catch or else), and normally the guy’d come and compliment me like ” you know, I find you gorgeous, can I just buy you a drink, no strings attached” or a guy would just buy a bottle of wine, champagne for all the girls and send it to our table first and then come and introduce himself. My point is it is unheard of in America, guys are mostly insecure and for good reason, American women like being “in control”( whatever that is. So if you like to date a ukranian girl, first be generous ( because it tells her you are interested in her enough to spend money, time and effort on her), secondly just be blunt ( trust me it is sexy)if you find her attractive just say so, and third you have to be the “one” to do the first step ( and it’s worth it).
    Lastly I must say that the comments/opinions written by 42 Partly ukrainian are very rude. And it does feel like a dude has a very gloomy attitude on life. Cheer up, it’s not as it seems to you. You know the saying ” We see things as we are and not as they actually are”. So if you are bitter, angry, cynical, suspicious: guess how you’ll see the world! I am not trying to attack him, just to think about it!

  • Tom Dane

    Anna the reason why guys are kind of afraid to open up (in Western countries) is because of the attitude of the women: They give zero signals of interest. It’s like they go out in a group of women, and that group does its best to act like they dont even notice whats around them.
    It’s a power trip. They feel that the surroundings must bow to them, be their slaves.
    So of course, many men but the most hardcore players will try to do anything.

  • Anonymous

    så slemt er det sgu heller ikke tom de venter på en mand med nosser

  • Anna

    I see your point Tom Dane…Now are you speaking of American women? You know, I have a friend who is American, and I think she is an attractive girl. But she would not even go to the gym because she thinks men stare at her ( or she thinks they stare at her). What’s up with that? It’s like American women see “creeps” in almost every guy. A friend of mine told me a story…he was at the restaurant ( it was one of those fast food restaurants)…and he was sitting facing the counter and of course since he was facing the counter, this manager came out and asked him to leave because he was “creeping her and another girl out”. He was like “honey, do not flatter yourself you are not that attractive”. And I know the restaurant and saw women that work there, they are homley looking. So what is it with American women that they see a “stocker” in every guy and most of them are not that hot or even good looking. Why such high opinion of their appearance? It’s almost delusional…

  • Emmanuel Goldstein from ROK

    Anna they do it because other people listen, and punish the men supposedly responsible for looking at her. If everyone ignored her complaints, she would stop complaining tomorrow.

    Women everywhere want validation of their looks, to be told they’re pretty – American women get that validation from punishing men who supposedly found them attractive. Men are seen as pathetic, so a compliment from them means nothing to them.

  • Nadya

    I’m ukrainian woman and I lol’d all time during reading this post. From one side it is obviously true, but from the other side not each women are such mercantile. But most of them, I’m not kidding.

  • lepard man

    dont need your book to bang Ukrainians been there done that banged like there was no tomorrow

  • Dr amir

    HI how are you, I am searching a honest and loving girl for marriage, would u like to corespond with me

  • Dr amir

    would u like friendship with me,

  • Dr amir

    hi would u like friendship with me, i am not searching sex, just honest and sincere life partner

  • Dr amir

    hi how r u, i am doctor searching a real love and life partner, would u like freindship with me

  • Lilly

    lol I must have Ukrainian ancestry…

  • anonymous

    Epic ART ( Arabic Race Troll) !

    I can’t wait to see shit like this on the Forum

  • anonymous

    WTF? Talk about major one-itis….

    Leave the American wife – fine. But don’t get all doe-eyed on another chick… Will people ever learn? Jeez.

  • peter pan

    I think every guy who has been to Ukraine and dated Ukrainian women can relate to this satire. I much prefer interacting with American women — their ability to flirt and appreciate wit is so refreshing compared to those ultra-stoic, vacuous Ukrainians who only have one thing to offer. Of course, there are the exceptional diamonds in the rough, but unfortunately not enough of them. Ukrainian women ‘s reputation is sadly thoroughly deserved.

