Are Beautiful Girls Lazier With Pleasing Men?

Is there any truth to the stereotype that hotter girls have nothing to offer but their beauty? Are they less able to please you in bed, take care of you, and have pleasing personalities? Or is the stereotype propagated by guys who use it as an excuse for their game failures?

I believe there is truth to the stereotype. It comes down to basic logic: a beautiful girl doesn’t have to be anything else but be beautiful to get high value men. Because men value beauty more than anything else, an 8 or above doesn’t have to work as hard on other things that may make a man happy.

This applies to hot guys as well. I’ve noticed that the better looking a guy, the less game he has. He simply doesn’t need game because “good enough” girls will always be approaching him. This sets the stage, thankfully, for less attractive guys like myself to take advantage of the fact that he isn’t at his potential. I can then use game to get girls more attractive than he’s getting. If you look at a lineup of guys who have banged over 100 girls in their lifetime, most of them will be merely average looking. The “hot” guys get quickly ensnared in long-term relationships because it’s easier for them to do so.

The best sex I’ve had was from mediocre girls who let me treat their bodies like garbage receptacles. Before leaving Iceland I remember sleeping with a chubby American girl who blew my mind in bed. She made positive editorial comments about my manhood and my powerful ejaculate. She begged me to explode in her mouth, and even complimented the taste of my semen. I raped that poor girl’s vagina and mouth until I had no sperm left, but she still pleaded for more as if I was her dungeon sex master.

Now compare that to the two prettiest girls I’ve been with. They made me plenty happy, but sex was merely average. There was no need for them to beg for my cum down their throat because they knew I’d still contact them again regardless. Girls will only do enough nastiness in the bedroom to keep you on the line, and hotter girls know they can lay there like a dead fish to keep you coming back for more. They unconsciously understand a man’s genetic weakness for beauty, a fact that modern-day feminists like to deny.

While hotness in a girl is a sign that she will put less effort into satisfying you, it’s possible for you to find the exception. You may find the girl with the complete package, who is exceptionally beautiful and prefers being treated like a cum bucket in bed. Unfortunately, I have not found this girl. In the meantime I will continue banging all types of women to satisfy not only my genetic need for beauty but also my perverted need for sexual defilement.

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