Anger Is An Aphrodisiac To Women

A lot of things that used to get me upset or angry in the past rarely does now, whether it’s bad traffic, getting sick, facing unexpected expenses, scabies, or the like. Life experience has taught me that any unpleasantness will pass shortly with only a small chance of permanent harm.

But not with everything. In fact my temper has gotten much worse in one area: with women I’ve had sex with. I blow my top and lose my cool at the smallest slight, calling them out without hesitation and making them cry with no remorse. It’s getting to the point where I leave almost every girl I date in a heap of tears. What’s going on?

For example, in Brazil I was dating a girl who I made tentative plans with to hang out on a weekend night. I texted her at around 5pm to set a time, but I didn’t get a response until three hours later. She said she was sleeping and asked what time we were going out. I wrote back, “I made other plans, I’m not going to wait for you all night.” She called me immediately after, and asked what was wrong.

“Nothing is wrong but you’re playing games, and I don’t have time for that. I made plans with [Danish roommate].” I accused her of lying, that she wasn’t really sleeping. She started crying and said how she put aside other plans to see me. She kept repeating, “Why are you doing this to me?” At that point I thought maybe she really was sleeping, backed down, and told her I’d contact her later.

At 1am, after a few drinks with the Dane, I sent her a text and we met up at a bar for a couple drinks. Then we went back to her place and had mind-blowing sex.

I thought of other cases like that and realized why my temper was getting worse with women: they were rewarding me for it. Subconsciously, my brain refused to tone down the anger because it was getting them more attached to me while improving my sex life. A girl will never say that she wants a man with the temper of a black bear because that would force them to admit they’re wired to be illogical and irrational. Instead they lie to themselves until guys like me figure out their buttons and reap the benefits by being that bear.

I almost never show anger with girls I haven’t had sex with yet. Before sex anger is a huge turn-off, but after sex it’s an aphrodisiac. For instance, if a girl you just met cancels a first date with you, and you bitch her out, she’ll laugh and then delete your number from her phone. But if you’ve been smashing it for a couple months, and then you call her out on a flake, her instinct will be to make a big deal out of it first, fulfilling her need for drama, and then try to smooth things out afterward.

A Buddhist-like approach to dealing with women doesn’t pay off for shorter-term relationships because things won’t get on your terms. If you want your needs to be met, you must be the boss and speak your mind immediately and with impunity. If you think about how she wronged you hours after the fact, then you missed a chance to show that you’re a man. While no woman will say they want a guy who makes them cry and feel like shit during heated moments, it is exactly what all of them want. Don’t listen to what women say, just take a look at who they fuck (me).

It has never happened that I showed my angry side to a girl and she walked. Not once. And we’re talking about girls from different countries and socioeconomic backgrounds, all the way up to the super upper reaches that I probably won’t ever get to experience. It’s hardwired into their brain to want a man who shows anger in measured doses at slot-machine jackpot frequency. While I definitely don’t recommend you use anger as a “move,” I advise you not to hold back. If you’re being disrespected or slighted then you need to let her know as soon as it happens. Your dick will thank you later.

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  • nathan


  • Paul

    i’ve always wanted an excuse to feel good about yelling at my women.

    thanks roosh~

    Paul’s last blog post: Interesting day….

  • Anonymous


  • AlphaXalpha clone

    You such a fucking estrogen drama queen!

  • Hammer

    I totally noticed this with my ex. I first learned about it because she was doing it to me and I realized how shitty I felt when she blew up on me for something, but at the same time how much I wanted her. I started pulling the reversal, and it worked wonders.

    Hammer’s last blog post: Pickup and Isolation.

  • Lily

    I don’t think it’s that women get turned on by anger or being made to cry, they’ll only cry (unless crocodile tears or manipulation ones) if it’s by someone they care about. If someone you care about is angry or upset, the natural inclination is to get the situation back to normal (overall women are more comfortable with consensus than conflict than men) and you’ll do everything you can to make that happen, including sex. There’s also the wanting to please daddy thing. And also maternal urge to kiss and make it all better.

    There is that drama thing though. Can’t you give her passion and excitement without making her cry??

  • Culdcept

    This is very true and I’m glad you made the point about not doing this before sex. I have found myself at lot calmer since getting into game and I never let the small stuff bother me anymore. It’s good when you have enough girls that you can afford to this no matter how it turns out.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: The Love Test.

  • George

    So to be clear here, just so you don’t create a legion of guys running around manufacturing fake occasions to be angry and being angry for no reason, you are saying that IF you have been genuinely and really disrespected by a girl, there is not only no benefit from holding back your anger, but that you will benefit if you express it.

    Anger per se and anger for no reason or for petty reasons are not what you are talking about, it seems.