  • anon

    Dear Roosh V, if you stop deleting perfectly sensible comments, you might find more customers to purchase your ebooks!

  • anon

    Apologies. Just figured out the ‘Newest’ tab. Feel free to delete.

  • cris

    I am a filipino with a ukranian girlfriend,i dont think all girls in ukraine is whore…no i dont believe in that…and yes UKRAINE girls is so beautiful,as a filipino,eversince i”m dreaming to have a blonde girlfriend and it become true….so hot blonde blue eyes victoria in odessa….i will marry you my love….

  • SJ

    I’ve dated a couple of Russian and Ukraine women in the USA and they are amazing compared to garbage American women. One always dressed in mini skirt and high heels even though we went hiking or to the beach.

  • goosers

    Sounds like you don’t need a book to help you sleep with Ukrainian women…sounds like you just need money.
    Based on your ignorant descriptions, neither of these “types of women” could attain a meaningful, non-superficial or material relationship

  • Louie

    I’m French, have an American wife. She’s not easy, she’s not fat, she’s not lazy, she’s not a bitch…There is good and bad women in all over the world. Grow up.

  • Im A Ram

    Oh NAWALT, what a compelling convincing argument… How did I not see it before.

  • Евгений Якименко

    It’s very sad (because i am from Ukrain too), but it’s true! Our women is beautiful and they know about that, and they use that. Search foreign Rich Man’s it principal destination most ukrainian women’s and girls.

  • Who cares

    What a joke this article is. I saw you on a Ukrainian television show, and the women there hated your guts. One woman stated she was in the process of suing you, because you posted a picture of her online saying that you banged her when in reality you had never even met her. You told her she should “Take it as a compliment.” The other women on the show said they found you unattractive and thought you were a pig. I see you wrote this article before you went on that show. You also spoke in English the entire time and someone had to translate for you. For all the bullshit you spew about how American women supposedly don’t speak another language, you didn’t even bother to learn how to say one word of their language, despite the fact you had been living there for 8 months. Only once you realized the Ukrainian women didn’t care much for you, did you start complaining about them. How they “all wear fake eyelashes” and how “You couldn’t tell if they were actually pretty because they wear so much makeup.” You also complained that many women there “can’t speak English.” So this article is just a bunch of lies. I read somewhere else where you posted that “they are the worst in bed” out of all the nationalities you banged. You wrote that after you went on that show. Everyone can express their opinions, but don’t start spewing bullshit and hatred at an entire country or nationality just because some people there may not like you.

  • Mika

    lol do american men actually pay for these ebooks? lmao if your misogynistic trolling is actually making you money, then damn there are a lot of North American losers with female complexes out there. But hey, I guess everyone’s gotta eat am I right? And after all, those Eastern European escorts don’t come cheap eh Roosh?

  • Mika

    “The mind of a scholar, incredibly intelligent , and full of passion for life, love and me :)”

    Lol I bet she’s a big ole rocket scientist. And being a nubile 16 years younger then you has no bearing on that right?

  • Evie

    Dr Amir your desperation is starting to stink. No one wants to date you and your unibrow

  • pismopal

    There is a camel leaving in 10 on him.

  • pismopal

    And that is a lesson than some have to learn the hard way.

  • Ronaldo

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,
    People who complaint too much or have some problem about American or Ukrainian is good or bad?
    Please marry an Indian Girl, then you will see how woman of other countries are far more beautiful.
    She will cook for you.
    She will wash your feet.
    She will respect your Family
    She will never be a sex machine
    She will never ask for clothes (Once in a year will be fine)

    A girl of your dreams.

    Remember if woman is beautiful the she deserves to be taken care by man. If you cannot afford it then I mentioned above very good option above.

  • Adnan Niaz Khan Yousafzai

    Its very racist of you that you are categorizing the Ukranian girls/women like this. You better should apologise.

