Approaching Vs Social Circle

When you have approach game, it’s actually harder to meet girls in the way most other guys do, like through social circles or hobbies, than it is to do cold approaches.

This was obvious to me when I came back from my second South American trip and attended a Portuguese meetup in a D.C. coffee shop. I was surprised by the turnout (over 20 people) and how most of them were girls, but only three were cute enough that I’d consider putting my penis inside them. I needed a healthy dose of luck to not only be placed at one of their tables but seated near them as well. Then she had to be single. Then she had to have a pleasant personality to sustain a good conversation (we weren’t drinking alcohol, after all). Then there had to be no other guy who would interrupt my game. Then she had to be attracted to me. The odds of getting just a number in this type of scenario is shockingly low (10% or so), yet it’s the main way average guys try to meet women.

Compare the meetup to a crowded bar, where in the same time period I can do more than five solid approaches with a 10-20% chance of getting a one-night stand—of getting laid! Sure I have to deal with attitude and sharp distractions, but when you have the ability to approach it’s ten times easier than doing a generic meetup with a hobby you’re not exactly passionate about (kickball, for example). I can go anywhere, not know anyone, and use that skill to get laid. So it boggles my mind that guys don’t put in the effort to learn approaching when it allows a direct line to their sex goal.

Approaching allows you to cut out the middle man. You don’t need to maintain a social circle in the hope of meeting a decent girl. You don’t need to do activities with strangers you rather do alone or not at all. You just wipe the smegma off your cock after a day of sitting in front of a laptop then go out to a place where the women are. No prior introduction or shared activity needed. I’m at the point where banging a girl from social means makes me feel lazy, almost like cheating.

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