    So what it comes down is that there is no benefit in refraining from calling out a girl who disrespects you – in other words, not anger per se really, but the act of standing up for your self-respect, is what is attractive.

    Girls are hard-wired to like guys who stand up for their self-respect, and self-respect is often expressed through appropriate and legitimate anger when disrespected.

    These kinds of distinctions are crucially important, Roosh. So much Game advice flirts with telling guys to be pointlessly angry, aggressive, dominating, etc, when in fact overreactions of that type often show only weakness and doesn’t work at all with women, and what is really meant is in some way acting with self-respect.

  • THUG

    Roosh: “Before sex anger is a huge turn-off, but after sex it’s an aphrodisiac.”

    So true and even more so. The prettier they are the more they respond positively to anger. In fact most of the super hotties are so dysfunctional they really get off when you beat the fuck out of them, we even see examples of this in high profile relationships. But what can one expect because todays women are sick.

  • Anonymous

    thinking back on it , you are absolutely right

    one instance in particular comes to mind . the keep a long story short , i had been involved with a chick for a while and messed up . she was holding what i did wrong over my head for a while , until at one of my parties she did the exact same thing she got mad at me for . when i saw it i grabbed her by the hand , dragged her into my room and yelled at her at the top of my lungs . she started crying and i stormed out of the room . for the rest of the night she did anything and everything to try and win me back , and the very next day when i told her ‘we needed to talk’ she told me how she had finally forgiven me for the thing i messed up for and was ready to move forward , at which point i told her i was done with her nonsense and that we were over .

    when women care about a guy , they are afraid of losing him . showing anger (even sometimes when it is unjustified) will make her fear losing you , and she will work to try and win you back

  • virgle Kent

    This is so on point it’s not even funny! Before sex a girl has given you nothing so showing angry side let’s her walk because she’s not invested. But if it’s a good girl that’s not fucking tons of guys and thinks she waited a reasonable amount of time before banging you and thinks things are going somewhere when you show the angry side it’s like it kicks in that you might walk, she might lose you and have to start all over again.

    Never underestimate a womans instinct and need to always want to please

  • Coffee Dates

    Hey Roosh (or anyone else),

    Re: yesterday’s post about kiss closing.

    In addition to regular dating, I do a fair bit of internet dating (yeah, yeah, I know). Anyways, I like going on coffee dates because I can’t go out for drinks 3 nights a week. They’re a cheap and easy way to spend an hour with a girl, make sure she looks like her pictures, and is pleasant. But I can never kiss close. Has anybody on here ever made out with a chick after a coffee date? Any special moves you use?

  • some guy

    …like George said …
    Maybe I’m tripping on semantics, but rather than act “angry”, it’s more natural for me simply to make it clear that my previous happy enthusiasm for seeing her has now changed to a bored, dismissive indifference to seeing her again.

    Maybe that triggers the same response as acting “angry”. She knows you are not tolerating her shit with a beta smile, eager to keep a pleasant surface no matter what, so she values your positive response to her more, so she will do something positive to try to win you back.

    Being “angry” with her makes me feel uncool and like I am giving her too much power to affect me.

  • Carl Sagan

    I’m taking notes on this shit.

  • The Rookie

    An old girl I was seeing (before I met Roosh) knocked over a cup full of ice on my laptop. There was no water damage (ice wasn’t melted) but I still cursed her out, even after she kept apologizing, like “what the fuck is your problem!!” I thought I had overdone it, but the sex that night, she was completely submissive, whatever I wanted I did. Soon after she was in love.

    The Rookie’s last blog post: Winter Retreat.

  • Laura

    I think you’re confusing “anger” with confidence and dignity. Your saying you made other plans showed that you weren’t gonna sit around and wait for her, which was hot to her. But I can’t think of a situation in which a man’s actual anger would turn me on. I hate that shit.

    Laura’s last blog post: What is the ‘Appropriate’ Response to Obesity?.

  • Anonymous

    maybe it has something to do with the fact that..because they know youre mad..they must do more to please you.

    i use to be she on yelling..i also noticed eventually when i got mad an made her upset..she learned quicker and became more submissive later on.

  • pepini

    Yep first you conquer them, after treat them like shit. Conquer them, treat them like shit. It´s a vicious circle. The ones that enjoy more being bad treated are the ones who are more fucked up mentally. In the end they are all fucked up, you just gotta choose the one who´s less. I remnber having a chick that would call me just so that I treated her bad. Although I had great sex with her, eventually got tired.

  • Sam Spade

    The key is to know when to show anger. It’s just as important to know not to get roped into an argument that she’s starting – a sh#t test really. You won’t win by getting angry or making your point in this case. Calling her out on BS is a different matter. It takes some experience to know the difference.

