Are Beautiful Girls Lazier With Pleasing Men?

Is there any truth to the stereotype that hotter girls have nothing to offer but their beauty? Are they less able to please you in bed, take care of you, and have pleasing personalities? Or is the stereotype propagated by guys who use it as an excuse for their game failures?

I believe there is truth to the stereotype. It comes down to basic logic: a beautiful girl doesn’t have to be anything else but be beautiful to get high value men. Because men value beauty more than anything else, an 8 or above doesn’t have to work as hard on other things that may make a man happy.

This applies to hot guys as well. I’ve noticed that the better looking a guy, the less game he has. He simply doesn’t need game because “good enough” girls will always be approaching him. This sets the stage, thankfully, for less attractive guys like myself to take advantage of the fact that he isn’t at his potential. I can then use game to get girls more attractive than he’s getting. If you look at a lineup of guys who have banged over 100 girls in their lifetime, most of them will be merely average looking. The “hot” guys get quickly ensnared in long-term relationships because it’s easier for them to do so.

The best sex I’ve had was from mediocre girls who let me treat their bodies like garbage receptacles. Before leaving Iceland I remember sleeping with a chubby American girl who blew my mind in bed. She made positive editorial comments about my manhood and my powerful ejaculate. She begged me to explode in her mouth, and even complimented the taste of my semen. I raped that poor girl’s vagina and mouth until I had no sperm left, but she still pleaded for more as if I was her dungeon sex master.

Now compare that to the two prettiest girls I’ve been with. They made me plenty happy, but sex was merely average. There was no need for them to beg for my cum down their throat because they knew I’d still contact them again regardless. Girls will only do enough nastiness in the bedroom to keep you on the line, and hotter girls know they can lay there like a dead fish to keep you coming back for more. They unconsciously understand a man’s genetic weakness for beauty, a fact that modern-day feminists like to deny.

While hotness in a girl is a sign that she will put less effort into satisfying you, it’s possible for you to find the exception. You may find the girl with the complete package, who is exceptionally beautiful and prefers being treated like a cum bucket in bed. Unfortunately, I have not found this girl. In the meantime I will continue banging all types of women to satisfy not only my genetic need for beauty but also my perverted need for sexual defilement.

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  • Tampa

    I’m not sure there is a lot of truth to this. There are some hot ass women that are total freaks in bed. but you may be right, on the average, you’re probably going to get more “give” out of a chick a few rings down the ladder.

  • A.B. Dada

    That’s always been a consideration of mine when I meet new women, be it out and about in public, through mutual friends at a party, etc.

    I’m not a trophy collector, I just like competitive service providers, right? Getting my needs met is why anyone has relationships (business, friendship, sex, love, etc).

    I prefer finding the cute-but-underdone gals over the hot-but-overdone ones. I think it was Roissy who had a thread on high maintenance versus low maintenance women, although he may have been pinging your site for the original source.

    Take a cute gal who doesn’t tend to overdo herself, maneuver her into wearing skirts, losing 10# or so, wearing a little bit of makeup and getting a great hair cut and you end up with a fantastic gal who is programmed for serving her man, not a cock carousel rider who is used to mega orbiters.

    There’s no pleasure in what a hot girl looks like the next morning out of makeup and the clothes that she knows makes her look the best.

    Plus, the low maintenance women tend to admire their men with options worse than throwing hissy shit fits when they see other gals you’re co-mingling with.

    Hot women = temporary (sometimes the hotness lasts as long as the lipstick) and high drama. I generally pass.

  • Capital of Peru

    There is some truth to this. Fat girls will certainly try the hardest to please you.

  • Alex

    I hate as much as the other guy a girl laying as a dead fish in bed… And I tend to agree on princesses making less efforts to please a random guy. But they will reward your with their efforts if you get them hooked on the pleasure and thrill you provide them. A little giving goes a long way…
    And if you look well enough, beautiful, sensual and passionate sex-loving girls come in many flavours, not only the kind you need to dominate at all times and treat as your sex slave.
    Not your thing apparently. Good, then there’s more of them for us!

  • Gmac

    I have to agree with your logic.

