An Epidemic Of Thirsty Men Is Making It Harder To Get Laid

For every girl that you reject for being unattractive or bitchy, there will be a line of men behind you trying to win her over. Every time you “punish” a girl by rejecting her after she displays bad behavior, she will not have to wait long until another man close to your value wants to give it his all for a chance at sex with her. Any uncomfortable feeling you give a woman will be quickly soothed by Tinder matches on her iPhone. We are currently in the middle of an epidemic of incredibly desperate men who will do anything to put their dicks into the most deplorable of vaginas.

In the past, there were limitations on approaching women. Those have all been removed. Here are four factors that contribute to thirstiness today:

1. No large-scale war to decrease male population. This leads to a demographic imbalance of more able-bodied men than young, nubile women.

2. Movement of population to urban centers. You are no more than a few meters away from a woman walking alone who will not run away if you attempt a conversation with her.

3. Improved technology. Any man with a smartphone and an internet connection can “approach” a thousand girls a day if he wants. A woman perceives her value as high if she is being contacted by so many men every week, even if they are not her ideal.

4. Gender equality and politically correct brainwashing. Men used to have expectations of female beauty and behavior, but decades of feminist propaganda have given men the impression that class, manners, femininity, and thin bodies are sexist or misogynistic. Today, a woman can disfigure herself with tattoos and piercings, curse like a sailor, get publicly drunk, cheat, and start fights, yet still be pursued by men who have been trained to think that she is strong and empowered.

In millennia past, men simply didn’t have access to speak to women in large enough numbers to have a player lifestyle we take for granted today. They were lucky merely to get into a semi-arranged marriage in their early 20s. Even if such a man wanted to be a player, where would he find women? There were few urban centers where he could find them unchaperoned. If he was lucky enough to meet one, get her address, and pay her a future call, the courtship would take an intense amount of time and energy. Because of these limitations, Casanova, the most well-known seducer in history, achieved a notch count of around 125, something that is only slightly impressive today.

Thanks to cheap air travel and international dating sites, the Western man’s desperation has begun to affect foreign women. While Ukrainian men hold their women to an amusingly high standard, Italian men on Badoo who message Ukrainian girls do not. Foreign women are well aware that Western men have far lower standards when it comes to women, and are using that to their advantage by obtaining free trips, dinners, and consumer electronics. Can you really blame them? In Poland it’s common for me to see good-looking Portuguese and Italian men aggressively pursue the fattest Polish girl in the club. The ugliest girl in the world, with just a bit of effort, can have dozens of men pursuing her.

The negative effects of thirsty men are not trivial. First, unless your game is in the top 1% that an attractive girl has encountered, she will be quick to flake on you or dismiss you outright. She will be less likely to give investment into any relationship with you if her phone is blowing up from so many other men on OK Cupid or Tinder. You must aim to be in the top 1% if you want your shot at the best women.

Secondly, thirsty men makes game even more of a numbers game. You will simply have to churn through more prospects and the disrespect and abuse it entails until you find a girl who recognizes your value and wants to enter a casual relationship with you. You have to get used to the idea that you will always have to approach in high numbers, regardless of how strong your value really is. Too many girls have such a surplus of penises in their pipeline that a “sniper” style of game will be decreasingly fruitful, especially if you don’t have a niche.

Thirsty men make it harder for all of us, and unfortunately this trend will not be reversed. If anything, it will get more severe. Sausage fests of three guys for every girl in clubs will be common in countries with developed economies. Innovative apps will allow fat women to get attention from hot studs while sitting on her toilet bowl taking a dump. We have to accept this change and simply be ready to work even harder for what we want. Improve your game until it’s sharp as a razor while enduring bad attitudes and rejection until you succeed with your ideal class of girl. Getting laid was never easy for men, but I’m afraid that because of the way world culture is headed, it will only get harder.

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  • playmuc

    I guess my game must be in top 1% then. :)

  • Jon

    Thank god places like Asia and South America are still pretty darn expensive to fly to from Europe and the US.

    The women here in Taiwan are still feminine. If they reject Taiwanese guys, the local guys can just head to nearby China or Southeast Asia for a traditional gal.

  • tu_ne_cede_malis

    The Japan-ification of the world

  • darwin

    With half half of the world population being male and the other half female, one has to ask the question: Why is there a strongly percieved scarcity of women? There is only one conclusion: men screen harder than woman. Most men wouldn’t percieve a woman in her fourties or fifties as a sexual being, while women will eagerly fuck the next old farts dick as long as he is alpha. The reasons for this are biological. Female egg-cells are the scarce resource when it comes to reproduction, not sperm-cells. Men screen harder for fertile women, and thus increase competition for the remaining women.

    Simple biology. As a male you have two options: a – rise to the top of the sexual hierarchy by learning game and becoming alpha. b – don’t – and get no women.

  • frenchie

    The easiest way to mitigate all of this is to be gainfully employed, with a car, and a good apartment/house.

    Most of these “thirsty” guys are woefully underemployed or unemployed. Women don’t want to be in a relationship with these guys. Hook up maybe, but that’s the extent of it.

  • Buddy

    Not true at all man. Most thirsty guys are the average man, the 99%.

  • seth datta

    In the UK, I feel that the few attractive domestic women there are fall into two categories:
    (1) gravitating towards tall men (who by being tall are considered attractive). = Female hypergamy.
    (2) the remaining attractive women are insecure about their looks and pick the most physically unattractive and useless men around (ie short, no potential for anything in life, not remotely alpha or beta). The fact that their partners would never get a better looking girl than them and thus would never stray gives the women the control they want. As such, this is the inverse of female hypergamy, as it is more like female degeneracy. It completely proves the idea that women are not in general good keepers of their genetic lineage, as most of these men depend on government for their survival, are not social alphas and have no survival traits.

    So, it is perhaps unsurprising that the remainder of men have become ‘rather thirsty’, when women are less good looking these days compared to the past, there are many immigrants competing for them (making England now a man-heavy society), and the fact that in an aging population, it is increasingly harder to find younger women at the peak of their sexual market value/dating market value. add in the general uselessness and c*ntyness of many women, and you have a recipe for social disaster.