  • Hughman


    First girl I ever fucked, day after I found out she had a boyfriend. I was pissed. I launched icy-cold fury at her when she next saw me.

    First she had the shame, then her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Might as well have fed her crack.

    I’d didn’t tap her again, though I should have. I couldn’t get it up for a girl that I can’t respect.

  • Willy Wonka

    It’s funny. I’ve gotten into fights with girls and they’ll say shit like “It’s over.”

    Then a few hours later they’re calling me back leaving voicemails, crying, talking about, “I don’t really want it to be over, I was just saying that. Are you really done with me? Why are you not answering my calls?”


    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: The Fit.

  • Giovonny

    Showing anger can make you look strong and confident. But, it can also make you look weak and insecure. This is not a technique for Game rookies. It takes some time to create the right vibe and inner game to properly pull this off. If you are normaly a soft spoken, mild mannered guy who doesn’t let petty stuff bother you, then all of the sudden you get angry, it might come across as weird, needy, or psycho.

    From the moment she meets you, she has to “sense” that you are the kind of guy who will not take any of her bullshit and will call her on it. Its more of a “vibe” that you have. Its not about choosing a strategic time to “show anger”. Its a way of life.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh– Master of Cranky-Baby Game.

  • speakeasy

    I agree with Giovanni on principle. I’m sure there’s a fine line between a righteous indignation type of anger and just coming off as insecure. If you don’t really know what you’re doing with this technique, you can blow it.

  • Culdcept

    @Coffee Dates:

    I’m in the same boat as you. Can’t go out for drinks at night all the time and really just want to save money. I love when the girl beats me there and is sitting with her tea or coffee already. The date really costs me nothing, but what I get for myself.

    I always kiss close on coffee dates (actually usually tea for me) and have gotten the makeout. Just make sure your physical escalation is up to snuff and you have a place to walk around afterwards. You wont get more than the kiss in the coffee shop, but it’s easy to get there and go for more outside.

    Just because you meet there, doesn’t mean you can’t venue change or wander with 30 minutes or so.

    Culdcept’s last blog post: The Love Test.

  • V

    Anger is scary and frightening. I don’t like confrontation with anyone man woman child or centipede. Particularily not the latter. I think the issue would more be for women the fear of losing you inspires the desire to keep you. The anger is just an intense extension of the cat string theory. Take away and she wants it more. I don’t think it’s the anger itself.

    V’s last blog post: Pictures!.

  • The G Manifesto

    “While I definitely don’t recommend you use anger as a “move,” I advise you not to hold back.”

    Like Roosh says, this is not a Game technique (and to use it as one is weak.)

    Basically, be yourself and don’t completely handcuff yourself.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Player Myth #4081: The Dope Ride.

  • Defecator Den

    what if I’m not a depressed nerd?

  • therealdeal

    interesting post however, I dont think that Anger is the appropriate word…it’s more like standing up to yourself and not taking shit…now this can be done in a firm, cool, calm and collected way or it can be done in a crazy, highly emotional, angry way…I believe that the latter is weaker as it gives the women the impression that she managed to get under your skin and affect/manipulate your emotional response.

    A recent study shows that men who are EMOTIONALLY NEUTRAL are seen as more socially dominant than men who show anger, sadness, guilt or happiness

  • roissy

    great post, roosh. as if more proof was needed by men actually out there in the field, it’s absolutely true that women melt for occasional outbursts of manly anger. call it anger, or jerkiness, or assholery, chicks dig it. but as you said, it’s counterproductive to get angry and emotionally invested in a girl before she’s become your lover. she’ll just see that is weakness. there is a time for aloofness and a time for engagement.

  • Anonymous

    Angry Crybaby Game works well on dumber/lower self-esteem chicks. Higher status ones will think “angry = no self-control = no balls/no status.” They may think all the drama is entertaining for a while, then tell you to go to hell if they don’t need a male girlfriend.

  • fox

    you need medication

  • Lika

    I remember the first time I got angry with my girlfriend (for a good reason) and she cried. I was like 14.

    I got a hard on instantly… God knows why :)

  • suck

    so you got laid in Brazil? And scientists thought it could not be done :) )))

  • Natasha

    Haters gonna hate. But to be fair, Roo is a tad slow in the head and icky-looking. No way I’d let him get angry at me.

  • Roosh

    Natasha=suck=Defector Dan

    Fox=Anonymous 31

    Are you haters trying to make it seem like there is a tidal wave of hate against the Roosh?