    The hottest girls I’ve been with were either dead fish, completely unenthusiastic, or thought they were fucking amazing simply based off the fact that their bodies were rockin’.

    My best sex has been with… you guessed it, mediocre girls.

  • AK

    Everyone knows fat chicks give the best head…

  • equilibrium

    In my experience, this is true. The less attractive “butterface” girls, or the girls who were packing a bit more weight, definitely had to bring more to the table to keep a guy interested. Especially in the oral department.

    On the other hand, the prettier ones who had a lot more male attention (even when I was out with them, which makes me wonder what it was like when they were out on their own) have been more “stuck up” in bed, and had more pointless “rules” about things that they did or didn’t do.

  • Black Rebel

    Feminism’s attempt to blind women to the realities of the world fails to account for the fact that the lower you go on the classic ten-point scale, the higher probability you’re going to end up with a freak; girls that aren’t good looking know they need to bring more to the table than looks and personality to keep you around, and this usually means mind-bending sex.

    The two 9’s I’ve got in my career, while both were very attractive and wonders to behold naked on my bed, were starfish. Not that I didn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t do it again, but it lets you down.

    I’m never gonna pass on banging a 9, but I don’t exactly go in there expecting anything revolutionary. What else can you really expect? An 8 knows she’s hotter than 85% of women and has probably never had to work for anything in her life, why should she give a concerted effort in bed? Its just the way she’s been influenced by the world around her.

    This explains why the hotter the girl is, the more asshole your game should be.

    My best lay ever? A cute-but-not-anything-special blonde girl who I met at a friend’s birthday party.

  • Camelot007

    hmmm, weird but it hasn’t been the case for me. I can’t really say the hotter girls i’ve banged have been less sexual and so on. Yes, they are a pain in the ass in life but in bed, they’ve been as crazy as the less hot ones… In fact, one of the ugliest girls I ever banged, a 6 on a good day, was a dead fish in bed.

    I think how good girls are in bed can be more closely correlated to what TYPE of girl they are than how hot they are. i.e. the most boring girls in bed have always been the really conservative “accountant” types that say eww when you say “i am going to come in your mouth” etc An example of this is you go on a date and the girl spends 2 hours looking at the drink glass before she drinks from it looking for signs of it not being washed properly, odds are, she will be a boring lay…

  • Timothy

    We all know the saying, “Show me a beautiful girl, and I show you a guy that’s tired of fucking her.” That’s what this is about. Her looks will pull you in, but looks alone won’t keep you interested. People always shake their heads when a guy gets busted cheating, and the chick he cheated with isn’t in his girlfriend’s class looks-wise. It’s because she was more attentive, or willing to do some shit the princess wouldn’t. It’s like Avis…she’ll try harder.

    Part of the problem may be that attractive women are painfully inexperienced sexually. They complain that their beauty intimidates guys, guys don’t approach them, they don’t get alot of dates, etc. Or because of their beauty, they REJECT most guys because their standards are ridiculously high or superficial. Either way, they aren’t getting a lot of dick, so they don’t know what to do or are somewhat frigid.

  • samseau

    We can trash hot girls all we want, but when it comes to the quality of the boner, BY FAR the biggest determinant of sex quality, hot girls win in spades.

    Looking at a perfect figure makes me hard for hours. Uglier girls can’t do that, even if they do work hard to please me.

    I find the optimal range is in the 6-7 categories of women – there’s a chance she’ll work to please, and her body will still give me great hard-ons.


  • Jake

    Problem is how you treat those nines. If you fuck them like the little sex toys they want to be, and verbally communicate all the dirty shit going through your head, they’ll turn into all the freak you want. Maybe not the first time, but after a couple of times they’ll need it just that way, badly.

    It’s the guys that are afraid to fuck a nine they way they fuck sixes, IMHO, that have a lacking experience. In most cases the quality of the sex is determined by YOU, not the chick. She’s an accessory. She wants to be told what’s up. A bit of a guess, as I won’t bang a six. My cock won’t allow that sort of transgression on my gene pool.

  • CarlitosWay

    The major exception to this theory are snow bunnies in Miami/NYC/LA.
    The club girls that are down with partying with blow are hot, will suck a golf ball down a gardenhose, do lines off your cock, and frequently will mess around with other women too.