    I used to have much higher standards and get laid infrequently with hot, cute women. Now I have had to adapt with lower standards, and it is getting harder to find women that even make the grade. Not only that, but the remaining cute women have become increasingly ridiculous. I don’t blame the men, as I have very attractive male friends, one of them even looks like Justin Timberlake. His problem isn’t his attitude; its his environment. Its absolutely cr@p. You have to lower your standards to get laid at least some of the time.

    Feminism has made the west a toxic environment for men and families/children. The only people it benefits are middle and upper-middle class white women who make poor long-term decisions regarding their SMV/MMV, meaning they cannot hold onto their economic position for the long run and end up taking the men down with them. I am not surprised that many white men have ‘yellow fever’ or other race fetish; that guy is alpha for actually picking a winning mating and family strategy.

    Women are starting to change their attitudes, but won’t do this en masse until its too late (ie some form of social/economic collapse, like in Greece, where we are rapidly headed towards). Women don’t create civilizations. Men do. Its not sexist. Its true. And when you take into account male dis-incentives to work because of women’s preferences (badboys, thugs etc), it is not surprising that things are the way we see them. F*ck society and f*ck what women want. The real problem is not thirsty men, its is the degeneracy of women.

  • Casanova 2013

    I banged 15 girls so far this year, didn’t seem that hard to me… I guess i’m awesome.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Lol for someone named Darwin you’re pretty ignorant. The ratio of boys to girls at birth is 105 to 100 or so in America, and the ratio doesn’t level out until women are much older, 45+. If you look at ratio of single men to single women at say age 25, its even worse.

  • SadThirstyGuy

    I have been thirsty for quite some time. I wasted $71.97 on a pay dating site posted my experience:

  • DJ

    Which is why prostitution MUST be made legal and cheap in the USA! It would solve this problem once and for all.

  • banger

    A realistic article about the realities of modern dating.
    While Roosh tries to encourage us on how to attack the problem, some of us are
    just too fed-up by now. For example :

    “Today, a woman can disfigure herself with tattoos and piercings”

    – She can do it, and many do. But why do we have stand for it? Actually, we don’t. If you look and act like shit, I’ll just jerk-off instead. Or get a $50 an hour massage once a month. Or both… and be happier.

    “You will simply have to churn through more prospects and the disrespect and abuse it entails”

    – Call me lazy, call me weak, call me beta, whatever… but why would I do this? Why would I lower my self-respect and standard of living in this way just to get a bang? The ROI, to me at least, is far from being worth the payout.

    “We have to accept this change and simply be ready to work even harder”

    – Agreed. We have to accept the landscape has changed. But we don’t have to work harder if we choose to no longer play the game. And I see drastically decreasing reasons to do so.

  • banger


  • ProudFeministGirl

    Sincé when Arranged Marriages stopped and why? they need to be back in order for everyone to get laid. I watched a Spanish-language telenovela “El Clon” and the only thing i agree with Muslims is arranged marriage, that is better than be alone.

  • ng85

    I discovered this when my last long-term relationship ended. Not only did she have a roster of suitors in her own city, she had suitors all across the country who she “met” through Facebook and her blog (And ended up dating a guy who lived 3 time zones away). I prefer meeting girls from the suburbs, as they haven’t been tainted by the stink and cynicism of the big cities – A lack of options means more stability. Even if they have Tinder or social media sites their geographic location will probably mean their circle of options is much smaller than if she were to live in the middle of Manhattan.

  • Quintus Curtius

    You predicted this in one of my favorites of your previous posts where you used Venn diagrams.
    Features of the future: spam approaching, steroid-level masculine caricature behavior, and creeping androgyny in both sexes.

  • seth datta

    I’m pretty sure a partial or total economic and social collapse will solve the situation, which ins INEVITABLE in the next decade or two, tops. The only real problem is, this doesn’t really help us now, and when it happens, we will be like Brazil and most people will have bigger worries in life than chasing poosy.

    Expatting seemed to me to be the best option. Unfortunately, this option is not available to most men. Choose a country that has a greater female to male ratio in the younger age ranges and where the women are feminine. One thing I had noticed about many Anglo English-speaking countries were that the number of real immigrants are often downplayed, most recent immigrants are male and this skews numbers. That plus men surviving wars means that even in the 18-40 age range in the West, there are more men than women. It is worse in china and india where there are 117 men for every 100 women. The future of ‘playing the game’ looks grim for men in general.

  • seth datta

    I gave you an upvote because I feel you had deserved it, but would other guys find ALL of the girls you had banged cute? I guess it doesn’t matter so much these days, but 10 years ago cute girls abounded in the UK. Nowadays, Ive seen players hit anything, from cute to grossly obese. Not all guys can hit the grossly obese ones or others’, because they are not cute in general as girls bother less nowadays. If hot guys bang a fattie, it encourages her to continue being a fattie and not improve (seen it happen so many times). This is the basis of even guys who get a lot of tail still propagating the ‘thirstiness’, because they wouldn’t have had to in the past.

  • seth datta

    Government stats are misleading; the situation is actually worse and there are probably 110 men to every 100 women in the US and UK. Mass immigration is mostly men and men are not dying as they did in the past in wars etc.. Our ancestors were men who oftentimes died and were outnumbered by women when both reached sexual maturity. We have too many men compared to women at the same age; plus we have so much cultural BS that skews up and destroys the mating dynamic even further.

  • frenchie

    Then be above average. I’m a 24 year old that’s gainfully employed in a large city with my own apartment and car. The 99% include men that are by and large under employed and below 40-50k income gap. Obviously money != success with women, but get a better job and make more money then learn game to leverage your good fortune.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    The Decline sinks all ships, all non-elite ships first. The Decline has reached maturity.

  • Strategy Compete

    I feel you, bro! OKCupid was the biggest fucking waste of time for me. Women go on those sites to FEEL GOOD. They had a bad day, they open their account, POP! Six or seven sappy muthafuckas sent them letters begging for a date. They now feel great! They don’t bother responding, why should they? Enough guys hit on them everyday, and they are already getting fucked by the custodian who mops the bathroom in their office! Life is good for these american cunts.

  • Garth

    “Innovative apps will allow fat women to get attention from hot studs while sitting on her toilet bowl taking a dump.”