  • papillon

    the haters on this one are trying to spread out the inane comments so they are not hogging them all for themselves

  • Crazy Cuban

    To the haters go suck a dick:tard: Roosh, honestly this shit really works, I don’t know why but women go crazy for a man who knows how to put them in their place. To Giovonny: I couldn’t agree more, with u “From the moment she meets you, she has to “sense” that you are the kind of guy who will not take any of her bullshit and will call her on it. Its more of a “vibe” that you have. Its not about choosing a strategic time to “show anger”. Its a way of life” So so true, if you let them get away with shit all the time, and out of nowhere you get pissed you could come across as a needy little bitch. This is why it’s so important to call them out from the get go.

  • Anonymous

    Avoid anger. Sure it might work but its better to just ignore, stay happy and puruse your goals and interests.

    This is AFC sorry Roosh. i am putting money that these are lower status women you are using anger on. Decent women dont appreciate this

    A high status guy wouldnt bother getting angry in this situation. They would just carry on with life and have a women chase them up

  • Rivelino

    Bitching out the girl does show power, and demonstrates value, because it shows that you are not afraid to lose her. However, it sort of contradicts a lot of what I have been reading from Roissy and Mystery, about being an oak tree or a ghost. But I believe it. It’s the whole pimp theory. Girls need to submit to a strong man. It’s just in their biology.

    Rivelino’s last blog post: A woman’s natural tendency..

  • CAVemanChris

    Your so money son and you don’t even know it…or maybe u do? Well this is what happened to me. I been trying to smash my long term ex-girlfriend for years(like 10+) but she is notoriously flakey..I mean like the worst flake ever. Well she flaked on me one day for the last time and I lost it. I deleted everything Facebook(I know gay), Phone number, and told her not to contact me ever again and how shit of a person/friend she was. Well she was so upset and hurt by the whole experience that she convinced me to hang out and I finally met up with her. We hung out in a lounge for a little while with some of her friends then we went back to my place and I got the full girlfriend experience…went down exactly how I visualized it..haha. It’s like she felt she owed me. Your dead on brother.

    CAVemanChris’s last blog post: FR: Gua Rapo 10-23—-10-24-09.

  • AlphaXalpha

    I think the whole idea of game is just plain stupid.
    I am not sure if you just dont get it, or if you post this stuff because hey, everyone’s gotta make a buck. I am thinking the latter.
    All the crap you post can be put together and summarized in three blindingly obvious points:

    1. Be confident.
    2. Don’t let yourself get walked over (stand your ground, etc).
    3. More attempts=more and better results.

    That’s it. All of this elaborate “PUA” stuff is totally ridiculous. If you do the above and still don’t get laid, you need to improve your physical appearance or lower your standards.

  • Lumiere

    Actually this post is half right

    A man who is high status, sets clear boundaries, is connected to his masculine core and knows how to emotionally engage women is an aphrodisiac to women.

    Anger, however, poisons the connection that you have.

    Make up sex is great and it might even feel like the poison in the relationship caused by the anger was removed.

    It wasn’t.

  • Big Snot

    This is not true at all.

  • baby Sarah

    :) ))) Your haters are so retarded. So are you. AlphaXalpha is the shit. PUA/game is for dorks.

  • Roosh

    AlphaXalpha: You do realize you are the thousandth guy on this blog to decry crime and spit out simplistic “be yourself” advice instead, and that zero guys will get laid because of what you say here. My advice on the other hand gets results for hundreds of guys.

  • papillon

    what the hell?

    it’s like long knives night for roosh on here now

  • Cliff Arroyo

    This is basic monkey science, hasn’t anyone here ever had classes in primatology?

    Perceptible anger is a step away from physical violence and when monkeys use physical violence on their own kind it’s to prompt submissive displays (the monkey’s way of saying ‘don’t hit me’ or ‘stop with biting and clawing already’. Often a threat display from a high ranking or stronger is enough to trigger submission in physically weaker one.

    For a human woman, sex requires a submissive display and once she’s spread ‘em for a particular guy it’s super easy for the wires to get crossed in her head between giving in to threats from him and giving in to passion for him. Especially if she’s the kind to fall for game in the first place.

  • Max

    “While I definitely don’t recommend you use anger as a ‘move,’ I advise you not to hold back.”

    Putting it that way is a bit confused.

    I agree that anger has its place in a relationship. However, saying that anger itself is the Turn On and advising socially inept men not to hold back is like handing a child.

    Max’s last blog post: What Fresh Hell?.

  • Max

    (. . . handing a child a hammer.)

    Max’s last blog post: What Fresh Hell?.

  • AlphaXalpha

    “46 Roosh
    2 hours, 46 minutes ago
    AlphaXalpha: You do realize you are the thousandth guy on this blog to decry crime and spit out simplistic “be yourself” advice instead, and that zero guys will get laid because of what you say here. My advice on the other hand gets results for hundreds of guys.”