    All you need to is to dress sharp, go to the right places, have some contacts, some cash, and of course, logistics, and an 8ball.

    Nothing else comes close to it, not raver chicks on e, nothing. Girls into coke are more depraved than catholic school girls.

  • Timothy

    @12 Jake…you have a point. I think this was part of one of Chris Rock’s comedy routines, in that if you ask for something the right way in bed, you can get chicks to do all kinds of shit. Within reason…

    I do think that once you’re in the 6-9 range, opinions will differ. At that point it depends on a guy’s individual likes. If a guy really prefers petite, slender girls, he might consider a more voluptuous chick a chubby 6, while a guy that prefers a more built woman will look at the petite girl and consider HER a 6.

  • Brian

    As Sean Kingston sings in the song Beautiful Girls : “Damn all these beautiful girls, they only wanna do your dirt.”

    This is also why I don’t go to clubs very often anymore because of the rude stuck up attitudes. No matter her looks, I screen for the cheerful, cooperative, easy-going Girl Next Door type of girls because I find this kind of personality is more conducive to me maintaining my own happiness. I ask her, “Would you go get me another beer?” or Could you go get my sunglasses?” watch her eyes and see if she has a moment of hesitation or happily does this and this is a likely indicator of how she will also be naked.

  • raliv

    mediocre girls are more affectionate and sweeter after sex as well than hotter ones who are ultimately more insecure.

  • Anonymous

    Message to the hot ladies- Although most of this post focused on sex, notice Roosh also mentioned taking care of a guy and pleasing personality. You want to land the absolute best guy you can? You want to keep him around? Then cultivate your skills that don’t rely on your beauty.

    Take up an interesting hobby or two, learn to cook a variety of good dishes, work on developing good conversation skills. This makes you even more interesting to be around and gives you something to fall back on when your beauty begins to fade.

  • NYCBachelor

    If you’re looking for hot and good in the sack you need to go for the BPDs.

    Hot and crazy; usually caused by abandonment issues. They’ll fuck your brains out… and then spend the rest of their waking hours fucking with your head. Not to be trifiled with by the average beta- you need the genuine “I don’t give a fuck about you” attitude to deal with their game; not the much vaunted fake “aloofness” that most PUAs have. Just remember- they’re your toys, your mentally damaged fuck dolls. If you want to fuck them- you really can’t give two shits about them- or your done for.

    As the phrasing goes.

    Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed.

  • OGNorCal707


    I dated the BPD queen, man I had no idea what I was getting into… Sure she was hot, and the most wild amazing sex of my life (I’ve read that most women in porn have it)…. But she was a pathologically lying, vindictive, manipulative, psycho bitch. She more or less ruined my life, albeit whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I’ve learned from this.

    Bottomline, if you can hit it and quit it, these girls will rock your world. But, if you get sucked in, it’s all over. I personally, would steer clear, not worth the potential negative outcomes.

  • gringochileno

    The best blowjob I’ve ever gotten was from a chubby girl that I would probably turn down today.

  • Gmac


    Just because they let you treat them like a rag doll doesn’t mean they will ever be good in bed. Some women just lack the enthusiasm in the bedroom and have no reason to get better. The worse looking the girl, the more excuses she has to hone those skills… which is why you always hear about fat chicks giving great head. Compensation.

  • the dude

    Yup…hottest sex ever was crazy, emotionally damaged, probable BPD. Another point about the crazy in the head, crazy in bed thing is that they have simply been with more guys. So they know deep down what we want and know how to give it. Also, because they don’t have an accurate measure of self esteem they tend to overdo everything. She was amazing and I miss the sex to this day…but getting involved with her and emotionally attached was the biggest mistake of my life. The most irritating thing about these women is listening to the laundry list of lies they tell you…I have a hard time not rolling my eyes…but usually too busy having fun to care.

    On the other hand I am fucking a near 10 right now (she is a 9 now, but when she was 22 she was a solid 10. Yup, she is Ukrainian.) And while she is hot in bed, when she thinks she is doing something “depraved” to me, I am mentally laughing on the inside because it is silly. She is still hot as hell and a fun time that I dont pass up, but the narcissism and vanity issues she has makes sex with her kind of a one way street. And Im a very experienced guy who knows what he is doing. So it isn’t because Im not commanding her correctly. What is funny is that she says Im the best sex she has ever had (almost always a lie) which makes me feel sorry for her.