    Thanks for that rosy picture, Roosh — real pick me up.

  • Quintus Curtius

    Does anyone know the article I’m talking about? I can’t find it…link, if possible….
    It was basically about the evolution of game: how in 1950 game was just a circle with one feature in it: a good job. Our dads were good men in their day, but would be unable to get laid in today’s environment.

    Then game became an interplay between several intersecting circles, consisting of various features.
    And in the future, it will become something else: spam approaching, steroid us, etc…

  • Roosh_V
  • Garth

    That was indeed a good article Roosh put out, but I wonder if the situation is different now since you wrote it.

  • Ronin

    I can’t believe how many men have no standards at all

  • UncleElmer

    Criminiy guys, your local ballroom dance venue probably is in need of more male leaders to offset the predominance of women.

  • tu_ne_cede_malis

    Don’t forget obesity. A busty woman like Marilyn Monroe in the 50s would now be a lardass with high testosterone and fat accumulated around the gut rather than hips/thighs/ass.

  • splooge

    its not just developed economies but nations that have gendar imbalance. which create a ton of thirsty an times aggressive men. historically there always has been more females then males since we died from war nature or disease assuming me survived our higher infant mortalty rate. just yesterday i found out my friend a decent looking guy in great physical shape just married a fat chick in india. it was sorta arranged. but thats how it is now since they dont hook up in that nation guys have to marry what they can get. now men are getting competive for fatys. im afraid we will get that here in the west too. india china and middle east are lost now due to havin a gender imbalance of males over females. if more men died off an get outnumbered by women like eastern europe phillipines or brazil you get feminie women.gendar imbalance will always ruin your game cuase theres always a bunch of omgea betas spitten weak game at them an thus becomes more difficult to game them.

  • Mike

    You have to have sex somehow

  • Cadders

    Agreed – at work I see significant numbers of men – early thirties and up – who simply do not factor women into their lives. They are not conscious red-pillers, but have, at an instinctive level, made an assessment and decided that their lives are better (or at least not worse) without a women.

    Their attitude seems to be ‘If someone comes along, then that’s good, but I’m not bothered to go out looking.’ And despite what feminists will claim, they seem genuine – i.e. this is not an excuse for their lack of success with women – most of them have had sexual relationships or encounters and all of them have achieved a degree of success in their careers.

    Most interesting, I think, is the growth in the numbers of such men. When I started working in this building 14 years ago such men were rare. Now I would say almost 50% of this demographic can be characterised in this way.

    My read is that this is the front where men will truly fight back against feminism. A ‘silent majority’ of men who simply disengage from women.
    They cannot be identified for they are doing nothing to bring attention to themselves, they cannot be attacked for they are doing nothing offensive and they cannot be stopped for they follow their own path, not the dictates of a leader or a movement. And they wield the most devastating weapon men can bring to bear on women; indifference.

  • Hipstersstink

    Yeah after enough bangs and encounters I began to notice my standards were slowly starting to decline. So I withdrew. I act with indifference and it doesn’t bother me too much. If something great comes along I won’t object, but I’m accomplished enough to have self-respect. I’m not going to jump through hoops for any old broad, what does she bring to the table?

    The old mantra “get back at these women by pumping and dumping” wasn’t really doing anything good for me in the long term. It was actually impeding self-improvement, which in a world of indifference towards selfish women, is the only thing that matters.

  • splooge

    an there must be no whore mongering shaming. chances are the sluts will be pissed that they are not getting wifed up and will start shaming.

  • Quintus Curtius

    Obrigado, cara.

  • Derrick T

    Haha- what a conundrum these thirsty chumps and sorry women have out men in.

    One thing that snagged me mentally from this article is
    —The top 1% of game level for
    Have you written an analysis on what the traits are at the top 1%??? What characteristics does this elite alpha posess???
    What does the Delta Force look łike compared to the standard fare enlisted man in game???

  • splooge

    well with arrange marrages belive it or not have a lower divorce rate then lust i mean love marrage since its about rationally filling out desired characterustics of your partner. my parents had it and currently getting along just fine.(27yr n goin). arranges marrages have been the norm in the west 200yrs ago …wonder what changed it.

  • seth datta

    Well, I just go for 16-24 year olds. I honestly couldn’t date anyone older than that, because they are too indoctrinated. I am in my early thirties.

    Despite the difficulties posed, I can’t go gay and I can’t be aesexual. I’ve never paid (not that this is wrong) but what is the point of living and or promoting a lifestyle where you pay more often than not to get play. So I have to compete no matter if the odds are dire. Hence why the younger, less brainwashed (=less damaged) girls are the only way to go. I mean, Paul walker started dating a 16 y/o when he was 33. So it is the only way to go.

  • splooge

    well whats worthy to note there are a lot of beta males that stay at home and many women that are not fans of the nite scene(doesnt feel pretty or doesnt like partyin an seen as bad girls).the bar n club scene will always have more guys thats where u pull the snl. thats why bouncers keep some guys out and bring all the women into the club to level the the west the sats are about even.102 to 100 females is standard. 104 n up is considered a gendar imbalance this is with standard government stats. but with younger age demographics these numbers skew higher…ya i like to look at demographics of nations for fun.

  • Ternarydemon

    So true. A girl I met online told me that the day she signed into OKC, she received well over 300 messages, with around 20 per day. And she is 32 years old and a 6.5

    Even with strong game and high value, flaking is going through the roof. The unsecure girls choose ugly losers whom they control or just drop off the market. Beautiful women in their 30s still have dozens of suitors.

    Game is not only a numbers game but it has also become a luck game. Besides game and some value, you have to met the right girl at the precise moment and just as she has just randomly dumped his orbiter/boyfriend/alpha of the moment and she is also feeling like going out with you.

    Now, after some months ingesting the red pill, I always assume the flake, and have accepted that chance and luck will play part into any future encounter with a woman, far beyond any power I could muster.

    As the population grows older, becomes uglier and the obesity epidemic infects over 80% of all adult population, competition for young, fertile and beautiful women will be brutal.