    Let’s assume for one second that what you say is true (which is a big assumption).

    Even if it were so, that does not disprove my point.

    Rather than try to awkwardly memorize and analyze hundreds of partially valid half truths that you spew out and call “game,” your exalted readership would be far better served in developing individual approaches based on human experience and rooted in general common sense and self reliance as I noted above.

  • Giovonny

    Good debate between Roosh and AlphaXalpha.

    Some guys do need basic fundamental and specific advice on how meet and date girls. It might seem silly to guys that already have self confidence and conversational skills. But many inexperienced guys need Books like “Bang” to give them a starting point.

    That being said, it had become quite obvious that most popular PUA’s are just trying to convince naive guys to buy their products.

  • Gabriel

    Depending on the emotion, pheromones are released which trigger a response from those affected. There have been experiments showing this process (if you electrocute mice and take them out, then put in a new group of mice, the new group panics). It would be interesting to see if the chemicals released during sex are the same as those released during anger bouts, and thus cause an amplification effect. Just a new perspective to consider.

    With the proliferation of the AFC population…time to monetize on these opportunities

  • Max

    Why lose your temper at all? If you’re really looking to demonstrate your Alpha qualities, you can scold her without actually acting angry.

    Like Guy Ritchie’s “backhand slap”, a cold, stern scolding with transport her back to her childhood. She’ll probably come crawling to you like a trashy D/s fetishist.

    Max’s last blog post: Brando Game.

  • Diesel

    Anger works but there has to be a legit reason like she disrespected you in someway. If she gets away with it, she will not respect you. I don’t agree you need to be balling a chick already to make anger work. That is BS! If she has sexual feelings for you it does not matter if you are already banging her or not. Anger does work because it shows you don’t take shit from her and she must earn your respect. Now she has the opportunity to make it up to you and most women love that. I seen guys (not myself) call women whores, sluts, c*unts, etc. and guess what, these women are STILL with these guys. I’m not one to go that route but I can’t deny it shows alpha maleness… not insecurity like so many think.

  • Lily

    @ Diesel

    That’s interesting. I have a friend who split up with the father of her child (which was a big thing for her) and the main reason was that in arguments he called her the words you used. She thought he was controlling, insecure and unable to control his anger.

    I do agree that you should call women out on bad behaviour. They may not realise your boundaries and it’s good to set them.

    I’d really value any input from PUA types on how a women can handle a man who knows about PUA behaves in the same way that this Brazilian girl behaved to Roosh (if you can help a poster on this site as opposed to male solidarity). Or even flakier behaviour. I’d really value it :-)

  • Diesel


    When a child is in the picture that’s a different story. I’m mainly talking about dating here and just getting laid for the sexual and emotional benefit of BOTH. A guy who is controlling is a total douche bag and insecure. A guy who gets angry (non violence) when being disrespected is just being a MAN. You said it perfect Lily with “I do agree that you should call women out on bad behaviour. They may not realise your boundaries and it’s good to set them.”

  • NYCbachelor

    Anger is your subconscious’s way of modifying your behavior. When you get angry with a woman your subconscious is saying to you “your masculine status is such that this woman’s actions are completely innappropriate- put her in her proper submissive and respectful place”.

    When you “control” your anger your actions are, in essance, saying to the woman “this man’s status is so low that he dare not respond to your deliberate provications- he is not worthy of you”. In realty, controlling your anger marks you as someone who is low status and cannot/dare not risk confrontation when your status is challenged…..

    On a somewhat related side note- sometimes I wonder how much the three original starwars movies, and the Jedi (beta) code of control your anger, sacrifice for others, supress your emotions for the “greater good” has lead to the wider betaization of our soceity.

  • Max

    @ NYCBachelor: Your assessment of the subconscious is the attitude of a fool.

    If a woman is so histrionic that she feels the need to rev you up, then responding with anger is only playing into her hands. Stuff the “Beta” nonsense. Social Science doesn’t begin and end with the Mystery Method.

    Max’s last blog post: Brando Game.

  • KevinD

    @Max: Actually you are the fool because NYB and Diesel got it right! A woman will ALWAYS test a guy to see how far she can push him. She wants to know if you have limits. No limites = no attraction. You are not worthy. In contrast, once you call her out and express your limits, she will respect you. Why do all you pussy asses believe anger is so bad. I’m not for physical violence be any means but if she disrespects you for any reason, and you let her, YOU ARE THE FOOL!

  • Max

    @ Kevin: Every guy who’s been in a relationship knows about women testing them.

    I don’t have a problem with anger or violence. There is a place for them. If the mother of your child fucks around and gives you the Clap, that’s a reason for anger. If you’re so hard up you get flustered and shout at some piece of ass, you’re a chump.