    Also, the best sex girl was in her mid thirties so you might not want to be so quick to dismiss the older experienced women. Some will blow your mind, and with modern diet and exercise they are often far more amazing than your typical 19-24 year old. And yes I had both back to back so I havent forgotten the difference.

  • The G Manifesto

    This is why there is such a high value proposition from Exotic Dancers.

    They are Fly and no slouches in the bedroom (generally speaking).

    – MPM

  • Donlak

    It really comes down to how hot they think you are. A nine won’t be as enthusiastic about sleeping with a guy, the same way a 6 will. This is really where your SMP will show. If she isn’t begging for your cum and acting sweet after sex, she is punching below her weight (in her mind). Game of course is the great equalizer. For the hotter babes you really have to convince them that you’re the prize for them to behave in bed like you like.
    There’s truth in this generalization, but it’s mostly about her experiences. You’ve just switched places. With the average chick, you’re a nine, with a nine, you might be a 6 or 7 – when she really wants a 9 or 10. Indifference towards them to the point of barely acknowledging them is key.

  • Sebastian

    BPD’s will falsely accuse you of rape, as well as stalk you and your family. They are to be avoided.

  • Giovonny

    I have noticed a difference between “hot” and “sexy”.

    A hot girl may not be motivated sexually.

    I prefer girls with a sexy vibe. Just the way they carry themselves exudes sexuality. These ones enjoy sex just as much if not more then us. They often orgasm more easily then a stuck up “hot” girl.

    These “sexy” girls walk with a little sexy swag, they dress sexy instinctively, the way they look at you is seductive, the way they talk. They love sex and they enjoy it. they aren’t necesarily sluts, they are just sexual people.

    They could be hot or they could just be a 6, 7, or 8. These are the ones I look for. I call them “naturals”. They are naturally programmed for sex.

    These girls are freaks in bed. (for the right guy)

  • Fred Tracy

    “but also my perverted need for sexual defilement.”

    Hahaha, well said. Ironically, the cutest girl I’ve been with has also been the most sexually satisfying and daring.

    I suppose I’m just lucky…

  • Y

    Can’t say I agree with you Y.

    I agree with Jake, I think it’s down to how you treat them.

    In my experience when it comes to hot women a better indicator of sexual performance is intelligence and socio-economic background.

    The hot ones that are intelligent tend to have a good imagination, which is fantastic IME.

  • M

    I dont get it, though. Presumably if the girl went home with you, especially on a one night stand, she is in to you and expects to get as much pleasure from the sexual encounter as you. If so, why would she then starfish? Presumably she wants it as much as you.

    Secondly, a girls sense of value is relative to her respect for you. Presumably, if you ran tight enough game to bag a really hot girl, then she should have lots of respect and even affection for you as a superior male, so why would she suddenly not try and *please* you in the bedroom?

    Something does not add up. A hot girl will only go with you if you have managed to make her pretty attracted to you, and have managed to earn her respect and affection, so it stands to reason she will perform well in bed both to enjoy herself herself and to try and please you, the man who she has chosen because she respects and likes him.

    Something is out of whack here. I can imagine pretty girls being starfishes in bed when they did not really want to get with a guy but for some reason went with him anyways, like she is not really attracted to him but wants money or a relationship, or something. Or the guy was really persistent and she just gave in.

    But a girl who is into you after you ran tight game? Does not compute. Musing on my past experiences, I cannot think of any time a hot girl was a starfish with me, but that could be a result of the kind of game I run. I dont use *pressure tactics* on girl when I game, but only get with girls who show as much interest in me as I in them, and who put as much effort into the interaction as I do with them (Mystery says you should never invest more than the girl, and I take this quite literally). In other words, if I find I am the guy doing most of the work in the *seduction*, I usually bail, because I dont really respect myself if I invest more than the girl, and I find it just yields shitty results.

    I wonder though, if hot girls starfishing is the result of *pressure* game, which means the guy is doing waaaay more work than the girl, and the girl did not really want it anyways.