  • Daniel

    Generally speaking, younger guys have lot of testosteron and often don’t mind trying to bang uglies or fatties. When they go in places like Poland, where discofloor caveman game is socially accepted, basically throw themself on every girl who give them the time of the day. I saw not only italians and spaniards doing this, but also, e.g., lot of australians.
    New guys in euro love-tourism-game are Germans. Now these people, after years spent working hard in order to raise their economy and recover the pride of the nation, are starting to enjoy life a little bit and learning game. They have a no-nonsense german efficency game (plus the confidence of the strongest economy in Europe) that can be often surprisengly effective.

  • awakened

    Not so fast my friend. I live in a suburb (about 60K) of a medium size (about 500k) southern city.

    When I got divorced my pudgy ex-wife had a long line of thirsty betas line up like factory workers in a depression era soup line. Even a small town woman (with pudge, attitude, big nose) can have an endless supply of cocks to chose from. NYC or Manhattan Kansas it matters not.

    If a woman lives anywhere in the lower 48 of the USA she has a never-ending supply of cocks.

  • Cad and Bounder

    This is true. You can see this when you look at girls profiles on OKC. Many of them (especially the newbies) have reams of character portrayals that reveal their mind set at the time. And it’s one of ‘please contact me, I have a lot to offer’ etc etc.At this point they are normal human beings, and if you hit on them offline you would have a chance of meeting someone decent. Then they start on the site. AND THEN THE BETA BOY CAVALARY COMES OVER THE HILL validating the fuck out of these girls, alternatively the omegas start pestering them, and the bitter gammas start sending them pictures of their nob, or setting up fake profiles.
    Two things happen. First, women get excessively pursued and then become impossible. Look out for the type that just puts her pic up. No profile, nothing. That’s the timewasting cunt. Second, the attractive women just disappear because they get trampled in the rush. Just go on badoo and see the wastelands of attractive women who never go on it anymore.
    Women aren’t pragmatic creatures, because they don’t have to be. They simply aren’t programmed to be able to deal with the illusion of choice that online ‘dating’ creates for them. The problem for them is that when they hit thirty they will start regretting their earlier capriciousness in a big way. The problem for us is that, that remorse is no use to us, because we wont want to bang most of them in their 30s anyway. Everyone loses.

  • awakened

    BTW we are talking about getting laid not wifing up some bitch. All the wealthy guys I know are miserable married fuckers that dream about getting a divorce as soon as the kids are grown.

    The most alpha pussy notching machine I have ever known was a overweight cop that used to play college football. He never had more than $300-400 to his name and constantly notched solid 8′s and slummed it all the way down to 5′s with a smile on his face.

    I know you are young and not very experienced but more money does not =more pussy. More money=more girlfriends not more pussy.

    If a rich guy gets a ton of poon he would get a ton of poon if he was poor.

  • awakened

    Exactly. 10-15 yrs ago it was much easier to hook up with cute women. Luckily at my age my thirst is much less than what it was when times were good.

    I would hate to be a horny young single man in these times. They have to feast on subpar pussy and fight with many other dudes to get it.

    In my experience the vast majority of guys with decent notch counts only get a few 7+ notches. The vast majority are women I would not bang.

  • Future of humans

    i dont think its hard for indians to immigrate , as you are well known for parasitism , Indians send over $72 billion every year as remittances, largest for any social group, you feed like a parasite on entire human race draining their resources for your ever increasing population .

    Future looks dystopic, especially if its full of open air defecating ,corrupting indians who will never leave a chance to immigrate and spread their vile culture all over the world

  • Brian

    Sorry Roosh but this is just a negative mindset. I live in America and do very well with women. Yes some are Miley Cyrus like but there are also sweet and kind girls. My parents are still very happily married and both my grandparents have been married for over 50 years. Maybe it is in my genes but I think most men want a lasting relationship and their are plenty of single attractive women to make it happen

  • Raining man

    I tell you fellas where the problem lies. Wanna hear the cold truth?
    Its harder for us all solely due to never ending supply of betas. Fucking little pricks with no balls or pride. The ones who send 15 msgs a day online or treat a 5 like she is 9.

    If only majority of men would be again masculine, strong, NOT accepting the bitch attitude, with high standards as to what kind of pussy their dicks are banging…
    none of these problems we discuss would occur.

    Its ultimately super simple. If a freakin entitled bitch would not have a dick longer than 6 months she would have to …. change. For the better. Now since most guys , err. pricks dream of making love with a nasty cunt, so be it. The women of the modern world will only get worse and worse. And worse. Until you’ll finally get the balls and self worth to throw away poor quality woman.

  • Ternarydemon

    A hundred years ago, a man looking to court a quality woman would have to write a letter to his father/grandfather/tutor/matriarch, show value and then perhaps he may be allowed to court her. Sex, being the most valuable thing a woman has to offer a man, was of course carefully withold until marriage, therefor preserving the institution of family, basis of a civilized society.

    Men without value had to join the army, emigrate to the americas/oceania, become a sailor, robber or miner, where they would use prostitutes and never reproduce within a family.

    Prostitution and male infidelity was not only tolerated but expected, since men had to use their sexual energy. Women were duly separated into whores and wives.

    Today, the disctinction between whores and wives is non-existant. Women have lost the chains containing their solipism and hypergamy, easily give their main value to men, and millions of betas and men of lesser value provide endless attention to women instead of dying in war, etc.

    Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. May god have mercy on our souls.

  • ng85

    Agreed. But I live in NYC so the population density of any other area of the country is guaranteed to be much lower. I’ve dated girls from the city and girls from the suburbs – The ones from the city provide tons of competition and shit tests and are usually extremely flaky, while girls from the suburbs are more pleasant and more likely to stick around. I do agree that girls from the suburbs can get tons of suitors, but it’d be much less than if she were in a big city where she’d encountered exponentially more men in a day.

  • PositiveFuturist

    That’s right! When you can pay 50$ for some ass, why spend all week dealing with a bad attitude? That is the future, and the amount of whoores will saturate the market and their prices will go down because of competition as women see it as a legit profession, Hotter and hotter girls will be cheaper, a north american woman only wants you for your money already anyway, at first paying for a shag will seem degrading and desperate but as time goes on it will seem normal and money will dictate whether or not you get laid as it does already, AND because you can easily pay for a shag, You can be really picky and be with a woman for her “personality” the average woman will lose her precious power over men, when they can easily pay a few bucks not to deal with her and get off. Women will get reviews similar to amazon and be like a catalog, the future is only getting better! Men should not be ashamed of their desires in this feminist culture and have to deal with ABUSE by SPOILT ENTITLED women! Time for society to advance from the dark ages

  • banger

    “Prostitution and male infidelity was not only tolerated but expected, since men had to use their sexual energy.”
    Pure gold, this is.

