And I’m Back

Besides the snow, did I miss anything?


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  • Willy Wonka

    Back in Umm Mare Reeka?

    I thought you were going to live in foreign lands forever.

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Texting vs. Calling.

  • Anon

    You missed a bunch of opportunities to fuck some fatties.

  • The G Manifesto

    Over/Under is 60 days before you feel like booking a flight.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Nightlife Generalship and Nightlife Princesses in Barcelona.

  • Qwerty420

    weeks 1-3 = enjoying being home
    weeks 4-12= masturbation and posts complaining about how the USA is blah blah blah, and girls are flaky
    week 13 – flight to europe
    week 14-18 – getting drunk and fingerbanging 18 yr olds in hostals
    week 20-40 – teaching english in prague
    week 41 – drop charade admit to being gay, buy ticket to Bangkok
    week 42 – preop tranny in Bangkok
    week 43-48 – sex reassignment surgery
    week 49-infinity – gay prostitute for german and australian perverts on vacation

  • elguapo

    @4 hahahah, sad but true.

    I’m Belo Horizonte now chilling. Gonna try to go out this weekend.

    elguapo’s last blog post: A Plan For Extended Living Overseas.

  • The Rookie

    Just a bad winter. Probably not a bad idea to just stay away from October through April, return for the months that matter.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: The Struggle.

  • Anonymous

    When are you heading out again?

  • Chris

    quality of life fail.

    after you catch up with family and friends, you need to jump to eastern europe for your next venture. However, stay as southeast as possible to keep costs down, if thats your goal.

    SE Asia is too worked over, easy, and obvious. That is, it wouldn’t be interesting reading (who can’t get laid there, even by non-pros?), however, you may enjoy it on a personal level.

    North Asia = too expensive for the relative QOL, or if not expensive, poor QOL.
    India = wtf + dearth of bangable women
    Africa = aids
    western europe = too expensive, but great QOL.
    Mexico / Some parts of Central America = Another good option.

    anyway, enjoy your DC 6′s.

  • Night Prowler

    Yeah, 6′s who think their 9′s who also think you want to listen to their mindless drivel. Ugh. Get me out of here.

  • Orin I

    nope, that’s it.

  • Giovonny

    Always nice to get back home.

    Too bad the girls act like men and the men act like women.

    But the USA is good for making money. It’s just not a great place for sexy feminine women. At least when compared to Brazil or Colombia.

  • Armchair Theoretician

    No info about your 2nd strike on Argie chicks? How was Cordoba?

  • retired backpacker

    Bem vindo

  • speakeasy

    So now what?

  • Brandon E

    Poor guy. Good luck finding decent girls to bang. Being in Brazil got me picky.

  • nathan

    come to the west coast. you can stay at our place.

  • Jay Gatsby

    Welcome back, but gtfo asap. You’ll be miserable before you know it.

  • gringoed

    #4 tiene razon

  • Rivelino

    Next stop, Romania and Bulgaria. I get the sense that the hottest girls (sultry brunettes) are there.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: New Love Mantra.

  • West LA

    Welcome back. I wonder if you might find you have any new perspective/insights on the DC area now, in any respects. For example, for me, seeing how DC is similar to Paris in some ways and similar to LA in other ways makes it easier to talk about what gives DC its identity.
    Another angle on which I’m curious to hear your take is what things you thought you would miss (about being home, while you were away) and what things you actually missed most (maybe it’s all the same stuff, or it could be two different lists). When I traveled overseas for five months, the stuff I missed most about being home was not the things I had thought it would be.

    So what are your plans now?

  • Roosh

    “Yeah, 6’s who think their 9’s who also think you want to listen to their mindless drivel. Ugh. Get me out of here.”

    I vaguely remember that. It’s been so long.

    12: Soon I got a big Argentine post coming. My recommendations have changed.

    20: Perspective/insight posts will come I’m sure.

  • Stone

    DC is not so bad, especially summer is the exchange students season – I used to get tons of girls from EE who come in summertime to work at pools, cafes, etc. DC gets lots of them, but especially Ocean City and Dewey/Rehoboth are staffed almost exclusively by such workers in summertime. One summer I even got a house rental so I could be closer. Helps if you speak some Russian/Czech/Bulgarian/Romanian, but not required.

  • DB

    @roosh: can’t wait

  • Armchair

    Exactly. The USA is a multicultural country with chicks from many many different countries and cultures and backgrounds. OK, not all of the U.S., not the deep bible belt countryside maybe but the big cities at least and SoCal and Florida I think.

  • ArmchairWX

    It appears that Roosh dyed his hair dirty blond:

  • Zictor

    @4 LOL! Good one.

  • Lovechild
  • FAZ

    Welcome back to Silver Spring.

    FAZ’s last blog post: Does it make sense to fight an up hill battle?.

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