  • Timothy

    @20 gringochileno…There’s no shame in it. Head is head. If she’s got a cute face, but you don’t necessarily want to fuck her and she gives a good head clinic, DO THAT. If she’s got big titties, take ’em out and play with ’em as a bonus.

    @26 Giovonny…you’re 100% right. Looks and how a chick carries/presents herself aren’t necessarily related. I’ve seen plenty of “hot” women who don’t give off an approachable vibe (mean-mugging, aloof, etc.). Also, some pretty girls are an artificial pretty, where as a more natural looking girl that packages properly is far more sexy.

    @29 M…I think some chicks want to fuck, but simply aren’t very good at it. Some may be self-conscious, or simply unable to truly let themselves go in bed. Telling an attractive woman that you find her attractive often isn’t enough to convince her if she seems something different when SHE looks in the mirror. It’s like an anorexic…no matter how skinny they are, with ribs and hip bones sticking out, they feel like they’re looking into a funhouse mirror. Their view is distorted, and they still see a fat girl. One of my most frustrating experiences was with a very slim, shapely attractive girl. She wouldn’t let me hit from the back, or even let me kiss her down the back. I don’t know if it was because she was afraid I was going to try to put it in her ass, or if it was the whole, “Why doesn’t he want to look at my face” thing, but as soon as I got her on her stomach, she immediately spun turned herself over. She was straight missionary without a lot of movement or noise. Sure, I hit and busted a nut, but it didn’t excite me AT ALL. No, it didn’t “make sense” to me, but it was what it was.

  • Hydrogonian

    +1 on the BPD route for hot and good in the sack.

    Although, I’ve been in be with some 9’s on the Roosh Scale that were very ‘technically’ good in the sack. They gave great head and moved their hips like hardcore pros. They were adventurous and horny. However, that little bit of unique emotion was missing that turns ‘technical’ into world class sex.

    That’s where the BPD comes in. They are more emotionally attached to the act and therefore cross the line from very, very good to great. You get all of the moves, all of the willingness to be a cum depository, and she loves you on an irrational level.

    Is the trade-off between crazy and that little bit extra in bed worth it? While your in the ‘relationship’ with the BPD (in her mind, anyway) its highly debatable. That’s a lot of hell and sacrifice for the sex. Its probably not worth it. But, you will miss it when its gone and you’ve promised yourself never to date a BPD again.

  • quepaso

    That is why I do not say No to a 6 or 7 from time to time because they are willing to put so much effort into fucking.

  • Russki

    You need some russians bro

  • The Truth

    This is part of the reason why guys are so jaded and are coming to game in greater numbers. Guys can see hot girls and would like to cum inside them but the fact is that most guys with any experience find the way that hot girls act really quite ridiculous – making it impossible to have a “normal” relationship like was the norm 30 years ago; acting as if they’re somehow special for having a hot female body, when we’re all aware that by the time she reaches 40 then her power will have totally evaporated. I can understand women being selective and making men work for the goods to some extent but they a lot of hot girls act, up to the point of hardly moving in bed is ridiculous and shows nothing but how stupid they are themselves and what a stupid game they are playing…

    That said I’ve fucked some great girls – true that the best were 6-7’s. Weirdly I’ve been told a few times that wasn’t “normal” sex, which makes me think so many guys don’t really give girls a proper hard fuck. When I was an AFC I had an LTR where the girl was a total starfish (catholic, lawyer etc. etc.). Never again. Can’t handle such a lack of enthusiasm these days.

    Also, a friend of mine lives in an apartment below a girl who is a 9-10 and the walls are quite thin so can hear if she’s fucking. In over a year he’s only heard her have a sex once… Could well be the case that the really hot girls actually don’t have sex that much so are in reality inexperienced and therefore make for bad sex? whilst the 6-7’s look attainable to most guys so get rammed and learn how to do it well. Maybe

  • M

    @Timothy, lol, Ive had to deal with girls like that too. Its annoying, isnt it. Best to cut them loose after the first night.

    But its a problem that seems to afflict all girls and I dont think its more prevalent amongst the hot ones. Some girls are just like that.