  • Garth

    What is the color of the sky in the world you live in? Did you bring enough of those cool mind altering drugs for the rest of us to enjoy?

  • Nate

    “An Epidemic Of Prostitution, Arranged Marriage, And National Collapse Advocates (Thirsty Men) Are Making It Harder To Enjoy Comment Sections For Good Roosh Articles”

    I really should stop after reading just the post.

    If the preferred fix to your problems is to cross your fingers and pray for “the collapse”, I think you’re missing the point of what this site is about.

  • Mike

    All trends come to an end including this one. The current group of 20 – 29 year old girls will be washed out and replaced with younger more ‘feminine aware’ girls.

    We are approaching (or are already at) peak feminism/beta manitude. I see it in the comments sections of bull shit articles. I see it in the recognition of false rape awareness cases. I see it in the fact that every guy faces the same struggles as the next. ‘bitch shields’ are universal, friend-zoning is common knowledge and every guy is starting to understand what type of man that women truly throw themselves at.

  • seth datta

    I’m not indian. People are not parasitic in general; they are socially engineered this way by the parasitic banks. In effect, they are both slaves and tools of the bankers.

    The future is dystopic because most of the human race is amoral, careless and ignorant. It is humankind’s greatest curse, no matter the race or creed (I am Christian). We abandon things that have worked for centuries, to take on board ideals (eg feminism) that have weakened our families and societies in record breaking time, handing over even more power to the international bankers. We have a short memory in that we did this in the past and it fell apart. These are the reasons why the future is dystopic.

  • Leon Clownius Jabari

    Man I’ve had a couple of thoughts reading this-
    Why aren’t more men getting violent and knocking the snot of these snot nose cunts. I grew up around some old school rednecks in the Siuth and it was not uncommon to slap bitches around. The black community calls it the limousine. And when you see flash mobs onmyoutube I could see some of these thirsty guys in 5 years from now running through malls punching the ugg wearing smart phone toting Starbucks sipping half ass Sally mega entitled 6s and running out of the malls like a flash mob.

    Prostitution is the rest profession in the World. Man some of the mindless shit I’ve heard chicks heads spit makes me just want to shell out $500 for a 9 or 10. I’m sure many guys have easily wasted 200-300 on some mindless
    Cunt and got nowhere especially before learning game.
    This feminism garbage has got to implode and these little bitchs now in America ages 20-24 are some real clown ass Hos man. Bitch you a lame ass 6 with an iPhone and you think you’re Scarlett Johansen or a Playmate- hell to the no trick you just a plain Jane clown on a acid trip level delusion of pride little silly bitch.

  • athene

    Welcome to Spain!

  • Dajors

    This looks like such a perfect deal for women, but is there a catch for them?

  • Vader

    A question for you Roosh, Does the movie Don Jon portray PUA lifestyle accureately?…

  • shaman

    Oh yeah, i’ve spent close to 2 grand on gifts over the 3 years LTR, which eventually ended. her demanding more and more. In my country i could get Top Class whore for $200. anyway what i think is best is having sex for absolutely free with a NICE girl. can be avg in looks, but must be damn sweet&nice and fuck-loving!!

  • ATC

    Argh what is it about game blogs and forums that attracts the prostitution trolls? What do they want with us? Even Neil Strauss wrote in “The Game” about some troll posting “field reports” from brothels in Ciudad Juarez. They’re like moths to the flame.

  • ATC

    The whole point of Game is that it’s supposed to give you a better life than settling in to the provider-beta grind at age 24 with your college sweetheart, some girl from church, or the “homely girl at work” as Roosh put it in Bang..

    But if you now have to be an elite-level Game practitioner to see good results, then how is it an improvement over the “man up and get married” crowd?

  • ATC

    This article gets my man-hamster going.

    We have Roosh the bang coach who encourages us to have good inner game, but then Roosh the social commentator writes articles like this that could be hazardous to your inner game.

  • Tom Dane

    Yea you see it. But what you see is probably just the Google Bubble.

  • Roosh_V

    There is a fantasy that in collapse environments girls just throw themselves on any guy with a couple dollars. Ironically, it’s hardest to get laid in poorer countries, though the quality can be higher. America is still a good training ground for game until a man wants to enter the mini-relationship zone.

  • JQ

    An interesting reflection I will take care to remember

  • johnathan blaze

    Good post, but you are forgetting the male antidote to all this — free internet porn.

    Internet porn is making men LESS thirsty. An unlimited supply or porn with an unlimited supply of women takes away some of the power that women have traditionally held. Many men (a la the movie “Don Jon”) find it superior to actual women.

    I’ve said for a while — what online dating is for women, internet porn is for men. It’s the yin and the yang.

  • NotEvenKe$haWouldLikeYourBeard

    You sound like the thirstiest dude out there…

  • Ternarydemon

    The downside was, of course, that syphilis and gonorrhea were rampant, and it would become very obvious who you got it from, specially for your wife and her family!

  • SerbianMILFLover

    Hi Roosh,

    I have been reading your writings here and on ROK for quite a while now, and while I agree with 95% of what you’re saying, I simply had to comment on this article.

    A bit of background. I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, but I lived in the USA for quite a few years. I got my education there, realised that living in the USA is not for me, and returned home. I’ve been living here in Belgrade ever since. Online freelancing, combined with a low cost of living, is awesome. :)

    I was never that good with girls, but around the age of 24 I discovered David DeAngelo and started reading his stuff. Over time, his stuff made quite a bit of difference in my love life, but I still have some major internal difficulties when it comes to dealing with young women. I don’t think these difficulties will ever go away.

    To put it simply, I just can’t put up with their bullshit. At all. Even one bit of clear, unequivocal bullshit from a young woman, whether she be American, Serbian, or anything else – and I’m turned off completely. I usually break up with the girl within two or three days after that. No sex is worth putting up with any woman’s bullshit.

