American Men Are The Best Slaves

An American man will begin enslaving himself after high school by taking on over $20,000 of student debt for a worthless degree. Afterwards he will work at Starbucks to satisfy his Sallie Mae massa. The government massa lets him know that he must pay up no matter what.

He will sign up for credit cards and spend more than he earns to impress his peers, forever indebted to his banker massa.

He will eat whatever genetically modified food that his Monsanto massa gives him, and have to endure endless food recalls because massa doesn’t like keeping the factories clean.

He will pay over $100 a month for a cell phone plan to his AT&T massa so that he has fast access to his Facebook massa.

He voluntarily enslaves himself to the wife massa by signing a legal marriage document. He must gain permission from her to see his friends or rearrange cups in the kitchen cabinet.

He puts in a vote every four years hoping the new massa will make his life better, but he doesn’t understand that the new massa only serves the corporate massas.

With no self-identity, the slave looks to massas like Apple and Samsung to feel happy. He waits in long lines in the cold to get the massa’s latest techno crap.

He programs himself with television so that his massa can tell him what to buy and how to act.

His feminist overlord massa has made him believe it’s possible for fat women to be beautiful.

He is in constant fear of getting chemically tortured by the policeman massa. He is more than eager to get x-ray’d in the airport by his TSA massa.

His massas make him believe that one day he will be a billionaire, so he better not get uppity about how he’s treated. He can’t take off time from work to protest because his boss massa will be upset.

His water has estrogen and other chemicals because he lets the pharmaceutical massas drug him and his countrymen.

He’s scared to write anything online because one of his massas might get mad and blacklist him.

He’s letting the public school massa turn his boys into girls.

Not content letting his mom and wife massa tell him how to live his life, he has allowed Human Resources to help control his deviant behavior while he serves his work massa.

Out of everywhere I’ve been in the world, it’s American men who make the most obedient and compliant slaves. No other place has men seek out multiple massas to have their life controlled and dominated. If I was a massa, I would only buy American males.

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