  • Prashant Kamble

    Hi Kate,
    Myself Prashant eventhough i am very disappoint after hear the proclamations but i told you Ukraine girls are beautiful with beautiful soul I wish you the All the Best for the future may your dreams come true and achieve your goals and Be my Buddy friend

  • Giggled

    So stay away from Ukranian women. The minute they find someone else with a couple dollars more, they are gone. Beware. Very materialistic.

  • adolf

    this country exports the most high number of escorts and prostitutes around the world. after there is romania and bulgaria. but ukranian are 10 times better persons than bulgarian or romanian. bulgarian are shitty stupid prostitutes and stay far away from them and romanian are sick vaginas with donkey heads.

  • Anastasiya Sergieva

    yes, they are all sluts :)

  • Alex Liddell

    Very interesting article with good free Information

  • Robert Brooks

    What is the best way to meet a Ukrainian/Russian girl online…looks like a lot of scam sites charging $10/letter and could be talking to a guy. Is it safe to fly to Kiev?

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  • eyvallah

    haha poor you if you met only this kind of girls) let me guess, you probably spent most of your time in some shitty nightclubs with shitty music buying drinks for girls with faces covered with 1 cm layer of makeup huh?) it’s like hooking up only with chav-girls and thinking all the British girls are like this. but well, that’s your level apparently – quasi-educated females pretending to be oh-so-family-oriented and chaste)

  • Divzy

    Ukrainian women “see men as a bridge to a better life”. But do you provide a bridge to a better life? From other sources you just seem to bang them and then leave. And that kind of invalidates your point of Ukrainian women being a human lie detector.

  • maryam

    Mr. Adnan Niaz u r very sympathetic to Ukrainian…even u changed or name to Russian….in. Which category u falls?

  • Maryam Adnan Yousafzai

    Why u removed my reply? Ur mother? Sister? Grand mother? Anybody from Russia?

  • Alex

    i like to get one Ukrainian for marry with no for play where i can find one and to move to Puerto Rico

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Hahahaha. Slavic girls blow you away Rebecca

  • Han-zome

    Bang in three hours. Yep. That one is true, true!

  • Nijka

    This is ignorant, I’m Ukrainian and this list tells me everything I need to know about the person who wrote this. SMH at anyone who believes this.

  • Romeo Izdead

    well if every westerners were not so sucker for sex, we could start a strike on sex and let them see how it feel. the reason why easterners girls are so sweet is because they lacked men for many years due to extreme death rate in ww2 and the balkan war.

  • Jerry Jackson

    If we talk about which countries live the most beautiful girls of the world, of course, immediately come to mind and Ukraina.slavyanskie Russian girls have always been considered one of the most beautiful in the world that makes guys really get crazy. However, not only facial features make the Eastern European lady look so oshelomlyayuschimi.S standpoint figure they also correspond to representations of the ideal, with a beautiful body without unnecessary fat grams. The number of striking beauties can be found here simply exceptional.

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  • MrTrend

    There always has to be one reference to black men, white american obsession. I’m sure the vast majority of Ukrainian women have secretly slept with a black man and are hiding it. Of course they are all also attracted to them secretly, or so a white american obsessive over black males would have you believe.

  • Vince

    And actually Ukrainian girls aren’t gold diggers like one would think of an American woman seeking a man with money…they are raised to seek a man that is more mature or at least financially secure for the sake of stability. This is old world thinking that exists all over the place in those slavic countries and even places like Israel and the South American countries also. There isn’t anything wrong with it as it is survival thinking and it is refreshing compared to American (or Western women) that prefer bad boys to nice guys who are stable, who will date a guy who has money, fancy car or house, etc because they are attracted to the oppulence and they want to be a spoiled princess who is pampered. It looks on the surface that both Ukrainian women and Western women share this but they don’t… Ukrainian girls (and other Eastern bloc and Russian girls) favor men that will make a stable homelife for them and are very family oriented. They make good wives and good mothers. I am ashamed of my fellow men who go over there just to take advantage of these girls. Are there any horror stories about getting involved with a foreign woman from one of those countries? Sure, but those are the exceptions not the rule. Men, if you are truly seeking a better person to be with, then don’t discount Ukraine and Eastern women. Their culture makes them better choices as wives. I intend to do just the same in the future and I probably will go with the company Dream Connections which is run responsibly and is all about getting couples together and not about bilking men out of money to have fake responses from fake profiles.