    I don’t even call them out on their crap. When they display such behaviour, I realise that they are far too rotten for me to even waste the time and energy it takes to get into an argument with them. I just withdraw, and break up a few days later, on my own terms, when I’m good and ready.

    I am in my early 30s, with 6 flags and my notches in the low 20s, and I do want to get married within 3 or 4 years, but I’m not in a hurry. If it ever happens, it will most likely happen with a Mexican or Colombian woman. I have had some great experiences with women from those countries, and thanks to them, I now speak fluent Spanish.

    Over here in Serbia, as you know, we have a lot of beautiful young women. However, they may be beautiful on the outside, but 95% of them are just plain *hideous* on the inside. They think that just because they exist and have a vagina, a man should buy everything for them, a man should abandon his dreams and life-long goals for them, a man should cease to exist in order to give them everything they think they want.

    It’s like all they want is some idiot to latch onto, who is going to solve all of their real and imagined problems, or die trying – while they suck all of his time, energy, money, blood, and life straight out of him. And that’s supposed to be called ‘being in a relationship’. And it’s supposed to be ‘normal’.

    Sorry. It ain’t me, fool.

    Oh yeah, and the other thing. Most of the young women I had dealings with here in Serbia wanted to get married after like two or three weeks of dating. And these aren’t even 7′s. They are 6′s or below. Then I would just dump them because after having five or six of these young women act the exact same way and ask for the exact same thing, the whole idea really becomes pointless.

    Most young women here in Serbia who are 7′s – who wanted to have anything to do with me, were married – so I just didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

    So, in order to not be thirsty – because a thirsty life is not a life worth living – I looked into MILFs over 40, and since then I’ve narrowed them down to the age range from 45 to 50, because women under 45 might still dream of getting married, and most of them can still get pregnant. I will not touch a married woman, but divorced women and widows are fair game.

    They all have grown children (which no longer require so much of their time), they have fulfilled their roles as wives and mothers, and they aren’t expecting any of that from me. At that age, they still haven’t decayed too much, but they don’t want to (and mostly can’t) get pregnant. They know what’s up, and they know what they want from me, which is the same thing that I want from them. Plus a bit of emotional closeness, which is perfectly fine by me. I like the feeling of wanting to kiss a woman and spend a bit of time with her after having had sex with her. I have no need for the kind of sex where the woman leaves right afterwards.

    Yes, I can put up with their looks far better than I can put up with the bullshit that inevitably goes with most young women nowadays.

    Also, I can tell you from first-hand experience that you should never marry a woman who smokes cigarettes, because by the age of 46 her breasts are going to become regretfully saggy – to the point where you simply can’t look at them anymore. Whereas on the other hand, most women who don’t smoke will have breasts in decent standing even at that age.

    Seriously – women who were born during the 60s are VASTLY different than women who were born during the 70s, 80s, or 90s. Women who were born during the 60s are real women. They know what it means to be a woman. And I am seeing two such divorced women here in Serbia at the moment. One of them once a week, and the other about twice a month. Good enough for me, for the time being. I am not thirsty, they are not giving me any bullshit – they are happy that I spend time with them, and that’s all there is to it. Everything is much more straight-forward and forthright than with young women. One of these two could still pass as a 6 on a good day. Ten years ago she was easily an 8.

    In the meantime, I am actively pursuing my dreams and life goals – which have nothing to do with sex – and I am getting ever closer to actually fulfilling some of them. I really can’t complain.

    So I just wanted to ask you – why haven’t you ever looked into MILFs? There are many beautiful, feminine MILFs, even at the age of 47 or 48. The likelihood of these women getting pregnant is negligible, plus they really don’t want to get pregnant, but they do want to enjoy life, and will act A LOT nicer than most young women nowadays do.

  • Alexsei Tyrone Wu

    Pussys like getting a hamburger either
    1) You talk someone into making one for you (game)
    2) You pay someone to make one (Escorts)
    3) You fix it yourself (fleslight or Kleenex)

  • Hipstersstink

    It’s amazing to think of the damaging effect online dating, Facebook, ihphones, etc have had on the dating market.

    It wasn’t that long ago when we crossed into “text game” that I thought we had entered a perfect world. Then came Facebook. Then the online dating market exploded and became accepted in the mainstream. We are talking only 7 or 8 years and it has just become brutal out there. Women on the pedestal everywhere. It’s ridiculous. My values don’t fit in with the society we now live in.

  • samsamsam

    I would suggest reading through the forum. Plenty of good posts that will give you an idea of what the 1% traits are. Even if you don’t get to the 1% even boosting your game into the top 25% will make you stand out more than most of the chumps chasing chicks. You know the whole quote about aiming for stars and hitting the moon and shit.

  • Alie

    I feel like you and your readership will appreciate this. Especially since you have learned Spanish – same story with patricia and the smart phone just nicely drawn

  • Michael Drumel

    “An epidemic of thirsty men is making it harder to get laid”
    Are you talking ABOUT YOURSELF Roosh ? You and the other “players” like you?

    You have said that “we have to accept that 99% of the girls are not interested in you”.
    This means that you have hit on HUNDREDS of girls in the US before giving up, which has resulted in “making it harder to get laid” for others guys who will hit on them.
    The same with any other country you ‘ve been in. You have hit on HUNDREDS of girls in each of those countries, “making it harder to get laid” for anyone else.

    This post I just made, exposes you SO MUCH, that even fans of yours working for you, deleting all the unwanted posts, will have a VERY HARD time deleting this one.
    The reason Why ?? … Cause I have just exposed you for what you are : A guy who has NO FUCKING CLUE what he’s talking about ! FOR FUCK’s SAKE dude, with this post of yours, you just launched an attack against yourself !

    The REAL solution to female Hypergamy : STOP hitting on women. Stop gaming them !!! Just build a social life and circle and work with that.
    But noooooo ! Rooshy boy is not talking about that cause he ‘s selling books on Game, so he has to to support “Game”=a prime root of Hypergamy

    Do you have the balls to let this post exist ?