    A buddy of mine uses *high pressure* game tactics (essentially, extreme persistence) and always wonders why girls flake on him so much and why they are often lackluster in bed. I think its probably because they were not that into him to begin with and were only temporarily overwhelmed by the *pressure*.

    I am wondering if guys who use persistence and dont pre-select have a higher incidence of starfishing and flaking and other things like that. Just a theory.

  • Good Luck Chuck

    Two commenters nailed it:

    Problem is how you treat those nines. If you fuck them like the little sex toys they want to be, and verbally communicate all the dirty shit going through your head, they’ll turn into all the freak you want…..

    It’s the guys that are afraid to fuck a nine they way they fuck sixes, IMHO, that have a lacking experience.


    It really comes down to how hot they think you are.

    In most cases it’s not that 9’s and 10’s don’t have to put in the effort, it’s that they don’t think they have to put in a huge amount of effort with you. If you display dominance and higher value a hot chick can be just as sexual as a not so hot chick. Do you think these girls are laying there like starfish when they get lucky enough to have a night of passion with a rich, famous, good looking celebrity?

    The hottest chick I ever banged wasn’t the best in the sack, but was that because she was less sexual, or because I didn’t have the value to command it from her and I failed to compensate by taking a firm enough lead?

    Women are like mirrors. If you aren’t intimidated by her looks and you make your attraction known through bold action this will jump start her libido.

    The best sex I have ever had was with a very attractive 21yr old who was ten years my junior. I met her soon after I began to realize that women’s sexual limitations are usually as much of a reflection of how she believes you will react than a reflection of what she likes or doesn’t like. The first couple of times the sex wasn’t spectacular but the more I fucked her like I didn’t care the more enthusiastic she became.

    If you stop projecting your value and dominance the second you get her panties off it’s your own fault that she would rather be watching tv.

  • Anonymous


    Even if you really don’t care and act it, the sheer quantity of your time she will waste will reduce your value (you’re spending more time than she’s worth) and your options. Marginal improvement of sex isn’t worth it, and that’s what it is, marginal.

  • Timothy

    High pressure guys are probably like that in other aspects of their lives. The kind of guys that have to win at all costs, can’t take no for an answer, will wear you down because their pride won’t let them walk away once they’ve decided they want something. They probably get satisfaction out of “winning,” but the experience ultimately isn’t a quality one. You want her to REALLY want to fuck you, and not just surrender for the sake of shutting you up. You also wonder why a chick would ultimately fuck a guy that she really isn’t crazy about.

  • JJS

    so true, especially in Western countries where men worship women. Exceptions must exist in some places.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    First of all, I laugh at all the guys above who say “I’ve never fucked a 6” and “I would not do that to my dick, to stick it in a girl below 7”.
    I laugh at these fools. I am sure they are lying, but if not, then it’s their loss.
    I’ve fucked girls from 3 to 9, and sometimes the 4-5’s were great fucks, so you guys are missing out.
    By the way, the only 9 that I’ve fucked was great in bed. Simply amazing. I can’t recall if it was my greatest sex ever because it was a while back, but it was very, very good.

  • Roosh

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  • Y


    Agree with yout.

    “Women are like mirrors. If you aren’t intimidated by her looks and you make your attraction known through bold action this will jump start her libido.”

    And it applies to the whole interaction from start to finish.

    The biggest jump in my game happened when I realised that it was my own beliefs that were stopping me from getting the results I wanted, because women are down for most things and like being lead.

  • Anon


    Other than bipolar chicks, I’ve found no correlation between looks & performance. Not sure if it’s worth it because BPD chicks will eventually fuck your life over in some really fucked up manner.

  • magnificent224

    I would say yes and no, it depends on who you get and how you train her. My ex girlfriend was a ex model I would say she was a 9 and the sex was good, the only thing is she was extremely psycho. She had fits about every thing had major daddy issues and was proud to call herself a ”bitch” and thats why she is my ex girlfriend and not my girl currently. She had psycho expectations, and honestly as beautiful as she was, it got old really quick. Out of ten times we went out, she paid literally once. She could not pull her own financial weight, and her mind the fact that she was ”beautiful” should of made all that ok.