    If you can’t control your temper, you can’t control others.

    Stow your shit, Tinkerbell.

    Max’s last blog post: Brando Game.

  • Bob

    …”treat em mean, keep em keen”, that means “NO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE” towards women..

  • Lily

    @ Diesel

    Thanks. In regards to my friend, I only mentioned the child as in she tried harder to keep the relationship going than otherwise but she just couldn’t handle the name calling.

    I think if a man I was involved with got angry/upset or just showed that I had – of course I would try and make it up to him. That’s just the way things are. It’s just like if a child cries you try and stop them crying. Also, men don’t show their feelings as much so when you go get raw emotion, it has an extra impact.

    If a man starts getting angry or calls you out constantly, then it starts getting into controlling behaviour and I’d like to think I’d walk. But that’s easier said than done for women who’ve invested into a relationship, that’s why they often stay even if someone treats them badly. They don’t stay *because* they are treated badly (some women do but not most), they just put up with it because of the rest.

    They also don’t want to admit to themselves that they made a bad judgement.

  • KevinD


    Right on! Tell that to Maxy boy. He does not have a clue

  • KevinD

    @ Lily

    You are 100% correct. Most women have a natural desire to make it up to her man after an argument or incident where he showed raw emotion and anger, as you indicated. Even if she feels it’s mostly his fault. That’s just the way most women are “wired”… they always want to fix things in effort to save something she invested in emotionally, intimately and sometimes financially. Of course, the exception is physical violence which should never be tolerated. Not once!

    And as you said, you should absolutely walk from ANY man that is constantly insulting, verbally abusive, controlling and throwing tamper fits. But forget constantly, even if he does this weekly or even less, the guy is an insecure loser. Controlling men never change because they generally do not respect women nor ever except they have a problem. They’ll promise to change and even poor out the tears to get you back in fear of losing you. However, all they really fear of losing is the control they have over you. The truth is, these guys are even more insecure than the women they are abusing.

    Despite what many guys claim, most woman do not want to be treated like shit. Who in their right mind does? They want to be respected by someone they respect themselves. And she can only respect him if he stands up to her b.s. when the time arises. And in a man-woman relationship, such times will always arise.

  • Max

    @ Kevin: When did I ever say anything about violence against women? I said I liked violence. In fact, I suggested alternatives to both shouting and violence.

    Women don’t rank on my “upset” register. There’s always another one . . .

    Max’s last blog post: Brando Game.

  • Anonymous

    I like Giovanni and some ano guys post… I thing anger can be fine but if your really a man who doesnt care too much about women or girls and their game, why get upset? When Im close to getting into a fight in the street with a guy I dont get upset.. I become the calm ocean of zen and just wanna keep my focus.. same shit if a woman start something that bothers me I will say to her that she is waisting my time and leave.. or simply just state that I not gonna waiste my time discussing it because its beyond redicolous… But if you are apperently dating girls, not women its probably fine. One very important fact is that when aroused you shut down higher cognitive functions and let your reptian part of the brain hold power… and if you fuck around Im gonna kick your reptilian asses mammal whoop ass style! yeah especially you Roosh haters :) Viva Roosh, he is da masta!

  • Quasi

    @ me

  • KevinD

    @ Max

    I can understand that. “Always another one” is an excellent attitude that all men should have. Yet, each circumstance is different because every relationship and individual is unique. I do feel I’m always in control even when I’m “angry” and yelling at a chick for disrespecting me. At other times I’m cool and collected even when she is screaming at me and tossing insults. It really depends on the situation and level of disrespect. Naturally, her NOT knowing how I’m going to react to her BS is mysterious. And all woman need and want that. If a woman feels she has you figure out she will be BORED. But I admit, it’s not a game, it’s just the way I am. Perhaps I’m f*cked up but I am who I am.

  • Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life

    I’ve seen this dynamic a number of times. I’m not by nature a ball of rage, but every time recently that I have gotten pissed off at my wife the reaction and sex afterwards has been positive.

    Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life’s last blog post: Spy Mode: What To Do When You Think Your Wife Is Cheating.

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  • Bronn

    “What do you tell a woman with one black eye? Nothing, you already told her once.”

    Seriously though, it’s funny how the more you embrace being a primal man, the more she can embrace being a primal woman. Show your masculinity, and allow her to access those deep, irrational female emotions. It feels good to both of you and you end up sharing a deeper connection because of it.

    Bronn’s last blog post: Getting Physical.