  • Michael Drumel

    Just to make it absolutely clear to those who do not understand English as well as they should be.
    Roosh and his fellow players who it on many many girls and get a few lays, ARE THIRSTY GUYS who make it harder for other guys to hit on girls. The reason being that they give attention to women, and women raise their standards SIMPLY BECAUSE they were given that attention.

  • seth datta

    Promoting MILFs is for the most part against civilized values. Men have always lusted after younger women and this has been a normal part of all societies for centuries. Promoting MILF is promoting thirstiness, but I understand your position.

    I know a 43 y/o with a chronic disease who is dating a 18 y/o hottie. This is more viable than what you have suggested, where a late 40s woman gets pregnant (rare) as 98% of eggs are destroyed by the age of 40 and fertility declines after age 28 (if my med school is right).

  • seth datta

    Oh, I feel that the so-called ‘elite’ are far from finished with this. Still a long way down to go.

  • SerbianMILFLover

    You are right. When I decide that I’m ready to get married, I will look for a woman younger than myself. But that’s still a few years away – and right now a young woman would only actively try to divert my time, energy, and resources from my dreams to her bullshit, which – once you get above 15 notches or so – really stops being THAT important.

    Quite a few young women have already consciously tried doing stopping me in my tracks – and what they were giving me in return simply wasn’t worth it. I don’t have any kind of a fetish for MILFs, I just see them as female human beings who provide me with decent sex and companionship without all the bullshit and demands that young women pride themselves on.

    Also, I am against prostitution or any kind of direct payment for sex. These MILFs don’t even ask for anything at all – they just want me to show up, which I do. :)

  • Lacedric Ronzell Towerwood

    Uncle Roosh-
    Tell us little players what are
    The too 10 quality cities you’ve seen??? Do quality and ease of bang intersect- that would be the basis my top 10 list.

    I personally think Moldova is top notch and Zagreb. Even the photos of the host women on airbnb from those towns some fly bitches.

  • Patrick

    Isn’t the cure for all of this just to act like an even bigger dick? Neg harder, act more aloof and uncaring, and just be an huge asshole in general. It’s true that girls have exponentially more nice guys waiting in line for them than before, but the fundamentals of game have not changed: girls still hate nice guys, so we still win.

  • seth datta

    Good luck in finding your woman.

  • lirpakkaa

    Supply and demand, that’s just life.

  • x

    always the man who has to work harder for everything while women live lives of pleasure at their expense

  • monster221

    on another note,

    this is was in a liberal news outlet, comments closed of course. looks like these issues are becoming everyones problem. it would be cool to see some comentary on this phenomena and the referenced article in particular over at ROK or elsewhere.

  • Alan Mark

    In virtually all Muslim countries today, the “arranged” marriages are merely just “parents have a veto” marriage.

    I bet you have NO IDEA about what a nuisance, expense, and headache is is for a lower-class or middle class, or even upper-middle class, set of parents to “marry off’ a child. Remember: arranged marriages come with gobzillions of arguments about size of dowry.

    Try talking to some taxi drivers in Bahrain or in Algeria. They are happy to see the times change. Nowadays, the daughter nominates her own choice for fiance…. and the parents are RELIEVED to not be responsible.

  • Tom

    Two good looking men, one from Portugal and another from Italy, desperate to fuck a fat polish woman at a nightclub. This is gross and disgusting. I rather read a fiction book then fuck an ugly fat woman.

  • guest

    Definitely read a forum so to be an alpha player. That will definitely work. Pussy here we come after we finish reading!!!!

  • blogster25 .

    It should be remembered that Tinder and social media just exacerbate the underlying key dynamics of male-female relations, including namely that men must initiate and drive the interaction. Tinder and Facebook now exponentially increase the already existing attention women get in everyday real life. Were the dynamic the other way around, it would slant in favour of men. Having a few gay guy friends its interesting to note the outcomes of Grinder are distinctly different.

  • LOL

    No divorce-rape. No one said life would be easy, cupcake. :)

  • mcsplooge

    well not entirely. This pre approved mate still has to fill in the requirements that the parents desire. Now a days both look for sutible partners for the kid. One change is that the kid at least has a say like they should..
    I know of the “nuisance” Im mixed but both parents come from this culture…But the real headache is when your kid goes with what turns her on as a oppose wholl take care of her. otherwise you get western culture where they get old no kids and get cats.

  • amateur support

    Canada just legalized prostitution. I think this may be the only way to ‘quench’ the thirsty. Men tired of rejection will just start paying for it requiring the bitchiness level to come down to a more manageable level.

  • Hipstersstink

    Yeah this. When 24 year olds talk like buddy above it tells me this cycle will continue to repeat itself. They aren’t getting the message.

  • frenchie

    Did you see anywhere in my post I was talking about getting wifed up? I am talking about getting laid. Chicks have those stupid checklists. Get the checklist cleared, smear on some MSG “Game” and you’re good to go. Money gets the door open, game gets you through it.

  • Scandibro

    The answer is simple: Widespread use of prostitutes

    But many here are anti-prostitution for some reason.

    Prostitutes give thirsty men an easy way to get pussy, which makes the demand for fatties less.

  • Noah

    Totally agree feminism has peaked-only question is how rapidly it will fall

  • DeCode

    Hmmm, sounds like SE Asia. I was never a real proponent of pay for play, but now after some personal experience; why chase when you can have a 10+ who not only fucks you like your dick is the best she ever had, but also cooks, cleans, and generally treats you like a king. The competition is fierce out there. They genuinely seek to be the best damn GF you ever had because they know at any time you can step to the next -and who knows- if she does her job right, many western saps will wife’em up and take her away from it all. So it’s a all around win win.

    That said, I hear prices are creeping up while service is falling off…yall thirsty motherfuckers better get your shit together before blue pilling it over there. ONCE AGAIN, PUSSY ASSED MEN ARE MESSING IT UP FOR EVERYONE.

  • bobbdobbs

    This theory seems to go counter to “the wall” and declining SMV with female age.

  • Wombedeeply

    Yes, because treating women like they are human beings, yall men being allowed to disfigure yourselves and all, is totally wrong!!! Also, men only expecting sex out of women is a nice bit of sexism against men there.

  • Cavani

    The guy ” from Italy ” was probably Turkish!

  • John Doe

    “1. No large-scale war to decrease male population. This leads to a demographic imbalance of more able-bodied men than young, nubile women.”