    She will have in extremely hard time finding a mate, and the reason it lasted as long as it did before I broke up with her, is because i honestly felt sad for her. Men will always want her for the wrong reasons, because she looks hot. unfortunately as soon as they get to know her, they will run. Thats one thing I have noticed repeatedly with beautiful women, they often come with tremendous baggage. As good as they look on the outside, many times so much crap is going on, on the inside that you might not necessarily like when you find out.

    Bottom line is I think in fact I know after sleeping with more then a few women in my life, the best sex is the sex were you and the women connect. More then just physically, but also mentally. Sometimes sure you meet a women were the sexual chemistry is instant!!! Its combustible, her body speak to your body, yours speak to hers etc……. But I have found that most of the time, if you are really into a women and she is into you then thats were it will reside. Plus the more you get to know her and she gets to know you, the more you will know what she likes and vice versa.

  • doesNotMatter

    Any guy who has had sex with a few women can attest to the truth of your post. But the heartening thing is this. Just like we average looking guys have game to help us compete with the pretty boys, women also have their techniques to compete with the hot women. As you said she can be your sex slave begging you to come in her mouth, she blows you while you eat the pasta she just baked you, do all sorts of kinky stuff. Yes, average looking women do not need to complain that they have been hard done by. They can fight back by being more submissive towards their man, treating him like their lord etc etc. But you know what Roosh. I have a sneaky feeling that while guys will do what is takes to get the job done (or atleast 20% of them), women prefer to whine and complain. While an average looking guy will be positively delighted (or atleast 20% of them) that there is such a thing as game to help him compete with the pretty boys, the average girl will prefer not to know of a way to compete with the pretty woman. She will prefer to just whine and complain. Or atleast this has been my experience. True, there are some girls who are fighters just like us game guys, but these exceptions prove tthe rule. They bring into stark focus the attitude of a majority of a women where they expect to be given everything just because they are women and resent the suggestion that they have to work for it. They prefer to whine and complain than to even know that there is a way out. they will resent you for even pointing a way out. But I have only admiration for these other average girls looking who put so much effort into pleasing their man to compensate for their looks. Only admiration!

  • Timothy

    @46…yep…men solve problems. We might acknowledge the advantage another man has, but will try to find a way to counter it. Women will just be jealous and hate on a more attractive woman. Or she’ll simply blame men for her lot, stating that there aren’t enough “good” men to go around and that those prettier bitches are getting all of them. We’ve already dispelled that by admitting to fucking 5’s and 6’s and acknowledging their effort and skills. I think fat and ugly bitches know deep down that they have to be willing to do shit the princesses won’t. The smart ones step up and take that dick in the ass, and the bitter ones curl up with that tub of ice cream and a vibrator.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    i’ve heard about BDP’S & Histrionics cheating on their husband on their wedding night. Or leaving them on the day they were going to move in together

  • Anonymous

    When is Door To Door Bang gonna be out?

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of you Roosh:

    “My grief is my castle, which like an eagle’s nest is built high up on the mountain peaks among the clouds; nothing can storm it. From it I fly down into reality to seize my prey; but I do not remain down there, I bring it home with me, and this prey is a picture I weave into the tapestries of my palace. There I live as one dead. I immerse everything I have experienced in a baptism of forgetfulness unto an eternal remembrance. Everything finite and accidental is forgotten and erased. Then I sit like an old man, grey-haired and thoughtful, and explain the pictures in a voice as soft as a whisper; and at my side a child sits and listens, although he remembers everything before I tell it”

  • Hydrogonian

    I’ve actually had a lower ranked girl be worse in the sack just because her self esteem was naturally worse.

    You tell girls like that what to do, or decide to get a little kink, and then they’re overly worried about how much power you have and how much your treating them in a slutty manner. Whereas, the hot girl with high self esteem doesn’t give a fuck, is into it, and is likely encouraging if not demanding it. Its just hard to predict individual to individual but, in general and all personality disorders excluded, my better experiences have been with prettier women with higher self esteem. That’s just one mans experience.