  • Anonymous

    You take some of the highest beauties of a woman, her abilities to forgive and have hope for improvement, and use it against her. You are a beauty snatcher, a manipulator. A trust breaker. I wonder how many women live in regret for ever having met you? Maybe you are not rewarded for your anger, maybe you are forgiven by her because she tries to understand the complexity of humans. Instead of this forgiveness being seen as a virtue of the female sex, it is painted here as as ignorance, as something to be punished and laughed at. Any softness and naïveté are mocked here for you own glory. You are a man who claims to understand women and you couldn’t be further from this fact, you should go deeper. Women are wired to forgive. You project your own damaged outlook onto them, leaving them worse off for having trusted you.

    “The heaviest of burdens crushes us, we sink beneath it, it pins us to the ground. But in love poetry of every age, the woman longs to be weighed down by the man’s body. The heaviest of burdens is therefore simultaneously an image of life’s most intense fulfillment. The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become….”

    Your chest beats hollow, without heart, but my how free you must be from any burdens.

  • Steve Johnson

    “Women are wired to forgive.”

    Yep, they’ll forgive anything but a man treating them well.

  • Aaron

    Attractive white girls (the majority race in this country) create approach anxiety on purpose. Look at how a pretty white girl acts on the job and compare that to how a handsome white guy acts on the job. If she’s a 7 or above she will be trying to keep guys from talking to her and approaching her. What a horrible anti-social act yet I see them do it all the time when I’m running my errands. Young boys see it and grow up with approach anxiety, the other race girls see it and think it’s ok to do it too. We teach an 18 year old she deserves thousands of dollars an hour for sex (porn) and hundreds of dollars an hour to be worshiped (stripping) and we wonder why we have the most men insane and in jail of any country. 71% of the country is obese or overweight so it is slim pickings after you filter for age. Women know so they take advantage. When I go to a grocery store I see mostly white females on the covers of the magazines and taylor has her own mag. Keep supply low and demand high and you can charge a buttload for sex and friendship with a pretty girl.What an insult to men. When I was a young boy I thought pretty girls would be nice when I grew up, they’re not. You are 3 times more likely to stay married if you marry a foreign girl. Getting angry works because they have a guilty conscious.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, OMG, OMG. I’m sorry-American girl here. I stumbled across this site and this is TOOO TRUE. Espescially this part:
    you want your needs to be met, you must be the boss and speak your mind immediately and with impunity. If you think about how she wronged you hours after the fact, then you missed a chance to show that you’re a man. While no woman will say they want a guy who makes them cry and feel like shit during heated moments, it is exactly what all of them want.

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!
    I hope the guy I end up with for life gets the message, too. Otherwise, I’ll have to find a way to make sure he sees it lol.

  • Karl W

    Dude, you have some serious mother issues

  • Taylor

    This is a really terrible blog. It’s more woman-hating than game tips.

  • Anonymous


    Its not that it attract us; knowing that thats what you guys enjoy most, we want to proof ourselves after an argument, so to remain you why you should want us. So you wont go no where else. IM TELLING YOU IT GETS OLD AND THEN ITS GONNA GO LIKE THIS; YOUR GONNA SAY YOU MADE PLANS ALREADY; AND SHES GONNA SAY “OKAY NOT A PROBLEM, I’LL GO HANG OUT WITH THE GIRLS” THEN UR GONNA BE THE ONE feeling like “wtf just happened” You’re gonna be a sad lonely man if you keep thinking this way. you probably never got to the point where the girl gets sick of it and STOPS GIVING A FUCK.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats cause girls always wanna fix everything; it wont for long she’ll get tired and leave. :)

  • Anonymous

    What do you tell a woman with one black eye? Nothing, you already told her once.”

    Seriously though, it’s funny how the more you embrace being a primal man, the more she can embrace being a primal woman. Show your masculinity, and allow her to access those deep, irrational female emotions. It feels good to both of you and you end up sharing a deeper connection because of it.

    Oh really? She embraces being shouted at, being treated like dirt, or even being hit? Which kind of women do you know? I really don´t know if I should be angry, frightened or feel pity for you …

  • Anonymous

    Husband was like that. I just wanted things to go back on an even keel. Didn’t take long for it to make my drive go down, but ohhh no he thought it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the way he was treating me. Constantly feeling crappy because of his anger eventually I saw he wasn’t going to change and I divorced him. Some women are door mats and won’t wake up and remember that no one deserves to be treated like that.

  • Melayu

    If a woman disrespect you, tell her you dont like it. Keep your voice down but stern. No need to blow your top during the first offense. At least, you have drawn a line. Only raise your voice or get really angry if she keeps crossing the line. If everything else fails, just walk away and leave her. Very powerful stuff. You are showing her that you wont take her BS anymore, and you are not afraid of losing her, you can find other pussies easily. Show her that she is replaceable. That will drive women nuts, and blow their insecure nature off the roof. One of women’s biggest fear is the thought of spending their life being alone. Feed this fear to her and you’ll be in control. Even happily married women have this fear, wondering if their husbands will eventually leave them.