  • Vince

    Virgins that are willing to be adventurous. I don’t understand guys who want a pornstar…(and they would have to be experienced to know how to be a pornstar in bed) If you wouldn’t be willing to use your toothbrush again if someone else used it after you already started to use it. Why would you want to be with a woman that knows all these pornstar moves? It would plague me with thinking about how many men this woman has been with before me. I understand that most women are not virgins but I would prefer they would act like virgins more so. I know other men have probably visited this forest before, but I would rather be deluded into thinking I was discovering virgin territory.

  • Vince

    Very true post.
    Thanks Freckled (even though you wrote this 2 years ago).

  • Guy Mechante

    Dude, American girls, “bang in three hours” and you have to “trick her into having sex”? Where you meeting these American chicks? Ones in California are cute. I’ve done Russian and Georgian babes, but when I get outta bed I want to know I got someone that can be real and look good after all that makeup and eyelash comes off, got their priorities right. I’ll put up with some extra weight for that.

  • Kkkk

    Why does everything have to be about race? Do you feel like you have done your civil duty for the day? You’re a true hero for bringing this to light ď

  • Jackson

    Dude living in ukraine i will not advise to you marry with ukrainian girl… im living here 4 years i saw many thinks they are bitch whatever if she is your girlfriend she can sleep with she is friends from middle school or university. For them who said only important husbad bullshit for them important one think only money. You have a 30 dollars sleep one of them why you need to marry this kind of bitches ? Amarican girls i know will be weird but Catholic people not same with anothers. I can help who want to come ukraine no problem. I hope next 2 years i can finish my school and fast going to my country. I’m so luck man i have girlfriend from china.

  • kozrav

    I was in Ukraine and a dating service introduced me to several of her, take her to the restaurant …. more expensive for you spend money in her, that the restaurant win money, win the translator, win the hotel, win the taxi and win her money also .. .. everything is a business, well mounted but is bullshit. Eventually she want you return, just want to keep you spending money, nothing else. Do not waste your time. You do not know the kind of woman they are. Ukrainian friends told me that many are prostitutes. And when you can open your eyes is too late. Do not waste your time calling them or writing because they only want you to spend money back. Ukraine needs money and that’s a good strategy.

  • kozrav

    Notes: I was in Ukraine and a dating service introduced me to several of her, take her to the restaurant …. more expensive for you spend money in her, that the restaurant win money, win the translator, win the hotel, win the taxi and win her money also .. .. everything is a business, well mounted but is bullshit. Eventually she want you return, just want to keep you spending money, nothing else. Do not waste your time. You do not know the kind of woman they are. Ukrainian friends told me that many are prostitutes. And when you can open your eyes is too late. Do not waste your time calling them or writing because they only want you to spend money back. Ukraine needs money and that’s a good strategy.

  • Deborah Dan

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  • Sam

    Holy shit, what a victim

  • Black_Light

    Do not judge all nation by some people you have met. There are sluts and those who will want to use you everywhere, if you can’t notice that at the beginning- it is your problem. I agree, there are some girls who want only money from men (the ones you can find on the dating sites), but for others decenty is on the first place, even if we don’t have money, we will never let ourselves to be the toy in men’s hands just because of wealth- it is miserable.

  • Ku

    Yes black people or even any color than snow white stand out in Ukraine. Even people from tajikistan who speak russian ukrainian are called monkeys there. I go to ukraine every yr. My husband is ukrainian. And every time I’m in Kiev I’m pointed at. Laughed at. And called monkey. People even take pictures. Im caramel skinned Spanish.

  • Just

    Well, everything that’s written here is untrue. So sad that someone believes it.