    Heil LUCIFER, the glorious Light Bringer!!!

    I have been praying for this for years- for World War 3 to start so that the useless eaters can be killed off. Glad to know that you are finally on the page with us Luciferian Elite, Roosh.

    Heil the Illuminati!
    Heil David Rockefeller!
    Heil Henry Kissinger!
    Heil Nathanel Rothschild!
    Heil Bill Gates!


  • smack

    “Every time you ‘punish’ a girl by rejecting her after she displays bad
    behavior, she will not have to wait long until another man close to your
    value wants to give it his all for a chance at sex with her.”

    Another man? Yes. Close to my value? No. And I’m not “punishing” her by rejecting her. I’m walking away from someone who refuses to engage me honestly, and is therefore not worth my time. It’s not a “game.” It’s a shame if you’re so awful in bed that you perceive a woman who has slept with you as having been “gamed.” When a woman sleeps with me, we both win.

    You revealed your low value in the butthurtness riddled throughout this post. Stop thinking in this way, grow up, and start engaging women who excite you (and ignoring the ones you don’t) and you won’t have a problem getting quality women.

  • Ronan

    No we’re not. Look closer and you’ll see that we are for improvement in both sexes. As regards men only wanting sex, that’s all ANY man wants a woman for. Do you think men ever talk to women for the conversation?

    Get real.

  • Ghost11111111

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Legalize Prostitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Were talking limbs here bud, look at some images of the cartel wars in Mexico, we will see violence to that level over young, fertile, and beautiful girls in late teens early 20′s. Gentlemen, kiss the days of “Bro’s before Ho’s” good bye. Boys night out is over, every one of your fellow men are now suspect, be prepared to defend yourself. If your able to pull young, fertile and sexy late teen girls, its advised to live in a place with high security, 2 hand guns on your person at all times and shotgun in the car, and a safe room in your house. I am very very serious about this!!!

  • Bill

    And this is only the beginning…

  • Bill

    I’ll bet by now they talk to suiters on the phone while blowing up the toilet. If he complains, they’ll be 50 guys who will just endure the farts and splashes… Get

  • Bill

    This is only the beginning my friend…

  • Uranus 4

    Those whom suffer for my sake I will surely reward in one of the worlds. ” The Al Jilwah Black book of Satan.”

  • Will

    There is one place worse then the US and UK in terms of too many men, thats the middle east. There you have almost an average of 2 men for every woman, thats 200 men for every 100 women. Plus the Princes and Sultans all take 4-5 wives for themselves, scraping the cream off the top, leaving literally nothing for thousands of men. The homosexuality that the middle east is known for is really prison sex. The real reason the women are required to cover up head to toe over there is to protect them; if a girl walks down the street in Saudi Arabia in a short skirt and tank top. 3000 dudes are going to stamped rape her until her tongue is black and the size of a baseball. Here is the solution for the future; we better start developing a preference for female children and start having mass abortions of male children, other wise no one will be safe in the next generation. Time for us as a species to end all abortions of female children.

    The firstborn male from every womb belongs to Me, including all your male livestock, the firstborn of cattle or sheep. Exodus 34:19

    Lets role!!!

  • Neptune Pluto

    Here is something to regurgitate on. A young, late teens, early 20′s hottie with an apple bottom and perky tits with good cleavage, gets at least $30,000 a year in terms of cash, gifts, dinners, drinks etc from a giant horde of dudes whom aren’t even fucking her, and thats now. Im sure we have all been to malls, college campus’s etc and seen one serious hottie that will make you blow a load in your pants just looking at her, with 12 guys just hanging out with her, whom clearly don’t fuck her, we know what a repugnant site that is. Imagine in a generation or so, women who look like war pigs will be getting the same thing; no need to brush her hair, teeth, wear perfume, wears sandals with socks, mens underwear or moo moos, and no deodorant. A dime piece like mentioned above will be getting almost $300,000 a year from hundreds and hundreds of poor saps begging for the privilege of paying her rent, washing her car or cars with a toothbrush ( detail job ) clean her apartment, pick up the dog or cat shit or God knows what else is in her humble abode, all hoping and preying that one day, maybe in there near to distant future, they just might get a kiss on the lips. I my self honestly am a Beta, I prefer large tits and my women on top, and I enjoy snuggling up under the covers because I find it relaxing, especially some of the interesting conversations I’ve had in the past, however, I never fork out $ for shit unless there is a genuine intimate connection ( Penis in Vagina to you hard asses knuckleheads on here) Here me now men, enjoy it while its this good now, because men with dignity and self respect have lost the war, not to feminists, but to pathetic pieces of shit whom bend over to be on the receiving end of the pussy. Stand Strong out there! Peace

  • George Tasker

    This will not be the first time this has happened.

    From a fairly well known female author of history the following comment was made about the time just before Noah’s flood. (for those who are prepared to believe in that period of earth’s history)

    “Neither the marriage relation nor the rights of property were respected. Whoever coveted the wives or the possessions of his neighbor, took them by force, and men exulted in their deeds of violence.”

  • smack

    Haha. Big man deleted my comment. Can’t have any contaminants in your bubble of insecurity.

  • josorio300

    I dont understand the MILF hatred either. Surely in high school some of you guys had a friend who had a hot mom…

  • Jacob Hughes

    Since you UK guys brought it up… I have to agree. When I visit there I struggle to find quality tail. Most Americans think England is full of Page 3 gals. They are there… but they all know their value, I don’t have the game or time to bother with ‘em. I end up with a lady I would not talk to here in Nashville. Gonna have to leave the UK alone my next visit to Europe.

  • Harry Mann

    Honestly, I get the impression that a lot of middle aged guys who have been married to she-beasts for a number of years start to turn bi-sexual. If you think about it, they are having sex with someone who is repugnant to begin with, so it isn’t too difficult for them to adapt to having sex with other men. They have gotten used to the idea of having sex with someone who is a complete turn off anyways. I am not kidding about this. I think a lot of middle aged guys are actually going homo because they are or have been in a soul destroying marriage and they don’t have the confidence or game to get attractive women. That is one of the reasons their wives or long term girlfriends is out to suck the life out of these guys in the first place, to kill their game.