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  • DaneDude

    Good countries where men have value. In US or Denmark she will still laugh and delete your number, no matter how many times you’ve banged her.

  • Nathanielle

    As a woman I’d like to applaud the rational men who have posted here that know a woman doesn’t want to be treated like a doormat. The other ninety percent of you are sad little people that won’t find the right women because you’re shopping for a sex toy and not looking for a human being.

  • Mike

    The crazy thing is about all this? American women have driven us to act this way.

    I had a situation like his, I called another woman to come over. I was in bed with the other woman when she came in.(should have locked the door) I told her I had planned to get laid, and when she didn’t show up when she was supposed to I called someone else.

    she ran out and I thought crap this woman in my bed is going to leave. She did not! we kept going.

  • madmax

    just look at some crazy shit e.g. serial killers like Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez….they had marriage proposals from women while in prison. Fucking crazy shit, man. All I can do is shaking my head in disbelief. Why the hell would a woman who’s not a serial killer, marry a serial killer in a prison? and yet, they do!
    It’s an extreme example but it shows how fucked up women are in the head department

  • Anonymous

    It is the hardest lesson I’ve learned to date. It makes me sick to my stomach, every time I see this advice, cause I can pin point every single missed opportuinty. I had my moments, but didnt execute enough. I’m having a hard time for giving myself for this one bitch. I can’t wait to get another pretty ass bitch, so she can fuck up. I’m cussing her ass out, then degrade fuck her, and she’ll love me for it. FUUUUCK. never again will i let a bitch slide. Like I said I can’t WAIT!

  • Imma Ninja Too

    It’s true! I had a bitch come to me me with a fwb package. She wanted tenderness. I wanted bjs. We were in agreement. During our next meeting, I gave her 3 hrs of tenderness, and it was time I redeemed my bj. She fiddled around a couple of times, and quit. I asked what fuck her problem was, and the bitch wouldnt answer. I got up, went outside mad as fuck! I went back inside, clouded up, and rained all over her with words that made her cry, and I didn’t not care about her feelings, but it all made sense to her. She agreed to giving me head for 45 mins, when all I needed was 10. But I took the whole 45minutes. God damn right! Wait till u hear the things I said to her during her bj, but that’s for the book.

  • Anonymous

    -Calm down bitch , I ain’t gonna shoot you . Imma pull you to this bullet and put it through you .

  • Bitchplease

    And one day, you will find a woman who won’t take your dramatic shit. (:

  • The Male Insider

    I think you should always call women out on their bad behavior. Anger can be attractive, but too much will work against you.

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  • anoN

    That is not anger.
    An insecure woman would use sex as a tool to keep a man interested. if she cared about you she probably tried to “set things right”. Anger has little to do wiith it. It is actually a turn off.

  • The truth

    I hope karna gets the guys who think this kind of behavior is brilliant. Fucking hate you with every piece of me.
    And for the girls accepting this kind of behavior, fuck you too. Weak bitches.

    This is how things will turn out:

    1. You start accepting him ditching you off.
    2. You think you can change him (which you can’t)
    3. He may even start being verbally abusive.
    4. But you make the biggest mistakes when you actually start tolerating him.
    5. Both of you will get in a bad cycle.
    6. Heck, he might even get physical.
    7. And guess what? You may even accept it, sadly.

    You think you deserve this kind of behavior, you don’t. So stop being weak, and have some freaking self respect. You’re better than that!

    - 16 year old girl

  • An Actual Woman

    “While no woman will say they want a guy who makes them cry and feel like shit during heated moments, it is exactly what all of them want. Don’t listen to what women say, just take a look at who they fuck (me).”

    It’s funny and quite frankly pitiful how deluded Roosh V actually. He’s had a similar experience with a few women, and suddenly this is undoubtedly how we all think, because a MAN says so. It’s not that I have problem with men, I’m in a relationship with one myself. In fact, he just let me out of my cage so I could write this message. But if he gets angry with me, I’m not touching him until he’s nice to me again, but clearly I’m wrong about what I want, because some stranger, who’s too dense not to see female desires as varied, said so.

  • Benito

    Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world everything is existing on web?

  • Bryanne Estes

    As much as I hate you for writing this, it kind of resonates with me. I have been attracted to this kind of angry guy in the past. It’s my “pattern”. That doesn’t make me weak. It means I’m insecure and sensitive and when I feel rejected, I act like that girl. I recognize it and hate it, but I still somehow like men who play this game. That said, it’s a really horrible way to treat someone. Two sides of the same pathology.