  • Sam Spade

    I have had the experience of an extremely attractive woman who was a raging porn star in bed. In fact, she was my boss (a few years younger than me though). She was also a little crazy or perhaps BPD so maybe that explains the great sex. I’m sure we would have had a great threesome (MFF) eventually, but I reverted to some terrible AFC behavior and she ditched me. (This was several years ago.) Still, a great conquest and a lot of fun – and smoking hot.

  • Anonymous

    ROFLMFAO. Literally. I almost busted a rib in the process. You are a character Roosh. Never cease to entertain. The mark of a real alpha.

  • Mig Mack

    “While hotness in a girl is a sign that she will put less effort into satisfying you, it’s possible for you to find the exception. You may find the girl with the complete package, who is exceptionally beautiful and prefers being treated like a cum bucket in bed. Unfortunately, I have not found this girl.”

    That would be called a hooker.

  • DLS

    Though there is truth to this, it also suggests that women hate sex and only use it to keep a guy. And I don’t understand why people say this. Women actually DO enjoy sex, you know. Whether they are ugly or beautiful. There’s just so much saying that they shouldn’t.

    To me, I would think the opposite – a sexy girl would be more aware of her sexuality, and thus be better in bed. An ugly girl would have low self-esteem and feel herself incapable of sexuality, and thus be worse in bed. This is where I could see the “pretending to like it to keep the guy” thing coming in, though. If they are ugly AND don’t like sex, what else do they have going for them instead of begging the guy to cum in their mouth?

  • Yams


    The ability to enjoy sex and the ability to please your partner are two different things.

    A woman is not good in bed because of her own making but because of the demands that are made on her from the males she is with. A hot girl gets less demand from the average male because she is simply hot. An ugly chick will often be put to the test in order to get some kind of arousal from her male partners.

    Also if you haven’t noticed already or do not live in America, ugly women do not always have low self esteem.

  • Anonymous

    Do you know what “rape” means? She asked for it, it’s not rape, no matter how exciting that is for you. You can’t have her beg for it AND rape her at the same time, I’m sorry…

  • Jason

    Timothy, and others who wonder why not all average girls are good in bed since its supposedly the rational thing for them to do – you forget there’s another option for average chicks. Sure, if she wanted a good-looking alpha male, the rational thing would be to step up her game in bed; but there’s also the easier strategy of settling for a fatter, weaker dude. Lets not forget men in America are not all Don Draper either. The weight gain epidemic is affecting both genders, and unless they’re rich and powerful, average and below average males have to restrict themselves to the 5-6 females at best. Haven’t you noticed the increasing existence of couples where both partners look like they’ve never seen a gym?

  • A woman

    Interesting article, and probably true.

    The only problem I have is also with Timothy from the comments section – who refers to taking it in the ass as one of the kinky stuff average girls should be into in order to be competitive. If you are the kind of man who requires anal sex from potential girlfriends, you don’t deserve all those good, feminine, sweet girls anyway because you’re just cruel. There’s a huge difference between a harmless kink like cumming in a girl’s mouth/face and a physically painful and potentially dangerous (to the woman’s health) sex act. I have only done it with my husband once every couple of moths or so, and every time at my own suggestion as I have somewhat submissive tendencies. If he had been the one to bring it up initially, I would have thought less of him and not loved him as much because how can you love someone with the devotion you are talking about when they want you to be in physical pain? And lots of women out there are not into physical pain as a means to spice up their sex life. And before you say that “it doesn’t hurt when done right”, that’s just another thing women say to men to appease their egos like “of course, I had an orgasm”. Insider info – unless she is a porn star, a hooker or has already been practicing anal for years with her partner (or is numbed out by booze), it will hurt even if you you loads of lube.

    Other than the anal sex pet peeve, other comments were pretty interesting to read as well. Good to hear the male viewpoints on the appearance vs bedroom ability combination in girls. As far as guys, I’d personally take good sex over a hot guy any day, but men are generally more visual creatures I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Totally disagree…….bedded upwards of 40 women and the best by far were the 8’s and 9’s……hot girls are closet freaks who don’t get hit on often because guys assume they are out of their league-every hot girl iv been with complained of this. So they are practically starved by the time you(I) get there…. Average looking girls are exactly that average! Right down to the performance…..but then again iv never banged a 5 or a 6…….. Nickname 7up!

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